Les Andelys

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Les Andelys
Coat of arms of Les Andelys
Les Andelys (France)
Les Andelys
region Normandy
Department Your
Arrondissement Les Andelys
Canton Les Andelys
Community association Its Normandy agglomeration
Coordinates 49 ° 15 ′  N , 1 ° 25 ′  E Coordinates: 49 ° 15 ′  N , 1 ° 25 ′  E
height 7-161 m
surface 40.62 km 2
Residents 8,056 (January 1, 2017)
Population density 198 inhabitants / km 2
Post Code 27700
INSEE code
Website http://www.ville-andelys.fr/

Le Petit Andely

Les Andelys is a French municipality with 8056 inhabitants (at January 1, 2017) in the Eure in the region of Normandy . It is the capital of the arrondissement of Les Andelys .


The city is located 85 kilometers northwest of Paris and 35 kilometers southeast of Rouen on the Seine and consists of two districts: Le Grand Andely and Le Petit Andely , which is why it is called Les Andelys ('the (two) Andelys'). Le Petit Andely is located directly on the orographic right bank of the Seine, at the inlet of the two streams Le Grand Rang and Le Gambon . Both streams run side by side in a northerly direction through a small valley through the hilly landscape. Le Grand Andely , the larger part of the entire city, which has grown together along a large boulevard , extends into this valley .


A megalith from the time of the megalithic culture stood in Le Grand Andely until the French Revolution (1789–1799) . It was called Monument druidique because it was thought to have been built by Celtic druids .

During the Roman occupation (52 BC to 486) Les Andelys belonged to the Civitas of the Veliocasses . The Celtic coin treasure of Les Andelys was discovered between 52 and 45 BC. And also buried in the beginning of the Gallo-Roman period. There are 60 coins, three of which are gold and the other silver.

Richard the Lionheart , King of England and Duke of Normandy , had the Château Gaillard built on a rocky promontory above the Seine in the 12th century . The castle was besieged by Philippe II of France (1165–1223) in 1203 and conquered in 1204, whereby Normandy fell to the Kingdom of France . In the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) it was used again and finally destroyed in the reign of Henry IV of France and Navarre (1589-1610).

During the Second World War (1939-1945) Les Andelys was bombed on June 8, 1940 by the German air force . The houses on Rue Saint-Jacques and Rue Grande on the Seine were on fire. The Notre-Dame church was hit, its crossing tower was on fire. The population fled across the river. The first soldiers of the Wehrmacht passed the city on June 9th . The French blew up the bridge. For five days, German and French troops fought each other on the bridge over the Seine. The Royal Air Force attacked at night . In the summer of 1944, during Operation Overlord, the Allied Air Force bombed the city. A total of 786 houses in Les Andelys were damaged or destroyed during World War II, Le Petit Andely in particular was affected.

Population development

year 1962 1968 1975 1982 1990 1999 2007 2016
Residents 6090 7053 8196 8124 8455 9047 8208 8098

Sources: Cassini and INSEE

Culture and sights

There are two museums in Les Andelys, the Musée Nicolas Poussin and the Mémorial Normandie Niemen . The Musée Nicolas Poussin was established in an 18th century building that the previous owner donated to the city after the restoration. The museum has Gallo-Roman exhibits, such as a 3rd century mosaic , religious objects, reliquary and statues, drawings from Château Gaillard, Louis-seize-style furniture , glassware, harmoniums and paintings by contemporary painters from the region.

The Promenade des Prés footpath is protected as a Site Inscrit (natural monument). It leads along a stream from the Seine to the center of the village.

National community competitions

Les Andelys is represented with three flowers in the Conseil national des villes et villages fleuris (National Council of Flowered Cities and Villages). The "flowers" are awarded in the course of a regional competition, whereby a maximum of three flowers can be achieved.

In addition, the municipality was classified as Ville Internet ('Internet City ') in 2000 with an @ . The “@s” are awarded to cities that promote the expansion and use of the Internet, with a maximum of five @s being awarded.


The Notre-Dame-du-Grand-Andely collegiate church

On aerial photographs from the 1990s is a moth with the ditch in the hamlet Clery be seen. The medieval complex was a fortified outpost of Château Gaillard and served as a defense against enemies approaching across the plain from the south or east.

The ruins of the Château Gaillard castle tower over the Le Petit Andely district . Here is a typical shopping street for the area, a large suspension bridge over the Seine and the 13th century church of Saint-Sauveur. The church was classified as a Monument historique ('historical monument') in 1840 .

The market square, which is particularly lively on Saturdays, forms the center of the Le Grand Andely district . Numerous shops around the square offer additional shopping opportunities. The Gothic collegiate church Notre-Dame-du-Grand-Andely , like the church in Le Petit Andely, dates from the 13th century, but was rebuilt in the 17th century, it was also classified as a monument historique in 1840 . The second church in Le Grand Andely was the parish church of Sainte-Madeleine from the 12th century. It was destroyed after the French Revolution. Le Grand Andely also houses the city's administration.

The Merovingian queen Chrodechild (474-544) founded a monastery in Les Andelys. According to legend, when the monastery was built, she turned the water of a spring into wine. The source still exists today. The Sainte-Clotilde-et-Saint-Nicolas chapel stood by the spring until 1940, and it was restored in 1203, so it must have been older. It was renewed in the 17th century and destroyed in World War II.


Protected Geographical Indications (IGP) apply to pork (Porc de Normandie) , poultry (Volailles de Normandie) and cider (Cidre de Normandie and Cidre normand) in the municipality .


sons and daughters of the town

Memorial column for JP Blanchard in Le Petit Andely

Honorary citizen

  • Julius Petri (1924-2015)

People who have worked in the city

Literary setting

Romain Gary had his last novel Les cerfs-volants from 1980 played predominantly in the hamlet of Cléry in Les Andelys. Since the plot is outwardly mainly about building kites and letting them fly for children, Blanchard may have suggested it. As a fighter pilot of the Resistance Gary was in 1944 participated in the air battles over Normandy.

Town twinning

Since July 1994 there has been a town partnership with Harsewinkel in North Rhine-Westphalia .

Web links

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