EC Graz 99ers

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Moser Medical Graz99ers
Moser Medical Graz99ers
Greatest successes
  • National league champions 2000
  • 2011 league champions
Club information
history founded in 1999
Location Graz , Styria , Austria
Nickname 99ers
Club colors black, orange
league Erste Bank Ice Hockey League
Venue Ice rink Graz-Liebenau
capacity 4,050 seats
executive Director Bernd Vollmann
Head coach Doug Mason
captain Oliver Setzinger
Season 2019/20 4th place (main round)
5th place (placement round)

The Moser Medical Graz99ers are an Austrian ice hockey team from Graz ( Styria ). The club was founded in 1999 after the previous club, the EHC Graz , had to stop playing during the 1998/99 season due to financial difficulties. The Graz 99ers started in the 1999/2000 season in the National League , where they became champions straight away. They have been playing in the Bundesliga since the 2000/01 season .


Predecessor clubs

Merkur ice stadium after the renovation work in 2016

Ice hockey at Bundesliga level was played in Graz primarily by two predecessor clubs: The ice hockey section of the ATSE Graz (Arbeiter- Turn- und Sportverein Eggenberg) was founded in 1947 and was the only Graz ice hockey club to date to win the Bundesliga championship title in the seasons 1974/75 and 1977 / 78. The association was merged with the UEC Graz at the beginning of the nineties, from which the EC Graz emerged shortly afterwards. In 2008, the ice hockey section of the ATSE Graz was activated again at the league level.

The GAK also had an ice hockey section from 1926 to 1935 and from 1953 to 1976. The GAK came in 1962 as regional league champions in the 3rd division, in 1967 in the second division and with the Oberliga title in 1970 for one season in the Bundesliga, but had to relegate immediately. 99ers founder and president Jochen Pildner-Steinburg was already active as a youth player at the GAK with his brother (there also a successful tennis player, partly member of the state league team), captain and later also section head.

The EC Graz (also called "the elephants") experienced its heyday under President Hannes Kartnig , but was able to achieve the title of runner-up “only” three times in the seasons 1991/92 , 1992/93 and 1993/94 despite high financial expenditure . After the departure of Hannes Kartnig, who moved to the football club SK Sturm Graz , attempts were made to save EC Graz. When this project failed in 1998, the EHC Graz was founded with Helmut Bocskay as president. In the 1998/99 season, however, EHC had to stop playing.

Foundation and promotion to the Bundesliga

In 1999, Jochen Pildner-Steinburg founded the Graz 99ers as the successor club of EC Graz in order to be able to offer Bundesliga ice hockey again in the Styrian capital. The team premiered in the second highest division, the National League, and was in first place in the table after 28 rounds of the regular season. In the semifinals, the team prevailed after an opening defeat with 3-1 wins against EHC Lustenau and met EK Zell am See in the final . The series reached its preliminary climax in the fourth game: the first goalkeeper Markus Schilcher was out with angina , substitute goalkeeper René Vallant was injured with a score of 3-2 for the Graz team, and young goalkeeper Bernd Brückler was unable to counter the attacks of the Zeller Eisbären . So the game was lost 4: 6. Schilcher took over his post again in the decisive game. After twenty minutes, Graz were down 2-0. After a goalless middle third, Helmut Karel turned the game around with a hat trick and shot the 99ers to the championship. The Graz team then took the opportunity to be promoted to the Bundesliga.

Years of apprenticeship in the Bundesliga

The team was strengthened over the summer around the pillars of the first season, but it did not have a smooth start to the championship. Some defeats were also joined by problems with the signed legionnaires, but the team's performance stabilized and the 99ers established themselves in the middle of the table. Before the last round, a home game against HC Innsbruck , it was still possible to reach fourth place, but this chance was missed. According to the current mode, the Graz team competed in the quarter-finals against the first-placed EC KAC and lost the series without a win. The season ended in sixth place (out of ten participating teams).

The second season in the top division was similar. Once again, the team placed in the middle of the table after a failed start, but did not manage to push the Vienna Capitals from fourth place in the end. Shortly before the end of the basic round, coach Mike Shea asked to terminate his contract. Peter Znenahlik took over as coach and led the team into the quarter-finals against the Viennese, which were again lost without a win in four games with some significant defeats.

In the following season, the 2002/03 season, the 99ers first placed in the front half of the table. In the course of the season, some players were injured, which caused problems due to a lack of squad. Swedish defender Calle Johannson has been replaced by Rumun Ndur , who has a reputation for delivering hardship when his teammates got into trouble. There was no long-term success, and Peter Znenahlik passed his coaching position to Ken Tyler . The team's performance gradually stabilized, but in the end the Graz team finished the regular round in seventh and penultimate place. In the quarter-finals, the team met HC Innsbruck and lost the best-of-five series in three games. So it was the 99ers in three playoff appearances and ten games failed to bring in a win.

For the first time at the top of the table

In the 2003/04 season , the 99ers succeeded from the first game to form a team unit. In addition, Ivo Jan , Warren Norris , Jeremy Rebek and later Dave Chyzowski were excellent legionnaires who consistently scored goals. Halfway through the regular season, the Graz team were in first place in the table, but they fell back a little when Ivo Jan was out for six weeks after an appendix operation and left a large gap in the storm. In the end, the 99ers managed to finish fourth and qualified for the playoffs. In the semifinals it went against table leaders EC KAC, and again the team was eliminated in three games without a win.

The 2004/05 season was a battle for a playoff place for the Graz team. After an injury to Jamie Mattie , who was replaced by Christopher Bartolone , the team lost cohesion and lost eight games in a row, which the team slipped far back in the table. When Mattie had recovered from the injury, the 99ers had the option of signing off their top scorer Conny Strömberg in order to fill the defensive with Mattie. At the end of the regular round, a four-way battle for the fourth and last two playoff places developed. The final fixture of the season, a home game against EC KAC, required a win to secure the quarter-finals, but the game was lost in the shootout and the 99ers ended the season with no playoff participation.

Sporty descent

Interior view of the new building as part of a game of the Graz 99ers

The sporting descent of the 99ers began with the 2005/06 season . Mainly responsible for this was a series of injuries, which mainly affected key players. This series culminated on November 15, 2005, when Warren Norris lay motionless on the ice after a cross check from Patrick Harand . Respiratory paralysis and concussion were diagnosed. Norris survived thanks to the quick help of the paramedics of the Austrian Red Cross , who carried out the emergency medical care while on the ice, and was then absent for several weeks. His replacement Steve Washburn was allowed to appear after Norris had recovered, but for coach Mike Zettel the season ended prematurely due to the series of defeats. Bill Stewart took over the Graz team at a time when they were lagging behind in last place. A game had to be canceled and penalized as the 99ers could no longer provide a competitive squad.

With Mike Bullard a new coach was committed for the 2006/07 season , and a large number of the legionnaires were replaced. After a decent start, however, the 99ers slipped into a series of defeats again. Mike Bullard was fired and Jim Brithén took over the team after several weeks of looking for a coach at a time when it was not much more than the league's whipping boy. Even he failed to stabilize the performance of the 99ers, and so assistant coach Mike Shea led the season to a close. The goalkeepers were swapped just as quickly as the coaches without any improvement. After Steve Passmore had been replaced by Pavel Nešťák with a goal average of 4.58 and a catch rate of only 87.75% , Walter Bartholomäus took over the position until the end of the championship, which was again finished in last place.

Extensive changes were made again for the 2007/08 season . With Larry Sacharuk , a trainer was hired to develop a long-term concept for the 99ers. Some legionnaires were exchanged, and with the return of Ivo Jan , more successful times should be built on. For the first time in a long time, the goal was to rely on a purely Austrian solution with Claus Dalpiaz (who had been released from HC Innsbruck ) and Bernhard Bock from Salzburg . After a narrow opening win, the second game in Vienna was lost 8-1. It subsequently became apparent that Sacharuk was by no means able to develop a real concept, and the consequence was again an early release. Tom Pokel took over the vacant position after some legionnaires who had not met expectations had to leave the club and was now faced with the task of leading the team into the top six. From ninth place (only league newcomer Alba Volán Székesfehérvár had a worse record) it went into the qualifying round, where however the second newcomer and later runner-up HDD Olimpija Ljubljana and HC Innsbruck remained insurmountable hurdles.

After the third failed season in a row, two of the fan clubs, the "Grazer Elefants" and the "Uhrturmfront", left their sails and switched to the revived ATSE Graz , which was to contest its first season in the major league in the 2008/09 season.

New beginning

Jochen Pildner-Steinburg decided again for a complete restart in the 2008/09 season . This time the goal was to hire a coach who on the one hand already knew the Austrian league and on the other hand had some successes. With Bill Gilligan , who won four series championships with the EC KAC in the eighties, they found what they were looking for. Gilligan again replaced some of the legionaries, but was able to keep some key players and strengthen the team in a targeted manner. Although this time they stayed in the lower half of the table, but after some starting problems, the 99ers came together in December 2008 and also won a few games against the favored teams. At the end of the regular season, the team was eighth in the table and was qualified for the playoffs for the first time since the 2004/05 season. In the quarter-finals, Graz met the Vienna Capitals and lost their first game away 6-0. On February 19, 2009, the 99ers won an encounter in the playoffs at the Graz-Liebenau ice rink for the first time since they were promoted to the Bundesliga and beat the Viennese 2-1. This was followed by two narrow defeats, which resulted in a score of 1: 3 in the best-of-seven series. The Grazers achieved their second win in the series with an away win and then equalized in the series at home. In the end, the team lost in the decisive game in Vienna.

Bill Gilligan built on that small success and decided to break new ground with the 99ers. For the 2009/10 season , a number of well-known Austrian players could be signed, which formed a practically completely new framework for the squad. There were also some good quality transfer card players. In conjunction with the improved squad depth and a largely injury-free season, this meant that the 99ers completed the main round in first place for the first time in the club's history. In the quarter-finals, the elimination followed when the team lost to eighth table KHL Medveščak Zagreb with 2: 4 wins .

In the following season, the Graz team fell back into mediocrity and only finished the basic round in sixth place. The quarter-finals brought a winless elimination against the Vienna Capitals. Bill Gilligan then ended his engagement after three years of coaching due to lack of success. The former Salzburg assistant coach Mario Richer took over his position. After Mike Ouellette (Linz) left, several new players were signed: Dustin Van Ballegooie and the former Jesenice striker Brett Lysak both moved from the Danish club SønderjyskE Ishockey to Mur, Rodi Short was brought on by the national league champions VEU Feldkirch, and Toni Dahlman from the Augsburger Panthers from the DEL. With Artiom Konovalov a young goalkeeper of the EC Red Bull Salzburg has been signed. Sébastien Bisaillon (Hamilton Bulldogs, AHL), Olivier Latendresse (SC Bietigheim-Bissingen, 2nd Bundesliga) and Guillaume Lefebvre (Bakersfield Condors, ECHL) added to the ranks of transfer card players. The Czech Zdeněk Blatný (previously HC Dukla Trenčín) came to Graz for a tryout and was later firmly committed. In the 2011/12 season , however, the play-off could not be reached.

After Frédéric Cloutier had distinguished himself as the second strongest goalkeeper in the league in the regular season, his contract was extended for 2012/13 . This season the Graz team were able to reach third place in the main round and move directly into the play-off, where they were eliminated in the quarter-finals against eventual champions EC KAC. This time Frédéric Cloutier was only able to establish himself in the midfield of the league, while Olivier Latendresse stood out as the top scorer of the 99ers.

For the 2013/14 season , the squad was redesigned and among others Francis Lemieux , Ryan Kinasewich and Andy Sertich signed , while it came to the departure of Cole Jarrett , Ryan Lannon and Jean-Michel Daoust . As a new goalkeeper Dany Sabourin was brought out of the American Hockey League . This turned out to be a stroke of luck, but Graz could not qualify for the play-off.

In the 2014/15 season , the Graz team ran under the new head coach Todd Bjorkstrand , who was released in October 2015 due to a lack of success. Once again, the 99ers did not make it into the play-off after finishing the main round in 9th place and qualification in 3rd place.

Under new coach Ivo January was started in the season 2015/16 . The new goalkeeper was the Dane Sebastian Dahm , while Kyle Beach and Evan Brophey, two former Salzburg strikers, were signed. But this season was still before the play-offs, after the Graz team had only reached 10th place in the main round and could not prevail in the qualification either.

Since Sebastian Dahm had established himself as the strongest goalie in the main round of the league in the 2015/16 season with a save rate of 93.1%, he was left in the squad for 2016/17 , as were Kyle Beach and Evan Brophey. Oliver Setzinger , whose contract with EC KAC had been terminated prematurely, was signed as the new team captain . On December 15, 2016, the separation from Ivo Jan was announced and Doug Mason was signed as the new head coach . Before this change, there had been ten defeats in eleven games under Jan's leadership, the 99ers were third from bottom of the table. The Graz team were able to fight their way back to 8th place in the main round and won the qualifying round with two points ahead of Orli Znojmo. Graz moved back into a playoff for the first time since the 2012/13 season.

Graz was picked for the quarter-finals by EC Red Bull Salzburg.


Squad of the 2020/21 season

As of August 19, 2020

No. Nat. player Item Date of birth in the team since place of birth
33 EnglandEngland Ben Bowns G January 21, 1991 2020 Rotherham , England
35 AustriaAustria Felix Nussbacher G 0December 7, 1999 2019 Graz , Austria
73 AustriaAustria Mario Altmann D. 04th November 1986 2020 Vienna , Austria
92 United StatesUnited States Charlie Dodero D. 0October 1, 1992 2019 Bloomingdale , Illinois , USA
15th AustriaAustria Amadeus Egger D. November 29, 1999 2017 Graz , Austria
98 AustriaAustria Lukas Färber D. 0July 9, 1998 2018 Graz , Austria
71 AustriaAustria Erik Kirchschläger D. 04th February 1996 2018 Linz , Austria
77 AustriaAustria Philipp Lindner D. July 13, 1995 2019 Innsbruck , Austria
72 AustriaAustria Kevin Moderer D. 0February 8, 1990 2018 Graz , Austria
29 CanadaCanada Joel Broda C. November 24, 1989 2020 Yorkton , Saskatchewan , Canada
54 United StatesUnited States Tony Cameranesi C. August 12, 1993 2020 Plymouth , Minnesota , USA
United StatesUnited States Hunter Fejes LW May 31, 1994 2020 Anchorage , Alaska , USA
26th GermanyGermany AustriaAustria Dominik Grafenthin W. June 27, 1995 2019 Berlin , Germany
19th AustriaAustria Lukas Kainz C. 0September 2, 1995 2018 Mödling , Austria
89 AustriaAustria Clemens Krainz F. May 30, 2001 2018 Zell am See , Austria
9 CanadaCanada Parker MacKay RW June 10, 1994 2020 Irma , Alberta , Canada
74 AustriaAustria Daniel Oberkofler C. July 16, 1988 2017 Graz , Austria
18th SloveniaSlovenia Ken Ograjenšek RW August 30, 1991 2016 Celje , Slovenia
11 CanadaCanada Travis Oleksuk C. 03rd February 1989 2018 Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada
80 AustriaAustria Julian Pauschenwein F. 0February 6, 2001 2018 Graz , Austria
17th SwedenSweden Johan Porsberger RW June 20, 1993 2020 Ostersund , Sweden
27 AustriaAustria Kilian Rappold F. 0May 2, 2002 2019 Austria
91 AustriaAustria Oliver Setzinger C. July 11, 1983 2016 Horn , Austria

Well-known former players

(Team membership and position in brackets)

The former junior player ventured overseas in 2000 and after several seasons in the North American Minor Leagues, he moved to the Blues Espoo in the Finnish SM-liiga , where he was one of the best goalkeepers for three years. In the 2009/10 season, the national team goalkeeper moved to the Russian KHL .
The Norwegian defender and long-time national team player ended up with the 99ers after a full decade in the DEL and remained loyal to the team even during their major sporting crisis. After three years, he let his career end in his home country.
  • SloveniaSlovenia Ivo Jan
    (2001/02, 2003/04, 2007–2009, storm)
The Slovenian striker played a total of three times for the 99ers and was one of the most productive strikers in the league on his first two guest appearances in Graz.
The native Canadian completed a total of three seasons in Graz and became one of the most popular players there with his offensive game.

Participation of players on the All-Star-Team

season player
2006/07 Tommy Jakobsen , Greg Day , Stefan Herzog , Robert Guillet
2007/08 Stefan Pittl , Greg Day
2008/09 Michael Schiechl

Team captains

season captain Assistants
1999/2000 Peter Znenahlik
2000/01 Peter Znenahlik
2001/02 Peter Znenahlik Engelbert Lindner
2002/03 Martin Krainz , Stefan Hofer Rumun Ndur , Werner Kerth , Michael Pollross
2003/04 Michael Pollross Roland Schurian , Gilbert Kühn
2004/05 Martin Krainz Jeremy Rebek , Gilbert Kühn
2005/06 Jeremy Rebek Roland Schurian , Sean Selmser
2006/07 Tommy Jakobsen Jiri Hala , Harry Lange
2007/08 Tommy Jakobsen Patrick Mössmer
2008/09 Tommy Jakobsen
2009/10 Harry Lange Christoph Harand , Florian Iberer
2010/11 Harry Lange
2011/12 Cole Jarrett Toni Dahlman , Sven Klimbacher
2012/13 Cole Jarrett Guillaume Lefebvre , Matthias Iberer
2013/14 Olivier Latendresse Guillaume Lefebvre , Kevin Moderer
2014/15 Olivier Latendresse , later Anders Bastiansen Kevin Moderer , Stefan Lassen
2015/16 Philipp Pinter Kevin Mitchell , Stephen Werner
2016/17 Oliver Setzinger Daniel Oberkofler , Robin Weihager
2017/18 Oliver Setzinger Kurtis McLean , Daniel Woger
2018/19 Oliver Setzinger

Master teams

Champion team of the national league season 1999/2000
goal Markus Schilcher, René Vallant, Bernd Brückler
defense Gruber Gerd, Norbert Havasi, Philipp Hofer, Florian Iberer, Chris Rozanski (USA), Pirre Persson (SWE), Mike Shea
Storm Herbert Diamant, Stefan Hofer, Christian Hofmeier, Bernd Jäger, Stefan Janisch, Helmut Karel, Peter Knaus, Petri Kujala (FIN), Ingo Preiss, Peter Preiss, David Pretterhofer, Thomas Stadler, Peter Znenahlik, Gilbert Kühn
Trainer Miroslav Berek

U20 team

The U20 team (internal Moser Medical Graz 99ers U20 ) has been playing in the Austrian U20 league since 2011 ( EBYSL since 2012 ). The head coach is Harald Antalovic.

Coach of the 99ers

  • SlovakiaSlovakia Miroslav Berek : 1999/2000 (national league champion )
  • CanadaCanada Mike Shea : 2000 – January 2002
  • AustriaAustria Manfred Nitsch: January 2002 – February 2002 (youth coach 99ers)
  • AustriaAustria Peter Znenahlik: February 2002 – January 2003
  • CanadaCanada Ken Tyler: January 2003 - end of season 2002/2003
  • CanadaCanadaMike Zettel: 2003–23. November 2005
  • CanadaCanadaItalyItaly Bill Stewart : November 2005-March 2006
  • CanadaCanada Mike Bullard : April 2006-26. October 2006
  • AustriaAustria Peter Znenahlik: on an interim basis until November 2, 2006
  • CanadaCanada Mike Shea: on an interim basis from November 2, 2006
  • SwedenSweden Jim Brithén : November 13, 2006-22. January 2007
  • CanadaCanada Mike Shea: January 22, 2007 - end of the 2006/07 season
  • CanadaCanada Larry Sacharuk : from 2007 / 08–5 season. December 2007
  • CanadaCanada Mike Shea: on an interim basis from December 5, 2007
  • United StatesUnited States Tom Pokel : December 11, 2007 - end of the 2007/08 season
  • United StatesUnited States Bill Gilligan : March 2008 – 2010/11 season end
  • CanadaCanada Mario Richer : May 2011 - October 23, 2013
  • FinlandFinland Petri Matikainen : October 23, 2013 - end of the 2013/14 season
  • United StatesUnited States Todd Bjorkstrand : from 2014/15 season - October 5th, 2015
  • SloveniaSlovenia Ivo Jan : from October 5, 2015 - December 15, 2016
  • CanadaCanadaNetherlandsNetherlands Doug Mason : as of December 15, 2016


The Graz 99ers play their home games in the Graz-Liebenau ice rink with a capacity of around 4,050 spectators , which fans also refer to as a “ bunker ” due to its construction with the saddle-shaped roof and windowless exterior walls . Characteristic of the hall are the soaring spectator stands located only on one side and the covered forecourt, which serves as a meeting point for fans during the breaks and also has drinks stands.


Fan culture

The 99ers had three big fan clubs until after the 2007/08 season : the “Grazer Elefants” (founded in 1991 as a fan club of the then EC Graz ), the “Grazer Oranjes” and the “Lions”, as well as the “Uhrturmfront”, which started in 2005 was founded and was a sub-faction of the Grazer Elefants. Due to the re-establishment of the ATSE Graz , however, the “Uhrturmfront” and the “Elefants” switched to the ATSE in 2008.

Since the 2014/15 season there has been another active fan club, the Styrian Panthers , which has since established itself as the largest fan club of the Graz 99ers.

The Graz Oranjes dissolved their fan club before the 2015/16 season, leaving Graz with just two fan clubs, the Styrian Panthers with around 150 members and the Lions with around 60 members (as of March 2017).

Statistics and records

Club statistics

Note: up to the 2006/07 season, points were shared after the half-way point in the regular season. However, the absolute points scored for the regular season are given for the relevant seasons. Bonus points from the intermediate rounds are also not taken into account.

season Main round Playoffs annotation
Games S. N NNV Gates TVH Points rank Games S. N NNV Gates TVH
1999/2000 28 25th 3 0 151: 64 +87 50 1 9 6th 3 0 41:25 +16 National league champion & promotion to the Bundesliga
2000/01 36 17th 17th 2 113: 139 −26 36 5 3 0 3 0 4:12 −8 Quarter-final out, rank 6
2001/02 32 13 14th 5 99: 114 −15 31 5 4th 0 4th 0 4:15 −11 Quarter-final out, rank 5
2002/03 42 14th 25th 3 111: 181 −70 31 7th 3 0 3 0 7:18 −11 Quarter-final out, rank 7
2003/04 48 25th 20th 3 141: 147 −6 53 4th 3 0 3 0 4:10 −6 Semi-final out, 4th place
2004/05 48 24 18th 6th 152: 147 +5 54 5 - - - - - - 5th place, no playoff participation
2005/06 48 15th 27 6th 119: 171 −52 36 7th - - - - - - 7th place, no playoff participation
2006/07 56 11 38 7th 163: 254 −91 29 8th - - - - - - Rank 8, no playoff participation
2007/08 42 16 19th 7th 108: 151 −43 39 9 - - - - - - Out after qualifying round, rank 9
2008/09 54 24 24 6th 124: 154 −30 54 7th 7th 3 4th 0 12:20 −8 Quarter-final out, rank 7
2009/10 54 36 13 5 197: 132 +65 77 1 6th 2 2 2 15:19 −4 Quarter final out
2010/11 54 27 23 4th 164: 153 +11 58 6th 4th 0 3 1 9:16 −7 Quarter final out
2011/12 48 23 22nd 3 130: 141 −11 49 10 - - - - - - Rank 10, no playoff participation
2012/13 54 27 18th 9 162: 157 +5 63 5 5 1 4th 0 9:16 −7 Quarter final out
2013/14 54 24 22nd 8th 144: 159 −15 56 10 - - - - - - Rank 10, no playoff participation
2014/15 54 24 23 7th 147: 152 −5 55 10 - - - - - - Rank 10, no playoff participation
National league 28 25th 3 0 151: 64 +87 50 - 9 6th 3 0 41:25 +16
EBEL 724 320 323 81 2074: 2352 −278 721 - 35 6th 26th 3 64: 126 −62

S = victories, N = defeats in regular playing time, NNV = defeats after extra time or penalty shootout, victory% = percentage of the total possible points scored, TVH = goal difference

Player records

Statistics since the promotion to the Bundesliga in the 2000/2001 season. All preliminary rounds / playoff games are included.


space player Gates season
1. Warren Norris 40 2004/05
2. Ivo Jan 32 2003/04
3. Greg Day 31 2006/07
4th Warren Norris 29 2009/10
5. Eric Healey 27 2009/10
space player Assists season
1. Greg Day 45 2009/10
2. Eric Healey 40 2009/10
3. Jean-Philippe Paré 36 2009/10
4th Tommy Jakobsen 34 2006/07
5. Roland Schurian 33 2001/02
space player Points season
1. Eric Healey 67 2009/10
2. Warren Norris 66 2004/05
3. Greg Day 64 2009/10
4th Greg Day 63 2006/07
5. Sean Selmser 57 2004/05
Penalty minutes
space player Penalty minutes season
1. Tommy Jakobsen 205 2006/07
2. Guillaume Lefebvre 136 2011/12
3. Rumun Ndur 128 2002/03
4th Guillaume Lefebvre 127 2012/13
5. Dave Chyzowski 115 2003/04


space player Gates
1. Warren Norris 125
2. Greg Day 102
3. Ivo Jan 82
4th Gerhard Göttfried 71
5. Olivier Latendresse 60
space player Assists
1. Greg Day 180
2. Warren Norris 119
3. Roland Schurian 91
4th Harry Lange 89
5. Jeremy Rebek 80
space player Points
1. Greg Day 282
2. Warren Norris 244
3. Ivo Jan 144
4th Olivier Latendresse 131
5. Gerhard Göttfried 129
space player Calls
1. Harry Lange 376
2. Mark Brunnegger 343
3. Matthias Iberer 304
4th Greg Day 289
5. Florian Iberer 283

Average audience

Fans of the 99ers
  • 2003/2004 season: 2,784 spectators
  • 2004/2005 season: 3,148 spectators
  • 2005/2006 season: 2,375 spectators
  • 2006/2007 season: 2,016 spectators
  • 2007/2008 season: 2,097 spectators
  • 2008/2009 season: 1,813 spectators
  • 2009/2010 season: 2,593 spectators
  • 2015/2016 season: 2,092 spectators
  • Season 2016/2017: 2,344 spectators
  • 2017/2018 season: 2,258 spectators
  • 2018/2019 season: 3,071 spectators

Individual evidence

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  2. Grazer Elefants support ATSE
  3. Our fan clubs , accessed on March 7, 2017
  4. ^ Homepage of the ÖEHV ( Memento from January 31, 2009 in the Internet Archive )

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