Vienna Capitals

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spusu Vienna Capitals
spusu Vienna Capitals
Greatest successes

Austrian champion 2005, 2017

Club information
history EV Vienna Capitals (2001–2011)
UPC Vienna Capitals (2011–2017)
Vienna Capitals (2017–2018)
spusu Vienna Capitals (since 2018)
Location Vienna , Austria
Nickname Caps
Club colors Yellow black
league Erste Bank Ice Hockey League
Venue Erste Bank Arena
capacity 7,022 seats
executive Director Franz Kalla
Head coach Dave Cameron
captain Mario Fischer
Season 2019/20 2nd place (main round)
3rd place (placement round)

The spusu Vienna Capitals are an Austrian ice hockey team from Vienna founded in 2001 and play in the Erste Bank Ice Hockey League . The “Caps” home games are played in the Erste Bank Arena . In the 2004/05 season, the Vienna Capitals won their first championship title in the best-of-seven series against the EC KAC and were able to repeat this success in 2017.


First years in the Bundesliga

Logo 2001-2011

The Vienna Capitals took part in the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga for the first time in the 2001/02 season and reached the playoffs. With good performances, they established themselves in the middle of the table and reached fourth place at the end of the basic round. In the quarter-finals they sweeped the Graz 99ers with 4-0 victories and met the EHC Linz in the semi-finals . This series lost the Capitals in four games and said goodbye to the season.

Some changes were made to the squad for the following season, but the team failed to find consistent performances and ended the regular season in penultimate place in the table. Since all teams were qualified for the playoffs this season, the Capitals met defending champions EC VSV in the quarter-finals and lost the series with 2: 3 wins. The 2003/04 season ended one point behind in fourth place in fifth place. Since only the first four teams were qualified for the playoffs, the season for the Capitals was over for the first time after the regular season.

The first championship title

Players of the Capitals

Due to the unsatisfactory performance in the 2003/04 season, the squad was revised again. The most important change was the commitment of the DEL legionnaire Frédéric Chabot for the position of goalkeeper. Although the team did not start the season optimally, coach Jim Boni managed to gradually form a tight-knit unit out of the team. From the halfway point of the basic round, the Viennese put on a winning streak and finished the basic round with eight points ahead of the runner-up, the EC KAC , in first place. In the semi-finals, the capital city team defeated the EC VSV in four games and met the EC KAC in the final. The respective away team won the first six matches of the final series, until Jim Boni picked up a trick for the decisive seventh game. The players spent the entire day like in an away game and ended up playing in the away addresses. The Capitals won the seventh final game 6-2 and won the first championship title in their history.

The years after that

There were some changes for the following season. Chabot left the team and was replaced by Jeff Maund . The Caps started the season a bit awkwardly and the situation was further complicated by Maund's request to terminate his contract. As a result, Walter Bartholomäus took over his position and also performed well. At the end of the regular season, the team made it into the playoffs by one point. In the semifinals, the Viennese lost to EC Red Bull Salzburg with 1: 4 wins . This one victory of the Capitals had been achieved at the green table. Since Salzburg had not properly registered the legionnaire Patrick Thoresen , the third game in the series (which Salzburg won 6: 3) was penalized 5: 0 in favor of the Capitals.

The squad problem

Due to the failures of the past few years, the club's board had become aware of a decisive disadvantage that the Capitals had compared to other Bundesliga teams: the lack of young talent. Since, on the one hand, the infrastructure of the City of Vienna did not allow for permanent training and on the other hand , there were no longer any cooperation partners after the end of the EHC Team Vienna , Capitals President Schmid took a new approach. From the 2007/08 season, the existing Legionnaires' regulation, which allowed every EBEL team to sign five transfer card players, was overturned. The so-called point rule came as a replacement for this. With the changed regulation, the squad was completely renewed.

With Jean-François Labbé an experienced goalkeeper has been obliged to come with Dan Bjornlie and Peter Casparsson excellent defender. In the storm, with Marcel and David Rodman and Aaron Fox, a complete line of strikers was signed from HK Jesenice . Kelly Fairchild and Pascal Rhéaume also strengthened the team, so that the Capitals started the season with a total of ten legionaries and four naturalized players, so-called Austros. After six missions, Labbé was injured and was out for the rest of the season. The club management was looking for a suitable replacement. After Günther Hell did not meet the expectations, the Capitals struck gold with Sébastien Charpentier . However, he was also injured in the current season and was temporarily replaced by Kelly Guard .

At the end of the regular round, the Viennese finished second on points with the leading Linzers. In the second round, a new problem emerged: due to the large number of transfer card players who each consumed four of the contingent, which was limited to sixty points, the top of the squad was very thin, so that at times only two and a half lines had to be played. After HC Innsbruck was defeated in four games in the quarter-finals , the team lost all games in the semi-finals against eventual champions Salzburg.

After this season, Capitals President Hans Schmid also tried to abolish the point rule in order to be able to sign players completely freely in the future. This sparked heated discussions among the clubs, in which the EU labor law was argued, which allows every ice hockey player the free choice of job, which would make any regulation illegal. This discussion continues to this day, but has so far not brought about any changes to the system.

For the 2008/09 season , the expenses for the squad were reduced. Through some legionnaires in the form of the trio Patrick Lebeau , Juha Riihijärvi and Benoit Gratton , the Viennese played again for the title. The basic round ended in second place behind the EC KAC. In the quarterfinals, the team met the Graz 99ers . After the Capitals led with 3-1 victories, the Grazers managed to equalize. In the seventh game of the series, a 5-1 win secured the semi-finals. There, the Viennese met EC Red Bull Salzburg and lost the series in five games.

The following two seasons were largely the same. Both times the Viennese showed good performances in the main round and finished it in third place, but both play-offs also ended again in the semi-finals against EC Red Bull Salzburg. While Gratton and François Fortier , who was added in 2010, established themselves as top players in the league, young Viennese players were gradually brought back to the club or integrated into the fighting team from the forced offspring. At the end of the 2010/11 season , Kevin Gaudet ended his engagement with the Viennese and was replaced by the Swede Tommy Samuelsson .

Successful era

In preparation for the following season, the Capitals took part for the first time in the European Trophy 2011 , an invitation tournament made up of top European teams. The home games in the European Trophy were played for the first time in the Albert Schultz ice rink, which has been expanded to 7,000 seats . The 2011/12 championship was disappointing for Vienna Capitals and the high expectations could not be met by far. This was due, among other things, to the numerous wrong purchases, the serious injury to the crowd favorite Rafael Rotter and the surprising end of Harald Ofner's career . After the basic round, the Viennese took only eighth place, which resulted in a step into the qualifying round. Nevertheless, coach Tommy Samuelsson was held on, who, thanks to a runaway win on the last day of the qualifying round, led the capitals into the play-off . There the Capitals failed in the quarterfinals in seven games against the later champions from Linz . The Capitals started the 2012/13 season with a reinforced squad (including Corey Potter , Adrian Veideman , Jamie Fraser and Matt Zaba ) . The Viennese won the regular round with 61 points and retained their position even after the subsequent placement round. Orli Znojmo was defeated in the play-off quarter-finals before a victory against EC Red Bull Salzburg in the semi-finals . Only in the final, the Viennese were defeated with a sweep by the EC KAC . The Klagenfurters achieved the first sweep in a final since the EBEL was founded and the first final sweep in Austrian league history at a distance of best-of-seven. At the same time, the club won the thirtieth ÖEHL championship title in the club's history.

Before the 2013-14 season , several key players left the club, including Dan Bjornlie and André Lakos . Nevertheless, the Viennese were able to win the main round again, but were beaten by the EC VSV in the quarter-finals . In the 2014/15 season , the Vienna with the new coach started Tom Pokel , which in February 2015 by Jim Boni was replaced. With a fourth place in the main round the play-off could be reached again, where the Capitals reached the final again against Székesfehérvár and the EHC Linz. There they were beaten 4-0 in the series by Salzburg.

In the 2015/16 season , the Capitals finished the main round again in fourth place and again selected the EC VSV as their opponent in the quarter-finals. The team lost 4-1 against Villach.

For the 2016/17 season , Serge Aubin was signed as coach . In addition, Jean-Philippe Lamoureux was brought in as the new goalkeeper from the EC VSV. The Caps kept the championship lead throughout the season and won the regular season and the pick round. As a quarter-final opponent, the Caps decided for HC Innsbruck . With three sweeps against HC Innsbruck, HC Bozen and EC KAC , the caps won the second championship title in history.

Only three players - David Kickert , Collin Bowman and the captain Jonathan Ferland - left the Capitals after the championship title. With Kyle Klubertanz and Jérôme Samson , the Caps signed two very experienced players. After dominating the regular round like last year, the team reached first place on the last match day of the intermediate round and again chose Innsbruck as their quarter-final opponent. After the first three games, as in the previous year, it looked like a sweep for the Viennese. But Innsbruck could just win games 4 and 5, in the sixth game the caps moved into the semifinals. As in the previous year, HC Bozen was waiting there . After winning the first game impressively 4-0, the next four games were lost and the Italians moved into the finals with a 4-1 win in a row and ultimately became champions.

For the 2018/19 season the Viennese club signed a former NHL coach, Dave Cameron . At the start of the season, the Viennese won all of their first twelve games. This winning streak was followed by five defeats until they recovered and were largely on rank 1 of the table. After taking first place after the regular season in each of the previous two years, the caps only achieved second place this season and thus missed early qualification for the Champions Hockey League . However, the qualification for the CHL was fixed with the first place in the pick-round . For the quarter-finals, the Caps chose HC Orli Znojmo , whom they eliminated with 4-1 wins. In the semifinals there was a duel with EC Red Bull Salzburg . The close series, in which neither team managed to take the lead by more than two goals, was won by the Caps 4: 3. In the final, they had to admit defeat to EC KAC 4: 2.

In October 2018, the mobile operator spusu was signed up as the new main and name sponsor. From now on the association is called spusu Vienna Capitals .

At the end of the season it was announced that Dave Cameron will also be on the side of the Caps in the 2019/20 season . Thanks to him, well-known players such as Brenden Kichton , Kyle Baun , Mark Flood and Ryan Zapolski - who played all five games of the US team at the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang - were signed up. Due to the departure of the two top scorers from the previous year, Chris DeSousa and Peter Schneider , the two Austrian regulars Benjamin Nissner and Andreas Nödl , as well as Philippe Lakos , who is now playing for the second team of the Caps , you had a nominally weaker squad than in the in recent years. In addition, audience favorite Rafael Rotter was injured in a preparation game against MAC Budapest and had to sit out until shortly after Christmas. In addition to their own junior staff, Dario Winkler was also loaned from EC Red Bull Salzburg and Henrik Neubauer from Dornbirner EC was signed on . The caps did not start the season as usual from previous years and switched between second and fifth place in the table, also due to the participation of only eleven teams, where one team had to sit out per game day. From the 30th matchday on, they could fix themselves on the second place in the table and were the first pursuer of the EC Red Bull Salzburg. After the Mozartstadt team, the second team was able to qualify early for the play-offs. Due to the coronavirus epidemic , the season was canceled early. So there is no master 2020.

Club statistics

season Main round Playoffs annotation
Games S. SNV SNP N NNV NNP Gates TVH PKT (PT) rank Games S. N Gates TVH
2001/02 32 16 9 7th 106: 97 +9 39 (30) 4th 8th 4th 4th 22:22 0 Quarter final out
2002/03 42 19th 17th 6th 137: 137 0 44 (37) 6th 5 2 3 14:16 −2 Quarter final out
2003/04 48 22nd 22nd 4th 113: 128 −15 48 (37) 5. No playoff participation
2004/05 48 34 10 4th 199: 142 +57 72 (57) 1. 10 7th 3 33:25 +8 master
2005/06 48 25th 20th 3 173: 163 +10 53 (40) 4th 5 1 4th 12:18 −6 Semi-final out
2006/07 56 29 22nd 5 214: 205 +9 63 (48) 4th 3 0 3 11:20 −9 Semi-final out
2007/08 (*) 36 22nd 9 5 122: 86 +36 49 2. 3 0 3 19:24 −5 Semi-final out
2008/09 54 33 14th 7th 203: 162 +41 73 2. 12 5 7th 31:30 +1 Semi-final out
2009/10 54 33 17th 4th 193: 156 +37 70 3. 12 7th 5 47:38 +9 Semi-final out
2010/11 54 31 18th 5 200: 162 +38 67 3. 11 7th 4th 43:34 +9 Semi-final out
2011/12 1 40 17th 17th 6th 120: 136 −16 40 8th. 7th 3 4th 20:25 −5 Quarter final out
2012/13 1 44 28 11 5 137: 100 +37 61 1. 15th 8th 7th 45:31 +14 Vice Master
2013/14 1 44 26th 12 2 160: 103 +57 62 1. 5 1 4th 13:22 −9 Quarter final out
2014/15 1 44 24 16 4th 119: 117 +2 52 4th 15th 8th 7th 42:47 −5 Vice Master
2015/16 1 44 20th 6 2 16 2 125: 102 +23 74 4th 5 1 4th 10:14 −4 Quarter final out
2016/17 1 44 27 6 2 6th 5 151: 95 +56 98 1. 12 12 0 50:26 +24 master
2017/18 1 44 28 2 2 9 5 146: 97 +49 93 1. 11 5 6th 30:29 +1 Semi-final out
2018/19 1 44 24 5 2 10 5 162: 117 +45 87 2. 18th 10 8th 53:39 +14 Vice Master
2019/20 1 40 23 2 2 10 5 130: 86 +44 78 2. 3 2 1 8: 7 +1 Season canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic
total 750 429 21 2 240 80 2645: 2177 +468 980 145 75 70 458: 436 +22

(1) Exclusive intermediate round

(2) Victories after extra time / penalty shootout only became relevant with the introduction of the 3-point rule for the 2015/16 season.

Legend: S = victories, N = defeats in regular playing time, NNV = defeats after extra time or penalty shootout, victory% = percentage of the total possible points scored, TVH = goal difference, PKT = points, PT = points with points shared at half of the season


Squad of the 2020/21 season

Status: March 2020

No. Nat. player Item Date of birth in the team since place of birth
29 AustriaAustria Bernhard Starkbaum G February 19, 1986 2018 Vienna , Austria
AustriaAustria Max Zimmermann G September 12, 1999 2020 Vienna , Austria
76 AustriaAustria Lucas Birnbaum D. 0June 9, 1997 2018 Bruck an der Mur , Austria
50 AustriaAustria Mario FischerC. D. 0May 5th 1989 2011 Vienna , Austria
36 CanadaCanada Mark Flood D. September 29, 1984 2019 Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island , Canada
5 AustriaAustria Dominic Hackl D. 0November 8, 1996 2014 Vienna , Austria
4th AustriaAustria Philippe Lakos D. 19th August 1980 2009 Vienna , Austria
14th AustriaAustria Patrick Peter D. January 27, 1994 2010 Vienna , Austria
3 AustriaAustria Lukas Piff D. December 12, 2000 2018 Vienna , Austria
42 CanadaCanada Alex Wall D. 0November 1, 1990 2018 St. John's , Newfoundland , Canada
23 AustriaAustria Fabio Artner LW 0March 4, 1999 2019 Vienna , Austria
11 AustriaAustria Sascha Bauer LW January 30, 1995 2012 Vienna , Austria
12 CanadaCanada Kyle Baun LW 0May 4th 1992 2019 Toronto , Ontario , Canada
55 AustriaAustria Mathias Boehm W. April 17, 2003 2020 Vienna , Austria
AustriaAustria Alexander Cijan LW May 16, 1994 2020 Klagenfurt , Austria
22nd AustriaAustria Julian Großlercher C. 0March 5, 1993 2014 Lienz , Austria
96 AustriaAustria Nikolaus Hartl RW December 18, 1991 2017 Zell am See , Austria
21st CanadaCanada Riley crab apple C. August 18, 1988 2016 Regina , Saskatchewan , Canada
61 AustriaAustria Patrik Kittinger RW 0June 1, 1996 2018 Vienna , Austria
27 United StatesUnited States Ty Loney RW 0March 1, 1992 2019 Valencia , Pennsylvania , USA
70 AustriaAustria Benjamin Nissner C. November 30, 1997 2020 Vienna , Austria
13 NorwayNorway Sondre Olden RW August 29, 1992 2018 Oslo , Norway
3 AustriaAustria Armin Preiser F. December 18, 2000 2019 Vienna , Austria
81 AustriaAustria Marco Richter LW November 19, 1995 2020 Vienna , Austria
6th AustriaAustria Rafael RotterA. RW June 14, 1987 2008 Vienna , Austria
91 CanadaCanada Taylor VauseA C. September 28, 1991 2016 Calgary , Alberta , Canada
9 AustriaAustria Ali Wukovits C. 0May 9, 1996 2016 Vienna , Austria
40 United StatesUnited States Mike Zalewski C. 18th August 1992 2019 New Hartford , New York , USA
activity Nat. Surname Date of birth in the team since place of birth
Trainer CanadaCanada Dave Cameron July 29, 1958 2018 Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island , Canada
Assistant coach AustriaAustria Christian Dolezal February 21, 1986 2020 Vienna , Austria
Goalkeeping trainer / video coach CanadaCanadaGermanyGermany Varian Kirst June 11, 1977 2017 Montréal , Quebec , Canada
General manager AustriaAustria Franz Kalla 2009

Significant past teams

EBEL champion 2004/05

position Surname
Goal: CanadaCanada Frédéric Chabot , Christian Cseh
Defense: CanadaCanada Darcy Werenka , Robert Lukas , Peter Kasper , Philippe Lakos , Thomas Pfeffer , Leopold Wieselthaler , Mario Altmann
Storm: CanadaCanada Mike Craig , Dave Chyzowski , Bob Wren , Dieter Kalt , Markus Peintner , Manuel Latusa , Ray Podloski , Jari Suorsa , Gregor Baumgartner , Christoph König , Juri Tsurenkow , Bernd Jäger , Christian Dolezal , Ivo Jan , Paul Roch , André Niec , Sandro WinklerCanadaCanada CanadaCanada CanadaCanada FinlandFinland RussiaRussia SloveniaSlovenia Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Trainer: ItalyItaly Jim bonuses

EBEL runner-up 2012/13

position Surname
Goal: Fabian Weinhandl , Matt ZabaCanadaCanada
Defense: United StatesUnited States Dan Bjornlie (A) , Jamie Fraser , Sven Klimbacher , André Lakos , Philippe Lakos , Patrick Peter , Corey Potter , Markus Schlacher , Peter Schweda , Adrian VeidemanCanadaCanada United StatesUnited States
Storm: Czech RepublicCzech Republic Zdenek Blatny , Christoph Draschkowitz , Jonathan Ferland , Mario Fischer , François Fortier , Benoît Gratton (C) , Justin Keller , Stefan Nador , Marcus Olsson , Philipp Pinter (A) , Tony Romano , Rafael Rotter , Michael Schiechl , Mario Seidl , Josh Soares , Daniel WogerCanadaCanada CanadaCanada CanadaCanada CanadaCanada SwedenSweden United StatesUnited States
Trainer: SwedenSweden Tommy Samuelsson

EBEL runner-up in 2014/15

position Surname
Goal: David Kickert , Matt ZabaCanadaCanada
Defense: CanadaCanada Brett Carson , Jamie Fraser , Dominic Hackl , Florian Iberer , Sven Klimbacher (A) , Philippe Lakos , Patrick Peter , Markus SchlacherCanadaCanada
Storm: Sascha Bauer , Danny Bois , Jonathan Ferland (C) , Mario Fischer , Kris Foucault , Benoît Gratton , Julian Grosslercher , Nikolaus Hartl , Peter MacArthur , Ken Magowan , Andreas Nödl , Kevin Puschnik , Rafael Rotter , Michael Schiechl , Dustin Sylvester , Matt Watkins (A)CanadaCanada CanadaCanada CanadaCanada CanadaCanada United StatesUnited States CanadaCanada
CanadaCanada CanadaCanada
Trainer: ItalyItaly Jim Boni , Tom PokelUnited StatesUnited States

EBEL champion 2016/17

position Surname
Goal: David Kickert , Jean-Philippe LamoureuxUnited StatesUnited States
Defense: United StatesUnited States Collin Bowman , Aaron Brocklehurst , Tyler Cuma , Jamie Fraser , Dominic Hackl , Philippe Lakos , Ryan McKiernan , Patrick PeterCanadaCanada CanadaCanada CanadaCanada United StatesUnited States
Storm: Sascha Bauer , Jonathan Ferland (C) , Mario Fischer , Julian Grosslercher , Nikolaus Hartl , Riley Holzapfel , Felix Maxa , Benjamin Nissner , Andreas Nödl (A) , Jerry Pollastrone , Rafael Rotter (A) , MacGregor Sharp , Kelsey Tessier , Taylor Vause , Ali WukovitsCanadaCanada CanadaCanada United StatesUnited States CanadaCanada CanadaCanada
Trainer: CanadaCanada Serge Aubin

EBEL runner-up 2018/19

position Surname
Goal: United StatesUnited States Jean-Philippe Lamoureux , Bernhard Starkbaum
Defense: Lucas Birnbaum , Mat Clark , Mario Fischer , Marc-André Dorion , Dominic Hackl , Philippe Lakos , Patrick Mullen , Patrick Peter , Alex WallCanadaCanada CanadaCanada United StatesUnited States CanadaCanada
Storm: CanadaCanada Chris DeSousa , Julian Grosslercher , Nikolaus Hartl , Riley Holzapfel , Benjamin Nissner , Andreas Nödl (C) , Sondre Olden , Emilio Romig , Rafael Rotter (A) , Peter Schneider , Kelsey Tessier , Taylor Vause ( A ), Ali WukovitsCanadaCanada NorwayNorway CanadaCanada CanadaCanada
Trainer: CanadaCanada Dave Cameron

Blocked jersey numbers

So far, the shirt number has been "blocked" by a player because of his merits for the club, that is, it is no longer given to other players.

AustriaAustria Philippe Lakos
(Defense, 2003-2008, since 2009)
Number 4 Philippe Lakos is the record player of the Vienna Capitals with 791 games (as of March 3, 2020). Lakos has been with the Capitals since 2003 and 2009 and was part of the Viennese squad in both years as a champion.

The second team

Vienna Capitals Silver
Vienna Capitals Silver
Club information
history Vienna Capitals II (2017-2019)
Vienna Capitals Silver (since 2019)
Location Vienna , Austria
Nickname Caps II
Club colors Black, yellow, red
league Alps Hockey League
Venue Erste Bank Arena
capacity 7,022 seats
executive Director Franz Kalla
Head coach Johan Sjöquist

The second team ( within the club Vienna Capitals Silver ) is also a professional team and has been playing in the international Alps Hockey League since 2019 . Before that, they played in the Hungarian first division for two years . The coach is the Swede Johan Sjöquist .

Squad for the 2019/20 season

goal Defense Storm
1 AustriaAustria Matthias Lichtenecker April 28, 2001
30th AustriaAustria Max Zimmermann September 12, 1999
21st SwedenSweden Jesper Åkerman October 2, 1995
36 SwedenSweden Adam Åkesson June 25, 1990
26th AustriaAustria Pascal Bayer December 26, 1999
76 AustriaAustria Lucas Birnbaum 1 June 9, 1997
4th AustriaAustria Philippe Lakos 19th August 1980
60 AustriaAustria Timo Pallierer June 21, 2001
2 AustriaAustria Lukas Piff December 12, 2000
40 AustriaAustria Bernhard Posch January 22, 2001
17th AustriaAustria Tobias Steibl February 17, 2000
10 AustriaAustria Patrick Antal October 24, 2000
23 AustriaAustria Fabio Artner 1st March 4, 1999
AustriaAustria Daniel Aschauer May 29, 2003
11 AustriaAustria Sascha Bauer 1 January 30, 1995
8th AustriaAustria Mathias Boehm April 17, 2003
89 AustriaAustria Patrick Bohm July 8, 2001
67 NorwayNorway Markus Hermanstad March 30, 1999
48 AustriaAustria Alexander Hofer April 29, 1999
88 SwedenSweden Viktor Johansson October 6, 1998
53 AustriaAustria Maximilian Kieweg October 2, 2002
61 AustriaAustria Patrik Kittinger 1st June 1, 1996
42 SwedenSweden Lukas Löfquist January 16, 1996
77 AustriaAustria Alexander Maxa March 10, 1999
18th AustriaAustria Benjamin Mosaad July 25, 2002
15th SwedenSwedenAustriaAustria Henrik Neubauer 1 April 15, 1997
54 SwedenSweden Emil Norberg February 22, 1999
24 AustriaAustriaSlovakiaSlovakia Lukas Pohl July 24, 2001
3 AustriaAustria Armin Preiser December 18, 2000
27 AustriaAustria Fabian Ranftl July 27, 1997
20th AustriaAustria Fabio Rohm July 1, 1998
16 AustriaAustria Richard Schlögl October 26, 1996
54 AustriaAustria Dario Winkler 1 May 18, 1997
1 Also in the first team's professional squad

As of January 23, 2020

Coaching and support staff for the 2019/20 season

Surname function
Johan Sjöquist Head coach

Junior teams

The U20 team (club-internal Silver Caps U20 ) has been playing in the Austrian U20 league since 2003 ( EBYSL since 2012 ). Head coach is Tommy Flinck . The U18 team (internal Silver Caps U18 ) has been playing in the Erste Bank Juniors League since 2013 . The head coach is Philipp Ullrich .


Club-internal records

Statistics since the promotion to the Bundesliga in the 2001/02 season. All preliminary round and play-off games are included.


space player Gates season
1. CanadaCanada François Fortier 51 2010/11
2. CanadaCanada Mike Craig 46 2006/07
3. CanadaCanada Chris DeSousa 46 2018/19
4th AustriaAustria Peter Schneider 40 2018/19
5. CanadaCanada Mike Craig 37 2004/05
space player Assists season
1. CanadaCanada Bob Wren 63 2006/07
2. CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 58 2010/11
3. CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 55 2009/10
4th CanadaCanada Pat Lebeau 54 2008/09
5. AustriaAustria Oliver Setzinger 54 2006/07
Top scorer
space player Points season
1. CanadaCanada François Fortier 96 2010/11
2. CanadaCanada Bob Wren 93 2006/07
3. CanadaCanada Mike Craig 92 2006/07
CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 92 2010/11
5. CanadaCanada Pat Lebeau 87 2008/09
Penalty minutes
space player Penalty minutes season
1. CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 275 2010/11
2. AustriaAustria Philippe Lakos 224 2006/07
3. CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 208 2009/10
4th CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 186 2008/09
5. CanadaCanada Bob Wren 182 2006/07

All in all

space player Gates
1. AustriaAustria Rafael Rotter 135
2. CanadaCanada Mike Craig 134
3. CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 129
4th CanadaCanada François Fortier 124
5. CanadaCanada Jonathan Ferland 114
space player Assists
1. AustriaAustria Rafael Rotter 327
2. CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 273
3. CanadaCanada Darcy Werenka 195
4th CanadaCanada Jamie Fraser 183
4th United StatesUnited States Dan Bjornlie 176
Top scorer
space player Points
1. AustriaAustria Rafael Rotter 462
2. CanadaCanada Benoit Gratton 402
3. CanadaCanada Darcy Werenka 289
4th CanadaCanada Mike Craig 281
5. CanadaCanada François Fortier 260
space player Games
1. AustriaAustria Philippe Lakos 794
2. AustriaAustria Rafael Rotter 564
3. AustriaAustria Mario Fischer 483
4th AustriaAustria Patrick Peter 395
5. AustriaAustria Christian Dolezal 392

Significant former players

(Team membership and position in brackets)

The Canadian goalie came to Vienna after three years with the Nürnberg Ice Tigers and won the club's first championship title with the team in the 2004/05 season.
The striker played for the Capitals for four years and finished one season each as top scorer and points leader.
Bob Wren was also active with the Viennese for four years and formed one of the best striker duos in the league with Mike Craig. In the 2004/05 season, he led the assist list.
Oliver Setzinger, one of the best Austrian ice hockey players, played in Vienna for two years and scored 158 points in 109 games.

Participation of players on the All-Star-Team

season player
2006/07 Scott Fankhouser , Darcy Werenka , Jonathan Zion , Robert Lukas , Bob Wren , Oliver Setzinger , David Schuller , Dieter Kalt , Manuel Latusa , Mike Craig
2007/08 Philippe Lakos , Darcy Werenka , Marcel Rodman , Manuel Latusa , Aaron Fox
2008/09 Darcy Werenka , Benoit Gratton


time nation Trainer Remarks
2001-2003 AustriaAustria Kurt Harand 1 × semi-final out; 1 × quarter-final out
2003-2007 Flag of Canada and Italy.svg Jim bonuses 1 × Austrian champion ; 2 × semi-final out
2007-2011 CanadaCanada Kevin Gaudet 4 × semi-final out
2011-2014 SwedenSweden Tommy Samuelsson 1 × runner-up; 2 × quarter-final out
2014-2015 United StatesUnited States Tom Pokel Dismissed in February 2015
2015-2016 Flag of Canada and Italy.svg Jim bonuses 1 × runner-up; 1 × quarter-final out
2016-2018 CanadaCanada Serge Aubin 1 × Austrian champion ; 1 × semi-final out
since 2018 CanadaCanada Dave Cameron 1 × runner-up


The home of the Vienna Capitals is the 7,022-seat Erste Bank Arena in Vienna's Donaustadt district . In February 2009 it was announced that the capacity of the hall would be expanded to 7,000 spectators. The renovation work began after the 2008/09 season and was completed before the 2011/12 season. In addition, new video screens and VIP boxes were installed in the hall. The roofing of the free ice area should create better conditions for the youngsters. The cost of the renovation is estimated at 40 million euros.

Average audience

  • 2003/2004 season: 3,590 spectators per home game
  • 2004/2005 season: 3,710 spectators per home game
  • 2005/2006 season: 3,852 spectators per home game
  • 2006/2007 season: 3,991 spectators per home game
  • 2007/2008 season: 4,045 spectators per home game
  • 2008/2009 season: 3,568 spectators per home game
  • 2009/2010 season: 3,918 spectators per home game
  • 2010/2011 season: 3,911 spectators per home game
  • 2011/2012 season: 5,096 spectators per home game
  • 2012/2013 season: 5,242 spectators per home game
  • 2013/2014 season: 4,889 spectators per home game
  • 2014/2015 season: 4,811 spectators per home game
  • 2015/2016 season: 4,816 spectators per home game
  • 2016/2017 season: 4,420 spectators per home game
  • 2017/2018 season: 4,689 spectators per home game
  • 2018/2019 season: 4,735 spectators per home game

Club culture



The Vienna Capitals have six registered fan clubs: ICEFIRE , Vienna Hockey Fans , Die Optimisten , Rossauer Caps , Fiaker Caps and S'Eck !! .


Until 2011, the Capitals mascot was Captain Cap , a figure in the shape of a burning ice hockey puck. With Pucky the clown, attempts were unsuccessful to establish a more mobile colleague. In 2011 a cheetah was introduced as a new mascot, which initially remained nameless. Before the 2013/14 season, a survey was started on Facebook, where fans could choose a new name for the mascot. Since then, the mascot has been called Capitano .

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