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Volk und Welt Spectrum is the title of a series of books published by Volk und Welt Berlin from 1968 to 1993 .


The titles of the series are mostly stories, short novels , novellas and powesti by well-known authors, but also compilations, film scenarios and poems. For the publisher, spectrum was an opportunity to explore the limits of what was currently allowed in the GDR ; Thus, following the advocacy of Franz Fühmann, the very first text by Sigmund Freud to be printed in the GDR appeared in a spectrum volume in 1982 . Even Günter Grass and James Joyce came here for the first time officially to the readers.

Up to 1989 authors from a total of 36 countries had been published, most of them authors from the Soviet Union (69 volumes). The total print run reached 4,901,900 copies. The length varies from 80 to 130 pages.

On the cover , which is otherwise completely black, the author was on the front cover in the upper quarter in white lettering at the top left, including the title with an explanation of the work next to it (e.g. stories ). At the top right was the VVW publisher's logo as a continuous zigzag and the name “Spektrum” below it. Under this uniform design was an image for the title, also in black, gray and white tones. The motifs come (except for one) from the artist and graphic designer Lothar Reher .

A publisher's program with annotations on the content appeared annually (at least 1972–1982) in the same design and format .

Because of the uniformly designed black dust jacket, it was also called the Black Series . Volumes one to seventeen are not numbered in the first edition.

Track list

Published No. title author Translation / Note
1968 001 Workshop talks
Three essays
Maxim Gorky ad Russian by Leon minor
afterword by Ralf Schröder
1968 002 Four weeks with the legs up
Daniil Granin ad Russian by Lieselotte Remané
afterword by Astrid Kloock
1968 003 The garden of Mr. Nietschke
short novel
Kornel Filipowicz ad Polish by Heinrich Olschowsky
1968 004 The Ziegentur constellation
Fasil Iskander ad Russian by Hans-Joachim Grimm
1968 005 The tensioner
detective novel
Brendan Behan ad English by Annemarie and Heinrich Böll
1968 006 The house de Mondez
Maurice Druon ad French by Ewald Czapski
1968 007 Cadre worries in Paradise
film novella
Vlad Ioviță ad Moldovan by Leo Hornung
1968 008 Frank the Fifth / The Meteor
Two dramas
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
1968 009 The Holy Well
Valentin Kataev ad Russian by Juri Elperin , adaptation by Rainer Kirsch and Martin Remane
afterword by Herbert Krempien
1968 010 In the net / The death of the torero
Two dramas
Alfonso Sastre ad Spanish by Kurt Stern and Kristina Bärsch
afterword by Andreas Klotsch
1969 011 The ransom
Giuseppe Dessì ad Italian by Yvonne and Herbert Meier
afterword by Joachim Meinert
1969 012 The loneliness of the long-distance runner
short stories
Alan Sillitoe ad English by Hedwig Jolenberg and a follow-up comment
by Hanne-Lore Biester
1969 013 Theater novel / Notes of a dead
Mikhail Bulgakov ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
afterword by Ralf Schröder
1969 014 Südkurier
Antoine de Saint-Exupery ad French by Paul Graf Thum-Hohenstein
commentary by Klaus Möckel
1969 015 The realm of this world
short novel
Alejo Carpentier ad Spanish by Doris Deinhard
commentary by Gisela Leber
1969 016 The Poet / The Heart
Two short stories
Ivan Kataev ad Russian adaptations by Mimi Barillot and Harry Burck
by Mimi Barillot and Wilhelm Tkaczyk
afterword by Nyota Thun
1969 017 Spaceship ahoy!
Utopian stories
Dean McLaughlin: Spaceship ahoy !, Harry Harrison: Encounter in infinity, Fred Saberhagen: The long way home, Chad Oliver: Planned risk, Robert A. Heinlein: Have a seat, gentlemen! Robert Murphy: The Planet of the Damned, Clifford D. Simak: On the Frontier, Evan Hunter: A Million Dollars
Dean McLaughlin , Harry Harrison , Fred Saberhagen , Chad Oliver , Robert William Murphy , Clifford D. Simak and Evan Hunter
selected by Marianne Bretschneider , Hans Petersen , Klaus Schultz (eds.)
In the second edition in 1970, the story by Robert A. Heinlein is no longer included. A. d. American by Charlotte Winheller , Walter Ernsting , Gerhard Böttcher, Peter Naujack and Gerhard Vorkamp
with a comment by Klaus Schultz
1969 018 Bolshevik
Mikhail Shatrov ad Russian by Günter Jäniche
1970 019 Lenin's Language and Style.
Six Essays
Viktor Schklowski , Juri Tynjanow , Fritz Mierau , Boris Eichenbaum , Lew Jakubinski , Boris Kasanski and Boris Tomaschewski ad Russian by Leon Nebenzahl et al
. ed. and foreword by Fritz Mierau
1970 020 The Roman expedition
Per Olof Sundman ad Swedish by Mignon and Erich Furreg
1970 021 The life of Mr de Molière
Roman Chronicle
Mikhail Bulgakov ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1970 022 The third memory
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Bilingual. Edited by Aljonna Möckel and Harald Raab
Afterword by Fritz Mierau
1970 023 The death of Mr. Baltisberger
Bohumil Hrabal ad Czech and afterword by Karl-Heinz Jähn
1970 024 Biography: a game Max Frisch with an essay on the author by Günter Hartung
1970 025 Difficulty understanding the Narayama songs
Shichirō Fukazawa ad French and ad Japanese by Klaudia Rheinhold and Bernard Frank
Remark Ferenc Tökei
1970 026 Love and gravity
Fantastic stories
Pierre Boulle ad French by Ewald Czapski
1970 027 Our battalion commander . The place for the monument
Two novellas
Daniil Granin ad Russian by Thomas Reschke and Marlene Milack
1970 028 Hiroshima, mon amour
movie scenario
Marguerite Duras ad French by Walter Maria Guggenheimer
commentary by Ruth Herlinghaus
1971 029 The separation Konstantin Simonow ad Russian by Maria Riwkin
1971 030 Invitation to the Comedy Castle
Jean Anouilh ad French by H. Käutner and F. Geiger
commentary by Gerhard Schewe
1971 031 The eternal philistine
Ödön from Horváth Follow-up remark from Hansjörg Schneider
1971 032 The white steamer
Chingis Aitmatov ad Russian by Hans-Joachim Lambrecht
afterword by Ralf Schröder
1971 033 Legend of Justice
short novel
András Mezei ad Hungarian by Paul Karpati
1971 034 Spring in Cuba
Jean Villain
1971 035 Tales in the most beautiful city in the world
Tadeusz Różewicz ad Polish by Roswitha Buschmann and Henryk Bereska
afterword by Heinrich Olschowsky
1971 036 A thousand cranes
Yasunari Kawabata ad Japanese by Sachiko Yatsushibo and Oscar Benl
1971 037 Salty ice
travel notes
Viktor Konezki ad Russian by Ruprecht Willnow
1971 038 The war is long over.
Two TV games
Erzsébet Galgóczi ad Hungarian by Ita Szent-Iványi
1972 039 Dish of the broken
Shena Mackay ad English by Ruth Krenn
1972 040 Vincent van Gogh
Fantastic story
Sewer Gansowski ad Russian by Hannelore Menke
1972 041 The jumper attacks
crime stories
William Faulkner ad American by Elisabeth Schnack
1972 042 The noose
Wassil Bykau ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1972 043 Splendor and Death of the Joaquin Murieta
Pablo Neruda ad Spanish by Klaus Möckel
1972 044 Return from the desert
crime stories
James Baldwin ad American by Gisela Stege
1972 045 It is written / The Anabaptists
Two novels
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
1972 046 Jewgeni Schwarz - Man and Shadow
Literary portraits
Weniamin Kawerin , Nikolai Tschukowski, Michail Slonimski , Leonid Panteleev , Vera Ketlinskaja, Sergej Zimbal, Alexander Dymschitz , Dmitri Moldavski and Nikolai Akimow; Lola Debüser (ed.) ad Russian by Lieselotte Remané
1972 047 On the island she wanted to tell him a
Françoise Xénakis ad French by Sybille A. Rott
1972 048 Russian songs
lyrics and sheet music
Wassil Bykau Rimma Kasakowa (ed.), Sheet music for guitar by Christian Steyer and Willibald Winkler
1972 049 Small book
Kazimierz brandies ad Polish by Henryk Bereska
1972 050 Envy
Yuri Olescha ad Russian by Ingeborg Schröder
Afterword by Ralf Schröder
1972 051 On the farm
John Updike ad American by Fritz Lorch
1973 052 The dream of the good shepherd
Peter Seeberg ad Danish by Walter Baumgartner
afterword by Alfred Antkowiak
1973 053 Job or the death of Job's
Jacques Doyon ad French by Joachim Meinert
1973 054 My dungeon shook
James Baldwin ad American by Leonharda Gescher-Ringelnatz, Hans Georg Heepe a. a.
selected by Hans Petersen
follow-up remarks by Karl Heinz Berger
1973 055 The Sunday Walk
Two Pieces
Georges Michel ad French by Frauke Rother and Eva Schewe
1973 056 The star
Johan Borgen ad Norwegian and with a comment by Karl-Heinz Berger
1973 057 The find
Vladimir Tendryakov ad Russian by Günter Löffler
1973 058 The paradise
Alberto Moravia ad Italian by Ernst-August Nicklas
1973 059 The Selmenian
short novel
Moische Kulbak ad Yiddish by Max Reich
Afterword by Jutta Janke
1973 060 Rendezvous with the shadow
Fantastic short stories
Vasily Axjonow , Anatoli Tkachenko , Vsevolod Ivanov , Yuri Nagibin , Pawel Antokolski and Radi Pogodin ad Russian by Charlotte Kossuth, Renata Landa, Thomas Reschke , Arno Specht and Ilse Tschörtner , afterword by Lola Debüser
1973 061 The lion and the pearl Marianne Bretschneider (ed.)
1973 062 Carnival
Ranko Marinković ad Serbo-Croatian by Angelika Schulz and Barbara Sparing
afterword by Barbara Antkowiak
1974 063 Christmas in Sorrento
impressions and thoughts
Marietta Schaginjan ad Russian by Arno Specht
1974 064 Breakfast at Tiffany's
Short Prose
Truman Capote ad American by Hansi Bochow-Blüthgen , Liselotte Fassbinder and others
1974 065 The high castle
Stanislaw Lem ad Polish by Caesar Rymarowicz
1974 066 Uproar of the Meek
Muchtar Auesow ad Russian by Eckhard Thiele
1974 067 The blue man
Adolf Muschg
1974 068 The Garibaldina
Elio Vittorini ad Italian by Eckart Peterich
1974 069 The Llano on Fire
Juan Rulfo ad Spanish by Mariana Frenk
afterword by Carlos Rincón
1974 070 Interim
balance sheet amendment
Yuri Trifonov ad Russian by Corinna and Gottfried Wojtek
1974 071 From a diary / speeches Max Frisch
1974 072 Legend of the Unrest
Vladimir Kosin ad Russian by Harry Burck
afterword by Antje Leetz
1974 073 Fictitious report on an American pop festival
Tibor Déry ad Hungarian by Hans Skirecki
1974 074 The real life of Domingo Xavier
Luandino Vieira ad French by Kristina Hering
1975 075 Three sacks of garbage wheat
Vladimir Tendryakov ad Russian by Günter Löffler
1975 076 "Bächlein's rustling sounds so anxious ...!"
Crime stories
Patrick Quentin ad American by Günter Eichel
1975 077 The bullfighting
Yasushi Inoue ad Japanese by Oscar Benl
1975 078 The mulatto Solitude
short novel
André Schwarz-Bart ad French by Eva and Gerhard Schewe
1975 079 The first unrest
A concept
Otto F. Walter Afterword by Dietrich Simon
1975 080 The diary of the Penelope
Kostas Varnalis ad Modern Greek by Thanassis Georgiu
1975 081 Alpha Beta / The Partner
Two Pieces
EA Whitehead , Barry Hines ad English by Carlsson and Böhnke
1975 082 A wild duck between the trees
short novel
Stanislaw Stratiev ad Bulgarian by Ingrid Strojkoff
1975 083 There was no better brother
Maksud Ibragimbekov ad Russian by Charlotte Kossuth
1975 084 Orange
Jytte Borberg ad Danish by Ursula Gunsilius
1975 085 Cinema of old times
Ivan Mandy ad Hungarian by Hans Skirecki
1975 086 Long farewell
Yuri Trifonov ad Russian by Eckhard Thiele
1976 087 The Ear Witness
Fifty Characters
Elias Canetti
1976 088 The Manila Rope
Veijo Meri ad Finnish by Anselm Hollo
1976 089 The crumbs of a man's year
memories and stories
Dylan Thomas ad English by Erich Fried
selection Hans Petersen
1976 090 The Second Invasion of the Martians
Fantastic Tale
Arkadi and Boris Strugazki ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1976 091 One love and so many stars
Dimiter Natschew ad Bulgarian by Henny Tschakarowa
1976 092 Pedro Páramo
Juan Rulfo ad Spanish by Mariana Frenk
Remarks by Andreas Klotsch
1976 093 How the forest was bought / When the fireworks went out
Yuri Nagibin ad Russian by Charlotte Kossuth
1976 094 Scenes from a marriage
film scenario
Ingmar Bergman ad Swedish by Hans-Joachim Maass
1976 095 Dear beau-père
Tibor Déry ad Hungarian by Ita Szent-Ivanyi
1976 096 Bloody winter
James Kennaway ad English by Klaus Schultz
1976 097 How I met the fish
Ota Pavel
1976 098 By the third time the cock crows
Vasily Schukschin ad Russian by Thomas Reschke and Eckhard Thiele
1977 099 Cats game
István Örkény ad Hungarian by Vera Thies
1976 100 Early crane
Chingis Aitmatov ad Russian by Charlotte Kossuth
1977 101 Zazie in the Metro
Raymond Queneau ad French by Eugen Helmlé
1977 102 Baroque concert
short novel
Alejo Carpentier ad Spanish by Roland Erb
1977 103 Dublin
short stories
James Joyce ad English by Dieter E. Zimmer
Afterword by Joachim Krehayn
1977 104 View from the balcony
Irina Velembovskaya ad Russian by Monika Tantzscher
1977 105 Death of a Hunter
Rolf Hochhuth
1977 106 The namesake
Daniil Granin ad Russian by Lieselotte Remané
1977 107 In the Prater the trees bloom again
Helmut Qualtinger
1977 108 Yokohama
Jósef Hen ad Polish by Hubert Schumann
1977 109 The Abbess of Crewe
short novel
Muriel Spark ad English by Gisela Petersen
1977 110 Oranges in front of her window
Juerg Federspiel
1977 111 His battalion
Wassil Bykau ad Russian by Günter Löffler
1978 112 The lovers
Elfriede Jelinek
1978 113 Manipulation
Ireneusz Iredyński ad Polish by Dietrich Scholze
1978 114 W or the memory of the childhood
Georges Perec ad French by Thorgerd Schücker
1978 115 Mademoiselle Claude
short prose
Henry Miller ad American by Kurt Wagenseil and Herbert Zand
1978 116 The dwarf
Par Lagerkvist ad Swedish by Otto Oberholzer
afterword by Manfred Müller
1978 117 Youth
Wolfgang Koeppen
1978 118 Flood
Bohdan Czeszko ad Polish by Hubert Schumann
1978 119 Letter from a stone house
Brikt Jensen ad Norwegian by Udo Birckholz
1978 120 He likes white saris
short stories
by Mridula Garg , PS Rege , Vijay Chauhan, Rajendra Yadav , Palagummi Padmaraju , Gauri Pant, Mohan Rakesh , Arun Joshi , Vasudevan Nair , Dharmendra Gupta , Kamleshwar , Yashpal , Bonophul and others
Gertraude Neufert (ed.) ad English by Joachim Meinert, Ernst Adler a. Renate Brandes; a. d Russian by Aljonna Möckel; ad Bengali by Lutz Baganz, ad Tamil by Vridhagiri Ganeshan
1978 121 My Pushkin. Pushkin and Pugachev
Two essays
Marina Tsvetaeva ad Russian by Hilde Angarowa and Elke Erb
1978 122 Winter in the blood
James Welch ad American by Roswith von Freydorf
1978 123 The polyp
satires, grotesques
Antje Leetz (ed.) ad Russian by Erich Ahrndt among others
1979 124 I killed
short prose
Mikhail Bulgakov ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
ed. and with an afterword by Ralf Schröder
1979 125 The dream bridge
Jun'ichirō Tanizaki ad American by Reinhild Böhnke and ad Japanese by Walter Donat
1979 126 A hundred dollar misunderstanding
Robert Gover ad American by Hans Wollschläger
1979 127 The adventures of Fyodor Kuskin
Boris Moshaev ad Russian by Aljonna Möckel
1979 128 The princess of the old moon
Marina Jarre ad Italian by Joachim Meinert
1979 129 The greater hope
Ilse Aichinger
1979 130 Port of longing
Marek Hłasko ad Polish by Hubert Schumann
1979 131 Report on Sámur
Per Olof Sundman ad Swedish by Walter Baumgartner
1979 132 The third best man
Nirmal Varma
selected by Gertraude Neufert
ad Hindi by Helmut Nespital
1979 133 The Judgment
Lyrical Reportage
Vladimir Solouchin ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1979 134 The Roman excursion
Beryl Bainbridge ad English by Peter Kleinhempel
1979 135 The day at the beach
Armies Heeresma ad Dutch by Jürgen Hillner
1980 136 The dark lady
Yuri Dombrowski ad Russian by Rosemarie Painado
1980 137 Autumn Sonata / Face to Face
film scenarios
Ingmar Bergman ad Swedish by Heiner Gimmler and Hans-Joachim Maass
1980 138 The breath
Thomas Bernhard
1980 139 Satan in Goraj
Isaac Bashevis Singer ad American by Ulla Stallion
1980 140 Rembrandt's hat
short stories
Bernard Malamud ad American by Annemarie Böll
1980 141 Billions of years before the end of the world
Fantastic story
Arkadi and Boris Strugazki ad Russian by Welta Ehlert
1980 142 The death of a beekeeper
Lars Gustafsson ad Swedish by Verena Reichel
1980 143 Aden
Paul Nizan ad French by Traugott King
1980 144 Rose exhibition
Two novels
István Örkény ad Hungarian by Vera Ties and Paul Kárpáti
1980 145 The billing
Vladimir Tendryakov ad Russian by Erich Ahrndt
1980 146 Klail City and surrounding area
Rolando Hinojosa ad Spanish and with afterword by Yolanda Julia Broyles
1980 147 Six foot earth
short stories
Nadine Gordimer ad English by Peter Kleinhempel
1981 148 The child eater
Jacques Chessex ad French by Marcel Schwander
1981 149 The regular
rogue story
Timur Pulatov ad Russian by Leonore Weist
1981 150 The house specialty is
short stories
Stanley Ellin ad American by Arno Schmidt , Kristin Wallstroem u. a.
1981 151 The short letter to the long farewell / The left-handed woman
Two stories
Peter Handke
1981 152 They remain nineteen novella forever
Grigory Baklanov ad Russian by Günter Löffler
1981 153 Near the sea Peter Seeberg ad Danish by Ruth Stöbling
1981 154 Like you, I like
satires, grotesques
Woody Allen ad American by Benjamin Schwarz
1981 155 The Adventures of Telemachus
Aragon ad French by Lydia Babilas
1981 156 The hated old
ad English by Ingrid Rönsch, Monique Humbert and Liane Wagner
1981 157 Nor a request Adolf Muschg
1981 158 The emergency brake
Antonis Samarakis ad Modern Greek by Thomas Nicolaou
1981 159 The gray mouse
Wil Lipatow ad Russian by Günter Jäniche
1982 160 The tennis player
Lars Gustafsson ad Swedish by Verena Reichel
1982 161 The gates of paradise Jerzy Andrzejewski ad Polish by Henryk Bereska
1982 162 My sister Antigone
Grete Weil
1982 163 Children of the night
Jean Cocteau a. the French by Friedhelm Kemp
1982 164 Remembering a love
Mikhail Rostschin a. the Russian by Renate Landa
1982 165 Dr. Fischer from Geneva or The Bomb Party
Graham Greene ad English by Peter Michael and Hans W. Polak
1982 166 Enter you who suffer!
Anatoly Tkachenko ad Russian by Charlotte Kossuth
1982 167 The ghost writer's
Philip Roth
1982 168 Forgetting and remembering
Walter Vogt
1982 169 The man with the dog nose
Regina Ezera ad from Latvian by Welta Ehlert
1982 170 The Schlaraffenbaum
René Depestre ad French by Eva Schewe
1982 171 Grief and Melancholy
Sigmund Freud
1983 172 Bluebeard
Max Frisch
1983 173 ... and the best wife of all
A satirical confession
Ephraim Kishon
1983 174 The least of the brothers
Grigory Baklanov ad Russian by Waltraud Ahrndt
1983 175 The green goose
Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński
1983 176 Style exercises Raymond Queneau ad French by Ludwig Harig u. Eugene Helmlé
1983 177 The men's club
Leonard Michaels ad American by Christa Cooper
1983 178 Shadow. Diary of an illness
Walter Matthias Diggelmann
1983 179 Ardabiola
Fantastic Novella
Yevgeny Yevtushenko ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1983 180 Timely murder
crime stories
Hansjörg Martin , -ky , Irene Rodrian , Friedhelm Werremeier
1983 181 The unleashed Zuckerman Philip Roth ad American by Gertrud Baruch
1983 182 Draft
short prose
Arvo Valton ad Estonian and Hungarian by Alexander Baer and Hans Skirecki
1983 183 Teorema or The Bare Feet
Pier Paolo Pasolini ad Italian by Heinz Riedt
1984 184 The Doctor Emile Collection
Fantastic Tales
Nina Katerli ad Russian by Renate Landa
1984 185 Swiss stories
Urs Widmer
1984 186 The maids / the balcony
Jean Genet ad French by Gerhard Hock and Georg Schulte-Frohlinde,
post-poetry and remarks by Norbert Krenzlin
1984 187 July's people
Nadine Gordimer ad English by Margaret Carroux
1984 188 The foam of the days
Boris Vian ad French by Antje Pehnt
, revised by Klaus Völker
1984 189 Novel without lie
Anatoli Marienhof
1984 190 The Testament of Odysseus. Master
Walter Jens
1984 191 Given the woods
Abraham B. Yehoshua ad Hebrew by Jakob Hessing
1984 192 Cat and Mouse
Günter Grass
1984 193 Six tasks for Don Isidro Parodi
crime stories
Jorge Luis Borges , Adolfo Bioy Casares ad Spanish by Liselotte Reger
1984 194 Between us dogs said
Jüri Tuulik ad Russian by Ruprecht Willnow
1984 195 Not a beautiful country ...
John Cheever ad American by Reinhild Böhnke
1985 196 The Roman orphanage
Hubert Fichte
1985 197 Live and love
Valentin Rasputin ad Russian by Erich Ahrndt
1985 198 Provocation
Stanislaw Lem ad Polish by Henryk Bereska
1985 199 Melodrama for a heroine from plastic
short stories
John Bryson ad English by Rainer Rönsch
1985 200 What a strange
Jannis Ritsos ad Modern Greek by Thomas Nicolaou
1985 201 The separation of races Charles Ferdinand Ramuz ad French by Hanno Helbling
1985 202 Requiem for a Spanish farmer
Ramón J. Sender ad Spanish by Walter Boehlich
203 Memories of Bulgakov
Literary Portrait
Sergei Yermolinsky ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1985 204 The houseboat on the Nile Nagib Machfuz ad Arabic from Nagi Naguib
1985 205 The wonderful story of the Sky-Cloud-Mountain Lu Yanzhou ad Chinese by Eike Zschacke
1985 206 The auction of No. 49
Thomas Pynchon ad American by Wulf Teichmann, with an afterword by Eva Manske
1985 207 The mermaids in Estonia
An identification book
Enn Vetemaa
1986 208 Snuggle Shell
Four erotic surprises
Roald Dahl ad English by Jürgen Abel, Werner Gronwald, Gisela Stege
1986 209 The trace is still visible in the
Daniil Granin ad Russian by Charlotte Kossuth
1986 210 Epitaph of a royal gourmet
Veljko Barbieri ad Serbo-Croatian by Barbara Antkowiak
1986 211 The ship of dreams / the city of women
film scenarios
Federico Fellini ad Italian by Renate Heimbucher-Bengs and Beatrice Schlag
1986 212 The speck of dust and other love
Various selected and translated by Barbara Antkowiak et al
1986 213 The crimson scale insect
Ruben Howsepjan ad Russian by Ingeborg Schröder
1986 214 Charles Bovary, Country Doctor
Jean Améry
1986 215 The marquis writes an outrageous letter Javier Tomeo ad Spanish by Elke Wehr
1986 216 Jossyps Ascension
Volodymyr Drosd
1986 217 State of play messages to Max and other
Wolfgang Hildesheimer
1986 218 Trout fishing in America
Richard Brautigan ad American by Celine u. Heiner Bastian
1986 219 Journey through the night
Friederike Mayröcker
1987 220 Mr. Palomar
Italo Calvino ad Italian by Burkhart Kroeber
1987 221 The runaway
Vladimir Makanin
1987 222 Fringe
short stories
Donald Barthelme
selection by Klaus Schultz
ad American by Marianne Frisch and translator group at the English Institute of the University of Munich
1987 223 Opening and Closing the Mouth
Frankfurt Poetics Lecture
Ernst Jandl
1987 224 Aesthetics in the Tram
José Ortega y Gasset ad Spanish by Karl August Horst, Ulrich Kunzmann, Ulrich Weber, Helene Weyl
1987 225 The garden with the blackbirds
Dimiter Korudshiev ad Bulgarian by Barbara Antkowiak
1987 226 Justice
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
1987 227 Everything you always wanted to know about sex but never dared ask
Woody Allen ad American by Walle Bengs
1987 228 The fire
Valentin Rasputin ad Russian by Erich Ahrndt
1987 229 The Caravan of Veils
Ismail Kadare ad Albanian by Oda Buchholz and Winfried Fiedler
1987 230 Fuku!
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Translated to Russian and retouched by Aljona and Klaus Möckel
1987 231 Fitzcarraldo / Where the green ants dream
movie stories
Werner Herzog
1988 232 The old gringo
Carlos Fuentes ad Spanish by Maria Bamberg
1988 233 Carousel
Eustachy Rylski ad Polish by Kurt Kelm
1988 234 The pure waters of Kitesh
Vladimir Tendryakov ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1988 235 Voices from the moon Andre Dubus ad Russian by Benjamin Schwarz
1988 236 The use of the word
essayistic prose
Sarrault Nathalie ad French by Elmar Tophoven
1988 237 Dog heart
Mikhail Bulgakov ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1988 238 Copy of a nightmare
Ana Blandiana ad Romanian by Veronika Riedel
1988 239 The philanthropist
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
1988 240 Because the seventh sense is sleep
short novel
Wilma Stockenström ad English by Renate Stendhal
1990 241 In the Dutch mountains Cees Nooteboom ad Dutch by Rosemarie Still
1988 242 Fantastic
J. Bernlef translated by Maria Csollány
1988 243 Artists and models
Erotic stories
Anaïs Nin ad American by Eva Bornemann
1989 244 Aurora's cause
Erich Hackl
1989 245 Blue eyes black hair
Marguerite Duras ad French by Maria Dessauer
1990 246 Get up and go to the
Yuri Nagibin ad Russian by Charlotte Kossuth
1989 247 The seven incursions of the Thamar Dor
crime stories
MY Ben-gavriel ad American by Elisabeth Schnack
1989 248 How to love and leave America at the same time
short stories
John Updike ad American by Uwe Friesel
1989 249 Oh!
Short novel
Feng Jicai ad Chinese by Dorothea Wippermann
1989 250 The disappearance Yuri Trifonov ad Russian by Eckhard Thiele
afterword by Ralf Schröder
1989 251 Why Beijing? / Why me?
Two stories
Michael Kruger
1989 252 The wise rain tree / the scapegoat
short prose
Kenzaburō Ōe ad Japanese by Buki Kim
1989 253 Rendezvous with a bird
Tatiana Tolstaya ad Russian by Ilse Tschörtner
254 Who Killed Palomino Molero?
Mario Vargas Llosa ad Spanish by Elke Wehr
1989 255 Love pain and all the damn stuff
Doris Dörrie
1990 256 Caligula / The Misunderstanding / The Just
Albert Camus ad French by Guido G. Meister
1990 257 The wizard's
Vladimir Nabokov ad Russian by Dieter E. Zimmer
1990 258 The novel idea
Kazimierz brandies ad Polish by Henryk Bereska
1990 259 Shock Therapy
Kolyma Stories
Varlam Shalamov ad Russian by Thomas Reschke
1990 260 Pull the plug, the water is boiling
TV game
Ephraim Kishon Translation by Helmut Castagne
1990 261 Animal farm
George Orwell ad American by Michael Walter
1991 262 Diary of an old fool's
Jun'ichirō Tanizaki ad Japanese by Oscar Benl
1990 263 What we talk about when we talk about love Raymond Carver ad American by Helmut Frielinghaus
1990 264 Schattentaucher
61 Descriptions from the life of Ferdinand Alt
André Heller
1991 265 Winter in Afghanistan
Oleg Yermakov ad Russian by Ganna-Maria Braungardt and Renate Landa
1991 266 The Hrabak Roman Files
Erih Koš ad Serbo-Croatian by Edith Netzband
1991 267 The tower at the end of the world
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