Conclave 1914

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Coat of arms of the Cardinal Chamberlain during the Sedis vacancy
Pope Pius X. †
Pope Benedict XV

The 1914 conclave met from August 31 to September 3, 1914. It became necessary after Pope Pius X died on August 20 of the same year. In the end, Giacomo della Chiesa , Archbishop of Bologna , became Pope Benedict XV. elected.


The conclave traditionally took place in the Sistine Chapel . A total of ten ballots were required to elect the new Pontifex Maximus . The papabili included the ultimately elected Giacomo Della Chiesa, Pietro Maffi and Agostino Richelmy .

Participating cardinals

A total of 65 cardinals were eligible to vote, but only 57 of the purple bearers actually took part in the conclave. This was still surprising, as it was doubtful whether some cardinals could come because of the first World War that had just broken out . The eight other cardinals showed up late or had to cancel their participation due to illness. The majority of the cardinals (31) came from Italy , but four cardinals from Austria-Hungary and two from Germany were also present. As in the 1903 conclave , the two brothers Serafino and Vincenzo Vannutelli were members of the conclave. The former headed the election in his function as cardinal dean.

The following offices were held by these cardinals during the Sedis vacancy:

Cardinals present

Absent cardinals

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