SC DHfK Leipzig handball

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SC DHfK handball
SC DHfK Handball Logo.png
Full name Sports club German University of Physical Culture
Founded 1954
Club colors green white
Hall Quarterback real estate arena
Places Max. 8,200 seats
max. 12,300 without seats
president Bernd Merbitz
executive Director Karsten Günther (SC DHfK Handball Management GmbH)
Trainer André Haber
league Handball Bundesliga
rank 8th place
DHB Cup Round of 16
Greatest successes
National GDR champions
1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966
Tournament championship : 1971, 1972
International European champion cup

The SC DHfK Leipzig e. V. Handball is a German handball club from Leipzig . The team has been playing in the 1st handball league since the 2015/16 season . In the 1960s and 70s, the club won the European Champions Cup once, the forerunner of the EHF Champions League , six times the GDR championship and twice the tournament championship.



The handball section, which competed in indoor handball and large field handball (until 1967), was one of the founding sections of the sports club in 1954 . It emerged from the HSG Wissenschaft DHfK , whose handball teams began playing in the 1st district class in Leipzig in 1952 and, thanks to their very good performance, rose continuously year after year. The women's team played in the upper league , the highest division in the GDR, from 1954 , the men played in the district league at this time and rose to the upper league in 1957. After relegation in 1958, the women were back “at the top” a year later (1959).

Success years from 1959

For the handball men of the SC DHfK, the year 1959 - the year in which the all-German selection (with Hans-Gert Stein from the sports club!) Became world champions on the large field - a true series of successes began: They won the GDR in indoor handball -Master title and won this consistently until 1962. In 1962 and 1963 , the team played for the European Cup . In the then two-part GDR league, they also managed to win the relay in 1963 , but lost in the battle for the championship against the other relay winner, Lok Südost Magdeburg. The 1964 season was similar to that of the previous year, except that the champion was called ASK Vorwärts Berlin in the end. In 1965 , the handball players of the SC DHfK were able to bring the title in the now single-track Oberliga back to Leipzig and, on the basis of this championship win, fought for the greatest success in the club's history the following year: On April 22, 1966, the team of coach Hans-Gert Stein won with Paul Tiedemann in their ranks - arguably the world's best handball player of the time - the European Champion's Cup with a 16:14 victory in the final against Honved Budapest in Paris. After this high point and the GDR championship in 1966, the vice-championship title could be won the following year. In the following seasons, the team achieved a maximum of fourth place (1968) among the ten league clubs.

The handball players of the SC DHfK experienced the high point of their sporting career in 1963: They became GDR runner-up in large field handball. Two years later - in 1965 - the indoor handball players came to an end: The team of the sports club was dissolved and the players were delegated to other clubs (SG Dynamo Leipzig, SC Leipzig ). The full-field players, like the men’s full-field handball, no longer had a future in the sports club: After the sports halls, which had been built or refurbished in the meantime, became more and more the venue for handball games and indoor game series had emerged, the full-field variant was "sidelined", which was discontinued in 1967 of training and competition operations.

Paul Tiedemann, probably the strongest representative of this “guild”, was the coach of the first indoor handball men's team of the sports club (and from 1978 of the GDR selection team). The male youth teams (A and B) he also supervised soon belonged to the top of the GDR. However, in accordance with the competitive sports resolutions at that time, the entire handball department was spun off from the sports club on March 1, 1975 and transferred to the SC Leipzig to create a new competitive center. The former SC-DHfK coaches Klaus Langhoff and Paul Tiedemann as well as the former SC-DHfK players Lothar Doering and Siegfried Voigt took part in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow and won the gold medal with the GDR national team - a later glory for them successful work that had been done in the SC DHfK until 1975.

Foundation of the handball department in 1993

On June 30, 1993, the handball department in the sports club was re-established. Gottfried Standke was elected as head of department, who became the “successor” of Günther Röblitz and Karlheinz Göldner, who held this office decades before him. With the renewed establishment of a handball division, the aim was to build on the successes of earlier years and to revive the traditions of Leipzig handball. The 1st men's team moved with the male offspring from the dissolved SC Leipzig, where they played in the 2nd Bundesliga, after they had a short guest appearance in the 1st Bundesliga in the 1991/1992 season, to SC DHfK. In the years 1993 to 1995 the team competed for the SC DHfK in the second highest German division, while the 2nd men's team in the Oberliga Sachsen took part in the game. The teams of the A and B youth also played in Saxony's top division and also played games for the German championship. In June 1995 the handball department was disbanded again after the first men's team had been relegated from the second division and financial problems. Most of the players moved to Delitzsch or to the Leipzig local rivals SG LVB and SG MoGoNo.

In the following years, only one men's and one A youth team played at popular sports level for the SC DHfK. In 2000, a women's team also moved from Post SV Leipzig to the sports club. The handball players made it into the district league in their first year. However, the male teams disbanded due to the departure of players, so that the women around the department head Kerstin Vogel were the only team to represent the handball department.

New era from 2007

A new era for handball at the sports club began in July 2007 when the almost complete handball department of SG MoGoNo Leipzig changed to SC DHfK. Five junior, three women's and five men's teams started the 2007/2008 season under the direction of the new department head Peter Pausch, from the Leipzig district league to the Sachsen Oberliga. The game year began with a high point on September 19, 2007, when the figurehead of the handball department - the 1st men's team - received the Bundesliga club TBV Lemgo in the sold-out Ernst-Grube-Halle in the 2nd round of the DHB Cup . For one half the DHfK players were able to stand up to the guest, who had competed with several world champions, before the favorite was able to prevail in the end. This game was the starting shot for an extremely successful season, which the team of coach Karsten Günther crowned with winning the Saxon State Cup and the sovereign title of Saxony champion, combined with promotion to the regional league. There the SC DHfK expected a difficult task in the following season. Classified in the strong southern season of the third highest German division, it quickly became clear that the goal could only be relegation. After an exciting season with two coach changes, the question of relegation was only decided on the last match day - unfortunately to the detriment of the sports club. Thus, the first men's team in 2009/2010 under coach Sven Strübin will start again in the highest division in Saxony, with the aim of immediate promotion to League 3. The former German national player Stefan Kretzschmar is a member of the supervisory board of SC DHfK Handball Verwaltung GmbH.

season league space Sp. S. U N Gates Diff. Points
2007/08 Oberliga 1. 26th 24 0 2 0823: 0615 + 208 48: 04
2008/09 Regional league 14th 30th 9 1 20th 0787: 0848 - 061 19:41
2009/10 Oberliga 1. 26th 25th 1 0 0852: 0609 + 243 51: 01
2010/11 3rd league 1. 28 25th 0 3 0892: 0724 + 168 50: 06
Gold highlighted: promotions

New accents have also been set in the youth and youth sector. The male A-youth could be formed into a top team of the Oberliga Sachsen. The international A youth tournament "LE Open", which is organized annually by the department and is now an integral part of the calendar of many national top clubs. The “Nikolausspielfest” - a mini handball tournament for primary school students in Leipzig - is also very popular with the youngest every year. The organization of these events and the initiation of cooperation projects with primary schools and kindergartens in Leipzig are already bearing the first fruits in the form of a steadily increasing number of members.

In the 2008/09 season you could not master the set goal of relegation and rose as 14th in the table in the Oberliga Sachsen. There they were in the following season with 51: 1 points Sachsenmeister and managed to immediately return to the 3rd division . Due to the bankruptcy of 1. SV Concordia Delitzsch , many players switched to SC DHfK Leipzig. From the goal of wanting to keep the league, the new goal of promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga became during the season. The 2010/11 season ended by winning the championship in the eastern relay. In addition, they got into the 3rd round in the DHB Cup, where they were eliminated against the Füchse Berlin . Joël Abati and Goran Stojanović were committed to the promotion games as relief for top performers. In the promotion games, the team prevailed against the Dessau-Roßlauer HV and the HSG Tarp-Wanderup and thus rose to the 2nd handball Bundesliga.

2nd Bundesliga since 2011

The squad of the SC DHfK Leipzig without Pavel Prokopec in the 2012/13 season

For the 2011/12 season, the goal was to stay in the league. Till Riehn , Oliver Krechel and Martin Müller were signed for the season. With Oliver Krechel they even got a junior world champion. Andreas Rudolph and his company GHD GesundHeits GmbH acted as sponsor for DHfK Leipzig. The SC DHfK Leipzig finished the season with a very good fifth place. Of the nineteen games at home you could win fourteen, which also contributed to the good table situation. They did not take part in the DHB Cup because the club did not qualify for it in the preseason. During the season, Philipp Weber from the second team of SC Magdeburg was given a second play right for the DHfK for the left backcourt. However, after his parent club's injury concerns, the contract was terminated. The SC DHfK played its games in the Ernst-Grube-Halle, but played the game against the league rivals SV Post Schwerin in the Arena Leipzig during the season. There they set a new audience record on March 16, 2012 with 6,317 spectators. On May 15, 2012, the club received the license for the first and second Bundesliga without any conditions. At the end of the season, Philipp Seitle , Maik Wolf, René Wagner, Sebastian Schulz, Andreas Weikert and the assistant coach Sven Strübin left the club.

season league space Sp. S. U N Gates Diff. Points Top scorer Audience Ø
2011/12 2nd Bundesliga 5. 38 20th 6th 12 1090: 1073 + 017 46:30 Seitle (204/17) -
2012/13 2nd Bundesliga 14th 35 13 2 20th 0922: 0986 - 064 28:42 2.144
2013/14 2nd Bundesliga 5. 36 20th 6th 10 1015: 0943 + 072 46: 26 2,054
2014/15 2nd Bundesliga 1. 38 29 4th 5 1069: 0919 + 150 62: 14 Weber (193/64) 2,427
Gold highlighted: promotions

For the 2012/13 season , the club signed Alexander Feld , Rico Göde , Gábor Pulay and Pavel Prokopec . André Haber was hired as the new assistant trainer. During the last season, the club announced that the home games would be played in the Leipzig Arena in the future . The only exception was the game against HC Empor Rostock , which was still played in the Ernst-Grube-Halle. The SC DHfK Leipzig took part in the 2nd handball Bundesliga and the DHB Cup with a budget of 1.1 million euros . A further improvement in sport and further work on the ascent project were given as the seasonal goal. It was also hoped that the future venue would be filled with enough spectators. The season opened with the 1st round of the DHB Cup, in which the DHfK prevailed against the upper division TuS Derschlag . In the second round they met ART Düsseldorf , which they defeated with a scarce 29:32. In the 3rd round the SC DHfK met the THW Kiel and was eliminated by a 27:43 defeat in front of 5,700 spectators. On November 7, 2012, the SC DHfK Leipzig and Oliver Krechel agreed on the immediate termination of his contract. After a downturn at the end of 2012, with four defeats in a row, the Japanese Tatsuya Ogano was signed. Philipp Seitle was also brought back to strengthen the team. Furthermore, three players from the Bundesliga squad were transferred to the second team. During the current season, Uwe Jungandreas was on leave and replaced by Michael Biegler . This had the task of making clear the fastest possible relegation, which he succeeded. The previous assistant coach André Haber led the last two games of the SC DHfK. The league ended with 28:42 points in 14th place in the table. On June 3, 2013, the club announced that Christian Prokop will be the new coach for the 2013/14 season.

At the start of the 2013/14 season , Henrik Ruud Tovås and Maximilian Jonsson were signed up. The season ended in 5th place in the table. At the end of the season Pavel Prokopec , Matthias Gerlich and Alexander Feld left the club.

At the beginning of the 2014/15 season , Michael Qvist, Philipp Pöter , Felix Storbeck , Sebastian Greß and Marc Pechstein were signed up. In the course of the season they strengthened themselves with Maximilian Janke from SC Magdeburg. The season ended as first in the table with 62 points and 6 points ahead of the runners-up from Eisenach . Thus, the club managed the promotion, which was actually planned for next season, one season earlier. At the end of the season René Boese , Henrik Ruud Tovås, Marc Pechstein, Max Emanuel and Michael Qvist left the club. Ulrich Streitenberger ended his playing career, but remained in the administration of the club.

1st National League

2015/16 season
season league space Sp. S. U N Gates Diff. Points Top scorer Audience Ø
2015/16 1st National League 11. 32 13 4th 15th 856: 904 - 48 30:34 Weber (164/77) 4,340
2016/17 1st National League 8th. 34 16 3 15th 883: 871 + 12 35:33 Rojewski (114/27) 4.110
2017/18 1st National League 8th. 34 17th 3 14th 867: 854 + 13 37: 31 Weber (127/36) 4,198
2018/19 1st National League 11. 34 12 3 19th 861: 871 - 10 27:41 Weber (176/31) 4,311
2019/20 1st National League 8th. 26th 13 1 12 714: 714 ± 00 27:25 Semper (100) 4.234
2020/21 1st National League 1. 0 0 0 0 000: 000 ± 00 00: 00

For the 2015/16 season , the club signed Marvin Sommer (LA, 2017), Benjamin Meschke (KM, 2017), Miloš Putera (TW, 2017), Sergey Zhedik (RL, 2017), Christoph Steinert (RR, 2017) and Aivis Jurdžs (RL, 2017). Jan Gurezkij (TW) from the youth department was given a professional contract, which was then loaned to SG LVB Leipzig. The SC DHfK Leipzig received the license unconditionally in May and thus took part in the handball Bundesliga and the DHB Cup. The budget was around 2.2 million euros. On July 2nd, the team started preparing for the upcoming season. The goal was to stay up. There were already some quarrels at the beginning of the season. So you did not know whether Steinert would really appear in the Leipzig, as his old club GWD Minden was still suing against relegation and Steinert's contract would have been valid for the first division. Aivis Jurdžs also had problems. According to the ThSV Eisenach, his contract should have been automatically extended, which would have resulted in two valid contracts. In July Jurdžs was forbidden by a court to attend any kind of training and games at his new employer. On July 31, 2015, an agreement was reached with Eisenach on gaming rights in favor of the Leipzig team. Even before the Bundesliga season started, many injuries to the players had to be accepted. Franz Semper, Philipp Weber, Sergei Schedik and Benjamin Meschke fell out with serious injuries. In the first round of the DHB Cup with a new mode, they met TSV Altenholz in the semi-finals at home , which they defeated 29:18. In the final, they were defeated by the first division club Füchse Berlin with 24:26 and eliminated. The first game of the season took place on August 23, 2015 in front of a home crowd against HSV Hamburg , which they won with 31:27 and thus celebrated their first victory in the Bundesliga. In December Milos Putera tore his biceps, whereupon the club signed Mathias Lenz (TW) until the end of the year. On January 1st, Peter Strosack (RA, 2017) was hired as a back-up for Lukas Krzikalla (repeated Achilles tendon problems), Benjamin Herth (RM, 2016) as a back-up for Philipp Pöter (ongoing shoulder problems) and Jens Vortmann (TW, 2018 ) as successor to Mathias Lenz. In addition, Gregor Remke (RR, 2017) was given a professional contract from his own youth and given a second game right for EHV Aue . At the last home game Christian Prokop was honored as coach of the 2015/16 season and recognized by the handball Bundesliga. They ended the season in 11th place in the table and was thus the best climber. The best goalscorer of the season for the club was Philipp Weber with 164 goals, 77 of them seven meters. The association did not extend the contracts with Felix Storbeck, Philipp Weber, Benjamin Herth and Sebastian Greß. Philipp Pöter left the club at the end of the season at his own request. Sergei Schedik was handed over to Qatar despite an ongoing contract. Gregor Remke switched to EHV Aue to get more match practice there.

Season 2016/17
The SC DHfK Leipzig celebrates the 34:25 victory against the THW Kiel

At the beginning of the 2016/17 season , Tobias Rivesjö (RL, 2018, HC Erlangen ), Niclas Pieczkowski (RM, 2018, TuS N-Lübbecke ), Roman Bečvář (RM, 2018, HC Empor Rostock ) and Andreas Rojewski (RR, 2018, SC Magdeburg ) in his service. The budget of the first division club this season was around 3.5 million euros. At the beginning of the season, the club had to cope with the failure of a main sponsor due to bankruptcy. However, this did not have any further effect and the game operations could continue without this sponsor. The team began preparing for the season on July 14, 2016. In the first round of the DHB Cup, they met third division SV Anhalt Bernburg on August 27, 2016 , which they defeated with 38:21 in the semifinals of the Final Four tournament . In this game you had to do without the ailing players Lukas Krzikalla, Roman Becvar, Niclas Pieczkowski and Alen Milosevic . The final for advancing to the second round was played on August 28, 2016 against SG Langenfeld , a promoted player in the third division, which they won 36:23. The league start followed on September 4, 2016 with a home game against Bergischer HC, which you could also win and had a good start to the season with a 30:21. The first away game was the derby against SC Magdeburg in the GETEC Arena . In the second round of the DHB-Pokal they won 25:27 away against HSG Wetzlar and met TSV Hannover-Burgdorf in the quarter-finals in their home arena. With a 28:24 victory they moved into the final four of the DHB Cup for the first time in the club's history. But the team could not defeat THW Kiel and they were eliminated with a 32:35 in the semifinals. In the league, the physical culture achieved their first win against one of the top 3 teams against THW Kiel on matchday 30. The expiring contracts of Janke (RM, 2019), Binder (LA, 2020), Putera (TW, 2019), Vortmann (TW, 2020), Meschke (KM, 2018), Roscheck (KM, 2019), Strosack (RA, 2019), Jurdžs (RL, 2018), Krzikalla (RA, 2019) and Semper (RR, 2019) have been extended. Pieczkowski (RM, 2020) and Milosevic (KM, 2020) extended their contracts early. During the season, the club had to deal with speculation about Christian Prokop and the national coaching office, who had extended his contract with the DHfK prematurely until 2021. Before the HBL All-Star Game it was announced that Christian Prokop will take over the national team from summer 2017 and thus leave the DHfK. The club and the DHB agreed in March that Prokop was allowed to look after the national team during the current season when the DHfK was sure to stay up. On April 18th, Michael Biegler was introduced as the new coach of the 1st team on January 1st, 2018. The team ended the season in 8th place in the table and thus achieved the best placement so far. The best goalscorer for Leipzig was Andreas Rojewski with 114 goals, 27 of them by seven meters. Marvin Sommer's contract (HC Einheit Plauen) was not extended at the end of the season. Christoph Steinert switched to league rivals HC Erlangen. Roman Bečvár moved to the second division to the newly promoted HC Elbflorenz despite the current contract and Sebastian Naumann moved to EHV Aue.

Season 2017/18
The closing ceremony of the SC DHfK for the 17/18 season after the game against HSG Wetzlar

At the start of the 2017/18 season , Yves Kunkel (2018, HBW Balingen-Weilstetten ) strengthened the left wing. With Philipp Weber (RL, 2019, HSG Wetzlar ) a familiar face was brought back to Leipzig. Jan Guretzky (2018) moved up to the professional squad and became third goalkeeper with a second game right for SG LVB Leipzig. Gregor Remke (RR, 2020) was also brought back, but was still given a second game right for EHV Aue. This gave two of his three second game rights. Assistant coach André Haber became the team's head coach on July 1, 2017, before Michael Biegler took over on January 1, 2018. On April 20, 2017, the license for the unconditional season was obtained. The seasonal budget was around 4.5 million euros. Training for the team began on July 13th, 2017. On the same day, the jersey for the season was presented together with the new supplier Puma . A single-digit place in the table was given as the season goal. Jens Vortmann was appointed the new captain, and the team council also consisted of Roscheck, Milosevic, Pieczkowski and Rojewski. In the first round of the DHB Cup on August 19, 2017, they met the second division promoted VfL Eintracht Hagen , who they defeated just 29:27. A day later, they won the second round of the cup with much more confidence against second division ASV Hamm-Westfalen with 37:24. For the third round, the people of Leipzig had to go to MT Melsungen in Kassel. There they reached the next round with a 22:27 away win. In the quarter-finals, Stefan Ilsanker drew them the Rhein-Neckar Löwen in Mannheim. There the dream of participating in the Final Four again in Hamburg was over. The team clearly had to admit defeat to the lions with 35:23. At the beginning of the season you had to do without Rojewski, who tore a ligament and capsule during a test match. The first league game took place on Sunday, August 27, 2017 against TSV GWD Minden, which was won with difficulty at 29:26. The home game kicked off on Thursday, August 31, 2017 against TV 05/07 Hüttenberg, which they could also win with difficulty, 26:25. At the beginning of the season you could beat one of the top 3 teams in the league. The team won at home against SG Flensburg-Handewitt with 25:22 and was now in third place. The team had to accept a further weakening with the loss of Philipp Weber in November, who broke his metatarsus in the home game against Melsungen and was out for several weeks. In addition, one had to do without Jens Vortmann, who tore a muscle fiber in his abdominal muscle. For him, Christian Ole Simonsen slipped from the A-youth into the squad. The last game under Andre Haber was lost against Erlangen with 26:27 in Nuremberg and ended 2017 with twelve wins from 19 games. Maximilian Janke missed Haber in the last few games due to a torn muscle fiber in the adductor area. The first game under the new coach Biegler was clearly lost at MT Melsungen with 28:20. This was followed by the derby against SC Magdeburg, which they just lost at 22:23 at home. Under Biegler they got 12 points in 15 games, but also had a difficult remaining program. The expiring contract between Rojewski (RR, 2019) and Jurdžs (RL, 2019) has been extended. Janke (RM, 2021) extended his contract early. The club finished the season in 8th place in the table. The best goalscorer was Philipp Weber with 127 goals, 36 of which he scored from the 7-meter point. The contract with Strosack ( TuS N-Lübbecke ), Rivesjö (IL Runar) and Meschke (HBW Balingen-Weilstetten) was not extended at the end of the season. Yves Kunkel switched to MT Melsungen at the end of the season .

Season 2018/19

The first commitment for the 2018/19 season was made with Patrick Wiesmach (RA, 2020, Aalborg Håndbold ). Maciej Gębala (KM, 2020) is moving to Leipzig from the Polish first division club Wisła Płock . As a replacement for Kunkel, Raul Santos (LA, 2020) from THW Kiel was hired . On April 20, 2018, the license commission of the DKB Handball Bundesliga gave the Leipzig team a license to participate in the fourth season. The budget for this season is approx. 4.8 million euros, which is an increase of 0.3 million euros compared to the previous year. The first training and the start of the new season is on July 5, 2018. The Leipzigers will contest the six-day training camp in preparation in Sölden, Austria . The Leipzig team got off to a very bad start this season. Both Remke (cartilage damage) and Rojewski (knee surgery) injured themselves in preparation, and Lukas Krzikalla was also out with a metatarsal fracture. Due to this tense situation before the season started, Steve Baumgärtel (RR), an experienced player from the second team, was delegated to the top. In addition, other youth players (including Hellmann (RA)) from the second team strengthened the game and training operations. If that weren't enough, Jens Vortmann would lose another support in the team. He tore a cruciate ligament in the friendly against Japan and is therefore out half the season. At first he was replaced with Jan Guretzky from the second team. On August 31, 2018, they strengthened themselves with René Villadsen (Aarhus Håndbold), whose contract runs until the end of the season. During this time, his deputy Niclas Pieczkowski takes on the role of captain on the record. After the game against Bietigheim, Haber took over the post of trainer as a substitute because Biegler had to undergo a medical examination in his home town of Aschaffenburg with cardiovascular problems. On October 1, 2018, Biegler was released, giving Haber full responsibility for the team. The first game of the season took place in the DHB-Pokal , which the DHfK played on August 18, 2018 against the third division Leichlinger TV . In the Spenge sports hall they won that semi-final with 26:45 and met the Dessau-Rosslauer HV 06 in the final on August 19, 2018. This game was won in the last minute with 26:25 and thus made it to the second round. There you will meet the THW Kiel on October 17th in the Sparkassen-Arena . On August 23, 2018, TVB Stuttgart was in the home arena for the start of the Bundesliga season. They lost the opening game 26:27. The first win was celebrated on matchday three at home against Bietigheim with 31:24. The top scorer of the DHfK was Philipp Weber with 176 goals, 31 of which were seven meters. The club ended the season in 11th place in the table. The expiring contract of Semper (RR, 2020), Roscheck (KM, 2021) and Weber (RL, 2021) has been extended. At the end of the season, Stefan Kretzschmar ends his commitment to the Bundesliga after 10 years of voluntary work. Aivis Jurdžs moved back to his homeland and continues to play handball there for Tenax Dobele. René Villadsen also moved back to his homeland (Aarhus Håndbold) after the season. Andreas Rojewski did not receive a new contract.

Season 2019/20
A break for SC DHfK Leipzig in the game against GWD Minden in the 2019/20 season

In October 2018, Joel Birlehm (TW, 2022, TuS N-Lübbecke ) was signed as the first new player of the season. In February, Luca Witzke (RM, 2021) from TUSEM Essen signed on . The third new addition was announced with Philipp Müller (RL, 2020, MT Melsungen ). Viggó Kristjánsson (RR, 2020) from SG Handball West Wien is the fourth new signing for the Leipzig team this season. The top transfer of the season came with the Croatian Marko Mamić (RL, 2022, KS Kielce ). The junior national player Julius Meyer-Siebert (RL, own youth) receives a contract until 2022. The DHfK received the license without conditions in April 2019. Preparations started on July 11, 2019. The budget this season is around 5.3 million euros. The first game of the season was won by the SC DHfK in the 1st round of the DHB-Pokal against TSV Altenholz with 27:40 and the 2nd round one day later they won 31:21, against the first division promoted HSG Nordhorn -Lingen , successful. In the round of 16 on October 1st, MT Melsungen was waiting for their home game in the Arena Leipzig . There you had to admit defeat at 27:30 in front of 4,342 spectators. In the first league game there was a derby against Füchse Berlin, which after a bad start they could still win at home with 24:23. This was followed by two more wins and a start with 6-0 points, which was the best start for Leipzig in the 1st Bundesliga. The first defeat followed on the 4th matchday away at the Eulen Ludwigshafen. The East Derby against Magdeburg was lost at home with 25:26 in the last few seconds. After receiving conservative treatment for his shoulder injury, Pieczkowski had to undergo an operation and was unable to start the season. The first serious injury happened to Esche who tore his cruciate ligament in the final training for the game against Balingen and had to pause for several months, but Santos slipped back into the Bundesliga squad. In February they had to do without Semper, who was not allowed to exercise due to an inflammation of the heart muscle. On February 29, 2020 for the home game against Minden you could fall back on him and Pieczkowski. The game on March 8, a 32:27 win against Eulen Ludwigshafen, was the last game for the Leipzig team this season. On April 21, 2020, the season was declared over due to the COVID-19 pandemic . As a basis for calculating the final table, the HBL Presidium assessed the season using the break table & quotient rule. After playing 26 games, the SC DHfK is in eighth place in the table with 27:25 points. The best goalscorer is Semper with 100 field goals. During the season Kristjánsson moved to HSG Wetzlar. The expiring contract of Milosevic (KM, 2023), Esche (LA, 2021), Binder (LA, 2022), Krzikalla (RA, 2022), Gębala (KM, 2022), Remke (RR, 2022) and Pieczkowski (RM, 2021) has been extended. Witzke (RM, 2023) extended his contract early. The contract with Vortmann (Wilhelmshavener HV), Santos (VfL Gummersbach) and Seidler (Dessau-Roßlauer HV) will not be extended at the end of the season. Semper is moving to SG Flensburg-Handewitt free of charge. Müller ends his career and becomes the sports director for the Leipzigers.

Season 2020/21

The first commitment was made on October 21, 2019 with Martin Larsen (RR, 2022) from Pays d'Aix UC . This is to replace the outgoing Franz Semper. A few days later they strengthened with goalkeeper Kristian Saeveraas (2023, Aalborg Håndbold ). Right at the start of the season, the Leipzig team have to do without Janke, who will be out until the end of the year due to a shoulder injury. The budget for this season is around 4.5 million euros. Due to the termination of the 19/20 season, there were no relegations from the first Bundesliga, so 20 clubs are taking part in this season and there will be four relegated to the second Bundesliga. Due to the increase in the Bundesliga, the handball Bundesliga and the German Handball Federation decided to hold the cup with only one Final Four and to skip all remaining rounds. The training kicked off on July 3, 2020. By starting training early, the aim was to counteract possible performance losses caused by the training failure of the previous months and slowly get the players used to two training units per day again.


Current squad

No. Surname birthday nation position size Contract since Contract until Last club
12 Kristian Sæverås 06/22/1996 NorwayNorway TW 1.97 m 2020 2023 Aalborg Håndbold
35 Joel Birlehm 04/25/1997 GermanyGermany TW 1.96 m 2019 2022 TuS N-Lübbecke
04th Patrick Wiesmach 03/23/1990 DenmarkDenmark RA 1.79 m 2018 2023 Aalborg Håndbold
07th Luca Witzke 04/03/1999 GermanyGermany RM 1.92 m 2019 2023 TUSEM food
08th Lukas Krzikalla 01/14/1994 GermanyGermany RA 1.83 m 2011 2022 HB Academy Leipzig / Delitzsch
09 Julius Meyer-Siebert 07/06/2000 GermanyGermany RL 2.06 m 2017 2022 SG Leipzig II
11 Lukas Binder 06/30/1992 GermanyGermany LA 1.80 m 2009 2022 SG LVB Leipzig
13 Maximilian Janke 02/28/1993 GermanyGermany RM 1.95 m 2015 2021 SC Magdeburg
14th Niclas Pieczkowski 12/28/1989 GermanyGermany RM 1.93 m 2016 2021 TuS N-Lübbecke
17th Martin Larsen 09/19/1992 DenmarkDenmark RR 1.95 m 2020 2022 Pays d'Aix UC
19th Bastian Roscheck 02/24/1991 GermanyGermany KM 1.90 m 2013 2021 OSC Rheinhausen
20th Philipp Weber 09/15/1992 GermanyGermany RL 1.94 m 2017 2021 HSG Wetzlar
22nd Marko Mamić 03/06/1994 CroatiaCroatia RL 2.02 m 2019 2022 KS Kielce
25th Gregor Remke 01/14/1998 GermanyGermany RR 1.90 m 2017 2022 EHV Aue
28 Maciej Gębala 01/10/1994 PolandPoland KM 2.00 m 2018 2022 Wisla Plock
29 Nicolas Neumann 07/29/2000 GermanyGermany LA 1.96 m 2012 HB Academy Leipzig
34 Alen Milosevic 12/24/1989 SwitzerlandSwitzerland KM 1.91 m 2013 2023 BSV Bern Muri
43 Marc Esche 12/24/1998 GermanyGermany LA 1.90 m 2013 2021 SG Leipzig II
59 Ákos Széles October 19, 2000 HungaryHungary RL 1.91 m 2020 Budai Farkasok
André Haber 07/05/1986 GermanyGermany Trainer 2012 2022 Assistant coach
Miloš Putera 01/26/1982 SlovakiaSlovakia Assistant coach 1.95 m 2015 2022 TV Großwallstadt

Supervisory team

- Hagen Pietrek (athletics trainer)
- Klaus Loch (team leader)

- Eric Baer et al. Franziska Röthel (Physiotherapist)
- Pierre Hepp u. René Toussaint (team doctors)

Additions 2020/21

Departures 2020/21

Well-known former players


You can see the coaches who accompanied the first SC DHfK men's team after the reorganization in 2007. In addition, statistics on the respective engagement of the trainer can be seen.

With reaching the third division, Uwe Jungandreas was hired as a full-time trainer. With him you made the leap into the 2nd division. Due to unsuccessfulness, Jungandreas was released on May 5, 2013. Michael Biegler temporarily took over the coaching position for him. Who was on the sidelines for 4 games and should avoid relegation from the 2nd division. After doing this, Andre Haber took over the post for the rest of the season. At the beginning of the 13/14 season, Christian Prokop took up the position of coach and carried it out until the end of the 16/17 season to then join the DHB . Andre Haber took command again for the 17/18 season, until Michael Biegler had ended his engagement with the German handball women who played the 2017 World Cup in his own country. From January 1, 2018, Michael Biegler was the coach of SC DHfK Leipzig. Due to Biegler's cardiovascular problems, André Haber was a coach in between and represented Biegler on the sidelines for an indefinite period. On September 21, 2018, Biegler was available again, but was released from the club. On October 22, 2018, the contract with Biegler was terminated by mutual agreement and Haber finally took over the position of chief trainer, which he has held until now.

No. Trainer name time League statistics DHB cup statistics
from to Days Sp S. U N T GT Dif Yellow card.svg 2 minutes png Red card.svg Points Points Ø Sp S. N
01 GermanyGermany Karsten Günther 0July 1, 2007 June 30, 2008 366 26th 24 0 2 0.823 0.615 + 208 incomplete 048: 400 1,846 2 1 1
02 GermanyGermany Wolfgang Pötzsch 0July 1, 2008 June 30, 2009 365 30th 9 1 20th 0.787 0.848 - 061 incomplete 019: 041 0.633 1 0 1
03 GermanyGermany Sven Strübin 0July 1, 2009 June 30, 2010 365 26th 25th 1 0 0.852 0.609 + 243 incomplete 051: 100 1,962 0 0 0
04th GermanyGermany Uwe Jungandreas 0July 1, 2010 0May 5, 2013 1040 96 56 7th 33 2,770 2,650 + 120 incomplete 119: 073 1,240 6th 4th 2
05 GermanyGermany Michael Biegler 0May 6, 2013 May 29, 2013 24 4th 2 0 2 0.102 0.101 + 100 incomplete 004: 400 1,000 0 0 0
06th GermanyGermany André Haber May 30, 2013 30th of June 2013 32 2 1 1 0 0. 062 0. 054 + 800 incomplete 003: 100 1,500 0 0 0
07th GermanyGermany Christian Prokop 0July, 1st 2013 June 30, 2017 1461 140 78 17th 45 3.823 3,637 + 186 incomplete 173: 107 1,236 13 9 4th
08th GermanyGermany André Haber 0July 1, 2017 December 31, 2017 184 19th 12 1 6th 0.529 0.496 + 033 4th 0 0 025: 013 1,316 3 3 0
09 GermanyGermany Michael Biegler 0Jan. 1, 2018 04th Sep 2018 246 18th 6th 2 10 0.415 0.437 - 022 7th 1 0 014: 022 0.778 3 2 1
10 GermanyGermany André Haber since Sep. 5 20180 725 57 24 4th 29 1,498 1,506 - 800 12 0 0 052: 060 0.912 4th 2 2


Since the restart in the 2007/08 season, the first team played in the Ernst-Grube-Halle. For the second division season 2011/12 a game was played in the Arena Leipzig for the first time in order to utilize the larger capacity. There they set a new audience record with 6,317 spectators. For the following season they switched completely to the Arena Leipzig, with the exception that the game against Rostock still took place in the Ernst-Grube-Halle. Since the 2013/14 season they have been playing continuously in the Arena Leipzig. The hall has been officially called Quarterback Immobilien Arena since October 2019 and has a maximum capacity of 8,200 spectators in the seating configuration that is common for handball players. So far, a smaller variant of the seating has always been used, exceptions are top games where a lot of spectators are expected. For the top games, a variant between maximum seating and normal seating is chosen.


The SC DHfK Leipzig offers various packages in order to be economically broad. The failure of a main sponsor for the 16/17 season was compensated for.

Current main sponsor

History of the main sponsor

  • Leipzig utility and transport company (07/2009 - 06/2021)
  • (- 08/2016)

Current team supplier

History supplier

  • Craft (07/2020 - 06/2023)
  • Puma (07/2017 - 06/2020)
  • Hummel (- 06/2017)

Current shirt sponsors

Second team

Since it was founded in 2007, the second amateur team has been playing in the district league and class. On April 11, 2018, the club and the handball department of SG LVB Leipzig announced that they would form a syndicate for the 2018/19 season. During this season, all teams from both clubs take part in the game under the name "SG Leipzig". The aim of the syndicate is to guarantee the youngsters within Leipzig match practice at a high level (3rd league). As a result, there is a "new" second and the original second becomes the third. The second play in the season 2018/19 in the 3. Liga under the name SG Leipzig II. After one season, the syndicate dissolved again and the "third league" team takes under the name of SC DHfK Leipzig.

No. Surname No. Surname
1 Jan Guretzky 22nd Willi Wenzel
12 Christian Ole Simonsen 23 Jonas Hellmann
2 Kevin Szep-Kis 26th Ryuga Fujita
5 Mirco Fritschze 27 Vincent Neudeck
7th Clemens Uhlig 56 Nicolas Neumann
10 Thomas Oehlrich 57 Julius Meyer-Siebert
13 Johannes Ruoff 58 Elias Gansau
20th Jonas Hönicke 71 Oliver Seidler
21st Lars Langer

Supervisory team

  • Enrico Henoch (trainer)
  • Alexander Schiffner (Co-Trainer)
  • Frank Gromlich (Physio)

More teams

From 2011 to 2013, the SC DHfK Leipzig had a syndicate with the NHV Concordia Delitzsch. The two new teams competed under the name "SG DHfK / NHV Concordia" in the Sachsenliga and Verbandsliga West.

From 2013 to 2018 a game community was formed with SG Germania Zwenkau under the name "SG Leipzig-Zwenkau". The first men's team in the syndicate played in the Sachsenliga, the second team played in the Verbandsliga Staffel West. The third team of SC DHfK Leipzig plays in the Leipzig district league and the fourth team in the Leipzig district class.


In May 2010 the handball academy Leipzig / Delitzsch was founded with SG LVB Leipzig and 1. SV Concordia Delitzsch. The academy was supposed to usher in an era of performance-oriented male youth handball in central Germany, and was discontinued three years after it was founded. All youth teams were reintegrated into the SC DHfK. Since then there have been collaborations with other clubs in the youth sector.

The A-Jugend plays in the A-Jugend-Bundesliga and partly in the men's division. The B-youth plays in the middle German upper league of the B-youth and the Sachsenliga of the A-youth. The C-youth comes in the Sachsenliga of the male C-youth to train. The two teams of the D-Jugend play in cooperation with HSV Mölkau under the name SG Leipzig-Mölkau. The first team plays in the Sachsenliga der D-Jugend, the second team in the Bezirksliga Leipzig der D-Jugend and the Kreisliga Leipzig der D-Jugend. The two teams of the E-youth play in the district league Leipzig and the district league Leipzig of the E-youth. The 2nd team of the D-youth and the two E-youth teams play in two leagues, as the classes in lower leagues have already ended in November / December. The "Minis" play in an alternative game mode. A total of seven male junior teams will take part in the game in the 2016/17 season.

A great success was celebrated in 2014 when they won the German B-Youth Championship, with a 25:21 victory over Füchse Berlin.

  • 2014 German B youth champion
  • 2015 German A-Youth Champion
  • 2016 German A-Youth Champion


season league space Sp. S. U N Gates Diff. Points Play-off Trainer
2011/12 Bundesliga East 7th 22nd 9 3 10 687: 668 + 019 21:23 not reached
2012/13 Bundesliga East 7th 22nd 12 0 10 639: 599 + 040 24:20 not reached
2013/14 Bundesliga East 7th 22nd 11 0 11 653: 615 + 038 22:22 not reached
2014/15 Bundesliga East 1. 22nd 22nd 0 0 634: 493 + 141 44: 00 German champions Haber
2015/16 Bundesliga East 1. 22nd 21st 0 1 714: 500 + 214 42: 02 German champions Haber
2016/17 Bundesliga East 2. 22nd 20th 1 1 638: 522 + 116 41: 03 Semifinals Haber
2017/18 Bundesliga East 1. 22nd 16 1 5 648: 588 + 060 33: 11 Quarter finals Stockmar
2018/19 Bundesliga center 4th 22nd 13 3 6th 662: 590 + 072 29:15 not reached Stockmar
2019/20 Bundesliga center 3. 9 7th 0 2 275: 230 + 045 14: 04 Championship round Stockmar
Championship round 6th 10 4th 1 5 276: 279 - 300 09:11 Season termination
Gold highlighted: German champion
  • The first Bundesliga season ended in the East Season, under the name of HB Academy Leipzig / Delitzsch, in seventh place in the table. The team was able to win nine games and achieve a positive goal balance.
  • With twelve wins and ten defeats they achieved a positive balance in the 2012/13 season , which was enough for a seventh place in the table.
  • The 2013/14 season ended in the East season in seventh place in the table, which was reached for the third time. With eleven wins and eleven defeats, the season ended evenly.
  • The fourth season of the A-youth in the Bundesliga was the most successful in the youth field to date. Since the season one has appeared under the name of SC DHfK Leipzig. As the unbeaten season winner, they reached the quarter-finals of the German championship with 22 wins. There they defeated the HSG Handball Lemgo in the return leg and moved into the semi-finals. In the semifinals they met the champions of the last few years, the Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf . The team won the first leg at home with 30:28, in the second leg they had to admit defeat with 29:30, which was enough to move into the final. In the final they faced HSG Dutenhofen / Münchholzhausen, the runner-up in the group east behind the Leipzigers. The first leg in Wetzlar was clearly lost in front of about 1300 spectators with 26:32. The second leg in the Arena Leipzig in front of around 1500 spectators won the A-youth with 33:25 and thus secured the first German championship in the A-youth.
  • In the 2015/16 season they finished the group stage first, with only one defeat on 22 match days. In the quarter-finals of the German championship they met THW Kiel , which they clearly showed their limits with 27:18 and 31:24. Two wins, 26:24 and 35:26 against TSV GWD Minden, were also enough to make it into the final. The final was played against the winner of the northern relay, SC Magdeburg. The home game was won 35:31 in front of 1,563 spectators in the Leipzig Arena. And thus created a good cushion for the second leg. In the H.-Gieseler-Sporthalle Magdeburg, the team of trainer Andre Haber then made the second German championship in a row perfect with a 28:24 victory.
  • The group stage of the Bundesliga 2016/17 ended in second place behind HSG Dutenhofen / Münchholzhausen , with only one draw and one defeat. The team had already qualified for the next Bundesliga season before the 16th matchday. In the quarter-finals, coach Andre Haber's team met TSV GWD Minden and won both games with 31:27 and 27:26. The team played the semi-finals against the winner of the North Season, the Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf. They lost the first leg in the Brüderstraße sports hall with 28:30 and in the second leg they had to admit defeat to the Berliners with 34:35.
  • The 2017/18 season played the team in the east relay. The first game took place on September 9, 2017. The team led by the new coach Oliver Stockmar won the opening against HSC 2000 Coburg with a clear 36:25. The team finished the group stage in 1st place on the table and met VfL Gummersbach in the quarter-finals. The first leg in Gummersbach they lost with 30:32 and in the home game they had to admit defeat with 29:35.
  • For the 2018/19 season , the new middle season starts in the Bundesliga. This ended in fourth place, which led to direct qualification for the next season.
  • The 2019/20 season began in the middle of the Bundesliga. After a simple first half of the season, they finished in 3rd place, tied with SC Magdeburg and behind Füchsen Berlin. Third place was enough to participate in the championship round, which ended in 6th place after 10 match days due to the corona pandemic.


In the first year of its existence, the women's team of the SC DHfK Leipzig played in the GDR upper league. In contrast to the men's team, however, the women could not celebrate any successes worth mentioning and in the meantime even had to relegate to the second division (1958). Despite immediate resurgence, the SC DHfK - apart from the GDR runner-up on the large field in 1963 - remained rather inconspicuous in the following league seasons before the entire (indoor handball) team was completely dissolved in 1965. While most of the players switched to the competition at the time (SC Leipzig and Dynamo Leipzig), the team in large-field handball continued to exist until the league game was closed in 1966.

Currently there is only one women's team in the club, the team plays in the Leipzig district league.

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