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Karl Otto Lagerfeld (born September 10, 1933 in Hamburg ; † February 19, 2019 in Neuilly-sur-Seine ) was a German fashion designer , designer , photographer and costume designer living in Paris . He began his career in the French fashion world in the mid-1950s in Paris, where he worked for Balmain , Patou , Chloé and other fashion companies. Since 1965, according to other sources since 1964, he was under contract as a women's fashion designer at Fendi in Rome .

Lagerfeld has been creating fashion under his own name for women and men with interruptions since 1974. Since 1983 he has been creative director and chief designer at the French fashion house Chanel , whose revival in the 1980s and subsequent rise to an international billion- dollar group is largely attributed to Lagerfeld .

He was also known for numerous cooperation projects in the fields of fashion , advertising , design , photography and art . Lagerfeld was sometimes referred to by the press as " Kaiser Karl" or "Mode tsar " due to his more than 60 years of creativity and his style-forming influence on the international fashion world . His personal trademarks included a white powdered braid , a high-ranking parricide, and dark sunglasses ; until the early 2000s he also appeared in public with a hand fan .


Karl Lagerfeld grew up as the son of the Hamburg condensed milk manufacturer ( Glücksklee-Milch GmbH ) Otto Lagerfeld (1881–1967) and his wife Elisabeth Bahlmann (1897–1978) in affluent circumstances. His grandfather was Karl Bahlmann . Lagerfeld had a sister born in 1931, who had lived in the United States since 1957 and died in late 2015, and a half-sister from a previous relationship with his father.

Year of birth

Karl Lagerfeld was born on September 10, 1933 , according to his parents' birth announcement in the Hamburger Nachrichten . Lagerfeld publicly stated 1938 as the year of birth for a long time, later 1935. In 2008, Bild am Sonntag published excerpts from the church's baptismal register in Hamburg as well as comments from his teacher and a classmate who stated 1933 as his year of birth. Nonetheless, on September 10, 2008, Lagerfeld was “70. Birthday "congratulate. The same thing happened in 2003 on his "65th". Some media took over the information from the fashion designer without checking, others did not, so that biographical information about Lagerfeld's person often contradicts one another.

On July 7, 2013, Welt am Sonntag reported that Lagerfeld's real date of birth was September 10, 1933. The information is based on a book by hobby historians Maike and Ronald Holst from the Hamburg district of Blankenese . While researching their book Blankeneser Frauen, they found a card with a birth announcement in which “Otto Lagerfeld and Frau Elisabeth, geb. Bahlmann ”announce the birth of their son. A small card is attached to the card with a blue silk bow. It reads: "Karl Otto" and under it "Sunday, September 10, 1933". The star was referring to November 30, 2017, the baptismal register of the municipality of Hamburg-Winterhude , which also states that Lagerfeld was born on September 10 1,933th In the registry office of Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) there is a death certificate (no. 2019/171) for Lagerfeld with the date of birth “September 10, 1933 in Hamburg (Germany)”.

Childhood and youth

Bissenmoor Estate, 1908

Lagerfeld's godfather was Conrad Ramstedt . The married couple Otto and Elisabeth Lagerfeld acquired the almost 500 hectare Bissenmoor estate near Bad Bramstedt in 1934 . The family moved there, but returned to Hamburg in 1939. When large parts of Hamburg were devastated by bombing during the Second World War in 1944 , the Lagerfelds and their children settled in Bad Bramstedt again. Karl Lagerfeld attended the Jürgen Fuhlendorf School there for several years before the family moved to Hamburg again in 1949. Lagerfeld continued his school attendance at the Bismarck School for two years.

At the end of August 1952, Lagerfeld, who already spoke French well, moved to Paris . His father had an office in the city and his employees took care of the young Lagerfeld. He was housed in a dormitory for minors on rue Sorbonne. The original plan was to return to Germany after a while and take the Abitur . Lagerfeld first attended the Lycée Montaigne in the Latin Quarter and finally a private drawing school. In 1954 he won first place in the competition of the International Wool Secretariat in Paris for the design of a coat and then completed an apprenticeship as a tailor with Pierre Balmain . After three and a half years, he left the Balmain house to join Jean Patou in early 1958 . Finally he worked as a freelance fashion illustrator.

Later place of residence and preferences

Lagerfeld lived and worked mainly in Paris. He also had apartments and houses in Monte Carlo , Biarritz , Rome , Vermont and New York City . He sold his villa in the Hamburg district of Blankenese, which he had acquired in 1991, in 1998. He sold the chateau in Brittany , Château de Penhoët , the warehouse of his mother, who was also buried there, after his father's death in 1967 Year 2000. Since the death of his partner Jacques de Bascher in 1989, Lagerfeld claims to have preferred to live alone.

Lagerfeld was considered an extremely disciplined workaholic with a good general education. His private library is said to contain around 300,000 books. In 1999, Lagerfeld opened the bookshop 7L in Paris (named after its address 7, rue de Lille). In 2000 he founded the imprint publisher Edition 7L together with the Göttingen publisher Gerhard Steidl , with whom he had worked for Chanel since 1993 . In 2010, Lagerfeld and Steidl founded the Imprint-Verlag LSD (Lagerfeld.Steidl.Druckerei.Verlag) for predominantly German-language books, of which Lagerfeld himself became program director.

“We thank you, Karl.
In eternal love,
your team "
Karl-Lagerfeld-Shop, Düsseldorf, Königsallee (February 20, 2019)


According to original reports from French media, Lagerfeld suffered from pancreatic cancer . However, according to a German magazine, he died of prostate cancer, which was confirmed by his longtime assistant. On February 18, 2019, he was admitted to the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine , where he died the next day. On the same day, the Chanel Group appointed its long-standing “right and left hand” Virginie Viard as his successor as the fashion house's creative director. His body was cremated on February 22, 2019 in Nanterre in the presence of, among others, Princess Caroline of Monaco , her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi , Bernard Arnault and Virginie Viard. At Lagerfeld's request, there was no major public funeral service. In April 2018, he said in an interview that he refused a funeral and that some of his ashes would be scattered along with his mother's ashes, while the other part of his ashes, as he explained in 2017, with those of his 1989 deceased partner Jacques de Bascher , who was kept in a secret place, should be reunited. Lagerfeld's ashes were buried in Nanterre in the early evening of February 22, 2019.

Personal style

Lagerfeld's trademark was a braid of hair (an unbraided ponytail ) and dark sunglasses that corrected a visual defect. Until the early 2000s and especially during the 1980s and 1990s, the designer could also be seen with a hand fan in public appearances. According to his own statement, the fan served mainly as a repellent against cigarette smoke and as a protection against paparazzi . Lagerfeld bought his own clothes, who had gained steadily in weight after de Bascher's death, at that time mainly from Japanese designers such as Matsuda, Comme des Garçons or Yohji Yamamoto . Since November 1, 2000, Lagerfeld had lost around 42 kg in 13 months due to the 3D diet (designer, doctor, diet) devised by a French doctor . The reason was the slim- cut Dior Homme suits by designer colleague Hedi Slimane , which he wanted to wear. Lagerfeld also later cited vanity as a motive for his eating habits: “I wear tight suits so I can't gain weight. My only ambition is to be able to continue to wear size 48/46 with Dior . ”In addition, since the mid-2000s he has liked to wear half-open driver's gloves, high shirt collars, silver jewelry from the Chrome Hearts brand and tight trousers.


Beginnings in Paris

On December 14, 1954, Lagerfeld accepted the still existing International Woolmark Prize of the International Wool Secretariat IWS (renamed The Woolmark Company in 1997 ) in the category “Coat” in Paris . The organization ran an advertising campaign in Paris to encourage amateurs to send in their fashion designs. Yves Saint Laurent , who was then working for Dior , won the prize in the “evening dress” category in the same competition. Lagerfeld then got a job as an assistant to Pierre Balmain , who had been a juror for the competition alongside Hubert de Givenchy . While at Balmain , he completed an apprenticeship as a tailor and the design of his award-winning wool coat went into production at Balmain. In 1958 Lagerfeld moved to Jean Patou and was artistic director there from 1958 to 1963. He presented his first collection in July 1958 under the name Roland Karl . After his exclusive contract with Patou expired, Lagerfeld worked as a freelancer for fashion companies such as Mario Valentino , Krizia and the discounter chain Monoprix . In 1964 he began studying art in Paris, which he gave up after three years. From the initial friendship between Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent, rivalry developed over the years.

1960 / 70s: Chloé, Fendi etc.

In 1963 Lagerfeld changed to Chloé as artistic director , where he developed collections until 1978 and left the company after disagreements with the owners. In the 1960s, he experimented with elements of Art Deco in his fashion . In his private life he was also a fan of Art Deco; over the years he amassed an immense collection of furnishings from this era. In 1972, Chloé earned him worldwide recognition for the Deco collection, which consisted of black and white prints with a clever, asymmetrical cut. Since 1964/65 Lagerfeld designed for the Italian fur and fashion company Fendi , which is now fully owned by the luxury goods manufacturer LVMH . He designed the world-famous inverted FF logo (the so-called “double F” symbol or “Zucca” logo) for Fendi and had it protected. At the same time, he continued to take on design assignments for other companies, such as the fashion brand Tiziano Roma, which was brought to the American market at the time by the Texan billionaire Evan Richards from Rome . Lagerfeld's friendship with his fashion designer colleague Valentino Garavani dates from these times .

In 1974 Lagerfeld founded his first own company in Germany under the name Karl Lagerfeld Impression . In the years 1978–1983 he worked independently for various companies, again for the Chloé house, where he was succeeded by Guy Paulin in 1983 ; however, his contract with Chloé continued.

1980s: Chanel and professorship

At the end of 1982, the owner of Chanel, Alain Wertheimer , hired Lagerfeld to design the haute couture collection. The sales of the traditional fashion house had fallen sharply after the death of Coco Chanel , and Wertheimer dared an unconventional restart with a designer who had not been responsible for haute couture fashion before. Lagerfeld accepted the position even though those around him had advised against it. He subsequently became chief designer of the Chanel collection and the prêt-à-porter division. Lagerfeld's first Chanel collection was presented on February 5, 1983. He helped the then somewhat outdated fashion brand for older women with modern, sometimes unconventional interpretations of the legacy of Coco Chanel back to its old glory and, through the expansion of the collections, made a significant contribution to making Chanel one of the leading top brands among young women today counts in high-priced women's fashion. Critics sometimes complain that Lagerfeld - albeit with immense financial success for the house of Chanel - only implemented the ideas of Coco Chanel in a contemporary way, instead of enriching the brand with something of his own. From 1992 to 1997 Lagerfeld worked again for Chloé as chief designer until he was replaced by Stella McCartney .

From 1980 to 1984 Lagerfeld was the first fashion designer in a series that continues to this day as visiting professor in the fashion class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna ; his successor was Jil Sander .

1990s: own fashion brand

In 1984 Lagerfeld founded his own label Karl Lagerfeld with the French textile manufacturer Bidermann , which became known for extravagant knitwear, but was not profitable. In 1987 the French luxury goods group Cora-Revillon bought the rights to the brand, which in turn was bought by Dunhill in 1992 and merged with Cartier to form the Vendome group (later the Richemont group). Vendome liquidated the Lagerfeld brand after poor sales and high losses and returned the trademark rights to Lagerfeld in 1997. This started in 1998 under the name Lagerfeld Gallery and initially a small, self-created women's collection. With the help of Andrée Putman , Lagerfeld Gallery boutiques were opened in Paris (40, Rue de Seine) and Monaco , in which Lagerfeld's exclusive fashion was sold alongside selected articles by Fendi as well as books and photographs. The women's collections were presented at the fashion shows in Paris from 1999. For women there was also a cooperation with the Italian jeans manufacturer Diesel from 2002 under the name Lagerfeld Gallery by Diesel . By the mid-2000s, the Lagerfeld Gallery brand also had men's fashion, which was also presented in Paris.

The second line KL by Karl Lagerfeld was launched together with the Steilmann Group as early as 1988, but the collaboration ended in 1995. In 1996 Lagerfeld started a cooperation with Quelle and offered the KL by Karl Lagerfeld women's collection in the Quelle catalog until 1999. In 1999, the license for the Lagerfeld women's collection went to Miltenberger FD Fashion Design, which had held the worldwide license (except for Japan and the USA) for the men's collection since 1989.

Lagerfeld with his bodyguard Sébastien Jondeau, who sometimes also acts as a model, 2008

Models and muses

Lagerfeld is considered to be the discoverer of the former top model Claudia Schiffer , his temporary muse , who provoked a scandal at a fashion show in 1993 in a bodice embroidered with Koran verses by Lagerfeld . Before that, Inès de la Fressange was his muse, but the collaboration ended in 1989. Lagerfeld's numerous other muses include male models Brad Kroenig and Baptiste Giabiconi and female models Toni Garrn , Freja Beha Erichsen , Lara Stone and Daria Werbowy , and the singers Beth Ditto and Florence Welch .

Cooperation with H&M

In November 2004, Lagerfeld caused a sensation through his collaboration with the Swedish discount fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), for whom he designed an affordable fashion collection with 20 items for women and ten for men, as well as a perfume called Liquid Karl . Lagerfeld was H & M's first design cooperation partner, he was followed by Stella McCartney (2005), Viktor & Rolf (2006), Roberto Cavalli (2007), Comme des Garçons (2008), Matthew Williamson (2009), Jimmy Choo (2009), Lanvin (2010), Versace (2011), Marni (2012).

A Lagerfeld branch in Munich, 2014
Branch on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, 2017
Logo of the stores, Munich 2019

Tommy Hilfiger

In 2005, the US fashion group Tommy Hilfiger bought the Lagerfeld brand, including all licenses, for $ 27.5 million. The high-priced Parisian Lagerfeld Gallery collection for women was renamed the Lagerfeld Collection and, from 2006, was complemented by two younger, cheaper labels - Karl Lagerfeld for women and KL Lagerfeld for men - which are based on the style of the New York fashion scene. The Lagerfeld Gallery fashion for men has been discontinued. Lagerfeld Collection was designed by Lagerfeld himself in Paris; A Hilfiger design team in New York took care of the Karl Lagerfeld brand . The collections were shown at the fashion shows in New York . In mid-2006, Tommy Hilfiger Corp., which was only bought out by British financial investor Apax Partners at the end of 2005, decided to stop selling the Lagerfeld collections in the USA and to discontinue the second Karl Lagerfeld line for women. The Lagerfeld Gallery boutiques in Paris and Monaco were closed. The main collection Lagerfeld Collection was finally renamed Karl Lagerfeld and shown at the fashion shows in Paris. In 2007, the production of the main Karl Lagerfeld collection was outsourced to the Italian company Vaprio Stile. In the same year, Tommy Hilfiger launched the K Karl Lagerfeld bridge collection for women and men for the European market and Canada, which was discontinued in spring 2010 by decision of 2009. The licensed men's collection, still manufactured by FD Fashion Design, has since been simply called LAGERFELD .

In March 2010, the Tommy Hilfiger brand was sold by Apax Partners to Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH), an American clothing manufacturer to which u. a. owned by the Calvin Klein brand . The Karl Lagerfeld brand was not part of this sale and remained in the possession of the investment company Apax Partners.

Karl Lagerfeld BV

In September 2010, Lagerfeld canceled the fashion show of his label Karl Lagerfeld planned for October 3 during the Paris shows . The women's fashion show in Paris in March 2010 (autumn / winter 2010/11 season) was the last of the Lagerfeld label for the time being. Instead, he wanted to use the time to concentrate on the development of a new - predominantly, but not exclusively, designed for women - brand called Karl , which is in the lower-priced 'Masstige' segment (made up of 'mass' and 'prestige', so to speak 'Prestige for the masses') will be located. For this purpose, Karl Lagerfeld BV was founded in Amsterdam under the direction of Apax Partners . The Karl -Damenmode, originally for Autumn / Winter 2011 planned was then sold at retail from end of January 2012 initially only online. The launch of the menswear label Karl began with the fall 2012 collection and complements the continuing of FD Fashion Design designed LAGERFELD -Herrenlinie. Karl- branded pop-up shops opened in London and Saint Tropez in the summer of 2012 . In addition, a higher-priced main collection called Karl Lagerfeld Paris for women and men came onto the market from autumn / winter 2012 in cooperation with Ittierre under license , which was not only sold online but also in shops. The collaboration with Ittierre ended in mid-2013. As a result, the portfolio was limited to the brands Karl Lagerfeld (women and men) and Lagerfeld (men). In February 2013, the first Karl store opened in Paris.

In April 2014, PVH bought a minority stake in Karl Lagerfeld from Apax Partners . In 2014 and 2015, in cooperation with Interparfums , the company launched three new fragrances for women and men: Karl Lagerfeld , Paradise Bay and Private Klub . At the end of 2015, there were around a dozen of its own and three partner-operated Lagerfeld stores in Europe, including locations in Paris, London, Berlin (3 ×), Düsseldorf, Munich (2 ×), Amsterdam, Antwerp and Copenhagen. There are also sales areas in larger department stores such as Printemps or Galeries Lafayette . There are further boutiques in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China.

In 2015, a children's collection was launched under the name Karl Lagerfeld Kids . In mid-2015, a joint venture was agreed with the US G-III Apparel Group and its subsidiary AM Retail Group to open up the North American market. The separate Karl Lagerfeld Paris licensed collections for women and men were launched for the USA . In 2016, the US business generated sales of $ 50 million. In April 2018 a Lagerfeld flagship store opened in SoHo (Manhattan) ; further stores in the USA are planned. G-III Apparel Group also has its own Lagerfeld online shop and eight Lagerfeld outlets in the USA . A separate online shop for Europe and the rest of the world (including the USA) with women's and men's fashion and accessories has been maintained since 2015 in cooperation with the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group . In autumn 2016 Lagerfeld granted a shoe license for 2017 to the British shoe manufacturer Overland Shoes Ltd. In spring 2017, the musician and artist Steven Wilson designed a fashion and accessories collection for Karl Lagerfeld. In May 2017, Lagerfeld launched a jewelry collection for women in collaboration with Swarovski . In mid-2017, the company Karl Lagerfeld BV initiated expansion on the German-speaking market. At the beginning of 2018, the men's collections Karl Lagerfeld and LAGERFELD were merged into one collection.

In 2011 Pier Paolo Righi, a former Reusch manager and Nike European boss, became CEO and President of Karl Lagerfeld BV, based in Amsterdam. The company's turnover in 2014 was estimated at over 100 million euros. The design director of the brand Hun Kim and Carine Roitfeld, the former editor of the French "Vogue", were appointed successors of Karl Lagerfeld as chief designer and creative director of the Karl Lagerfeld brand.


Karl Lagerfeld (2014)

Fashion collections created annually by Karl Lagerfeld (as of 2017):

Karl Lagerfeld (four collections per year) Chanel (eight collections) Fendi (two collections)
  • Karl Lagerfeld
    (women's clothing , spring / summer and autumn / winter)
  • Karl Lagerfeld
    (men's clothing, S / S and F / W)
  • Karl Lagerfeld Kids
    (children's clothing by license partners, S / S and A / W)
  • LAGERFELD (dissolved in 2018)
    (men's clothing by license partners, S / S and H / W)
  • Haute Couture
    (women's made-to- measure collection in the top price segment, S / S and H / W)
  • Prêt-à-porter
    (women's clothing, S / S and A / W - depending on the season, preliminary and main collection)
  • Cruise / Resort (Croisière)
    (women's seasonal clothing with spring fashion in winter)
  • Métiers d'art
    (women's seasonal clothing with autumn fashion for summer)
  • Prêt-à-porter
    (women's clothing, S / S and F / W, co-design with Silvia Fendi)

The most important fashion companies for which Karl Lagerfeld worked as a designer:

  • 1955-1958: Pierre Balmain
  • 1958–1963: Jean Patou
  • 1963-1978 (1983), 1992-1997: Chloé
  • 1965-2019: Fendi
  • 1974-2019: Karl Lagerfeld ( Karl Lagerfeld Impression , KL by Karl Lagerfeld , Lagerfeld Gallery , Lagerfeld , Karl Lagerfeld etc.)
  • 1982-2019: Chanel
  • 2004: Hennes & Mauritz (H&M)

Collaborations and projects

Lagerfeld with a cuckoo clock by street artist Stefan Strumbel , 2008

In the 1980s there was a television series about fashion history. Lagerfeld explained fashion in the course of time using drawings that he made in front of the camera (e.g. differences in fashion in Germany from 1610 to 1620). Lagerfeld designed the stage outfits for Madonna's Re-Invention World Tour in 2004. In 2005/2006, Lagerfeld worked for Kylie Minogue .

In 2008 Lagerfeld created a Steiff teddy bear in the typical Lagerfeld outfit, which was sold in the USA for $ 1,500. In the video game Grand Theft Auto IV , presented in early 2008, Lagerfeld's voice can be heard as the radio host of the fictional station K109 . From mid-2008, Lagerfeld was involved in the design of an entire island called Isla Moda including apartments, hotels and shops off the coast of Dubai near The World . The project had not been completed by the end of 2010, and Lagerfeld retired as a designer.

At the end of 2009, the Italian-American toy manufacturer tokidoki produced a 25 cm toy figure based on Lagerfeld in a number of 1000 pieces, which was sold for € 129 each.

End of 2009, Lagerfeld collaborated with the French helmet manufacturer Les Ateliers Ruby and designed some helmet models and a silk - scarf .

For Coca-Cola , Lagerfeld designed a bottle of the Coca-Cola Light variety at the beginning of 2010 , which was available in limited numbers for 3.50 euros. In June 2010, Karl Lagerfeld worked as a cartoonist in the satirical magazine Eulenspiegel . In mid-2010, Lagerfeld took on the position of editor-in-chief of the French daily Liberation for one day and designed some caricatures for it. In Germany, Karl Lagerfeld designed the edition of the weekly newspaper Welt am Sonntag from December 1, 2013 with his own photos, texts and color illustrations.

For the autumn / winter season 2010, the jewelry manufacturer Swarovski presented bracelets, necklaces and brooches designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Atelier Swarovski as well as the diadem for the debutantes of the Vienna Opera Ball 2017.

The Italian shoe manufacturer Hogan , which belongs to Diego della Valle 's Tod’s Group, presented a one-time design collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld in October 2010 for six designs in the areas of shoes, clothing and accessories for women for the spring 2011 season Renewed collaboration with Lagerfeld for an autumn / winter collection at Hogan.

From 31 August 2011 a collaboration with the American department store chain has been in the US as part of Macy's for their IMPULSE -Designerkollektionen offered once by Karl Lagerfeld as a limited "capsule collection" designed women's fashion in the low price segment.

In 2015, Lagerfeld designed an 18-piece women's collection for the German online retailer Zalando under the name Karl Lagerfeld Sport City . In spring 2017 he worked with the French textile manufacturer Vilebrequin and presented a swimwear collection. In 2017 it became known that Lagerfeld wanted to bring out a limited beauty series with the Australian cosmetics manufacturer ModelCo in 2018. In autumn 2018 he worked for Puma , one of the world's largest sporting goods manufacturers.


In 1975, Lagerfeld and Chloé created the perfume Chloé for Woman , which is known for its floral scent. In collaboration with Fabergé , from 1989 Unilever and from 2005 Coty , he developed various other fragrances under his name over the years: in 1978 he launched the men's fragrance Lagerfeld , followed by KL (women) in 1982 and KL Homme (discontinued) in 1986 . In 1990 the men's fragrance Lagerfeld Photo came out, in 1994 the women's fragrance Sun Moon Stars. This was followed in 1997 by Jako (men) as well as Lagerfeld Femme (2000) and Lagerfeld Man (2002). In 2004 he designed the Liquid Karl perfume especially for H&M . In 2008 the capsule unisex collection was launched ( Woody , Light and Floriental ).

In 2014, the company Karl Lagerfeld BV presented two new fragrances, simply named Karl Lagerfeld (women) and Karl Lagerfeld Pour Homme (men). They were a new attempt to regain a foothold in the perfume market after the last few products failed to convince due to low sales. In 2015, Lagerfeld launched two more fragrances for women and men in collaboration with Interparfums, Inc .: Paradise Bay and Private Klub . In 2016 he presented the perfume Ocean View , each for women and men. Fleur de Pécher for women and Bois de Vétiver for men followed in 2017 . In spring 2018, the women's fragrance Fleur de Mûrier and the men's fragrance Bois de Yuzu were added. These four perfumes are grouped by Lagerfeld in the Les parfums matières collection.

Costume design

Lagerfeld was repeatedly active as a costume designer for theater and opera, around 1978 in Genoa ( The Green Cockatoo / Countess Mizzi by Arthur Schnitzler , directed by Luca Ronconi ); 1980 at the Vienna Burgtheater ( comedy of seduction by Arthur Schnitzler, directed by Horst Zankl , set design by Hans Hollein ) and at the Maggio Musicale in Florence ( Les Contes d'Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach , directed by Ronconi); 1982 at La Scala in Milan ( Les Troyens by Hector Berlioz , directed by Ronconi, set design by Ezio Frigerio ); 1991 at the Salzburg Festival ( The Difficult by Hugo von Hofmannsthal , directed by Jürgen Flimm , set by Erich Wonder ; this production was later taken over by the Vienna Burgtheater).

Activity in photography

Lagerfeld with Anna Wintour , 2014

In addition to fashion and costume design, Lagerfeld discovered photography as a new field of activity in 1987 . In 1993, a close collaboration began with the publisher Gerhard Steidl . Lagerfeld regarded Steidl as "the best printer in the world". Until his death, Lagerfeld published numerous photo books with Steidl Verlag . In 2012, the Buchkunst Foundation named his book The Little Black Jacket one of the most beautiful German books . Lagerfeld owned one of the world's largest collections of photo books. In 1996 he received the German Society for Photography's Culture Prize for his work . From November 11, 2006 to February 18, 2007, 350 photographs and multimedia installations by Lagerfeld were exhibited in the Berlin gallery C / O Berlin . Under the title One Man Shown , they all showed the American photo model Brad Kroenig , which the designer had discovered and promoted. The classic black and white portraits, which were created over a period of three and a half years and included both fashion and nude photographs , were successful with the public. The criticism reacted cautiously and partly negatively to Lagerfeld's photographic studies. While the magazine Der Spiegel denounced the uniformity of the images and attested that the fashion designer could also sell boredom perfectly, the American star photographer David LaChapelle criticized Lagerfeld as a “dilettante” who had nothing new to add to the history of photography. Lagerfeld was u. a responsible for the advertising campaign for the Dom Pérignon champagne brand and worked again with Claudia Schiffer. He directed the advertisement for the Phaeton model for the Volkswagen group and can also be seen in the advertising film for a special edition Golf. He photographed Natalia Wörner for the March 2011 issue of German Playboy . In a modernized photo story of the ancient myth of Daphne and Chloe based on the Greek poet Longus, he staged the two models Baptiste Giabiconi and Bianca Balti in front of the natural backdrop of southern France. The illustrated book Modern Mythology from 2013 shows Lagerfeld's idea of ​​idyllic life in monumental black and white photographs , based on the classic text source.

Lagerfeld experimented with old photographic means - with silver gelatine or with the daguerreotype on small metal plates. His photography is characterized by the artificial, the illusion of the picturesque and the overcoming of the banality of the ordinary world. He is not interested in psychological or biographical research into his objects. His work is comparable to Andy Warhol in the glorification of the surface and the representation of the imagery of advertising . In 2020 his first major retrospective can be seen in Halle.

Head of program for Steidl Verlag imprint LSD

In addition to his photo books Lagerfeld was the Steidl Verlag also from 2010 as program director of the Imprints L.SD connected (Lagerfeld. Steidl. Druckerei. Verlag), where the "heavy readers" a selection of German-language books, especially translations from English and French for publication suggested that reflected his “diverse interests” - literature, biography, fashion, art, aesthetics, music. For some of these titles printed by Steidl Verlag he also appeared as an illustrator and / or editor.



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  • One Man Shown , C / O Berlin, November 11, 2006 - February 18, 2007
  • Concrete Abstract Seen , Langen Foundation , Neuss, November 18, 2007 - May 4, 2008
  • Versailles à l'ombre du soleil , Paris, June 11th - September 7th, 2008
  • Feuerbach's Muses - Lagerfeld Models , Kunsthalle Hamburg , February 21 - June 14, 2014
  • Parallel opposites. Photography-Book Art-Fashion , Museum Folkwang Essen , February 15 - May 11, 2014
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Private and miscellaneous

Lagerfeld, 2005
with the Bolivian fashion designer Monica Moss
  • On January 15, 2007, Lagerfeld failed in a Paris court with his lawsuit against “The Beautiful Fall”, a book from the fashion world, written by the author Alicia Drake. In contrast to Lagerfeld, the presiding judge could not find any attack on his privacy because the book was not published in France. According to this, Lagerfeld is said to have had all the English editions bought up in Paris in order to take them out of circulation.
  • On April 24, 2008, the musical Lagerhouse was premiered as a commissioned work at the Donaufestival in Krems an der Donau ( Austria ) .
  • In Panoptikum Hamburg is since 2012 a wax figure of him.
  • With private assets of around 350 million euros, Lagerfeld was one of the 500 richest Germans .
  • Lagerfeld was very close friends with Princess Caroline of Monaco for many years .
  • His house cat Choupette (* 2011) has a Twitter account authorized by Lagerfeld and was featured on the cover of German Vogue in July 2013 together with Linda Evangelista . In the winter of 2013, an accessory collection named after Choupette came onto the market.


  • Lagerfeld was repeatedly criticized because he preferred very thin to skinny models and committed them to his collections. He spoke out against a catwalk ban for very thin models.
  • In 2004, a comment on a collection for the fashion chain H&M also made negative headlines . The company also offered the clothing in larger versions, to which Lagerfeld said: “What I have designed is fashion for slim, slim people. That was the original idea. "
  • In November 2017, Lagerfeld caused outrage after he described Muslim refugees as "the Jews' worst enemies" on French television.
  • In May 2018, Lagerfeld told the French weekly magazine Le Point that he “hated” Chancellor Angela Merkel for her refugee policy: “Even if there are decades in between, you cannot kill millions of Jews and then later bring on millions of their worst enemies”. With her decision to take in “one million immigrants” in Germany, she paved the way for the AfD to enter the Bundestag in the 2017 elections. Now “100 of these neo-Nazis are in parliament” because Merkel “forgot” German history. "If things continue like this, I'll give up German citizenship."


Jumping spider Jotus karllagerfeldi

Karl Lagerfeld Prize

In 2019, the Karl Lagerfeld Prize was awarded for the first time, with which the French LVMH group honors young designers. The prize money amounts to 150,000 euros. In addition, the winner receives a one-year practical training course at LVMH, for example in the area of ​​marketing. In 2019, the Israeli fashion designer Hed Mayner won.



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