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Association KNVB
First edition 1956
Teams 18th
master Ajax Amsterdam (34)
Record champions Ajax Amsterdam (34)
Record player Jan Jongbloed (717)
Record scorer Willy van der Kuijlen (311)
Current season 2019/20
Qualification for Champions League
Europa League
Dutch Supercup

The Eredivisie (pronunciation: [ˈeː.rə.di.ˌvi.zi] , German  Ehrendivision ) is the highest football league of the Dutch football association Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond (KNVB). It was founded in 1956.

There are currently 18 teams playing in the Eredivisie, and they compete against each other on 34 match days during the annual season. The battle for the Dutch soccer championship is dominated by the three largest and most financially strong Dutch clubs Ajax Amsterdam , PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord Rotterdam . Only a few other clubs such as AZ Alkmaar and Twente Enschede were able to celebrate championships.

UEFA five-year ranking

Placement in the UEFA five-year ranking ( previous year's ranking in brackets ). The abbreviations CL and EL after the country coefficients indicate the number of representatives in the 2019/20 season of the Champions League and the Europa League .

Status: end of the European Cup season 2018/19

In the five-year ranking of UEFA , which regulates the starting and qualifying places for European competitions, the honor division is currently in eighth place. Accordingly, the "Eredivisie" is entitled to a direct starting place and a place for qualifying for the UEFA Champions League . There are also three qualifying places for the UEFA Europa League . The winner of the KNVB Cup , which is held parallel to the honor division, will receive another Europa League place .


With a reform of the Eredivisie that came into force in the 2005/06 season, play-off games will take place after a season has ended . After the Champions League participants were initially determined in these games, since the 2008/09 season only the five to eighth places in the final table have taken part in the playoffs. Between these a place in the Europa League is played. All playoff games are played with a return leg.

Criticism of the playoff mode

The playoff mode has been and is controversial in the Netherlands, but also internationally. Critics believe that the mode leads to a devaluation of the regular seasonal operations and that clubs that have performed well during the season can be deprived of the fruits of their labor in a single game.

In the eyes of the critics, a prime example of this was the playoff game between AZ Alkmaar and FC Groningen in the first season after the introduction of the new mode . Vice-champions AZ Alkmaar had distanced fifth placed Groningen by 18 points in the regular season. After a long season in which Alkmaar had to play significantly more competitive games than Groningen through the Cup and UEFA Cup , the AZ lacked the necessary strength in the playoff. Groningen won 3: 1 and 1: 2 on both legs.

Something similar could also be observed in 2007/08, when runners-up Ajax Amsterdam failed in the Champions League playoffs with 1: 2 and 0: 0 to Twente Enschede (4th place). The capital city had to remain in this way in the UEFA Cup.


For the 2019/20 season , the Dutch Football Association decided that the seventeenth of the table, who had previously taken part in the relegation relegation together with the sixteenth, will also be firmly relegated.

Participants of the 2019/20 season and their venues

Venues of the Eredivisie 2019/20
team city Home stadium capacity
ADO The Hague The hague Cars Jeans Stadium 15,000
Ajax Amsterdam Amsterdam Johan Cruyff Arena 53,052
AZ Alkmaar Alkmaar AFAS stadium 17,023
FC Emmen Emmen De Oude Meerdijk 08,600
FC Groningen Groningen Hitachi Capital Mobility Stadium 22,500
FC Twente Enschede Enschede De Grolsch Veste 30.205
FC Utrecht Utrecht Galgenwaard Stadium 24,426
Feyenoord Rotterdam Rotterdam De Kuip 51,177
Fortuna Sittard Sittard Fortuna Sittard Stadium 12,500
Heracles Almelo Almelo Erve Asito 12,080
PEC Zwolle Zwolle Mac3Park Stadium 12,500
PSV Eindhoven Eindhoven Philips Stadium 35,000
RKC Waalwijk Waalwijk Mandemakers Stadium 07,500
SC Heerenveen Heerenveen Abe Lenstra Stadium 26,000
Sparta Rotterdam Rotterdam Sparta Stadium - Het Kasteel 11,000
Vitesse Arnhem Arnhem GelreDome 25,000
VVV-Venlo Venlo Covebo Stadium - De Koel - 07,500
Willem II Tilburg Tilburg King Wilhelm II Stadium 14,750

Audience numbers

In the regular 2017/18 season, the average number of spectators per game was 19,001, making the Eredivisie one of the most popular football leagues in the world. Ajax Amsterdam (49,670) and Feyenoord Rotterdam (45,588) had the highest average viewership.

season cut Games total
1969/70 12,715 306 3,890,791
1979/80 9,853 306 3,015,119
1989/90 7,441 306 2,428,288
1999/00 14,028 306 4,292,437
2009/10 19,588 306 5,993,784
2010/11 19,269 306 5,896,460
2011/12 19,538 306 5,978,689
2012/13 19,596 306 5,996,264
2013/14 19,557 306 5,984,484
2014/15 18,744 306 5,735,736
2015/16 19,412 306 5,940,000
2016/17 19,090 306 5,841,521
2017/18 19.001 306 5,814,307
2018/19 17,957 306 5,494,944
2019/20 1 18,230 232 4,229,375
1Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic , the season was canceled prematurely in April 2020, by then 232 out of 306 games had been played.

Dutch champions since the introduction of the Eredivisie in 1956/57

season society
1956/57 Ajax Amsterdam
1957/58 DOS Utrecht
1958/59 Sparta Rotterdam
1959/60 Ajax Amsterdam
1960/61 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1961/62 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1962/63 PSV Eindhoven
1963/64 DWS Amsterdam
1964/65 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1965/66 Ajax Amsterdam
1966/67 Ajax Amsterdam
1967/68 Ajax Amsterdam
1968/69 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1969/70 Ajax Amsterdam
1970/71 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1971/72 Ajax Amsterdam
1972/73 Ajax Amsterdam
1973/74 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1974/75 PSV Eindhoven
1975/76 PSV Eindhoven
1976/77 Ajax Amsterdam
1977/78 PSV Eindhoven
season society
1978/79 Ajax Amsterdam
1979/80 Ajax Amsterdam
1980/81 AZ Alkmaar
1981/82 Ajax Amsterdam
1982/83 Ajax Amsterdam
1983/84 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1984/85 Ajax Amsterdam
1985/86 PSV Eindhoven
1986/87 PSV Eindhoven
1987/88 PSV Eindhoven
1988/89 PSV Eindhoven
1989/90 Ajax Amsterdam
1990/91 PSV Eindhoven
1991/92 PSV Eindhoven
1992/93 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1993/94 Ajax Amsterdam
1994/95 Ajax Amsterdam
1995/96 Ajax Amsterdam
1996/97 PSV Eindhoven
1997/98 Ajax Amsterdam
1998/99 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1999/00 PSV Eindhoven
season society
2000/01 PSV Eindhoven
2001/02 Ajax Amsterdam
2002/03 PSV Eindhoven
2003/04 Ajax Amsterdam
2004/05 PSV Eindhoven
2005/06 PSV Eindhoven
2006/07 PSV Eindhoven
2007/08 PSV Eindhoven
2008/09 AZ Alkmaar
2009/10 FC Twente Enschede
2010/11 Ajax Amsterdam
2011/12 Ajax Amsterdam
2012/13 Ajax Amsterdam
2013/14 Ajax Amsterdam
2014/15 PSV Eindhoven
2015/16 PSV Eindhoven
2016/17 Feyenoord Rotterdam
2017/18 PSV Eindhoven
2018/19 Ajax Amsterdam
2019/20 none 2
2Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic , the season was canceled prematurely in April 2020 and no champions were chosen.

Number of championships since 1956/57

society Title number
Ajax Amsterdam 26th
PSV Eindhoven 20th
Feyenoord Rotterdam 10
AZ Alkmaar 2
Twente Enschede
DWS Amsterdam
Sparta Rotterdam
DOS Utrecht

Eredivisie record champions

  • 1957: Ajax Amsterdam
  • 1958: Ajax Amsterdam and DOS Utrecht
  • 1959: Ajax Amsterdam, DOS Utrecht and Sparta Rotterdam
  • 1960–1961: Ajax Amsterdam (2)
  • 1962–1964: Ajax Amsterdam and Feyenoord Rotterdam
  • 1965: Feyenoord Rotterdam (3)
  • 1966: Feyenoord Rotterdam and Ajax Amsterdam
  • since 1967: Ajax Amsterdam (4–26)

Eternal table

Top scorer

season player Gates society
1956/57 NetherlandsNetherlands Coen Dillen 43 PSV Eindhoven
1957/58 NetherlandsNetherlands Leo Canjels 32 NAC Breda
1958/59 NetherlandsNetherlands Leo Canjels 34 NAC Breda
1959/60 NetherlandsNetherlands Henk Groot 38 Ajax Amsterdam
1960/61 NetherlandsNetherlands Henk Groot 41 Ajax Amsterdam
1961/62 NetherlandsNetherlands Dick Tol 27 FC Volendam
1962/63 NetherlandsNetherlands Pierre Kerkhoffs 22nd PSV Eindhoven
1963/64 NetherlandsNetherlands Frans Geurtsen 28 DWS Amsterdam
1964/65 NetherlandsNetherlands Frans Geurtsen 23 DWS Amsterdam
1965/66 NetherlandsNetherlands Willy van der Kuijlen Piet Kruiver
23 PSV Eindhoven
Feyenoord Rotterdam
1966/67 NetherlandsNetherlands Johan Cruyff 33 Ajax Amsterdam
1967/68 SwedenSweden Ove Kindvall 28 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1968/69 NetherlandsNetherlands Dick van Dijk Ove Kindvall
30th FC Twente Enschede
Feyenoord Rotterdam
1969/70 NetherlandsNetherlands Willy van der Kuijlen 26th PSV Eindhoven
1970/71 SwedenSweden Ove Kindvall 24 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1971/72 NetherlandsNetherlands Johan Cruyff 25th Ajax Amsterdam
1972/73 NetherlandsNetherlands Cas Janssens Willy Brokamp
18th NEC Nijmegen
MVV Maastricht
1973/74 NetherlandsNetherlands Willy van der Kuijlen 27 PSV Eindhoven
1974/75 NetherlandsNetherlands Ruud Geels 30th Ajax Amsterdam
1975/76 NetherlandsNetherlands Ruud Geels 29 Ajax Amsterdam
1976/77 NetherlandsNetherlands Ruud Geels 34 Ajax Amsterdam
1977/78 NetherlandsNetherlands Ruud Geels 30th Ajax Amsterdam
1978/79 NetherlandsNetherlands Kees Kist 34 AZ Alkmaar
1979/80 NetherlandsNetherlands Kees Kist 27 AZ Alkmaar
1980/81 NetherlandsNetherlands Ruud Geels 22nd Sparta Rotterdam
1981/82 NetherlandsNetherlands Wim Kieft 32 Ajax Amsterdam
1982/83 NetherlandsNetherlands Peter Houtman 30th Feyenoord Rotterdam
1983/84 NetherlandsNetherlands Marco van Basten 28 Ajax Amsterdam
1984/85 NetherlandsNetherlands Marco van Basten 22nd Ajax Amsterdam
1985/86 NetherlandsNetherlands Marco van Basten 37 Ajax Amsterdam
1986/87 NetherlandsNetherlands Marco van Basten 31 Ajax Amsterdam
1987/88 NetherlandsNetherlands Wim Kieft 29 PSV Eindhoven
1988/89 Brazil 1968Brazil Romario 19th PSV Eindhoven
1989/90 Brazil 1968Brazil Romario 23 PSV Eindhoven
1990/91 Brazil 1968Brazil Romário Dennis Bergkamp
25th PSV Eindhoven
Ajax Amsterdam
1991/92 NetherlandsNetherlands Dennis Bergkamp 22nd Ajax Amsterdam
1992/93 NetherlandsNetherlands Dennis Bergkamp 26th Ajax Amsterdam
1993/94 FinlandFinland Jari Litmanen 26th Ajax Amsterdam
1994/95 BrazilBrazil Ronaldo 30th PSV Eindhoven
1995/96 BelgiumBelgium Luc Nilis 21st PSV Eindhoven
1996/97 BelgiumBelgium Luc Nilis 21st PSV Eindhoven
1997/98 GreeceGreece Nikos Machlas 34 Vitesse Arnhem
1998/99 NetherlandsNetherlands Ruud van Nistelrooy 31 PSV Eindhoven
1999/00 NetherlandsNetherlands Ruud van Nistelrooy 29 PSV Eindhoven
2000/01 Yugoslavia Federal Republic 1992Yugoslavia Mateja Kežman 24 PSV Eindhoven
2001/02 NetherlandsNetherlands Pierre van Hooijdonk 24 Feyenoord Rotterdam
2002/03 Yugoslavia Federal Republic 1992Yugoslavia Mateja Kežman 35 PSV Eindhoven
2003/04 Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro Mateja Kežman 31 PSV Eindhoven
2004/05 NetherlandsNetherlands Dirk Kuyt 29 Feyenoord Rotterdam
2005/06 NetherlandsNetherlands Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 33 SC Heerenveen / Ajax Amsterdam
2006/07 BrazilBrazil Afonso Alves 34 SC Heerenveen
2007/08 NetherlandsNetherlands Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 33 Ajax Amsterdam
2008/09 MoroccoMorocco Mounir El Hamdaoui 23 AZ Alkmaar
2009/10 UruguayUruguay Luis Suarez 35 Ajax Amsterdam
2010/11 BelgiumBelgium Bjorn Vleminckx 23 NEC Nijmegen
2011/12 NetherlandsNetherlands Bas Dost 32 SC Heerenveen
2012/13 Ivory CoastIvory Coast Wilfried Bony 31 Vitesse Arnhem
2013/14 IcelandIceland Alfreð Finnbogason 29 SC Heerenveen
2014/15 NetherlandsNetherlands Memphis Depay 22nd PSV Eindhoven
2015/16 NetherlandsNetherlands Vincent Janssen 27 AZ Alkmaar
2016/17 DenmarkDenmark Nicolai Jørgensen 21st Feyenoord Rotterdam
2017/18 IranIran Alireza Jahanbakhsh 21st AZ Alkmaar
2018/19 NetherlandsNetherlands Luuk de Jong Dušan Tadić
28 PSV Eindhoven
Ajax Amsterdam
2019/20 NetherlandsNetherlands Steven Berghuis 3 Cyriel Dessers 3
15th Feyenoord Rotterdam
Heracles Almelo
3Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic , the season was canceled prematurely in April 2020 and no top scorer was chosen. Until then, Berghuis and Dessers had each scored the most goals together.

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