Peugeot 402

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Peugeot 402 sedan
Peugeot 402 sedan
Production period: 1935-1942
Class : Middle class
Body versions : Roadster , limousine , Pullman limousine , station wagon , coupé , cabriolet , pickup
Gasoline engines : 2.0–2.15 liters
(40–46 kW)
Diesel engine :
2.3 liters
Length: 4500-5000 mm
Width: 1640 mm
Height: 1580 mm
Wheelbase : 2880-3330 mm
Empty weight : 1110-1420 kg
Previous model Peugeot 401
successor Peugeot 403

The Peugeot 402 was a vehicle from the French manufacturer Peugeot . It was produced from 1935 to 1942 with an edition of 75,000 copies. The predecessor was the Peugeot 401 , the successor to the Peugeot 403 .

The vehicle was available in numerous versions - u. a. Limousine, convertible, decouvrable, roadster, folding roof convertible, station wagon and even camionette. Up to 16 body variants were available.

The streamlined design with the two headlights that were hidden behind the radiator grille was also revolutionary in the 1930s. The avant-garde design of the Peugeot 402 was favorably received by customers and gave it the nickname “Ligne Fuseau Sochaux”, which can be translated as “spindle shape from Sochaux”. In the Peugeot Sochaux plant, however, not only a formally ultra-modern automobile was built, the 402 also came up with many other innovations. The mid-range model had recessed door handles, security mortise locks, a twelve-volt system and, optionally, an electromagnetic three-speed Cotal pre-selection gear. In addition, the Peugeot 402 was one of the very first diesel cars; However, due to the outbreak of war, the diesel engine was never installed in series.

All models had a 4-cylinder engine with 1991 cm³ displacement, from 1938 (model B) with 2142 cm³. The diesel engines had a displacement of 2.3 liters. Many models were equipped with the Cotal electromagnetic gearbox. The 402 chassis served as the basis for many special bodies.


Peugeot 402 "Eclipse" (convertible)

The retractable roof convertible, known as the “Eclipse” (patented by Georges Paulin), was the successor to the 401 model, which is considered the first automobile in the world with an electrically operated tinny “Eclipse” roof. The 402 Eclipse (according to an article in La Vie de l'Auto from 2002) 473 copies were made. In May 2007 there were still 34 known Peugeot 401/601/402s with "Eclipse body". One of these is on the 601 , three on the 401 , three on the two-seater 402 type "E4" and 27 on the four-seater "E4Y". 402 Eclipse - with the exception of the few two-seaters produced - were built on the long chassis of the Familiale sedan version and are around 5.30 meters long. The Eclipse was to be assigned to the luxury vehicle segment with a price of 34,000 FF (1936); When converted to today's purchasing power, this corresponds to a new price of around € 150,000. As far as can still be traced today, Eclipse were only produced with a firm order and a substantial down payment.

There was initially no direct successor to the 402 until the Peugeot 403 was finally brought onto the market in 1955 (13 years after production was discontinued).


“In its Type 402, Peugeot has developed a model that, with its particularly good acceleration and elongated, streamlined structure, represents a touring car of the highest perfection. When designing the 402, particular emphasis was placed on the convenience and comfort of the occupants. A sliding roof installed as standard, electric air conditioning with cooling for the summer and heating for the winter and many other things serve this purpose. The purchase price of RM 6500  must be described as very cheap. "

- Report in the Neue Freie Presse from August 7, 1938

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  1. What is meant is not an air conditioning system in today's sense, but just a ventilation system .
  2. This corresponds to around EUR 28,000 today  . This figure was based on the template: Inflation determined, has been rounded to the nearest hundred and relates to January 2020.