The Marshall Mathers LP 2

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The Marshall Mathers LP 2
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5th November 2013



Label (s) Shady Records , Aftermath , Interscope

Format (s)

CD , LP , download

Genre (s)

Hip-hop , rap

Title (number)

CD 1: 16 / (CD 2: 5)

running time

CD 1: 79:49 / (CD 2: 24:09)


Studio (s)

  • Effigy Studios
  • Shangri La Studios (Malibu)
  • Larrabee Studios (Universal City)
  • Interscope Studios (Santa Monica)
  • Record One Studios
    (Sherman Oaks)
  • Westlake Studios (Los Angeles)
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Revival
Single releases
August 27, 2013 Berzerk
October 8, 2013 Survival
15 October 2013 Rap god
October 29, 2013 The monster
5th February 2014 Headlights

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is the eighth solo album by the American rapper Eminem . It was released on November 5, 2013 on the labels Shady Records , Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records . The name is a continuation of his third studio album The Marshall Mathers LP .

Prehistory and origin

On May 24, 2012, Eminem first announced on the radio station Hot 97 that he was working on his eighth solo album. He gave another interview on June 30, 2012 on his own radio station Shade 45, saying that Dr. Dre was involved in the production of the new album. Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg announced on February 11, 2013 that Eminem's eighth studio album should be released in 2013, but only after Memorial Day (May 27). He also announced that Eminem will tour Europe in August 2013. On March 24, 2013, Dr. Dre in an interview that Eminem's work on his new album was about to be completed.

In an interview with the music magazine Rolling Stone , which appeared on November 7, 2013, Eminem said that he put as much work into making The Marshall Mathers LP 2 as he did in The Eminem Show , his film 8 Mile and the accompanying soundtrack together. He also stated that he did not choose the name because the sound carrier was a sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP , but because of the nostalgia he felt when listening to the songs.

On October 30, 2013, the album was posted on the Internet by strangers.


On August 14, 2013, the song Survival was released for the first time on the new album. Then Eminem went on a European tour for ten days, where he played this song live at the opening at six concerts ( Pukkelpop , Slane , Glasgow Summer Sessions , Stade de France , Reading and Leeds Festivals ).

At the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25, 2013 it was finally announced that Eminem's eighth studio album is called The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and should be released on November 5, 2013. The first single, Berzerk , was released on August 27th, followed by a music video on September 9th, 2013. Subsequently, Survival was released on October 8th, including the music video, as a download single. Shortly afterwards, on October 10, 2013, the track list appeared on the Internet, and on October 15, Rap God, the third single, followed, but without the accompanying music video. The pre-sale of the album started on October 17th on Eminem's website. Here you could choose between different packages of the album, including different merchandise products. On October 28, 2013, The Monster, a fourth song before the album was released on US radio, was released for download one day later.

On November 2, 2013, Eminem performed live with the songs Berzerk and Survival on the US television program Saturday Night Live and a day later with Rap God at the Youtube Music Awards . He also gave the pieces Berzerk and Rap God the best at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2013 on November 10, 2013, where Eminem was awarded two trophies. On November 16, 2013 he also appeared with Berzerk on the TV show Schlag den Raab .


Eminem deals with a wide range of topics on the album, including aggressive (e.g. Berzerk , Asshole ) and funny songs (e.g. Love Game ), as well as calm and personal songs (e.g. Legacy , Stronger Than I What , headlights ) contained on the sound carrier. What is striking is the high proportion of choruses sung, some of which are interpreted by Eminem himself and some by guest artists.

The first song Bad Guy builds on Eminem's hit Stan : Stan's little brother Matthew blames Eminem for his death and wants to get revenge on him by kidnapping Eminem in the car and throwing himself off a bridge with him. In Rhyme or Reason , Eminem sarcastically vented his anger that his father left him and his mother when he was 18 months old , while in So Much Better , he wished death to a woman who cheated on him. The first single Berzerk is a typical party song, while The Monster deals with the dark side of being famous. In Rap God Eminem highlights his status as a rap superstar and says in Survival that he is far from thinking about quitting. Legacy is about Eminem's troubled childhood, and in Asshole he ironically thanks his critics for the attention they've brought him. Brainless also contains a lot of exaggeration, irony and sarcasm. The song Stronger Than I Was is a mostly sung ballad that deals with the pain of separation after a relationship, whereas Love Game is an ironic song about the different facets of love. In So Far… Eminem describes, among other things, his love for his hometown Detroit and that despite the fame he has changed little. In addition, the song Headlights represents a declaration of reconciliation to his mother, with whom Eminem has been in an argument since the beginning of his career. In Evil Twin , Eminem deals with his alter ego Slim Shady and says that he and his diabolical twin form the top 4 best rappers of all time with Tupac Shakur and The Notorious BIG .

In the bonus song Baby Eminem once again glorifies his talent and raps with many comparisons and exaggerations . The same goes for Wicked Ways . Desperation , on the other hand, is a more profound song that is about an insincere relationship in which love is only faked. In Beautiful Pain is called to stand tall by any setbacks and emerge stronger from the mistakes of the past. Groundhog Day is about Eminem's many childhood moves and the early days of his rap career with group D12 . In addition, Eminem announces in Don't Front that he is still hungry for rap and thanks various rappers such as Proof , Obie Trice , Kon Artis and Buckshot .

Several songs contain allusions to songs from the Marshall Mathers LP . So passages in the text in Bad Guy refer to the tracks Stan and Criminal . The Skit Parking Lot also continues a Skit from Criminal and at the end of So Much Better there is a reference to Kill You . In Rap God , Eminem picks up a previously censored line from his song I'm Back and So Far… contains allusions to The Real Slim Shady .

Production and samples

18 different music producers were involved in the production of the album . Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin acted as executive producers . While Eminem's discoverer Dr. Dre did not produce an instrumental though, Rick Rubin is responsible for the beats for Berzerk , So Far ... and Love Game . He also produced the song Rhyme or Reason in collaboration with Eminem . Eminem himself also produced the titles Parking Lot (Skit) , So Much Better , Brainless , Stronger Than I Was and Baby . Luis Resto assisted him with the last four songs . Eminem also made small changes to some instrumentals and co-produced Cardiak ( Groundhog Day ) and Emile Haynie ( Beautiful Pain ). Emile also created the beat for Legacy and produced the track Headlights in collaboration with Jeff Bhasker . Three songs on the album ( Asshole , Desperation , Wicked Ways ) were produced by British producer Alex da Kid and Sid Roams contributed the instrumental to Evil Twin . The beat of Survival was created by DJ Khalil , while DVLP and Filthy (co) produced Rap God . Frequency and Aalias, who acted as co-producer, created the instrumental for The Monster together . The song Bad Guy has two different beats, the first being produced by Symbolyc One and M-Phazes and the second by StreetRunner and Vinny Venditto (Co). The duo Katalyst also produced the bonus track Don't Front .

Eight songs on the album contain samples of songs by other artists. The first beat of Bad Guy contains elements of the track Hocus Pokus by Walter Murphy and the second instrumental samples the pieces Ode to Billie Joe by Lou Donaldson and Soara by Gian Piero Reverberi and Laura Giordano. Rhyme or Reason contains a sample of the title Time of the Season by the rock band The Zombies and in Berzerk the tracks The Stroke by Billy Squier and Fight for Your Right and Feel Me Flow by the rap groups Beastie Boys and Naughty by Nature are sampled. Additions from the pieces The Show by Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick and Supersonic by the rap group JJ Fad are included in the song Rap God . So Far… samples the songs Life's Been Good by Joe Walsh and PSK Whut Does It Mean by Schoolly D and contains elements of the Eminem songs I'm Back and The Real Slim Shady . The track Love Game includes samples of Game of Love by Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders and The Object of My Affection by Pinky Tomlin. Evil Twin also contains elements of the songs The Reunion by Bad Meets Evil and Eyeless Dream by Wolfgang Düren, while Groundhog Day samples the songs Sleight of Hand by the Menahan Street Band and Big Menu by Sam Kinison .

Cover design

Cover of the album

Link to the picture
(please note copyrights )

The album cover was released on September 20, 2013 via Eminem's Twitter account. It is in black and white and shows a wooden house that was already used for the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP and in which the rapper spent part of his childhood. The windows and doors of the house are boarded up and there is a conifer in the foreground. The number 19946 is on the front door . At the top right of the picture are the words Eminem and The Marshall 2 Mathers LP in black. In the deluxe edition, the 2 is in red.

The CD itself contains the words City of Detroit and Michigan as well as the Latin words Speramus Meliora and Resurget Cineribus , which means something like 'We hope for better times and will rise from the ashes'.

Guest Posts

In addition to Eminem, other artists can be heard on seven or ten songs. What is striking is the large number of female singers on the album. Thus, Rihanna , who already in the hit single Love the Way You Lie on Eminem's previous album Recovery was represented, a commentary in the song The Monster . Liz Rodrigues and Skylar Gray , with whom the rapper has also worked in the past, sing the refrains of the songs Survival and Asshole, respectively . The Russian singer Polina is featured on the song Legacy , while the American artist Sarah Jaffe sings the hook on the song Bad Guy . In addition, Nate Ruess , the singer of the indie pop band Fun , has a guest appearance in the play Headlights and Kendrick Lamar is the only rapper to be heard on the track Love Game . The deluxe edition also includes guest contributions by British musician Jamie N Commons ( Desperation ), Australian singer Sia ( Beautiful Pain ) and the US band X Ambassadors ( Wicked Ways ).

The rapper Buckshot is also featured on the bonus song Don't Front , which you get when you buy the album, including the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts .

Track list

# title Guest Posts producer length
1 Bad guy Sarah Jaffe Part 1: Symbolyc One and M-Phazes
Part 2: StreetRunner and Vinny Venditto (Co)
2 Parking Lot (Skit) Eminem 0:55
3 Rhyme or Reason Rick Rubin and Eminem 5:01
4th So much better Eminem and Luis Resto (Add) 4:21
5 Survival Liz Rodrigues DJ Khalil 4:32
6th Legacy Polina Emile Haynie 4:56
7th Asshole Skylar Gray Alex da Kid and Eminem (Add) 4:48
8th Berzerk Rick Rubin 3:58
9 Rap god DVLP and Filthy (Co) 6:03
10 Brainless Eminem and Luis Resto (Add) 4:46
11 Stronger Than I Was Eminem and Luis Resto (Add) 5:36
12 The monster Rihanna Frequency and Aalias (Co) 4:10
13 So far… Rick Rubin 5:17
14th Love game Kendrick Lamar Rick Rubin 4:56
15th Headlights Nate Ruess Emile Haynie, Jeff Bhasker
and Eminem (Add)
16 Evil Twin / Silence / Ken (Skit) Sid Roams and Eminem (Add) 7:33

Deluxe Edition bonus songs:

# title Guest Posts producer length
1 infant Eminem and Luis Resto (Add) 4:23
2 Desperation Jamie N Commons Alex da kid 3:56
3 Groundhog Day Cardiak and Eminem (Co) 4:53
4th Beautiful pain Sia Emile Haynie and Eminem (Co) 4:25
5 Wicked Ways / Silence / Ken (Skit) X ambassadors Alex da kid 6:32

Bonus song for the version with Call of Duty: Ghosts :

# title Guest Posts producer length
1 Don't front Buckshot Catalyst 4:44

Individual songs

Cover of the single Survival
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 10 06.09.2013 (24 weeks)
  AT 22nd 06.09.2013 (15 weeks)
  CH 9 09/08/2013 (14 weeks)
  UK 2 October 19, 2013 (12 weeks)
  US 3 09/14/2013 (20 weeks)
  DE 20th October 18, 2013 (17 weeks)
  AT 29 October 18, 2013 (8 weeks)
  CH 13 10/27/2013 (6 weeks)
  UK 22nd 03/11/2013 (10 weeks)
  US 16 October 18, 2013 (14 weeks)
Rap god
  DE 33 10/25/2013 (5 weeks)
  AT 45 10/25/2013 (4 weeks)
  CH 31 03/11/2013 (2 weeks)
  UK 5 10/26/2013 (9 weeks)
  US 7th 11/02/2013 (20 weeks)
The monster
  DE 3 11/08/2013 (28 weeks)
  AT 6th 11/08/2013 (21 weeks)
  CH 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 11/09/2013 (23 weeks)
  UK 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 11/09/2013 (25 weeks)
  US 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 11/08/2013 (29 weeks)
  UK 66 05/24/2014 (9 weeks)
  US 45 03/29/2014 (8 weeks)
Cover of the single
The Monster

In this track, Eminem emphasizes, among other things, that he is far from thinking about quitting.


The song is a party track, the beat of which is based on the old school productions of the 1980s.

Rap god

In this song, Eminem deals with his status as a rap superstar.

The monster

This piece explores the downsides of being a celebrity.


The track is a declaration of reconciliation to Eminem's mother, Debbie Mathers.

Beautiful pain

The title is about not letting setbacks get you down, learning from the mistakes of the past and emerging stronger.

Chart successes and singles

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 rose straight away to the top of the German charts , stayed there the following week and then fell to number 3; 8 and 10. Overall, the album was able to stay in the Top 100 for 22 weeks, nine weeks of which in the Top 10. After The Eminem Show and Encore Eminem's third solo album, which reached number 1 in Germany. It also climbed to position 1 in Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, Ireland and New Zealand. In France, Italy, Poland and Sweden, the album was ranked 2. The longest, the album stayed in the US charts with 189 weeks, which, however, have 200 places.

Chart placements
Charts Top ranking Weeks
Chart placements
Germany (GfK) Germany (GfK) 1 (22 weeks) 22nd
Austria (Ö3) Austria (Ö3) 1 (16 weeks) 16
Switzerland (IFPI) Switzerland (IFPI) 1 (24 weeks) 24
United Kingdom (OCC) United Kingdom (OCC) 1 (71 weeks) 71
United States (Billboard) United States (Billboard) 1 (189 weeks) 189
Annual charts
Charts (2013) placement
Annual charts (2013)
Germany (GfK) Germany (GfK) 13
Austria (Ö3) Austria (Ö3) 30th
Switzerland (IFPI) Switzerland (IFPI) 12
United Kingdom (OCC) United Kingdom (OCC) 13
United States (Billboard) United States (Billboard) 16
Annual charts
Charts (2013) placement
Annual charts (2013)
Switzerland (IFPI) Switzerland (IFPI) 41
United Kingdom (OCC) United Kingdom (OCC) 58
United States (Billboard) United States (Billboard) 5

On August 27, 2013, the track Berzerk was released as the first single on the album for download. It reached number 10 in the German charts, stayed in the top 100 for 24 weeks and was awarded a gold record for more than 150,000 units sold in Germany in 2018 . The second single, Survival , was released on October 8th for download only and rose to position 20 in the German charts, where it was represented for 17 weeks. On October 15, 2013, Rap God, the third download single followed, which reached position 30 in Germany and stayed in the top 100 for five weeks. Even Survival and Rap God received for each 150,000 sales in Germany Gold status. The Monster was released as the fourth single for download on October 29th and rose to number 3 in the charts in Germany, while in Great Britain it topped the charts straight away . For more than 450,000 copies sold, The Monster received a triple gold record in Germany in 2018. On February 5, 2014 Headlights was released as the fifth song for promotional purposes for the radio and as a result reached number 45 in the USA. Although the track Beautiful Pain was not released as a single, it was able to reach position 87 in the German, 67 in the British and 99 in the US charts for one week each due to the high number of downloads.

Sales figures and awards

In the US alone, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 sold around 792,000 copies in the first week after its release, more than the two previous Eminem albums. For over 300,000 units sold, the album received a triple gold record in Germany . In the UK, the album sold 73,000 times in the first 24 hours of its release. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 received a double platinum record there for more than 600,000 copies sold, as well as in Austria for over 30,000 sales. In Switzerland it got a platinum record for 20,000 units sold and in the USA the album was awarded four times platinum for more than four million sales. The worldwide sales figures thus amount to around six million.

At the Grammy Awards in 2015 received The Marshall Mathers LP 2 the award in the category Best Rap Album . The song The Monster also won the award in the Best Rap / Sung Collaboration category.


country gold platinum 3 × gold 2 × platinum 4 × platinum
awarded by BVMI
2013 2014 January 8, 2020 - -
awarded by IFPI
November 14, 2013 January 13, 2014 - 1st September 2017 -
awarded by IFPI
2013 2013 - - -
United States
awarded by RIAA
June 10, 2014 June 10, 2014 - June 10, 2014 15th March 2017
United Kingdom
awarded by BPI
November 8, 2013 December 13, 2013 - March 18, 2016 -
awarded by IFPI
- 2013 - - -
Country / Region Award Sales
Awards for music sales
(country / region, Award, Sales)
Australia (ARIA) Australia (ARIA) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 140,000
Belgium (BEA) Belgium (BEA) Gold record icon.svg gold 15,000
Denmark (IFPI) Denmark (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 20,000
Germany (BVMI) Germany (BVMI) Gold record icon.svg 3 × gold 300,000
Europe (IFPI) Europe (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum (1,000,000)
France (SNEP) France (SNEP) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 100,000
Ireland (IRMA) Ireland (IRMA) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 15,000
Italy (FIMI) Italy (FIMI) Gold record icon.svg gold 30,000
Canada (MC) Canada (MC) Platinum record icon.svg 4 × platinum 320,000
Mexico (AMPROFON) Mexico (AMPROFON) Gold record icon.svg gold 30,000
New Zealand (RMNZ) New Zealand (RMNZ) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 15,000
Poland (ZPAV) Poland (ZPAV) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 40,000
Austria (IFPI) Austria (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 30,000
Sweden (IFPI) Sweden (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 40,000
Switzerland (IFPI) Switzerland (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 20,000
United States (RIAA) United States (RIAA) Platinum record icon.svg 4 × platinum 4,000,000
United Kingdom (BPI) United Kingdom (BPI) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 600,000
All in all Gold record icon.svg4 × gold
Platinum record icon.svg24 × platinum

Main article: Eminem / Music Sales Awards


Professional reviews
Average rating
source rating
Metacritic 72%
More reviews
source rating
Rolling Stone
The Guardian
The Independent

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 received mostly positive reviews. The site Metacritic calculated an average of 72 points from 33 reviews in English-language media, making the album the highest value of an LP by Eminem since The Eminem Show .

  • The online magazine rated the album with four out of a possible five points and praised Eminem's lyrics and rap skills:

This man's rhyme skills are beyond any earthly measure and accordingly completely fuck the mind. What Eminem tells, which words he chooses for them, to which ambiguous images he arranges them and how he then spits them out in the end: simply out of this world. Still not. Eminem picks up on earlier tracks in so many places, picks up one thread here, drops another there ... it would probably be longer than listing all points of contact with 'The Marshall Mathers LP' - or the 'Slim Shady LP' only take time to catalog all the quotes and swipes at colleagues, film, radio and television. His classic could hardly have got a more worthy successor. "

- Excerpt from the review by
  • The website described the album as Eminem's best since The Eminem Show and awarded eight out of ten stars:

It speaks for this album that the result doesn't sound half as forced as one had feared beforehand. Not only Eminem's convincing performance, but also the production team around the great Rick Rubin, has great merit. [...] But with all the musical ideas and clever interweaving of content: This album is largely supported by Eminem's terrific performance. Since the "Eminem Show" Marshall Mathers has not presented himself as aggressively and full of energy as here. Eminem still staples completely crazy cascades of rhymes together, his comparisons and language images still seem to come straight from hell, he still manages every beat as effortlessly as hardly any other rapper. "

- Excerpt from the review by
  • The hip-hop magazine Juice wrote that the album is not exactly ahead of today's times, but that Eminem is still on the go with rap technically at the highest level:

“ The Marshall Mathers LP 2 ”[is] an over-long, sometimes overwhelming album full of 7-minute Wüterich manifestos, references to one's own past, pig guitar samples looking towards the Def Jam early phase, and guest appearances by Rihanna and the like. And thus perhaps the best record that the undoubtedly still technically breathtaking Eminem could have made at this point in his career. [...] Eminem may never quite have arrived in our fast-moving times. But we should be happy about that. "

- Extract from the review of the Juice
  • On, Aria Nejati criticized the album's sound image:

With Dre and Rubin you would think that Eminem has the most competent team that the rapeseed scene has to offer. Why is it not reflected in the sound? The beats are not based on the album whose successor this record is supposed to be, nor on current trends such as trap and EDM. It is neither fish nor meat, and certainly not [...] bloody human flesh that one might expect from a "Marshall Mathers LP". "

- Excerpt from the preview from
  • The online editors of Die Welt called The Marshall Mathers LP 2 a great record:

Nobody raps with such virtuosity in tongues and with a nihilism that is more outrageous and beautiful the more groundless it seems. […] At the end of 'Bad Guy', shots rang out in the street as usual, and the police howled through Detroit. The listener can feel at home. [...] After a break of five years, he described private disasters, therapies and withdrawal treatments on 'Relapse', only to announce his recovery and the start of his late work the following year on the moderate album 'Recovery'. That was an Eminem you liked to listen to, but nobody needed. Now the songs are called 'Asshole', 'Evil Twin' and 'Brainless' again. Circular saws and chainsaws can be heard, Justin Bieber is insulted, Lady Gaga too. In 'Rap God', the warning about the explicit lyric that sticks to the cover is redeemed. "

- Excerpt from the review by
  • Jan Wehn ​​from the Süddeutsche Zeitung not only sees the album positively - Eminem was better in his eyes:

A picture for the uncertainty, yes, fear of the artist Eminem that after around 15 years of career he has nothing more to say. A surprising confession of the earlier loudmouth. Or just a protective claim. [...] A strange paradox: on the one hand, the artist falls back into infantile - and in other places sounds like an old beard. The attempt by the 41-year-old Eminem to show relevance again through a variety of references and some almost obtrusive radio-suitable songs seems strangely half-baked. The self-doubt that puts it in the plastic bag in the first song - you can feel it throughout the album. [...] While Eminem spits absurd tirades of hate, cramped like a caricature of himself - Kendrick Lamar loosely pulls past him. With tact and a correct voice, but also with pun and presence. So with everything that Eminem made. Earlier. "

- Extract from the review of the Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Many music media included the record in their lists of “the best albums of the year”. In those of the US magazines Spin and Rolling Stone , it was placed 28th and 24th. The German e-zine Laut named it the ninth best album in 2013 and the song Bad Guy the tenth best song.


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