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Charles A. Wolverton (1938)

Charles Anderson Wolverton (born October 24, 1880 in Camden , New Jersey , †  May 16, 1969 there ) was an American politician . Between 1927 and 1959 he represented the state of New Jersey in the US House of Representatives .


Charles Wolverton attended public schools in his home country. After a subsequent law degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and his admission to the bar in 1901, he began to work in Camden in this profession. Between 1906 and 1913 he was an assistant district attorney in Camden County ; in 1913 and 1914 he served as the special attorney for the Attorney General of New Jersey. At the same time he began a political career as a member of the Republican Party . Between 1915 and 1918 he was a member of the New Jersey General Assembly , of which he was president in 1918. During World War I , Wolverton was responsible for food administration in New Jersey between 1917 and 1919. He then served as a prosecutor in Camden County until 1923.

In the 1926 congressional elections , Wolverton was elected to the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC in the first constituency of New Jersey , where he succeeded Francis F. Patterson on March 4, 1927 . After 15 re-elections, he was able to complete a total of 16 legislative terms in Congress by January 3, 1959 . From 1947 to 1949 and again between 1953 and 1955 he was chairman of the committee for domestic and foreign trade. In Wolvertons time as congressman who fell global economic crisis in the early 1930s. Then the New Deal laws were passed. Since 1941, the work of the Congress was also shaped by the events of the Second World War and its consequences. Other events during Wolverton's time in Congress included the Korean War and the Civil Rights Movement . The 20th , 21st , and 22nd amendments to the Constitution were also ratified. In 1958 he renounced another candidacy.

After his time in the US House of Representatives, Charles Wolverton practiced as a lawyer again. He died on May 16, 1969 in Camden, where he was also buried.

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