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Thadée Cisowski , born Tadeusz Cisowski (born February 16, 1927 in Łasków , Lublin Voivodeship , Poland ; † February 24, 2005 in Charnay-lès-Mâcon , Saône-et-Loire department ) was a French football player of Polish origin.

The club career

Thadée Cisowski was one of seven siblings who moved with his parents to the Lorraine ore basin ( Pays-Haut ) in 1933 and began working underground in a mine at the age of 14 . He also played football in the local US Piennes , the same club where Roger Piantoni's career began a few years later . In 1947, FC Metz signed the striker , who quickly drew attention to himself because of his keen eye for goals and his firing force: the young professional scored three goals in his first four games in the top French division and became a regular in his second year. He stayed in Metz for five years (including one year in Division 2 ) and quickly made unpleasant acquaintance with the often very rustic means used by opposing defenders: in the 1951/52 season he was unable to break a leg with his first appearance in the national team (after only ten minutes against Austria ), only played 17 point games, but still scored 11 goals.

In 1952 he moved to the capital club Racing Paris , and only here did his skills fully unfold, since the club - apart from a descent and a one-year interlude in the second division (1953/54) - always ended up in a single-digit table position in these years. Cisowski made a significant contribution to this: in 1956 (31 hits), 1957 (33) and 1959 (30) he won the top scorer's crown in Division 1 , and was second in 1960 (“only” 27). This season, the attackers from Racing (besides Cisowski, in particular Ujlaki and Topka) set a league record with 118 goals in 38 league games that is still in existence today. That was only enough for third place in the table, and there is a certain tragedy in the fact that this outstanding striker never became French champion during his entire career and was also unable to win the national cup - in Paris as little as before in Metz or afterwards at US Valenciennes , where he still played in 1960/61 and was relegated at the end of the season. After a last year with the second division club FC Nantes , Thadée Cisowski ended his professional career and returned to his adopted home in Lorraine, where he still scored many amateur goals.

Less happy memories of his active days include the 37 more serious injuries, including two broken legs and multiple meniscus surgeries, that repeatedly affected his career.

Cisowski died a few days after his 78th birthday after a long illness "in the anonymity of a small Burgundian village".


  • US Piennes (until 1947)
  • FC Metz (1947–1952, 1950/51 in D2)
  • Racing Club de Paris (1952–1960, 1953/54 in D2)
  • US Valenciennes (1960/61)
  • FC Nantes (1961/62, in D2)
  • CS Homécourt

The national player

Between November 1951 and October 1958 Thadée Cisowski played 13 international matches for the Équipe Tricolore (one in his time with Metz, 12 in Paris) and scored 11 goals, including five in the 1956 World Cup qualifier against Belgium. But he had to do without the World Cup finals: a broken leg in the 1957/58 season prevented his secure appointment to the French squad . Cisowski's bad luck was the luck of the young striker Maryan Wisnieski , who also had Polish roots. His second (1952; one goal at 3: 1) and his last international match (1958; 2: 2) was played by “Ciso” against Germany .


Notes and evidence

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