Schafberg (Löbau)

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The Schafberg with the transmission tower

The Schafberg with the transmission tower

height 450.5  m above sea level NHN
location near Löbau , Görlitz district , Saxony ( Germany )
Mountains Lusatian highlands
Coordinates 51 ° 5 '37 "  N , 14 ° 42' 0"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 5 '37 "  N , 14 ° 42' 0"  E
Schafberg (Löbau) (Saxony)
Schafberg (Löbau)
Type Kegelberg
rock basalt
Age of the rock Tertiary
particularities - Schafberg transmitter
- double summit with Löbauer Berg

The Schafberg is 450.5  m above sea level. NHN high mountain east of Löbau in the Saxon district of Görlitz . It forms together with the neighboring 447.9  m above sea level. NHN high Löbauer Berg a common mountain formation.


A rock formation for calendar observation of the sun has come down to us from a prehistoric time . This rock formation is known today as the money trowel and serves as the basis of some legends. In addition, the remains of an approximately 3000-year-old ring wall, which once served to protect a Bronze Age settlement, are located on the mountain. For centuries the mountain served as a pasture for cattle and sheep, which is why it is also known as the sheep mountain. The fact that the mountain has only a few springs made it difficult to keep the animals. One of the few places where the mountain gave off some water was the trickle fountain , which was used as a trough . After 1850 it was no longer allowed to herd animals on the mountain. From 1936 there was an ammunition depot of the Löbauer barracks at the foot of the mountain, which was cleared after 1990. During World War II, there was an anti-aircraft observation tower on the summit.

Schafberg transmitter

The transmission tower on the Schafberg

In 1966, a steel lattice mast was erected on the Schafberg to broadcast the two GDR television programs. As of 1988, a new, 162 meter high reinforced concrete transmission tower for VHF, TV and radio relay has been owned by Deutsche Funkturm , a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom on the mountain. This was built in shell construction and with the help of a Mil-Mi-8 helicopter from Interflug.

The Löbauer transmission tower received a modernized antenna system in the course of the upcoming DVB-T introduction on June 11, 2007.

Analog radio (VHF)

The following VHF radio programs are broadcast from this tower :

Double summit with the Löbauer Berg (right)
Station name frequency ERP
MDR Jump 91.8 MHz 5 kW
MDR culture 96.2 MHz 5 kW
MDR Saxony 98.2 MHz 5 kW
Deutschlandfunk 99.5 MHz 5 kW
Radio PSR 101.0 MHz 30 kW
Deutschlandfunk culture 103.0 MHz 2 kW
Hitradio RTL Saxony 105.6 MHz 30 kW
Radio Lausitz 107.6 MHz 30 kW

Digital radio ( DAB + )

DAB is broadcast in vertical polarization and in single-frequency mode with other transmitters.

block Programs ERP
(in kW)

round (ND),
directional (D)
Single frequency network (SFN)
DR Germany
DAB + block of media broadcast 10 ND
MDR Saxony
6.8 ND Chemnitz , Dresden , Freiberg , Geyer , Hoyerswerda , Leipzig , Löbau , Neustadt , Oschatz , Schöneck

Digital television (DVB-T)

The following television programs are broadcast digitally, which can be received by any DVB-T capable device in the area of ​​distribution:

Bouquet Television programs channel ERP polarization Parameters of the DVB-T signal Single frequency network (SFN)
ARD regional (MDR) 34 50 kW vertical 64-QAM, guard interval 1/4, FEC 2/3
net data rate: 19.91 Mbit / s
ZDFmobil 36 50 kW vertical 16-QAM, guard interval 1/4, FEC 2/3
net data rate: 13.27 Mbit / s
Calau , Dresden-Wachwitz , Löbau
ARD Digital (MDR) 39 50 kW vertical 64-QAM, guard interval 1/4, FEC 2/3
net data rate: 19.91 Mbit / s
Dresden-Wachwitz , Löbau

Analog television (PAL)

Until the switch to DVB-T , the following programs were broadcast in analogue PAL :

channel Frequency  
program ERP
Transmission diagram
round (ND) /
directional (D)
horizontal (H) /
vertical (V)
27 519.25 The First (MDR) 500 D. H
39 615.25 MDR television (Saxony) 500 D. H
56 751.25 ZDF 180 D. H


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