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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Aumühle
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Aumühle highlighted

Coordinates: 53 ° 32 '  N , 10 ° 19'  E

Basic data
State : Schleswig-Holstein
Circle : Duchy of Lauenburg
Office : High Elbgeest
Height : 30 m above sea level NHN
Area : 3.48 km 2
Residents: 3265 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 938 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 21521
Area code : 04104
License plate : RZ
Community key : 01 0 53 003
Office administration address: Christa-Höppner-Platz 1
21521 Dassendorf
Website :
Mayor : Knut Suhk ( Alliance 90 / The Greens )
Location of the community of Aumühle in the Duchy of Lauenburg district
Hamburg Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Niedersachsen Kreis Segeberg Kreis Stormarn Lübeck Lübeck Albsfelde Alt Mölln Aumühle Bäk Bälau Basedow (Lauenburg) Basthorst Behlendorf Berkenthin Besenthal Bliestorf Bliestorf Börnsen Borstorf Breitenfelde Bröthen Brunsmark Brunstorf Buchholz (Herzogtum Lauenburg) Buchhorst Büchen Dahmker Dalldorf Dassendorf Düchelsdorf Duvensee Einhaus Elmenhorst (Lauenburg) Escheburg Fitzen Fredeburg Fuhlenhagen Geesthacht Giesensdorf Göldenitz Göttin (Lauenburg) Grabau (Lauenburg) Grambek Grinau Groß Boden Groß Disnack Groß Disnack Groß Grönau Groß Pampau Groß Sarau Groß Schenkenberg Grove (Schleswig-Holstein) Gudow Gülzow (Lauenburg) Güster (Lauenburg) Hamfelde (Lauenburg) Hamwarde Harmsdorf (Lauenburg) Havekost (Lauenburg) Hohenhorn Hollenbek Hornbek Horst (Lauenburg) Juliusburg Kankelau Kasseburg Kastorf Kittlitz (Lauenburg) Klein Pampau Klein Zecher Klempau Klinkrade Koberg Köthel (Lauenburg) Kollow Kröppelshagen-Fahrendorf Krüzen Krukow (Lauenburg) Krummesse Kuddewörde Kühsen Kulpin Labenz Labenz Langenlehsten Langenlehsten Lankau Lanze (Lauenburg) Lauenburg/Elbe Lehmrade Linau Lüchow (Lauenburg) Lütau Mechow Möhnsen Mölln Mühlenrade Müssen Mustin (bei Ratzeburg) Niendorf bei Berkenthin Niendorf a. d. St. Nusse Panten Pogeez Poggensee Ratzeburg Ritzerau Römnitz Rondeshagen Roseburg Sachsenwald Sahms Salem (Lauenburg) Sandesneben Schiphorst Schmilau Schnakenbek Schönberg (Lauenburg) Schretstaken Schürensöhlen Schulendorf Schwarzenbek Seedorf (Lauenburg) Siebenbäumen Siebeneichen Sirksfelde Sierksrade Steinhorst (Lauenburg) Sterley Stubben (Lauenburg) Talkau Tramm (Lauenburg) Walksfelde Wangelau Wentorf (Amt Sandesneben) Wentorf bei Hamburg Wiershop Witzeeze Wohltorf Woltersdorf (Lauenburg) Worth Ziethen (Lauenburg)map
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Aumühle [aʊ̯ˈmyːlə] is a municipality in the Duchy of Lauenburg in Schleswig-Holstein .


The community of Aumühle with the districts Aumühle, Billenkamp and Friedrichsruh is located about 20 kilometers east of Hamburg in the Sachsenwald , the largest forest area in Schleswig-Holstein, which is a local recreation area for the Hamburg metropolitan region .


Aumühle was first mentioned in a document in 1350 as "Au-Mühle" ("Owmole": mill on the Black Au ), in 1750 the Billenkamp peasantry was established.

The second half of the 19th century brought great changes. After the Sachsenwald was donated by Kaiser Wilhelm I to Otto von Bismarck in 1871 , he had a former inn on the railway line from Hamburg to Berlin converted into a mansion. Here, in Friedrichsruh , there was a train station as early as 1850 . In 1884 a stop "Aumühle" was set up, in 1909 construction of the station began.

With the establishment of the villa village Sachsenwald-Hofriede in 1891, Aumühle developed into an upscale residential area. The owner of this residential area suggested the construction of a viewing and water tower while Bismarck was still alive, which was inaugurated as the Bismarck Tower in 1901 .

In 1959 the official name Aumühle-Billenkamp , which had not been used for a long time, was changed to Aumühle .

The municipality of Aumühle has been part of the Hohe Elbgeest office since January 1st, 2008 .


Community representation

Of the 18 seats in the municipal council, the UWG community of voters won eight seats, the CDU six and the SPD four seats in the 2008 local elections .

Since the local elections in 2013, the UWG has six seats, the CDU four and the SPD three seats. The Greens with two seats and the newly founded local association of the FDP with one seat have moved into the community council .

After a dispute within the local association of the CDU, which was preceded by the decision not to nominate mayor Dieter Giese again as a candidate, he - together with the former CDU parliamentary group leader Rolf Czerwinski - stood as an individual applicant. Both also won a seat in the municipal council, Dieter Giese was then confirmed as mayor in office.

After the local elections in 2018, the UWG is still the strongest parliamentary group with 8 seats. Tied for the CDU and Bündnis90 / DieGrünen with 5 seats. The SPD continues to have 3 seats. The FDP with 2 seats.

coat of arms

Blazon : "In green a silver wave cap , topped in its fork with a black mill wheel on a circular silver disc, each of which is equipped with a silver oak leaf in the three corners of the cap."

The coat of arms was designed by Wilhelm Victor Tauber from Reinbek and approved in 1948.


Aumühle is a sister of Mortagne-sur-Sèvre ( France ) and Sleen (now part of Coevorden , Netherlands ).


Aumühle is one of the richest communities in Germany, due to its location as a Hamburg villa suburb. In 2007 the town had the 7th highest millionaire quota per inhabitant.

Culture and sights

The list of cultural monuments in Aumühle includes the cultural monuments entered in the list of monuments of Schleswig-Holstein.

Bismarck Tower

Main article Bismarck tower (Aumühle)

The 27 meter high Bismarck tower, which was suggested by Emil Specht, the owner of the villa village Sachsenwald-Hofriede and built by the Hamburg architect Hermann Schomburgk, stands on a hill in the community. The tower was built from bricks and plastered and has wall paintings on the inside. A Bismarck library and a Bismarck museum were set up in the tower when it was built. The community library has been housed in the tower since 1962, and it has been a listed building since 1999.

Bismarck Memorial Church

The Evangelical Lutheran Bismarck Memorial Church in Aumühle was designed by the Hamburg architects Heinrich Bomhoff and Hermann Schöne . The foundation stone was laid in 1928 and the inauguration took place on July 30, 1930. It is designed as a round brick building in the style of brick expressionism of the late twenties and early thirties. The altar was not arranged in the middle, but outside the circle, so that the congregation was oriented towards it. An originally existing central column was removed during a renovation in 1967, the altar was moved into the middle, the altar, pulpit and baptismal font were artistically designed by Hans Kock . The twelve stained glass mosaic windows depicting the twelve apostles were made by John Nickelsen (1865–1950). In the choir niche hangs a winged altar made in 1979 by the goldsmith Lioba Munz OSB .

railway station

Main article Aumühle station

The reception building of the train station Aumuehle , a station of the Hamburger train and to the timetable change 2017/18 the regional train to Buechen is under preservation .


In Friedrichsruh , where Otto von Bismarck lived from 1871 until his death in 1898, the Bismarck Museum Friedrichsruh is now housed with documents, porcelain, gifts and paintings from the property of Bismarck and from his era. The Bismarck Mausoleum is also located in the immediate vicinity of the museum . The Otto von Bismarck Foundation in Friedrichsruh train station prepares Bismarck's estate and organizes exhibitions.

The Lokschuppen Aumühle Railway Museum is located in the community and is operated by the Hamburg Association of Traffic Amateurs and Museum Railway .

town hall

The Aumühler Rathaus was the seat of the Aumühle / Wohltorf office until 2007, after which it was used by the construction department of the Hohe Elbgeest office until 2013. In the meantime, the building, which is still owned by the community, has been rented to a doctor's practice to finance its maintenance and further use.



Aumühle with Friedrichsruh and the Sachsenwald lie between the federal highway 24 Hamburg - Berlin , the federal highway 1 Hamburg- Lübeck - Puttgarden and the federal highway 404 .

Aumühle has a train station on the Berlin-Hamburg Railway . Since 1969 it has been the terminus of the Hamburg S-Bahn .


The Fürstin-Ann-Mari-von-Bismarck-Schule, inaugurated in 1952, was a secondary school with elementary school, which is also attended by children from the surrounding communities. Since 2011 it has only been a primary school.

Since 1980 there has been a volunteer-run adult education center with a wide range of linguistic, musical and artistic-creative areas for children, young people and adults.

The Agilo crèche and the Aumühle crèche have existed in Aumühle since 2014, which increases the number of day-care centers to four. The Evangelical Kindergarten has been in existence for years and is run by the Aumühle parish (just like the Aumühle crèche), as well as the Aumühle Montessori Kinderhaus.

freetime and sports

The Heinrich-Willers-Sporthalle is located on Ernst-Anton-Straße, there is also the Fritz-Bortz-Sportplatz (artificial turf) and the tennis facility with eight clay courts of TuS Aumühle-Wohltorf in Sachsenwaldstraße. There are also extensive hiking trails around Aumühle for relaxation and jogging.

The garden of butterflies at the castle pond is worth seeing .


Aumühle's sons and daughters

Persons connected with Aumühle


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