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Heads of State · Nekrolog

Vladislav II.
Vladislav II is recognized as King of Bohemia and Hungary .
Henry VII
Heinrich VII becomes the father of a son who is also named Heinrich .
Parish Church of Heiligenblut
The pilgrimage church of Heiligenblut is consecrated.
1491 in other calendars
Armenian calendar 939/940 (turn of the year July)
Ethiopian calendar 1483/84
Aztec calendar 11. Rabbit - Matlactli ozce Tochtli (until the end of January / beginning of February: 10th house - Matlactli Calli )
Buddhist calendar 2034/35 (southern Buddhism); 2033/34 (alternative calculation according to Buddhas Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 69th (70th) cycle

Year of the metal pig辛亥 ( at the beginning of the year metal dog 庚戌)

Chula Sakarat (Siam, Myanmar) / Dai calendar (Vietnam) 853/854 (turn of the year April)
Dangun era (Korea) 3824/25 (2-3 October)
Iranian calendar 869/870
Islamic calendar 896/897 (turn of the year 3rd / 4th November)
Jewish calendar 5251/52 (September 4th / 5th)
Coptic calendar 1207/08
Malayalam calendar 666/667
Seleucid era Babylon: 1801/02 (turn of the year April)

Syria: 1802/03 (New Year October)

Spanish era 1529
Vikram Sambat (Nepalese Calendar) 1547/48 (turn of the year April)

In 1491 the siege of Granada by the Catholic kings Ferdinand II and Isabella I begins , with which the conquest of the Kingdom of Granada and with it the Reconquista in Spain will be successfully concluded at the beginning of the next year.

In neighboring Portugal , the death of Infante Alfons, who was married to a Spanish princess, marked the end of hopes for an all-Iberian empire under the House of Avis . At the same time, however, the way is cleared for the succession to the throne of one of the most important kings in the history of Portugal .

At the same time, after a military defeat against Vladislav II , the Roman-German King Maximilian I had to recognize the Jagiellonian claim to Bohemia and Hungary . With the Peace of Pressburg, however , he created the long-term basis for the powerful Habsburg monarchy in the center of Europe.


Politics and world events

Iberian Peninsula

Muhammad XII., El Rey Chico de Granada
Treaty of Granada
  • Christopher Columbus' idea for a trip to Asia on the Atlantic route is again rejected by a Spanish commission. Although he received the promise from the royal couple that they would return to his plans after the war against Granada, Columbus decides to go to France instead. On the way to Huelva , where he wants to embark, he stopped at the La Rábida monastery . The Franciscan Juan Pérez and the doctor García Hernández hold him back there. Pérez writes a haunting letter to the queen and thus has Columbus called back to the court, where he will arrive at the end of the year.

Other events in Europe

The county of East Friesland and the rule of Jever around 1500
Marriage to Charles VIII of France in Langeais Castle on December 6, 1491.



Science, technology and culture

History and political science

  • The Middle Low German chronicler Hermann Bote takes a critical look at the prevailing social system for the first time in his Boek van veleme rade theory of states and estates .
Page from Ladislaus Sunthaym's Babenberger Genealogy 1491

Geography and cartography

Eichstätter edition 1491

Medicine and science


nature and environment


Date of birth documented

Ignatius of Loyola
Heinrich as a young man, ca.1509

Exact date of birth unknown

Born around 1491


First half of the year

Second half of the year

Exact date of death unknown

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