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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Achtrup
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Map of Germany, position of the municipality Achtrup highlighted

Coordinates: 54 ° 47 '  N , 9 ° 2'  E

Basic data
State : Schleswig-Holstein
Circle : North Friesland
Office : Südtondern
Height : 11 m above sea level NHN
Area : 29.9 km 2
Residents: 1524 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 51 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 25917
Area code : 04662
License plate : NF
Community key : 01 0 54 001
Office administration address: Marktstrasse 12
25899 Niebüll
Website : www.achtrup.de
Mayor : Norbert Nielsen (AWG)
Location of the municipality of Achtrup in the district of North Frisia
Achtrup Ahrenshöft Ahrenviöl Ahrenviölfeld Alkersum Almdorf Arlewatt Aventoft Bargum Behrendorf Bohmstedt Bondelum Bordelum Borgsum Bosbüll Braderup Bramstedtlund Bredstedt Breklum Dagebüll Drage Drelsdorf Dunsum Elisabeth-Sophien-Koog Ellhöft Emmelsbüll-Horsbüll Enge-Sande Fresendelf Friedrich-Wilhelm-Lübke-Koog Friedrichstadt Galmsbüll Garding Garding  Kirchspiel Goldebek Goldelund Gröde Grothusenkoog Hallig Hooge Haselund Hattstedt Hattstedtermarsch Högel Holm Hörnum (Sylt) Horstedt Hude Humptrup Humptrup Husum Immenstedt Joldelund Kampen (Sylt) Karlum Katharinenheerd Klanxbüll Klixbüll Koldenbüttel Kolkerheide Kotzenbüll Ladelund Langeneß Langenhorn Leck Lexgaard List auf Sylt Löwenstedt Lütjenholm Midlum Mildstedt Nebel Neukirchen Nieblum Niebüll Norddorf auf Amrum Norderfriedrichskoog Nordstrand Nordstrand Norstedt Ockholm Oevenum Oldenswort Oldersbek Olderup Oldsum Oldsum Ostenfeld (Husum) Oster-Ohrstedt Osterhever Pellworm Pellworm Pellworm Poppenbüll Ramstedt Rantrum Reußenköge Risum-Lindholm Rodenäs Sankt Peter-Ording Schwabstedt Schwabstedt Schwesing Seeth Simonsberg Sollwitt Sönnebüll Sprakebüll Stadum Stedesand Struckum Süderende Süderhöft Süderlügum Südermarsch Sylt Tating Tetenbüll Tinningstedt Tönning Tümlauer-Koog Uelvesbüll Uphusum Utersum Viöl Vollerwiek Vollstedt Welt Wenningstedt-Braderup (Sylt) Wester-Ohrstedt Westerhever Westre Winnert Wisch Witsum Wittbek Wittdün auf Amrum Witzwort Wobbenbüll Wrixum Wyk auf Föhrmap
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Achtrup ( Danish : Agtrup , North Frisian : Åktoorp ) is a municipality in the district of North Friesland in northwestern Schleswig-Holstein .


Geographical location

The municipality is located in the area of ​​the historic Karrharde on the Schleswig Geest . It is initially located to the west, after a subsequent short course through the municipality, later on a section finally north of the Lecker Au . The course of the river is dammed in some sections .

Community structure

In the municipal area, in addition to the village of the same name, the settlements recorded with their own names in the census in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1987 in the officially compiled list of residential places:

Other villages are Büllsbüll (Danish: Bølsbøl ) and Lütjenhorn ( Lillehorn ); next to it also Achtrup, station with house ; also the scattered settlement of Achtrupfeld, as well as the following groups of houses Braunberg ( Brunbjerg ), Lütjenhornermoor, Lütjenhornerfeld, Tettwang ( Tætvang ), Kalleshave, Mühlenwadt ( Møllevad ), Nordacker ( Norager ), Schruplund ( Norager ), Seewangager ( Søvang ) and Søvangacker ( Søvang ) and the individual settlements Holbeckwadt ( Holbækvad ), Iwersacker ( Iversager ), Kalfslund ( Kalslund ), Korrewang ( Korrevang ), Norderhof, Nordhof ( Nørgård ), Osterhof, Süderhof, Südhof ( Sydgård ), Wanghof and Gärtnerslust.

Neighboring communities

Municipal areas bordering on Achtrup are:

Karlum Ladelund
Neighboring communities Get
leak Sprakebull Schafflund


Achtrup is located in the moraine ngebiet of Sanders . The landscape has a flat relief; In the geological overview map, glacial deposits of the Saale complex are shown for this area . However, there are also hills in the municipality, such as the Mühlenberg with the Jenny mill .


The name Achtrup probably originated from the name "Aggi" or "Akki" and the suffix -rup . The place name obviously means something like "Village of Aggi" or "Akki's village". Flensburg is evidently closely connected to the history of Achtrup. A village called Achtrup once existed on the east bank of the Flensburg Fjord . It was probably abandoned by the 13th century at the latest, when many new settlement areas arose on the Flensburg Fjord. Nevertheless, the field name "Achtrup" remained for a time. The name also apparently survived as a family name. An Achtrup family from "Achtrup" produced several Flensburg mayors (cf. list of the mayors of Flensburg ). It is also known that the knight Peter Jul († before 1398), who lived on the Flenstoft farm , the predecessor building of the Duburg , owned property in what is now the North Frisian Achtrup. Possibly the possessions in Achtrup were a dowry from Peter Jul's wife, a born Krummendiek . In a document dated March 31, 1398, today's Achtrup in Schleswig-Holstein was first mentioned as Aktorp . This certificate can now be found with a seal in the city archive of Flensburg . It mentions the sale of a property by Tomas Petersen in Achtrup. There is also another eight-party group in the Danish parish of Bjert ( Lage ).

The historic manor house Lütjenhorn is located in the municipality.

In 1968 Büllsbüll (Danish Bølsbøl , nf. Bousbel ) was incorporated. On February 1, 1974, Lütjenhorn (Danish Lillehorn ) was added. Lütjenhorn was formed in 1927 from the disbanded estate district of the same name.


Community representation

The occupation of the municipal council in the course of the local elections in Schleswig-Holstein 2018 on May 6, 2018 resulted in the following political allocation of seats: Of the election proposals by the CDU , a total of three candidates were elected to the local council, and the same number could be sent by the SSW . The strongest parliamentary group in the current electoral period (2018–2023) is represented by the electoral community AWG with seven elected representatives .

Of the 13 seats in the municipal council, the constituency AWG had six seats since the 2008 local elections and the CDU four. The SSW was entitled to three seats, but only two of them were occupied, as no candidate could be named after one of the representatives resigned.

In the local elections on May 26, 2013, AWG received 53.6 percent of the votes cast and seven seats. The CDU got 24.7 percent and three seats. The SSW reached 21.6 percent and three seats. The turnout was 53.9 percent.


On June 20, 2018, at the first meeting of the new municipal council, Norbert Nielsen was unanimously elected as the new mayor for the 2018–2023 election period.

Uwe Matthiesen (AWG) was elected mayor for the 2013–2018 election period. He replaced Hannelore Schulze, who held the office for ten years.

coat of arms

Blazon : "Above a blue shield base, inside a silver wave bar, in gold the four red, diagonally placed blades of a windmill with silver rods and black hub, accompanied by two black ears."

Economy and Infrastructure


The municipality is predominantly agricultural. There are also several commercial and retail businesses in the town center.


The municipal area is accessed by motorized individual traffic through L 212 . This branches off in the center of Leck on federal road 199 and leads in a north-easterly direction to state road 1 in the municipality of Medelby. A combined pedestrian and cycle path runs along the entire length parallel to the state road.

In the border area to Sprakebüll there was a connection to the local rail passenger traffic on the Flensburg-Weiche-Niebüll railway line at the Achtrup station settlement until the end of the 1970s . This former stop is located about 1.5 kilometers south of the village on the L 300.

Meanwhile, the connection of the community takes place in the bus traffic on the express bus R 1 between Flensburg and Niebüll with a change in leakage in the Bürgerbus Ladelund (bus R 112).

Since August 2019, an on- call bus area has also been set up for the Leck area on the basis of a new local transport concept for the district of North Friesland . The municipality of Achtrup with all twelve bus stops is fully integrated into this. The transfer point is the Leck, ZOB stop .

Culture and sights

The landmark of the place is the mill Jenny, which is used today as a children's home.


society Art
Village beautification association Beautification of the village
Commercial and trade association Achtrup Association of companies in the village
Country women Meeting of women on different interests
Local culture ring Umbrella organization of all local clubs
Ring riding club Equestrian sport
TSV Achtrup from 1954 e. V. Popular sport
Social association (local association) Social Association Germany (SovD)

Web links

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