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The Bordelum community does not have a coat of arms
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Bordelum highlighted

Coordinates: 54 ° 38 '  N , 8 ° 56'  E

Basic data
State : Schleswig-Holstein
Circle : North Friesland
Office : Central North Friesland
Height : 11 m above sea level NHN
Area : 34.71 km 2
Residents: 1999 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 58 inhabitants per km 2
Postcodes : 25852, 25821, 25842
Area code : 04671
License plate : NF
Community key : 01 0 54 014
Office administration address: Theodor-Storm-Strasse 2
25821 Bredstedt, Germany
Website :
Mayor : Peter Reinhold Petersen ( CDU )
Location of the municipality of Bordelum in the district of North Friesland
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Bordelum ( North Frisian Boorlem ) is a municipality on the Stollberg in the district of North Friesland in Schleswig-Holstein . It is administratively connected to the Central North Friesland Office . The municipality is located on both sides of the landscape transition from the Marsch to the Hohe Geest .


Geographical location

The municipality of Bordelum extends on three sides of the Stollberg, which dominates the entire landscape of central North Friesland . While the southern and western slopes directly into the North Frisian march slide down the eastern foothills go towards the hamlet Dörpum in the Sander territory of Schleswig Geest over.

Community structure

The municipality includes the following districts:

  • Addebüll (Danish Adebøl )
  • Büttjebüll (Danish Byttebøl , North Frisian Bötjebel )
  • Dorpum (Danish Dørpum , North Frisian Toorpem ) with Dbodumfeld (Danish Dørpummark , North Frisian Toorpemfäil )
  • Ebüll (Danish Ebøl , North Frisian Äbel )
  • Margarethenberg
  • East Bordelum with East Bordelum
  • Sterdebüll (Danish Sterdebøl )
  • Stollberg (Danish Stolbjerg )
  • Uphusum (Danish Ophusum )
  • West Bordelum

Neighboring communities

Longhorn Lütjenholm
Longhorn Neighboring communities Högel
Reußenköge Bredstedt Sönnebüll


The Bordelums municipality belongs to different geological formations. The marching strip in the municipal area is formed by the following four kegs (year of dike in brackets):

  • Sterdebüller Alter Koog (around 1466)
  • Sterdebüller Neuer Koog (around 1520)
  • Bordelumer Koog (around 1520)
  • Frau-Metten-Koog (1721)

To the northeast, the Stollberg is a part of the Hohen Geest . The Stollberg is a terminal moraine from the Saale Ice Age . On its northern foothills, in the border area to the municipality of Langenhorn, there are extensive heather areas . The eastern part of the municipality around the district of Dgenössum has only a weak relief due to its landscape genesis as a ground moraine from the Saale Ice Age. This so-called sand strip is part of the Schleswig Geest .


The church of St. Nikolai zu Bordelum was founded in the 12th century. The construction of the separately standing bell tower did not follow until 1793. The church is located in a field outside the village - probably on the site of an older Frisian shrine. Archaeological investigations in 1951 have shown that the first settlements of the 12th / 13th centuries in the vicinity of the church. Century, which were abandoned by their residents in the course of the 15th century.

The place name was first documented in 1300. The name goes back to Danish. bord meaning on the edge and spar for elevation. Probably a settlement on the Geestrand or Geest slope is described. The suffix -holm has like other place names -lum developed (see. Bondelum ).

The spring water, which rises from the church's own "Brunnenkoppel" at the foot of the Stollberg, was praised as healing around 1770 and attracted many visitors, especially between 1808 and 1810. The expected healing successes did not materialize and soon the visitors stayed away.

The place is historically in the Nordergoesharde . After the German-Danish War in 1864 and the founding of the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein in 1866, a parish land municipality was formed from the area of ​​the parish Bordelum . It included the seven villages of Addebüll, Büttjebüll, Dbodum, Ebüll, Oster-Bordelum, Sterdebüll and Wester-Bordelum.

In 1934 the parish land parishes were dissolved and the parish land parishes of Bordelum were to be formed into the rural parishes of Bordelum, Büttjebüll, Dbodum and Sterdebüll. But with effect from December 1, 1934, it remained with the rural municipality of Bordelum.

The "Bordelumer Rotte"

Bordelum, Dbodum and Bargum were the centers of the so-called Bordelumer Rotte, a radical-pietist movement that was brought into being in 1737 by two former theology students, the candidate Franz Barsonius and the private tutor David Bähr from Frankenhausen . Its members, around twenty people, did not take part in the services because they were too "desolate", but instead gathered in their own convents . They also stayed away from the sacrament and despised baptism . They saw themselves as saints, guided by the divine revelations and an "inner urge". They worked on Holy Sunday and had their own ideas about marriage: If the partner did not convert to the correct faith, they saw the marriage as dissolved. Instead, they often lived in "wild marriage" . The preachers complained to the authorities, who then conducted an investigation and banned the sect in June 1739. The leaders fled, but the sect is said to have existed in Dbodum until the 19th century.


Community representation

In the local elections on May 6, 2018, the following distribution of seats in the municipal council resulted. The CDU won six seats, the BDW electoral community four and the SPD three.


For the 2018–2023 election period, Peter Reinhold Petersen (CDU) was once again elected mayor. In addition, he was also elected chairman of the Central North Friesland Office Committee .

Economy and Infrastructure


The economic structure of the municipality of Bordelum is very rural and therefore structured in small parts. For a long time, the economy was generated by agriculture, including the associated ancillary trade . So today there are two companies in the municipality for the sale, maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery. Renewable energies are now also important. There are several wind farms and biogas plants in the community, so Bordelum was named an “environmentally friendly community”.

The municipality also draws up a public welfare balance (at the beginning of 2018) .

In 2019, the neighborhood concept Bordelum - "Showcase Dämpum" was presented for the first time . This is an integrated energy development concept for the Dbodum district.

The Haus Norderheide specialist clinic of the Association of German Working Group for Family Aid is in Bordelum .

The Bordelum elementary school is on the street “An der Schule”.


The municipality is in private transport from the federal highway 5 in the section north of Bredstedt roughly north-south direction through it. As a direct continuation of the federal motorway 23 west of Heide , this creates a direct connection to the south to the closest German metropolitan region of Hamburg and to the north towards the federal border near Tondern (Danish: Tønder).

However, this road run does not lead directly through the individual village locations of the municipality. The central, adjacent districts from Ost-Bordelum to Sterdebüll are connected by the Schleswig-Holstein state road 6 ( L 6 ), which branches off at the foot of the Stollberg . In Sterdebüll this branches off in a north-westerly direction to West- Langenhorn , while the direct road runs into the L 191 to Ockholm and Dagebüll . The district of Büttjebüll is passed through directly on the further section of the L 6 .

The district Dbodum is reached via the L 4, which branches off from the B 5 in Bredstedt in a northerly direction.

In public transport , the central settlement areas are connected every hour by the bus line R120 of the Schleswig-Holstein local transport network from Husum to Bredstedt (Monday-Friday via Bordelum to Mönkebüll) . The line goes to both the bus stop at Bredstedt train station ( regional train service only ) and the one at Husum train station ( local and long-distance services ) (both located on the Marschbahn ).

Since August 2019, all bus stops in the entire municipal area have been connected by an on- call bus seven times a day during the day (roughly every 2 hours) starting from the train station in Bredstedt .


The list of cultural monuments in Bordelum includes the cultural monuments entered in the list of monuments of Schleswig-Holstein.

Stollberg natural experience area

The 43.4 m high Stollberg, the fourth highest elevation in North Friesland, was recognized as a natural experience area in 2002 . Urn graves indicate a prehistoric settlement of the mountain. Though lawn iron ore is present, it was covered with sand dunes until the 1950s, so its existence was not known until very late. The Stollberg spring is now a "holy spring" under monument protection.

Persons connected with Bordelum


Web links

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