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(Italian: Malles Venosta )
coat of arms
Mals coat of arms
Mals in Südtirol - Positionskarte.svg
State : Italy
Region : Trentino-South Tyrol
Province : Bolzano - South Tyrol
District community : Vinschgau
Inhabitants :
(VZ 2011 / 31.12.2019)
5,088 / 5,287
Language groups :
(according to 2011 census )
96.92% German
3.00% Italian
0.08% Ladin
Coordinates 46 ° 41 ′  N , 10 ° 33 ′  E Coordinates: 46 ° 41 ′  N , 10 ° 33 ′  E
Altitude : 921– 3738  m slm (center: 1051  m slm )
Surface: 247.1 km²
Permanent settlement area: 24.1 km²
Parliamentary groups : Burgeis , Laatsch , Mals , Matsch , Planeil , Plawenn , Schleis , Schlinig , Tartsch , Ulten-Alsack
Neighboring municipalities: Glurns (I), Graun im Vinschgau (I), Laas (I), Schlanders (I), Schluderns (I), Schnals (I), Scuol (CH), Sent (CH), Sölden (A), Taufers im Münstertal (I)
Postal code : 39024
Area code : 0473
ISTAT number: 021046
Tax number: 82006550212
Mayor  (2015): Ulrich Veith (SVP)

Mals ( Italian Malles Venosta , Vallader Damal ? / I ) is an Italian market town with 5287 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2019) in the Vinschgau in South Tyrol . The main town of the municipality is the village of the same name, Mals . Audio file / audio sample


View of two villages in the municipality of Mals: Laatsch on the left ,
Mals on the right

The municipality of Mals is located in the Vinschgau , more precisely in the Vinschger Oberland in the north-west of South Tyrol. The municipal area, with 247.1 km² the second largest in the province in terms of area, includes parts of the Adige Valley , several side valleys and surrounding mountain areas.

Most of the village settlements are located in the Adige Valley, which is characterized here on the upper reaches of the Adige by mighty alluvial cones such as the Malser Haide . On the east, true left side of the valley are of the Puni -carrying capital of times ( 1051  m ) which extends between Tartscher Bichl and Sonnenberg nestling Tartsch ( 1029  m ) and the small fraction Ulten-Alsack (1450- 1626  m ). On the western side of the valley there are Burgeis ( 1216  m ), Schleis ( 1064  m ) and Laatsch ( 984  m ) directly on the Etsch .

To the east, the municipality of Mals extends far into the Ötztal Alps , which are divided into the Planeiler Mountains , Saldurkamm and Schnalskamm . The area, overlooked by numerous three-thousand-meter peaks, is divided by three side valleys of the Vinschgau, the Matscher Tal , the Planeiltal and the Plawennal , which offer space for the settlements of Matsch ( 1584  m ), Planeil ( 1599  m ) and Plawenn ( 1730  m ). Above the end of the Matscher valley, drained by the Saldurbach, rise in the Schnalskamm the highest points of the municipality, the Weißkugel ( 3738  m ) and the Innere Quellspitze ( 3516  m ). The Italian-Austrian border with the state of Tyrol runs over these glaciated high peaks, which are part of the main Alpine ridge . Other important peaks in the Mals part of the Ötztal Alps include the Schwemserspitze ( 3459  m ) and the Saldurspitze ( 3433  m ) in the Saldurkamm , the Äußere Bärenbartkogel ( 3473  m ) and the Danzebell ( 3148  m ) in the Planeiler mountains .

Most of the mountains in the western part of the municipality belong to the Sesvenna group, in which some three-thousand-meter peaks such as Piz Rims ( 3,067  m ) rise. They are accessed from the Adige Valley from the uninhabited Zerzer Valley , the Schlinigtal with the village of Schlinig ( 1726  m ) and the Münstertal , of which only the valley entrance area belongs to Mals. The Italian-Swiss border with the canton of Graubünden is located above the head of the Schlinig valley . In the extreme southwest, the municipality on Glurnser Köpfl ( 2395  m ) in the Fallaschkamm reaches the northernmost foothills of the Ortler Alps , which are protected in the Stilfserjoch National Park .



Times from Malettes towards Laatsch, Taufers and Münstertal / CH


Mayor since 1952:

  • Karl Stecher: 1952–1974
  • Albert Flora: 1974-1991
  • Josef Noggler : 1991-2008
  • Ulrich Veith: since 2009

Municipal council

The municipal council of Mals has been composed as follows since the municipal council elections in 2015:

  • 12 seats SVP
  • 6 seats Open Community List Mals

2014: Referendum on the "pesticide-free community"

In a referendum held in September 2014 , Mals declared itself to be a “ pesticide- free community” (“the first in Europe”) with a voter turnout of almost 70% and approval of 75.88% . After the municipal council took this vote into account in the third attempt at the beginning of 2016 by issuing a pesticide ban ordinance, the referendum on which it was based was declared invalid by the Bolzano Regional Court in May 2016:

  • the "promoter committee for a pesticide-free community of Mals" had no legal right to hold the referendum at issue,
  • the question presented was inadmissible and therefore
  • all further measures based on this in connection with the referendum will be ineffective.

The movement is echoed in the book Das Wunder von Mals - How a Village Defies Agricultural Industry by the Austrian author and documentary filmmaker Alexander Schiebel , published in 2017, and the documentary by the same author based on it, first published in Munich at the end of May 2018 .

On October 9, 2019, the judgment of the Bolzano Administrative Court was published in relation to the contestation of the implementation ordinance of the municipality of Mals on the application of plant protection products in the municipality. The court ruled that the implementing regulation (No. 2 of March 29, 2016) is void. "The ban on the application of chemically synthetic pesticides cannot be enacted by a municipality. It is not responsible for this and has no power to set standards in this area," said the Autonomous Section of Bolzano of the Administrative Court.

Transport and tourism

Mals is the end of the Vinschgau Railway

For motor traffic , Mals is primarily developed through the SS 40 . In addition, the Vinschgau Railway ends in the municipality , with an access point at Mals train station . The station is also a transfer hub for local bus traffic and bus connections to Austria and Switzerland.

Mals is on the long-distance cycle path , which runs as the Via Claudia Augusta along an ancient Roman road of the same name .


Mals is the seat of a German-speaking school district . This includes seven primary schools in the municipality (in Burgeis, Laatsch, Mals, Matsch, Planeil, Schleis and Tartsch) and a middle school in the main town of Mals .

In addition, Mals is the only municipality in the Vinschger Oberland that has secondary schools . The high school center “Claudia von Medici” in the main town of Mals includes three types of school: a social science high school , a technical school for business and a sports school. The technical school for agriculture “Fürstenburg” is located in Burgeis.


Honorary citizen

Sister Cyrina, superior in the old hospital (Martinsheim) in Mals in Vinschgau
  • Sister Cyrina (Regina Gostner): Sister Cyrina was born on April 20, 1913 in St. Andrä near Brixen and joined the Order of the Sisters of Mercy in 1933 . On February 3, 1943, she came to Mals and looked after the patients in what was then the hospital. She was elected superior by her fellow sisters, and was highly valued by the population for her care and competence. For several decades she managed the old people's home and initially looked after the community doctor Dr. Hans Maier and later with Dr. Martin Brugger the residents. In 1976 she was awarded the Tyrolean Medal of Merit . In 1997 she gave up the management of the old people's home, but still made her work available to the house as far as possible. In recognition of her services to the community, Sister Cyrina was granted honorary citizenship on March 23, 1983, by a unanimous decision of the local council.
Karl Stecher, Hirschenwirt and Mayor of Mals in Vinschgau
  • Karl Stecher (Hirschenwirt and Former Mayor): Karl Stecher was born on August 30, 1900 in Mals and died there on June 22, 1981. Karl Stecher ran his parents' inn, Zum Hirschen , for several years . From 1943 to 1945 he was acting administrator of the community of Mals. In 1945 he had to leave the municipal office because the political situation in South Tyrol changed with the end of the Second World War. From 1952 to 1974, however, Karl Stecher was mayor of Mals throughout. So for 22 years he was in charge of the community of Mals and was valued as a far-sighted and straightforward administrator. In recognition of his services, he was unanimously made an honorary citizen of the community of Mals on November 23, 1978 by the local council.

With resolution no.45 of September 30, 2013, the municipal council of Mals decided to grant the following honorary citizenships:

  • Paul Thöni, b. 1926: Retired director of the Mals secondary school for services of extraordinary importance in the development and expansion of the secondary school in Upper Venosta Valley
  • Max Bliem, b. 1936: Retired director of the high school center in Mals for services of extraordinary significance in the development and expansion of the high school center in Mals
  • Martin Brugger, b. 1944: Retired medical officer of the municipality of Mals for services of extraordinary importance in the context of basic medical care in the municipality of Mals


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  • Mercedes Blaas: Siebenkirchen - history of the parish of Mals . Tappeiner, Bozen 1992, ISBN 88-7073-138-3

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