Border between Italy and Switzerland

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View from Clivio ( Province of Varese ) in Italy to the border with Switzerland

The border between Italy and Switzerland consists mostly of land borders. In Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano , the border also runs through bodies of water.

Lake Lugano (Regione Lombardia / Canton Ticino)

At 782 kilometers, the state border with the Republic of Italy is Switzerland's longest state border; the international borders of the Swiss Confederation have a total length of 1935 km.

The village of Campione d'Italia is an Italian exclave in the Swiss canton of Ticino .

One of the 48 European triangle (Italy / Austria / Switzerland) is located near the Reschen Pass .


The border was extended in 1919 by the Treaty of Saint-Germain , with which South Tyrol became part of Italy.

The boundary on the Matterhorn is currently being revised due to the melting of the glaciers .


Border between Switzerland and Italy
Elevation diagram of the border between Switzerland and Italy (without enclave / exclave Campione d'Italia on Lake Lugano)
Border crossing in Astano

Legal acts

US soldiers at the Swiss border in Val Müstair (1945)

The course of the border has also been changed several times in recent history. Various agreements, exchange of notes, protocols and contracts were concluded in this regard. Contracting parties were not only the Republic of Italy and the Swiss Confederation, but also entities that have merged into one of these state structures. Important border agreements are:

  • The boundaries at Monicello di Finardo and Punta di Polà are, among other things, regulated in the Treaty of Varese ("Regulations and description of the boundaries between the Swiss provincial bailiffs of Locarno and the State of Milan") of June 22, 1754.
  • The boundary for the Costa di Sella area between the Swiss municipality of Muggio and the Italian municipality of San Fedele was first established in the agreement ("Regulations and description of the borders of the State of Milan and the Swiss Bailiwick of Mendrisio ") of October 22, 1755.
  • Agreement of August 27, 1863 (BS 11 74th SR)
  • Bern Agreement of December 31, 1873 (BS 11 83, SR 0.132.454.1)
  • Protocol of August 27, 1874
  • Exchange of notes of December 10, 1936/5. August 1937 on the definition of the Swiss-Italian border between Piz Lad and Run Do or Cima Garibaldi (SR 0.132.454.1 / AS 1969 1308)
  • Agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the Kingdom of Italy on the determination of the Italian-Swiss border of July 24, 1941.
  • With regard to the border section Run Do - Mont Dolent and Cima Garibaldi - Mont Dolent, several agreements were concluded, most recently the agreement of 1941.
  • Agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the Italian Republic on a border adjustment in the Val di Lei of November 25, 1952.

In spring 2020, the NZZ reported on differences.


Forcola di Livigno

Alpine passes between Italy and Switzerland are:

along the main Alpine ridge, from west to east:

south of the main ridge:


The Mont Brulé from Punta Short seen


other mountains:


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