Eurovision Song Contest 1997

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42nd Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest 1997.svg
date May 3, 1997
Host country IrelandIreland Ireland
venue Point Theater Dublin
Broadcasting television station RTÉ
Moderation Ronan Keating and Carrie Crowley
Pause filler Ronan Keating and Boyzone
participating countries 25th
winner United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Returning participants ItalyItaly Italy
Withdrawn participants IsraelIsrael Israel , Romania
Voting rule A jury in 20 countries awards 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points and 1 point to the ten best songs. The TED system is used in the following 5 countries : Germany , United Kingdom , Austria , Sweden and SwitzerlandGermanyGermany United KingdomUnited Kingdom AustriaAustria SwedenSweden SwitzerlandSwitzerland 
ESC 1996ESC 1998NorwayNorway United KingdomUnited Kingdom 

The 42nd Eurovision Song Contest took place on May 3, 1997 at the Point Theater in Dublin . For Germany , the singer Bianca Shomburg took part with the title Zeit , who landed in 18th place tied with Goodbye from Bosnia and Herzegovina . Even Austria and Switzerland performed poorly: One Step from BETTINA SORIAT was ranked 21, Dentro di me by Barbara Berta at No. 22, tied with the Netherlands .


From this competition onwards, the participating countries had the option of doing without the orchestra and singing live to the playback . Only Germany, Ireland, Austria and Croatia used this new option. Already in 1999 , the orchestra has been completely abolished.

The winner for the United Kingdom was the group Katrina and the Waves , which had hits back in the eighties. Of the members, however, basically only lead singer Katrina Leskanich remained . Love Shine a Light received points from all countries, for example the highest rating from Austria and Switzerland. In Germany there were only 10 points for the British, the highest ranking went to what is now a classic German point favorite: Turkey , with Dinle from Şebnem Paker & the Etnik group, came third.

This year the Barbara Dex Award , initiated by a fan site, was presented for the first time. The “worst” outfit of the competition is to be awarded with this price, which should not be taken very seriously. The first winner of this new award was Debbie Scerri from Malta .

For the second time since 1983, two participating countries, Norway and Portugal , scored no points at all. This only happened again in 2015 .

After this Eurovision Song Contest, Italy decided to stay away from the event until further notice and did not return until 2011.


  • participating countries
  • Countries that had participated in a previous ESC but not in 1997
  • Israel, Romania and Macedonia waived their participation, even though all of the eliminated countries would actually have qualified for the next competition. Israel did not take part because the day of the event was Yom HaSho'a . Additionally, failure in the qualifying round in 1996 was one reason all three countries were suspended. In order to ensure the long-term participation of the large donors ( Spain , Great Britain , France and Germany) and thus the survival of the contest, these countries were given Big-4 status. These countries were therefore always directly qualified for the finals, regardless of their position in the previous year.

    After the massive criticism last year, the qualification mode was changed. The average number of points for the last four (five for the competitions after 1997) years was calculated for each country. The countries with the lowest score had to pause for a year, but qualified directly the following year. Denmark , Germany, Italy, Hungary and Russia were there again. Belgium , Finland and Slovakia were forced to take a break.

    The following performers returned to the competition, two of them took part in 1996:

    country Interpreter Previous year of participation
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Alma Čardžić 1994 (with Dejan Lazarević )
    EstoniaEstonia Estonia Maarja-Liis Ilus 1996 (with Ivo Linna )
    TurkeyTurkey Turkey Şebnem Paker 1996

    Voting procedure

    There was a jury in 20 countries that initially determined the ten best songs internally. Then the individual juries awarded 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points and 1 point to these ten best songs. For the first time, viewers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom were able to take part in the so-called telephone voting. Nevertheless, some point announcers, for example in Austria and Switzerland, still spoke of a jury, in Germany Christina Mänz spoke of the "Result of the German telephone voting". All other countries had a jury, most of them for the last time.


    space Start number country Interpreter Title
    (M = music; T = text)
    language translation Points
    01. 24 United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Katrina and the Waves Love Shine a Light
    M / T: Kimberley Rew
    English Love, let your light shine 227
    02. 05 IrelandIreland Ireland Marc Roberts Mysterious Woman
    M / T: John Farry
    English Mysterious woman 157
    03. 02 TurkeyTurkey Turkey Şebnem Paker & Grup Etnic Dinle
    M: Levent Çoker; T: Mehtap Alnıtemiz
    Turkish Listen 121
    04th 09 ItalyItaly Italy Jalisse Fiumi di parole
    M: Fabio Ricci; T: Carmen Di Domenico, Alessandra Drusian
    Italian Word flows 114
    05. 01 Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus Hara & Andreas Konstantinou
    Χαρά και Ανδρέας Κωνσταντίνου
    Mána mou
    (Μάνα μου)
    M / T: Constantina Konstantinou
    Greek My motherland 098
    06th 10 SpainSpain Spain Marcos Llunas Sin rencor
    M / T: Marcos Llunas
    Spanish Without resentment 096
    07th 22nd FranceFrance France Fanny Sentiments songes
    M / T: Jean-Paul Dréau
    French Emotional daydreams 095
    08th. 13 EstoniaEstonia Estonia Maarja-Liis Ilus Keelatud maa
    M: Harmo Kallaste; T: Kaari Sillamaa
    Estonian Forbidden land 082
    09. 18th MaltaMalta Malta Debbie Scerri Let Me Fly
    M / T: Ray Agius
    English 1 let me fly 066
    10. 06th SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Tanja Ribič Zbudi se
    M: Saša Lošić; T: Zoran Predin
    Slovenian Wake up 060
    11. 12 PolandPoland Poland Anna Maria Jopek Ale jestem
    M: Tomasz Lewandowski; T: Magda Czapińska
    Polish But I am 054
    12. 17th GreeceGreece Greece Marianna Zorba
    Μαριάννα Ζορμπά
    M / T: Manolis Manusselis
    Greek To dance 039
    12. 19th HungaryHungary Hungary VIP Miért kell, hogy elmenj?
    M: Viktor Rakonczai; T: Krisztina Bokor Fekete
    Hungarian Why do you have to go? 039
    14th 16 SwedenSweden Sweden Blond Bara hon älskar mig
    M / T: Stephan Berg
    Swedish If only she loves me 036
    15th 20th RussiaRussia Russia Alla Pugacheva
    Алла Пугачёва

    Prima donna (Примадонна)
    M / T: Alla Pugacheva
    Russian - 033
    16. 21st DenmarkDenmark Denmark Kølig Kaj Stemming i with liv
    M: Lars Pedersen; T: Thomas Lægård
    Danish The voice in my life 025th
    17th 23 CroatiaCroatia Croatia ENI Probudi me
    M: Before Tolja; T: Alida Sarar
    Croatian wake me up 024
    18th 11 GermanyGermany Germany Bianca Shomburg Time
    M: Ralph Siegel ; T: Bernd Opinion
    German - 022nd
    18th 14th Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Alma Čardžić Goodbye
    M: Milić Vukašinović, Sinan Alimanović; T: Milić Vukašinović
    Bosnian a. Goodbye 022nd
    20th 25th IcelandIceland Iceland Paul Oscar Minn hinsti dans
    M: Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson , Trausti Haraldsson; T: Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson
    Icelandic My last dance 018th
    21st 04th AustriaAustria Austria Bettina Soriat One Step
    M: Marc Berry; T: Marc Berry, Martina Siber
    German a. A step 012
    22nd 07th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Barbara Berta Dentro di me
    M / T: Barbara Berta
    Italian Inside of me 005
    22nd 08th NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Mrs. Einstein Nobody heeft nog tijd
    M / T: Ed Hooijmans
    Dutch Nobody has time left 005
    24. 03 NorwayNorway Norway Gate end counter San Francisco
    M: Tor Endresen , Arne Myksvoll; T: Gate end counter
    Norwegian - 000
    24. 15th PortugalPortugal Portugal Celia Lawson Antes do adeus
    M: Thilo Krassman; T: Rosa Lobato de Faria
    Portuguese Before parting 000
    1 English is the official language of Malta alongside Maltese, which is why Malta was able to compete with English-language songs when songs in their own national language were required.
    a. with English title

    The countries marked in red had to sit out of the following competition due to their poor placements in the last five years.


    Sustaining land Forgiving country
    country Total Cyprus 1960Cyprus CYP TurkeyTurkey DOOR NorwayNorway NOR AustriaAustria AUT IrelandIreland IRL SloveniaSlovenia SVN SwitzerlandSwitzerland SUI NetherlandsNetherlands NLD ItalyItaly ITA SpainSpain ESP GermanyGermany GER PolandPoland POLE EstoniaEstonia EST Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH PortugalPortugal POR SwedenSweden SWE GreeceGreece GRC MaltaMalta MLT HungaryHungary HUN RussiaRussia RUS DenmarkDenmark DNK FranceFrance FRA CroatiaCroatia CRO United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR IcelandIceland ISL
    Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus 098 - 2 3 4th 4th 10 4th 10 5 1 3 12 7th 1 7th 4th 4th 5 12
    TurkeyTurkey Turkey 121 - 7th 2 6th 2 7th 12 12 6th 12 5 6th 7th 10 6th 4th 6th 4th 7th
    NorwayNorway Norway 000 -
    AustriaAustria Austria 012 - 3 1 5 3
    IrelandIreland Ireland 157 8th 6th 3 10 - 1 7th 4th 10 6th 8th 7th 8th 8th 10 10 8th 5 10 10 6th 12
    SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia 060 2 10 - 2 4th 7th 4th 3 5 10 7th 3 3
    SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 005 - 2 3
    NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 005 1 - 4th
    ItalyItaly Italy 114 6th 5 1 1 10 10 7th - 8th 4th 8th 6th 12 3 5 3 7th 4th 10 3 1
    SpainSpain Spain 096 10 4th 6th 5 8th 6th 3 - 2 4th 8th 6th 12 10 8th 2 2
    GermanyGermany Germany 022nd 3 5 5 - 3 1 5
    PolandPoland Poland 054 4th 8th 7th 1 1 2 6th - 3 4th 2 1 7th 5 3
    EstoniaEstonia Estonia 082 1 6th 8th 3 12 4th 7th 6th - 1 1 1 4th 8th 8th 10 2
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 022nd 8th 4th 2 3 - 4th 1
    PortugalPortugal Portugal 000 -
    SwedenSweden Sweden 036 8th 5 6th - 6th 7th 4th
    GreeceGreece Greece 039 12 5 7th - 6th 2 7th
    MaltaMalta Malta 066 5 12 10 7th 6th 1 5 8th - 3 1 8th
    HungaryHungary Hungary 039 3 4th 5 5 2 - 5 2 8th 5
    RussiaRussia Russia 033 1 5 12 8th 7th -
    DenmarkDenmark Denmark 025th 7th 1 7th 2 - 2 6th
    FranceFrance France 095 3 2 12 10 2 3 5 12 12 3 6th 2 4th 2 6th 1 - 10
    CroatiaCroatia Croatia 024 4th 1 3 2 5 8th - 1
    United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 227 7th 7th 6th 12 12 8th 12 12 8th 5 10 10 10 10 7th 12 10 1 12 12 12 12 12 - 8th
    IcelandIceland Iceland 018th 2 2 8th 6th -

    * The table is arranged vertically according to the order of appearance, horizontally according to the chronological scoring.

    United Kingdom Scoring Map by Country for the Winning Title

    Statistics of the twelve-point allocation

    number country received from
    10 United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Denmark, France, Ireland, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary
    3 FranceFrance France Estonia, Norway, Poland
    TurkeyTurkey Turkey Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Spain
    2 Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus Greece, Iceland
    1 EstoniaEstonia Estonia Italy
    GreeceGreece Greece Cyprus
    IrelandIreland Ireland United Kingdom
    ItalyItaly Italy Portugal
    MaltaMalta Malta Turkey
    RussiaRussia Russia Slovenia
    SpainSpain Spain Malta

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