Eurovision Song Contest 1994

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39th Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest 1994 Logo.jpg
date April 30, 1994
Host country IrelandIreland Ireland
venue Point Theater , Dublin
Broadcasting television station RTÉ
Moderation Cynthia Ní Mhurchú & Gerry Ryan
Pause filler Riverdance
participating countries 25th
winner IrelandIreland Ireland
First time participation EstoniaEstonia Estonia (first time in final) Lithuania Poland Romania (first time in final) Russia Slovakia (first time in final) Hungary (first time in final)
Lithuania 1989Lithuania 
Withdrawn participants ItalyItaly Italy
Voting rule In each country a jury awards 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points and 1 point to the ten best songs.
ESC 1993ESC 1995IrelandIreland IrelandIreland 

The 39th Eurovision Song Contest took place on April 30, 1994 at the Point Theater in Dublin . To date, it is the last competition that was not held in May. Ireland won for the third year in a row with Rock 'n' Roll Kids.


For Germany, the group Mekado took part with the title We give 'ne Party , which landed in 3rd place. Petra Frey took 17th place to Austria with For Peace in the World , Duilio and Sto pregando took 20th place for Switzerland. Switzerland had to sit out the following year and was missing for the first time in the history of the ESC.

A number of new countries came from Eastern Europe this year. Edyta Górniak from Poland immediately caused a sensation - To never yes! came in second place. Hungary also achieved its best result - Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet? von Friderika Bayer got the highest number of points in the first three ratings, from Sweden, Finland and Ireland. In the end, however, she was only fourth. Russia also landed in the first half. In contrast, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia and Lithuania performed relatively poorly at their premiere. Lithuania did not even receive any points. All of these countries had to suspend the following year.

In the end, made the song Rock 'n' Roll Kids , which Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan reciting the race. It was also the first entry to win the competition without accompanying orchestral music, and in the evening it was the only entry without orchestral music. Ireland won for the third time in a row and for the sixth time. This made Ireland the sole record winner of the ESC. By far the most successful performance of the evening, however, was the Riverdance , which was first performed during the break .

Places 1 to 18 meant qualification for the next year; this meant that Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands along with some of the Eastern European newcomers in 1995 were not eligible.


  • Countries in the final
  • Countries that have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in the past, but not in 1994
  • After the Eastern European countries joined the EBU, a new rule was introduced to limit the number of participants to 25. Places 1 to 19 from the previous year qualified for participation this year. Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Turkey had to take a compulsory break this year. Italy voluntarily decided not to participate. On the other hand, Estonia , Romania , Slovakia and Hungary , which failed in the Eastern European preliminary decision last year, were allowed to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest this time. In addition, Lithuania , Poland and Russia were added, so that a total of 25 countries took part, which was a new record for participants.

    The following performers returned to the competition:

    country Interpreter Previous year of participation
    IcelandIceland Iceland Sigga 1990 (as a member of Stjórnin ), 1992 (as a member of Heart 2 Heart )
    NorwayNorway Norway Elisabeth Andreassen 1982 (as a member of the Chips for Sweden ), 1985 (winner as a member of the Bobbysocks ) SwedenSweden 
    SwedenSweden Sweden Marie Bergman 1971 , 1972 (each as a member of Family Four )
    Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus Evridiki 1992

    Voting procedure

    In each country there was a jury that initially determined the ten best songs internally. Then the individual juries awarded 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points and 1 point to these ten best songs. For the first time in the history of the competition, the points were announced via satellite so that the points speakers could also be seen on the screen.


    space Start number country Interpreter Song
    Music (M) and Text (T)
    language Translation
    01. 03 IrelandIreland Ireland Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan Rock 'n' Roll Kids
    M / T: Brendan Graham
    English Rock 'n' roll kids 226
    02. 24 PolandPoland Poland Edyta Górniak To never yes!
    M: Stanislaw Syrewicz ; T: Jacek Cygan
    Polish It was not me! 166
    03. 14th GermanyGermany Germany Mekado We're giving a party
    M: Ralph Siegel ; T: Bernd Opinion
    German a. - 128
    04th 22nd HungaryHungary Hungary Friderika Bayer Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?
    M / T: Szilveszter Jenei
    Hungarian To whom should I confess my sins? 122
    05. 12 MaltaMalta Malta Chris & Moira More than Love
    M: Christopher Scicluna; T: Moira Stafrace
    English 1 More than love 097
    06th 17th NorwayNorway Norway Elisabeth Andreassen & Jan Werner Danielsen Duet
    M: Rolf Løvland; T: Hans Olaf Mørk
    Norwegian - 076
    07th 25th FranceFrance France Nina Morato Je suis un vrai garçon
    M: Bruno Maman; T: Nina Morato
    French I am a real boy 074
    08th. 08th PortugalPortugal Portugal Sara Tavares Chamar a música
    M: João Carlos Campos de Sousa Mota Oliveira; T: Rosa Lobato de Faria
    Portuguese Call the music 073
    09. 23 RussiaRussia Russia Youddiph
    Vječnij stranjik
    (Вечный странник)
    M: Lev Zemlinski; T: Piligrim
    Russian Eternal wanderer 070
    10. 06th United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Frances Ruffelle We Will Be Free (Lonely Symphony)
    M / T: George De Angelis, Mark Dean
    English We'll be free (lonely symphony) 063
    11. 04th Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus Evridiki
    Eímai ánthropos ki egó
    (Είμαι άνθρωπος κι εγώ)
    M / T: Giorgos Theophanous
    Greek I am human too 051
    12. 05 IcelandIceland Iceland Sigga Nætur
    M: Friðrik Karlsson; T: Stefán Hilmarsson
    Icelandic nights 049
    13. 01 SwedenSweden Sweden Marie Bergman & Roger Pontare Stjärnorna
    M: Peter Bertilsson; T: Mikael Littwold
    Swedish The stars 048
    14th 19th GreeceGreece Greece Costas Bigalis & The Sea Lovers
    Κώστας Μπίγαλης και the Sea Lovers
    To trehandíri (Diri diri)
    (Το τρεχαντήρι (Ντίρι ντίρι))
    M / T: Costas Bigalis
    Greek The Trehandiri (Diri diri) 044
    15th 18th Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Alma i Dejan Ostani kraj mene
    M: Adi Mulahalilović; T: Edo Mulahalilović
    Bosnian stay with me 039
    16. 07th CroatiaCroatia Croatia Toni Cetinski Nek 'ti bude ljubav sva
    M: Željen Klašterka; T: Željko Krznarić
    Croatian All the love should be yours 027
    17th 20th AustriaAustria Austria Petra Frey For the peace of the world
    M: Alfons Weindorf ; T: Karl Brunner, Johann Brunner
    German - 019th
    18th 21st SpainSpain Spain Alejandro Abad Ella no es ella
    M / T: Alejandro Abad
    Spanish She is not her 017th
    19th 09 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Duilio Sto pregando
    M / T: Giuseppe Scaramello
    Italian I pray 015th
    19th 15th SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Tublatanka Nekonečná pieseň
    M: Martin 'Maťo' Ďurinda; T: Martin Sarvaš
    Slovak Endless song 015th
    21st 11 RomaniaRomania Romania Dan Bittman Dincolo de nori
    M / T: Antonio Furtuna, Dan Bittman
    Romanian Behind the clouds 014th
    22nd 02 FinlandFinland Finland CatCat Bye Bye Baby
    M / T: Kari Salli, Markku 'Make' Lentonen
    Finnish a. Bye Baby 011
    23. 13 NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Willeke Alberti What is de zon?
    M: Edwin Schimscheimer; T: Coot van Doesburgh
    Dutch Where is the sun? 004th
    24. 10 EstoniaEstonia Estonia Silvi Vrait Nagu merelaine
    M: Ivar Must ; T: Leelo Tungal
    Estonian Like a wave 002
    25th 16 Lithuania 1989Lithuania Lithuania Ovidijus Vyšniauskas Lopšinė mylimai
    M: Ovidijus Vyšniauskas ; T: Gintaras Zdebskis
    Lithuanian Lullaby for my darling 000
    1 English is the official language of Malta alongside Maltese, which is why Malta was able to compete with English-language songs when songs in their own national language were required.
    a. in a few words in English

    The countries in places 1 to 18 are admitted to the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 .


    Sustaining land Forgiving country
    country Total SwedenSweden SWE FinlandFinland FIN IrelandIreland IRL Cyprus 1960Cyprus CYP IcelandIceland ISL United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR CroatiaCroatia CRO PortugalPortugal POR SwitzerlandSwitzerland SUI EstoniaEstonia EST RomaniaRomania ROU MaltaMalta MLT NetherlandsNetherlands NLD GermanyGermany GER SlovakiaSlovakia SVK Lithuania 1989Lithuania LTU NorwayNorway NOR Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH GreeceGreece GRC AustriaAustria AUT SpainSpain ESP HungaryHungary HUN RussiaRussia RUS PolandPoland POLE FranceFrance FRA
    SwedenSweden Sweden 048 - 2 7th 2 3 6th 3 5 10 5 1 2
    FinlandFinland Finland 011 - 1 10
    IrelandIreland Ireland 226 10 7th - 8th 12 10 12 12 12 10 8th 5 12 12 6th 10 12 10 10 10 10 12 8th 8th
    Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus 051 10 - 3 5 2 5 12 4th 2 5 3
    IcelandIceland Iceland 049 8th 1 6th - 6th 3 3 5 1 3 3 6th 1 4th 4th
    United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 063 1 5 - 6th 8th 8th 5 2 4th 3 2 4th 1 3 3 5 3
    CroatiaCroatia Croatia 027 - 10 12 5
    PortugalPortugal Portugal 073 5 5 8th 8th 8th - 5 1 3 2 12 7th 4th 1 6th
    SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 015th - 8th 2 5
    EstoniaEstonia Estonia 002 - 2
    RomaniaRomania Romania 014th - 6th 2 6th
    MaltaMalta Malta 097 4th 6th 10 2 1 7th 4th 6th 7th 10 - 1 7th 10 7th 12 7th
    NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 004th - 4th
    GermanyGermany Germany 128 6th 3 5 6th 7th 7th 10 10 3 12 4th - 7th 4th 1 7th 2 8th 12 7th 7th
    SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia 015th 12 - 3
    Lithuania 1989Lithuania Lithuania 000 -
    NorwayNorway Norway 079 7th 3 10 1 4th 3 1 8th 4th 7th 6th 1 - 6th 1 5 5 8th
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 039 2 4th 7th 8th - 7th 1 10
    GreeceGreece Greece 044 2 4th 12 6th 4th 5 4th - 4th 2
    AustriaAustria Austria 019th 1 7th 3 2 1 1 5 -
    SpainSpain Spain 017th 5 2 8th - 2
    HungaryHungary Hungary 122 12 12 12 10 2 5 1 4th 4th 2 10 8th 8th 3 8th - 3 12 7th
    RussiaRussia Russia 070 4th 3 4th 5 1 2 1 3 5 6th 3 4th 6th 6th - 10 1
    PolandPoland Poland 166 8th 7th 1 6th 12 8th 7th 10 12 7th 2 8th 10 4th 12 6th 8th 12 8th 6th - 12
    FranceFrance France 074 3 2 4th 5 6th 6th 8th 7th 2 7th 10 6th -

    The table is arranged vertically according to the sequence of occurrences, horizontally according to the chronological scoring.

    Statistics of the twelve-point allocation

    number country received from
    8th IrelandIreland Ireland Germany, Iceland, Croatia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland
    5 PolandPoland Poland Estonia, France, Lithuania, Austria, United Kingdom
    4th HungaryHungary Hungary Finland, Ireland, Poland, Sweden
    2 GermanyGermany Germany Romania, Hungary
    1 GreeceGreece Greece Cyprus
    CroatiaCroatia Croatia Slovakia
    MaltaMalta Malta Bosnia and Herzegovina
    PortugalPortugal Portugal Spain
    SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Malta
    Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus Greece

    Points speaker

    No. country Points speaker
    01 SwedenSweden Sweden Marianne Anderberg
    02 FinlandFinland Finland Solveig Herlin
    03 IrelandIreland Ireland Eileen Dunne
    04th Cyprus RepublicRepublic of Cyprus Cyprus Anna Partelidou
    05 IcelandIceland Iceland Sigríður Arnardóttir
    06th United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Colin Berry
    07th CroatiaCroatia Croatia Helga Vlahović
    08th PortugalPortugal Portugal Isabel Bahia
    09 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Sandra Studer
    010 EstoniaEstonia Estonia Urve Tiidus
    011 RomaniaRomania Romania Cristina Țopescu
    012 MaltaMalta Malta John Demanuele
    0 13 NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Joop van Os
    0 14th GermanyGermany Germany Carmen Nebel
    0 15th SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Juraj Čurný
    0 16 Lithuania 1989Lithuania Lithuania Gitana Lapinskaitė
    0 17th NorwayNorway Norway Sverre Christophersen
    0 18th Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Diana Grković-Foretić
    0 19th GreeceGreece Greece Fotini Giannoulatou
    0 20th AustriaAustria Austria Tilia Herald
    0 21st SpainSpain Spain María Ángeles Balañac
    0 22nd HungaryHungary Hungary Iván Bradányi
    0 23 RussiaRussia Russia Irina Klenskaya
    0 24 PolandPoland Poland Jan Chojnacki
    0 25th FranceFrance France Laurent Romejko

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