Eurovision Song Contest 2006

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51st Eurovision Song Contest
ESC 2006 Logo 001.png
motto Feel the Rhythm (Eng .: feel the rhythm)
date May 18, 2006 (semi-finals)
May 20, 2006 (final)
Host country GreeceGreece Greece
venue Olympic Indoor Hall
OAKA Olympic Indoor Hall , Marousi
Broadcasting television station ERT
Moderation Maria Menounos and Sakis Rouvas
Pause filler Semi-finals: Sakis Rouvas with I'm in Love with You ;
Finale: Elena Paparizou with Mambo!
participating countries With song contributions: 37 (excluding Serbia and Montenegro )
In the vote: 38
winner FinlandFinland Finland
First time participation ArmeniaArmenia Armenia
Withdrawn participants AustriaAustria Austria , Serbia and Montenegro , Hungary
Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro 
Voting rule The audience decided by TED how the country awards 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and one point to the ten best songs.
ESC 2005ESC 2007UkraineUkraine FinlandFinland 

The 51st Eurovision Song Contest took place on May 18th and 20th, 2006 in the suburb of Marousi of the Greek capital Athens . The winner was Finland with the group Lordi and their song Hard Rock Hallelujah . The venue was the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Sports Complex . The finals and semifinals were hosted by Sakis Rouvas , who took third place for Greece in 2004, and Maria Menounos , presenter of the US broadcaster NBC . The televoting in the semifinals was opened by the Greek Olympic champions 2004 Aimilia Tsoulfa and Dimosthenis Tampakos , the final by the Greek singer Nana Mouskouri , who started in the 1963 Song Contest for Luxembourg.


Singer "Mr. Lordi “by the band Lordi , interpreter of the winning title

The two shows were equipped by the German company PROCON , which was already responsible for the ESC anniversary show Congratulations (2005) and the 1999 finale in Jerusalem.

Since 2004 there has been a semi-final two (or three) days before the final, from which the top ten winners reach the final. Fourteen other countries have already qualified for the finals: the top-ranked last year and the Big Four of the European Broadcasting Union ( Germany , France , the United Kingdom and Spain ).

This year the Barbara Dex Award , initiated by a fan site, was presented for the tenth time. The “worst” outfit of the competition is to be awarded with this price, which should not be taken very seriously. This year's winners were non-stop from Portugal.

The show was watched by nearly 110 million viewers on television.


  • Countries in the final
  • Countries that did not reach the final
  • Countries that have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in the past, but not in 2006
  • Armenia participated in the competition for the first time. Austria and Hungary decided not to participate. Serbia-Montenegro wanted to take part, but withdrew because there were problems choosing the song between the two parts of the country. 37 countries took part in the competition, but Serbia-Montenegro was allowed to vote.

    The following performers returned to the competition:

    country Interpreter Previous year of participation
    GreeceGreece Greece Anna Vissi 1980 , 1982 (for Cyprus ) Cyprus 1960Cyprus 
    IsraelIsrael Israel Eddie Butler 1999 (member of Eden )
    LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania Victoras Diawara (member of LT United ) 2001 (as a member of Skamp )
    MaltaMalta Malta Fabrizio Faniello 2001
    PolandPoland Poland I troy 2003
    SwedenSweden Sweden Carola 1983 , 1991 (winner)

    Voting procedure

    The awarding of points was shortened by the EBU , as was already tested in a similar way at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 . The respective national speaker only gives the three highest ratings, the first seven ratings appeared immediately on the scoreboard. There was resistance to this from the ESC fan community, as the influx of a corresponding collection of signatures on the Internet showed.

    National qualification


    The following fourteen countries were directly qualified for the final:

    The top ten of the previous year

    • Denmark : On February 11th, at the Melodi Grand Prix in Aalborg , the Danish audience had the opportunity to choose the national representative for Athens from ten titles. The 17-year-old debutante Sidsel Ben Semmane surprisingly won with the song Twist of Love .
    • Greece : The Greek broadcaster ERT announced on January 24th that Anna Vissi would run for the host country; On March 14th, the song she performed with was chosen from four titles. Vissi already represented Greece in 1980 with the title Autostop (13th place). In 1982 she started for Cyprus with Mono i agapi (5th place).
    • Israel : Israel selected its representative from eleven applicants on March 15th in Jerusalem .
    • Latvia : The Latvian qualification took place on March 11th in Ventspils . The winner was the a cappella band Cosmos with the song I Hear Your Heart .
    • Malta : The Maltese contribution was selected on February 4th in Valletta . When Malta Song for Europe Festival won Fabrizio Faniello with the song I Do . He represented Malta in 2001 .
    • Moldova : The representative of the country was to be selected from 13 applicants in a preliminary decision on February 25 in Chișinău . Since three performers achieved the same score in a rating made up of half calls from the audience and half from jury votes, but the jury refused to determine a winner according to the rules, the first final ended without a result. The reason given was the insufficient competitiveness of the contributions. The decision was finally made on March 15th in a second preliminary decision, in which one contribution from the first preliminary decision and four new contributions were available for selection. Winners were Arsenium & Natalia Gordienko entitled Loca .
    • Norway : The Norwegian entry was selected on February 4th at the finals of the Melodi Grand Prix 2006 in Oslo . The winner was Christine Guldbrandsen with Alvedansen .
    • Romania : On February 26th, after two semi-finals, a preliminary decision took place on Romanian television TVR, in which a jury and television viewers from twelve participants determined the winner. It won Mihai Trăistariu with the title Tornerò .
    • Switzerland : In an internal selection process, Swiss television selected a song by the German composers Ralph Siegel and Bernd Augener . The song If We All Give a Little was presented on March 18th. Ralph Siegel put together the six-person group six4one through a casting .
    • Serbia and Montenegro : On March 11th, Serbia and Montenegro was supposed to select its contribution with the help of the television show Evropesma 2006 . Before the final there were two semi-finals (Beovizija and Montevizija) in the two parts of the country. Twelve songs from Serbia and another twelve songs from Montenegro qualified for the final. There the group No Name won with the title Moja ljubavi, the winners of the televoting (the group Flamingosi feat. Luis) received no points from the judges from Montenegro. As a result of suspicions that there were irregularities in this vote, the result was annulled and a second preliminary decision was set for March 19, which, however, also failed. The Montenegrin television broadcaster RTCG refused a new televoting vote between the first five participants from both parts of the country and insisted that the group had won No Name. On March 20, RTS announced the final withdrawal from the competition to the EBU. The country will broadcast the competition live and also take part in the televoting. As a successor, Croatia will go straight to the final and therefore do not have to participate in the semi-finals.
      • Nachrücker Croatia : The Croatian TV viewers and the jury of HRT given their contribution through the preliminary round Dora . The winner was the singer Severina with the title Moja štikla , the arrangement of which by Goran Bregović and the lyrics by the interpreter herself. The song was composed by Boris Novković , who participated in the previous year .

    The big four

    Germany, France, Great Britain and Spain make the largest financial contribution to the EBU. Measured by the number of viewers, these countries also have the largest members of the EBU, who together serve almost a quarter of a billion people. In order to avoid that a large part of the European audience potential could break away in the event of a bad placement in the previous year, these countries are generally placed in the final.

    • Germany : Due to the poor performance in the previous year , the 2006 candidate selection was changed. A jury made up of ARD entertainment directors selected three participants for the preliminary round from suggestions made by the German phono industry. The selection criteria included, above all, a high level of show acceptance and an excellent musical standard. On March 9th, the band Texas Lightning won the German qualifying against Thomas Anders and Vicky Leandros .
    • France : On March 14th, the French public chose their representative for Athens in a preliminary decision with 21 artists. The candidates for the preliminary decision were determined through several selection processes, including web voting , the casting show Entrée des artistes and the documentation Dom Tom Folies . The winner was Virginie Pouchain . The contribution Nous, c'est vous, which she presented at the end of the preliminary round, was classified as unsuitable for the international final, so the singer appeared in Athens with the song Il était temps .
    • Great Britain : Entries could be submitted to the BBC by December 31st. On March 4th, the winner of the television show Making Your Mind Up was determined. The winner of this preliminary round was Daz Sampson with the title Teenage Life .
    • Spain : Songs could be submitted to the Spanish broadcaster TVE until January 31st. Contributions with foreign language lyrics were not permitted. Artist and title were selected internally. On February 27, TVE announced that the group Las Ketchup (known from the summer hit Aserejé ) would represent Spain with the song Bloody Mary .


    The following countries took part in the semi-finals:

    • Albania : Luiz Ejlli won the Festivali i Këngës on December 18, 2005 with the folkloric song Zjarr e ftohtë .
    • Andorra : Newcomer Jennifer started for Andorra with the title Sense tu , which was chosen internally on March 8th .
    • Armenia : Songs could be submitted to Armenian TV until January 20th. A jury was originally supposed to choose the best of these to compete against each other in a television show in mid-February. On January 20, Armenian television announced that a jury had selected the singer Andre . He competes with the title Without Your Love .
    • Belgium : This year the Flemish broadcaster Eén is responsible for the national preliminary decision. 28 candidates first fought for seven tickets for the local final in four preliminary rounds and then in two semi-finals. It finally won Kate Ryan with the title Je t'adore .
    • Bosnia-Herzegovina : The country featured its song for Athens on the BH Eurosong 2006 television show held on March 5th. The television audience was only allowed to choose from three options via televoting about the song title - they chose Lejla . Bosnian television has announced the singer Hari Varešanovic, better known as Hari Mata Hari , as the interpreter.
    • Bulgaria : Mariana Popova with Let Me Cry was selected from twelve applicants on March 12th .
    • Estonia : The Estonian entry was selected on February 4th in Tallinn . A jury selected Sandra Oxenryd's title Through My Window as the winner, just ahead of Ines.
    • Finland : The Finnish qualifying took place in Turku on March 10th . It won the band Lordi with the title Hard Rock Hallelujah . The band performed in monster and zombie costumes and clearly won the TED vote.
    • Ireland : The singer Brian Kennedy took part for Ireland . Especially for him there was a small pre-selection in February, in which the television viewers of the Late Late Show (RTÉ) selected the song Every Song Is a Cry for Love for him from three titles .
    • Iceland : Silvía Nótt started for Iceland with the song Congratulations . TV viewers voted for it on February 18 in Reykjavík . The responsible broadcaster RUV counted almost 120,000 votes during the vote, of which Silvía Nótt got 70,190 - an impressive number considering Iceland's 300,000 inhabitants.
    • Lithuania : Lithuania selected their entry, We Are the Winners by LT United, on March 4th in Kaunas .
    • Macedonia : The Macedonian preliminary decision took place on March 4th on MKRTV. The audience elected Elena Risteska as the representative of their country by means of televoting with a lead of 133 votes. Her song Ninanajna prevailed against 19 competing entries.
    • Monaco : The Monegasque contribution was selected internally in December 2005. After two auditions in Paris and Monaco, Séverine Ferrer won participation in Athens with the title La coco-dance .
    • Netherlands : The Dutch preliminary round, the National Song Festival 2006 took place on March 12, 2006 and was moderated by Paul de Leeuw. The two groups Behave and Treble as well as the singer Maud each sang three songs. The winner Treble with the song Amambanda was determined from a mix of music experts and televoting .
    • Poland : The Polish entry was selected on January 28th on the TV show Piosenka dla Europy . The preliminary decision was won by Ich Troje , who represented Poland in Athens with the song Follow My Heart . You sang in Riga in 2003 . At that time they reached 7th place.
    • Portugal : At the RTP television program Festival da Canção in Lisbon , the girl band Nonstop with Coisas de nada was determined as the winner by televoting and a jury.
    • Russia : Dima Bilan competed for Russia. The song was called Never Let You Go . It was determined internally by the Russian TV broadcaster Channel One without a national preliminary decision .
    • Sweden : The participant was determined here in a complex process. There were four preliminary rounds, one round for a "second chance" and the final, which took place on March 18th. This Melodifestivalen enjoys general popularity. Carola , who was highly favored in the days before the final and had already won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991 , won the national preliminary with her title Evighet ( Invincible later in the contest) and finally represented Sweden in Athens.
    • Slovenia : On January 29th, the EMA preliminary decision took place, in which the winner Anžej Dežan was determined from 14 participants in a mix of televoting and jury. For the victory of his song Plan B , the votes of the jury were decisive.
    • Turkey : The Turkish broadcaster TRT 1 announced on January 5th that the singer Sibel Tüzün would represent Turkey in Athens. Her song, which was selected internally and presented to the public on March 4th, is called Süper star .
    • Ukraine : On March 11, the Ukrainian contribution was determined by the casting show Ty - sirka . Tina Karol won it with I Am Your Queen . The song was then rearranged and given a new title for Athens - Show Me Your Love - and new lyrics.
    • Belarus : On February 10, the Belarusian audience was able to choose three favorites from 15 songs. An internal jury selected the singer Palina Smolawa and mom as the winner.
    • Cyprus : After two semi-finals in mid-February, the Cypriot preliminary decision took place on February 22nd. Annette Artani will travel to Athens for the country with the title Why Angels Cry .

    Georgia , which had recently joined the EBU , did not take part in 2006 for financial reasons, as did the Czech Republic . Hungary and Austria withdrew from the competition for 2006. Luxembourg had not sent any participants since 1994, Italy since 1998. As a non-EBU member, Liechtenstein could not take part in the competition.


    The following countries took part in the semi-finals (May 18th) (the positions were only announced after the finals were over). Places 1 to 10 have qualified for the final.

    space Start number country Interpreter Song
    Music (M) and Text (T)
    language Translation
    01. 16 FinlandFinland Finland Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah
    M / T: Mr. Lordi
    English - 292
    02. 22nd Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Hari Mata Hari Lejla
    M: Željko Joksimović ; T: Fahrudin Pecikoza, Dejan Ivanović
    Bosnian - 267
    03. 13 RussiaRussia Russia Dima Bilan
    Дима Билан
    Never Let You Go
    M: Alexander Lunjew; T: Karen Kavalerjan
    English I will never let you go 217
    04th 20th SwedenSweden Sweden Carola Invincible
    M: Bobby Ljunggren, Thomas G: son, Henrik Wikström;
    T: Thomas G: son,
    English Invincible 214
    05. 18th LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania LT United We Are the Winners
    M: Andrius Mamontovas, Saulius 'Samas' Urbonavičius;
    T: Andrius Mamontovas, Viktoras Diawara
    English, French We are the winners 163
    06th 01 ArmeniaArmenia Armenia André
    Without Your Love
    M: Armen Martirosyan; T: Catherine Bekian
    English Without your love 150
    07th 15th UkraineUkraine Ukraine Tina Karol
    Тіна Кароль
    Show Me Your Love
    M: Tina Karol , Mikhail Nekrasov; T: Pavel Shilko
    English Show me your love 146
    08th. 14th TurkeyTurkey Turkey Sibel Tüzün Super star
    M / T: Sibel Tüzün
    Turkish , English Superstar 091
    09. 08th IrelandIreland Ireland Brian Kennedy Every Song Is a Cry for Love
    M / T: Brian Kennedy
    English Every song is a cry for love 079
    10. 11 Macedonia 1995Macedonia Macedonia Elena Ristevska
    Елена Ристеска
    M: Darko Dimitrov; T: Rade Vrčakovski
    English, Macedonian - 076
    11. 12 PolandPoland Poland I troy Follow My Heart
    M: André Franke; T: Real McCoy, Wiliam Lennox,
    Michał Wiśniewski
    English, Polish , German , Russian Follow my heart 070
    12. 07th BelgiumBelgium Belgium Kate Ryan Je t'adore
    M / T: Nicklas Kings, Lisa Greene, Niklas Bergwall, Kate Ryan
    with French title
    I adore you 069
    13. 23 IcelandIceland Iceland Silvia Night Congratulations
    M: Þorvaldur Bjarni Þorvaldsson; T: Silvia Night
    English Congratulations 062
    14th 06th AlbaniaAlbania Albania Luiz Ejlli Zjarr e ftohtė
    M: Klodian Qafoku; T: Dr. Flori
    Albanian The cold fire 058
    15th 09 Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus Annet Artani
    Αννέτ Αρτάνι
    Why Angels Cry
    M / T: Peter Yiannaki
    English  Why angels cry 057
    16. 03 SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Anžej Dežan Mr. Nobody (Plan B)
    M: Matjaž Vlašič; T: Urša Vlašič
    English Mr. Nobody 049
    17th 02 BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria Mariana Popova
    Мариана Попова
    Let Me Cry
    M: Dani Milew; T: Elina Gavrilova
    English Make me cry 036
    18th 21st EstoniaEstonia Estonia Sandra Through My Window
    M: Alar Kotkas, Ilmar Laisaar, Pearu Paulus; T: Jana Hallas
    English Through my window 028
    19th 19th PortugalPortugal Portugal Nonstop Coisas de nada
    M / T: José Manuel Afonso, Elvis Veiguinha
    Portuguese , English Things of nothing 026th
    20th 17th NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Treble Amanbanda
    M / T: Treble
    Constructed language , English - 022nd
    21st 10 MonacoMonaco Monaco Severine Ferrer La coco-dance
    M: J. Woodfeel T: J. Woodfeel, Irén Bo
    French, Tahitian The coco dance 014th
    22nd 05 Belarus 1995Belarus Belarus Palina
    Smolava Полина Смолова
    M: Sergey Suchomlin; T: Andrei Kostiugov
    English mummy 010
    23. 04th AndorraAndorra Andorra Jennifer Sense tu
    M: Rafael Artesero T: Rafael Artesero, Joan Antoni Rechi
    Catalan Without you 008th

    Scoring (semi-finals)

    Competitor Voting results
    Armenia 150 - 8th 7th 3 12 12 3 12 10 7th 12 3 2 3 3 12 7th 12 2 10 10
    Bulgaria 36 - 8th 8th 6th 1 1 4th 5 3
    Slovenia 49 2 - 2 7th 3 3 2 1 7th 6th 7th 5 4th
    Andorra 8th - 8th
    Belarus 10 - 6th 1 3
    Albania 58 1 1 - 12 2 3 2 5 7th 3 10 2 3 7th
    Belgium 69 5 7th - 5 1 6th 4th 3 7th 2 2 5 3 4th 3 7th 3 2
    Ireland 79 3 1 3 - 7th 2 1 4th 3 4th 4th 1 6th 2 5 4th 1 6th 6th 2 8th 1 5
    Cyprus 57 7th 2 1 4th - 10 3 4th 4th 1 7th 2 12
    Monaco 14th 3 - 1 2 8th
    Macedonia 76 8th 5 8th 12 - 8th 10 1 8th 10 6th
    Poland 70 3 4th 1 7th - 5 10 2 8th 3 3 2 1 1 2 6th 4th 4th 2 2
    Russia 217 12 12 4th 4th 12 2 4th 10 5 8th - 4th 12 6th 1 12 7th 7th 10 4th 6th 7th 1 12 3 6th 4th 8th 5 12 12 5
    Turkey 91 1 6th 8th 8th - 10 12 10 6th 1 8th 10 8th 3
    Ukraine 146 10 3 2 6th 10 3 6th 2 2 6th 10 7th - 2 6th 10 4th 3 5 8th 6th 2 5 3 3 10 8th 4th
    Finland 292 7th 10 10 8th 10 10 7th 7th 12 8th 6th 6th - 6th 10 8th 12 12 8th 12 5 10 8th 10 8th 8th 10 5 12 5 12 10 5 7th 8th
    Netherlands 22nd 4th 2 2 4th 3 5 - 1 1
    Lithuania 163 6th 6th 5 6th 7th 12 4th 4th 4th 10 4th 2 5 8th 5 - 5 4th 8th 2 8th 3 4th 10 5 3 5 10 1 6th 1
    Portugal 26th 12 - 7th 7th
    Sweden 214 6th 4th 7th 8th 5 5 5 8th 2 8th 1 7th 3 4th 10 4th 5 12 - 7th 6th 10 6th 12 5 4th 4th 10 12 4th 6th 4th 7th 7th 6th
    Estonia 28 1 5 5 8th - 2 7th
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 267 5 10 12 1 3 10 6th 6th 5 12 10 5 7th 12 8th 12 8th 3 6th 10 1 - 7th 12 8th 2 12 12 12 2 12 4th 6th 10 1 8th 1 6th
    Iceland 62 2 1 7th 7th 3 6th 5 1 - 7th 1 1 2 7th 5 1 6th

    Statistics of the twelve-point allocation (semifinals)

    number country received from
    9 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Finland, Croatia, Monaco, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey
    8th RussiaRussia Russia Armenia, Bulgaria, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus
    6th ArmeniaArmenia Armenia Belgium, France, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Cyprus
    FinlandFinland Finland Germany, Estonia, Iceland, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom
    3 SwedenSweden Sweden Denmark, Malta, Portugal
    1 AlbaniaAlbania Albania Macedonia
    LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania Ireland
    Macedonia 1995Macedonia Macedonia Albania
    PortugalPortugal Portugal Andorra
    TurkeyTurkey Turkey Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Cyprus 1960Cyprus Cyprus Greece


    FinlandFinland Finland took part in the final for the last time in 2002. In 2003 they were banned, in 2004 and 2005 they failed in the semi-finals. Lithuania reached the final again after 2002, after being suspended in 2003 due to relegation and eliminated in the semifinals in 2004 and 2005. Ireland reached the finals for the first time since 2004. In 2005 they failed in the semifinals. Armenia reached the final straight away when it took part for the first time. LithuaniaLithuania IrelandIreland ArmeniaArmenia 

    space Start number country Interpreter Title
    (M = music; T = text)
    language translation Points
    01. 17th FinlandFinland Finland Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah
    M / T: Mr. Lordi
    English - 292
    02. 10 RussiaRussia Russia Dima Bilan
    Дима Билан
    Never Let You Go
    M: Alexander Lunjew; T: Karen Kavalerjan
    English I will never let you go 248
    03. 13 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Hari Mata Hari Lejla
    M: Željko Joksimović ; T: Fahrudin Pecikoza, Dejan Ivanović
    Bosnian - 229
    04th 12 RomaniaRomania Romania Mihai Trăistariu Tornerò
    M: Eduard Cîrcotă; T: Cristian Hriscu, Mihaela Deac
    English, Italian I will turn back 172
    05. 22nd SwedenSweden Sweden Carola Invincible
    M: Bobby Ljunggren, Thomas G: son, Henrik Wikström; T: Thomas G: son
    English Invincible 170
    06th 14th LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania LT United We Are the Winners
    M: Andrius Mamontovas, Saulius 'Samas' Urbonavičius; T: Andrius Mamontovas, Viktoras Diawara
    English, French We are the winners 162
    07th 18th UkraineUkraine Ukraine Tina Karol
    Тіна Кароль
    Show Me Your Love
    M: Tina Karol , Mikhail Nekrasov; T: Pavel Shilko
    English Show me your love 145
    08th. 24 ArmeniaArmenia Armenia André
    Without Your Love
    M: Armen Martirosyan; T: Catherine Bekian
    English Without your love 129
    09. 16 GreeceGreece Greece Anna Vissi
    Άννα Βίσση
    M: Nikos Karvelas ; T: Anna Vissi
    English Everything 128
    10. 21st IrelandIreland Ireland Brian Kennedy Every Song Is a Cry for Love
    M / T: Brian Kennedy
    English Every song is a cry for love 093
    11. 23 TurkeyTurkey Turkey Sibel Tüzün Super star
    M / T: Sibel Tüzün
    Turkish , English Superstar 091
    12. 11 Macedonia 1995Macedonia Macedonia Elena Ristevska
    Елена Ристеска
    M: Darko Dimitrov; T: Rade Vrčakovski
    English, Macedonian - 056
    12. 20th CroatiaCroatia Croatia Severina Moja štikla
    M: Boris Novković, Franjo Valentić; T: Severina Vučković
    Croatian My stiletto 056
    14th 05 NorwayNorway Norway Christine Guldbrandsen Alvedansen
    M: Atle Halstensen, Kjetil Fluge, Christine Guldbrandsen T: Kjetil Fluge, Christine Guldbrandsen
    Norwegian The elf dance 036
    14th 08th GermanyGermany Germany Texas Lightning No No Never
    M / T: Jane Comerford
    English No no never 036
    16. 04th LatviaLatvia Latvia Cosmos I Hear Your Heart
    M: Andris Sējāns, Reinis Sējāns; T: Guntars Račs, Molly-Ann Leikin
    English I hear your heart 030th
    16. 01 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland six4one If We All Give a Little
    M: Ralph Siegel ; T: Bernd Opinion
    English If we all give a little 030th
    18th 09 DenmarkDenmark Denmark Sidsel Ben Semmane Twist of Love
    M / T: Niels Drevsholt
    English Twist of love 026th
    19th 15th United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Daz Sampson Teenage Life
    M / T: John Matthews, Daz Sampson
    English The life of the youth 025th
    20th 02 Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Moldova Arsenium feat. Natalia Gordienco & Connect-R Loca
    M / T: Arsenium
    English Insane 022nd
    21st 06th SpainSpain Spain Read ketchup Bloody Mary
    M / T: Manuel Ruiz Gómez "Queco"
    Spanish A Bloody Mary 018th
    22nd 19th FranceFrance France Virginie Pouchain Il était temps
    M / T: Corneille
    French It was time 005
    23. 03 IsraelIsrael Israel Eddie Butler
    אדי בטלר
    Ze Hazman (Together We Are One)
    (זה הזמן(Together We Are One)
    M: Eddie Butler ; T: Orly Burg, Osnat Zabag
    Hebrew , English Together we are one (this is the time) 004th
    24. 07th MaltaMalta Malta Fabrizio Faniello I Thu
    M / T: Aldo Spiteri, Fabrizio Faniello
    English I want 001

    The winner and the countries marked in green were directly qualified for the final in the following year.

    Awarding of points (final)

    Competitor Voting results
    Switzerland 30th 1 12 3 - 4th 6th 4th
    Moldova 22nd 12 3 3 2 - 1 1
    Israel 4th 4th -
    Latvia 30th - 3 4th 8th 4th 1 2 8th
    Norway 36 1 6th 2 5 - 3 7th 1 1 3 4th 1 2
    Spain 18th 12 - 6th
    Malta 1 - 1
    Germany 36 3 3 1 1 3 3 7th 5 - 5 5
    Denmark 26th - 8th 3 6th 1 8th
    Russia 248 4th 6th 8th 2 12 7th 7th 12 3 7th 5 3 10 5 5 12 8th 2 12 - 10 1 12 2 12 6th 7th 10 6th 5 12 4th 8th 10 8th 5
    Macedonia 56 6th 8th 8th 4th 7th 8th 3 6th - 6th
    Romania 172 5 3 - 6th 2 10 6th 6th 2 5 4th 4th 4th 6th 10 1 10 1 1 4th 3 6th 4th 7th 3 5 12 12 2 2 10 2 7th 2 2 3
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 229 12 7th 8th 2 10 10 6th 12 12 8th 2 4th 2 8th 12 10 6th 4th 5 6th 4th 7th 1 5 - 3 12 2 12 6th 7th 12 12
    Lithuania 162 3 7th 7th 10 4th 3 8th 4th 6th 3 5 8th 12 1 - 4th 6th 5 5 8th 10 6th 1 4th 4th 10 7th 3 4th 1 3
    United Kingdom 25th 2 4th 1 1 2 2 8th 3 1 1 -
    Greece 128 1 10 4th 1 10 6th 8th 3 12 5 5 7th 8th 5 2 8th 1 1 8th - 12 7th 4th
    Finland 292 8th 10 4th 12 8th 6th 12 - 8th 10 7th 12 12 10 7th 10 5 7th 8th 7th 8th 12 12 8th 7th 10 10 6th 7th 12 7th 12 5 6th 7th
    Ukraine 145 2 5 3 5 12 1 2 4th 2 5 1 2 7th 6th 1 - 10 6th 10 10 3 8th 5 6th 2 6th 5 3 5 8th
    France 5 2 - 3
    Croatia 56 10 - 10 6th 2 12 4th 10 2
    Ireland 93 1 4th 2 5 4th 5 5 4th 2 7th 6th - 4th 6th 4th 3 2 2 8th 3 1 4th 1 10
    Sweden 170 7th 8th 5 10 7th 8th - 7th 5 3 1 10 7th 7th 6th 5 2 6th 2 7th 4th 6th 3 5 6th 2 3 7th 5 5 10 1
    Turkey 91 6th 7th 12 10 3 12 12 10 1 7th 3 4th 4th -
    Armenia 129 1 12 2 7th 10 8th 12 5 - 10 8th 3 8th 7th 8th 10 8th 10
    The table is arranged vertically according to the order of appearance in the finals, horizontally according to the chronological reading of points.
    Map of scoring for the winning title from Finland by country

    Statistics of the twelve-point award (final)

    number country received from
    8th Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Monaco, Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey
    FinlandFinland Finland Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom
    7th RussiaRussia Russia Armenia, Finland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus
    3 TurkeyTurkey Turkey Germany, France, the Netherlands
    2 ArmeniaArmenia Armenia Belgium, Russia
    GreeceGreece Greece Bulgaria, Cyprus
    RomaniaRomania Romania Moldova, Spain
    1 CroatiaCroatia Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina
    LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania Ireland
    Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Moldova Romania
    SpainSpain Spain Andorra
    SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Malta
    UkraineUkraine Ukraine Portugal

    Points speaker

    No. country Points speaker
    01 SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Peter Poles
    02 AndorraAndorra Andorra Xavi Palma
    03 RomaniaRomania Romania Andreea Marin
    04th DenmarkDenmark Denmark Jørgen de Mylius
    05 LatviaLatvia Latvia Mārtiņš Freimanis
    06th PortugalPortugal Portugal Cristina Alves
    07th SwedenSweden Sweden Jovan Radomir
    08th FinlandFinland Finland Nina Tapio
    09 BelgiumBelgium Belgium
    010 CroatiaCroatia Croatia Mila Horvat
    011 SerbiaSerbia Serbia Jovana Janković

    Marcel Bezençon Prize

    This year's winners of the Marcel Bezençon Prize were:

    • Press award for the best song - Finland - Hardrock Hallelujah - LordiFinlandFinland 
    • Artist award for the best performer - Sweden - Carola - InvincibleSwedenSweden 
    • Composer Prize for the best composition / text - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Željko Joksimović (m), Fahrudin Pecikoza-Peca (t) and Dejan Ivanović (t) - Lejla - Hari Mata HariBosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina 


    • Starting number 8 of the semifinals on May 18th -  Brian Kennedy for Ireland - was the 1000th song presented in the Eurovision Song Contest.
    • Finland achieved its first victory in the Eurovision Song Contest on its 40th participation - a new record. This was broken in 2017 by Portugal , which participated for the 49th time this year and won for the first time.
    • Finland became the first country in the history of the Song Contest to win both the semi-finals and the final (both times with 292 points, which was a new record).
    • Željko Joksimović received the award for the best composition for the second time after 2004 (in 2004 he was second with Lane moje , in 2006 he composed Bosnia and Herzegovina's contribution Lejla ).
    • In the semi-finals there were whistles and boos from the audience for the Icelander Silvía Nótt . Before the semi-finals, in her role as a fantasy figure, she had insulted journalists and the Greeks.
    • The crowd in the final was not enthusiastic about the group LT United . Above all, their lyrics, in which they proclaimed themselves the winner of the competition, were to blame.
    • Armenia participated in the competition for the first time.
    • The band Lordi playing for Finland was the first metal or hard rock band in the history of the contest. However, a glam rock band had already participated in 2005 with the Norwegian group Wig Wam .
    • The band Cosmos playing for Latvia was the first a cappella band in the history of the contest.
    • All ten successful semi-finalists received more than 50 points in the final and ended up among the top twelve nations.
    • The big four Germany, France, Great Britain and Spain performed badly again this time. The best of the big four was Germany in 14th place with 36 points.
    • Ralph Siegel took part in the ESC again in 2006, but this time not for Germany. He composed a song for Switzerland; this was his 18th participation as a composer at the ESC.
    • 2006 was the only year in which the full name of Macedonia, "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) was listed in the performance and in the scoring. This could be due to the relationship between the hosts Greece and Macedonia . In other years only the shortened form "FYR Macedonia" was used and the full name was only used orally.
    • The Croatian participant Severina Vučković is known in Croatia as the “Queen of Scandals”. For example, she appeared in a 2004 sex film on the Internet. After she won the Croatian preliminary decision Dora, it was publicly discussed whether the title Moja štikla ("My high heeled shoe"), due to its proximity to the turbo folk , which is considered a Serbian music genre, is representative of Croatia at all or whether it doesn't sound like it as if it came from the neighboring country. She made this known in Germany and the Netherlands, among others , before the Grand Prix.
    • The Norwegian contribution Alvedansen ("Elf Dance") was the first and so far only contribution in the Norwegian language since the language rule was repealed in 1999.
    • The following participants almost became returning performers:
      • Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina- Hari Mata Hari won the Bosnian preliminary round in 1999. Her title Starac i more had to be disqualified.
      • Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro- For No Name it would have been the second participation in the ESC had the country not withdrawn. You already participated in 2005 for Serbia-Montenegro.

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