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Lorena is a Brazilian car brand.

Brand history

The Chilean Léon Lorena (according to another source, Léon Lorena Larenas Izquierdo) acquired a license from Ferrer Motors . He started in 1968 in Rio de Janeiro with the production of cars and kit cars by hand. The brand name was Lorena . After the first presentation at an automobile exhibition, he founded the company Lorena Importação, Indústria e Comércio Ltda. in São Paulo for series production. This company later became Tambatajá and then manufactured other vehicles.

Léon Lorena founded the new company Protótipos Lorena Carrocerias Ltda in 1969 . The place is not recorded. New models were designed.

In 1972 he founded the other company Plásticos Reforçados RM in Rio de Janeiro . Production ended the following year.

Luiz Fernando Lapagesse started developing a new edition in 2008 and launched the model in 2010 with his company Lapagesse's Car Chassis e Carrocerias Especiais from Saquarema .

The Mirage and Villa models were based on Lorena models from the 1970s.


The first GT model from 1968 to 1969 was a sports car . It was based on the uncut chassis from the VW Beetle . A fiberglass body was mounted on top. The two-seater coupé was noticeably flat with a height of 105 cm and was similar to the Ford GT 40 and Porsche 910 . The vehicles were powered by an air-cooled four - cylinder boxer engine from Volkswagen do Brasil with a choice of 1300 cm³, 1500 cm³ or 1600 cm³ displacement . The racing driver Sidney Cardoso equipped one of them with a 2-liter engine and used it as a racing car.

In 1969 a convertible called GT , a coupé with 2 + 2 seats and a VW buggy followed . They also had an unabridged VW chassis. The buggy had two doors and four seats.

From 1972 there was only the Coupe RM , which was similar to the models from Puma . Motors with a capacity of 1300 cm³ to 2000 cm³ have been handed down.

The GT-L has been around since 2008 . This is the replica of the brand's first GT . This model is also based on a VW chassis. It is available as a complete vehicle and as a kit .

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