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Basic data
Surname Konyaspor Kulübü
Seat Konya , Turkey
founding 1922
Colours green - white
president Hilmi Kulluk
Website konyaspor.org.tr
First soccer team
Head coach Bülent Korkmaz
Venue Konya Büyükşehir Stadı
Places 42,042
league Super Lig
2019/20 13th place

Konyaspor is a Turkish football club from the central Anatolian city ​​of Konya and currently plays in the Süper Lig , the top Turkish league. The club played a total of 17 seasons in the Süper Lig in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s and is in 20th place in the all-time table of the Süper Lig . The club had its most successful first division season in the 2015/16 season , in which the club reached third place in the table. Other important successes are the cup victory in the 2016/17 season and the Supercup victory in 2017 .

The club colors are green and white. The club was renamed from Konyaspor to Torku Konyaspor on July 11, 2012 as part of a name sponsorship agreement over four years . With this name change also the merger of the club with the third division and second professional club of the city of Konya, with Konya Şekerspor , went hand in hand. With the 2016/17 season , the club will be called Atiker Konyaspor for three seasons as part of a new name sponsorship contract with the Atiker Group . Konyaspor is the Turkish Cup winner 2016/2017.


season space league
65/66 09. 2nd league
66/67 09. 2nd league
67/68 11. 2nd league
68/69 16. 2nd league (relegation)
69/70 06th 3rd league
70/71 01. 3rd league (promotion)
71/72 09. 2nd league
72/73 04th 2nd league
73/74 06th 2nd league
74/75 13. 2nd league
75/76 04th 2nd league
76/77 10. 2nd league
77/78 09. 2nd league
78/79 16. 2nd league (relegation)
79/80 05. 3. Liga (ascent) 1
80/81 11. 2nd league
81/82 04th 2nd league 2
82/83 09. 2nd league
83/84 08th. 2nd league
84/85 02. 2nd league
85/86 04th 2nd league
86/87 02. 2nd league
87/88 01. 2nd league (promotion)
88/89 08th. 1st League
89/90 07th 1st League
90/91 12. 1st League
91/92 12. 1st League
92/93 16. 1st league (relegation)
93/94 01. 3 2nd league
94/95 05. 3 2nd league
95/96 10. 4 2nd league
96/97 01. 3 2nd league
97/98 02. 3 2nd league
98/99 06. 3 2nd league
99/00 05. 4 2nd league
00/01 03. 4 2nd league
01/02 05. 2nd league
02/03 01. 2nd league (promotion)
03/04 11. 1st League
04/05 08th. 1st League
05/06 07th 1st League
06/07 09. 1st League
07/08 14th 1st League
08/09 16. 1st league (relegation)
09/10 06th 2nd league (promotion) 5
10/11 17th 1st league (relegation)
11/12 05. 2nd league
12/13 06th 2nd league (promotion) 5 , 6
13/14 11. 1st League
14/15 08th. 1st League
15/16 03. 1st League
16/17 09. 1st League
17/18 15th 1st League
18/19 1st League
1 System- related promotion
2 Merged
with Konya İdman Yurdu
before the start of the season
3 Placement in the relegation round
4 Position in the promotion round
5 Promotion achieved through playoff victory
6 Merged
with Konya Şekerspor before the start of the season

The association was founded in 1922 under the name Konya Gençlerbirliği . In June 1965, the two clubs Meramspor and Çimentospor were merged with Konya Gençlerbirliği and appeared under the name Konyaspor with black and white club colors in the second Turkish league . In 1970 the team was relegated to the third Turkish division . However, Konyaspor was able to rise again after a year. In 1981 there was another merger, this time with their city rival Konya İdman Yurdu . The name was taken over from Konyaspor , the club colors from Konya İdman Yurdu . In 1988 Konyaspor was promoted to the top division for the first time. Konyaspor played there for 5 seasons until they were relegated again as bottom of the table in the 1992/93 season . After a ten-year absence from the Süper Lig , the team became 2nd league champions in 2003 and, after an exhilarating season, rose to the Süper Lig with 68 championship points from 34 games. Although the team was rarely at the top of the table, Konyaspor played in the top division until the 2008/09 season . The best player was the former top scorer Zafer Biryol , who ultimately moved to league rivals Fenerbahçe Istanbul in the 2005/06 season. Konyaspor will play the 12th season in the Turkcell Süper Lig in the 2010/11 season.

Season 2007/08 : The ascent and descent

The season started very bumpy for Konyaspor. In the first days of the match there were only draws or defeats. As a result, Nurullah Sağlam had to vacate his coaching post. In addition, the president was replaced after the 13th match day. The turning point came with Ünal Karaman . With him you put down a winning streak and had the most successful first half of the club's history. However, the start of the second half failed again. After 9 losses in 10 games, Ünal Karaman was sacked. The third coach of the season was Raşit Çetiner. With him came the turning point for Konyaspor again. The team secured relegation with the 14th place and also played the following year in the Süper Lig. The most successful goalscorer of Konyaspor was Murat Hacıoğlu with 10 goals. The longest on the pitch was Kaue Caentano da Silva with 2740 minutes.

2008/09 season : restructuring and relegation

The presidential election for the 2008/09 season took place on May 29, 2008 , after the event was postponed by a week. The then president, Mustafa Yayla, no longer stood up for the election. This left only two candidates for the election of the president, Mehmet Ali Kuntoğlu and Bahattin Karapınar. At the end of the long evening, Mehmet Ali Kuntoğlu was able to call himself the new President of Konyaspor. Veli Kurt became vice-president. Konyaspor made many new transfers before the season and parted ways with some players. In total, Konyaspor has invested almost 20 million YTL (10 million euros) in new transfers, the result of the bad season last year. Before the start of the season, Konyaspor was in various training camps. The season goal of Konyaspor was a place in the top 10. On September 17, 2008, the coach Raşit Çetiner had surprisingly parted ways . The new coach of Konyaspor was Giray Bulak . A curious thing happened on November 28, 2008. In the morning hours, the player Jonathan Téhoué had left Konya and Konyaspor without good reason or permission from the club. Konyaspor had notified the Turkish Football Association and FIFA as a subsequent measure . Konyaspor finished the first half of the season with only 17 points from 16 games on a moderate 12th place. On the 32nd matchday, the previous coach Giray Bulak, the assistant coaches Orhan Çıkrıkcı and Serhat Pekmezci as well as the goalkeeping coach Adnan Karahan were released from their contracts. The successor for the coaching office was Ünal Karaman . Nevertheless, he could not create the turnaround and Konyaspor rose because of the worse three-way comparison in the bank Asya 1. Lig . The most successful goalscorer was the experienced central defender Roman Kratochvíl with 8 goals. However, he scored 2 goals for his old club Denizlispor . Cihan Haspolatlı was the longest on the pitch with 2755 minutes.

Season 2009/10 : The direct rise

After an excellent first half of the first half of the season in Bank Asya 1. Lig , Konyaspor landed tied with the leaders in second place with only two defeats. At the start of the second half of the season, the club could not continue on this successful course, after many draws and defeats, the coach Hüsnü Özkara had to take his position as coach vacate at Konyaspor. Özkara's successor Fuat Yaman was also unable to increase the team's performance and was therefore dismissed after a few match days. A major setback for the team was the failure of the top performer Branimir Poljac . After a serious car accident on April 2, 2010, the Norwegian with Croatian roots injured himself so badly that he had to end his football career. With the third coach of the season, Ziya Doğan , the team finally got continuity again, reached the end of the league phase and thus qualified as the last team for the playoff phase of the Bank Asya 1. Lig . In the playoff phase, which was played as a group of four, Konyaspor showed strong performances and thus managed to return to the Süper Lig as the playoff winner. The most successful goalscorer this season was Branimir Poljac with 7 league goals. A total of 116,128 fans watched 17 Konyaspor's home games. An average attendance of 7,634 per home game. The number of viewers fluctuated between 4,073 and 11,376.

2010/11 season : The direct relegation

After returning to the Süper Lig, the club's management decided to continue working with Ziya Doğan, the coach with whom the team had achieved promotion. With Doğan, the club had a mixed start to the season and was always in the middle of the table until about the middle of the first half of the season. Then the club slipped into the relegation zone and could not break away from her until the end of the season. Finally, the team went into the second half of the season with 16th place in the table on a relegation place. After there was no improvement in the team's performance in the first few game days of the second half of the season, Doğan finally resigned from his position. The club management replaced Doğan by the tried in the relegation battle coach Yılmaz Vural . Vural did not succeed in the hoped-for turnaround and so the club was determined as the second relegated team after the 31st matchday, three matchdays before the end of the season. The club finally ended the season as penultimate.

2011/12 season : transfer ban and TFF 1st Lig

After relegating in the summer of 2011, Konyaspor had a difficult period. The Serbian soccer player Miloš Mihajlov , who had worked for Konyaspor for two seasons from the 2007/08 season, sued the club at FIFA for outstanding salaries. Following a review of Konyaspor, the government imposed a two-year transfer ban and demanded the immediate payment of Mihajlov's outstanding salary. This meant that the club only had to survive the coming season with the players in the squad and also with players from the reserve and junior teams. In addition, many seasoned professionals left Konyaspor. The club introduced Osman Özdemir as the new coach . In view of the financially troubled club, he was forced to form a powerful team for the upcoming second division season with a few professionals and many young players . Contrary to expectations, he sat with the team early on at the top of the table and reached the end of the season by the 5th place in the table, the playoffs of the 1st Lig. In the first playoff round, the team was eliminated from the later playoff winner Kasımpaşa Istanbul and clearly failed to rise again despite financial problems. At the end of the season it was announced that Özdemir will leave the club.

2012/13 season : Torku joined the company, merged with Konya Şekerspor and was promoted

In July 2012, the confectionery manufacturer and main sponsor Konyaspors, Torku , secured the association's naming rights. The club was renamed Torku Konyaspor on July 11, 2012 . This name change also went hand in hand with the merger with the third division and second professional club in the city of Konya, Konya Şekerspor . The competition rights of Konya Şekerspor in the TFF 2. Lig were not given up. Instead, the club was renamed Anadolu Selçukluspor and will play as a side team Torku Konyaspors in the TFF 2. Lig in the future.

The transfer ban that had been imposed a season ago ended in the summer of 2012. This was reduced from two to one season during the past season.

The club's management replaced the preseason coach Osman Özdemir, who made it to the playoffs despite limited financial resources and a limited squad, with Hüsnü Özkara . Under this coach, the team had an unexpectedly bad start to the season. Instead of playing for promotion, the club slipped into the bottom third of the table after their 2-0 home defeat by Kayseri Erciyesspor . As a consequence of this bad start to the season, the contract with Özkara was terminated by mutual agreement.

After the 13th matchday, the club presented the German-Turkish Uğur Tütüneker as the new head coach. Tütüneker achieved the hoped-for increase in team performance. The regular season ended the team under him in the table sixth and qualified for the playoffs of the league. In the playoffs, in which the third and final climber was determined by the knockout system , the team prevailed against Bucaspor in the semi-finals . In the playoff final, the team defeated Manisaspor 2-0 and returned to the Süper Lig after two years.

Since 2013: modern times

After the promotion to the Süper Lig, the club decided to continue working with Tütüneker. On the first day of the season, the club met one of the biggest championship favorites with Fenerbahçe Istanbul . After Konyaspor was already 0-2 behind in the 26th minute, the turnaround was achieved in the last quarter of an hour. The game turned the team 3-2 in their favor and caused the first surprise of the season. In the further course of the season, the team did not manage to break away from the lower third of the table. After the 2: 3 home defeat on matchday 15 against Kardemir Karabükspor , Tütüneker announced his resignation. After mutual agreement with the club management, the contract was terminated. Mesut Bakkal was hired as Tütüneker's successor . Under this coach, the team finished the season in 11th place.

After the 2013/14 season, the club's management decided to continue working with Mesut Bakkal in the coming season. With the 2014/15 season, the club began to play its games in the newly built Konya Büyükşehir Stadı , which can hold 42,042 spectators .

After the emigration of the previous successful coach Aykut Kocaman , with whom the club had its most successful time in the club's history in the last three years, Konyaspor signed Mustafa Reşit Akçay as his successor . The club hoped to be well positioned for the future with this coach, who in his career to date attracted attention through surprise successes in European cup competitions and through good promotion of young talent. In addition to the sporting success of recent years, the club was able to collect around 10 million euros in transfer fees in the summer of 2017 through the sale of its top performers Riad Bajić , Jagoš Vuković and Barry Douglas and after a long time started a season again debt-free. Despite the transfer of these top performers, the club was able to sign the player with whom the club ended the 2015/16 season third in the table and thus achieved the best first division placement to date with Abdou Razack Traoré . After this success, the loaned Traoré, who was one of the most important performers this season, had to be handed over to his old club Kardemir Karabükspor .

With this reorganization, Konyaspor also made a successful start in the 2017/18 season and defeated the reigning Turkish champions Beşiktaş Istanbul 2-1 as the reigning Turkish Cup winner in the Supercup and thus won the Turkish Supercup another title for the first time in the club's history.


The Konya Ataturk Stadium ( Turkish Konya Ataturk Stadyumu or Konya Ataturk Stadı , officially Konya Büyükşehir Belediyesi Ataturk Stadyumu ) was the home of Konyaspor until 2014. The stadium was completed in 1950 and has been in use since then. The current capacity is 25,320. In 2005 the stadium was renewed with seats. Together with the stadium in Balikesir , the Konya Ataturk Stadium was used for cycling races. A new, large LED display board is to be installed in summer 2010. In addition, the stadium entrances and exits as well as the changing rooms will be renewed.

In September 2014, the new football stadium Konya Büyükşehir Stadı on the north-western outskirts of Konya was inaugurated after two years of construction. It meets the criteria of FIFA and UEFA . It was one of nine stadiums with which the Turkish Football Association (TFF) applied to host the European Football Championship 2016 (officially: UEFA Euro 2016 ™ ), but was unsuccessful because of France.

coat of arms

Coat of arms of the city of Konya

The coat of arms shows the Seljuk double-headed eagle. This is also depicted in the city coat of arms and comes from the fact that the city of Konya was the capital of the Rum-Seljuk Empire .


Achievements of players

League affiliation

  • 1st division : 1988–1993, 1985–1989, 2003–2009, 2010–2011, since 2013
  • 2nd division : 1965–1969, 1971–1979, 1980–1988, 1993–2003, 2009–2010, 2011–2013
  • 3rd division : 1969-1971, 1979-1980

Squad for the 2019/20 season

  • Last updated: March 8, 2020
No. Nat. Surname birthday in the team since Contract until
1 TurkTurk Serkan Kırıntılı Feb. 15, 1985 2015 2020
17th TurkTurk Ertuğrul Taşkıran 0Nov 5, 1989 2018 2020
35 TurkeyTurkey Ozan Can Oruç May 26, 2000 2019 2024
61 TurkTurk Mücahit Atalay Oct 26, 1991 2018 2020
3 SenegaleseSenegalese Fallou Diagne Aug 14, 1989 2018 2020
4th TurkTurk Ali Turan 06 Sep 1983 2012 2020
5 TurkTurk Selim Ay July 31, 1991 2010 2021
12 BrazilBrazil Guilherme Haubert Sitya 0Apr 1, 1990 2010 2021
15th TurkTurk Ugur Demirok 0July 8, 1988 2018 2020
23 North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia SwedenSweden Leonard Žuta 0Aug 9, 1992 2019 2021
87 TurkeyTurkey Ferhat Öztorun 0May 8, 1987 2017 2020
89 SloveneSlovene Nejc Skubic June 13, 1989 2016 2022
42 BosniansBosnians CroatianCroatian Marin Aničić Aug 17, 1989 2019 2021
2 TurkTurk Volkan Fındıklı Oct 13, 1990 2014 2020
6th DaneDane Jens Jønsson Jan. 10, 1993 2016 2020
7th TurkTurk Ömer Ali Şahiner 0Jan. 2, 1992 2012 2022
8th SerbSerb Marko Jevtović July 24, 1993 2018 2022
11 BosniansBosnians Deni Milošević 09 Mar 1995 2016 2022
16 PeruvianPeruvian Paolo Hurtado July 27, 1990 2018 2021
18th BosniansBosnians Amir Hadžiahmetović 0March 8 1997 2016 2020
21st UgandaUganda Farouk Miya Nov 26, 1997 2019 2022
22nd TurkTurk Savaş Polat Apr 14, 1997 2017 2022
25th TurkeyTurkey BelgiumBelgium Alper Uludağ Dec 12, 1990 2019 2021
29 SlovakiaSlovakia Róbert Mak 0March 8 1991 2020 2020
10 BosniansBosnians Riad Bajić w. 0May 6, 1994 2019 2022
19th GeorgiaGeorgia Levan Shengelia Oct. 27, 1995 2019 2021
88 North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia Erdon Daci 04th July 1998 2017 2023
99 BrazilBrazil Rogério Thuram w.a. 0Feb 1, 1991 2020 2020

Change to the 2019/20 season


Summer 2019

Winter 2019/20


Summer 2019

Winter 2019/20

a. borrowed
wa was borrowed

Fan friendship

Coat of arms of Adana Demirspor

Konyaspor has a close relationship with Adana Demirspor . For example, Konyaspor fans supported the Adana team during the playoffs of the 2007/08 third division season in the Bank Asya 1st Lig , which took place in Konya at the Konya Ataturk Stadium .

Despite the support, Adana Demirspor's ascent did not succeed.

Record player

Most top division games
rank Surname Calls Period
01. TurkeyTurkey Ömer Ali Şahiner 172 2013–0000
02. TurkeyTurkey Ömer Gündostu 145 2003-2009
03. TurkeyTurkey Ali Çamdalı 143 2013–0000
04th TurkeyTurkey Ali Turan 136 2013–0000
05. TurkeyTurkey Tayfun Turkmen 124 2003-2007
06th TurkeyTurkey Serkan Kırıntılı 120 2015–0000
07th TurkeyTurkey Mustafa Er 113 2005-2009
08th. TurkeyTurkey Suat Kaya 109 1988-1992
TurkeyTurkey Yasin Çelik 109 2003-2007
10. TurkeyTurkey Cemal Menteşe 107 1988-1993
Status: 20 Mar. 2019
Most first division goals
rank Surname goal Calls Goal / game
01. TurkeyTurkey Zafer Biryol 43 69 0.62
02. Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Riad Bajić 22nd 64 0.34
03. TurkeyTurkey Ömer Ali Şahiner 22nd 172 0.13
04th TurkeyTurkey Tayfun Turkmen 21st 124 0.17
05. TurkeyTurkey Murat Hacıoğlu 17th 67 0.25
06th TurkeyTurkey Kayhan Kaynak 15th 52 0.29
07th TurkeyTurkey Sinan Bayraktar 15th 63 0.24
08th. TurkeyTurkey Nedim Demirbilek 14th 90 0.16
09. TurkeyTurkey Salih Eken 14th 105 0.13
10. GreeceGreece Theofanis Gekas 13 24 0.54
Status: 20 Mar. 2019

Well-known former players

3First Turkish national player in the club's history
4thDuring his time at Konyaspor he played for the Turkish national team or was nominated for the first time during this time.

Former and current trainers

1 on an interim basis

Web links

Individual evidence

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