Zellerrain Street

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State road B71 in Austria
Course of the B 71
Basic data
Overall length: 30.5 km

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Course of the road

The Zellerrain Straße (B 71) is a state road in Austria . It leads over a length of 30.5 km through the Ybbstal Alps . The Zellerrain Straße begins at Grubberg , where it branches off from the B 25 , and initially follows the Ybbs up into the valley. Below the Goganz wall , it continues its way across the Zellerrain , after which it is named. The road ends east of the pass in Mariazell in Styria .

The road leads through largely sparsely populated, wooded mountains. The only larger settlements are Maierhöfen , from where a connecting road branches off to Lackenhof am Ötscher , and the former lumberjack settlement Neuhaus am Zellerrain . All of these places belong to the municipality of Gaming . Lunz am See is also connected to Zellerrainstrasse via a municipal road.


The Zellerrain street belongs since 1 January 1973 to the network of federal roads in Austria . The Zellerrain road was like the other former federal roads in the federal administration. It has been under state administration since April 1, 2002 and continues to have the B in the number, but not the name of the federal road.

It had a maximum gradient of 22% in the Styrian section east of the pass. Due to the steep incline and the rough weather conditions typical of this area, it was often closed when it snowed. With the re-routing in 2004, the slope has been increased to max. 12-15% has been reduced.


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 B71  Like the other former federal highways, Zellerrain Strasse was part of the federal administration. Since April 1, 2002, it has been under state administration and continues to have the B in the number, but not the name Bundesstraße.