Leobener Strasse

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State road B116 in Austria
Basic data
Overall length: 33.0 km

State :


Course of the road
Bruck-Mürzzuschlag district
Junction Saint Marein S6
bridge Southern runway
flow Mürz
bridge Southern runway
Locality Kapfenberg B20
flow Mürz
tunnel tunnel
flow Mürz
bridge Southern runway
Locality Bruck an der Mur
flow Mur
Junction Bruck an der Mur node S6 S35
Locality Oberaich
bridge S6
Leoben district
Junction Niklasdorf S6
Locality Niklasdorf
bridge Rudolfsbahn, branch line Sankt Michael - Leoben
Junction Leoben East S6
flow Mur
Locality Leoben B115a
Railroad Crossing Rudolfsbahn , branch line
Railroad Crossing Rudolfsbahn, branch line
Locality Sankt Michael in Upper Styria B113

The Leobener road (B 116) is a country road in Austria . It has a length of 37.2 km and leads from the junction of the S 6 in Sankt Marein im Mürz Valley via Bruck an der Mur to Leoben and finally ends in St. Michael on the B 113. The road initially runs along the Mürz bis Bruck, then along the Mur . She is initially accompanied by the southern line , later by the Sankt Michael – Leoben branch line . It is the busiest road in Styria, outside the provincial capital Graz . The Leobener Straße (B 116) is largely four lanes in the area of ​​the cities of Leoben, Bruck an der Mur and Kapfenberg.

Four-lane expansion in Bruck an der Mur

Bruck an der Mur, Europabrücke ("Brucker Harfe") from the south
Bruck an der Mur, new Mur bridge ("Brucker Harfe") from the south

Due to the high volume of traffic and the extremely desolate condition of the high bridge, the demolition and then the four-lane, ground-level new construction began in June 2010. During the entire construction period, heavy traffic was diverted over a replacement bridge over the Mur in the east. The expansion includes a 2-lane roundabout with a feeder to the S35 / S6 motorway junction and a new bridge over the Mur, known as the Brucker Harfe . The expansion connects to the 4-lane section Wienerstraße / Kapfenberg-Grazerstrasse in the north. The opening took place on October 8, 2012. The cost of the 1.4 kilometer stretch of road was projected to be 19 million euros.

Individual evidence

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 B116  Like the other former federal highways, Leobener Strasse was part of the federal administration. Since April 1, 2002, it has been under state administration and continues to have the B in the number, but not the name Bundesstraße.