Ossiacher Strasse

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State road B94 in Austria
Basic data
Overall length: 52.5 km

State :


Course of the road
Sankt Veit an der Glan district
Junction Friesacher Strasse 317
Locality Sankt Veit an der Glan B82
Locality Liebenfels
Feldkirchen district
Locality Feldkirchen in Carinthia B95
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Joint routing with B95
flow Tiebel
Junction Gurktal road B93
Locality Feldkirchen in Carinthia B95
Locality Steindorf am Ossiacher See
Villach-Land district
Junction Millstätter Strasse B98
flow Afritzer Bach
Junction (178)  Villach-Ossiacher See A10 E55 E66
Junction Drautal Street B100
Junction Faakersee street B84
bridge Drautalbahn , Rudolfsbahn
flow Outside
Locality Villach B83

The Ossiacher Straße (B 94) is a state road in Austria . It has a length of 52.5 km and leads from Sankt Veit an der Glan to Villach . The first section to Feldkirchen in Carinthia runs along the Glan , while the second section of the road runs along the eponymous Ossiacher See .


The St. Vitus Villacherstraße heard since 1 January 1872 to the network of the Carinthian roads. After the annexation of Austria , this road was converted into a first order road on April 1, 1940 as part of the standardization of the road system and designated as LIO 14.

The Ossiacher street belongs since 1 January 1951 to the network of federal roads in Austria .


  1. ^ Road Act of November 20, 1871, effective for the Duchy of Carinthia.
  2. Federal Roads Act of February 18, 1948, Directory D.
 B94  Like the other former federal highways, Ossiacher Strasse was part of the federal administration. Since April 1, 2002, it has been under state administration and continues to have the B in the number, but not the name Bundesstraße.