List of Heads of State 1972

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  • Burundi
    • Head of State: President Michel Micombero (1966–1976) (1966 Prime Minister)
    • Head of Government: Prime Minister Albin Nyamoya (July 15, 1972–1973) (office introduced in 1972)


North America

Central America

South America



East, South and Southeast Asia

  • Maldives
    • Head of State and Government: President Ibrahim Nasir (1968–1978) (1957–1968 Prime Minister)

Middle East

Central Asia

Australia and Oceania



  1. a b The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are areas that are directly under the British Crown. They are not part of the UK.
  2. The Federal Council is the collective head of state in Switzerland. The Federal President has the role of primus inter pares