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The list of channels contains a tabular and sortable overview with basic information on the channels worldwide. It lists some of the existing and former channels and does not claim to be exhaustive.

A canal is navigable if this corresponds to the definition of navigability , so this does not refer to the possibility of using smaller pleasure craft there .

The beginning and the end of the channel are preferably entered with coordinates.

sch. = navigable, hist. = historical
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Berlin-Spandau Shipping Canal (BSK) Germany Yes
Britzer connection channel Germany Yes
Charlottenburg connection canal Germany Yes
Dahme waterway Germany North of the Schmöckwitz Bridge World icon Near Prieros .World icon Yes Legally, the federal waterways still belong to the DaWanda: Wernsdorfer Seenkette, Möllenzugsee, estuary of the Notte, Zernsdorfer Lanke, Storkow waters and Teupitz waters.

Dahme flood canal Germany Yes
Datteln-Hamm Canal Germany Yes
Dortmund-Ems Canal Germany Yes
Elbe-Havel Canal Germany km 325.70 at the end of the lower lock outer port of the Hohenwarthe lockWorld icon 380.90 km on the Lower Havel waterway World icon Yes From the point of view of the ongoing kilometers relevant to shipping, the Elbe-Havel Canal is a section of the Mittelland Canal.
Elbe-Lübeck Canal Germany Yes
Elbe Lateral Canal Germany Yes
Elbe-Weser shipping route Germany Yes
Elisabethfehnkanal Germany Yes
Ems-Vechte Canal Germany Yes
Ems-Jade Canal Germany Emden World icon Wilhelmshaven World icon Yes Inland waterway - class 0
Ems side canal Germany Ems near Oldersum Emder harbor Yes Waterway class III
Emster Canal Germany Yes
Finow Canal Germany Yes
Gallun Canal Germany Yes
Geeste-Elbe Canal Germany Yes
Gieselau Canal Germany Kiel Canal ,
km 40.66
Eider ,
km 22.78
Gosen Canal Germany North end of Seddinsee South end of Dämeritzsee Yes
Hadelner Canal Germany Yes
Haren-Rütenbrock Canal Germany Yes
Havel Canal Germany Havel-Oder waterway ,
km 10.30
Lower Havel waterway
km 32.27
Havel-Oder waterway Germany Yes
Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler waterway Germany Yes
Hut Canal Germany Yes
Jagow Canal Germany Yes
Chamber canal Germany Yes
Karl Heine Canal Germany Leipzig Leipzig No approved for pleasure craft
Coastal channel Germany Yes
Landwehr Canal (LWK) Germany Yes
Main-Danube Canal Germany Yes
Malzer Canal Germany Yes
Mittelland Canal Germany Yes
Müritz-Elde waterway Germany Yes
Müritz-Havel waterway Germany Yes
Niegripper connection channel Germany Yes
Neukölln shipping canal Germany Yes
North Georgsfehn Canal Germany Yes
Kiel Canal Germany Yes
Notte Canal Germany Yes
Upper Havel waterway Germany Yes
Oder-Havel Canal Germany Yes
Oder-Spree Canal Germany Yes
Oranienburg Canal Germany Yes
Pareyer connection channel Germany Yes
Repenter canal Germany Yes
Rhine-Herne Canal Germany Yes
Rothenseer connecting canal Germany Yes
Ruhr Shipping Canal Germany Yes
Ruppiner Canal Germany Yes
Sacrow-Paretzer Canal Germany Yes
Rhine-Kleve shipping route Germany Yes
Swedter crossing Germany Yes
Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße Germany Yes
Sturgeon waterway Germany Yes
Teltow Canal Germany Yes
Lower Havel waterway Germany Yes
Voss Canal Germany Yes
Werbellinkanal Germany Yes
Wesel-Datteln Canal Germany Yes
West Harbor Canal Germany Yes
All channel Germany No Yes
Alster-Beste Canal Germany No Yes
Coevorden-Piccardie Canal Germany No Yes 1904, shut down in 1965
Eider Canal Germany No Yes 1784, formerly called Schleswig-Holsteinischer channel , 1895 in Kiel Canal risen
Elsterwerda-Grödel raft canal Germany No Yes
Elster-Saale Canal Germany No Yes
Ems-Hase Canal Germany No Yes 1829 predominantly in the Dortmund-Ems-channel merged
Erft Canal Germany No Yes in Neuss, 90% tunneled today
Ernst August Canal (Hamburg) Germany Hamburg Hamburg Yes No
Ernst August Canal (Hanover) Germany Hanover Hanover No Yes
Carolina fossa Germany No Yes 793, Karlsgraben
Frankenthal Canal Germany No Yes 1668
Friedrich Wilhelm Canal Germany No Yes
Hahnenmoorkanal Germany No Yes
Hamme-Oste Canal Germany No Yes
Ihle Canal Germany No Yes partially in Elbe-Havel-channel merged
Long junk Germany No Yes historical part of the Finow Canal
Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal Germany No Yes from Kelheim via Neumarkt OPf. and Nuremberg to Bamberg
Luisenstadt Canal Germany Luisenstadt Urban port No Yes
Max Clemens Canal Germany No Yes
Niederneuendorfer Canal Germany No Yes
Nordhorn-Almelo Canal Germany No Yes
Upper Harz water shelf Germany No Yes 1520-1870
Plauer Canal Germany No Yes almost entirely in the Elbe-Havel Canal risen
Polzow Canal Germany No Yes
City Canal (Potsdam) Germany south of the deep lake World icon Neustädter Havel Bay World icon No Yes 1722, filled in in 1965,
re-exposure gradually since 1999
Stecknitz Canal Germany No Yes 1398, 1900 in the Elbe-Lübeck Canal risen
South-North Canal Germany No Yes
Ship ditch Germany Hanover Hanover No Yes
Branch Canal (Dortmund-Ems Canal) Germany No Yes Branch canal of the Dortmund-Ems canal until 1938
Eugeniana fossa Germany No Yes not finished
Recknitz-Trebel-Peene Canal Germany No Yes not finished, planned from 1957, construction work from 1958 to 1961
Landgraf-Carl Canal Germany No Yes not finished
North channel Germany No Yes not finished, abandoned in 1811
Gleesen-Papenburg side canal Germany km 138.3 above the Gleesen lock Papenburg No Yes not finished
Lake Constance-Danube Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Elbe-Kiel Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Elbe-Oder Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Hansa Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Main Werra Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Neckar-Danube Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Rhine-Maas Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Rhine-See Canal Germany No Yes Project abandoned before construction began
Alz Canal Germany No is used to generate electricity
Augsburg ice channel Germany No No
Boker Heide Canal Germany No No historical irrigation canal
Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal Germany No Project
Danube-Oder Canal Germany No partially built
Havelländischer Großer Hauptkanal Germany No No
Inn Canal Germany No No
Lech Canal Germany No No is used to generate electricity
Leina Canal Germany No No Drinking water supply to the city of Gotha in the Middle Ages
Isar works canal Germany No No
Middle Isar Canal Germany No No
Mühltalkanal Germany No No
Niers Canal Germany No No
Nymphenburg Canal Germany No No
Nymphenburg-Biederstein Canal Germany No No
Saale Canal Germany Calbe Barby No Project
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Aarberg Canal Switzerland Aarberg Broye No Yes 17th century
Broye Canal Switzerland Murten lake Lake Neuchâtel Yes No
Canal d'Entreroches Switzerland Yverdon-les-Bains Entreroches No Yes 17th century
Escherkanal Switzerland Mollis Walensee No No Linth correction
Hagneck Canal Switzerland Aarberg Lake Biel No No Jura water correction
Linth Canal Switzerland Walensee Lake Zurich Yes No Linth correction
Nidau-Büren Canal Switzerland Lake Biel Büren on the Aare Yes No Jura water correction
Rhine Valley Inland Canal Switzerland Sennwald St. Margrethen No No Rhine regulation
St. Alban's pond Switzerland Munchenstein Basel No Yes
Vilterser-Wangser Canal Switzerland Vilters-Wangs Truebbach No No Rhine regulation
Counting channel Switzerland Lake Neuchâtel Lake Biel Yes Yes Jura water correction
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Vivar Canal Albania Butrintsee Ionian sea No
Afleidingskanal van de Leie Belgium
Albert Canal Belgium Antwerp Liege 129.5 km, opened in 1939
Boudewijn Canal Belgium
Canal Charleroi-Brussels Belgium
Canal du Center (Belgium) Belgium enables inland navigation to cross the watershed between the Meuse and the Scheldt (4 boat lifts)
Ath-Blaton Canal Belgium
Briegden-Neerharen Canal Belgium
Bruges-Ostend Canal Belgium
Bruges-Sluis Canal Belgium
Dessel-Kwaadmechelen Canal Belgium
Canal Dessel-Turnhout-Schoten Belgium
Ghent-Bruges Canal Belgium
Gent-Terneuzen Canal Belgium 32 km long. 1960–1968 enlarged; since then 200 meters wide. Seagoing ships up to 125,000 tons can use it. The largest permissible dimensions are 265 × 34 × 12.50 m.
Canal Ieper-IJzer Belgium
Canal naar Beverlo Belgium
Nimy-Blaton Canal Belgium
Leopold Canal Belgium
Kempen Canal Bocholt-Herentals Belgium
Nete ​​Canal Belgium
Zeekanaal Brussels-Scheldt Belgium until 1997 20 km long ( port from Brussels to Willebroek ), then extended by approx. 8 km to the Scheldt
Zuid-Willemsvaart Belgium
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Ahkiolahtikanal Finland
Haponlahtikanal Finland
Heinävesi waterway Finland
Herraskosk Canal Finland
Iisalmi waterway Finland
Kaivanno Canal Finland
Kaivos canal Finland
Lime boxes kanava Finland
Carvio canal Finland
Chewing canal Finland
Kermakanal Finland
Kimola channel Finland
Kuivataipaleen kanava Finland
Leppävirta waterway Finland
Murole waterway Finland
Nilsiä waterway Finland
Pielinen waterway Finland
Pielisjoki Finland
Pilpa canal Finland
Pontucci Canal Finland
Raikuukanal Finland
Rikala Canal Finland
Saarikoskikanal Finland
Saimaa Canal Finland
Siikajoki rafting channel Finland
Suvorovic war channels Finland
Taipale Canal Finland
Taivallahti Canal Finland
Tammisalo Canal Finland
Vääksykanal Finland
Valkeakosk Canal Finland
Varistaipale canal Finland
Vianna Canal Finland
Vihovuonne Canal Finland
Vuoksi waters Finland
Vuotsokanal Finland
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Canal de Bergues France
Canal de Bourbourg France
Canal de Bourgogne France
Canal de Briare France
Canal de Calais France
Canal de Fumes France
Canal de la Marne au Rhin France
Canal de la Meuse France
Canal de la Sambre à l'Oise France
Canal de la Somme France
Canal de la Vieille Autise France
Canal de Lens France
Canal de l'Aisne à la Marne France
Canal de l'Oise à l'Aisne France
Canal de l'Ourcq France 49 ° 11 ′ 36 "  N , 3 ° 9 ′ 54"  E 48 ° 53 ′ 17 "  N , 2 ° 22 ′ 43"  E
Canal de Marans à La Rochelle France
Canal de Nantes à Brest France
Canal de Pommerœul à Condé France
Canal de Roanne à Digoin France
Canal de Roubaix France
Canal de Saint-Quentin France
Canal des Ardennes France
Canal des Vosges France
Canal du Center (France) France
Canal du Havre à Tancarville France
Canal du Loing France
Canal du Midi France
Canal du Nivernais France
Canal du Nord France
Canal du Rhône à Sète France
Canal du Rhône au Rhin France
Canal d'Arles à Fos France
Canal d'Ille-et-Rance France
Canal between Champagne and Burgundy France
Canal latéral à la Garonne France
Canal latéral à la Loire France
Canal latéral à la Marne France
Canal latéral à l'Aisne France
Canal latéral à l'Oise France
Canal Saint-Denis France 48 ° 53 ′ 32 "  N , 2 ° 23 ′ 11"  E 48 ° 56 ′ 27 "  N , 2 ° 20 ′ 27"  E
Canal Saint-Martin France 48 ° 53 ′ 2 "  N , 2 ° 22 ′ 16"  E 48 ° 50 '50 "  N , 2 ° 21' 59"  E
Canaux d'Hazebrouck France
Rhine Lateral Canal France
Saar Canal France
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Corinth Canal Greece Corinth Isthmia Yes
Brenta Canal Italy
Canale Industriale del Ticino Italy Yes
Naviglio della Martesana Italy Yes
Naviglio Grande Italy Yes
Naviglio Pavese Italy Yes
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Aarkanal Netherlands
Aduarderdiep Netherlands
AG-Wildervanck Canal Netherlands
Amsterdam, list of canals Netherlands Amsterdam Amsterdam
Amsterdam-Rhine Canal Netherlands
Apeldoorn Canal Netherlands
Beatrix Canal Netherlands
Beilervaart Netherlands
Buinen Schoonoord Canal Netherlands
Buitenwatersloot Netherlands
Caland Canal Netherlands
Damsterdiep Netherlands
Drentsche Hoofdvaart Netherlands
Dubbele Wiericke Netherlands
Ems Canal Netherlands
Fossa Drusiana Netherlands Yes
Franekervaart Netherlands
Gaag Netherlands
Hartel Canal Netherlands
Hoogeveense Vaart Netherlands
Hunsingokanaal Netherlands t 'stort Zoutkamp Yes Drainage canal 6.6 km long, built in 1873
Johan Willem Friso Canal Netherlands
Juliana Canal Netherlands
Kanaal Wessem-Nederweert Netherlands Whom Nederweert
Kielsterdiep Netherlands
Kolonievaart Netherlands
Lateraalkanaal Netherlands Linne Buggenum
Lekkanal Netherlands
Linthorst-Homan Canal Netherlands
Maas-Waal Canal Netherlands
Meedenerdiep Netherlands
Meppelerdiep Netherlands
Merwede Canal Netherlands
Noord-Willemskanaal Netherlands
Noordhollandsch Kanaal Netherlands Amsterdam Willem I lock Den Helder Koopvaarderschleuse Yes
Noordvliet Netherlands
Nordhorn-Almelo Canal Netherlands Yes
North Sea Canal Netherlands Port of Amsterdam IJmuiden Yes
Norgervaart Netherlands
Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart Netherlands
Orange Canal Netherlands
Pannerdens Canal Netherlands
Prinses-Margriet Canal Netherlands
Ringvaart of the Haarlemmermeer polder Netherlands
Scheldt-Rhine Canal Netherlands
Steenenhoek Canal Netherlands
Twentekanal Netherlands
Van Echterenkanal Netherlands
Van Harinxma Canal Netherlands
Van Starkenborghkanaal Netherlands
Vlaardingervaart Netherlands
Weerdingerkanal Netherlands
Wilhelminakanal Netherlands
Winschoterdiep Netherlands
Wolddiep Netherlands
Zoutkamperril Netherlands Zoutkamp Lauwerszee Yes Extension of the Reitdiep , created after the completion of the Lauwerszee
Zuid-Willemsvaart Netherlands
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Telemark Canal Norway
Wiener Neustädter Canal Austria Yes
Augustów Canal Poland
Canal Bydgoski Poland Brda near Bydgoszcz Noteć at Nakło nad Notecią Yes
Gliwice Canal Poland
Jagiellonian Canal Poland
Bachorze canal Poland
Channel Notecki Poland
Canal Piastowski Poland
Warta-Goplo Canal Poland
Wieprz-Krzna Canal Poland
Klodnitz Canal Poland replaced by the Gliwice Canal
Masurian Canal Poland and Russia Druzhba (Kaliningrad) Mamry (Poland) No Yes Construction stopped during World War II
Oberland Canal Poland
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Moscow Canal Russia
White Sea-Baltic Canal Russia
Volga-Don Canal Russia
Volga-Baltic Canal Russia
Dalsland Canal Sweden
Göta Canal Sweden
Hammarbyleden Sweden
Södertälje Canal Sweden
Trollhabe Canal Sweden
Vltava Canal Czech Republic Vraňany Mělnik Yes
Schwarzenbergscher Schwemmkanal Czech Republic Great mill near Haslach No Yes
Baťův kanál Czech Republic and Slovakia 49 ° 12 ′ 39 "  N , 17 ° 30 ′ 23"  E 48 ° 52 ′ 41 ″  N , 17 ° 12 ′ 6 ″  E
Karakum Canal Turkmenistan
Regent's Canal United Kingdom, England Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal Thames No Yes partly occupied by houseboats
Bridgewater Canal United Kingdom, England Yes
Newry Canal United Kingdom, Northern Ireland Yes
Caledonian Canal United Kingdom, Scotland
Bystre Canal Ukraine 7 km downstream from Wylkowe No under construction
Dnepr-Donbass Canal Ukraine Verkhnyodniprovsk Isjum No
Dnepr-Kryvyi-Rih Canal Ukraine Marjanske Kryvyi-Rih No
North Crimean Canal Ukraine Nowa Kachowka Kerch No over 400 km long,
currently mostly drained
Dnieper Bug Canal Belarus
Oginsky Canal System Belarus
Berezina canal system Belarus Serguch Canal junction Ula mouth No Yes belonged to the connection Dnieper - Düna ( Black Sea - Baltic Sea )
Name / overview link country Beginning The End sch. hist. comment
Suez Canal Egypt
Hong Gou Canal China Yes 6th century BC BC, used until approx. 1300
Imperial Canal China Yes
Magic channel China Yes
Zheng Guo Canal China Yes
Rideau Canal Canada Yes
Welland Canal Canada
Irtysh-Karaganda Canal Kazakhstan
Nicaragua Canal Nicaragua No Project
Panama Canal Panama
Jonglei Canal Sudan Bur Malacal No under construction
Cerritos Channel United States
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal United States Yes
Mowry Canal Number C-103 United States

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