List of members of the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg (11th electoral term)

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List of members of the 11th Baden-Wuerttemberg State Parliament (1992–1996) with constituencies and parliamentary groups.

The 11th state parliament was elected on April 5, 1992 . The first plenary session took place on June 10, 1992, the last on February 8, 1996.

Fritz Hopmeier (CDU) was elected President of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg .

After the success of the Republicans , for the first time ever (since 1956) MPs from five parties were elected to the state parliament. (The state parliament of 1952 was the state constituent assembly that continued to work ; there was no 5 percent clause in the election .)

Surname fraction Constituency mandate annotation
Hans Albrecht FDP / DVP 44 Enz Second mandate Resigned from office in 1995 (successor: Ewald Veigel )
Bernhard Amann REP 30 boards Second mandate joined Willi Auer in September 1993 ;
from October 1994 non-attached
Willi Auer REP 42 Pforzheim Second mandate Resigned from office in September 1993
(successor: Bernhard Amann )
Werner Baumhauer CDU 24 Heidenheim Direct mandate
Wolfgang Bebber SPD 19 Eppingen Second mandate
Ernst Behringer CDU 70 Sigmaringen Successors in direct mandate joined Dietmar Schlee on November 21, 1994
Birgitt Bender GREEN 01 Stuttgart I Second mandate
Frieder Birzele SPD 10 Göppingen Second mandate
Ingrid Blank CDU 27 Karlsruhe I Successor in direct mandate joined Barbara Schäfer in 1995
Gerhard Bloemecke CDU 36 Mannheim II Direct mandate
Rainer Brechtken SPD 15 Waiblingen Second mandate
Carla Bregenzer SPD 08 Kirchheim Second mandate
Ulrich Brinkmann SPD 48 Breisgau Second mandate
Johannes Buchter GREEN 06 Leonberg Second mandate
Rudolf Bühler REP 16 Schorndorf Second mandate
Reinhard Bütikofer GREEN 34 Heidelberg Second mandate
Walter Caroli SPD 50 Lahr Second mandate
Wolfgang Daffinger SPD 39 Weinheim Second mandate
Ulrich Deuschle REP 08 Kirchheim Second mandate
Jörg Döpper CDU 09 Nürtingen Direct mandate
Walter Döring FDP / DVP 22 Schwäbisch Hall Second mandate Group leader
Richard Drautz FDP / DVP 19 Eppingen Second mandate
Josef Dreier CDU 68 cheeks Direct mandate
Wolfgang Drexler SPD 07 Esslingen Second mandate
Richard Eckert REP 06 Leonberg Second mandate
Gundolf Fleischer CDU 48 Breisgau Direct mandate
Rolf Gassmann SPD 01 Stuttgart I Second mandate
Alfred Geisel SPD 26 Eels Second mandate
Karl Goebel CDU 64 Ulm Direct mandate
Helmut Göschel SPD 41 Sinsheim Second mandate
Heinz Goll SPD 32 Rastatt Second mandate
Alfred Haas CDU 49 Emmendingen Direct mandate
Gustav-Adolf Haas SPD 46 Freiburg I Second mandate
Heinrich Haasis CDU 63 Balingen Direct mandate
Reinhard Hackl GREEN 05 Boeblingen Second mandate
Peter Hauk CDU 38 Neckar-Odenwald Direct mandate
Walter Heiler SPD 29 Bruchsal Second mandate
Hans Heinz CDU 16 Schorndorf Direct mandate
Michael Herbricht REP 19 Eppingen Second mandate
Fritz Hopmeier CDU 08 Kirchheim Direct mandate
Claudia Huebner CDU 01 Stuttgart I Direct mandate
Peter dog SPD 24 Heidenheim Second mandate
Michael Jacobi GREEN 14 Bietigheim-Bissingen Second mandate
Ernst Keitel CDU 22 Schwäbisch Hall Direct mandate
Friedrich Wilhelm Kiel FDP / DVP 15 Waiblingen Second mandate
Bernd Kielburger SPD 44 Enz Second mandate
Horst Kiesecker SPD 63 Balingen Second mandate
Ekkehard Kiesswetter FDP / DVP 02 Stuttgart II Second mandate
Birgit Kipfer SPD 06 Leonberg Second mandate
Eugen Klunzinger CDU 05 Boeblingen Direct mandate
Rudolf Köberle CDU 69 Ravensburg Direct mandate
Hans Dieter Köder SPD 05 Boeblingen Second mandate
Lothar King REP 43 Calw Second mandate
Ivo war GREEN 44 Enz Successor in the second mandate joined Rezzo Hose on December 6, 1994
Wolfram Krisch REP 12 Ludwigsburg Second mandate
Fritz Kuhn GREEN 02 Stuttgart II Second mandate Group leader
Rolf Kurz CDU 15 Waiblingen Direct mandate
Karl Lang CDU 12 Ludwigsburg Direct mandate
Ursula Lazarus CDU 33 Baden-Baden Direct mandate
Hugo Leicht CDU 42 Pforzheim Direct mandate
Manfred List CDU 14 Bietigheim-Bissingen Direct mandate
Eberhard Lorenz SPD 64 Ulm Second mandate
Hans Lorenz CDU 39 Weinheim Direct mandate
Ulrich Maurer SPD 03 Stuttgart III Second mandate Group leader
Robert Maus CDU 57 singing Direct mandate
Paul-Stefan Mauz CDU 61 Hechingen-Münsingen Direct mandate
Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder CDU 02 Stuttgart II Direct mandate
Wolfram Meyer CDU 28 Karlsruhe II Direct mandate
Walter Mogg SPD 61 Hechingen-Münsingen Second mandate
Hermann Mühlbeyer CDU 20 Neckarsulm Direct mandate
Ulrich Müller CDU 67 Lake Constance Direct mandate
Walter Müller SPD 22 Schwäbisch Hall Second mandate
Max Nagel SPD 35 Mannheim I Direct mandate
Günther Oettinger CDU 13 Vaihingen Direct mandate Group leader
Liane Offermanns REP 53 Rottweil Second mandate
Helmut Ohnewald CDU 25 Schwäbisch Gmünd Direct mandate
Karl Östreicher CDU 21 Hohenlohe Direct mandate
Ernst Pfister FDP / DVP 55 Tuttlingen-Donaueschingen Second mandate
Dieter Puchta SPD 59 Waldshut Second mandate
Klaus Rapp REP 44 Enz Second mandate
Helmut Rau CDU 50 Lahr Direct mandate
Josef Rebhan CDU 53 Rottweil Direct mandate
Heribert Rech CDU 29 Bruchsal Direct mandate
Ludger Reddemann CDU 46 Freiburg I Direct mandate
Julius Redling SPD 54 Villingen-Schwenningen Second mandate
Max Reimann REP 10 Göppingen Second mandate
Peter Reinelt SPD 58 Loerrach Direct mandate
Wolfgang Reinhart CDU 23 Main-Tauber Direct mandate
Dieter Remppel CDU 10 Göppingen Direct mandate
Manfred Renz GREEN 60 Reutlingen Second mandate
Friedhelm Repnik CDU 62 Tübingen Direct mandate
Wolfgang Rückert CDU 06 Leonberg Direct mandate
Robert Ruder CDU 51 Offenburg Direct mandate
Dieter Salomon GREEN 47 Freiburg II Second mandate
Karl-August Schaal REP 62 Tübingen Second mandate
Barbara Schäfer-Wiegand CDU 27 Karlsruhe I Direct mandate Resigned from office in 1995 (successor: Ingrid Blank )
Bernhard Scharf FDP / DVP 39 Weinheim Second mandate
Thomas Schäuble CDU 32 Rastatt Direct mandate
Hermann Schaufler CDU 60 Reutlingen Direct mandate
Gerd Scheffold CDU 66 Biberach Direct mandate
Winfried Scheuermann CDU 44 Enz Direct mandate
Rezzo hose GREEN 44 Enz Second mandate Resigned from office on December 1, 1994
(successor: Ivo Krieg )
Dietmar Schlee CDU 70 Sigmaringen Direct mandate Resigned from office in November 1994
(successor: Ernst Behringer )
Rolf Schlierer REP 14 Bietigheim-Bissingen Second mandate Group leader
Claus Schmiedel SPD 12 Ludwigsburg Second mandate
Monika Schnaitmann GREEN 62 Tübingen Second mandate
Norbert Schneider CDU 45 Freudenstadt Direct mandate
Alfred Schöffler SPD 20 Neckarsulm Second mandate
Dietmar Schöning FDP / DVP 62 Tübingen Second mandate
Ventur Schöttle CDU 65 Ehingen Direct mandate
Günter Schrempp SPD 47 Freiburg II Direct mandate
Marianne Schultz-Hector CDU 03 Stuttgart III Direct mandate
Rosely Swiss CDU 17 Backnang Direct mandate
Hermann Seimetz CDU 11 Geislingen Direct mandate
Rolf Seltenreich SPD 36 Mannheim II Second mandate
Michael Sieber CDU 37 Wiesloch Direct mandate
Helga Solinger SPD 02 Stuttgart II Second mandate
Dieter Spöri SPD 18 Heilbronn Direct mandate
Willi Stächele CDU 52 throat Direct mandate
Dieter Stoltz SPD 27 Karlsruhe I Second mandate
Gerhard Stolz GREEN 27 Karlsruhe I Second mandate
Gerhard Stratthaus CDU 40 Schwetzingen Direct mandate
Peter Straub CDU 59 Waldshut Direct mandate
Roland Ströbele CDU 55 Tuttlingen-Donaueschingen Direct mandate
Gerd Teßmer SPD 38 Neckar-Odenwald Second mandate
Erwin the devil CDU 54 Villingen-Schwenningen Direct mandate
Arnold Tölg CDU 43 Calw Direct mandate
Horst Trageiser REP 03 Stuttgart III Second mandate
Heinz Troll REP 29 Bruchsal Second mandate
Klaus von Trotha CDU 56 Constance Direct mandate
Helga Ulmer SPD 04 Stuttgart IV Direct mandate
Brigitte Unger-Soyka SPD 34 Heidelberg Direct mandate
Ewald Veigel FDP / DVP 44 Enz Successor in the second mandate joined Hans Albrecht on March 9, 1995
Erwin Vetter CDU 31 Ettlingen Direct mandate
Christa Vossschulte CDU 07 Esslingen Direct mandate
Gustav Wabro CDU 26 Eels Direct mandate
Jürgen Walter GREEN 12 Ludwigsburg Second mandate
Gerd Weimer SPD 62 Tübingen Second mandate
Karl Weingärtner SPD 60 Reutlingen Second mandate
Werner Weinmann SPD 09 Nürtingen Second mandate
Gerhard Weiser CDU 41 Sinsheim Direct mandate
Karl-Peter Wettstein SPD 40 Schwetzingen Second mandate
Claus Weyrosta SPD 14 Bietigheim-Bissingen Second mandate
Franz Wieser CDU 30 boards Direct mandate
Rolf Wilhelm REP 61 Hechingen-Münsingen Second mandate entered in place of two other applicants who
had waived acceptance of the mandate ,
see note below
Brigitte Wimmer SPD 28 Karlsruhe II Second mandate
Peter Wintruff SPD 30 boards Second mandate
Walter Witzel GREEN 46 Freiburg I Second mandate
Marianne Wonnay SPD 49 Emmendingen Second mandate
Norbert Zeller SPD 67 Lake Constance Second mandate
Gerd Zimmermann CDU 19 Eppingen Direct mandate

Regarding MP Rolf Wilhelm (Republican, Hechingen-Münsingen state constituency):
He stepped in in place of the originally elected candidate from the Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce , who, like his substitute applicant, had renounced the mandate.

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