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Oslavice coat of arms
Oslavice (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Kraj Vysočina
District : Žďár nad Sázavou
Area : 638 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 20 '  N , 16 ° 0'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 20 '12 "  N , 15 ° 59' 42"  E
Height: 476  m nm
Residents : 696 (Jan. 1, 2019)
Postal code : 594 01
License plate : J
Street: Velké Meziříčí - Třebíč
Railway connection: Studenec – Křižanov
Status: local community
Districts: 1
Mayor : Pavel Janoušek (as of 2018)
Address: Oslavice 1
594 01 Velké Meziříčí
Municipality number: 596337
Website : www.oslavice.cz

Oslavice (German Groß Woslawitz , older also Oslawitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic . It is located two and a half kilometers southwest of Velké Meziříčí and belongs to the Okres Žďár nad Sázavou .


Oslavice is located in the Krischanauer Uplands (Křižanovská vrchovina) in the south of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands . The village lies between the valleys of three rivers, the Balinka in the north, the Oslava in the east and the Oslavička in the south. The railway line from Náměšť nad Oslavou to Velké Meziříčí runs through Oslavice , from which a branch line leads to the industrial area of ​​Velké Meziříčí.

Neighboring towns are America in the north, Velké Meziříčí in the northeast, Petráveč in the east, Osové in the southeast, Rohy and Oslavička in the south, Ovčírna and Nový Telečkov in the southwest, Baliny and Uhřínov in the west and Svařenov and Hrbov in the northwest.


The first documentary mention was made in 1320 in connection with a Budivoj from Oslavice. The owners of the village at that time were the lords of Mostiště. After Jan von Meziříčí had acquired part of the Mostiště rule between 1386 and 1390, Oslavice was attached to the Meziříčí rule . Oslavice was the seat of a judge, who also subordinated the surrounding villages. Since the transition from the 15th to the 16th century there was a wooden mill east of the village on the Oslavička, which was named Hušťův mlýn after its owner Jakub Hušť from 1641 . The first land register was created in 1714 and a school was set up in 1750. This moved into a new schoolhouse in 1830.

After the abolition of patrimonial Velká Voslavice / Groß Woslawitz formed a political municipality in the district administration Velké Meziříčí. Later the village was also called Velká Oslavice . The volunteer fire brigade was founded in 1898 . A poor house was established in 1902. At the beginning of the 20th century, a cement factory was established in Oslavice. At that time the old Hušťův mlýn was also demolished. The place has been called Oslavice since 1920 . At the beginning of 1961 the community was assigned to the Okres Žďár nad Sázavou . In 1962 a culture house was built. Oslavice was incorporated into Velké Meziříčí in 1980. The community has existed again since 1992.

Community structure

No districts are shown for the municipality of Oslavice. The settlement Hušťův Mlýn ( Huschtmühle ) belongs to Oslavice .


  • Balinské údolí (Balinka Valley) Nature Park, west and north of the village
  • Chapel of St. Nicholas, built in 1839
  • Marble cross from 1933, on the chapel
  • Atonement stone made of granite, it is reminiscent of a soldier who sank into the swamp with his horse
  • Remains of ramparts at the gravel quarry , at the place designated as V Hrádcích , a castle is said to have stood, which went out before 1355.

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