Quint Industries

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Quint Industries Inc.
legal form Inc.
founding 1988
resolution 1989
Seat Santee , California , USA
Branch Automobiles

Quint Industries Inc. was an American manufacturer of automobiles .

Company history

The company was founded on October 27, 1988 in Santee , California . It was a subsidiary of Quint Industries Inc. of Biloxi , Mississippi , founded on May 7, 1986 and still in existence today. The places San Diego in California and Pascagoula in Mississippi are also mentioned differently . According to the sources, the production of automobiles and kit cars began in 1986. To this end, two projects were taken over by Elite Enterprises . The brand name was Quint . Production ended in 1989. Hardy Motors took on a project.


The Laser 917 was similar to the Porsche 917 . The basis was either a chassis from the VW Beetle or a tubular frame that could accommodate engines from Porsche , Wankel engines from Mazda and V8 engines .

The J2X, a replica of the Allard J2X , had a steel chassis and a V8 engine.

The Laser Cobra was a replica of the AC Cobra , also with a V8 engine. The suspension came from the Ford Mustang .


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