August 2004

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This article covers breaking news and events in August 2004.

Daily events

Sunday 1st August 2004

Monday 2nd August 2004

Tuesday 3rd August 2004

Wednesday 4th August 2004

Thursday 5th August 2004

Friday August 6, 2004

Saturday 7th August 2004

  • Pretoria / South Africa . The New National Party (NNP), the ruling party of South Africa during apartheid , joins the currently ruling African National Congress .
  • Hamburg / Germany . German utility companies are apparently stretching natural gas imported from abroad on a larger scale with liquid gas-air mixtures. As early as 1989, according to SPIEGEL, several municipal companies were exposed because they were selling more gas to their customers than they had obtained from their suppliers.
  • New York / USA . A new UN report raises the most serious allegations against the Sudanese government: both in the crisis region of Darfur and in the Upper Nile region , the government has been responsible for extrajudicial executions and mass killings in recent months . There is overwhelming evidence of coordinated actions by government forces and the Arab militias.

Sunday August 8, 2004

Monday August 9, 2004

Tuesday August 10, 2004

Wednesday August 11, 2004

  • Hamburg / Germany . According to a report from Die Zeit , a survey by the Federal Statistical Office indicates that the gap between rich and poor in Germany is widening: the financial assets of the poorest quarter of West German households shrank by half from 1993 to 2003, while the financial assets of the wealthiest neighborhood has increased by 25%. The proportion of households considered poor rose from 9.4 to 11.1% in 2002. The newspaper reported that the Federal Statistical Office would not officially present the figures because of the "social explosives" they contain. The Federal Office rejected this claim.
  • Lübeck / Germany . The 22-year-old violinist Erik Schumann from Lübeck is the third winner to receive the Leonard Bernstein Award of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival endowed with 10,000 euros . The award is to be presented on Friday.
  • Usedom / Germany . The German historian Wolfgang J. Mommsen died at the age of 73.
  • Gelsenkirchen / Germany . The football player Aílton was the first foreign player to be voted German Footballer of the Year by the football magazine kicker . Birgit Prinz were voted German Footballer of the Year for the fourth time in a row. Thomas Schaaf was named coach of the year.
  • Turkey . A collision between two trains in northwestern Turkey, halfway between Ankara and Istanbul , kills 36–39 people and injures 88.

Thursday August 12, 2004

  • Brussels / Belgium . The independent European Anti-Fraud Office (Olaf) has come to the preliminary conclusion that there has been no misuse of EU funds by the Palestinian Authority . The EU Commission previously came to the same conclusion after media reports reported abuses. Meanwhile, the commission announced that it would provide further funds for victims of house demolition in the West Bank .
  • Brussels / Belgium . The future President of the EU Commission , the conservative Portuguese José Manuel Barroso , presented his new cabinet today. The previous EU commissioner for enlargement and development of the EU, the SPD politician Günter Verheugen , will now be EU industry commissioner and one of three vice-presidents of the EU commission.
  • Al-Anbar / Iraq . Two US soldiers were killed in the afternoon when a CH-53 helicopter crashed and three others were injured. Thus the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq has risen to 935. A British soldier died and several were wounded in an explosion while on patrol in Basra .
  • Najaf / Iraq . In fighting in Iraq between US troops and fighters from the “ Mahdi Army” of the Shiite preacher Moktada al Sadr around the Imam Ali mosque in Najaf, numerous Iraqis were apparently injured and killed. News agencies now speak of around 160 dead and hundreds injured, including children and women. The US army is said to have taken the city of Najaf during the day and access to the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib shrine was blocked. A total of 2,000 US soldiers and 1,800 Iraqi security forces are said to be deployed. There are said to be around 1000 Al-Sadr fighters in the city. British troops are meanwhile taking action against al-Sadr rebels in the southern Iraqi cities of Basra , Amara , Nasirija , Samawa and Diwaniyya .
  • Ceanu Mare / Romania . Chancellor Gerhard Schröder visited his father's grave in a small village in Transylvania for the first time .
  • Berlin / Germany . The introduction of the practice fee has led to a decrease in patient visits in many medical practices. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) also spoke of the fact that many diseases are now being dragged on because patients tried to save the practice fee and the high co-payments for drugs. The German Cancer Aid criticizes the fact that too few use the preventive examinations, men in particular do too little for their health.
  • New York / USA . Michael Moore publishes an interview with Porter Goss , in which the latter describes himself as "not qualified" for service in the CIA , partly due to a lack of language and technical skills. The interview was recorded while filming Fahrenheit 9/11 , but was not used in the film.
  • Sweden . Sweden has exactly 9 million inhabitants as of 2:58 p.m. today . According to Swedish press reports, the name of the newborn Swede is Jakob, his parents are Jeanette and Hans-Christian.
  • Athens / Greece . The two well-known Greek athletes Konstantinos Kenteris and Ekaterini Thanou miss an unannounced doping test and are therefore suspected of doping.
  • Singapore . Lee Hsien Loong is sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Singapore.

Friday August 13, 2004

The climax of the Olympic opening ceremony
  • Athens / Greece . The 2004 Summer Olympics traditionally opened in the evening with a celebration lasting several hours.
  • Hanoi / Vietnam . A Vietnamese man died of the H5N1 influenza A virus , the causative agent of the H5N1 bird flu . This particularly dangerous variant had already cost hundreds of deaths in the spring. In other regions of Vietnam, others are said to be infected.
  • Khartoum / Sudan . The United Nations reports that the Sudanese government has agreed to set up security zones of 20 km around the refugee camps in the west of the Darfur crisis region . Implementation would already be possible in the coming week if appropriate decisions are made over the weekend.
  • China . 63 people are killed and more than 1,800 injured in a cyclone in Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China.
  • Najaf / Iraq . Al Jazeera reports that the radical Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr was apparently injured in another bomb attack by US forces on the Iraqi city of Najaf .
  • Stralsund / Baltic Sea . A sperm whale got lost in the Baltic Sea. According to Stralsund marine researchers, this is a "millennium event". The animal should be male and 10–12 years old. Because the Baltic Sea is too shallow and there is no food, the whale has only a slim chance of survival.
  • Vienna / Austria . The on-board personnel from Austrian and Lauda Air held a works meeting from 10 a.m. After the works council had declared the collective agreement negotiations to have failed at around 1 p.m. , a warning strike was called that lasted until around 3 p.m. The strike affected 19 flights and 6,000 passengers.

Saturday August 14, 2004

Sunday 15th August 2004

  • Caracas / Venezuela : In Venezuela, the electorate will vote on a referendum to end the term of office of President Hugo Chávez . Due to the high demand, the election has been extended by several hours.
  • Gatumba / Burundi : Hutu militias attack a UN refugee camp in Gatumba and kill 189 people.
  • Florida / United States : Cyclone "Charly" reaches the Florida coast. The hurricane killed at least 19 people in the United States. Three people were previously killed in Cuba .
  • Najaf / Iraq : The Iraqi government calls on all journalists to leave the embattled city of Najaf immediately. Iraqi security forces shoot at anyone who does not comply.
  • Vaduz / Liechtenstein : Prince Hans-Adam II appoints his son Hereditary Prince Alois as his deputy and entrusts him with the privilege of sovereign rights to which the Prince is entitled. Alois is thus the new head of state of Liechtenstein.
  • Iran / Neka Atefah Sahaaleh will be executed at the age of 16.

Monday August 16, 2004

Tuesday 17th August 2004

Wednesday August 18, 2004

  • Sydney / Australia . A study by the Australian Center for Independent Studies suggests that the island nation of Nauru should give up its full independence and seek other options such as annexation to Australia. The author of the study suggested that they should reorganize the structure of parliament and services.
  • Leipzig / Germany . Dispute among the organizers of the Monday demonstrations : The "Action Alliance: Social Justice - Stop the Social Welfare Cut" invited the controversial SPD politician Oskar Lafontaine on August 30th . Some officials demand that he refrain from speaking. The organizers of the “Social Forum” want the demos to be independent of the party and not a platform for politicians, but for those affected.
  • Bad Oeynhausen / Germany . Former Federal President Johannes Rau was fitted with a new heart valve . The operation was necessary because an examination on Monday revealed a changed heart valve.
  • Caracas / Venezuela . Since the Venezuelan opposition does not recognize the result of the referendum against left-wing President Hugo Chávez , the authorities in Venezuela have now agreed to randomly check the result in the presence of government officials, international election observers and representatives of the opposition. International election observers had not noticed any irregularities so far. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan praised the peaceful manner in which the referendum. After the announcement of the result, however, there were sometimes bloody riots in the capital Caracas.
  • France . Severe storms occurred in the south of France. There were 3 fatalities and 5 missing. Bathing on the Mediterranean coast was banned for almost 40 km, 1,300 tent ends were brought to safety from crossing rivers, 30,000 people were temporarily without electricity.
  • Kathmandu / Nepal . All traffic connections to Nepal's capital Kathmandu have been torn down. The reason for this is a corresponding statement by the Maoist rebels.
  • The president of the international scientific association " Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas ", Kjell Aleklett , has warned that, given the current level of demand, oil production could peak as early as 2010 ; As a result, with increasing demand, the price of crude oil would rise dramatically.

Thursday August 19, 2004

Friday August 20, 2004

Saturday August 21, 2004

  • United States . Kenneth Cordier has to leave George W. Bush's campaign team . He is a retired colonel and was responsible for veterans issues. He appeared in a TV commercial for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, in which the opposing candidate John Kerry is described as a liar and a traitor. There are supposed to be indications that the production and broadcast of the commercial were illegally coordinated with the election campaign of George W. Bush. Another TV commercial is to follow.

Sunday August 22, 2004

Minimum wages remain theory in Germany

Monday 23 Aug 2004

  • Berlin / Germany . According to a “Data Report 2004” presented by the Federal Statistical Office in Berlin and social scientists , it emerges that more and more Germans are dissatisfied. The dissatisfaction with the social security systems in Germany stands out in particular. In addition, according to those responsible for the "data report", it is becoming apparent that the gap between rich and poor is widening. In 2002 there would have been more rich and poor statistically speaking than in 2000 when the data was last collected. The data were collected in 2002.
  • Redmond / USA . The software group Microsoft has received a software patent for the sudo process known from the UNIX area .

Tuesday August 24, 2004

  • Melbourne / Australia . The Nauru House in Melbourne, Nauru's biggest overseas building was in early September 2004 will be sold. Estimates for the selling price were between 120 and 140 million Australian dollars . The Air Nauru and the Government had its facilities in Nauru House by the end of August grant of 2004.
  • Berlin / Germany . After the verbal attacks against Chancellor Gerhard Schröder , which were accompanied by the throwing of eggs , it was decided in government circles to strengthen the active protection of the Chancellor and, if possible, to limit all of Schröder's appointments to the purely political level.
  • Washington, DC / USA . The commission of inquiry into the torture in the Iraqi Abu Ghuraib prison found "institutional and personal responsibility at higher levels". This is stated in the final report of the commission, which was presented by the chairman James Schlesinger .
  • Russia . In the evening in Russia were two Russian Tupolev - Aircraft of suicide bombers almost simultaneously in the Tula Oblast and Rostov-on-Don to crash . A total of 89 people were killed in the crashes. The government and the domestic intelligence service FSB initially tried to cover up the terrorist background.

Wednesday August 25, 2004

Thursday August 26, 2004

Friday August 27, 2004

  • Iraq . The Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni , who was kidnapped in Iraq on August 19, is killed by his kidnappers.
  • Najaf / Iraq . With the mediation of the Shiite Ayatolla Ali as-Sistani , a peaceful solution is found for the Najaf, which is contested between US troops and fighters Muqtada al-Sadr . The US soldiers leave the city, which is secured by police units of the interim government; the Imam Ali mosque comes under the control of as-Sistani himself.

Saturday August 28, 2004

Sunday 29th August 2004

End of the Summer Olympics

Monday August 30, 2004

Tuesday August 31, 2004

  • Baghdad / Iraq : A group of Iraqi extremists who call themselves the "Military Committee of the Ansar al-Sunna Army" claimed to have killed twelve Nepalese hostages. The reason is that they "[...] came from their country [to Iraq]" to "fight the Muslims".
  • Be'er Scheva / Israel : At least twelve people are killed and at least 35 others are injured in a series of attacks on three buses .
  • Hamburg / Germany : The defender of Mounir al-Motassadeq in the Hamburg terror trial, Josef Gräßle-Münscher, is apparently currently in mortal danger after a car that suddenly turned left, according to police, crashed into his motorcycle.
  • Moscow / Russia : Ten people are killed and more than 50 are injured in a suicide attack in northern Moscow. Chechen terrorists are suspected to be behind the crime.
  • Paris / France : The deadline given by Iraqi hostage-takers to the French government ends this evening. The perpetrators are calling for the so-called headscarf ban in French schools to be lifted . The hostages, Christian Chessnot and Georges Malbrunot, two French journalists, would otherwise die.

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