Reina (Saaremaa)

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Coordinates: 58 ° 32 '  N , 23 ° 5'  E

Map: Estonia

Reina (German Saltack ) is a village ( Estonian küla ) on the largest Estonian island of Saaremaa . It belongs to the rural community Saaremaa (until 2017: rural community Pöide ) in the Saare district .

Population and location

The village has 38 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2011). It is located 46 kilometers northeast of the island's capital Kuressaare .


The Saletacken farm was first mentioned in a document in 1464 . During the Middle Ages it belonged to the Elme family. From 1537 to 1723 the estate was owned by the noble Baltic German family Treyden . The Estonian name of the place is also derived from the family name.

In 1769 the estate came into the possession of the von Buhrmeister family . The first gentleman on Saltack was Land Marshal Otto Frommhold von Buhrmeister . The last owner of the estate before it was expropriated as part of the Estonian land reform in 1919 was Helena von Buhrmeister (1858–1928). The core of the estate remained in the family's possession until 1939.

The small, single-storey main house of the estate was probably built from stone at the beginning of the 19th century. Today only the ruins remain.


The Estonian linguist and literary scholar Juhan Peegel (1919–2007) was born in Reina .


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