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The Renault PR100 is a French single-decker bus originally sold by Berliet until it was  taken over by Renault Véhicules Industriels (RVI).

The PR100 should actually be able to be replaced by the 1987 Renault R312 , but the PR100 was continued as the revised model PR100.2 and replaced in 1993 by the further revised PR112, the last model of which was delivered in 1999. By then, more than 13,500 PR100 series buses had been manufactured in France .

PR100 and PR100.2


Single door version of the PR100

The original PR100 was developed and manufactured by Berliet, based on the plans for the German " VÖV-Standard-Linienbus " from the late 1960s. The vehicle has either one door or two doors and - compared to the "template" - has a different-looking front and rear section as well as different interior fittings. From June 1972 the vehicle was sold with a V8 engine with 131 kW (178 hp) and a total length of 11.25 m. From 1979 the Renault logo was attached as a trademark of the bus. The PR100 was mainly used in France , but also in Algeria , Australia and Morocco .


Renault PR110.2

The PR100.2 resulted from a slight optical and technical revision of the PR100 in 1984. A Renault MPS Turbo six-cylinder engine was available in two versions, with either 152 kW / 206 PS or 186 kW / 253 PS. The total length increased from 11.25 m for the PR100 to 11.40 m for the PR100.2.

After presentations of the bus in the UK and Singapore were unsuccessful, the bus was presented in Australia in 1985, whereupon ACTION and Transperth ordered a total of 381 copies of the PR100.2.


Renault PR112

The PR112 was sold from 1993 as an improved version of the PR100 with a redesigned front. The last copy rolled off the assembly line in 1999 and the series was replaced by the Renault Agora .

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