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SC Fortuna Cologne
Club crest of SC Fortuna Cologne
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Surname Sport-Club Fortuna Köln e. V.
Seat Cologne , North Rhine-Westphalia
founding February 21, 1948
Colours Red White
Members 1,200 (July 1, 2017)
president Hanns-Jörg Westendorf
Football company
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Surname SC Fortuna Spielbetriebs-GmbH
executive Director Benjamin Bruns
First team
Head coach Alexander end
Venue Cologne South Stadium
Places 11,748
league Regionalliga West
2019/20 10th place
Development of Fortuna Cologne by 2018

The Sport-Club Fortuna Köln e. V. is a football and handball club . The soccer club is the most successful in the Rhine metropolis after 1. FC Köln . After a single season in the Bundesliga 1973/74 , he was second division for 26 years . After five years in the 3rd division , Fortuna was relegated in the 2018/19 season and is currently playing in the Regionalliga West .


Foundation and promotion to the Bundesliga (1948–1974)

SC Fortuna Köln was founded on February 21, 1948 through the merger of the Bayenthaler SV , Sparkassen-Verein 1927 Köln and SV Victoria Köln clubs . All three clubs were n't too successful before World War II . Only SV Victoria 1911 made it to the round of 16 of the German championship in 1943 . In 1976, FC Alter Markt Köln was incorporated .

The establishment of SC Fortuna Köln eight days after that of 1. FC Köln was another attempt to create a successful overall Cologne team from several district teams. In the 1950s and 1960s, however, unlike 1. FC Köln, the club did not manage to play first-class. This changed from 1967 due to the financial commitment of the then President Jean Löring . In 1973 he was finally promoted to the 1st Bundesliga . At the end of the 1973/74 season , however, they were relegated to the newly established 2nd Bundesliga .

Ticket for the 1997/98 season

26 years 2. Bundesliga (1974-2000)

In the 2nd Bundesliga, SC Fortuna Köln should literally stay stuck in the following decades. Several times the promotion was awarded from a very promising position. In the early summer of 1986, the club almost achieved promotion to the 1st Bundesliga. In the relegation , however, Borussia Dortmund prevailed 8-0 in the play-off. The game had become necessary after the intended two games had ended from the perspective of Fortuna 2: 0 in Cologne and 1: 3 in Dortmund. There, SC Fortuna Köln only had to accept the 1: 3 in the last minute, which led to a tie. The rule known from European Cup matches, according to which the team that has scored more goals on the opposing field (" away goals rule ") wins, did not apply to relegation games at that time.

On the other hand, SC Fortuna Köln was able to keep the class from a partially hopeless situation. At the end of the season of German reunification in 1991/92, the club was relegated in terms of sport, but was able to move into relegation after the license withdrawal of Blau-Weiß 90 Berlin and clearly win it.

In all these years as a southern city club, SC Fortuna only met with a response from a few, but extremely loyal viewers beyond the city limits. The dominant position of 1. FC Köln in the city could never be seriously endangered. Some of the greatest moments in the club's history resulted from the few local derbies with the big rival. In a total of only ten competitive games in over fifty years, there were only four matches in cup games and six in the 1st or 2nd Bundesliga. In 1983, a better team from SC Fortuna Köln in terms of play and fighting skills lost 1-0 in the DFB Cup final in Müngersdorf against a weak 1. FC Köln, but the audience celebrated the unfortunate losers. In the 1998/99 season there was another chance of a change in circumstances when 1. FC Cologne was relegated to the 2. Bundesliga. In both local derbies this season, the billy goats were clearly defeated in the sold-out Müngersdorfer stadium 4: 2 and 3: 0. In the final accounts, however, the change of guard did not succeed: Although Fortuna was three places ahead of their big city rivals after the last day of the first half of the season, they finished the season four places behind him; the success against 1. FC Köln was the only victory in the entire second half of the season. This rose again in the 1999/2000 season in the 1st Bundesliga, and the Südstädter had to relegate despite another win (4: 1) against the billy goats from the 2nd Bundesliga.

Crash and impending bankruptcy (2000-2005)

After relegation it became more apparent than ever that the club was financially dependent almost exclusively on its chairman and patron Jean Löring . In addition, the Südstädter had financial bad luck in the only first division season 1973/74. The Müngersdorfer Stadion was newly built, which is why the home games of SC Fortuna Köln and 1. FC Köln took place in the much smaller cycling track, which significantly reduced the income of both clubs.

Oberliga team 2003 - all players and coaches advertised with the slogan "You don't reach into your pocket - you can give a naked man a helping hand" for donations and the waiver of claims from creditors

For 26 years, Jean Löring had managed to keep the small club in the 2nd Bundesliga. However, in 2001 he had to file for bankruptcy. He fell ill soon after and died in March 2005. Without him, the club went steeply downhill.

In 2003 SC Fortuna Köln faced the threat of bankruptcy. Fans started a donation marathon and asked the artist Cornel Wachter to provide the idea. His first action together with the graphic artist Marc Tölle was to appoint patrons. These were the philosopher and football fan Walter Jens as well as the Olympic champion Dieter Baumann , who, due to the situation of the club, fell down and got up again during his sporting career. This was followed by Wachter's press photo with the naked league team including coach Ralf Aussem and assistant coach Dieter Epstein, which went around the world and was able to arouse the willingness to donate from half of Cologne.

Wachter followed up with unusual actions to draw attention to the ailing club with the largest youth department at the time in the DFB: The collection campaign among prostitutes in the Pascha brothel with the actor Ralf Richter , the fan Andreas Palanci and the south town pastor Hans Mörtter or - with the support of the racing driver Michael Schumacher and his father Rolf - the Fortuna Kart Cup on Schumacher's indoor kart track in Kerpen for the staff of the helpful Cologne press.

The SC Fortuna Köln crashed into the fourth-class league and had to stop there in the course of the 2004/05 season for financial reasons, after the team had only brought three points in the entire first half of the season. The last appearance in the league for the time being, before the club withdrew from the game in January 2005, was a 5-0 defeat at the U23 team of Alemannia Aachen .

In a fax to the West German Football Association , the board of the Südstädter announced the immediate withdrawal of the first team from the Oberliga Nordrhein . The game operations of other teams such as the youth department, the second and third teams, the women's team and the handball department were not affected. The initial bankruptcy plan did not find a majority in the creditors' meeting. Only a large fundraising campaign and a charity game against 1. FC Köln (10-0 for the billy goats in front of 6350 spectators) brought together the initially sufficient sum of € 35,000. The game operations of SC Fortuna Köln including its youth department - which with 500 players, 25 teams and 90 coaches and supervisors is one of the largest youth football departments in Germany - was initially secured under the leadership of chairman Egbert Bischoff.

Felix Bably, NRW League 2008/09 (Photo: Sebastian Flügel)
Kevin Kruth, NRW League 2008/09 (Photo: Sebastian Flügel)

Consolidation (2005-2014)

Since the 2005/06 season, the first team played in the Mittelrhein Association League and, with an average of 400 tickets sold, had more spectators than many regional leagues . With seventh place at the end of the 2005/06 season, the free fall of recent years could be stopped. On October 16, 2006, the general assembly elected Klaus Ulonska as the new chairman of SC Fortuna Cologne after Egbert Bischoff had resigned from his position a few weeks earlier.

On the last matchday of the 2007/08 season, the SC narrowly missed the championship in the Mittelrhein Association League against VfL Leverkusen with a (1: 1) draw. The Südstädter would have needed a win against Leverkusen. Due to the expected large crowd, this game was not played in Leverkusen, but - on the advice of the police - in the neutral Sportpark Höhenberg , the venue of FC Viktoria Köln . The game took place in front of the remarkable crowd of 7000 spectators. Later on, VfL Leverkusen was refused promotion by the sports court of the West German Football and Athletics Association on July 10, 2008 due to late filing of documents relating to the licensing process. The SC Fortuna Köln therefore played from the 2008/09 season in the newly founded fifth-rate NRW league . It was the first ascent for the club in 35 years.

In May 2009 it became known that SC Fortuna Köln had gone into debt to cover the costs of the first half of the 2008/09 season. The first season in the new NRW League ended the team after a mixed second half with a goal difference of 60:55 in ninth place in the table. Kevin Kruth finished second in the top scorer list with 21 goals. The 2009/10 season, for which sixth place had been spent as a goal, finished the team on a disappointing 15th place in the table, only the goal difference separated them from a relegation rank. In the 2010/11 season , promotion to the Regionalliga West with third place in the table was narrowly missed, but was happily achieved through the withdrawal of the actual promoted Germania Windeck on June 6, 2011. On June 15, 2011, the German Football Association finally granted Fortuna Köln Spielbetriebsgesellschaft mbH its license for the 2011/12 regional league season. The team surprisingly ended the first season in seventh place in the table - with a squad that was largely designed for the NRW League due to the long lack of clarity about promotion.

SC Fortuna Köln caused a sensation when it finished the first half of the 2012/13 season as first in the Regional League West and then in December 2012 when the former professional footballer Matthias Scherz , who actually ended his active career at 1. FC Köln in the summer of 2009, was signed had announced. However , the Südstädter gambled away the chances of promotion to the 3rd division created in 2008 in the second half of the season. The team ended the season seven points behind Lotte in second place in the table. In the 2013/14 season they qualified as champions of the Regionalliga West for the promotion games to the 3rd division. Fortuna Köln prevailed there with a 1-0 home win and a 1-2 away defeat due to the away goals rule against the second team of FC Bayern Munich . The decisive goal for 1: 2 fell in stoppage time.

The coat of arms of SC Fortuna Köln until 2019.

Return to professional football and relegation again (since 2014)

From the 2014/15 season, Fortuna Köln played again in the professional area - in the third division . The league succeeded on the 36th matchday despite a significant defeat at Holstein Kiel. In a fairly balanced league, the risk of relegation in 2015/16 for Fortuna was banned a little earlier; in the end she finished 11th this time. The following year she was able to stay on the penultimate matchday. In both 2016 and 2017, the team just missed making it into the DFB Cup due to defeats in the final of the Middle Rhine Cup.

The 2017/18 season was the Fortuna’s most successful in the third division to date. Throughout the first half of the season she was never placed below fourth place. However, after a series of eight games without a win at the end of the season, promotion was clearly missed. After the 13th matchday of the following season , head coach Uwe Koschinat left the club after seven years and moved to SV Sandhausen . His successor Tomasz Kaczmarek introduced himself with two major defeats (0: 7 and 0: 6). With the defeat against 1860 Munich on the penultimate match day, relegation to the regional league was sealed. After Oliver Zapel took over as coach for the last four match days , Thomas Stratos was signed for the 2019/20 season .


SC Fortuna Köln played in the 2nd Bundesliga for 26 years . The highlights of the club's history were on the one hand the season in the 1st Bundesliga ( 1973/74 ), when they only had to be relegated because of the worse goal difference, and on the other hand the DFB Cup final in 1983 on June 11, 1983 against 1. FC Köln , that Fortuna lost 0-1. The most important players of the cup finalists were the strikers Dieter Schatzschneider and Dieter Lemke , goalkeeper Bernd Helmschrot , the defenders Florian Hinterberger and Jürgen Baier and the "midfield motor " Hannes Linßen . In the semifinals they had defeated Borussia Dortmund 5-0, in the quarterfinals and in the round of 16 they had already won against the two first division clubs Borussia Mönchengladbach (replay after a 2-2 draw) and Eintracht Braunschweig 2-1 each.

On May 29, 2013, the SC Fortuna Köln team defeated Alemannia Aachen 2-1 in the finals for the Middle Rhine Cup in Bonn's Sportpark Nord and qualified for the 2013/14 DFB Cup . In the first main round, FSV Mainz 05 visited the Südstadion, the Mainz team won 2-1.

On June 1, 2014, Fortuna Cologne returned to professional football (3rd division) after a dramatic second leg at Bayern Munich II. After winning the first leg in Cologne's Südstadion 1-0 on May 28, they were 0-1 behind in the second leg at Grünwalder Strasse at the break and received a yellow-red card in the final quarter of an hour. Shortly before the end of the season, Bayern made it 2-0. Fortuna, however, scored 1: 2 in the very last minute of stoppage time and rose due to the away goals rule .



In the Eternal Table of the Bundesliga, SC Fortuna Köln is 51st out of 56 teams. In the Eternal Table of the 2nd Bundesliga , the Südstadt team are fourth. In 26 seasons, the team reached 1,376 points and is only behind Greuther Fürth , Alemannia Aachen and FC St. Pauli . Fortuna is in 24th place in the all-time table of the 3rd division and 57th in the all-time table of the regional soccer league .

Status in the respective Eternal Table:

  • Bundesliga:
    51st place (out of 56) - 1 season
  • 2nd Bundesliga:
    4th place (out of 127) - 26 seasons
  • 3rd league:
    24th place (out of 60) - 5 seasons
  • Regionalliga:
    Place 57 (out of 390) - 12 seasons

The following season data have been taken from the club records at the German Sports Club for Football Statistics .

Legend: ↓ descended ↑ ascended 


  • Jean Löring , German entrepreneur and long-time patron and president of SC Fortuna Köln (1966–2001)
  • Klaus Ulonska , German athlete and president of SC Fortuna Köln (from 2006 until his death in 2015)

The first men's team

For the squad from previous seasons, see SC Fortuna Köln / names and numbers .

Squad of the 2020/21 season

(As of August 20, 2020)

No. Nat. player in the team since Last club
01 GermanyGermany Kevin Rauhut 2019 Energy Cottbus
12 BulgariaBulgaria Martin Velickov 2019 FC Pesch
33 GermanyGermany Robin Schoch 2020 MSV Duisburg U19
02 IrelandIreland Noe Baba 2019 Lupo Martini Wolfsburg
06th CroatiaCroatia Franko Uzelac (C)Captain of the crew 2019 SV Babelsberg 03
17th GermanyGermany Dan-Patrick Poggenberg 2020 SG Sonnenhof Großaspach
27 GermanyGermany Nico Ochojski 2017 Alemannia Aachen U19
28 GermanyGermany Lars Bender 2019 Energy Cottbus
29 TogoTogo Jean Marie Nadjombe 2014 own U19
30th GermanyGermany Jannik Löhden 2020 Rot-Weiß Oberhausen
08th GermanyGermany Dennis Brock 2019 Bonner SC
10 GermanyGermany Hamza Salman 2019 Bonner SC
13 GermanyGermany Nicolas Westerhoff 2017 own U19
15th GermanyGermany Kai Försterling Bèltran 2019 own II. team
19th TurkeyTurkey Batuhan Ozden 2020 1. FC Köln U19
21st GermanyGermany Suheyel Najar 2020 FC Viktoria Cologne
23 GermanyGermany Kelvin Lunga 2019 SV Rödinghausen
25th GermanyGermany Timo Hölscher 2020 FC Viktoria Cologne
31 GermanyGermany Nico Brandenburger 2020 Prussia Munster
39 GermanyGermany Maik cone 2016 Holstein Kiel
09 GermanyGermany Roman Prokoph 2019 1. FC Cologne II
11 NigerNiger Francis Ubabuike 2020 Rot-Weiß Oberhausen
14th GermanyGermany Mike Owusu 2019 SG Sonnenhof Großaspach
20th GermanyGermany Julian Günther-Schmidt 2020 FC Carl Zeiss Jena

Squad changes in the 2020/21 season

(As of August 10, 2020)

Accesses Departures
Summer 2020

Trainer and function team

(As of July 18, 2020)

Surname function in the team since
Coaching staff
Alexander end Head coach 2020
Zlatko Muhović Assistant coach 2019
Gianluca Kohn Goalkeeping coach 2020
Nils Vogt Athletic trainer 2020
Medical department
Jens Enneper nb1 Team doctor 2020
Ulrich Müller-Lung nb2 Radiologist 2019
Fabian Kobus Physiotherapist 2019
Sporting organization
Sascha Dreist Team manager 2018
Matthias Schäfer supervisor 2002
Corporate Design
Fred ( Little Panda ) mascot 2015
nb1part-time. Dr. Enneper works in his Müngersdorf practice as a specialist in orthopedics, trauma surgery, chiropractic and sports medicine. From 1997 to 2007 he was the club doctor of the ASV Köln and from 2014 to 2017 the team doctor of the Cologne Falcons .
nb2part-time. Dr. Müller-Lung works in his Lindenthal practice as a specialist in radiological diagnostics.

Well-known former players and coaches (2008–2012)

Since April 3, 2008, following the example of Ebbsfleet United , the club has been giving external people a limited say in its first men's football team. The newly founded DFC GmbH initially tried to acquire 30,000 members within one year under the patronage of film director Sönke Wortmann . For an annual fee of 39.95 euros, these members had a say in transfers, the conclusion of friendly matches, jersey colors, merchandising and other internal issues. The opinion of the members should also be heard in the team line-up, but the coach retained the last word.

On December 6, 2008, the general meeting of SC Fortuna Köln decided, with a few abstentions, before the 30,000 members of had reached the beginning of 2009, to spin off the first men's soccer team from the main club and to become Fortuna Köln Spielbetriebsgesellschaft mbH with DFC GmbH bring in. The spin-off was completed on February 1, 2009. By the end of October 2009 a little more than 10,500 people had registered with; in May 2011, according to the operator, there were still around 7,300 paying members. As a result, after deducting administrative costs and VAT from DFC funds, more than 180,000 euros per year flowed into the first team of SC Fortuna Köln via the game operating company.

The project was discontinued in January 2012. The shares were taken over by an investor, the DFC memberships were converted into a so-called “premium membership” with the same contribution rate. The operator no longer provides any information about the number of members.

The second men's team

Fortuna Köln II, the U23 team, will play in the fifth-class Mittelrheinliga for the first time in the 2019/20 season under coach Marco Zillken , only one division lower than the first team. For the players, advancement into the first team squad is now more likely. Kai Försterling Bèltran, Michael Gorbunow and Serhat-Semih Güler succeeded in doing this for the 2019/20 season. In the previous season, they were promoted to the Middle Rhine League with their team as second in the national league season 1, in their third year of membership in the league.

Trainer and function team

(As of July 3, 2020)

Surname function in the team since
Coaching staff
Marco Zillken Head coach 2019
Gianni Pavone Assistant coach 2020
Zihni Yildirim Goalkeeping coach 2017
Sporting organization
Stefan Kleefisch Team manager 2007
Dennis Kock supervisor 2019

Women's soccer

In the 2019/20 season, the first women's team under coach Marc Gertzen will take part in the fourth-class Middle Rhine League.


Since it was founded in 2003, the women's football division has grown rapidly. In the very first season, the 17-year-old team became district champions with a goal difference of 192: 7. Right off the bat, it then made it through to the association league. There it fought a duel with the regional league relegated Rot-Weiß Merl, with one point behind it was only enough for the runner-up. A year later the promotion to the Regionalliga West was brought under wraps with a 16 point lead. The team could not last long there, however, in 2009/10 it was relegated to the association league again. In the 2010/11 season there was even a threat of relegation from the association league. In 2011/12 he was promoted to the Regionalliga West, followed by relegation to the Middle Rhine League in 2013. In the 2013/14 season, the almost unchanged team made it back to the top undefeated. The 2014/15 season ended with the regional league women as the best promoted women in 5th place in the table. In the following seasons, the team was able to keep itself in the league and belonged to the top group of the league in the 2016/17 season. In 2019, the Cologne women had to relegate.


In 2008, the juniors of SC Fortuna won the FVM Cup finals for C-Juniors, B-Juniors and women. In 2011/12, the women reached the final of the Middle Rhine Cup as a league club after a semi-final victory over the higher-class VfL Kommern . There they were defeated by their fellow competitors for the promotion of Sportfreunde Uevekoven just 1: 2. In the 2012/13 season they were then able to win the cup against this club. After they were eliminated in the semi-finals against Alemannia Aachen in 2013/14, Fortuna won the cup for the fourth time in 2014/15. In the 2016/17 season there was a final against the local rivals from Vorwärts Spoho Cologne . The first game was canceled in extra time when the score was 1: 1 due to a thunderstorm. The replay went to Vorwärts Spoho Cologne, with which Fortuna missed a renewed participation in the DFB Cup.

The Middle Rhine Cup was won for the fifth time in the 2018/19 season. Although the Fortuna players were third from last in the Regionalliga West and had to relegate to the Middle Rhine League after this season, they advanced to the final of the Middle Rhine Cup, where they defeated SV Grün-Weiss Brauweiler 2-0. As the winners of this state cup competition, the Fortuna players qualified for the first round of the women's DFB Cup . On August 4, 2019, they played at the stadium Merianstraße in Cologne-Chorweiler against the straight from the 2. Bundesliga relegated FSV Hessen Wetzlar . Despite a late goal from Catia Alves Peireira, the game was lost 4-1.

The B-Juniors belonged to the Regionalliga West until the 2010/11 season, of which they were a founding member in 2008. Before that, they won several association championships and cup finals and until then - together with the C-Juniors team - they were the most successful department for young women in the Mittelrhein Association. It was not until Bayer 04 Leverkusen and 1. FC Köln stepped up their involvement in women's football in the run-up to the 2011 Women's World Cup in Germany that the successes became less frequent. Numerous talents switched to the big clubs in the neighborhood. Players like Jule Brockerhoff, Michelle Fischer and Fiona McCormick, who were among the top performers of the regional league team at the time, were retained. They came from the Fortuna youth department and, starting with the D-Juniors, played in all of the Fortuna female junior teams.


Well-known players

Youth football

The club's youth department has long been considered the largest of its kind in Germany, with 27 teams at one time. In the 2006/07 season three of their B-Juniors also played in the national team: Sara Doorsoun and Isabelle Linden (both Germany U-17 ) and Arzu Karabulut (Turkey U-17).

In the 2017/18 season, the male U19 team took part in the first-class A-Juniors Bundesliga in the West relay. For years, the male offspring were represented in the highest possible division for them. When the regional leagues (now the junior Bundesliga ) were introduced in youth football , the teams still played in the second-highest class. The temporary break occurred in the 2004/05 season, when the U19s were relegated from the Association League (now the Middle Rhine League).

In the female junior division, the U17 team plays in the B-Juniorinnen-Mittelrheinliga in the 2017/18 season. The U15 team plays in the C-Juniors District League Season 4.

Sponsors and suppliers

Main sponsors (jersey)

Duration sponsor
1976-1979 Phantasialand (amusement park)
1980-1982 BAV
June 11, 1983 Vademecum (mouthwash)
1985-1986 HIT (trade)
1986-1992 Natreen (sweetener)
1992-1996 Porta (furniture)
1996-1998 Besaplast (plastics)
1998-2001 Toyota (automobiles)
2002-2003 Scott
2003-2005 Final Kick (sportswear)
2005-2008 Vredestein (tires)
2008–0000 HIT (trade)

Supplier for match and training clothing

Duration Companies
1974-1991 Adidas
1991-1995 Patrick
1995-1996 Adidas
1996-1999 Diadora
1999-2000 Jako
2000-2007 ?
2007-2018 Jako
2018-2019 Erreà
2019–0000 Capelli


Main entrance to the south stadium

SC Fortuna Köln plays its home games in Cologne's Südstadion in the Zollstock district .

From 1967 to 1978 the club's home games took place in the Müngersdorfer Stadium . The home games of the joint Bundesliga season 1973/74 had to be played by 1. FC Köln and SC Fortuna Köln in the neighboring Müngersdorfer Radrennbahn .


The handball department was born in 1933, when the handball players of the dissolved workers' sports clubs joined SV Victoria Cologne , which was merged into the newly founded SC Fortuna Cologne in 1948.


In the 2020/21 season, the men's handball team under coach Stephan Schulze will take part in the fifth-rate Oberliga Mittelrhein. The pre-season ended with an 8th place in the table.


In the 2020/21 season, the women's handball team will take part in the fourth-class North Rhine Regional League under coach Dario Mussachio .


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