Magdalena Neuner

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Magdalena Neuner biathlon
Magdalena Neuner in Wallgau, May 2013
Association GermanyGermany Germany
birthday 9th February 1987 (age 33)
place of birth Garmisch-Partenkirchen
size 165 cm
Weight 56 kg
job Customs officer a. D.
society SC Wallgau
Trainer Bernhard Kröll
Admission to the
national team
Debut in the World Cup January 13, 2006
World Cup victories 47 (34 individual wins)
status resigned
End of career March 18, 2012
Medal table
Olympic medals 2 × gold 1 × silver 0 × bronze
World Cup medals 12 × gold 4 × silver 1 × bronze
JWM medals 7 × gold 4 × silver 0 × bronze
EM medals 0 × gold 0 × silver 1 × bronze
SWM medals 3 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
DM medals 8 × gold 4 × silver 2 × bronze
Olympic rings winter Olympics
gold 2010 Vancouver persecution
gold 2010 Vancouver Mass start
silver 2010 Vancouver sprint
IBU Biathlon world championships
gold 2007 Antholz sprint
gold 2007 Antholz persecution
gold 2007 Antholz Season
gold 2008 Östersund Mass start
gold 2008 Östersund Season
gold 2008 Östersund Mixed relay
silver 2009 Pyeongchang Season
gold 2010 Khanty-Mansiysk Mixed relay
gold 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk sprint
gold 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk Mass start
gold 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk Season
silver 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk persecution
silver 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk Mixed relay
gold 2012 Ruhpolding sprint
gold 2012 Ruhpolding Season
silver 2012 Ruhpolding persecution
bronze 2012 Ruhpolding Mixed relay
IBU European biathlon championships
bronze 2006 Langdorf Season
IBU Summer biathlon world championships
gold 2009 Oberhof sprint
gold 2009 Oberhof persecution
gold 2009 Oberhof Mixed relay
World Cup balance
Overall World Cup 1. ( 2007/08 , 2009/10 ,
     2011/12 )
Individual World Cup 1. ( 2008/09 )
Sprint World Cup 1. ( 2007/08 , 2010/11 ,
     2011/12 )
Pursuit World Cup 1st ( 2009/10 )
Mass start world cup 1. ( 2007/08 , 2009/10 )
 Podium placements 1. 2. 3.
singles 1 0 3
sprint 18th 3 9
persecution 7th 7th 3
Mass start 8th 1 3
Season 13 5 1

Magdalena Neuner (born February 9, 1987 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen , real name Magdalena Holzer ) is a former German biathlete .

Between her debut in the 2006 World Cup and the end of her career in 2012, Magdalena Neuner won 34 individual races in the Biathlon World Cup , three times the overall World Cup and seven discipline World Cups . With a total of 63 podium placements, she is one of the most successful female athletes in the history of the World Cup. At biathlon world championships she is the record holder with twelve gold medals and has stood on the podium a total of 17 times. In 2010 she was double Olympic champion and once runner- up at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver . During her career, Neuner was considered one of the best cross-country skiers in biathlon. In 2007, 2011 and 2012 she was named Germany's Sportswoman of the Year for her achievements .

Origin, childhood and private life

Magdalena Neuner is the second oldest of four children of bank employee Paul Neuner and his wife Margit. The extensive family lives in Wallgau , an Upper Bavarian municipality in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district in the Upper Isar Valley with around 1,400 inhabitants. In 1991 Magdalena posed for photos in an advertising brochure for the local tourist association when tourism also increased in Werdenfelser Land after German reunification . According to the predominant denomination in southern German regions, Neuner grew up in an environment shaped by the Catholic faith. Going to church on weekends was just as much a part of her life as she regularly attended cultural events to promote local customs . In addition, as a child, she spent a lot of time in the great outdoors with her cousin Albert Neuner, who was six months younger. The enthusiasm for sporting activities developed during joint hikes or excursions by bike. She was already into alpine skiing at the age of four . After that she played tennis for a while and used the cross- country ski trails in the immediate vicinity at her mother's side for cross-country skiing tours .

Neuner's musical inclination is also of family origin. The father conducts the local brass band and, like the younger brother, learned to play the flugelhorn . The older brother is a member of the folk music group The 3-Some Musicians , while the cousin performs with the punk band Beeswax . Neuner himself initially played the recorder and later the harp, which is still used on special occasions today. In the further course of her career, the plucking instrument became a cliché in journalistic reporting on private life, along with the hobby of knitting, and had a lasting impact on her image.

From 1993 to 1997 Neuner attended the local elementary school. There, too, she showed a preference for sports, music and handicrafts . After the fourth grade, she switched to the orientation level of the lower secondary school in neighboring Krün and in 1999 to the St.-Irmengard-Realschule in her place of birth Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Despite the good school performance, the promising sporting prospects at this point were decisive for the decision against high school and high school. The rector of the high school, which is under church administration, certified Neuner with a high level of social competence and empathy . At the age of 16, Neuner finished school in 2003 with a secondary school leaving certificate in order to concentrate on her career as a competitive athlete.

Since autumn 2009 Neuner has been in a relationship with the master carpenter Josef Holzer (born February 12, 1987), who is almost the same age . On March 29, 2014 the civil wedding took place in Wallgau. Neuner took her husband's real surname, but kept her maiden name in public. Their daughter was born on May 30, 2014 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. On October 17, 2015, the couple celebrated their church wedding. Their son was born on November 7, 2016.


Beginnings (1996 to 2003)

Neuner has been a member of the SC Wallgau home association since she was a child, which is part of the Werdenfels ski region as a regional association and thus part of the Bavarian Ski Association . In 1996 Anneliese Holzer - a cousin of Neuner's father Paul - was commissioned to set up her own biathlon training group. The world championships in February of the same year with 90,000 spectators in the Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding showed that the emerging winter sport was accepted by the German public. Anneliese Holzer had celebrated national successes in the early 1990s, so she reached second place in the German championships in 1993 together with Uschi Disl and Martina Seidl (née Zellner) in the Bavarian relay. While looking for suitable young athletes, she came across the relatives of the then nine-year-old daughter of her cousin and her cousin Albert. After Neuner had taken part in a trial training session and enjoyed the sport, training tailored to children began in the summer of 1996. Twice a week a round course on roller skis had to be completed on an asphalt track. The pneumatic rifles were at the shooting range and the distance to the targets was ten meters. Three years later, Bernhard Kröll took over the training group, initially on a voluntary basis and later as a full-time biathlon trainer in the Werdenfels ski area. Neuner's talent became apparent early on, when she won the overall ranking of the pupil's cup four years in a row between 1999 and 2002. Including the youth class that followed, she achieved a series of 36 victories in a row, some with a clear lead. On August 1, 2003, she was accepted into the Customs Ski Team , a sports promotion group of the Federal Ministry of Finance , and completed her simple-duty training as First Customs Sergeant . After completing her sporting career, she was retired from the civil service by Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble on the occasion of the open day in Berlin on August 18, 2012 .

According to their own statements, the Swede Magdalena Forsberg and teammate Martina Beck (née Glagow) were Neuner's sporting role models. Beck from neighboring Mittenwald , eight years her senior , was the first German to win the overall biathlon world cup in 2002/03 . She was a training partner at the base in Kaltenbrunn until the end of her career in March 2010 .

Neuner's younger sister Anna (born January 22, 1994) also began biathlon. She joined the mountain troop battalion of the Bundeswehr in Mittenwald and the training group around Bernhard Kröll. Albert Neuner remained loyal to competitive sport until he was 20 years old. After he was promoted to the B-team of the Zoll-Ski-Team and at the beginning of December 2007 he finished fifth in the junior singles at the European Cup in Obertilliach, he left the sports promotion group and became customs secretary in the middle service .

Successes as a junior and World Cup debut (2003 to 2006)

Nine at the World Cup in Antholz , January 2006

Still classified as a youth, Neuner won all three races at the German Cup in Martell in mid-December 2003 , thus fulfilling the performance standard for women. Remo Krug, then coach of the perspective squad, then nominated her for the C2 squad in the European juniors' cup. A week later she completed her first European Cup race in Obertilliach . After 11th place in the sprint and 14th place in the individual, she achieved four wins and a second place in Brusson and Méribel , with which she qualified for the Junior World Championships at the end of January 2004 in Haute-Maurienne . There she prevailed in international championships for the first time with two golds and one silver and left athletes like Jekaterina Jurjewa and Helena Ekholm (née Jonsson) behind, who a few years later also competed in the World Cup.

She confirmed the achievements from the debut year at the following Junior World Championships in 2005 in Kontiolahti and 2006 in Presque Isle with a total of three further gold and silver medals. In mid-September 2005 she took part in German championships for the first time and achieved eighth place in the pursuit as the best individual result. In the competitions held on roller skis in the summer , she did not win a title at national level in the three following years.

After Neuner had only contested three races in the 2004/05 European Cup, she switched to the senior women for the 2005/06 European Cup . In December 2005, she placed in the top ten in five of six competitions and won both races in Rosenau . Neuner made her first World Cup appearance on January 13th, 2006 with place 41 at the sprint in Ruhpolding as a replacement for the injured Uschi Disl. After the first successes in the European Cup, national coach Uwe Müßiggang wanted to have her start in the World Cup two years earlier; Her parents and the junior officer of the Werdenfelser ski resort Helmut Heinrich expressed their concerns. Eight days after her debut, she finished eleventh in the pursuit of Antholz . A few weeks later she improved again in the sprint race in Kontiolahti on March 16, 2006 and finished fourth. Weakened by a cold, she won bronze with the relay at her only European championships in Langdorf, Bavaria , won her last European cup race in Martell and, despite seven exuberant competitions, came in sixth overall.

Multiple world champion (2006/07)

Only used sporadically in her first World Cup season , Neuner was one of the seeded starters in the German team at the 2006/07 Biathlon World Cup . In particular, her running qualities helped her repeatedly to top positions; As a 19-year-old, she helped determine the running times in the World Cup. On January 5, 2007, she achieved her first World Cup victory in the sprint in Oberhof , 17 seconds ahead of her teammate Andrea Henkel . In the case of two shooting errors, the mileage was once again the decisive factor: Martina Beck, third overall, took it one minute and 17 seconds off the track, while Henkel was 34 seconds behind in second. Ahead of two days after taking place pursuit race underwent Neuner a mistake: She forgot before the start that the zeroing used empty magazine again with cartridge refill, and had to rely on the first prone position on a spare magazine. Despite the resulting problems, she achieved another podium with third place.

After consistent performance at the subsequent World Cups in Ruhpolding and Pokljuka , Neuner was nominated in mid-January 2007 by national coach Uwe Müßiggang for the 2007 World Championships in Antholz, Italy. At the Junior World Championships she did not appear despite the right to start due to scheduling overlaps. The very first World Cup decision was the next sporting highlight of her young career. On February 3, she won the sprint world title as a newcomer; at this point it was only her second World Cup victory. The lead over the second placed Swede Anna Carin Zidek (née Olofsson) was 2.3 seconds with the same shooting result with two errors. Neuner compensated for their 14-second shorter running time this time with faster shooting times. Just one day later, she also won the pursuit title. After a 14th place in the mass start, she secured her third gold medal in the relay at the end of the World Cup together with Martina Beck, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm . She became the most successful female athlete at these world championships and at that time the youngest triple world champion. The youngest German world champion remained Petra Behle , who won gold in the sprint in Chamonix in 1988 - two months after her 19th birthday.

At the end of the season, Neuner continued their successful streak with four victories at the World Cup races at Holmenkollen in Oslo and in Khanty-Mansiysk . Within a short time she became the shooting star of winter sports in Germany and was courted by the media and numerous sponsors. Later in the year she received several awards and in December 2007 she won the election for Sportswoman of the Year .

Overall World Cup winner (2007/08)

Nine in the yellow jersey of the leaders in the overall World Cup in Oslo , March 2008

In the 2007/08 Biathlon World Cup, Neuner built on the successes of the previous year. After a cautious start to the season at the first two World Cup stations, her performance curve showed steadily upwards with third place in the sprint and victory with the relay in Pokljuka in mid-December 2007. At the home world cup in Oberhof on January 5, 2008 she was third in the sprint race and won the mass start the following day. A week later she was involved in another success of the season in Ruhpolding. At the end of January 2008, shortly before her 21st birthday, Neuner took part in the Junior World Championships for the last time in Ruhpolding and kept the competition at a distance with gold medals in the sprint and pursuit. She decided not to participate in the final individual competition in order to prepare for the upcoming title fights in Östersund, Sweden , together with the team .

In the first two races of the 2008 World Championships , shooting mistakes again prevented a better result. After 17th place in the sprint, Neuner improved in the pursuit, but due to the big gap from the previous day, he couldn't get past sixth place. At her own request, she was used for the first time in the mixed relay and with an almost flawless performance laid the foundation for Germany's first gold medal in this discipline. At the subsequent mass start she fought a duel with Tora Berger on the last lap and was able to pull away by a few seconds just before the finish. She finished her second World Cup with a solid run in the successful season and repeated her record from the previous year with a total of three titles.

Neuner was able to preserve the good form from Östersund for the subsequent World Cups in Asia. In Pyeongchang , South Korea , where a biathlon World Cup was held for the first time, she celebrated a small jubilee in sprint races with her tenth World Cup victory. In the subsequent pursuit, she, as the leader, turned in the wrong direction shortly after the start and had difficulty orienting herself on the course that had changed compared to the sprint. In this mishap she lost about 20 seconds and was overtaken by Sandrine Bailly , who started immediately after her . As sixth, Neuner kept the distance to the toughest competitor for the overall World Cup within limits towards the end of the season. In Khanty-Mansiysk, Neuner secured the small crystal ball for the World Cup in this discipline early with a second place in the penultimate mass start race. After winning the second trophy for the discipline world cup in the sprint at the season finale in Oslo, she took on the yellow jersey of the overall world cup leaders for the first time in her career. In the final mass start, she crowned the season with victory in the overall World Cup as the youngest title holder since the IBU was founded in 1993. (a)

Establishment among the best in the world (2008/09)

Nine at the World Cup in Trondheim , March 2009

Neuner's preparation for the 2008/09 season was affected by illness-related training absences. Due to a bacterial infection and the associated intake of antibiotics , she had to forego the important squad course in Muonio , Finland, a few weeks before the start of the World Cup and began the intensive training phase late. Due to the mixed preparation, Neuner did not present himself at the beginning of the season in the stamina he was used to from the years before. In addition, there were emotional exhaustion as a result of the increased pressure of expectations and numerous non-sporting obligations.

Improved shooting helped her to podium finishes in the first two races of the World Cup season, a third place in each individual and sprint from Östersund. At the second World Cup in Hochfilzen , poor shooting results led to a drop in performance. After these results she was temporarily not taken into account in the squadron line-up, on the other hand she won the red jersey of the discipline leader with a seventh place in the individual of the third World Cup. After the Christmas break, the running form in the two home World Cups in Oberhof and Ruhpolding was greatly improved. In Ruhpolding, Neuner won all three races held. After she was used for the first time as the final runner in the victorious women's relay, she prevailed against her teammate Kati Wilhelm in both the sprint and the pursuit. In Antholz, a bad standing shooting prevented a top position in all three races. The mass start in particular ended with a setback: after faultless performances in the first three shooting bouts, she missed all five targets while in the lead and fell back to sixth place.

At the start of the 2009 World Championships in Pyeongchang, Neuner reached eighth place in the sprint and eleventh place in the pursuit. After she had to take a break from singles in favor of Kathrin Hitzer , she was also unable to play in the mixed relay because of a slight cold. It could no longer continue the success story of the two previous years. Nevertheless, second place with the relay at the end of the World Cup gave her the precious metal she had hoped for. With a fourth place in the last individual race of the season in Canada's Whistler Olympic Park , Neuner secured the World Cup in this discipline for the first time and took second place in the following sprint. In Trondheim , the form curve in the shooting was down again. With placements in midfield, she lost contact with the two leaders in the overall World Cup, Helena Jonsson and Kati Wilhelm. In the World Cup final in Khanty-Mansiysk, Neuner improved and took the third win of the season in the pursuit. After eight shooting errors and twelfth place in the last mass start race, she finished the season in fourth place in the overall World Cup.

Double Olympic champion and second overall World Cup victory (2009/10)

Nine on the podium at Whistler Olympic Park after winning the mass start at the Winter Olympics , February 2010

During the summer training in September 2009, Neuner took part in both the German championships and the world championships in summer biathlon , which were held in Germany for the first time . After she had booked the first two successes of her career with the Bavarian relay and the mass start in the national championships, she won all three roller-skiing competitions at the World Championships in Oberhof with the mixed relay, the sprint and the pursuit.

As a result of a flu-like infection that she contracted shortly before the start of the season during the training course, Neuner had to skip the first World Cup of the 2009/10 season in Östersund. In Hochfilzen, the lack of training led to placements in the midfield. With improved running and shooting performance, you achieved the first podium places of the season at the third World Cup station in Pokljuka. Third place in the sprint and the team's internal qualification standard for the Winter Olympics was followed by second place in the pursuit. After the turn of the year, a back injury while warming up immediately before the sprint race in Oberhof forced her to leave early. While Neuner reached third place in the sprint and mass start a week later in Ruhpolding, she showed weaknesses at the shooting range with two penalties in her relay debut. Her best performance of the season at that time was the sixth World Cup in Antholz. For the two victories in the individual and sprint as well as second place in the pursuit, the fastest times again made the difference. The opening success in the individual was also the first World Cup victory in this discipline.

Neuner at the award ceremony at Whistler Medals Plaza

In her first Olympic competition in Whistler Olympic Park Neuner won the silver medal in the sprint on February 13, 2010, 1.5 seconds behind the winner Anastasiya Kuzmina . Three days later, she became an Olympic champion in the pursuit. With this gold medal, Germany took first place in the all-time medal table ahead of Russia as the most successful nation at the Winter Olympics . After finishing tenth in the individual, Neuner was again Olympic champion in the mass start on February 21, 2010 and took over the yellow jersey of Helena Jonsson, who had been leading in the overall World Cup until then. After the victory, Neuner declared that he would not start in the biathlon relay. As early as mid-November 2009, national trainer Jochen Behle considered Neuner's participation in the Olympic cross-country skiing relay against the background of mixed performance by the specialists at the beginning of the season . When winning the silver medal with the participation of the equally strong biathlete and cross-country skier Miriam Gössner , Neuner was not used.

After a break from competition marked by press appointments, Neuner returned with consistently good performances. In Kontiolahti, she shortened the deficit in the mixed relay by almost a minute and thus laid the basis for the second place behind the Norwegian relay. In the yellow jersey of the overall World Cup leader, Neuner reached fifth place in the sprint race a day later despite two shooting errors in the first World Cup victory for Belarusian Darja Domratschawa . With second place in the pursuit, she extended her lead over Helena Jonsson in the overall standings and secured victory in the discipline standings even before the last pursuit race of the season. With this trophy, Neuner completed her track record in the World Cup. Team colleague Simone Hauswald's triple success in Oslo initiated a duel for the overall standings before the last World Cup station. With her fifth win of the season in the final mass start race in Khanty-Mansiysk, Neuner was the first German to repeat success in the overall World Cup and also won the second discipline classification. The next day, at the end of her most successful season at the biathlon mixed relay world championship , she celebrated her seventh gold medal at world championships together with Simone Hauswald, Simon Schempp and Arnd Peiffer .

Record holder at world championships (2010/11)

Neuner with her ten World Cup gold medals at the reception in Wallgau, April 2011

After Kati Wilhelm's career ended , Neuner and Andrea Henkel became the new team spokeswoman. At the German championships in Oberhof in September 2010, she won her first national title in the individual behind the out-of-competition Swiss Selina Gasparin . Together with Michael Greis and Andreas Birnbacher , she was also successful in the Bavarian mixed relay.

As in the previous year, Neuner missed the start of the 2010/11 season in Östersund due to a cold . In Hochfilzen she reported back after recovering from illness with two seventh places in sprint and pursuit. After the resignations of Kati Wilhelm, Martina Beck and Simone Hauswald, she also led the newly formed women's relay with Kathrin Hitzer, Sabrina Buchholz and Andrea Henkel to first place. In the sprint race of Pokljuka, she recorded her first win of the season and at the same time 20th individual success of her World Cup career despite two shooting errors. In the new year, two more podium places followed in the sprints in Oberhof and Ruhpolding. With 16th place in the individual race in Ruhpolding, Neuner ended her series of 29 consecutive top ten placements in the World Cup - including 18 podium positions - which she had achieved since the sprint in Pokljuka on December 19, 2009. An infection forced Neuner to take another break in the first two competitions of the sixth World Cup in Antholz. At the final mass start she came in sixth.

A stable running form as well as an increase in performance when shooting ensured further podium places at the two World Cup stations in the United States in February 2011. In Presque Isle , Neuner was successful with Kathrin Hitzer, Alexander Wolf and Daniel Böhm in the last mixed relay race before the world championships. In the pursuit she improved to fourth in difficult wind conditions at the shooting range from sixth in the sprint. A week later she ran on the podium in all three competitions in Fort Kent and achieved the second win of the season in the mass start with just one shooting error.

At the Biathlon World Championships 2011 in Khanty-Mansiysk, Neuner won medals in five of the six competitions held. At the beginning she took second place with the mixed relay and was again world champion in the sprint after an error-free shooting performance. In the pursuit, while in the lead, she missed another victory with two shooting errors at the last stop and had to admit defeat to the Finn Kaisa Mäkäräinen . After finishing fifth in the individual, she was the most successful German World Cup participant in the mass start ahead of Petra Behle . A day later, she won her tenth gold medal with the relay and replaced the Russian Jelena Golowina as the record holder at world championships.

With her fifth individual victory of the season at the last sprint race in Oslo, Neuner won the ranking in this discipline for the second time in her career. Two days later she had to cancel the fifth individual competition of the season with the pursuit due to illness. This meant that she was no longer able to intervene in the battle for the overall standings after the deficit to the later overall World Cup winner Kaisa Mäkäräinen was now only 22 points and the IBU had abolished the deleted results. Weakened by the cold, she failed in the final mass start with the eighth best running time, even when trying to defend the lead in the discipline world cup. Neuner was distanced from Darja Domratschawa by eight points and reached fifth place in the overall World Cup.

Third overall World Cup victory (2011/12)

Neuner (left) with Kaisa Mäkäräinen at the World Cup in Kontiolahti , February 2012

At the German championships in 2011 in Langdorf and Ruhpolding, Neuner was ahead in three of four individual races with sprint, pursuit and mass start and took third place alongside her training partner Miriam Gössner and promotional athlete Christina Maierhofer with the Bavarian relay team. She won another title with Florian Graf and Daniel Graf in the mixed relay. With 101 out of 120 possible points, she won the final cup classification for the first time, ahead of Tina Bachmann and Nadine Horchler .

After the illness-related absences in previous years, Neuner went his own way in preparation for the season and stayed away from the traditional team camp in Muonio. The individual training in the Oberhof ski sports hall and in Obertilliach already paid off at the start of the season in Östersund. With one win and two third places, she had the best start of her career in a World Cup season. In the sprint race she celebrated her 25th individual success and took over the yellow jersey in the overall standings at an early stage of the season.

On December 6, 2011, Neuner announced on its homepage that it would retire from active biathlon sport at the end of the season. A day later, she explained her motives at a press conference in Leogang , Austria, before the second World Cup in nearby Hochfilzen. She justifies the choice of the unusually early point in time for competitive athletes with motivation problems and the desire to return to normalcy; family planning is also an issue for her.

At the second World Cup, Neuner extended the lead in the overall standings with her second win of the season in the sprint and third place in the subsequent pursuit. As the final runner of the German relay, she finished sixth together with Franziska Hildebrand , Andrea Henkel and Tina Bachmann. During the third World Cup, which had also been moved from Annecy to Hochfilzen due to lack of snow , Neuner did not achieve another podium. Before the competition break, she defended the yellow jersey of the overall World Cup leaders.

After the turn of the year, Neuner preserved its stable form. While she was able to win both individual races in Oberhof, as the last runner of the German relay, she awarded a possible victory with four shooting errors in the last attack. She had another dropout at the subsequent World Cup premiere in Nové Město na Moravě in the Czech Republic . While in the lead, she accidentally shot at the targets of the neighboring track for the first time in her career and fell back to seventh in the pursuit after four additional penalties. After finishing first and third in the sprint and mass start in Antholz, Neuner achieved the second double success of the season in Oslo. Due to the triumph in the pursuit, she pushed past Uschi Disl with 31 World Cup victories in the list of the best and took second place behind the Swede Magdalena Forsberg . As a precaution, she did not take part in the final mass start race because of a cold. In Kontiolahti she was well recovered and reached the ranks one and two in the sprint and pursuit.

At the start of the World Championships in Ruhpolding, Neuner reached third place in the mixed relay with Andrea Henkel, Andreas Birnbacher and Arnd Peiffer. In the sprint, she won her eleventh title with a faultless shoot in front of her greatest competitor for the overall World Cup, the strong Belarusian Darja Domratschawa. She also secured the Sprint World Cup early and, with her sixth individual title, caught up with the former leading athletes Magdalena Forsberg and Liv Grete Poirée . The following day, after leading to the second standing stop, she came second in pursuit behind Domratschawa. The last three competitions, however, were characterized by below-average shooting performance. With her worst result at world championships - 23rd place in the individual - Neuner did not succeed in winning a medal in this discipline in her career. At the side of her teammates Tina Bachmann, Miriam Gössner and Andrea Henkel, she fought for the second gold medal in the relay in second position despite a penalty loop. With her twelfth title, she moved past Frank Luck to second place behind Ole Einar Bjørndalen in the cross-gender best list as the sole German record holder at world championships . In the final mass start, after six shooting errors, it was only enough to finish tenth.

At the World Cup final in Khanty-Mansiysk, Neuner made two shooting errors in the sprint and still distanced himself from the competition thanks to her good running form. With the tenth individual success in the season and the eighth win in the tenth race in this discipline, she won the associated classification by a large margin. The next day, fourth place in the pursuit was enough to win the third overall World Cup. At the last competition of her career on March 18, 2012, she finished sixth in the mass start with six shooting errors.

Show competitions

On December 30, 2005, Neuner started for the first time in the biathlon city sprint in Garmisch-Partenkirchen . For the tenth anniversary of the cross-country skiing race, the market town organized an additional biathlon competition. Apart from a cold-related break in 2007, Neuner was a regular participant in the competition in her place of birth in the following years. At the premiere, Neuner crossed the finish line in second place with her male partner Marcel Lorenz. She repeated the same placement the following year together with her boyfriend at the time, the Austrian biathlete Franz Perwein. In 2008 she was initially successful with Toni Lang , before three more victories followed from 2009 to 2011 alongside Matthias Bischl .

At the 2nd Entega team biathlon in Bürstadt on June 6, 2010, Neuner and her cross-country skiing partner Tobias Angerer came in third. Neuner finished the city ​​biathlon in Püttlingen on August 7, 2011 in second place.

At the end of December 2006 , Neuner took part for the first time in the World Team Challenge, which has been held every year since 2002 in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen . As the third best German team, she finished sixth with relay partner Michael Rösch behind the winners Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Linda Grubben . At the end of March 2011 she had to cancel the start at short notice due to health problems. As part of the eleventh edition of the event , she contested her last competition against long-time companions on December 29, 2012 and said goodbye to active professional sport and her fans in second place behind Dorothea Wierer .

After retiring from active competitive sport

Neuner at the official opening of the Magdalena-Neuner-Panoramaweg in Wallgau, May 2013

In May 2012, Neuner passed the final exam for the C trainer license in Oberhof . She repeatedly ruled out a return to professional biathlon as an active or national coach. After finishing her sporting career, she continued to work for about a dozen sponsors at events, advertising shoots and photo shoots. As a volunteer ambassador, she was committed to social institutions. In addition, there were various appearances on television and radio programs, as well as autograph sessions and participation in round tables such as panel discussions.

In the run-up to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Neuner provided background reports for a sporting goods manufacturer. As part of the fifth World Cup in Ruhpolding, she made her debut in January 2013 as a co-host at Matthias Opdenhövel's side for the ARD television show Star Biathlon , which was continued in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the beginning of February 2014 . She was involved in the design of the hats for the collection with which the German team was dressed for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi . As an expert, she reported on the Olympic biathlon competitions for various television stations. At the beginning of September 2014, Neuner sparked a controversy with a critical inventory of the structures in the German Ski Association . In an interview, she made the officials responsible for the disappointing performance of the women's team at the Olympic Winter Games and described the training method as outdated. In addition to Herbert Fritzenwenger , she was co-host of the World Team Challenge 2014 in the Gelsenkirchen Veltins-Arena . At the side of Michael Antwerpes , she accompanied the 2015/16 World Cup season as the second ARD expert, alternating with Kati Wilhelm.

Performance development


Nine with skating technique in Antholz , January 2009
Mileage of Neuner (World Cup excluding relay races), source: IBU

Neuner was one of the fastest runners in the World Cup field and achieved the best run time in 66 out of a total of 151 individual races in the World Cup (44 percent) (not counting shooting times and penalty laps). With her good running technique and condition, she was able to compensate for several shooting errors, depending on the discipline and opponent. At the 2008 World Championships, she won the mass start with four misses against Tora Berger , which only failed to hit the target once. Neuner was almost a minute faster on the track, compensating for the three additional penalties and crossing the finish line with a narrow margin. In the 2007/08 season she finished fourth both in the pursuit and in the mass start race in Antholz with six shooting errors each.

Even in her youth she was able to withstand the level of higher age groups and male training and competition partners of the same age. In her first appearances as a senior in the European Cup, she was able to measure herself against strong competition from Russia for Anna Bulygina and Oksana Neupokojewa . Their mileage remained consistently high even after moving to the senior sector; in the 2005/06 season she ran the fastest time in four of ten European Cup races.

On the other hand, the World Cup debut in January 2006 was different: team-mate Kati Wilhelm had a one-minute lead on the short sprint distance. Neuner came in 23rd on the track and crashed on the finish line. Other good runners such as Uschi Disl , Andrea Henkel , the French Sandrine Bailly and the Swede Anna Carin Zidek - one of the strongest competitors in the following years - were still able to set themselves apart at this time. At the penultimate World Cup in Kontiolahti, the time gaps narrowed. Neuner achieved her best running position of the season with fourth place in the pursuit; in the first year of the World Cup she was among the top ten in four out of ten competitions. At the beginning of the following season 2006/07 she revealed another performance boost and got her first of a total of seven best times (29 percent) in the sprint of Östersund. Only in one race of the season was she not in the top ten. With her running results, she is now based exclusively on the world's best. Neuner owed her overall World Cup victory in 2007/08 to her dominant running condition throughout the season. She was consistently among the top three running, in 19 of 25 competitions (76 percent) she also took first place. In the final accounts, the shooting results, which were considerably worse than other top athletes, were no longer decisive.

In the 2008/09 season Anna Carin Zidek, but also the strengthened Russian Swetlana Slepzowa delivered comparable performances over a longer period of time. Only on days in good shape could an expanded group of runners like Kati Wilhelm, Andrea Henkel or the Chinese Wang Chunli go at a similarly high pace. The beginning of the World Cup was initially characterized by the opposite sign: After the preparation for the season was impaired by several illnesses, only runners between 14th and 21st place jumped out at the start in Östersund. Even a perfect shooting result in the sprint and just one mistake in the individual did not fully compensate for the physical deficits. After the turn of the year Neuner showed its usual strengths and delivered the fastest time in 14 of the remaining 18 competitions. This performance curve was repeated in a similar way in the first competitions of the 2009/10 season due to illness or injury-related failures. In the second half of the season she was ahead in all individual races at the World Cups in Antholz, Kontiolahti and Khanty-Mansiysk and ran the fastest time in nine of the last 15 competitions. Despite exuberant races due to colds at the start of the season in Östersund and later in Antholz and Oslo, Neuner underpinned her running strength in the 2010/11 season with best times in 12 of 21 individual competitions. The 2011/12 season, however, was more balanced. In particular, the Belarusian Darja Domratschawa was often faster on the trail, so that Neuner was ahead in only five of 25 races.


Neuner at the standing attack in Trondheim , March 2009
Shooting performance by Neuner (World Cup including relay races without mixed), source: IBU

With an average hit rate of 77 percent since her World Cup debut, Neuner occupied a place in midfield. While a quota of 88 percent in the lying position was comparable to the achievements of the world's best female biathletes, an average of 67 percent in the standing position only meant a placement in the middle to lower ranks of the starter field.

Neuner had her best shooting results in 2009/10 and 2010/11 with an overall quota of 81 percent each, and her worst result in the season of the first overall World Cup victory in 2007/08 with 73 percent. The accuracy was thus below the comparative values ​​of the winners from previous years (Andrea Henkel: 84 percent, Kati Wilhelm: 87 percent and Sandrine Bailly: 81 percent). Helena Ekholm managed an average of 89 percent in the 2008/09 season. In their successes, Neuner benefited mainly from their running strength. The exception was the World Cup victory in 2008/09 in the shooting-heavy individual discipline, for which she needed an above-average rate of 88 percent.

In the course of her World Cup career, Neuner shot cleanly in nine races. She recorded the worst record with nine shooting errors in the pursuit in Hochfilzen in December 2008. Neuner had the most serious drop in performance at the mass start in Antholz in January 2009: With 15 hits and over 50 seconds ahead of the runner-up, she missed all targets and fell in the second standing stage back to seventh after five penalties. She had a similar dropout in January 2012 as the final runner of the German relay in Oberhof, where she lost the narrow lead after four penalties from the last shooting and lost three places. Also in the lead, at the subsequent World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě she fired four shots at the targets of the neighboring track ( called Crossfire ) during the first standing attack before she noticed the mistake; the four hits on the wrong targets were classified as faults and punished with four penalty loops. After the correct target fell through the fifth shot, she finished the pursuit in seventh place.

Neuner's inconsistent shooting performance is characteristic of her career and has been the subject of repeated media coverage. According to their own statements, the public's fixation on this weakness, in addition to a lack of experience, contributed to the fact that it was not able to cope with the stressful situations in competition despite stable training results . In December 2006, Neuner ran for the first time in a World Cup race with earplugs in order to be able to concentrate better at the shooting range. She often used this method for many years at popular events in her own country. In the summer of 2008, Neuner took special training with the former sport shooting world champion Rudi Krenn and, in addition to technical corrections to the stop, had a new stock built in the following year . In addition, she worked temporarily with a mental trainer and practiced together with the team music-supported relaxation processes based on the Audiovisual Perception Promotion (AVWF) method. In the 2009/10 season Neuner improved the quota in standing shooting by five percentage points to 71 percent compared to the previous year and by three more percentage points in the following season. At the same time, it stabilized the horizontal attack at a high level. In the 2011/12 season, their quota in prone shooting remained roughly the same, while the results in the standing position fell by four percentage points due to the mishaps in Oberhof and Nové Město na Moravě, among other things. Thanks to fast shooting times, she was often able to compensate for the somewhat poorer mileage compared to the previous season.

public perception

Management and Marketing

Neuner in Wallgau, May 2009

Even as a junior, Neuner was considered an up-and-coming talent in expert circles. In addition to the sporting prospects, the advertising industry was convinced of its marketing potential at an early stage. As a result of the first World Cup victory and the three World Cup titles in Antholz, interest in her person as an advertising medium skyrocketed at the beginning of 2007. Over 80 serious sponsor inquiries came together in a very short time. In order not to let the desires of the economy get out of hand, Neuner, together with her manager at the time, Stephan Peplies, chose the path of "soft marketing". The selection of advertising partners was initially limited to products to which they had a “specific personal reference”. After Östersund's World Cup successes and victory in the overall World Cup, sponsorship interest reached another high point in spring 2008. The increased market value helped her to win new advertising contracts, among others with a major bank, a regional shoe retailer, a supplier of floor coverings and home textiles and a manufacturer of knitting yarns. She was also a model at photo shoots and shot commercials for directory assistance and a computer game.

Shortly before the 2010 Winter Olympics, she changed management and started a collaboration with Stefan Schwarzbach, spokesman for the German Ski Association , and the Triceps agency he founded. Since March 2010, she has been promoting a brewery alongside other German biathletes that also acts as a premium sponsor in the Biathlon World Cup . If she gave a negative answer to a request from Playboy magazine to journalists in February 2007 , she showed herself in a body-hugging pose in June 2010 during an advertising campaign for a textile manufacturer for underwear. With this reorientation, Neuner changed its image. In 2010 and 2011 she published the two handicraft books Sieger-Maschen und Strickfilzen with Magdalena Neuner and contributed a knitting course on DVD for the work Easy style: Knitting for beginners . In addition to her official website, she has another website all about her hobby, which was provided by a sponsor. She was also a member of the board of trustees of the Munich application society during the candidacy for the 2018 Winter Olympics and city ambassador for Augsburg at the 2011 Women's World Cup . During the 2012/13 World Cup season , she made herself available for a large-scale campaign by an energy company that, in its role as IBU title sponsor, was present in both TV advertising and in the stadiums of the venues.

A study of the use of celebrities in marketing from March 2012 made it clear that they were established as their own brand in testimonial advertising . Immediately after the end of her career, Neuner and Steffi Graf took fourth place in the German top ten ranking with a Celebrity Performance Index of 65.0, ahead of Sebastian Vettel . In addition, at the time, she had an aided awareness of over 76 percent. Especially with regard to their suitability as an orientation person - consisting of the components identification, role model function and opinion leader potential - the rating was above average. In the SportMonitor of the Sport-Informations-Dienst (SID) from July 2010, the target group surveyed named Neuner as the second best-known active German athlete behind Formula 1 racing driver Michael Schumacher . Subsequent surveys confirmed Neuner's continued popularity even after retiring from his sporting career. At this point in time, more than half of the respondents said they were negative or uncertain about future interest in biathlon in Germany. Evaluations of the Second German Television showed a contrary development in the following year. With an average of 3.85 million viewers, biathlon gained popularity and remained the most popular winter sport in the 2012/13 season.

In the following years, Neuner was a brand ambassador for various companies, including furniture brands and interior decorators, and remained with her partners as an advertising figure for many years. She also focused on health issues. She has been promoting the B2RUN German company running championship since 2016 .

Media presence

Neuner's first successes at the beginning of 2007 caused a lot of media coverage. In the course of the following months, the audience response set new standards for the winter sport, which is already popular in Germany. Interview requests from television companies, daily newspapers and news magazines showed parallels to the career paths of former sports greats such as tennis player Steffi Graf and swimming athlete Franziska van Almsick . The tabloid press gave the athlete nicknames such as "Laufwunder", "Gold-Lena" and "Turbo-Neuner". With fan clubs in neighboring countries such as the Czech Republic , but also in Russia , their popularity also reached abroad. Neuner's public appearance was shaped by terms such as down-to-earth and natural on the one hand, and professionalism and eloquence on the other. These character traits, in addition to her sporting ambition, made her very popular. Tourism in her home town of Wallgau also benefited from the repeatedly expressed attachment to her Bavarian origins. On the side of Werner Schmidbauer she climbed in the broadcast on May 20, 2013 telecast Summit to Wallgauer mountain Krepelschrofen .

In addition to the competitions, Neuner had television appearances in the course of her career on Stern TV as well as in several editions of the sports program Blickpunkt Sport of Bayerischer Rundfunk. At the side of her teammates, she gave in the 2007 documentary With a Woman's Arms - Gold in Sight! Insights into everyday training and competition. On March 6, 2010, she was the sole studio guest in the ZDF sports program, the current sport studio . For the opening of the 2011/12 DFB Cup final on May 12, 2012, she carried the trophy to the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

In November 2011, Neuner took on the mediation of her teammate Nadine Horchler a guest role in four episodes of the ARD television series Storm of Love , which was broadcast in early January 2012. After retiring from competitive sports, she took part in various entertainment programs in the following years. She has appeared on the talk shows Pelzig holds , Riverboat , Beckmann and Lafer! Lights! Delicious! as well as in the ZDF annual review people 2012 . Almost five years after her first appearance on the ZDF television show Wetten, dass ..? she supported a competition candidate on January 19, 2013 together with discus thrower Robert Harting . In August and September 2013, she was a prominent guest in the game shows Germany's super brain - kids and small versus large . At the end of July 2015, she was a candidate in the quiz show Who knows something? .

Stalking and death threats

In 2009 and 2010 Neuner fell victim to stalkers . At the end of August 2010, a then 44-year-old man from neighboring Mittenwald climbed onto the balcony of Neuner's apartment and knocked on her balcony door. The man was arrested by the police and banned from contact . Nevertheless, he left several declarations of love on Neuner's car . In February 2012, the man who suffered from severe psychosis was sentenced. The district court in Munich ruled the man incapable of guilt , and his placement in a psychiatric clinic was suspended for three years. In addition, Neuner, especially since her successes at the Biathlon World Championships 2007 in Antholz, was haunted by fans who stood unannounced in front of her doorstep or in her garden.

During the home World Cup in Ruhpolding in March 2012, Magdalena Neuner received a death threat. Civilian police and other security forces were deployed to protect them . Neuner only went public with this incident after she ended her active career as a biathlete.

social commitment

In May 2008 Neuner took over the sponsorship of a newborn moose after a visit to the Moose Garden moose farm on the edge of the Östersund World Championships. After the end of her career, she worked with ski racer Maria Höfl-Riesch to promote young talent in the Werdenfels region. In mid-September 2012 she was presented as the new ambassador of the Björn Schulz Foundation for the expansion of the Irmengardhof in the Mitterndorf district of the community of Gstadt am Chiemsee - a aftercare and holiday home for seriously ill children and their families. As part of her support, she took part in the Sternstunden gala on Bavarian television in early December 2013 and in the recording of a benefit CD for the folk musicians Stoaberg musi . In 2016 she took over the patronage for this facility. In addition, together with the athletes Lisa Schnitzer (alpine skiing) and Stephan Holzmann (cross-country skiing), she promoted the Special Olympics Germany , which took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in mid-January 2013, under the motto “Strong together” .

Neuner is a member of the Board of Trustees of the DFL Foundation .

Awards and honors

Award for Sportswoman of the Year 2007, exhibited in Wallgau town hall, May 2011
Fair Play badge 2010
Magdalena-Neuner-Loipe in Wallgau, February 2010
Magdalena-Neuner-Panoramaweg in Wallgau, May 2013

At the age of 16, Neuner received her first major honor on November 15, 2003. She had the German youth sport sponsorship award from a gas company in Essen, endowed with 5000 euros, paid out as a material asset in the form of a mountain bike and a road racing bike. On July 5, 2004, she won the Bavarian Sports Prize in the category of Outstanding Young Athletes . After her first successes at world championships, further honors of supraregional importance followed in 2007, some of which she defended in 2008. In October 2007, the German Ski Association (DSV) named two winners in the same discipline for the first time since it was founded. Together with the overall World Cup winner Andrea Henkel , Neuner received the Golden Ski , the DSV's highest award. In the following year, both athletes were honored together again after Neuner had replaced her teammate as best in the overall World Cup.

At the beginning of November 2007, Neuner won the third attempt in the election for Junior Sportswoman of the Year , which is organized by the German Sports Aid Foundation . With 97 out of 100 possible jury points, it achieved an almost unanimous result, which was exceeded the following year with 99 points. Besides Björn Kircheisen , she is the second athlete whose achievements have been honored with two titles in consecutive years. At the end of the sporting year, the German sport journalists voted Neuner as sportswoman of the year . At the gala on December 22, 2007 she was the third victorious biathlete in a row with a total of 3410 points, over 1000 points ahead of runner-up Franka Dietzsch . The laudation was given by her cousin Albert Neuner. In the 2008 election, she finished third with 1545 points behind Britta Steffen and Britta Heidemann . In the same year, it also won the Audi Generation Award in the Sport category . For not starting the 2010 Olympic biathlon relay in favor of team colleague Martina Beck , Neuner received the Fair Play plaque from the German Olympic Society . At the closing ceremony she carried the German flag. The then Federal President Horst Köhler awarded Neuner the Silver Laurel Leaf on April 30, 2010 together with the other German medal winners . Together with the Bavarian medal winners, she received the Bavarian Sports Prize on July 17, 2010 from laudator Ottfried Fischer for the second time since 2004 . In the election for Sportswoman of the Year on December 19, 2010, she came in second, just 36 votes behind, behind ski racer Maria Höfl-Riesch .

On December 18, 2011, she won the election of Germany's Sportswoman of the Year again with 4260 points , this time ahead of tennis player Andrea Petković . Your exercise bike, Bernhard Kröll, presented the trophy. On the fringes of the World Cup in Oslo, she received the Holmenkollen Medal on February 5, 2012 together with the Norwegian biathlete Emil Hegle Svendsen . On July 15, 2012, Horst Seehofer presented the Bavarian Sports Prize in the Personal Prize category of the Bavarian Prime Minister . On September 19, 2012 she received the Golden Hen in the Sports Audience Award category . In addition, Neuner was honored with the Golden Ski for the fifth time after 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 . On December 16, 2012, she was voted Germany's Sportswoman of the Year for the third time with 3368 points. Despite the end of her career, she won the election by a large margin over the tennis player Angelique Kerber , which underlines her popularity even after the end of her sporting career. On the occasion of their official farewell race as part of the 11th  World Team Challenge , they and Michael Greis, who also retired from competitive sports, were awarded the Golden Sports Honor Mark by DSV President Alfons Hörmann and Secretary General Thomas Pfüller on December 29, 2012 . On February 10, 2013, she and Helena Ekholm received the Gold Medal of Honor from the World Biathlon Federation on the sidelines of the World Championships in Nové Město na Moravě at the IBU Award Night . At the awarding of the Bavarian Sports Prize on July 6, 2013, she appeared as a laudator for the photographer Sammy Minkoff in the category Outstanding Presentation of Sports . At the beginning of February 2015, she was awarded the ISPO trophy at the sports fair of the same name. On October 14, 2015, she received the Bavarian Order of Merit from Horst Seehofer. In July 2018 she was again the winner of the Bavarian Sports Prize , this time as a Bavarian athlete of the century .

The home community of Wallgau also honored Neuner in several ways. In May 2008, she wrote the quote “Home is not a place, home is a feeling” ( Herbert Grönemeyer : B-side home of the single I turn around you , 1999) in the Golden Book . Before the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics and one day after her 23rd birthday, representatives of the community opened a cross-country ski trail named after her near her parents' house . Mayor Hansjörg Zahler awarded her honorary citizenship at a reception on March 5, 2010 . On April 13, 2012, at the festival on the Wallgau village square, after her retirement from competitive sport, Zahler announced that she would dedicate the hiking trail from the guest house to the Maxhütte to the honorary citizen . The renamed Panoramaweg with 28 stations from her life was officially opened on May 17, 2013.

In addition, Neuner was ahead in reader and audience polls. Among other things, she won the Winterstar six times (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012 in the Best Athlete category and 2007 in the Best Team category ), which is awarded by Bavarian Television . The athletes sponsored by Deutsche Sporthilfe voted her athlete of the month in February 2010, March 2011 and 2012 . The Sport Bild magazine named both in an internal rating as well as a representative survey of the female athlete of 2010 . At the end of October 2012, her social commitment to the Björn Schulz Foundation was recognized with the Audience Prize of the Audi Generation Award . In a survey by Playboy magazine at the beginning of November 2013, she was voted “Germany's most sexually attractive female athlete”. In the ZDF television show Germany's Best! Broadcast at the beginning of July 2014 . she reached third place behind Angela Merkel and Steffi Graf in the election for Germany's best women. At the end of June 2016 she was honored for her commitment as an ambassador for nature and culture in the Bavarian Alpine region. In the public vote of the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe and the Bild , she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of German Sports together with Michael Schumacher at the beginning of January 2017 .

Record in the World Cup and title fights

World Cup placements

The table shows all placements (depending on the year, including the Olympic Games and World Championships).

  • 1st - 3rd Place: Number of podium placements
  • Top 10: Number of placements in the top ten (including podium)
  • Points ranks: Number of placements within the point ranks (including podium and top 10)
  • Starts: Number of races run in the respective discipline
  • Relay: including mixed relays
placement singles sprint persecution Mass start Season total
1st place 1 18th 7th 8th 13 47
2nd place 3 7th 1 5 16
3rd place 3 9 3 3 1 19th
Top 10 11 45 33 24 24 137
Scoring 15th 59 45 29 24 172
Starts 16 60 46 29 24 175
Status: end of career

World Cup victories

All victories at biathlon world cups, listed separately according to individual and relay races. The columns can be sorted by clicking the symbol in the table header.

Single race Relay race
No. date place discipline
1. 0Jan. 5, 2007 GermanyGermany Oberhof sprint
2. 0Feb 3, 2007 ItalyItaly Antholz (WM) sprint
3. 0Feb. 4, 2007 ItalyItaly Antholz (WM) persecution
4th 10 Mar 2007 NorwayNorway Oslo persecution
5. 11th Mar 2007 NorwayNorway Oslo Mass start
6th 15th Mar 2007 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk sprint
7th 17th Mar 2007 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk persecution
8th. 0Jan. 6, 2008 GermanyGermany Oberhof Mass start
9. Feb 16, 2008 SwedenSweden Östersund (World Cup) Mass start
10. Feb 28, 2008 Korea SouthSouth Korea Pyeongchang sprint
11. 06th Mar 2008 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk sprint
12. Jan. 16, 2009 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding sprint
13. Jan. 18, 2009 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding persecution
14th 28 Mar 2009 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk persecution
15th Jan. 20, 2010 ItalyItaly Antholz singles
16. Jan. 22, 2010 ItalyItaly Antholz sprint
17th Feb 16, 2010 CanadaCanada Vancouver (Olympia) persecution
18th Feb 21, 2010 CanadaCanada Vancouver (Olympia) Mass start
19th 27 Mar 2010 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk Mass start
20th Dec 18, 2010 SloveniaSlovenia Pokljuka sprint
21st Feb 13, 2011 United StatesUnited States Fort Kent Mass start
22nd 05th Mar 2011 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk (WM) sprint
23. March 12 2011 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk (WM) Mass start
24. 17th Mar 2011 NorwayNorway Oslo sprint
25th 0Dec 3, 2011 SwedenSweden Ostersund sprint
26th 0Dec 9, 2011 AustriaAustria Hochfilzen sprint
27. 0Jan. 6, 2012 GermanyGermany Oberhof sprint
28. 0Jan. 8, 2012 GermanyGermany Oberhof Mass start
29 Jan. 19, 2012 ItalyItaly Antholz sprint
30th 0Feb 2, 2012 NorwayNorway Oslo sprint
31. 0Feb 4, 2012 NorwayNorway Oslo persecution
32. Feb 11, 2012 FinlandFinland Kontiolahti sprint
33. 03rd Mar 2012 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding (WM) sprint
34. 16. Mar. 2012 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk sprint
No. date place discipline
1. Feb 11, 2007 ItalyItaly Antholz (WM) Season 1
2. Dec 16, 2007 SloveniaSlovenia Pokljuka Season 2
3. 0Jan. 9, 2008 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding Season 3
4th Feb 12, 2008 SwedenSweden Östersund (World Cup) Mixed season 4
5. Feb 17, 2008 SwedenSweden Östersund (World Cup) Season 5
6th Dec 21, 2008 AustriaAustria Hochfilzen Season 6
7th Jan. 14, 2009 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding Season 7
8th. 14 Mar 2009 CanadaCanada Vancouver Season 8
9. 28 Mar 2010 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk (Mixed Relay World Championship) Mixed season 9
10. Dec 11, 2010 AustriaAustria Hochfilzen Season 10
11. 0Feb 5, 2011 United StatesUnited States Presque Isle Mixed season 11
12. 13 Mar 2011 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk (WM) Season 12
13. 10 Mar 2012 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding (WM) Season 13
2with Martina Glagow, Sabrina Buchholz and Andrea Henkel
3with Kathrin Hitzer , Sabrina Buchholz and Kati Wilhelm
4thwith Sabrina Buchholz, Andreas Birnbacher and Michael Greis
5 with Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm
6thwith Andrea Henkel, Simone Hauswald and Kathrin Hitzer
7th with Andrea Henkel, Kati Wilhelm and Kathrin Hitzer
8thwith Kati Wilhelm, Martina Beck and Andrea Henkel
9with Simone Hauswald, Simon Schempp and Arnd Peiffer
10 with Kathrin Hitzer, Sabrina Buchholz and Andrea Henkel
11with Kathrin Hitzer, Alexander Wolf and Daniel Böhm
12with Andrea Henkel, Miriam Gössner and Tina Bachmann
13 with Tina Bachmann, Miriam Gössner and Andrea Henkel

World Cup ratings

Crystal balls for overall and discipline World Cups and award for female athlete of the year 2007

Results at biathlon world cups (discipline and overall world cup) according to the point system

season singles sprint persecution Mass start total
Points space Points space Points space Points space Points space
2005/06 - - 65 33. 65 30th 34 30th 164 34.
2006/07 34 25th 285 4th 283 2. 114 10. 720 4th
2007/08 33 20th 326 1. 232 5. 186 1. 818 1.
2008/09 129 1. 358 2. 231 5. 146 8th. 891 4th
2009/10 114 6th 334 2. 256 1. 216 1. 933 1.
2010/11 99 14th 404 1. 221 6th 228 2. 952 5.
2011/12 114 4th 571 1. 372 2. 177 7th 1216 1.

winter Olympics

Results at Winter Olympics

winter Olympics singles sprint persecution Mass start Season
year place
2010 CanadaCanada Vancouver 10. silver (2.) gold (1.) gold (1.) -

World championships

Gold medal in the 2011 World Championships sprint

Results at biathlon world championships

World Championship singles sprint persecution Mass start Season Mixed relay
year place
2007 ItalyItaly Antholz - 1. 1. 14th 1. -
2008 SwedenSweden Ostersund - 17th 6th 1. 1. 1.
2009 Korea SouthSouth Korea Pyeongchang - 8th. 11. 7th 2. -
2010 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk - - - - - 1.
2011 RussiaRussia Khanty-Mansiysk 5. 1. 2. 1. 1. 2.
2012 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding 23. 1. 2. 10. 1. 3.

Junior World Championships

Gold medal in the pursuit of the 2008 Junior World Championships

Results at the Biathlon World Championships for Juniors

World Championship singles sprint persecution Season
year place
2004 FranceFrance Haute-Maurienne - 1. 2. 1.
2005 FinlandFinland Kontiolahti 4th 1. 2. 2.
2006 United StatesUnited States Presque Isle 7th 2. 1. 1.
2007 ItalyItaly Martell -
2008 GermanyGermany Ruhpolding - 1. 1. -

European championships

Results at European biathlon championships

European Championship singles sprint persecution Season
year place
2006 GermanyGermany Langdorf - 29 13. 3.

Summer biathlon world championships

Results at Summer Biathlon World Championships (roller skiing)

World Championship sprint persecution Mixed relay
year place
2009 GermanyGermany Oberhof 1. 1. 1.

German championships

Results at German championships in biathlon (roller skiing)

German championship singles sprint persecution Mass start Season Mixed relay
year places
2005 Ruhpolding , Altenberg , Oberhof 14th 20th 8th. 7th 2. 3.
2006 Altenberg, Oberhof, Ruhpolding 14th 11. (dm1) 15th 4th - -
2007 Oberhof, Altenberg, Ruhpolding 2. 6th 8th. - - -
2008 Ruhpolding, Langdorf , Oberhof 5. 5. (dm2) 4th 2. (3.) (dm3) -
2009 Ruhpolding, Altenberg 5. 5. 5. 1. 1. -
2010 Oberhof, Willingen 1. 5. 5. 2. - 1.
2011 Langdorf, Ruhpolding 9. 1. 1. 1. 3. 1.
(dm1)In 2006, two more sprint races were held over the normal distance of 7.5 kilometers, which were not part of the official competition program. In the first sprint under relay conditions, up to three spare rounds were allowed per shooting bout. In the second so-called Formula 1 sprint, a shooting-heavy qualification took place as a preliminary battle. Neuner finished ninth and 14th in the races.
(dm2) In the 2008 Formula 1 sprint, Neuner came in seventh.
(dm3) The relay was not officially rated because the runners did not belong to the same national association.


Own works

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(a)The youngest World Cup winner of all time is Jiřina Pelcová , who was born on November 22, 1969 and won the title in the 1989/90 season at the age of 20 when the predecessor association UIPMB was still active. If the 1982/83 season, officially known as the European Cup, is also rated as a competition for the world's best athletes, then the overall winner Gry Østvik, born in 1963, is also ahead of Neuner in the age statistics.

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