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Donald L. Jackson

Donald Lester Jackson (born January 23, 1910 in Ipswich , Edmunds County , South Dakota , †  May 27, 1981 in Bethesda , Maryland ) was an American politician . Between 1947 and 1961 he represented the state of California in the US House of Representatives .


Donald L. Jackson was born to Cyrus L. Jackson and Betina Ames. In 1923 the family moved to California. Donald Jackson attended public schools in South Dakota and California. He served in the Marine Corps from April 1927 to April 1932 and was discharged as a corporal.

He then worked as a truck driver, simple worker and newspaper reporter. In 1940 he began working in public relations for the Santa Monica City Council . From 1941 he was responsible for the area. After the attack on Pearl Harbor , he was called up again and served with the Marine Corps in the Pacific until 1944. Most recently he had the rank of Colonel.

In the 1946 congressional election , Jackson was elected a Republican in the 16th electoral district of California to the House of Representatives in Washington, DC , where he succeeded Ellis E. Patterson on January 3, 1947 . After six re-elections, he was able to complete seven legislative terms in Congress by January 3, 1961 . During this time, the Cold War , the Korean War and, domestically, the civil rights movement fell . During that time he was a member of the Foreign and Un-American Conduct Committees. He was chairman of the committee of inquiry on Turkey and Greece. In 1948 he was a congress advisor at the conference establishing the Organization of American States in Bogotá ( Colombia ). In 1960 Jackson declined to run again.

From 1960 to 1967 he worked as a radio and television commentator in Los Angeles, California and the western United States. From 1966 he was news director for the television station KWHY-TV . This activity ended when he began working in Richard Nixon's election campaign in November 1967 .

On February 20, 1969, Jackson was nominated by President Richard Nixon to succeed Grant E. Syphers, who died on February 5, 1968, for a term ending December 31, 1973 in the Interstate Commerce Commission . After confirmation by the US Senate, he took office on March 20, 1969. On June 30, 1972, he resigned. He was succeeded by Chester M. Wiggin Jr.

He spent his twilight years in Sosúa , Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic . He died in Bethesda on May 27, 1981 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery , Virginia .

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