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Winner of the German Film Award in the Best Feature Film category (formerly: Best Full-Program Feature Film ). Since 1999 the winner has been honored with the "Lola" prize statuette. Before that there was the “Goldener Leuchter” challenge award until 1953, then the “golden bowl” challenge award until 1960 (also in 1974, 1976, 1977 and 1979) and from 1961 the gold film tape .

A gold film prize (endowment: 500,000 euros ), a silver film prize (425,000 euros) and a bronze film prize (375,000 euros) are currently being awarded for the three best feature film productions in descending order . The other nominated films will receive prize money of 250,000 euros.

Film productions by Peter Lilienthal received the most awards (three wins), followed by Fatih Akin , Helmut Dietl , Rudolf Jugert , Alexander Kluge , Norbert Kückelmann , Johannes Schaaf , Maximilian Schell , Volker Schlöndorff , Margarethe von Trotta , Wim Wenders and Sönke Wortmann (each two wins).

Prize winners from 1951 to 1985

year Movie Director
1951 The double lottery Josef von Báky
1952 Prize not awarded
1953 On the streets at night Rudolf Jugert
1954 Path without turning back Victor Vicas
1955 Canaris Alfred Weidenmann
1956 Prize not awarded
1957 The captain of Koepenick Helmut Käutner
1958 At night when the devil came Robert Siodmak
1959 Heroes Franz Peter Wirth
1960 The bridge Bernhard Wicki
Prize not awarded
1964 Password: heron Rudolf Jugert
1965 The house on Karpfengasse Kurt Hoffmann
1966 The young Törless Volker Schlöndorff
1967 Goodbye to yesterday Alexander Kluge
1968 tattoo Johannes Schaaf
1969 The artists in the big top: at a loss Alexander Kluge
1970 Katzelmacher Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Malatesta Peter Lilienthal
1971 First love Maximilian Schell
Lenz George Moorse
1972 Trotta Johannes Schaaf
Ludwig - Requiem for a virgin king Hans-Jürgen Syberberg
1973 Prize not awarded
1974 The pedestrian Maximilian Schell
1975 Lina Braake Bernhard Sinkel
1976 The country is quiet Peter Lilienthal
1977 Heinrich Helma Sanders-Brahms
1978 The glass cell Hans W. Geißendörfer
1979 The Tin Drum Volker Schlöndorff
1980 The last years of childhood Norbert Kückelmann
1981 Prize not awarded
1982 The leaden time Margarethe von Trotta
1983 The state of affairs Wim Wenders
1984 Where the green ants dream Werner Herzog
1985 Colonel Redl István Szabó

Award winners and nominees from 1986



Rosa Luxemburg (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Margarethe von Trotta

Also nominated:


Also nominated:


The sky over Berlin (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Wim Wenders

Also nominated:


Yasemin (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Hark Bohm

Also nominated:



Last Exit Brooklyn (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Uli Edel

Also nominated:


Malina (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Werner Schroeter

Also nominated:


Schtonk! (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Helmut Dietl

Also nominated:


Also nominated:


Kaspar Hauser (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Peter Sehr

Also nominated:


The Moving Man (film tape in gold) - Director: Sönke Wortmann

Also nominated:


The Dead Maker (film tape in gold) - Director: Romuald Karmakar

Also nominated:


Rossini - or the murderous question of who slept with whom (film tape in gold) - Director: Helmut Dietl

Also nominated:


Comedian Harmonists (Filmband in Gold) - Director: Joseph Vilsmaier

Also nominated:


Run Lola Run (Gold Film Award) - Director: Tom Tykwer

Also nominated:



Die Untouchbare (Gold Film Award) - Director: Oskar Roehler

Also nominated:


The Inner Security (Film Prize in Gold) - Director: Christian Petzold

Also nominated:


Nowhere in Africa (Gold Film Award) - Director: Caroline Link

Also nominated:


Good bye Lenin! (Film Prize in Gold) - Director: Wolfgang Becker

Also nominated:


Against the Wall (Gold Film Award) - Director: Fatih Akin

Also nominated:


Everything on sugar! (Film Prize in Gold) - Director: Dani Levy

Also nominated:


The Lives of Others (Film Award in Gold) - Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Also nominated:


Four Minutes (Gold Film Award) - Director: Chris Kraus

Also nominated:


On the Other Side (Gold Film Award) - Director: Fatih Akin

Also nominated:


John Rabe (Gold Film Award) - Production: Mischa Hofmann , Benjamin Herrmann , Jan Mojto , Director: Florian Gallenberger

Also nominated:



The White Ribbon - A German Children's Story (Gold Film Award) - Production: Stefan Arndt , Director: Michael Haneke

Also nominated:


Vincent will Meer (Gold Film Award) - Production: Harald Krügler , Viola Jäger , Director: Ralf Huettner

Also nominated:


Stop on the open road (film award in gold) - Production: Peter Rommel , Director: Andreas Dresen

Also nominated:


Oh Boy (Film Prize in Gold) - Production: Marcos Kantis and Alexander Wadouh , Director: Jan-Ole Gerster

Also nominated:


The Other Home - Chronicle of Desire (Gold Film Award) - Production: Christian Reiz , Director: Edgar Reitz

Also nominated:


Victoria (Gold Film Prize) - Production: Sebastian Schipper and Jan Dressler , Director: Sebastian Schipper

Also nominated:


Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer (Gold Film Award) - Production: Thomas Kufus , Director: Lars Kraume

Also nominated:


Toni Erdmann (Gold Film Award) - Production: Janine Jackowski , Jonas Dornbach and Maren Ade , Director: Maren Ade

Also nominated:


3 Days in Quiberon (Gold Film Award) - Production: Karsten Stöter , Director: Emily Atef

Also nominated:


Gundermann (Gold Film Award) - Production: Claudia Steffen , Christoph Friedel , Director: Andreas Dresen

Also nominated:



Systemsprenger (Film Prize in Gold) - Production: Peter Hartwig , Jonas Weydemann , Jakob D. Weydemann , Director: Nora Fingscheidt

Also nominated:

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