List of computer games by genre

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This is a list of video games by genre, with their exemplary representatives.

However, the categorization into specific video game genres is fuzzy.

Adventure games

Action games

Action adventures

Adventure games with combat proportions


Text adventures

Survival horror

Beat 'em ups

First person shooter and third person shooter

Ego shooter

Tactical shooter

Games in category: Tactical Shooter

Third person shooter

Games in the category: Third person shooter

Adult video games

Games in category: Adult video game


Games of skill

Jump 'n' runs

Educational games

Open world games

Music & dance games

Dance games

Music games

Puzzle video games ( computer brain games )


Role play

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Action role playing games

Strategy role playing games

Shoot 'em ups

Horizontal scrolling (" side scroller ")

Vertical scrolling

Horizontal and vertical scrolling

Diagonal scrolling

Shoot 'n' runs

Lightgun shooter

Other shoot 'em ups

Simulation games

Dating Simulations (Ren'ai)

Railway simulations

Pinball simulations

Flight simulations

Civil or military simulations:

God simulations

Life simulations

Marine simulations

Mech games

Tank simulations

Programming games

Racing simulations

(see below under racing games)

Ship simulations

Space flight simulations

Economic simulations

Other simulations

Western video games

Sports games

American football


  • Double Dibble (Konami, 1990)
  • Double Dunk (Atari)
  • Fast Break (Accolade)
  • NBA Live series from EA Sports
  • NBA2K series from 2K Sports

beach volleyball

ice Hockey

  • Ice hockey manager
  • Face off!
  • NHL (series) from EA Sports
  • Power Play Manager (Online Sports Manager Game)
  • Slap shot series




Racing games

Racing simulations

Fun racer / arcade mode


Table tennis


Other sports games

Strategy games

Board games

Chess games

Real time strategy games

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas

Turn-based strategy games

Combination of round base and real time

( Mini-game ) collections