List of waterfalls in Germany

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Lainbach Falls near Kochel am See
Tatzelwurm waterfall
Lechfall in Füssen

Most of the waterfalls in Germany are relatively small due to the moderately mountainous topography . They are therefore listed in the lower ranks in worldwide directories and rankings , if at all. However, there are notable exceptions to the amount.

It can hardly be avoided that the type and number of recorded waterfalls reflect the regionally inconsistent use of the term waterfall . In regions with more evenly flowing waters, spots of rushing white water can already be referred to as waterfalls in their names. Smaller waterfalls can represent special features in lower mountain ranges, but they can be inconspicuous in the Alps or in the Black Forest.

Around 500 waterfalls are included in the lists. About 350 of these are in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg , with the Alpine region (with almost 200) and the Black Forest having the largest shares.

Structure and content of the lists

The lists, broken down by region, are preceded by a table with the ten highest waterfalls. Since they are almost all in the Alps, it is followed by another table with the ten highest extra-alpine waterfalls.

In the actual table there is additional information about the type and origin of the waterfall and the number and shape of the fall levels, the nearest place, the body of water or the surrounding landscape, the total height and, in the case of multi-level falls, the highest individual level.

Radau waterfall in the Harz Mountains
Lichtenhain waterfall
Wutach waterfall at the Lauffenmühle in Oberlauchringen

Regional breakdown

The lists are grouped by landscapes in which waterfalls occur more frequently. You can also be assigned waterfalls from neighboring rooms with very few waterfalls. The names are based on generally known natural areas . The sequence is roughly south-north (similar rooms are as close as possible). The larger regional tables are subdivided again. As an introduction to the regional tables, the typical waterfall characteristics for the respective landscape are described. The following overview:

Size information

Most of the time, waterfalls are sorted according to their height of fall, more rarely according to the water flow. But only a weighted combination of both can make the "size" of a waterfall comparable.

Since the water flow in most of the waterfalls is not known and is also not easy to determine, this information must be dispensed with here. However, it is included in the necessary setting of approximate lower limits. The height information for waterfalls is also to be understood as an approximation; there are seldom clear reference points.

In the case of multi-level waterfalls, the total height is measured across all fall levels. Naturalized waterfall names also include closely consecutive, but actually independent waterfalls. Nevertheless, such case groups appear with only one name in the lists as a multi-level waterfall. If such a steep slope section with several steps does not represent a sufficiently clearly delimited steep step, as is often the case with gorges and ravines, no total height can be given, only the height of the highest waterfall.

Even in the case of waterfalls with only one step, a total height that deviates from the individual value can be specified, since there can be a high gradient with small cascades above and below the step . It is included when it forms an obvious morphological unit with the waterfall . With multi-level waterfalls, it is often even more difficult to determine the beginning and end of the waterfall, as the overall picture can also be characterized by adjacent torrent sections with very small cascades.

The height information is partly taken from the literature, partly estimated or roughly with air pressure - altimeter determined. But the "official" height information of the more famous waterfalls is also worth checking. In the literature they often differ from one another, or they reflect very different views of the beginning and end of a waterfall.

Lower limits

The lists contain waterfalls from a height of approx. 1.5 meters and from a step incline of approx. 30 degrees. With average water flow, the waterfall should be conspicuous as white water (not just trickle or trickle), it should also have been created at least partially through natural processes or designed as a waterfall (without pumping).

These delimitations attempt to do justice to the general usage of the term waterfall , but also to do justice to technical aspects of geomorphology (on this, and on the causes, see waterfall ). Regionally known waterfalls outside these lower limits are included with information such as drip fall , cataract or pumping operation . Occasionally, ravines and gorges listed representative for the information contained in them, mostly nameless waterfalls.

The ten highest waterfalls

Surname description Total
Röthbach Falls Highest waterfall in Germany. Falls over an almost 400-meter-high, partly vertical wall into the Fischunkel basin south of the Königsee . 470 meters
Seebach waterfall ( picture ) Several large steps in the rear Oytal near Oberstdorf 300 meters
Zipfelsfall ( picture ) Several large steps directly on the outskirts of Hinterstein 300 meters
Cow Escape Falls Three cascading waterfalls on a rocky slope near Farchant 200 metres
Königsbach waterfall ( picture ) Several large steps over the Königssee east bank 200 metres
Dust fall ( picture ) Several large steps south of Ruhpolding , border crossing to Austria passes under the waterfall 200 metres
Waterfall at the Soiernsee Several large steps on a rock face near Mittenwald 200 metres
Waterfall on the Ristfeuchthorn Falls near Schneizlreuth over a rock face into the Weißbach Gorge. Only carries water after heavy rainfall or during the snowmelt 200 metres
Triberg waterfall Seven main stages of the Gutach directly on the outskirts of Triberg 163 meters
Dietersbach waterfall Plunges a cliff in Gerstrubental at Oberstdorf down 150 meters

The highest waterfalls outside the Alps

Surname description Total
Triberg waterfalls The Gutach falls over two drop stairs of approx. 10 m and approx. 85 m height (with seven steps) into the Triberg valley basin. Germany's most famous waterfall, but not, as traditionally attested, its highest. Formation of steep step: fault , ice age confluence step , formation of cascades: fracture pattern in the granite , scouring 163 meters
Todtnauer Wasserfall (Hangloch waterfall) At Todtnauberg, the Stübenbach falls in four main steps to the valley (4 m, 4 m, 11 m, 60 m). The waterfall, named after the hillside hole , an old mine tunnel , is freely advertised as the “highest natural waterfall” in Germany. Formation of steep step: Fault and mouth step of a glacial hanging valley 97 meters
Urach waterfall The Brühlbach falls south-west of Bad Urach in the Maisental valley over a tufa-limestone edge 37 meters freely into the depth, then glides a further 50 meters over tufa cushions. Creation: 5 kg of lime sinter precipitates from the carbonate water every day, creating the entire fall terrace (the high meadow ). The rock wall typically protrudes at the lintel edges, but has also been steepened by extracting tufa limestone. 87 meters
Gertelbach Falls The Gertelbach overcomes a steep section of 220 meters in numerous steps south of Baden-Baden . The main drop area is 70 meters. Formation of steep step: glacial steepness likely; Formation of cascades: fissure network in the Bühlertal granite 70 meters
All Saints Waterfalls The Lierbach falls below the Allerheiligen monastery through a steep porphyry gorge over seven steps about 66 m (according to TK 25). They are also known as the Sieben Bütten or Büttensteiner waterfalls . Formation of steep step: difference in hardness of the crossed porphyry duct to the surrounding crystalline; Formation of cascades: scour formation 66 meters
Romkerhall waterfall In 1862 the waterfall was created south of Goslar in the Okertal . The diverted Romke first falls freely down a limestone wall and then over a stepped rock slope. 64 meters
Trusetal waterfall The highest waterfall in the Thuringian Forest was created in 1865 near Trusetal . The water of the Truse is led 3.5 kilometers along the forest slope in the waterfall ditch, and then falls in two cascades of wooden gutters over a rock slope and a block pile. 58 meters

Northern Limestone Alps

The Wimbachklamm

It is not surprising that the Alps are the area with the greatest density of waterfalls. Most of the few cases with heights of European rank also occur there (up to 470 meters total height). The high cases have mostly left to steep slopes and levels tied, the glacier melted (for example Röthfall or Schrainbachfall in the Berchtesgaden Alps ). In levels of the valley , the larger streams have often gorges cut. Small tributaries sometimes plunge into them ( Partnachklamm in the Zugspitz region, Sulzer Fall in the Berchtesgaden Alps), or the main stream itself forms waterfalls through scour stairs or where it crosses into softer rock ( Höllentalklamm in the Zugspitz region). Waterfalls, which are mainly due to changing rock strength, predominate towards the edge of the Alps ( e.g. cow escape falls in the Zugspitz region).
The Northern Limestone Alps are divided into five regions: Allgäu Alps , Berchtesgaden Alps , Chiemgau Alps , Mangfall Mountains and the Zugspitze region.

Allgäu Alps

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Angerbach waterfall One step Oberstaufen Angerbach 6 m 6 m
Aubach waterfall Several levels of fall Sonthofen Aubachtal 30 m
Breitachklamm A waterfall in the gorge Oberstdorf Breitach - 10 m
Upper Buchenegger waterfall A step into a pool Buchenegg Weissach 5 m 5 m
Lower Buchenegger waterfall A step in a rock notch Buchenegg Weissach 8 m 8 m
Dietersbach waterfall Several steps over rock face Oberstdorf Gerstrubental 150 m 100 m
Eibeles waterfall Several fall levels on the border with Austria Eibele Eibele 20 m 15 m
Faltenbach waterfalls.Russia Three waterfalls (10m to 30m) Oberstdorf Fold brook - 30 m
Geisbach waterfall One step Oberstdorf Oytal 40 m 40 m
Waterfalls in Gschwend Four waterfalls (50 m, 5 m, 10 m, 20 m), ( Tobelbach waterfall: see there) Gschwend Great Alpsee - 50 m
Hirschbachtobel Several steps over rock face in a gorge Bad Hindelang Rotplattenbach 60 m 40 m
Hinanger waterfall Fall step shooting out of a rock notch Up Hinanger Bach 25 m 12 m
Hölltobel waterfall Free falling step Oberstdorf Gerstrubental 20 m 20 m
Hubertus waterfall Several levels of fall Old towns Leybachtobel 10 m 6 m
Constance waterfall Several steps over the Nagelfluh steps Oberstaufen Hubertobel 25 m 10 m
Cancer waterfall Usually no water due to barrages and pipelines Oberstaufen Weissach 30 m 30 m
Laufbach case Several levels of fall Oberstdorf Oytal 40 m 20 m
Lechfall (Mangritt) Weir with five levels in the gorge entrance Feet Lech 12 m 12 m
Nesselburg waterfall Four levels of fall Nesselwang Nesselburg 22 m 10 m
Upper Osterdorfer waterfall ( picture ) Free falling step over Nagefluh step Constance Osterdorfer Tobel 40 m 35 m
Lower Osterdorf waterfall Several levels of fall Constance Osterdorfer Tobel 10 m
Rappenkessel waterfall ( picture ) Mostly free fall over the Trogtalwand Einödsbach ( Oberstdorf ) Rappenbach 70 m
shy -Waterfall Free falling step Balderschwang Inner Scheuenbach 70 m 70 m
Veil falls Sliding fall step angle Starzlachklamm 15 m 15 m
Schrattenbach waterfall One step Rieggis Schrattenbach 30 m 30 m
Seealpsee waterfall ( picture ) Several steps over mountain ridges Oberstdorf Oytal 300 m 50 m
Second waterfall of the Seealpsee Several levels of fall Oberstdorf Oytal 70 m 50 m
Starkatsgund waterfall Several steps over the Nagefluh step Immenstadt Starkatsgund 25 m 10 m
Starzlachklamm Several waterfalls ( Schleierfalls: see there) angle Starzlachklamm - 15 m
Steigbachtobel Two waterfalls of 5 m each Immenstadt Steigbachtal - 5 m
Steinbach waterfall Free falling step Pfronten -Kappel Hell Gorge 25 m 25 m
Stuibenfall ( picture ) Free falling step Oberstdorf Oytal 25 m 25 m
Veil fall One step Bad Oberdorf Ehlesbach 30 m 30 m
Stuibenfalls Several waterfalls (50 m, 60 m) Oberstdorf Oytal - 60 m
Täschle case Free falling step Hinterstein Ostrachtal 60 m 60 m
Tobelbach waterfall Several steps over the Nagefluh step Gschwend Tobelbach 80 m 30 m
Zipfelsfall ( picture ) Several levels of fall Hinterstein Zipfelsbach 300 m 40 m

Berchtesgaden Alps

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Almbach Gorge Four waterfalls at the gorge exit near Kugelmühle ( Sulzer case: see there) Maria gladly Almbach (valley of the Berchtesgadener Ache) - 15 m
Aschauer Klamm ( picture ) Many steps from 1 to 5 m in the gorge Oberjettenberg Aschau - 5 m
Aschauer waterfall A diversified case level Bischofswiesen Maximiliansreitweg 10 m 10 m
Kesselbach waterfall Several levels of fall Bad Reichenhall Kesselbach 50 m 10 m
Waterfall on the Klammweg One step Maria gladly Klammweg 4 m 4 m
Königsbach waterfall ( picture ) Several steps, first in the gorge, then open over the valley wall Schoenau upon Kings sea Koenigssee 200 m 40 m
Landtalgraben -Waterfall ( image ) Two mostly sliding main steps over the Trogtal wall Schoenau upon Kings sea Landtalbach ( Obersee ) 410 m 230 m
Waterfall near Maria Gern Free falling step Maria gladly 10 m 10 m
Röthbach case Two almost free main steps (240 m, 50 m) over the Trogtal wall Schoenau upon Kings sea Röthbach ( Obersee ) 470 m 240 m
Röthelbach waterfall Several levels of fall Bad Reichenhall Röthelbach 20 m 15 m
Schrainbach waterfall ( picture ) Several steps into the Königssee , with a natural bridge Schoenau upon Kings sea Schrainbach 80 m 80 m
Waterfalls on the Schwarzbach Six waterfalls (25 m, 12 m, 6 m, 5 m, 5 m, 5 m), ( dust fall: see there) Unterjettenberg Schwarzbach - 25 m
Dustfall Fall step on the Schwarzbach under a high bridge Unterjettenberg Schwarzbach 12 m 12 m
Sulzer waterfall ( picture ) Multi-level waterfall in the Almbachklamm Maria gladly Almbach Gorge 114 m 25 m
Todsbach waterfall Several levels of fall Bad Reichenhall Todsbach 10 m 5 m
Waterfall at Unterjettenberg A step at the edge of the forest Unterjettenberg Saalachtal 10 m 10 m
Wimbachklamm Lots of waterfalls falling into the gorge Ramsau Wimbachtal - 20 m
Magic forest Several steps in the canyon Ramsau Ramsauer Ache - 5 m

Chiemgau Alps

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Berger waterfall Two levels of fall mountain Priental 30 m 20 m
capture -Waterfall Step falling freely over rock face Capture Priental 30 m 30 m
Grattenbach waterfall Several levels of fall, from pump to pump Grattenbach Priental 10 m 6 m
Griessenbach waterfall Several steps, the upper one freely falling Grassau Griessenbach 25 m 15 m
Hammerbach waterfall Several steps, some falling freely Aschau Priental 10 m 3 m
Hausbach case Several steps on the outskirts Reit im Winkl Hausbach 100 m 25 m
Upper Hientalbach waterfall Several levels of fall Weissbach Hiental 15 m 15 m
Lower Hientalbach waterfall Several levels of fall Weissbach Hiental 10 m 10 m
Rear Kraxenbach waterfalls Several waterfalls (60 m, 15 m, 10 m) Ruhpolding Rear Kraxenbach - 60 m
Middle Kraxenbach waterfalls Several waterfalls (40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 10m) Ruhpolding Middle Kraxenbach - 40 m
Upper waterfall on the Maserer Pass One step Reit im Winkl Maserer Pass 25 m 25 m
Lower waterfall at the Maserer Pass One step Reit im Winkl Maserer Pass 7 m 7 m
Mussbach waterfall One step Schneizlreuth Mussbach 9 m 9 m
Waterfall on the Ristfeuchthorn Mostly very little water over steep rock face Schneizlreuth Ristfeuchthorn 200 m 200 m
Röthelmoos waterfall One step Ruhpolding Röthelmoosalm 30 m 30 m
Upper Rudersberg waterfall Free falling step in front of a rock face Ettenhausen Entenlochklamm 15 m 15 m
Lower Rudersberg waterfall A step in a rock notch Ettenhausen Entenlochklamm 10 m 10 m
Schossrinn waterfall ( picture ) Free falling, with puddles Aschau Priental 50 m 50 m
Black Ache Waterfall Several levels of fall Mountains Black ache 10 m 10 m
Dust fall ( picture ) Several levels of fall on the border with Austria Ruhpolding Fischbachtal 200 m
Teyergraben waterfall One step Weissbach Teyergraben 10 m 10 m
Wall of water - waterfall One step over a steep rock face Mountains White Ache Valley 30 m 30 m
Weißbach waterfall Two steps, one free-falling Schneizlreuth Weissbach 20 m 10 m
Upper Weißbach waterfall One step Schneizlreuth Weissbach 10 m 10 m
Weißbach ( picture ) Several waterfalls in the canyon Schneizlreuth Weissbach - 8 m
White Ache waterfall Several levels of fall Mountains Hochfelln 8 m 8 m

Mangfall Mountains

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Arzbach Waterfall (also Arzmoos Waterfall) ( picture ) Single stage Bayrischzell , Flintsbach am Inn Arzbach in Arzmoos 40 m 40 m
Waterfall in Bayrischzell One step Bayrischzell 5 m 5 m
Waterfall at the Bernauer Bach One step Valepp Bernau 10 m 10 m
Waterfall near Brannenburg Several levels of fall Brannenburg 10 m 10 m
Upper Fischbach waterfall A step in a rock notch Oberaudorf Fischbach 10 m 10 m
Lower Fischbach waterfall Several levels of fall Oberaudorf Fischbach 15 m 10 m
Upper Fluderbach waterfall One step Scented brew Fluderbach 12 m 12 m
Lower Fluderbach waterfall One step Scented brew Fluderbach 8 m 8 m
Giessenbachklamm Several waterfalls in the gorge Kiefersfelden Giessenbachklamm - 5 m
Gurnbach -Waterfall Several levels of fall Wildbad Kreuth Gurnbach 60 m 60 m
Waterfall at the Hechtsee Several levels of fall Kiefersfelden Hechtsee 10 m 10 m
Waterfall in the Höllgraben Free falling step Valepp Höllgraben 5 m 5 m
Jenbach waterfall ( picture ) One step Bad Feilnbach Jenbach 10 m 10 m
Upper Josefsthaler waterfall One step Josefsthal Hachelbach 8 m 8 m
Lower Josefsthaler waterfall One step Josefsthal Hachelbach 12 m 12 m
Klammbach waterfall Several levels of fall Wildbad Kreuth Wolf Gorge 70 m 70 m
Kotzenbach waterfall Muzzle case Lenggries Kotzenbach (Dürrachklamm)
Litzldorfer waterfall One step Litzldorf Litzldorfer Bach 10 m 10 m
Waterfalls in the Pfanngraben Several stages from pump to pump Valepp Pfanngraben -
Philosophers case Several levels of fall Flintsbach am Inn Branches 30 m 20 m
Rissbach waterfall One step Front crack Rissbach 5 m 5 m
Rottach waterfall Several levels of fall Rottach-Egern Rottach 25 m 25 m
Schronbach waterfall ( picture ) Estuary gorge with six steps (2 m, 3 m, 5 m, 15 m, 5 m, 10 m) Lenggries Schronbach (Isar Valley) 50 m 15 m
Waterfall at the Schwaigeralm One step Wildbad Kreuth 5 m 5 m
Schwarzenbach waterfall ( picture ) One step Wildbad Kreuth Schwarzenbach 6 m 6 m
Waterfall at Spitzingsee Sliding fall step Spitzingsee Spitzingsee 10 m 10 m
Tatzelwurm waterfall Three steps in a deep ravine Oberaudorf Sudelfeldpass 90 m 30 m
Todtengraben waterfall Several levels of fall Valepp Ditch 25 m 25 m
Wolfsschlucht Four waterfalls (40 m, 10 m, 6 m, 5 m) Flintsbach am Inn Wolfsschlucht - 40 m
Walcher Gorge Multiple waterfalls Tegernsee Walcher Gorge - 10 m

Zugspitze region

Regions Ammergau , Pfaffenwinkel and Werdenfelser Land ( Ammergau Alps , Ester Mountains , Wetterstein Mountains and Karwendel )

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Finzbachklamm Several waterfalls ( high fall: see there) Wallgau Finzbachklamm - 7 m
Heckenbach waterfall One step Kochel am See Heckenbach 6 m 6 m
High case at Wallgau Multi-stage mouth case Wallgau Altgraben (Finzbachklamm) 50 m 30 m
Waterfall at the Höllentalanger hut Several levels of fall Garmisch Hell Valley Tang
Höllentalklamm ( picture ) Several waterfalls in the gorge Garmisch Höllentalklamm - 50 m
Waterfall in the Hüttlegraben One step Mittenwald Hüttlebachklamm 10 m 10 m
Waterfall at the Kenzenhütte Several levels of fall Halbch Kenzenhütte 70 m 60 m
Kuhflucht waterfalls.Russia Sequence of three waterfalls ( upper , middle and lower waterfall) Farchant Cow escape 200 m 40 m
Middle Kuhflucht -Waterfall ( image ) Several levels of fall Farchant Cow escape 40 m 20 m
Upper Kuhflucht waterfall ( picture ) Several levels of fall Farchant Cow escape 200 m 40 m
Lower Kuhflucht waterfall ( picture ) Several levels of fall Farchant Kufhlucht 30 m 25 m
Lainbach waterfall 2 fall levels Benediktbeuern Schmiedlaine 25 m 25 m
Lainbach waterfall ( picture ) Partly free fall step Kochel am See Lainbach 20 m 20 m
Lainltal waterfall Three levels of fall Jachenau 40 m 15 m
Laintal waterfall Several levels of fall Mittenwald Laintal 30 m 15 m
Martinswand waterfall One step Linderhof Palace Martinswand 15 m 15 m
Neualpengraben waterfall Several levels of fall Graswang Neualpengraben 50 m 10 m
Waterfall near Ohlstadt One step Ohlstadt 40 m 40 m
Partnach waterfall ( picture ) Single stage Garmisch Reintal 80 m 80 m
Partnach Gorge Several waterfalls in the gorge Garmisch Partnach Gorge - 50 m
Pöllatfall ( picture ) One step below the "Marienbrücke" Schwangau Pöllat Gorge 45 m 45 m
Pöllatschlucht ( picture ) Two waterfalls (45 m, 10 m), ( Pöllatfall: see there) Schwangau Pöllat Gorge - 45 m
Rappinlaine waterfall Several levels of fall Jachenau Rappin Gorge 40 m 15 m
Sachensee -Waterfall ( image ) Two levels of fall Wallgau Sachgraben (Obernach Canal) 6 m 3 m
Grinding mill clamp ( picture ) Three waterfalls in the gorge (12 m, 8 m, 20 m) Unterammergau Grinding mill clamp - 20 m
Seinsbachklamm Several waterfalls in the gorge Mittenwald Seinsbachklamm - 8 m
Stuhlgraben waterfall Two levels of fall Graswang Armchair ditch 100 m 50 m
Waterfall at the Soiernsee Several levels of fall Mittenwald Soiernsee 200 m
Steep falls waterfall Several levels of fall Garmisch 30 m 20 m
Sunkenlaine waterfall Fall step with mostly little water Semolina Sunkenlaine 30 m 30 m
Large waterfall near Wallgau ( picture ) Several levels of fall Wallgau Hermitage 60 m 40 m
Small waterfall near Wallgau ( picture ) Free falling step Wallgau Finzbach 8 m 8 m

Alpine foothills with the Lake Constance area

There are also a few beautiful waterfalls in the hilly, once glacier-covered molasse areas of the Alpine foothills , especially on conglomerate banks in gorges. Most are in the wider area around Lake Constance . The low Alzfall near Altenmarkt is the most water-rich natural fall in Germany.

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Alz case ( picture ) Weir above natural drop, very rich in water (over 50 m³ / s) Altenmarkt Alz 5 m 2 m
Flower fields waterfall ( picture ) Fall step under a viaduct Blumenfeld ( Tengen ) Beaver ( Hegau ) 6 m 6 m
Eistobel (Argentobel waterfalls, Riedholz waterfalls) ( picture ) Five partly sliding waterfalls, mostly around 3 m, cataracts with 10 m, in a conglomerate gorge Grünenbach Upper Argen (Tobelbach) - 10 m
Ettishofer waterfall Ach Fall step in a meadow valley Inntobel near Weingarten Ettishofer Ach (Schussen Valley) 1.5 m 1.5 m
Hasenreuther waterfall Two free fall levels Scheidegg 10 m 5 m
Waterfall in Hödinger Tobel ( picture ) Free fall over conglomerate bank Hödingen Tobelbach 11 m 5 m
Katharinen waterfalls A sliding and a free fall in the conglomerate gorge Kargegg (near Allensbach ) Katharinabach ( Bodanrück ) 60 m 10 m
Kienbach waterfall Free individual level via conglomerate bank Andechs Kienbach Gorge ( Ammersee ) 2 m 2 m
Waterfalls of the Marienschlucht ( picture ) Several steps in the conglomerate - steep gorge Langenrain Bodanrück / Überlinger See 115 m 7 m
Mühlbachschlucht ( picture ) Multiple waterfalls Tengen Mühlbach ( Hegau ) - 13 m
Pähler waterfall ( picture ) Free falling over the conglomerate bank Pähl Burgleitenbach ( Pähler Gorge ) 16 m 16 m
Waterfall near Peißenberg Sliding fall step Peissenberg 10 m 10 m
Scheidegger waterfalls Two free falling steps (18 m and 22 m) Scheidegg Rickenbach 40 m 22 m
Scheidegger waterfall on the nature trail ( picture ) Falling freely from the rock roof Scheidegg Rickenbach 8 m 7 m
Schleierfall of the Ammer Gorge ( pictures ) Multi-parted water curtains over tufa formations Wildsteig
Bad Bayersoien
Bunting 10 m 10 m
Schmalegger waterfall ( picture ) A free fall step Schmalegg (near Weingarten ) Schmalegger Tobel ( Schussental ) 6 m 6 m

Bavarian Forest, Upper Palatinate Forest, Fichtel Mountains

Muglbach waterfall

Like other mountains with predominantly crystalline rocks or quartzites, the East Bavarian low mountain ranges are rather poor in waterfalls, at least given their considerable height in the Bohemian Forest or the Upper Bavarian Forest . They are mostly characterized by wide, even mountain shapes with slopes covered by block debris. The few narrow valleys are usually also filled with blocks that make it difficult to run away in a concentrated, erosive manner. Areas that were glaciated during the Ice Age have some steep cirque walls or places with repeatedly pushed off block debris. There, in the area of ​​the main ridges of the Bavarian Forest, there are by far the greatest number of, often sliding, waterfalls. The largest are the Riesloch Falls .

Sometimes there are also clear fault levels or in the narrow valleys towards the Danube , especially in the southeast ( Buchberger Leite ), steep narrow valleys with mostly small waterfalls that often tumble over large blocks.

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Waterfall near Arnoldsreuth Repaired case from the old Mühlkanal Arnoldsreuth Hangkanal ( Steinwald ) 8 m 8 m
Böbracher waterfall ( picture ) Small double cascade in Sturzbach Bernried -Böbrach Böbracher Bach 9 m 1.5 m
Bodenbach waterfall It flows into the Muglbach Hardeck Bodenbach ( Upper Palatinate Forest )
Geigenbach waterfall Cascades in a torrent over a slope rich in blocks Ground corn Geigenbach ( Great Arbersee ) - 1.5 m
Hammerbach waterfall Fall in a sluggish stream on the border of granite and gneiss Freudenberg (near Amberg ) ( Upper Palatinate ) 3 m 2 m
High- fall ( picture ) Two levels of fall Ground corn Moosbach 8 m 4 m
Waterfalls in Hell ( picture ) Small step into a steep Kerbtal Brennberg Side stream of the Höllbach
Höllbach case in Höllbachgspreng ( picture ) Several steps over small, blocked karwand Ludwigsthal Great Höllbach 15 m 5 m
Muglbach waterfall ( picture ) Fall step in flat, hilly woodland Neualbenreuth Muglbach ( Upper Palatinate Forest ) 4 m 4 m
Nagelsteiner waterfalls ( picture ) Follow small sliding falls Sankt Englmar Obermühlbach 3 m
Riesloch Falls Five mostly sliding main steps in a narrow basin Ground corn Riesbach (Riesloch) 55 m 15 m
Sollerbach Falls Two similar case levels Lohberg ( Lam ) Sollerbach (Lamer Winkel) 2 m
Steinbach Fall ( picture ) Steps in the steep slope Ludwigsthal Steinbach (Great Falkenstein) 4 m 4 m
Waterfall in the devil's kitchen Small fall between granite cliffs (wool sack shape) Tirschenreuth ( Upper Palatinate Forest )

Black Forest

The Hangloch waterfall in the southern Black Forest

The Black Forest is particularly notable for its wealth of waterfalls. The reason is less due to the altitude (highest low mountain range in Germany since 1945) than to the differences in altitude over a short distance. You come to the Upper Rhine Plain like those of the Pre-Alps . Nevertheless, there are wide high valleys at great heights, so that some streams are already large at the beginning of the steep drops and then very erosive ( Triberg waterfalls , pond gorge in the Middle Black Forest , Raumünzach waterfall in the northern Black Forest ). In addition, the northern Black Forest has the highest levels of precipitation in Germany outside of the (Allgäu) Alps. The strong ice age glaciations left behind many valley steps ( Prägbach and Buselbach in the southern Black Forest ), as well as Karwand ( Zweribach waterfalls in the central Black Forest, Feldsee waterfall in the southern Black Forest, Dobelbach Falls in the northern Black Forest), as well as hanging valleys (for example Todtnauer waterfall , Bistenfall in the southern Black Forest).
The Black Forest is divided into three regions: Northern Black Forest , Central Black Forest and Southern Black Forest

Northern Black Forest

Northern Black Forest : here region north of the Kinzigtal line

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Northern Absbach waterfall Two partly free steps over a smooth Karwand in the red sandstone , mostly little water Bad Rippoldsau Absbach, northern source branch 50 m 22 m
Southern Absbach waterfall Sliding fall in a pathless steep gorge Bad Rippoldsau Absbach, southern source branch 12 m 8 m
All Saints' Waterfalls ( picture ) Seven steps with deep pools (Bütten) in a narrow porphyry gorge Oppenau Lierbach 66 m 13 m
Burgbach waterfall ( picture ) Partly free fall over the Karwand in the Rotliegend Bad Rippoldsau Wolftal 32 m 32 m
Bust Hole Waterfall ( picture ) Partly free fall from overhanging red sandstone wall Reinerzau Bust Hole ( Little Kinzig Valley ) 17 m 12 m
Dobelbach Waterfalls (Kammerloch Falls) ( picture ) Four similar free main steps in red sandstone Karwand Huzenbach Murgtal 90 m 13 m
Noblewoman grave waterfalls.Russia ( image ) Six steps (2.5 m, 6 m, 3 m, 3 m, 3 m, 9 m) in the winding porphyry gorge Ottenhöfen Gottschlagtal 40 m 7 m
Elmlisberg waterfall or Dohlenbach waterfall ( picture ) Four sliding levels Schiltach Dohlenbächle ( Kinzigtal ) 34 m 9 m
Gaishell ( picture ) Torrent over large granite blocks with small steps Sasbachwalden Brandbach (Gaishölle) 150 m 2 m
Geroldsauer waterfall Free fall into cleared fault joint, rich in water Geroldsau ( Baden-Baden ) Grobbach 9 m 6 m
Gertelbach waterfalls ( picture ) Many small falls over granite steps into a basin-like valley, steep step 220 m, of which main cascades 70 m Bühlertal Gertelbach Gorge 62 m 6 m
Gräbenbach waterfall ( picture ) Free fall over red sandstone bench Trenches ( Alpirsbach ) Gräbenbach 3 m 3 m
Great Griesbach waterfall Almost free fall over granite - passage in the gneiss Bad Peterstal-Griesbach 25 m 14 m
Small Griesbach waterfall Result of several, partly free falls, arid Bad Peterstal-Griesbach 98 m 23 m
Grimbach waterfalls Follow small cascades Baden-Baden Oostal 40 m
Upper Grobbach waterfalls Baden-Baden Grobbach
Holchen waterfall ( picture ) Two steps in a short mouth gorge into a meadow valley Bad Peterstal Holchenbächle ( Renchtal ) 8 m 4 m
Waterfall in the Kluse ( picture ) Artificially elevated level in Kerbtal Bad Herrenalb Alb (Upper Rhine) 2 m 2 m
Laufbach waterfalls ( picture ) In Loffenau one step of 1.5 m, in the gorge two sliding steps of 3 m and 5 m Loffenau Laufbach 21 m 5 m
Monbach waterfall ( picture ) Largest of a series of red sandstone steps Bad Liebenzell -Monbachtal Monbach gorge 1.5 m 1.5 m
Raumünzach waterfall ( historical photo ) Free falling estuary, once very rich in water (dehydration) Raumünzach Schwarzenbach ( Murgtal ) 6 m 4 m
Horse Heaven Waterfall ( picture ) Cascading fall over the Karwand Knee to Horse Heaven Kar 30 m 7 m
Rotmurg waterfall (Teufelsmühle) Articulated level with free fall Baiersbronn Murgtal 4 m 3 m
Sankenbach Falls Five steps (4 m, 9 m, 25 m, 2 m, 2 m) in smooth-walled red sandstone cirque Baiersbronn Sankenbach 40 m 25 m
Silbersee waterfall (historical photo ) Several steps in a former quarry Reinerzau Tiefengraben ( Kleines Kinzig Valley ) 32 m 14 m
Waterfall on the Yberg Low water single stage Varnhalt Grünbachtal ( Ortenau ) 10 m 3 m
Ziegelbach waterfall Freefall Neubulach Nagoldtal

Middle Black Forest

Middle Black Forest : here region between the Kinzigtal line and Höllental (or alternatively the B 31 )

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Altersbach waterfall ( picture ) Small gorge with a multi-level fall in a wide valley Altersbach ( Waldkirch ) Altersbächle 8 m 2 m
Bernecktaler waterfall Artificial fall in the Schiltach Schramberg Slope Canal in the Berneck Valley 15 m 15 m
Elz waterfall ( picture ) Main stage in a stream section rich in blocks Rohrhardsberg Elz Valley 70 m 2 m
Waterfalls in the Gschwandersdobel (Upper Hirschbach Falls ; picture ) Two individual steps in a high valley St. Peter Valley of the Wild Gutach 3 m
Hirschbach Falls Sliding cascades on the upper edge of a large cirque St. Peter Valley of the Wild Gutach 22 m 6 m
Kostgfall Gorge ( picture ) Torrent with four waterfalls (defaced by pipeline) Has salmon simons forest Valley of the Wild Gutach - 8 m
Lauterbach waterfalls ( picture ) Two free falling levels (dehydration) Schramberg Lauterbach 15 m 3 m
Niedergießbach waterfalls Cascades over large blocks with two main stages Triberg Gutachtal 30 m 6 m
Prisenbach waterfall ( picture ) Artificially formed cascades in the midst of narrow buildings Triberg Gutachtal - 2 m
Great Ravenna Fall ( picture ) Partly sliding step into a traversing fault Steig ( Breitnau ) Ravennaschlucht ( Höllental ) 16 m 16 m
Little Ravenna case ( picture ) Sliding fall step Steig ( Breitnau ) Ravennaschlucht ( Höllental ) 6 m 4 m
Schonach case ( picture ) Sliding waterfall in the city, confluence stage Triberg Schonach 15 m 8 m
Suggental waterfall Sliding steps over the former impact slope of the Elz Waldkirch Rock water 12 m 5 m
Pond gorge ( picture ) Three series of small steps in a torrent rich in water Guttenbach Valley of the Wild Gutach - 2 m
Triberg waterfalls Seven steps in the valley basin (90 m, confluence step ), above torrent (partial dehydration) Triberg Expert 163 m 14 m
Zweribach waterfalls.Russia ( image ) Three steps (8 m, 3 m, 15 m) in a rugged large cirque Wildlife expert Valley of the Wild Gutach 45 m 20 m

Southern Black Forest

Southern Black Forest : Region south of the Höllental (or alternatively the B 31 ), without the middle and lower Wutach Gorge (see Swabian-Franconian Forest, layered plains west of the Alb)

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Alpersbach waterfalls ( picture of the upper steps) Inaccessible steep gorge with several, partly free falls Höllsteig Hell Valley 60 m 16 m
Andelsbach waterfall ( picture ) Several small steps Laufenburg Andelsbach 4 m 2 m
Atzenbacher waterfalls ( picture ) Cascades in the granite ( valley step ) Riedichen ( Atzenbach ) Schuhlochbach 15 m 3 m
Birkinger waterfalls ( picture ) Sliding cascades in the granite Birkingen ( Albbruck ) Volkenmoosbach ( Hotzenwald ) 6 m 1 m
Bistenbach waterfall ( picture ) Mostly sliding fall over the Trogtal wall Breitnau Bistenbach 60 m 50 m
Breitnauer Bächle waterfall ( picture ) Multi-stage fall over the Trogtal wall Breitnau Breitnauer Bächle ( Höllental ) 55 m 18 m
Upper Buselbach waterfall ( picture ) Double step in a gorge ( ice age valley step) Oberried Schwarzenbach ( Buselbach ) 13 m 8 m
Lower Buselbach waterfall ( picture ) Two steps in rock notch Oberried Schwarzenbach ( Buselbach ) 15 m 5 m
Upper Dietlinger waterfall ( picture ) Free fall in steep gorge with further steps Dietlingen Grossbach 31 m 15 m
Pale waterfall ( picture ) Several steps, upper 15 m, lower 10 m into the trough valley of the meadow Todtnau -Fahl Rotenbach ( Wiesental ) 45 m 19 m
Falkau waterfall ( picture ) Two steps into a large whirlpool, rich in water Altglashütten / Falkau Haslachtal (Mühlinger Tal) 8 m 6 m
Feldsee waterfall ( picture ) Three steps of granite porphyry corridor in the Kar wall of the Feldsee Feldberg Seebach 60 m 25 m
Fischbach waterfalls ( picture ) Three steps in the granite Zell im Wiesental Fischbach 13 m 4 m
Gersbach waterfall ( picture ) Steps in a torrent rich in water Gersbach (Schopfheim) Wehra Gorge 8 m 6 m
Häger waterfall ( picture above , picture below ) Several steps (9 m, 5 m, 10 m), some in steep gorge Häg-Ehrsberg Angenbachtal 40 m 10 m
Haldenbächle waterfall ( picture ) Branched cascades over block heap Oberried (Breisgau) Buselbachtal 15 m 1 m
Haselbach waterfall ( picture ) Free fall step into a large stilling basin Weilheim (Baden) Haselbach 14 m 14 m
Waterfalls of the Hinterwildbodenbächle ( picture ) Sequence of two steps from Felsengen Coined Hinterwildbodenbächle 20 m 3 m
Upper Höllbach waterfall ( picture ) Free fall step over granite transoms Görwihl Horn tunnel ( Albschlucht ) 7 m 5 m
Lower Höllbach waterfall ( picture ) Free fall step over granite transoms Görwihl Horn tunnel ( Albschlucht ) 9 m 8 m
Höll waterfalls ( picture ) Cascades over granite steps Pfaffenberg ( Zell im Wiesental ) Biegenbach 22 m 4 m
Waterfall at the Ibacher Kluse ( picture ) Single stage (dehydration) St. Blasien Steinenbach 4 m 2 m
Klemmbach waterfalls ( picture ) Fall levels (dehydration) in a narrow Kerbtal Neuenweg ( Heubronner ) Klemmbach (Valley of the Small Meadow ) 6 m 2 m
Krai-Woog-Gumpen ( picture ) Step into one of several large vortex pots Lindau ( Todtmoos ) Schwarzenbächle 3 m 3 m
Krebsbach waterfall (Burghalde waterfall; picture ) Partly free fall step in quarry Krenkingen Steinatal 31 m 28 m
Krunkelbach Falls ( picture ) Three partly free steps, hardly accessible Menzenschwand Kriegsbach (Krunkelbachtal) 15 m 2 m
Lehnbach waterfalls ( map , the falls on the left; picture ) Four steps over a ravine wall under the Wieladingen castle ruins Murg Lehnbach ( Hauensteiner Murgtal ) 45 m 10 m
Waterfalls of the Lotenbach ( picture ) Four waterfalls in the granite, 4 m to 8 m Schattenmühle ( Bonndorf ) Lotenbachklamm ( Wutach Gorge ) 50 m 8 m
Waterfall in the Lotenbachklamm ( picture ) Partly free fall over a granite wall with tufa limestone formations Schattenmühle ( Bonndorf ) Lotenbachklamm 35 m 30 m
Waterfalls in Maria-Loch ( picture ) Sequence of 2 individual cases and a double stage Menzenschwand Menzenschwander Alb 50 m 9 m
Menzenschwander waterfalls ( picture ) Artificial free fall (side stream): 8 m; two natural falls: each 5 m; in a short gorge Menzenschwand Menzenschwander Alb 20 m 8 m
Mettma case ( picture ) Water-rich single stage Berau (Ühlingen-Birkendorf) Mettma 3 m 3 m
Multen waterfall ( picture ) Individual case in a high valley basin Aitern Aiternbach 3 m 3 m
Upper Murg fall (at the Heidenschmiede; picture ) Water-rich single stage Wieladingen ( Rickenbach ) Hauensteiner Murg ( Hotzenwald ) 5 m 3 m
Lower Murg fall (at the Murgpfadtunnel; picture ) Water-rich single stage Wieladingen ( Rickenbach ) Hauensteiner Murg ( Hotzenwald ) 5 m 2 m
Murg waterfall in Murg ( picture ) Sliding fall, rich in water Murg Hauensteiner Murg ( Hotzenwald ) 3 m 2 m
Peterlgraben waterfall ( picture ) Branched, partly sliding single stage Weir Wehra Gorge 30 m 10 m
Prägbach Fall at Bernauer Kreuz ( picture ) Graduated fall in the Ice Age valley Präg / Bernau Prägbach 6 m 6 m
Prägbach cascades near the Präger floors Torrent in front of the Ice Age valley basin Präg / Bernau Prägbach 9 m 1 m
Prägbach cascades at the goat grove ( picture ) Small double stage in Talkerbe Präg / Bernau Prägbach 2 m 1 m
Great Prägbach Fall ( picture ) Partly free fall with a large pool Präg / Bernau Prägbach 11 m 6 m
Prägbach cascades on the Geschwenderholz Sliding steps between round bumps Coined Prägbach 4 m 2 m
Reichenbächle waterfalls Three isolated cases in the granite gorge Gündelwangen ( Bonndorf ) Reichenbächle (Upper Wutach Gorge ) 7 m
Rickenbach waterfalls ( picture ) Two free steps into the lower Alb gorge Albbruck Alb valley 35 m 15 m
Roodbach waterfall Mostly sliding double case, changed by debris flow in 2018 Chapel Haslach Gorge 7 m 3 m
Rötenbach waterfall ( picture ) Two steps in the granite Rötenbach Rötenbach ( Wutach Gorge ) 6 m 3 m
Ruschbach Falls ( picture ) Two steps over shell limestone banks Grenzach-Wyhlen Ruschbach ( Dinkelberg ) 17 m 6 m
Sägbach waterfall ( picture ) Several steps, hardly accessible Gündelwangen ( Bonndorf ) Sägbach ( Wutach Gorge ) 40 m 7 m
Sägenbach waterfall ( picture ) Structured single level Wembach Sägenbach (Böllenbachtal) 6 m 3 m
Scheuergraben waterfalls ( picture ) Small cascades in a steep torrent Weir Wehra Gorge - 2 m
Seebach waterfall ( picture ) Two notched steps in a wide valley Hinterzarten Seebach (Wutach) 5 m 3 m
Upper Steinwasen waterfall ( picture ) Small cascades in the valley Oberried Buselbach 14 m 3 m
Lower Steinwasen waterfall ( picture ) Free single step, stilling basin Oberried Buselbach 3 m 2 m
Jet burst ( image ) Free, water-rich fall into the Murg gorge Rickenbach Seelbach ( Hauensteiner Murgtal ) 13 m 13 m
Devil's Cauldron ( picture ) Free fall from a short gorge into wide rock basins Weilheim Haselbach 9 m 9 m
(Hinter-) Todtmooser waterfall ( picture ) Three steps down into the Todtmoos valley basin Hintertodtmoos Rüttebach ( Wehratal ) 40 m 8 m
Todtnauer (Hangloch) waterfall ( picture ) Four steps, some of them free, and a waterfall from a hanging valley that can be seen from afar Todtnauberg Stübenbach 97 m 60 m
Tusculum waterfall ( picture ) Two waterfall steps in a short rock face near the city St. Blasien Alb 3 m 2 m
Wannenbach waterfall ( picture ) Two partly sliding levels Berau Schwarzhalden -
30 m 12 m
Warmbach waterfall ( picture ) Estuary into the Upper Rhine Rheinfelden Warmbach 6 m 5 m
Windberg waterfall ( picture ) Waterfall at the exit of a hanging valley St. Blasien Windbergbach Albtal 6 m 6 m
Wolfsschlucht waterfalls ( picture ) Three steps at the confluence with the Wehra Dead moss Schwarzenbach (Sägebach) 20 m 4 m
Wolfsgraben waterfall Single stage Rheinfelden Wolf pit
Cascades in the Zastler Loch ( picture ) Several individual cases, some hardly accessible Zastler ( Kirchzarten ) Zastlerbach ( Feldberg ) - 3 m

Swabian Alb

Urach waterfall

(Unlike the Franconian Alb, the list does not include the Keuper Hills in the northwest.)

The Swabian Alb (like the Franconian Alb ), as the largest karst area in Germany, has waterfalls only in the lower parts because of the largely underground drainage. The height and ruggedness of the Swabian Alb are therefore hardly relevant for the frequency of waterfalls. Falls over limestone tufa terraces, which are formed at source outlets by carbonate precipitation , are typical . They partially seal off the fissured rock and thus stabilize the outflow of springs at a high altitude, particularly noteworthy at the Urach waterfall . Some temporary cascades and waterfalls under spring caves, which only flow when the water table is high, are spectacular , such as the Elsachbröller or the Teufelsklinge waterfall near Heubach. In the rivers, too, there are low but water-rich falls over tufa limestone sills ( Hoher Gießel ).

Incidentally, isolated limestone tuff waterfalls also occur in other smaller limestone areas such as in parts of the Eifel ( Dreimühlen ), the Bergisches Land ( Neandertal ) or the Weser / Leinebergland ( Großbartloff , Ockensen ).

Many other falls, mostly at a lower level, were caused by hard rock banks over easily clearable material ( Zillhauser waterfall or the once very watery Wutachfall ).

At the foot of the Swabian Alb, the water-rich streams of the Alb traverse the layers of the Brown and Black Jura, including tough ones with thicker, softer underlay such as the waterfall layers . At the foot of the Alb there are therefore many beautiful waterfalls with a typical height of around six meters ( Starzelfall , Gönninger Wasserfall , Eyach-Laufen ), sometimes in small gorges that are barely noticeable and cut into wide valley floors.

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Aufhausener waterfall Several cascades over tufa formations Geislingen an der Steige Aufhausen, Bad Überkingen Autalbach 3 m
Waterfall near Bronnweiler Fall step in a meadow valley Bronnweiler (near Reutlingen ) Wiesaz 3 m 3 m
Ditz waterfall Main stage of a lime sinter cascade Bad Ditzenbach Ditz 3 m 3 m
Drackensteiner waterfall ( picture ) Free fall from lime sinter terrace Drackenstein Gos 20 m
Dragoon Jump One step Pfullingen Echaz 3 m 3 m
Echazfall Volk'sche Mühle One step Pfullingen Echaz 3 m 3 m
Echaz cascades Several small steps over the limestone tufa terrace Honau Echaz 10 m
Waterfall on the Eichbergrutsch Sliding fall over the tear-off edge Achdorf ( Blumberg ) 35 m 35 m
Waterfall in the Ettengraben Fall over the Weißjura bank Jestetten Wangental (Klettgau-Alb) 3 m 2 m
Eye running Free fall, rich in water Running on the Eyach ( Albstadt ) Eyach 6 m 6 m
Fils waterfall ( picture ) Cataract-like fall over limestone banks Geislingen an der Steige - old town Fils 2 m 2 m
Pour -Waterfall ( image ) Fall levels in the local situation over tufa limestone , (dehydration, rich in water in the rainy season) Veringendorf Lauchert 15 m
Pouring at the city mill Free fall step Balingen Eyach 3 m 3 m
Gönninger waterfall ( picture ) Fall level in the local situation Gönningen (near Reutlingen ) Wiesaz 6 m 6 m
Cascades near the Gönninger lakes Small falls over the steps of the former tufa extraction Talmühle (near Genkingen ) Wiesaz - 2 m
Waterfall below the Gönninger lakes Artificial sliding fall step Gönningen (near Reutlingen ) Wiesaz slope canal 9 m 9 m
Big pour One step Linsenhofen ( Frickenhausen ) Steinach 3 m 3 m
Gütersteiner waterfall Two main steps over limestone tufa terraces and former quarry walls Bad Urach Corn Valley 20 m
Waterfall at the Heidenschlössle While under the gutters (Gutters)
High Gießel ( picture ) Fall over limestone tuff in a wide meadow valley, rich in water Hayingen Big louder 4 m 4 m
Laufenmühle waterfall ( picture ) Two steps over tufa Lauterach (near Hayingen ) Big louder 6 m 5 m
Mittelbach waterfall While under the gutters (Gutters)
Mössinger waterfall ( picture ) Fall step at the bank of the Black Jura Mössingen Steinlach 1.5 m 1.5 m
Neidlinger waterfall ( picture ) Several steps over tufa formations Neidlingen , Wiesensteig Lindach 15 m 7 m
Ofterdinger waterfall ( picture ) Fall step on the bench of the Arietenkalkes Ofter things Steinlach 2 m 2 m
Ölbach waterfall Fall step on overhanging White Jurassic wall Jestetten Ölbach (Wangental) 15 m 15 m
Rohrach waterfall ( picture ) Two-stage case over lime sinter terrace Geislingen an der Steige Rohrach 3 m 3 m
Rötelbach waterfalls Lime sintering stages Bad Ueberkingen Rötelbach (Hell)
Schleifebach waterfalls ( picture ) Three main steps (banks of the Brown Jura ) in a steep gorge Blumberg Anger 30 m 9 m
Seeburg waterfall Single stage Seeburg Fleinsbrunnenbach ( Ermstal ) 7 m 7 m
Sirchinger waterfall One step Bad Urach Ermstal 4 m 4 m
Starzel waterfall (Junginger Gieß; picture ) Wide step from Wiesental in the small gorge Schlatt (near Hechingen ) Starzel (Killertal) 8 m 8 m
Starzelfall Hechingen ( Litho ) Free falling steps on the outskirts Hechingen Starling 5 m 4 m
Talheimer waterfall ( picture ) Torrent over blocks and tufa , small steps Mössingen Wangenbach - 1.5 m
Waterfall of devil blade ( image ) Falling free from the cave, episodic Heubach Tumbach (Daunbach) 30 m 30 m
Urach waterfall Free falling (37 m), then gliding over large tufa formations Bad Urach Maisental (Brühlbach) 87 m 37 m
Wannental waterfall Fall step below the meadow hollow Stockenhausen (near Zillhausen ) Wannental 6 m 6 m
Zillhausen waterfall ( picture ) Partly free fall step into a ravine on the outskirts Zillhausen Büttenbach 26 m 17 m

Franconian Alb and adjacent stepland

(In contrast to the Swabian Alb, the list also includes the neighboring Keuperbergland)

As a large karst area, the Franconian Alb has only a few waterfalls due to the largely underground drainage, unlike the adjacent Keuper strata. Apart from the former Doos , most of them have very little water.

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Äpfelbach waterfall Several steps on a notched tufa terrace Egloffstein Äpfelbach ( Franconian Alb ) 3 m 3 m
Doos ( picture ) Before 1860 3 m high tufa step, partially destroyed, dehydration Doos Aufseß ( Franconian Alb ) 1 m 1 m
Edelbach waterfall Single stage, episodic Eichstatt Edelbach
Gauchsbach waterfall Several steps, artificially created Röthenbach near Sankt Wolfgang Gauchsbach 4 m 4 m
Hermannsbach waterfall Free falling step Mistelbach Hermannsbach 3 m 3 m
Sounding waterfall Fall step over Rhät sandstone bench Haimendorf Hüttenbach Gorge 5 m 5 m
Pfersag waterfall Free falling step in the Rhaetian sandstone Ebneth Wet well (Teufelsgraben) 3 m 2 m
Teufelsbadstube Freely falling step over the Rhaetian sandstone bank into a pool Kalchreuth 2 m 2 m
Devil church Small steps over the Rhaetian sandstone Altdorf Side stream of the Schwarzach 2 m
Teufelsgraben waterfall Free falling step Kulmbach Devil's Trench 3 m 3 m
Waterfall in the Vatsbrunn Graben Free falling step Veitlahm Mainleus 5 m 5 m
Wedenbach waterfall Torrent over tufa with two steps Streitberg Wedenklamm ( Schauertal ) 9 m 2 m
Wolfsschlucht waterfall Free falling step Wallersberg Wolfsschlucht 3 m 3 m

Swabian-Franconian Forest, layer level land west of the Alb

The Keuperbergland of the Swabian-Franconian Forest and the central Neckar have, in addition to some cases of larger streams, mostly around four meters high ( Lauffenmühle , Wieslaufschlucht , Hörschbach ), numerous mostly very arid falls over banks of reed and Stuben sandstone , also mostly four to five meters high. Deep caves have often formed behind it, often more impressive than the veil of droplets in front of it.

The shell -type regions have here and there in Engtälern small waterfalls of crossing hard benches on. The focus is on the middle and lower Wutach Gorge between the southern Black Forest and Albtrauf , with around 10 waterfalls, some over 20 meters high (except Schleifbach Falls and Eichbergrutsch : see Swabian Alb).

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Achdorf waterfall (Letterngraben waterfall) Fall step over shell limestone banks Blumberg Letterngraben ( angry flare ) 5 m 4 m
Alfdorf waterfall Single stage Alfdorf Mühlbach (Erlenwinkel) 5 m 5 m
Anhauser waterfall ( picture ) Single stage Anhausen ( Schwäbisch Hall ) Schwarzenlachenbach (valley of the Bühler ) 2 m 2 m
Waterfall at the blackbird Sliding step on the main shell limestone bank Münchingen ( Wutach Gorge ) 5 m 5 m
Bad Boll waterfall ( picture ) Three-stage fall over shell limestone wall Boll ( Wutach Gorge ) 33 m 21 m
Fountain Blade Waterfall Free falling, scarce Welzheim (Secondary blade to the blind red ) 6 m 6 m
Waterfall in the castle forest Partly sliding fall over Muschelkalk - impact slope , arid Bachheim ( Wutach Gorge ) 40 m 30 m
Donzdorf waterfall ( picture ) Double step over Opalinus Clay layers in a small gorge Donzdorf volume up 7 m 6 m
Muzzle drop of the can blade Common fall step of flowing streams Weidenbach ( Kaisersbach ) Weidenbach and Otterbach 5 m 5 m
Edenbach waterfall ( picture ) Free falling main stage Laufenmühle (near Welzheim ) Edenbach 7 m 6 m
Finsterbach Falls ( picture ) Series of 4 small cases in the narrow valley Oberscheffach ( Ilshofen ) Finsterbach 22 m 8 m
Föllbach waterfall ( picture ) Fall step in the Rhaetian sandstone Hardt (near Wolfschlugen ) Foellbach 5 m 4 m
Trout jump ( picture ) Free falling Langenberg (near Welzheim ) Burgsteigklingen-
5 m 5 m
Waterfall near Frickenhausen (Arid) Frickenhausen ( Nürtingen ) (Tiefenbachtal) 10 m 4 m
Gauchach cascades ( picture ) Follow small cascades over the banks of the Upper Muschelkalk Mundelfingen Gauchach Gorge - 1.5 m
Waterfall on the Greut (Arid) Beuren
Grunbach waterfall ( picture ) Free falling Grunbach (Remshalden) Grunbach 4 m 3 m
Muzzle drop of the chopping blade Common cascade of flowing streams in rock basins Possible (Chopping blade) 3 m 3 m
Heslacher waterfalls Several small stages (arid) Stuttgart (Pagan blade)
High rock ( picture ) Individual case (low in water) over banks of the red sandstone Reicholzheim Steppbachsgraben (Steppachsklinge) 8 m 8 m
Hollow stone Small fall over grotto Desert red Klingenbach 6 m 5 m
Hohteichklinge waterfall ( picture ) Two-stage fall over banks of the Upper Muschelkalk Unteraspach ( Ilshofen ) Hohteichbach ( Haller level ) 8 m 6 m
Holderstein waterfall Free falling over the grotto Hohengehren Klingenbach 10 m 6 m
Rear Hörschbach waterfalls ( picture ) Two neighboring waterfalls in the beginning of the gorge Murrhardt Mähderbach and Langenwaldbach before the confluence to the Hörschbach 12 m 10 m
Front Hörschbach waterfall Free falling, horseshoe-shaped step Murrhardt lower Hörschbach gorge 6 m 6 m
Immenbächle waterfall ( picture ) Step at the shell limestone bank Unadingen Gauchach Gorge 3 m 2 m
Main case of the box blade Free falling Cell (Box blade) 7 m 4 m
Side case of the box blade Free falling Cell (Box blade) 5 m 5 m
Kesselgrotte waterfall Free falling over the grotto, poor in water Welzheim (Cauldron grotto) 8 m 8 m
Kühseich Almost free falling over Stubensandstein Sulzdorf ( Hüttlingen ) Filgenbach 8 m 8 m
Running waterfall Free falling To run Nägelesbach 5 m 5 m
Perforated blade Several small waterfalls Öschelbronn ( Berglen ) (Perforated blade) - 1.5 m
Mundelfinger waterfall ( picture ) Free falling over a protruding ariet limestone bench Mundelfingen Aubächle ( Wutach Gorge ) 8 m 8 m
Gorge of the Upper Murr Three waterfalls Käsbach Murr - 3 m
Nägelesbach waterfall Falling freely over Fleins benches Aichenrain ( Sulzbach-Laufen ) Nägelesbach 5 m 4 m
Oberboihinger waterfall Oberboihingen Marbach (Neckar Valley) 1.5 m 1.5 m
Pfrondorf waterfall Single stage Pfrondorf near Tübingen Haldenbach 4 m 3 m
Waterfall on the Rümmelesteg Multi-tiered, partly freely falling, main shell limestone Münchingen ( Wutach (municipality) ) ( Wutach Gorge ) 40 m 30 m
Waterfall in the Schelmengraben Free falling over the Gryphä limestone bank, arid Mundelfingen (Schelmengraben, Wutachschlucht ) 7 m 7 m
Waterfall at the Schelmenhalde ( picture ) Schleierfall over tufa on the hiking trail Reiselfingen ( Wutach Gorge ) 5 m 3 m
Waterfall of rogue blade Artificial fall step Lorch (Lateral blade of the Götzenbach ) 10 m 10 m
Schleifbach blade ( picture ) Artificial fall step with calcareous sinter formation Gottwollshausen (near Schwäbisch Hall ) Schleifbach 10 m 9 m
Strümpfelbach waterfalls ( picture ) Fall steps in colored marls and silica sandstone Strümpfelbach Weinstadt Strümpfelbach 4 m
Lintel Free fall over shell limestone wall with tufa cantilever Blumberg ( Angry flare ) 15 m 15 m
Sulzbacher waterfall ( picture ) Free fall over the hard Corbula bench (formerly: Engelhofer Platte) in the Mittelkeuper Bröckingen Eisbach 2 m 2 m
Tannegger waterfall ( picture ) Fall over calcareous sinter formation on shell limestone wall Boll Tannegger Bach ( Wutach Gorge ) 22 m 9 m
Waterfall in the Taubenbachtal Free fall Börtlingen Taubenbach
Waterfall in the Taubental ( picture ) Free fall over the sandstone bench Schwäbisch Gmünd Wetzgau brook 3 m 3 m
Waterfall in Trautenloh Free fall (arm of water) Beuren / Owen 2 m 2 m
Upper Tränkebach waterfall Several steps in rock formations Bachheim Tränkebach (Engeschlucht, Wutachschlucht ) 4 m 2 m
Lower Tränkebach waterfall Often waterless fall step ( ponor in shell limestone ) Bachheim Tränkebach (Engeschlucht, Wutachschlucht ) 2 m 2 m
Wertheim waterfall Fall step over red sandstone bench Wertheim (Location Wertheim) 3 m 3 m
Wieslauf case Laufenmühle Free falling Welzheim Wieslauf 6 m 5 m
Wieslauf-Falls Klingenmühle ( picture above ; picture below ) Two falls with plenty of water, each 4 m Welzheim Wieslauf - 4 m
Wieslauf case Sauerhöfle Water-rich case transformed into a weir Klaffenbach ( Rudersberg ) Wieslauf 3 m 3 m
Running anger ( picture ) Two once very water-rich steps (strong water withdrawal) over shell limestone banks Unterlauchringen ( Lauffenmühle ) Wutach 6 m 4 m
Zipfelbach waterfall Single stage Breuningsweiler Zipfelbach 2 m 2 m

Palatinate Forest and Odenwald

This region encompasses the sister mountains Palatinate Forest and Odenwald across the Upper Rhine Rift and includes extensive peripheral areas that extend from the Saarland over the Westrich to the Spessart . Small, mostly arid steps predominate in small notched valleys of the red sandstone . In general, the red sandstone areas of southern Germany are poor in waterfalls. The cascade staircase of the Margarethenschlucht on the lower Neckar is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany .

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Waterfall in the Atzbach valley Gersbach (near Pirmasens ) ( Westrich )
Waterfall in the Elendsklamm Fall step over a red sandstone bench Bruchmuehlbach Frohnbach 2 m 2 m
Fallenbach waterfall Three-part fall step, artificially guided over a cliff Laudenau (near Reichelsheim ) Neunkircher Höhe (Odenwald) 8 m 8 m
Karlstal Gorge Several small steps into a low-grade, low gorge Trippstadt Moosalbe ( Palatinate Forest ) - 1 m
Seltenbach Gorge Several very small steps in the red sandstone Klingenberg ( Spessart ) - 1 m
Laudenbach waterfall Fall step near the road Laudenbach (Bergstrasse) Laudenbach 3 m 3 m
Margarethenschlucht waterfalls ( picture ) Eight steps in the red sandstone (4 m, 9 m, 2 m, 4 m, 6 m, 9 m, 3 m, 10 m) Neckargerach Flursbach (in the Neckar - Prallhang ) 110 m 10 m
Maisenbach waterfall ( picture ) Single level in the Wiesental Gamburg Maisenbach ( Taubertal )
Waterfall from winter box Sliding step in a former quarry Winter box ( Lindenfels ) ( Odenwald ) 5 m 3 m
Wolf Gorge Main fall stage drained Zwingenberg Neckarnebental ( Odenwald ) -

Rhön, Knüll and Vogelsberg

In these neighboring mountains, which are largely dominated by volcanic rocks, duct rocks and basaltic ceilings are often waterfall formers ( Teufelsmühle , Eisgraben waterfall ).

The same applies to the waterfalls of Allerheiligen and the Edelfrauengrab in the northern Black Forest or the Odersbacher waterfall in the Westerwald .

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Blitzenrod waterfall ( picture ) Fallback of a commercial sewer, dry at times Blitzenrod ( Lauterbach ) volume up 6 m 7 m
Christeröder waterfalls ( picture ) Fall over basalt steps (3 m), next to it artificial fall (7 m) Christerode Buchenbach ( Knüll Mountains ) 7 m 7 m
Eisgraben waterfall ( picture ) Fall step over plateau edge made of basalt Hausen Aschelbach ( Rhoen ) 4 m 4 m
Disbach waterfall Several levels of fall Riedenberg Hirschgraben ( Rhön ) 3 m
Waterfall in the Hirschgraben Mostly little water, red sandstone Riedenberg ( Rhön )
Cascade Gorge Several small cascades over red sandstone benches Gersfeld Feldbach ( Rhoen ) - 1 m
Nidda Fall ( picture ) Double stage Bulkheads Nidda ( Vogelsberg ) 2 m 2 m
Mermaid fall Free falling step in mermaid pond Roth Oberelsbacher Graben ( Rhön ) 1 m 1 m
Waterfalls of the Schwarzbach Several waterfalls ( Teufelsmühle: see there) Bischofsheim Schwarzbach ( Rhoen ) - 5 m
Waterfalls in the Spring ( picture) Cascades over the former travertine mining edge Fischbach / Rhön Sommertal ( Vordere Rhön ) 11 m 2 m
Stepping stone waterfall ( picture ) Free falling step over sandstone bank Graefendorf Tretstein Gorge ( Rhön ) 3 m 3 m
Teufelsmühle waterfall ( picture ) Free falling step over basalt edge Bischofsheim Schwarzbach ( Rhoen ) 5 m 5 m

Rhenish Slate Mountains

Aar waterfall in Adolfseck
Dreimühlen waterfall

Rhenish slate mountains , here in the narrower sense, i.e. Hunsrück, Taunus, Eifel and Westerwald with surrounding mountains, but without Rothaar Mountains (see Weser and Leinebergland, Rothaar Mountains ).

Like the Harz or the Ore Mountains, the Rhenish Slate Mountains are an area with predominantly metamorphic rocks, but of lower altitude and an even more pronounced plateau character. A special feature is the strong current uplifting tendency (similar to that in the Black Forest), together with a sharp-edged fragmentation by large rivers with high erosion (Rhine, Mosel, Lahn). Most rivers and streams have barely been able to keep up with their deep erosion and repeatedly feature steep gorges with many, mostly small, waterfalls. There is a similar situation on the southeastern roof of the Black Forest. The rivers form only low waterfalls, mostly over hard rock banks ( Kleine Kyll or Brohlbach in the Eifel , formerly Saynbach near Neuwied ), some (sometimes only cataract-like) falls are caused by the capping of valley meanders ( Sommerau waterfall in the Hunsrück, Aar waterfall in the Taunus , Pyrmont waterfall in the Eifel, Siegfall ). In numerous hidden, partly pathless gorges there are torrents with waterfalls ( Tiefenbach Falls near Bernkastel , Kliding in the Eifel, Bornichbach in the Loreley Valley).

In the narrow valleys of the agrarian Gutland near Trier there are some beautiful waterfalls, mostly hidden over protruding sandstone banks ( Sirzenich waterfall , Butzerbach waterfalls ).

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Adolfseck waterfall ( picture , Merian stitch ) Partly sliding fall step , artificial (piercing of the meander neck), dehydration Adolfseck Aar ( Taunus ) 6 m 6 m
Upper waterfall in the Ahlbachtal ( picture ) Fall over sandstone bank Bitburg Ahlbachtal (Kylltal) 5 m 5 m
Lower waterfall in the Ahlbachtal Fall over sandstone bank Bitburg Ahlbachtal (Kylltal) 5 m 5 m
Ahlbachmühle waterfall The mouth falls over the limestone tuff terrace Bitburg Kylltal 10 m 9 m
Waterfall on the Beilstein Level in difficult to access. Side valley Attenhausen Beilsteingraben (Jammertal, Hintertaunus) 4 m 4 m
Billtal waterfall ( picture ) Sliding steps, artificial (Roman?), Mostly dry Koenigstein / Taunus Rombach ( Taunus ) 50 m 7 m
Bornichbach waterfall Four- stage confluence with the Middle Rhine -Engtal St. Goarshausen Bornichbach 20 m 4 m
Brohlbach waterfall Shooting, free fall Treis cards Brohlbach (Moseleifel) 4 m 2 m
Waterfalls in the Butzerbachtal (Ramsteiner Wasserfall) Seven small waterfalls over sandstone banks cord Butschenbach ( Gutland ) 55 m 4 m
Dortebach waterfall ( picture ) Double step in a steep gorge Clothes Dortebachtal (Moseleifel) 13 m 6 m
Dreimühlen waterfall (Drömmeler Sprötz) Partly two-stage case over calcareous nose Üxheim -Ahütte, Nohn Ahbachtal ( Eifel ) 8 m 6 m
Ehrbachklamm ( picture ) Several small steps in a narrow gorge Mermuth Ehrbach (Hunsrück) - 1 m
Elzbach -Waterfall ( Pyrmonter waterfall; image ) Double, massive sliding waterfall Roes (near Mayen ) Elzbachtal (Moseleifel) 6 m 5 m
Enz Falls Neuerburg ( picture ) Water-rich, split case Neuerburg Enz ( Eifel ) 4 m 4 m
Enz case in Zweifelscheid Water-rich, wide step Doubt decision Enz ( Eifel ) 2 m 2 m
Erdbach shrinkage Sliding fall in shaft cave Breitscheid (Westerwald) Erdbach 3 m 3 m
Galgenbach waterfall Sliding fall in torrent opposite Loreley (820: antiliolus brook ) St. Goar Galgenbach (Upper Middle Rhine Valley) 10 m 10 m
Gillenbach waterfall ( picture ) Free falling over a sandstone wall, mostly dry Trier - Pallien Gillenbach ( Gutland ) 20 m 20 m
Höllenloch (forester's steps; picture ) Four mostly sliding steps (3 m, 5 m, 5 m, 2 m) in a gorge Steinsberg (near Diez ) Hellbach ( Lahn valley ) - 5 m
Hölzbachklemm Main stage in a small ravine Haag (near Merscheid ) Hölzbach ( Hunsrück ) - 3 m
Hüttinger waterfall ( picture ) Partly free fall step in local position Hüttingen / Kyll Kylltal ( Eifel ) 6 m 5 m
Irreler waterfalls Cataract (no waterfalls) over rock debris Prümzurlay at Irrel Prüm ( Eifel ) 5 m 0.5 m
Isenburg waterfall (former) Waterfall step next to the road, Nov. 2008 removed Isenburg Sayn ( Westerwald ) 3 m 3 m
Waterfall at the Käsegrotte / Elfengrotte ( picture ) Sliding estuary falls over columnar basalt Bad Bertrich Elbesbach ( Üßbach Valley) 20 m 4 m
Waterfalls of the Kimmlinger Bach cord Kimmlinger Bach ( Gutland ) -
Waterfalls of the Kleine Kyll (Horngrabenfall; picture ) Two small steps over old lava flow Manderscheid Little Kyll ( Eifel ) 3 m 1 m
Kreuzbachklamm Two steps in a steep gorge Bingerbrück Upper Middle Rhine Valley - 5 m
Waterfall on the Lapigtbach A major level Biesdorf (near Wallendorf ) Lapigtbach ( Eifel ) 20 m 5 m
Laubach waterfall Artist elevated single step over torrent section Melsbach (near Neuwied ) Laubachtal ( Westerwald ) 20 m 3 m
Leuk Fall (Saarburg waterfall; picture ) Three steps in the rerouted stream, inner-city Saarburg Leuk ( Saar Valley ) 11 m 7 m
Löscherbach Gorge Steep gorge with small cascades Senheim Löscherbach (Moselle valley) - 3 m
Morgenbachtal Four individual cases, mostly free falling (2 m, 2 m, 2 m, 7 m) Morgenbachtal (near Niederheimbach ) Morgenbach ( Upper Middle Rhine Valley ) - 7 m
Naurother waterfall Sliding angled drop step Nauroth Wispertal ( Taunus ) 4 m 3 m
Neidenbach waterfalls Small sliding falls Neidenbach ( St. Thomas ) Heilenbach ( Eifel )
Nenderother waterfall ( picture ) Partly free steps down from the basalt plateau Odersberg ( Mengerskirchen ) Leyenbach ( Westerwald ) 10 m 4 m
Neumühle waterfall Free fall in rock pools Tünsdorf (near Mettlach ) Steinbach (Saar loop) 6 m 5 m
Nineteen holes Fifteen steps, four of which are over 3 m Attenhausen Jammertal (Hintertaunus) 40 m 3 m
Odershausen waterfalls Free falling 4 meters, sliding 10 meters Bad Wildungen Sonderbach ( Kellerwald ) 20 m 10 m
Waterfall of the Palatinate Bach Fall step in Kerbtal Röhl Palatinate Bach ( Gutland ) 2 m 1 m
Pulsbach Gorge Three waterfalls (3 m, 7 m, 2 m) Pulsbach (near Kestert ) Pulsbach (Upper Middle Rhine Valley ) - 7 m
The intoxication ( picture ) Forked main stage Müllenbach / Maria Martental Monastery Wilde Endert ( Eifel ) 7 m 5 m
Rauschkümpel ( picture ) Split case level Enkirch Steierbachtal ( Hunsrück ) 3 m 2 m
Ruppertsklamm Torrent with a main stage Niederlahnstein Lahn valley - 3 m
Schießlay (Klidinger or Beurener waterfall) Three sliding levels Beuren Endebach ( Eifel ) 28 m 20 m
Waterfall in the Schweizertal Fall step next to the road St. Goarshausen Forstbach (Upper Middle Rhine Valley ) 1.5 m 1.5 m
Soul creek cascades Torrent with small steps St. Goar Seelenbach (opposite Loreley ) -
Victory waterfall Cataract since 1860 after piercing the meander neck, dehydration Stone (Schladern) victory 3 m 1 m
Waterfall of the Sirzenich brook ( picture ) Sliding fall in forest canyon Trier - Pallien Sirzenicher Bach (Busental, Gutland ) 5 m 5 m
Sommerau waterfall ( picture ) Cataract in the meander cut, in local position Sommerau Ruwer ( Hunsrück ) 2 m 1 m
Waterfall under Stolzenfels Castle Created in the middle of the 19th century by Peter Joseph Lenné for the landscape park around the castle Koblenz Gründgesbach (Upper Middle Rhine Valley )
Stux -Waterfall ( information board ) Fall step of a former mill ditch Uncle Hähnerbach am Stux (Unt.Middle Rhine Valley ) 7 m 7 m
Taben waterfall Sliding fall step Taben-Rodt Saar valley 5 m 5 m
Tanzlay ( picture ) Cascades over collapsed limestone banks Hüttingen / Kyll Daufenbach ( Eifel ) 8 m 4 m
Waterfall in the Teufelsdell ( picture ) Single stage across the porphyrite site in Kerbtal Singhofen Mühlbachtal 4 m 4 m
Upper waterfall in the Tiefenbach valley Free fall in a short gorge Bernkastel Tiefenbach (Moselle Valley) 8 m 7 m
Lower waterfalls in the Tiefenbach valley Two separate steps (3 m, 3 m) Bernkastel Tiefenbach (Moselle Valley) - 3 m
Teardrop Low water level with tufa formations Wallendorf Sauer Valley ( Eifel ) 8 m 8 m
Waterfalls in the Trübenbach Valley Several steps, some of them free Kirn Trübenbach ( Hunsrück ) -
Waterfalls under the four lakes view Cascades with three main stages, arid Bremberg Lahn valley 20 m 3 m
Wasenbach waterfall ( picture ) Single level in Wiesental Wasenbach Wasenbach ( Hintertaunus ) 3 m 3 m
Wolfsschlucht waterfall ( picture ) Free falling, changeable step over pumice stuff Andernach - Bad Tönisstein Tönissteiner Bach ( Vulkaneifel ) 7 m 5 m
Zell waterfall Free fall into a tube-like pool, in local position Zell (Moselle) Zeller Bach 5 m 5 m

Thuringian Forest

Luisentaler waterfall

In the higher low mountain ranges with predominantly metamorphic rocks ( e.g. gneiss , clay slate ) these are usually less resistant than in the mountains with predominantly crystalline rocks (see Bavarian Forest ), however, the slope debris and block masses are what the differences in the rock and thus approaches to form small waterfalls, less powerful. The relief forms are more restless, and more rarely also steep. Glacial forms are only partially well preserved (similar to the Hunau in the Rothaar Mountains ) and rarely have a larger proportion of waterfall formations ( Spitterfall , similar to the Plästerlegge in the Rothaar Mountains). Small waterfalls on hard rock banks predominate ( waterfall in the Kühlen Tal , similar to the Lonaufall in the Harz).

In the vicinity of Eisenach , conglomerate rocks of the Rotliegend predominate, in which extremely narrow gorges (Drachenschlucht) or grottos have formed with some waterfalls with mostly low water flow.

Significant artificial ornamental waterfalls are the Trusetal waterfall and the Luisental waterfall in the Altenstein Castle Park .

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Chrysoprase waterfall
(waterfall at Lösches Hall, picture )
Weir known as a waterfall, rich in water Bad Blankenburg Schwarza 1.5 m 1.5 m
Dragon Canyon waterfall ( picture ) Free fall over the conglomerate wall into the narrow side gorge of the Dragon Gorge Eisenach Dragon Gorge (Annatal) 5 m 5 m
Dark hole Sturzbach over valley step from Breiten Grund into Schortetal Ilmenau Breitengrunder Bach ( Schorte ) - 1 m
Waterfall in the cool valley Sliding step above porphyry - transition closely wooded valley Friedrichroda Reed water 2 m 2 m
Luisentaler Wasserfall
(Altensteiner Wasserfall)
Around 1800 artificially created drop step into a park pond Schweina Altensteiner Park 8 m 7 m
Waterfall in the Marktal ( picture ) Waterfall on the western wall of the Marktal valley Ilmenau Schortetal ~ 30 m
Waterfall in a roller ( picture ) Small waterfall in a gorge Tambach-Dietharz Schmalwassertal 2 m 1 m
Spitterfall ( picture ) Four sliding drop steps on porphyry - transitions in glacial valley level Tambach-Dietharz Ebertswiese (Spitter) 19 m 4 m
Dripping stone Trickle fall over grotto in conglomerate gorge Eisenach Ludwigsklamm
Trusetal waterfall Two-stage case created in 1865, the lower part sliding Truse Valley Truse 58 m 50 m
Wolfsschlucht waterfall Small waterfall in a gorge-like forest valley ( ice age valley step) Tambach-Dietharz Mean water bottom

Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Ore Mountains and Vogtland

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains have the highest density of vertical walls in the low mountain range. Some of the waterfalls are over ten meters high and almost all of them are free-falling.
The Ore Mountains , on the other hand, have the poorest number of waterfalls in Germany's higher mountain ranges. They are predominantly the result of human activity.

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Blackbird Falls ( painting ) Main stage falling freely into a sandstone gorge, redesigned Rathewalde Grünbach ( Amselgrund ) 15 m 10 m
Beuthenfall ( picture ) Falling freely over sandstone walls between old buildings Bad Schandau Beuthenbach ( Kirnitzschtal ) 12 m 12 m
Blauenthaler waterfall From an old industrial slope canal, natural, partly freely falling waterfall Blauenthal Bockautal (Ore Mountains) 30 m 12 m
Gelobtbach waterfall ( picture ) Free fall in a narrow sandstone gorge (border with the Czech Republic ) Nice Gelobtbach 7 m 5 m
Waterfall in the broken wood pinge Small waterfall in a pinge Geyer (Ore Mountains)
Langenhennersdorfer waterfall ( picture ) Upper step freely falling over sandstone wall (9 m, 2 m, 2 m) 50 ° 53 ′ 46 ″  N , 13 ° 59 ′ 34 ″  E Langenhennersdorf Langenhennersdorfer Bach
( Gottleubatal )
30 m 9 m
Lichtenhain waterfall ( picture ) Close to the building, by diversion, heightened waterfall over sandstone rock overhang Bad Schandau Lichtenhainer Bach ( Kirnitzschtal ) 7 m 7 m
Below the edge of the village, falling almost freely into sandstone rock basins Thürmsdorf ( Struppen ) Pehna (Behne) 20 m 12 m
Prießnitz waterfall ( picture ) Sliding step in the hilly forest valley of the Dresdner Heide Dresden Priessnitz 1 m 1 m
Crack cases Rock notch (“crack”) created in 1579 with cascades Hammer bridge Upper Floßgraben (Ore Mountains) -
Waterfalls at the scythe Small waterfalls in sandstone canyon Waitzdorf (Deep reason) -
Tiefenbach waterfall ( picture ) Two-tier waterfall Altenberg Tiefenbach 30 m 15 m
Koenigshütte waterfall


The high resin with predominantly crystalline rocks or quartzites is noticeably poor in waterfalls. The gentle slopes and the few narrow valleys are mostly filled with blockwork, which (as in the Bavarian Forest ) makes it difficult for a bundled, erosive runoff. Smaller waterfalls occur only in the Karen and valley steps . Partly are also significant rejection levels steep Engtäler with mostly small waterfalls (resin northern edge), including the spectacular Grand Canyon of the Central German Uplands of Bodekessel .

Even the smallest waterfalls are often tourist destinations in the Harz Mountains. The largest waterfalls are artificially designed ( Romkerhaller waterfall , Radaufall ). Other waterfalls (similar to the Ore Mountains) have been preserved as a by-product due to economic reasons, mostly water falling back from old slope canals to hydropower plants or in quarries, such as the Spiegel Valley waterfalls , the Steinbach waterfall or the Königshütte waterfall .

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Cascades of excavation Several small steps into the steep wall cirque Altenau / Torfhaus Buried 20 m 2 m
Upper Bodefall ( picture ) Torrent with small steps Braunlage Warm floor 4 m 1 m
Lower floor fall ( picture ) A small step Braunlage Warm floor 2 m 1 m
Bodekessel ( picture ) Step in a grandiose gorge (lowered by blasting in 1798), very rich in water Thale Bode formerly 2 m today 1 m
Brake case Torrent with small steps Braunlage Bremke 1 m
Grumbach waterfall Several small steps Wild man Grumbach 20 m 4 m
Upper Ilse Falls ( picture ) Several steps in the block-rich stream Ilsenburg Ilsental 3 m
Lower Ilse Falls ( picture ) Several steps in the block-rich stream Ilsenburg Ilsental 3 m
Cascades on the Ilsenstein Several small steps Ilsenburg Black trench 9 m 2 m
Waterfall in the Kästental Thale Bodetal
Little run Several levels of fall Hasserode ( Holtemme valley) 30 m
Koenigshütte waterfall A free falling, artificial step (former keratophyr fracture) Koenigshütte Königshütter Graben (Steinbachtal) 12 m 12 m
Lautenthaler waterfall Fall step from restored slope canal Lautenthal Lautenthaler Kunstgraben ( Innerste Valley)
Lonauer waterfall ( picture ) Two steps in greywacke notch Herzberg am Harz Lonau ( Sieber Valley) 10 m 6 m
Nabental waterfall Torrent with two steps Altenau Clausthaler Flutgraben / hub 40 m 2 m
Radau waterfall Waterfall built over a cliff in 1859 Bad Harzburg Radau (river) slope canal 22 m 22 m
Waterfall of the rough Kulmke A small step Altenau Rough Kulmke
Rehbach cascades Several small steps from a torrent Sankt Andreasberg Odertal 20 m 2 m
Romkerhaller waterfall ( picture ) Waterfall built on a limestone cliff in 1863 with partly free steps Goslar Romke-Hangkanal ( Okertal ) 64 m 20 m
Selke waterfall ( picture ) Several small steps, rich in water Harzgerode Selke 3 m 1 m
Waterfall of worry A robbery bed channel Concern
Upper mirror valley waterfall Predatory bed channel (pond overflow) with one step Clausthal-Zellerfeld 6 m 2 m
Lower mirror valley waterfall ( picture ) Free falling artificial step Wild man Slope canal in the mirror valley 7 m 7 m
Steinbach waterfall ( picture ) Free falling step (pond overflow) Concern Steinbach 7 m 6 m
Stone race Several steps in a steep gorge Hasserode Holtemme 20 m 3 m
Tosborn waterfall Torrent section Sülzhayn 6 m 1 m

Weser and Leinebergland, Rothaar Mountains

Large Langenfeld waterfall in the Süntel

Rothaargebirge : including the surrounding mountainous regions, from the Bergisches Land to the Kellerwald

In addition to the southern German layer level land below the striking Jura plateaus (Alb plateaus), there are also landscapes with layer levels in the very diverse Weserbergland , where the alternation of hard and soft layers gave rise to the formation of a few waterfalls ( Langenfeld waterfalls in the Süntel , waterfall near the Stone mill ).

The tallest natural waterfall outside of southern Germany is the Plästerlegge ( Plätscherfels ) in the mighty Rothaar Mountains, which are poor in waterfalls.

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Aqueduct ( picture ) Free fall from a ruined aqueduct into a ravine, created in 1792 kassel Park Wilhelmshöhe 43 m 43 m
Brusekessel Free falling into the stilling basin Böddinghausen ( Plettenberg ) Bommecke ( Lennegebirge ) 2 m 2 m
Waterfalls near the castle Torrent with steps Remscheid Valley of the Wupper - 2 m
Fahrbach waterfall Free fall over sandstone bank Extertal Fahrenbach (valley of the Exter ) 4 m 3 m
Gatterbach waterfall (waterfall in Elfengrund; picture ) Cataract over blocks and tufa formations Wanfried Gatterbach (Werra Valley) 3 m -
Geislede waterfall (The Scheuche; picture ) Initiated by diversion, free falling with natural dynamics Heiligenstadt Geislede 7 m 7 m
Waterfall on the green lake Three steps in the former quarry Büscherheide ( Wiehengebirge ) 5 m 2 m
Hilkersiek waterfall ( picture ) Free fall over sandstone banks, arid Almena ( Extertal ) Hilkersiek ( Exter Valley) 6 m 4 m
Waterfall in hell Double step over sandstone banks Almena ( Extertal ) Höllbach (right Exter tributary) 5 m 4 m
Small cascades , Jussowkaskaden ( picture ) Several steps from 1792 and 1798 kassel Park Wilhelmshöhe 2 m
Great Langenfeld waterfall First sliding, then falling freely Langenfeld Höllenbach (in the Süntel ) 15 m 15 m
Small Langenfeld waterfall Partly falling freely Langenfeld Höllengrund (in the Süntel ) 20 m 11 m
Upper Laubach waterfall Falling freely into a limestone quarry Mettmann Neandertal ( Bergisches Land ) 10 m 10 m
Lower Laubach waterfall ( picture ) Fall step moved back around 1905, today sliding, renewed tufa formation Mettmann Neandertal ( Bergisches Land ) 4 m 4 m
Waterfalls at the Lutterspring Three artificially altered small waterfalls Königslutter am Elm Lutter sources - 3 m
Lutter waterfall ( picture ) Several steps over tuff limestone in a small forest notch between the commercial area and the field Großbartloff Lutter 10 m
New waterfall ( picture ) Several cascading steps created in 1828, closed kassel Park Wilhelmshöhe 40 m
Plästerlegge (Ramsbeck waterfall) Almost free fall into a rocky valley basin Waterfall (Bestwig) Elpetal ( Rothaar Mountains ) 30 m 22 m
Rickbach Waterfall (Great Waterfall) ( picture ) Free fall over sandstone bank Bremke ( Extertal ) Rickbach (right Exter tributary) 4 m 3 m
Steinhöfer waterfall (forest waterfall) ( picture ) Sliding, fanned-out drop step created in 1793 kassel Park Wilhelmshöhe
Waterfall at the stone mill ( picture ) Two steps under karst spring, dehydration, mill wheels Dölme Upper Weser Valley 15 m 7 m
Stroll (Cold Spring) Single stage Niedersfeld Neuenhagensbach ( Rothaar Mountains ) 3 m 3 m
Waterfall at the Devil's Bridge ( picture ) Step laid in 1793, freely falling kassel Park Wilhelmshöhe 10 m 10 m
Turkish source free falling Essen-Kettwig on the L442 (near Kettwiger See ) 5 m 5 m
Ockensen water tree Tufa formations over former mill technology Ockensen Ith ( Leinebergland ) 4 m 4 m

North German Lowlands

The northernmost waterfall area in Germany is the Stubnitz on Rügen with several small waterfalls that plunge over the chalk cliffs into the sea.
In the rest of the lowlands there are only smaller artificial waterfalls.

Surname description Place nearby Region or river name
Total height
Kiel waterfall ( picture ) Mostly free estuary falls over Rügen's chalk - cliff coast Sassnitz Kiel Bach ( Stubnitz ) 6 m 4 m
Waterfall in Klettenbergpark ( picture ) Small, multi-stage case Cologne-Klettenberg Duffesbach ( Klettenberg Park ) 4 m 1.5 m
Waterfalls at the stump chamber Variable droplets over Rügen's chalk - cliff coast , partly tufa limestone steps Wages Source flow on Jasmund - 3 m
Waterfall in Viktoria-Park Berlin ( picture ) 1895 Artificially created so-called waterfall (pump operation) on the Kreuzberg , modeled on the Heynfall in the Giant Mountains Berlin- Kreuzberg Viktoriapark 24 m 3 m

Artificial waterfalls and ruined waterfalls

Devil's Bridge in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
Aqueduct in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

For many reasons, waterfalls are landscape points with a high intensity of experience. Starting with the Rococo , naturally designed waterfalls were created from various cultural contexts . A well-known example is the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, which once had seven waterfalls up to over 40 meters high (occasional water games ). Artificial waterfalls that require pumping are only part of a well system. Examples are the cascade in Viktoriapark , a Volksgarten in Berlin or the waterfall in the Alpinum of Essen's Grugapark . In this context, the Harz Mountains are remarkable, where every smallest waterfall has its own, sometimes faded, tourist tradition. The largest of them are artificial ( Romkerhall waterfall , bike crash ). The Trusetal waterfall and the Altensteiner Park waterfall in the Thuringian Forest are also important artificial waterfalls .

Other waterfalls have been preserved as a by-product for economic reasons, mostly water falling back from old slope canals to hydropower plants or in quarries (including the Spiegel Valley Waterfalls , Steinbach Waterfalls , Königshütte Waterfalls in the Harz Mountains, Blauenthal Waterfalls in the Ore Mountains , Saarburg Waterfalls in Saarburg ). The meander neck cuts from Dillweißstein in the northern Black Forest and from Bad Bertrich in the Eifel are so technical that, contrary to local usage, they are not to be regarded as waterfalls. The well-known Lechfall near Füssen is also just a drainage weir , but it was advertised as a spectacular waterfall before it was built.

On the other hand, economic reasons also led to the destruction of waterfalls, either through almost complete dehydration ( Raumünzachfall of the Schwarzenbach in the northern Black Forest since 1926, Wutachfall in Lauchringen since 1847) or through changes in the rock level through rock extraction ( Laubach - and Düsselfall in the Neandertal 1870–1890, Neckarlauf in Deißlingen- Lauffen, waterfall and lake of Seeburg in the Swabian Alb around 1634, Doos in the Franconian Alb around 1840) or by blasting for the Holztrift ( Bodekessel in the Harz region 1784). The Donnerloch near Brodenbach (Moselle) was only destroyed in the 1960s for the construction of a forest road.

There were once two spectacular rapids within Germany : The " Binger Loch ", which was blown in from the 17th century, initiated the removal of the Binger Reef , and the overflow of the Kleiner Laufen of the Hochrheins near Laufenburg (in contrast to the formerly known as the Großer Laufen near Schaffhausen / Neuhausen ) also removed the second rapids from 1908.

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Sources are listed below that describe several waterfalls in Germany, mainly natural history aspects. There are numerous other titles, but most of them only name or describe a waterfall. They are not listed here, especially since many of them do not contribute more as evidence than the topographical and geological maps. Unfortunately, some of the information found in the literature about the dates and causes of waterfalls does not stand up to verification. When it comes to waterfalls , however, most of the information in the lists can be checked without any special knowledge or effort - and is therefore requested.

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