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Name reactions are reactions and reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry that are known enough or used frequently enough to be named. The reactions are named either after their discoverer or after a chemical. There are books that deal solely with name reactions.


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Achmatowicz reaction Osman Achmatowicz Conversion of furans into dihydropyran
Acyloin condensation Synthesis of α-hydroxy ketones from esters Rühlmann variant
Albright-Goldman oxidation J. Donald Albright and Leon Goldman Selective oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes
Alder-Rickert reaction Kurt Alder and Hans Rickert Extension of the Diels-Alder reaction
Algar-Flynn-Oyamada reaction Joseph Algar and John P. Flynn , T. Omayada Synthesis of flavonols from chalcones
Alder-ene reaction Kurt Alder pericyclic reaction for the synthesis of alkenes Schenck-en reaction
Aldol reaction Charles Adolphe Wurtz and Alexander Porfirjewitsch Borodin Addition reactions between aldehydes and / or ketones with acid / base catalysis
Alkene metathesis Yves Chauvin Olefin rearrangement
Allan-Robinson condensation James Allan and Robert Robinson Preparation of flavones or isoflavones by condensation of o -hydroxyaryl ketones with anhydrides of aromatic carboxylic acids
Amadori rearrangement Mario Amadori second step of the so-called Maillard reaction , a non-enzymatic browning
Andrussow method Leonid Andrussow Industrial synthesis of hydrogen cyanide from methane and ammonia
Angeli Rimini reaction Angelo Angeli and Enrico Rimini Color reaction for the detection of aldehydes
Anschütz anthracene synthesis Richard Anschütz Reaction of benzene with bromoethene
Appel reaction Rolf Appel Conversion of alcohols into alkyl halides
Arbusov reaction Alexander Yerminingeldowitsch Arbusow Production of alkylated phosphoric acid esters (also: Michaelis-Arbusow reaction)
Arens-van-Dorp reaction JF Arens and DA van Dorp Synthesis of α, β-unsaturated aldehydes Isler modification
Arndt-Eistert homologation Fritz Arndt and Bernd Eistert Chain extension of carboxylic acids or ketones with diazomethane
Asinger reaction Friedrich Asinger Synthesis of 3-thiazolines (multi-component reaction) Synthesis of 3-oxazolines
Aston Greenburg rearrangement JG Aston and RB Greenburg Synthesis of esters with a tertiary α-carbon atom
Atherton-Todd reaction FR Atherton, HT Openshaw, and Alexander Robertus Todd Conversion of dialkyl phosphites into dialkyl chlorophosphates
Aza-Claisen rearrangement Ludwig Claisen
Auwers synthesis Karl von Auwers Synthesis of flavonols from coumarones
Aza-Cope rearrangement Arthur C. Cope
Aza-Wittig reaction Georg Wittig
Azo coupling Reaction of diazonium salts with activated aromatics to form azo compounds


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Baddeley isomerization George Baddeley Rearrangement of an alkyl group in polyalkylbenzenes
Baekeland-Manasse-Lederer reaction Adolf von Baeyer Synthesis of phenolic resins from phenol and aldehydes
Baeyer diarylmethane synthesis Adolf von Baeyer Electrophilic aromatic substitution for the production of diarylmethanes
Baeyer indole synthesis Adolf von Baeyer and Adolph Emmerling Synthesis of indoles
Baeyer oxindole synthesis Adolf von Baeyer Synthesis of oxindoles
Baeyer pyridine synthesis Adolf von Baeyer Synthesis of pyridine derivatives
Baeyer-Villiger oxidation Adolf von Baeyer and Victor Villiger Oxidation of ketones to esters with peroxycarboxylic acids
Balsohn alkylation M. Bahlson Alkylation of aromatics using alkenes
Bailey peptide synthesis JL Bailey Implementation of Leuchs' anhydrides with amino acids or peptide esters
Baker-Ollis sydnone synthesis John Campbell Earl and Alan W. Mackney Synthesis of Syndrons
Baker-Venkataraman rearrangement Wilson Baker and K. Venkataraman Synthesis of 1,3-diketone substituted phenol derivatives
Baljet reaction Reaction for the detection and colorimetric determination of cardenolides
Balz-Schiemann reaction (Schiemann reaction) Günther Balz and Günther Schiemann Synthesis of fluoro-aryls from aryldiazonium salt
Bamberger rearrangement Eugen Bamberger Rearrangement of aromatic hydroxylamines to p-hydroxyaromatics
Bamford-Stevens reaction William Randall Bamford and Thomas Stevens Stevens base-induced conversion of tosylhydrazones into alkenes
Barber reaction Philippe Barbier Synthesis of secondary and tertiary alcohols
Bardhan-Sengupta synthesis Jogendra Chandra Bardhan and Suresh Chandra Sengupta Synthesis of phenanthrene
Bargellini reaction Guido Bargellini Synthesis of β-heteroatom-substituted 2-methylpropanoic acid derivatives
Beard reaction Heinrich Bart Synthesis of arylarsonic acids from diazonium salts
Bartoli indole synthesis Giuseppe Bartoli Synthesis of 7-substituted indoles from ortho -substituted nitrobenzenes
Barton arylation Derek HR Barton Arylation of phenols , enols , azoles and amines using organobismuth compounds
Barton decarboxylation Derek HR Barton radical decarboxylation of a carboxylic acid
Barton-McCombie deoxygenation Derek HR Barton and Stuart W. McCombie radical reaction to remove terminal organic groups, for example from carboxylic acid halides
Barton reaction Derek HR Barton δ-nitroso alcohols from nitrous acid esters
Barton-Zard reaction Derek HR Barton and Samir Zard Preparation of pyrrole derivatives from isonitriles and nitroalkenes
Batcho-Leimgruber indole synthesis Andrew D. Batcho and Willy Leimgruber Synthesis of indole from ortho -nitrotoluene
Baylis-Hillman reaction Anthony B. Baylis and Melville ED Hillman Synthesis of α-hydroxyvinyl carbonyls from vinyl ketone or ester, aldehyde and base
Béchamp reduction Antoine Béchamp Reduction of aromatic nitro compounds with iron in hydrochloric acid
Beckmann rearrangement Ernst Beckmann Rearrangement at the nitrogen atom: conversion of ketones via oximes to carboxamides
Beirut reaction Makhluf J. Haddadin and Costas H. Issidorides Synthesis of quinoxaline N, N'-dioxides
Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction Boris Pavlovich Belousov and Anatoli Markowitsch Schabotinsky complex multi-component reaction with oscillating behavior
Benary reaction Erich Bénary Synthesis of α, β-unsaturated ketones from dialkylamino vinyl ketones
Benedict reaction Stanley Benedict Detection reaction for reducing sugars, flavonoids and coumarins
Benzidine rearrangement Nikolai Nikolayevich Sinin Conversion of N, N'-diphenylhydrazines (hydrazobenzene) to p-bisanilines (1-amino-4- (4-aminophenyl) benzene, benzidine)
Benzilic acid rearrangement Justus von Liebig Conversion of 1,2-diketones to α-hydroxycarboxylic acids
Benzoin addition Arthur Lapworth Synthesis of α-hydroxy ketones from aromatic aldehydes
Bergman cyclization Robert G. Bergman Thermal rearrangement of enediynes into benzene diradicals
Miner dismantling Max Bergmann Cleavage of peptides
Bergmann azlactone synthesis Max Bergmann Synthesis of peptides
Bernthsen reaction August Bernthsen Synthesis of acridines from diarylamines and carboxylic acids
Betti reaction Mario Betti Conversion of aldehydes, primary and secondary amines and aromatic compounds with a hydroxyl group
Biginelli reaction Pietro Biginelli Synthesis of tetrahydropyrimidones
Birch reduction Arthur Birch Reduction of aromatics to 1,4-dienes
Bischler-Möhlau indole synthesis August Bischler and Richard Möhlau Indole synthesis from anilines and α-bromo ketones α-Hydroxyketones can be used
Bischler-Napieralski reaction August Bischler and Bernard Napieralski Cyclization of amides with POCl 3
Blaise ketone synthesis Edmond Blaise Synthesis of ketones by reacting an organozinc compound with an acyl halide
Blaise reaction Edmond Blaise an α-bromo ester reacts with a nitrile to form a β-keto ester
Blanc reaction Gustave Louis Blanc Chloromethylation of aromatics
Bodroux amide synthesis Fernand Bodroux Preparation of substituted amides from aromatic or aliphatic esters and an aminomagnesium halide
Bodroux-Tschitschibabin aldehyde synthesis Alexei Jewgenjewitsch Tschitschibabin and Fernand Bodroux Implementation of orthoformic acid esters with Grignard reagents
Boekelheide reaction Virgil Boekelheide Conversion of 2-methylpyridine- N -oxide and related compounds to 2-hydroxymethylpyridine and related compounds
Boekelheide rearrangement Virgil Boekelheide
Bohn-Schmidt reaction René Bohn and Robert Emanuel Schmidt Reaction to produce polyhydroxyanthraquinones
Bönnemann synthesis Helmut Bönnemann Preparation of pyridines from a nitrile and an alkyne
Boord Olefin Synthesis Cecil E. Boord Production of alkenes
Borsche-Berkhout reaction Walther Borsche and AD Berkhout Preparation of 1,3-benzodioxane from phenols and aldehydes
Borsche-Drechsel cyclization Walther Borsche and Edmund Drechsel Synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles from phenylhydrazones
Bosch reaction Carl Bosch Reaction of carbon dioxide with hydrogen to form elemental carbon (graphite), water and heat
Boulton-Katritzky rearrangement A. John Boulton and Alan Katritzky cyclic rearrangement of heterocycles
Bourguel alkyne synthesis M. Bourguel Synthesis of alkynes from 2,3-dibromo-1-propene
Bouveault aldehyde synthesis Louis Bouveault Implementation of formamides with Grignard reagents
Bouveault-Blanc reaction Louis Bouveault and Gustave Louis Blanc Reduction of esters with sodium to alcohols
Boyland Sims Oxidation Eric Boyland and Peter Sims Oxidation of anilines to ortho-aminophenols
Bradsher cyclization
(Bradsher reaction)
Charles K. Bradsher Synthesis of various polycyclic, aromatic compounds by acid-catalyzed cyclization
Bray-Liebhafsky reaction William C. Bray and Herman A. Liebhafsky complex multi-component reaction with oscillating behavior
Brellochs reaction Bernd Brellochs Synthesis of carboranes from aldehydes and boranates
Briggs-Rauscher reaction Thomas S. Briggs and Warren C. Rauscher complex multi-component reaction with oscillating behavior
Brook rearrangement Adrian Gibbs Brook Intramolecular migration of a silyl group to an oxygen atom
Brown hydroboration Herbert Charles Brown Functioning of alkenes
Bucherer reaction Hans Theodor Bucherer Reaction of naphthols to naphthylamines in the presence of ammonia and sodium hydrogen sulfite
Bucherer-Bergs synthesis Hans Theodor Bucherer and Hermann Bergs Conversion of carbonyl groups into hydantoins
Buchner reaction Eduard Buchner Synthesis of esters of cycloheptatriene
Büchner-Curtius-Schlotterbeck reaction Eduard Buchner , Theodor Curtius and Fritz Schlotterbeck Reaction of a carbonyl compound (aldehyde or ketone) with a diazoalkane
Buchwald-Hartwig coupling Stephen L. Buchwald and John F. Hartwig Palladium-catalyzed coupling reaction of an aryl halide or triflate with a primary or secondary amine
Burgess elimination (Burgess dehydration) Edward M. Burgess


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Cadiot-Chodkiewicz coupling Władysław Chodkiewicz and Paul Cadiot Copper-catalyzed coupling of terminal alkynes to diynes
Camps quinoline synthesis Icilio Guareschi and later Rudolf Camps Synthesis of hydroxy quinolines from N -acyl- ortho- acylanilines
Cannizzaro reaction Stanislao Cannizzaro Disproportionation of aldehydes in alcohols and carboxylic acids crossed Cannizzaro reaction
Carboni-Lindsey reaction RA Carboni and RV Lindsey junior Synthesis of a pyridazine from a tetrazine and an alkene
Carroll Rearrangement (Kimel-Cope Rearrangement) Michael Francis Carroll , Walter Kimel, and Arthur C. Cope Rearrangement of β-ketoesters to γ, δ-unsaturated ketones
Castro-Stephens coupling Charles E. Castro and Robert D. Stephens Synthesis of aromatic alkynes by forming a carbon – carbon bond
Chan rearrangement Tak-hang chan Rearrangement from an acyloxacetate to a 2-hydroxy-3-ketoester
Chapman rearrangement AW Chapman thermal rearrangement of aryl imino esters to carboxamides
Chromotropic acid reaction Detection reaction for formaldehyde
Ciamician-Dennstedt rearrangement Giacomo Luigi Ciamician and Max Dennstedt Conversion of pyrrole into halogen-containing pyridines
Claisen condensation Ludwig Claisen Condensation of esters to form β-keto esters Stobbe condensation
Claisen-Schmidt condensation Ludwig Claisen and J. Gustav Schmidt Special case of the crossed aldol reaction
Claisen-Tishchenko reaction Ludwig Claisen and Vyacheslav Yevgenyevich Tishchenko Addition reaction of two aldehydes with aluminum alcoholate as a catalyst to form carboxylic acid esters
Claisen rearrangement Ludwig Claisen [3,3] Sigmatropic rearrangement of allyl vinyl ethers to unsaturated carbonyl compounds
Clauson-Kaas reaction Niels Clauson-Kaas Synthesis of N-substituted pyrroles from dialkoxy-tetrahydrofurans
Clayton-Jensen reaction JO Clayton and WL Jensen Chlorophosphorization of aliphatic hydrocarbons
Clemmensen reduction Erik Christian Clemmensen Deoxygenation of aldehydes and ketones in an acidic environment
Combes quinoline synthesis Alphonse Combes Quinoline derivatives from aniline and β-diketones
Conrad-Limpach quinoline synthesis Max Conrad and Leonhard Limpach Synthesis of quinoline from aniline and beta-keto esters
Cope elimination Arthur C. Cope Elimination reaction with N-oxides of tertiary amines
Cope rearrangement Arthur C. Cope [3,3] -sigmatropic rearrangement in 1,5-dienes Oxy-Cope rearrangement
Corey Bakshi Shibata Reduction Elias James Corey , Saizo Shibata and Raman K. Bakshi enantioselective reduction of unsymmetrical ketones
Corey-Fuchs reaction Elias James Corey and Philip L. Fuchs Synthesis of alkynes from aldehydes
Corey Gilman Ganem Oxidation Elias James Corey , Norman W. Gilman and BE Ganem Synthesis of α, β-unsaturated methyl esters
Corey House reaction Elias James Corey , Herbert O. House , Gary H. Posner, and George Whitesides Lithium cuprates react with halides under CC coupling
Corey-Kim oxidation Elias James Corey and Choung Un Kim Synthesis of aldehydes from primary alcohols and ketones from secondary alcohols
Corey-Nicolaou macrolactonization Elias James Corey and Kyriacos Costa Nicolaou Production of macrocyclic lactones (macrolides)
Corey-Schmidt oxidation Elias James Corey and Greg Schmidt Oxidation of an alcohol to an aldehyde or carboxylic acid ester
Corey-Seebach reaction Elias James Corey and Dieter Seebach Conversion of aldehydes into ketones via deprotonated dithioacetals
Corey-Suggs oxidation Elias James Corey and John William Suggs Oxidation of alcohols to carbonyl compounds with pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC)
Corey Winter Elimination Elias James Corey and Roland AE Winter Preparation of olefins from 1,2-diols
Cornforth rearrangement John W. Cornforth Rearrangement of carbonyl-substituted 1,3-oxazoles to isomeric 1,3-oxazoles
Criegee ozonolysis Rudolf Criegee 1,3-cycloaddition of ozone to alkenes and subsequent reactions
Criegee rearrangement Rudolf Criegee Rearrangement of the peroxyester of a tertiary alcohol into ketones , esters and carbonates
Curtius reaction Theodor Curtius thermal decomposition of carboxylic acid azides to isocyanates and their subsequent reactions


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Dakin reaction Henry Drysdale Dakin Synthesis of dihydric phenols
Dakin West reaction Henry Drysdale Dakin and Randolph West Conversion of α-amino acids into α-acetamidoketones using acetic anhydride and a base
Danheiser benzannelation Rick L. Danheiser
Darzens glycidate condensation Georges Darzens Oxiranecarboxylic acid esters through chain extension of aldehydes or ketones with α-chlorocarboxylic acid esters
Darzens halogenation Auguste Georges Darzens Synthesis of halogenated hydrocarbons from alcohols
Davidson oxazole cyclization David Davidson (chemist) Synthesis of substituted oxazoles from an O- acylacyloin
Delépine aldehyde oxidation Marcel Delépine Oxidation of an aldehyde to a carboxylic acid using silver (I) oxide catalysis
Delépine reaction Marcel Delépine Conversion of primary alkyl halides with hexamethylenetetramine to amines
De Mayo reaction Paul Jose de Mayo 1,5-diketo compounds from enolizable diketones and olefins, domino reaction from photoaddition and retro-aldol reaction
Demyanov rearrangement Nikolai Jakowlewitsch Demyanow Substitution of an amino group by a hydroxyl group
Dess-Martin oxidation Daniel Benjamin Dess and James Cullen Martin Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes or ketones
Diazotization Generation of diazonium salts from amines
Dieckmann condensation Walter Dieckmann intramolecular Claisen condensation
Diels-Alder reaction Otto Diels and Kurt Alder [2 + 4] cycloaddition
Dienol-benzene rearrangement Hans Plieninger and Rolf Müller Synthesis of a substituted benzene from a substituted dienol
Dienone-phenol rearrangement Karl von Auwers and Karl Ziegler Synthesis of a substituted phenol from a substituted dienone
Dimroth rearrangement Otto Dimroth a rearrangement reaction of exo- and endo-cyclic heteroatoms in heterocyclic rings
Di-π-methane rearrangement Gary L. Grunewald and Howard Zimmerman photochemical rearrangement of 1,4-dienes to vinylcyclopropanes
Doebner-Miller reaction Oskar Doebner and Wilhelm von Miller Preparation of quinoline and its derivatives Beyer method
Doebner reaction Oskar Doebner Synthesis of acid derivatives of quinoline
Doering-LaFlamme-Allen synthesis William von Eggers Doering and Paul M. LaFlamme Synthesis of allenes from olefins
Doetz reaction Karl Heinz Dötz Benzo annulation via chromium-carbene complexes
Duff reaction James Cooper Duff Formylation of electron-rich aromatics


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Eastwood olefination G. Crank and FW Eastwood Stereo-specific representation of alkenes
Edman breakdown Pehr Edman Method for determining the amino acid sequence of proteins and peptides
Eglinton reaction Geoffrey Eglinton Synthesis of symmetrical diynes from terminal alkynes
Honest Sachs reaction Paul Ehrlich and Franz Sachs Condensation of a methylene with an acomatic nitroso compound
Unicorn acylation Alfred Einhorn and Friedrich Hollandt Acylation of alcohols using anhydrides or carboxylic acid halides in a tertiary amine such as pyridine
Unicorn-Brunner reaction Alfred Einhorn and Karl Brunner Synthesis of 1,2,4-triazoles from hydrazines and diacylamines
Eisleb alkylation Otto Eisleb Alkylation reaction with an alkali halide
Elbs reaction Karl Elbs Pyrolysis of aromatic acyls to polynuclear aromatic systems
Elbe oxidation Karl Elbs Oxidation of phenols with persulfate
Eltekoff hydrolysis A. Eltekoff Hydrolysis of vinyl halides in aqueous alkaline solution for the production of carbonyl compounds (aldehydes or ketones)
Emde dismantling (also Hofmann-Emde dismantling) Hermann Emde Cleavage of quaternary ammonium salts to tertiary amines and hydrocarbons
Emmert reaction Bruno Emmert and Erich Asendorf Production of 2-pyridinedialkylcarbinol
Enders reagent Dieter Enders Asymmetric Synthesis Reagents (SAMP and RAMP)
Erlenmeyer synthesis Friedrich Gustav Karl Emil Erlenmeyer Synthesis of α-amino acids and α-keto acids from unsaturated azlactones
Erlenmeyer-Plöchl synthesis Friedrich Gustav Karl Emil Erlenmeyer and Josef Plöchl Synthesis of azlactones and amino acids
Eschenmoser fragmentation Albert Eschenmoser Synthesis of alkynes from epoxy ketones
Eschenmoser coupling Albert Fischli and Albert Eschenmoser Formation of vinylogous amides and urethanes
Eschweiler-Clarke methylation Wilhelm Eschweiler and Hans Thacher Clarke reductive alkylation of primary and secondary amines to tertiary amines with formaldehyde and formic acid
Ester pyrolysis William P. Ratchford Preparation of olefins by pyrolysis of carboxylic acid esters
Etard reaction Alexandre Léon Etard Oxidation of an alkyl-substituted phenyl derivative to an aldehyde


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Faworski reaction Alexei Yevgrafovich Faworsky Preparation of α-carbonylalkene from alkynes and carbonyls
Faworski rearrangement Alexei Yevgrafovich Faworsky Rearrangement of cyclopropanone derivatives or α-haloketones to carboxylic acids
Feist-Bénary reaction Franz Feist and Erich Bénary Conversion of β-dicarbonyl compounds with α-halogen carbonyl compounds
Fenton reaction Henry John Horstman Fenton Iron salt catalyzed oxidation of organic substrates
Ferrario-Ackermann reaction ME Ferrario and Fritz Ackermann Cyclization of diaryl ethers
Fetizon oxidation Marcel Fétizon and Michel Golfier mild oxidation of alcohols to carbonyl compounds
Finkelstein reaction Hans Finkelstein Replacement of a halogenyl substituent of an organic compound by a different halogen ion
Fischer-Helferich glycosylation Emil Fischer and Burckhardt Helferich Acid catalyzed synthesis of O - or S -Glykosiden
Fischer-Hepp rearrangement Otto Fischer and Eduard Hepp Synthesis of a nitroso compound from an isomeric aromatic nitrosamine
Fischer oxazole synthesis Emil Fischer Synthesis of 2,5-substituted oxazoles
Fischer phenylhydrazine synthesis Emil Fischer Synthesis of phenylhydrazine from aniline
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch Production of liquid hydrocarbons from synthesis gas
Fischer esterification Emil Fischer acid esterification with excess alcohol
Fischer's indole synthesis Emil Fischer Preparation of indoles by reacting aryl hydrazones with ketones in the presence of Lewis acids
Fleming-Tamao oxidation Kohei Tamao and Ian Fleming Synthesis of primary and secondary alcohols
Flood reaction EA Flood Synthesis of halotrialkylsilanes from hexaalkyldisiloxanes
Forster-Decker reaction Martin Onslow Forster and Hermann Decker Preparation of secondary amines from primary amines
Forster diazoketone synthesis Martin Onslow Forster Synthesis of diazoketones from α-ketooximes and chloramine
Franchimont condensation Antoine Paul Nicolas Franchimont Linking of two α-bromocarboxylic acid molecules to form a new carbon-carbon bond
Frankland Duppa Reaction Edward Frankland Production of 2-hydroxycarboxylic acid alkyl esters
Fráter-Seebach alkylation Georg Fráter, Dieter Seebach stereospecific alkylation of β-hydroxy ester in the α position
Friend reaction August friend Synthesis of cyclopropane Gustavson reaction
Friedel-Crafts acylation Charles Friedel and James Mason Crafts Acylation by electrophilic aromatic substitution
Friedel-Crafts alkylation Charles Friedel and James Mason Crafts Alkylation by electrophilic aromatic substitution
Friedlaender quinoline synthesis Paul Friedländer Reaction to produce quinoline
Frieze rearrangement Karl Theophil Fries Lewis acid catalyzed rearrangement of phenyl esters to aryl ketones
Fritsch-Buttenberg-Wiechell rearrangement Paul Fritsch , Wilhelm Paul Buttenberg , Heinrich G. Wiechell Synthesis of an alkyne from a 1,1-disubstituted vinyl halide
Fukuyama amine synthesis Tohru Fukuyama Two-step synthesis of secondary amines from primary amines
Fukuyama indole synthesis Tohru Fukuyama Indoles via radical intermediates
Fukuyama reduction Tohru Fukuyama Synthesis of aldehydes from thiol esters with triethylsilane in the presence of a palladium catalyst
Fürstner indole synthesis Alois Fürstner Indoles from o-acylaniline amides according to the McMurry reaction mechanism


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Gabriel-Colman rearrangement Siegmund Gabriel and James Colman Synthesis of substituted isoquinolines
Gabriel synthesis Siegmund Gabriel Synthesis of primary amines from alkyl halides and phthalimide potassium
Gassman indole synthesis Paul G. Gassman Synthesis of substituted indoles from aromatic amines
Gassman oxindole synthesis Paul G. Gassman Synthesis of oxindoles
Gassman reaction Paul G. Gassman Synthesis of ortho- alkylated anilines
Gattermann reaction Ludwig Gattermann Production of aromatic halides or aromatic nitriles by decomposing corresponding diazonium salts in the presence of copper powder
Gattermann synthesis Ludwig Gattermann Formylation of aromatics with HCN, HCl and Lewis acids
Gattermann-Adams synthesis Ludwig Gattermann and Roger Adams Formylation of aromatics with ZnCN 2 , HCl and Lewis acids
Gattermann-Koch synthesis Ludwig Gattermann and Julius Arnold Koch Formylation of aromatics with CO, HCl and Lewis acids
Gewald reaction Karl Gewald Synthesis of substituted 2-amino thiophenes
Ghosez cyclization Léon Ghosez Synthesis of δ-lactones
Gibbs-Wohl-naphthalene oxidation Harry D. Gibbs and Courtney Conover Synthesis of phthalic anhydride from naphthalene
Gilman-Speeter condensation Henry Gilman and Merrill E. Speeter Synthesis of a β - lactam from a Reformatzki reagent and an imine
Gilman-Van-Ess synthesis Henry Gilman and Paul R. van Ess Synthesis of ketones from carboxylic acids and lithium- alkyl compounds
Glaser coupling Carl Glaser Copper-catalyzed coupling of terminal alkynes to diynes
Glycol splitting (Criegee glycol splitting) Rudolf Criegee oxidative cleavage of vicinal diols
Glyoxaline method (imidazole method) Daan Van Leusen and Albert M. Van Leusen Synthesis of imidazoles from amines, glyoxal, aldehydes and ammonia
Gomberg-Bachmann reaction Moses Gomberg and Werner Emmanuel Bachmann Synthesis of unsymmetrical biphenyls
Gomberg radical reaction Moses Gomberg Synthesis of the triphenylmethyl radical
Gould-Jacobs reaction Gordon Gould and Walter Abraham Jacobs Production of quinoline derivatives
Graebe-Ullmann synthesis Carl Graebe and Fritz Ullmann Synthesis of carbazoles
Gribble amination Gordon W. Gribble Synthesis of indolines
Grignard degradation Wilhelm Steinkopf Dehalogenation of polyhalogen compounds
Grignard reaction Victor Grignard Reactions of Grignard reagents with electrophiles Organo-lithium reaction
Grignard reduction Victor Grignard Side reaction to the Grignard reaction in the reaction of sterically hindered Grignard reagents with ketones
Gross fragmentation Cyril A. Grob A compound is broken down into three fragments
Grosheintz-Fischer-Reissert aldehyde synthesis Jean M. Grosheintz , Hermann Otto Laurenz Fischer and Arnold Reissert Production of aldehydes from the corresponding acid chloride
Grundmann aldehyde synthesis Christoph Grundmann Synthesis of aldehydes from carboxylic acid chlorides
Guareschi reaction Icilio Guareschi Synthesis of pyridine derivatives
Guerbet condensation Marcel Guerbet Synthesis of longer-chain alcohols from primary or secondary alcohols
Gustavson reaction Gawriil Gawriilowitsch Gustawson Synthesis of cyclopropane Extension of the friend reaction


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Haber-Weiss reaction Fritz Haber and Joseph Joshua Weiss Synthesis of hydroxyl radicals from hydrogen peroxide and dioxide (1–)
Hajos-Parrish-Eder-Sauer-Wiechert reaction
(Eder-Sauer-Wiechert modification or Eder-Sauer-Wiechert reaction)
Zoltan Hajos , David R. Parrish , Ulrich Eder , Gerhard Sauer and Rudolf Wiechert Combination of an ( S ) - (-) - proline-catalyzed enantioselective Michael addition and a subsequent intramolecular aldol reaction that proceeds with cyclization Use of other mostly cyclic amino acids as a catalyst
Haller-Bauer reaction Albin Haller and E. Bauer Cleavage of non- enolizable ketones into alkanes and carboxamides
Haloform reaction (unicorn reaction) Alfred Einhorn oxidative cleavage of methyl ketones
Hammick reaction Dalziel Hammick Synthesis of 2-pyridine alcohols
Hansley-Prelog acyloin condensation VL Hansley, expanded by Vladimir Prelog intramolecular variant of acyloin condensation
Hantzsch synthesis of dihydropyridine Arthur Hantzsch Synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridines by condensation of β-diketones with aldehydes and ammonia
Hantzsch pyrrole synthesis Arthur Hantzsch Synthesis of pyrrole derivatives by reaction of β-ketoesters, amines and α-haloketones
Hass-Bender Oxidation Henry B. Hass and Myron L. Bender Preparation of substituted benzaldehydes
Haworth synthesis Robert Downs Haworth Synthesis of phenanthrene
Hayashi rearrangement Mosuke Hayashi acidification with sulfuric acid causes a rearrangement reaction of o-benzoylbenzoic acid
Heck reaction Richard F. Heck Palladium-catalyzed alkyl / arylation of olefins
Hegedus indole synthesis Louis S. Hegedus Indoles from o-allylanilines under Pd (II) catalysis
Heine reaction Harold W. Heine Isomerization of N- acylaziridines to the corresponding oxazoles
Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky reaction Carl Magnus von Hell , Jacob Volhard and Nikolay Dimitrievich Zelinsky α-halogenation of carboxylic acids
Helmchen synthesis Günter Helmchen Synthesis of chiral alcohols or carboxylic acids with the help of the Helmchen auxiliary
Hemetsberger indole synthesis Helfried Hemetsberger and Dierk Knittel Thermal decomposition of a 2-azidocinnamic acid ester into an indole-2-carboxylic acid ester
Henkel reaction Bernhard Raecke Synthesis of symmetrical dicarboxylic acids from the alkali salts of aromatic carboxylic acids
Henry reaction Louis Henry Base-catalyzed addition of nitroalkanes to aldehydes or ketones Aza-Henry reaction
Autumn angel transamination Robert M. Herbst and LL Engel the amino group of an amino acid is transferred to a keto acid, with a new amino acid and an aldehyde being formed
Heron rearrangement Stephen A. Glover Conversion of an amide with two substituents with heteroatoms on the nitrogen atom to an ester and a 1,1-diimine
Heart reaction Richard Heart Thiophenol derivative from aniline
Hetero-Diels-Alder reaction Synthesis of six-membered heterocycles with carbon – carbon double bonds
Heyns rearrangement Kurt Heyns Initial phase of the Maillard reaction
Hinsberg separation Oscar Hinsberg Synthesis of sulfonamides to identify various amines
Hinsberg thiophene synthesis Oscar Hinsberg Synthesis reaction for substituted thiophenes
High Campbell Reaction Joseph Hoch , expanded upon by Kenneth N. Campbell Synthesis of aziridines from oximes
Hock's phenol synthesis Heinrich Hock Synthesis of phenol and acetone from cumene - peroxide
Hofmann-Martius rearrangement August Wilhelm von Hofmann and Carl Alexander von Martius Rearrangement of N -alkylated aniline derivatives to ortho- and para -alkylated aniline derivatives
Hofmann rearrangement August Wilhelm von Hofmann Conversion of carboxamides into primary amines
Hofmann elimination August Wilhelm von Hofmann Degradation of amines to alkenes
Hofmann-Löffler-Freytag reaction August Wilhelm von Hofmann , K. Löffler and C. Freytag cyclic amines from acyclic amines
Hooker's oxidation Samuel Cox Hooker Oxidation of a 2-hydroxy-3-alkyl (or alkenyl) -1,4-benzoquinone leads to the exchange of a hydroxy and alkyl (alkenyl) group (the latter is also shortened by a methylene group)
Horenstein-Pählicke reaction Heinrich Horenstein and Herrmann Pählicke Halogen derivatives of tertiary amines react with salts of aromatic carboxylic acids
Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction Leopold Horner , William S. Wadsworth Jr., and William D. Emmons Wittig-related olefination of aldehydes or ketones with phosphonic acid diesters Still-Gennari olefination
Hosomi Sakurai reaction Akira Hosomi and Hideki Sakurai Implementation of carbonyl compounds and other electrophiles with allyl - silane
Houben-Hoesch reaction Josef Houben and Kurt Hoesch Acylation of electron-rich aromatics with nitriles, HCl and a Lewis acid with subsequent hydrolysis yields aryl ketones Houben-Fischer synthesis
Huisgen pyrrole synthesis Rolf Huisgen Synthesis of substituted pyrroles
Huisgen reaction Rolf Huisgen 1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of alkenes or alkynes with 1,3-dipolar molecules such as azides , nitrile oxides or diazoalkanes
Hunsdiecker condensation Heinz Hunsdiecker Synthesis of cyclopentenones
Hunsdiecker reaction Heinz Hunsdiecker and Claire Hunsdiecker Decarboxylation of primary silver or thallium (I) carboxylates by reaction with chlorine , bromine or iodine
Hurd-Mori reaction Charles D. Hurd and Raymond I. Mori Preparation of thiazoles
Hydroboration (Brown Hydroboration) Herbert Charles Brown Addition of boranes to olefins


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Ivanov reaction Dimitar Ivanov Addition of a carboxylate enolate to an aldehyde
Ipatiev synthesis Vladimir Nikolayevich Ipatiev Addition of a carbenium ion to alkenes without polymerization
Irvine-Purdie methylation James Irvine , Thomas Purdie Methylation of carbohydrates with iodomethane and silver (I) oxide


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Jacobsen epoxidation Eric N. Jacobsen enantioselective epoxidation of alkenes
Jacobsen reaction Josef Herzig , expanded by Oscar Jacobsen Sulphonation of tetrasubstituted benzenes
Japp-Klingemann reaction Francis Japp and Felix Klingemann Synthesis of aryl hydrazones by reaction of β-dicarbonyl compounds with diazonium salts
Jensen reaction Bror Skytte Jensen C – C linkage reaction for the synthesis of 4-acylpyrazolones
Johnson-Claisen rearrangement William Summer Johnson and Ludwig Claisen Ester synthesis
Johnson-Corey-Chaykovsky reaction A. William Johnson , expanded by Elias James Corey and Michael Chaykovsky Synthesis of epoxides , aziridines and cyclopropanes using sulfur ylides
Johnson-Polyene Cyclization William Summer Johnson cationic process for ring formation from alkenes
Jones oxidation Ewart Jones Oxidation of alcohol and aldehydes with chromium (VI) oxide
Julia olefination Marc Julia Synthesis of stereoselective alkenes from phenyl sulfones and ketones or aldehydes


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Kabachnik Fields reaction Martin Israilewitsch Kabachnik and Ellis K. Fields Multi-component reaction for the synthesis of α-aminophosphonates
Kahne glycosidation Daniel E. Kahne
Kauffmann olefination Thomas Kauffmann Converting a ketone or an aldehyde into a methylene group
Bold reaction Gary E. Keck Asymmetric allylation
Kemp decarboxylation Daniel S. Kemp Special case of the Kemp elimination
Kemp elimination Daniel S. Kemp Base-catalyzed ring opening of a benzisoxazole
Kiliani-Fischer synthesis Heinrich Kiliani and Emil Fischer Extension of the carbon chain of sugars
Kinugasa reaction Manabu Kinugasa Synthesis of β-lactams
Knoevenagel reaction Emil Knoevenagel Conversion of aldehydes or ketones with CH-acidic methylene compounds Doebner variant
Knorr quinoline synthesis Ludwig Knorr Preparation of quinolines from aniline and β-ketoesters
Knorr pyrrole synthesis Ludwig Knorr Synthesis of pyrroles by condensation of ketones with α-aminoketones
Koch reaction Herbert Koch Carboxylic acid synthesis from olefins ( alkenes ), carbon monoxide and water (hydroformylation)
Kocheshkov rearrangement Xenofont Alexandrovich Kocheshkov Comproportioning of tin tetraorganyls with tin tetrahalides
Kochi reaction Jay K. Kochi Decarboxylation of secondary and tertiary carboxylic acids by reaction with lead tetraacetate and lithium chloride
Koenigs-Knorr method Wilhelm Koenigs and Eduard Knorr synthetic production of glycosides from monosaccharide derivatives
Kolbe electrolysis Hermann Kolbe CC bond formation through anodic oxidation of carboxylic acids
Kolbe nitrile synthesis Hermann Kolbe Production of nitriles from alkyl halides and cyanide
Kolbe-Schmitt reaction Hermann Kolbe and Rudolf Schmitt Synthesis of hydroxybenzoic acids by carboxylation of phenates Salicylic Acid Synthesis
Kondakov acylation Ivan Lavrentevich Kondakov Synthesis of β-haloketones from alkenes and carboxylic acid halides Darzens olefin acylation, extension by Georges Darzens
Kondrat'eva pyridine synthesis GY Kondrat'eva Synthesis of pyridine derivatives from oxazole and a substituted alkene
Cornflower Oxidation Nathan Kornblum Conversion of alkyl halides into aldehydes with dimethyl sulfoxide
Korte rearrangement Friedhelm Korte Rearrangement of α-acyl lactones
Kostanecki-Robinson reaction Stanislaus von Kostanecki and Robert Robinson Production of coumarin or chromones Allan-Robinson condensation is part of it
Krapcho decarboxylation Andrew Paul Krapcho Decarboxylation of malonic acid esters, β-ketocarboxylic acid esters and similar compounds
Kröhnke pyridine synthesis Fritz Kröhnke Synthesis of substituted pyridines from pyridine or pyridine derivatives
Kulinkovich reaction Oleg Grigoryevich Kulinkovich Synthesis of cyclopropanol / cyclopropylamine derivatives by reaction of Grignard compounds in the presence of titanium (IV) isopropoxide
Kumada clutch Makoto Kumada Nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling
Kutscherov reaction Mikhail Grigoryevich Kutscherow Synthesis of aldehydes or ketones from alkynes


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Lander rearrangement Henry L. Wheeler, Treat B. Johnson, and David F. McFarland, expanded by George Druce Lander Thermal conversion of an alkyl imidate into an N -alkyl amide
Landolt reaction Hans Heinrich Landolt As Ioduhr known actor trial
Larock indole synthesis Richard C. Larock Synthesis of indoles by palladium-catalyzed annulation
Laux process Julius Laux Synthesis of aniline
Letts nitrile synthesis Edmund A. Letts Preparation of aromatic nitriles from acids with potassium thiocyanate
Lehmstedt – Tănăsescu reaction Ioan Tănăsescu and Kurt Lehmstedt Acridones made from 2-nitrobenzaldehyde and aromatic components
Leuckart-Wallach reaction Rudolf Leuckart and Otto Wallach reductive alkylation of carbonyls with formic acid to give amines
Ley oxidation Steven Ley Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes or ketones with tetrapropylammonium perruthenate (TPAP)
Love reaction Justus von Liebig and Adolf Lieben Monomethyl ketones are converted into carboxylic acids shortened by one carbon atom; the methyl group of the methyl ketone is split off as haloform (e.g. iodoform) at the same time
Liebermann-Burchard reaction Carl Liebermann and Hans Burchard Detection reaction to cholesterol with acetic anhydride and concentrated sulfuric acid
Lobry-de-Bruyn-Alberda-van-Ekenstein rearrangement Cornelis Adriaan Lobry van Troostenburg de Bruyn and Willem Alberda van Ekenstein Base-catalyzed aldose-ketose isomerization
Lossen dismantling Wilhelm Lossen Degradation of hydroxamic acid derivatives to isocyanates
Luche reduction Jean-Louis Luche Reduction of aldehydes and ketones with cerium (III) chloride and reducing agents such as sodium borohydride
Lüttringhaus rearrangement Arthur Lüttringhaus Diaryl ethers in o-arylphenols


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Maillard reaction Louis Camille Maillard complex reaction system that is responsible for browning food during roasting
Madelung indole synthesis Walter Madelung Indole synthesis, starting from 2-alkylated anilides
Maitland-Japp reaction Francis Japp and William Maitland Preparation of tetrahydropyranone derivatives from ketones and aldehydes
Makosza reaction Mieczysław Mąkosza Introduction of alkyl residues with functional groups in electrophilic aromatics
Malonic ester synthesis William Henry Perkin Jr. Alkylation of malonic acid esters
Mannich reaction Carl Mannich Amino-methylation of C-acidic compounds with formaldehyde and an amine / ammonia Mannich-Eschenmoser methylenation
Marshalk reaction Charles H. Marschalk Introduction of substituents on phenolic anthraquinones
Martinet reaction Joseph Martinet and André Guyot Synthesis of dioxindole
McCormack reaction William B. McCormack Synthesis of phospholene oxides
McFadyen-Stevens reaction John S. McFayden and Thomas S. Stevens Synthesis of aromatic or heteroaromatic aldehydes
McLafferty rearrangement Fred McLafferty Reaction in the mass spectrometer
McMurry reaction John E. McMurry Coupling of ketones to alkenes
Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction Hans Meerwein , Wolfgang Ponndorf and Albert Verley Reduction of aldehydes or ketones to primary and secondary alcohols in the presence of aluminum alcoholates
Sea wine reduction Hans Meerwein Dediazonation of aryldiazonium salts
Meisenheimer rearrangement Jakob Meisenheimer Synthesis of alkoxyamines from amine oxides
Menke nitriding Jean Babtiste Menke Nitration of aromatics
Menschutkin reaction Nikolai Alexandrovich Menshutkin Formation of quaternary ammonium salts
Meyer-Hartmann reaction Christoph Hartmann Victor Meyer Synthesis of diaryliodonium salts
Meyer-Schuster rearrangement Kurt Heinrich Meyer and Kurt Schuster Rearrangement of secondary and tertiary propargylic alcohols to α, β-unsaturated ketones
Meyers synthesis Albert I. Meyers Synthesis of aldehydes from oxazines
Michael addition Arthur Michael 1,4-addition of nucleophiles to α-β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds
Michaelis-Arbusow reaction August Michaelis , Alexander Jerminingeldowitsch Arbusow and Boris Alexandrowitsch Arbusow Synthesis of phosphonic acid esters (also: Arbusow reaction)
Miescher mining , also Meystre-Miescher mining Charles Meystre and Karl Miescher Breakdown of the side chain of bile acids
Mignonac reaction Gilbert Thomas Morgan and Leslie Percy Walls Optimization of the Picetet-Hubert reaction . Used for the synthesis of phenanthridine and its derivatives
Minisci reaction Francesco Minisci radical substitution of alkyl and acyl radicals on aromatics
Mislow-Evans rearrangement Kurt Mislow and David Evans Preparation of alkenols from alpha-substituted allyl sulfoxides
Mitsunobu reaction Oyo Mitsunobu Synthesis of esters, phenol ethers and the like a. from primary and secondary alcohols with triphenylphosphine and diethylazodicarboxylate Mitsunobu lactonization
Morgan Walls reaction Georges Mignonac Synthesis of primary amines
Moureau-Mignonac imine synthesis C. Moureau and G. Mignonac Production of imines from nitriles by Grignard compounds
Mukaiyama aldol reaction Teruaki Mukaiyama Crossed aldol reaction Mukaiyama-Michael reaction
Mukaiyama-Michael reaction Teruaki Mukaiyama Addition of enol silanes to α, β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds
Müller-Rochow synthesis Eugene G. Rochow and Richard Müller Process for the large-scale production of chloro (methyl) silanes


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Nagata response Wataru Nagata Hydrocyanation
Nazarov cyclization Ivan Nikolayevich Nazarow Cyclization of divinyl ketones to give cyclopentenones
Neber rearrangement Peter Neber Synthesis of α-aminated ketones from ketones
Nef reaction John Ulric Nef Synthesis of carbonyl compounds from nitroalkanes
Negishi clutch Ei-ichi Negishi CC bond formation between allylic, aromatic or olefinic residues via zinc-organic compounds
Nenitzescu indole synthesis Costin Nenitzescu Synthesis of 5-hydroxy-indoles from p -benzoquinone
Newman-Kwart rearrangement Alexander Schönberg , expanded by Melvin Spencer Newman and Harold Kwart Rearrangement of alkyl-substituted thionourethanes to thiolourethanes
Nicholas reaction Kenneth M. Nicholas Preparation of alkylated alkynes from propargyl alcohols or ethers
Niementowski reaction Stefan Niementowski Synthesis of quinazolines
Kidney stone reaction Maximilian kidney stone Conversion of carboxylic acid chloride into chloromethyl ketones with diazomethanes
Norrish reaction Ronald George Wreyford Norrish photochemical radical reactions of carbonyl compounds
Noyori hydrogenation Ryōji Noyori
Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi reaction Hitosi Nozaki , Tamejiro Hiyama and Yoshito Kishi Nickel-catalyzed chromium-mediated coupling reaction


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Oppenauer oxidation Rupert Viktor Oppenauer Reverse reaction of the Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction; Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to the corresponding aldehydes or ketones in the presence of aluminum alcoholates
Ortoleva-King reaction Giovanni Ortoleva , expanded by L. Carroll King Synthesis of pyridinium iodide salts
Orton rearrangement Kennedy Joseph Previté Orton , G. Bender, Henry Edward Armstrong Chlorine rearrangement on anilides
Overman rearrangement Larry E. Overman Allyl alcohols react with trichloroacetonitrile under basic conditions, resulting in rearranged trichloroacetic acid amides
Oxymercuration , also Hofmann-Sand reaction KA Hofmann, JW Sand Markovnikov-selective anti-addition of OH and Hg (II) with subsequent reduction
Ozonolysis Rudolf Criegee Cleavage of alkenes to carbonyl compounds


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Paal-Knorr synthesis Carl Paal and Ludwig Knorr Synthesis of heterocycles from 1,4-diketones
Parikh-Doering oxidation Jekishan R. Parikh and William von Eggers Doering Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones similar to the Swern oxidation with DMSO and sulfur trioxide - pyridine complex
Passerini reaction Mario Passerini Synthesis of α-hydroxycarboxamides from carboxylic acid, ketone and isocyanide Ugi reaction
Paternò-Büchi reaction Emanuele Paternò and George Büchi photochemical [2 + 2] cycloaddition of carbonyl with olefin
Pauly reaction Hermann Pauly Detection reaction for the amino acids tyrosine and histidine
Pauson-Khand reaction Peter Pauson and Ihsan U. Khand Synthesis of substituted cyclopentenones from alkene, an alkyne and carbon monoxide with dicobalt octacarbonyl
Payne rearrangement George B. Payne enantiospecific rearrangement of epoxides
Pechmann pyrazole synthesis Hans von Pechmann Synthesis of pyrazoles
Pechmann reaction Hans von Pechmann Synthesis of coumarin derivatives
Pellizzari reaction Guido Pellizzari Synthesis of 1,2,4-triazoles
Perkin's reaction William Henry Perkin Ester condensation-analogous reaction
Perkow reaction Werner Perkow Synthesis of vinyl phosphates from ketones
Petasis-Ferrier rearrangement Nicos A. Petasis and Robert J. Ferrier Conversion of an enol acetal into a tetrahydropyranone under the action of a Lewis acid
Peterson olefination Donald John Peterson Alkene synthesis by syn elimination from β-hydroxysilanes
Petrenko-Krittschenko synthesis of piperidone Pavel Ivanovich Petrenko-Krittschenko Precursor to the Robinson-Schöpf reaction
Pfitzinger reaction
(Pfitzinger-Borsche reaction)
Wilhelm Pfitzinger and Walther Borsche ; Josef Halberkann Synthesis of quinoline derivatives from isatin and carbonyl compounds Half-can variant
Phillips-Ladenburg Benzimidazole Synthesis MA Phillips and Albert Ladenburg Synthesis of benzimidazoles
Pictet-Spengler reaction Amé Pictet and Theodor Spengler Preparation of isoquinolines from imines and iminium salts
Piloty-Robinson pyrrole synthesis Oskar Piloty , Robert Robinson and Gertrude Maud Robinson Synthesis of pyrroles from azines
Pfitzner-Moffatt oxidation Klaus E. Pfitzner and John G. Moffatt mild method for the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols with N, N'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) into the corresponding aldehydes or ketones
Pinacol coupling Rudolph Fittig reductive coupling of two ketones to form a 1,2-diol
Pinacol rearrangement Alexander Mikhailovich Butlerov Acid-catalyzed rearrangement of 1,2-diols
Pinner reaction Adolf Pinner Reaction of a nitrile with an alcohol with acid catalysis; the result is the salt of an imino ester
Pinnick oxidation Harold W. Pinnick Oxidation of α, β-unsaturated aldehydes to α, β-unsaturated carboxylic acids using sodium chlorite
Plancher rearrangement
(Ciamician-Plancher rearrangement)
Giuseppe Plancher , Giacomo Luigi Ciamician Rearrangement of an alkyl / aryl group in disubstituted indolin-3-ol
Polonovski reaction Max Polonovski Rearrangement of amine oxides
Pomeranz-Fritsch reaction Cesar Pomeranz and Paul Fritsch Synthesis of isoquinoline from benzaldehyde and aminoacetaldehyde diethylacetal
Ponzio reaction Giacomo Ponzio Synthesis of 3-nitro- (2-dinitromethyl) -benzene
Porter-Silver Reaction Curt C. Porter and Robert H. Silber Detection of dihydroxyacetone structures
Prévost hydroxylation Charles Prévost 1,2-dihydroxy addition to CC double bonds Prévost-Woodward hydroxylation
Prévost-Woodward hydroxylation Charles Prévost and Robert B. Woodward 1,2-dihydroxy addition to CC double bonds Prévost hydroxylation
Prileshayev reaction Nikolai Alexandrovich Prileschajew Synthesis of epoxides from alkenes and peroxycarboxylic acids
Prins reaction Hendrik Jacobus Prins electrophilic addition of an aldehyde or ketone to an alkene or alkyne
Prins pinacol rearrangement Hendrik Jacobus Prins
Pschorr cyclization Robert Pschorr Intramolecular ring closure of aromatic amines
Pummerer rearrangement Rudolf Pummerer Conversion of sulfoxides with acid anhydrides to α-acyloxysulfides


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Quasi-Favorski rearrangement Alexei Yevgrafovich Faworsky
Quelet reaction
(Blanc-Quelet reaction)
R. Quelet and Gustave Louis Blanc an electron-rich aromatic (e.g. anisole) is substituted in the para position by an α-haloalkyl radical Blanc reaction


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Radziszewski synthesis Bronisław Leonard Radziszewski Preparation of imidazole and its derivatives from diketones, ammonia and aldehydes
Ramberg-Bäcklund reaction Ludwig Ramberg and Birger Bäcklund Rearrangement of α-halosulfones to olefins in the presence of bases
Raschig Hooker Trial Fritz Raschig and Hooker Large-scale process for the production of phenol
Raschig trial Fritz Raschig Large-scale process for the production of hydroxylamine
Raschig synthesis Fritz Raschig Large-scale process for the production of hydrazine
Reed reaction (sulfochlorination) Cortes F. Reed Sulfochlorination of alkanes
Reformatzki reaction Sergei Nikolaevich Reformatsky Synthesis of β-hydroxycarboxylic acid esters from α-halocarboxylic acid esters and aldehydes / ketones in the presence of metallic Zn
Regitz diazo transfer Otto Dimroth and Manfred Regitz Base-induced transfer of a diazo group to CH-acidic compounds
Reichstein synthesis Tadeus Reichstein chemical-microbiological process for the production of ascorbic acid from D-glucose
Reilly-Hickinbottom rearrangement Joseph Reilly and Wilfred John Hickinbottom Variant of the Hofmann-Martius rearrangement
Reimer-Tiemann reaction Karl Reimer and Ferdinand Tiemann Synthesis of aromatic aldehydes with chloroform via a dichlorocarbene
Reissert indole synthesis Arnold Reissert Synthesis of indoles
Reissert reaction Arnold Reissert Functionalization of six-membered nitrogen aromatics
Reverdin reaction Frédéric Reverdin Nitration of 4-iodanisole with rearrangement of the iodine group
Riemschneider reaction Randolph Riemschneider Representation of thiocarbamates
Riley oxidation Harry Lister Riley Production of 1,2-diketones from carbonyl compounds in the alpha methyl or methylene group using selenium dioxide
Knight reaction John Joseph Ritter Amide synthesis from nitriles and substrates that can form carbenium ions
Robinson annulation Robert Robinson Sequence of Michael addition and aldol condensation for the generation of six-ring systems
Robinson-Gabriel synthesis Robert Robinson and Siegmund Gabriel Synthesis of oxazoles
Robinson-Schöpf reaction Robert Robinson and Clemens Schöpf Multicomponent reaction with double Mannich reaction for the production of tropinone and other tropane alkaloids
Rosenmund reduction Karl Wilhelm Rosenmund Reduction of acid chlorides to aldehydes with H 2 over a poisoned Pd catalyst
Rosenmund-von-Braun reaction Karl Wilhelm Rosenmund and Julius von Braun Production of aryl nitriles from aryl bromides and copper (I) cyanide Sandmeyer reaction
Rothemund reaction Paul Rothemund Synthesis of meso- substituted porphyrins
Roush reaction William R. Roush Asymmetric allylation
Rowe rearrangement Frederick Maurice Rowe Synthesis of phthalazinones
Rubottom Oxidation George M. Rubottom α-hydroxylation of aldehydes and ketones
Ruff dismantling Otto Ruff Oxidation of aldonic acids with hydrogen peroxide to the next lower aldose
Rühlmann condensation Klaus Rühlmann Condensation of two esters to form α-hydroxycarbonyl compounds in the presence of trimethylsilyl chloride
Ružička ring synthesis Leopold Ružička Synthesis of cyclic ketones from dicarboxylic acids


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Sabatier trial Paul Sabatier and Jean Baptiste Senderens Conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen into methane and water
Saegusa-Ito oxidation Takeo Saegusa and Yoshihiko Ito Oxidation of silylated enol ethers to enones
Sakurai reaction
(Hosomi Sakurai reaction)
Hideki Sakurai and Akira Hosomi Implementation of carbonyl compounds and other electrophiles with allyl - silane
Sandmeyer reaction Traugott Sandmeyer Introduction of various substituents (e.g. -Br, -SH, -CN) in aromatics via aryldiazonium salts, mostly in the presence of Cu (I) ions
Sarett oxidation Lewis Hastings Sarett Gentle oxidation of a primary or secondary alcohol
Schiemann reaction
(Balz-Schiemann reaction)
Günther Schiemann Introduction of fluorine substituents in aromatics via aryldiazonium tetrafluoroborates
Schlenk balance Wilhelm Schlenk Solvent-dependent behavior of Grignard compounds
Schmidt reaction Karl-Friedrich Schmidt Rearrangement at the nitrogen atom: preparation of carboxamides from ketone and hydrazoic acid
Scholl reaction Roland Scholl Coupling of aromatics
Schöllkopf method Ulrich Schöllkopf stereoselective amino acid synthesis
Schotten-Baumann method Carl Schotten and Eugen Baumann Preparation of esters and amides via carboxylic acid chloride, alcohol / amine and aqueous base Unicorn acylation
Semmler-Wolff reaction Friedrich Wilhelm Semmler , expanded by Ludwig Wolff Preparation of aromatic amines
Serini reaction Karl Heinrich Slotta and Klaus Neisser , expanded by Arthur Serini Zinc-catalyzed conversion of steroidal 17-hydroxy-20-acetic acid esters into ketones with unchanged steroid backbones
Seyferth-Gilbert chain extension Dietmar Seyferth and John C. Gilbert Reaction of aldehydes and ketones to form alkynes Bestmann modification
Shapiro reaction Robert H. Shapiro Synthesis of alkenes or lithium alkenes from carbonyl compounds
Sharpless epoxidation Barry Sharpless enantioselective synthesis of epoxides from allylic alcohols
Shi epoxidation Yian Shi
Simmons-Smith reaction Howard E. Simmons and Ronald D. Smith Cyclopropanation of alkenes by zinc carbenoids
Simonini reaction Angelo Simonini Production of aliphatic esters
Skattebøl rearrangement Lars Skattebøl Obtaining allenes from geminal dihalocyclopropanes using an organolithium base
Skraup synthesis Zdenko Hans Skraup Preparation of quinoline and its derivatives Doebner-Miller reaction
Smiles rearrangement Samuel Smiles Intramolecular, nucleophilic aromatic substitution Truce Smiles rearrangement
Soai reaction Kenso Soai Alkylation reaction on a pyrimidine aldehyde
Sommelet synthesis Marcel Sommelet Conversion of primary alkyl halides with hexamethylenetetramine to amines
Sommelet-Hauser rearrangement Marcel Sommelet and Charles R. Hauser Rearrangement of quaternary ammonium salts to tertiary amines
Sonn-Müller reaction Adolf Sonn and Ernst Müller Synthesis of aldehydes from aromatic anilides
Sonogashira coupling Kenkichi Sonogashira Cross-coupling of terminal alkynes with aryl halides catalyzed by palladium and copper
Staudinger ketene cycloaddition Hermann Staudinger Synthesis of β-lactams
Staudinger reaction Hermann Staudinger Synthesis of amines from azides
Steglich esterification Wolfgang Steglich Esterification with dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC) as coupling reagent and 4- (dimethylamino) pyridine (DMAP) as catalyst
Stephen Aldehyde Synthesis Henry Stephen Synthesis of aldehydes from nitriles
Stephens-Castro coupling Robert D. Stephens and Charles E. Castro Preparation of arylalkynes from terminal alkynes by means of copper-catalyzed cross-coupling of an aryl iodide and a copper acetylide
Stetter reaction Hermann Stetter Umpolung of aldehydes with catalytic amounts of sodium cyanide in DMF , followed by a Michael addition
Stevens rearrangement Thomas S. Stevens Rearrangement of quaternary ammonium salts with an electron-withdrawing group in the α-position to give tertiary amines
Stickland reaction Leonard Hubert Stickland Coupled fermentation of two α-amino acids with simultaneous deamination
Silence coupling John Kenneth silence Palladium -catalyzed coupling of an organotin compound with an sp 2 -hybridized organic halide
Stille Kelly coupling John Kenneth Stille and T. Ross Kelly
Stobbe condensation Johann Stobbe Variant of Claisen condensation with diethyl succinate as the CH-acidic component
Stollé synthesis Robert Stollé Indole preparation from aniline derivatives and 2-halocarboxylic acid chlorides
Stork reaction Gilbert Stork Synthesis of 1,5-dicarbonyls from enamines Michael addition
Strecker reduction Adolph Strecker Irreversible, oxidative degradation of α-amino acids to aldehydes and ketones
Strecker synthesis Adolph Strecker Synthesis of α-aminocarboxylic acid nitriles or amino acids from aldehydes, ammonia and hydrocyanic acid
Suzuki clutch Akira Suzuki Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling between organoboronic acids and aryl halides
Swarts reaction Frédéric Swarts Synthesis of fluorocarbons and fluorochlorohydrocarbons
Swern oxidation Daniel Swern Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones with DMSO and oxalyl chloride various electrophiles instead of oxalyl chloride


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Takai-Lombardo reaction Kazuhiko Takai and Luciano Lombardo Methylation of unreactive ketones
Takai olefination Kazuhiko Takai Reaction of an aldehyde with a diorganochromium compound and leads to the alkene
Tebbe methylenation Frederick Nye Tebbe Double bonds from carbonyl compounds with the Tebbe reagent Lombardy , Petasis
Ter-sea reaction Edmund ter Meer Conversion of a geminal nitrohalogenoalkane into a geminal dinitroalkane
Thorpe-Ziegler reaction Jocelyn Field Thorpe and Karl Ziegler Preparation of heterocycles and macrocyclic ketones
Tiffeneau ring expansion
(Tiffeneau-Demjanow reaction)
Nikolai Jakowlewitsch Demjanow and Marc Tiffeneau Ring expansion in cyclic ketones, also named additionally or solely after Demjanow
Tishchenko reaction
(Claisen-Tishchenko reaction)
Ludwig Claisen and Vyacheslav Yevgenyevich Tishchenko Condensation of aldehydes to esters using aluminum alcoholate in an anhydrous reaction medium
Traubean synthesis Wilhelm Traube Synthesis of purine derivatives
Driving reaction Wilhelm Treibs Acetoxylation of an alkene in the allyl position
Trost's asymmetric allylic alkylation Barry Trost Palladium-catalyzed allylic substitution
Cherniak-unicorn reaction Joseph Tscherniak , Alfred Einhorn Condensation of N -hydroxymethylamides or N -hydroxymethylimides with various aromatic compounds
Chichibabin pyridine synthesis Alexei Yevgenyevich Chichibabin Synthesis of pyridine derivatives from aldehydes and ammonia
Chichibabin reaction Alexei Yevgenyevich Chichibabin Preparation of 2- or 4-aminopyridines or -quinolines from heteroaromatics
Chugayev reaction , also Chugaev reaction Lev Alexandrovich Chugayev terminal olefins (by pyrolysis of alkylated xanthates)
Tsuji consolation response Jirō Tsuji and Barry Trost Palladium-catalyzed allylic alkylation


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Ugi reaction Ivar Karl Ugi Synthesis of α-aminoacylamide derivatives from aldehydes, amines, carboxylic acids and isocyanides (4-component condensation) Passerini reaction , 3-component Ugi reaction (synthesis of α-aminoacylamide derivatives from imines, carboxylic acids and isocyanides)
Ullmann reaction Fritz Ullmann Synthesis of biaryls from aryl halides with elemental copper
Urech hydantoin synthesis Friedrich Urech Synthesis of hydantoins from α-amino acids


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Van Leusen reaction Albert Van Leusen Synthesis of nitriles from ketones and tosylmethyl isocyanide
Varrentrapp reaction Franz Varrentrapp Degradation of unsaturated carboxylic acids to carboxylic acids with two fewer carbon atoms, acetic acid and hydrogen
Victor Meyer reaction Victor Meyer Substitution reaction
Vilsmeier-Haack reaction Anton Vilsmeier and Albrecht Haack Formylation reaction with N-alkylated formamides and phosphorus oxychloride (POCl 3 )
Voges-Proskauer reaction Otto Voges and Bernhard Proskauer Testing of bacterial cultures for the formation of 3-hydroxy-2-butanone
Voigt reaction Karl Voigt Condensation reaction that leads to the formation of secondary or tertiary α-amino-ketones
Von Braun dismantling Julius von Braun Synthesis of nitriles and halogenated hydrocarbons from a carboxamide
Von Braun reaction Julius von Braun Synthesis of substituted cyanamides from tertiary amines
Von Braun Rudolph synthesis
(von Braun Rudolph tetrazole synthesis)
Julius von Braun and Walter Rudolph Synthesis of tetrazole derivatives
Von Richter reaction Victor von Richter Synthesis of aromatic acids from nitrobenzene derivatives


Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Wacker process (Wacker-Hoechst process) Walter Hafner and Jürgen Smidt u. a. ( Wacker Chemie ) Oxidation of alkenes to carbonyl compounds using palladium (II) chloride , copper and oxygen
Wagner-Jauregg reaction Theodor Wagner-Jauregg Construction of a naphthalene structure from diaryl ethers and maleic anhydride
Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement Georg Wagner and Hans Meerwein Framework rearrangement of carbocations
Walden reversal , Waldensche reversal Paul Walden Change of configuration at a stereochemical center (usually a C atom)
Gelding rearrangement Otto Wallach acid-catalytic rearrangement of azoxybenzenes to hydroxyazobenzenes
Weermann dismantling Rudolf Adrian Weermann Degradation of amides to aldehydes with one carbon atom less
Weinreb reaction Steven M. Weinreb Weinreb amide synthesis
Weinreb amide ketone synthesis Steven M. Weinreb Conversion of carboxylic acids to ketones or aldehydes Ketone synthesis
Wenker synthesis Henry Wenker Preparation of aziridine from ethanolamine
Wharton fragmentation Peter S. Wharton Breakdown or fragmentation of carbon chains with heterogeneous nucleophiles and leaving groups
Wharton olefin synthesis Peter S. Wharton Reduction of α, β-epoxy ketones to allyl alcohols
Weiss reaction (Weiss-Cook condensation) Ulrich Weiss and James M. Cook Synthesis of bicyclo [3.3.0] octanes
Wender indole synthesis Paul Wender Synthesis of indole derivatives
Westphalen rearrangement Theodor Westphalen Rearrangement of a methyl group and the resulting formation of a double bond
Willgerodt-Kindler reaction Conrad Willgerodt and Karl Kindler Preparation of arylacetic acid from aryl methyl ketones
Williamson ether synthesis Alexander William Williamson Synthesis of ethers via alcoholate / phenolate and alkyl halide
Wittig-Horner reaction Georg Wittig and Leopold Horner Olefination of aldehydes using alkyldiphenylphosphine oxides
Wittig reaction Georg Wittig Olefination of aldehydes and ketones using phosphorylides Locksmith variant or lithium-free variant
Wittig rearrangement Georg Wittig Rearrangement of ethers to alcohols 1,2-Wittig rearrangement and 2,3-Wittig rearrangement
Well-degradation Alfred Wohl Aldoses are shortened by one carbon atom
Well-Aue reaction Alfred Wohl and Wilhelm Aue Formation of a phenazine from an organic nitro compound and an aniline derivative
Wohl-Ziegler reaction Alfred Wohl and Karl Ziegler allylic bromination of olefins with N-bromosuccinimide
Wolff-Kishner reaction Ludwig Wolff and Nikolai Matwejewitsch Kischner Deoxygenation of aldehydes and ketones via hydrazone
Wolff rearrangement Ludwig Wolff Ketenes from alpha-diazoketones
Wolffenstein-Böters reaction Richard Wolffenstein , Oscar Boeters Synthesis of dinitrophenol and trinitrophenol (picric acid)
Wurtz synthesis Charles Adolphe Wurtz Coupling of two alkyl halides to form alkanes
Wurtz-Fittig synthesis Charles Adolphe Wurtz and Rudolph Fittig Conversion of alkyl and aryl halides with sodium to alkylated aromatics


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Surname Explorer Brief description variants
Yamada clutch Shun-ichi Yamada Condensation reaction of a carboxylic acid and an amine to form an amide
Yamaguchi method Masaru Yamaguchi Formation of macrolide lactones from hydroxycarboxylic acids


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Zerewitinov's reaction Fyodor Wassiljewitsch Zerewitinow Determination of H-acidic hydrogen atoms by adding Grignard reagent
Ziegler-Hafner synthesis Karl Ziegler and Klaus Hafner Synthesis for azulenes
Ziegler-Natta process Karl Ziegler and Giulio Natta stereospecific polymerization of double bonds with Ziegler-Natta catalysts
Zincke reaction Theodor Zincke Synthesis of pyridinium compounds from pyridines
Zincke-Suhl reaction Theodor Zincke and Rütger Suhl Reaction of p-cresol with carbon tetrachloride
Zincke nitriding Theodor Zincke Synthesis of nitrophenols
Zinin Reduction Nikolai Nikolayevich Sinin Reduction of aromatic nitro compounds to the corresponding aniline derivatives
Zwikker reaction Jan Jacobus Lijnst Zwikker Color reaction for the detection of barbiturates

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