List of classical music singers

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The division of the singers into the epochs of their work is intended to make the list clear and usable. The division into smooth century boundaries was purely arbitrary - there are borderline cases with every division of time.

The assignment of the singers to the columns is roughly based on the period of the climax of the singing career. A subsequent activity as a professor, conductor etc. should not be taken into account for the classification. Singers whose careers are clearly on both sides of a century line can also be named in two columns.


To 1900 20th century After 2000


To 1900 20th century After 2000


To 1900 20th century After 2000


20th century After 2000


Tenors that are not listed here may also be found in the section "Easy / popular classical"

To 1900 20th century After 2000


To 1900 20th century After 2000


To 1900 20th century After 2000

"Light / popular classical"


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