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This is a list of well-known people who died in 1896 . The entries are made alphabetically within the individual data. Animals can be found in the necrology for animals .


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
January 1st Alfred Ely Beach American inventor, publisher, and patent attorney 69
January 1st Joseph Grimm German Catholic theologian and university professor 68
January 1st Ewald lion German judge 58
January 2nd Walthère Frère-Orban Belgian statesman 83
January 3rd Lucius B. Darling American politician 68
January 3rd Henry Maurice Drummond-Hay Scottish ornithologist 81
January 3rd Adolf von Glümer Prussian officer, most recently general of the infantry 81
January 4th Alexander of Prussia Prussian general of the infantry 75
January 4th Joseph Hubert Reinkens German university professor and Roman Catholic priest 74
January 4th Wilhelm von Wymetal Austrian journalist and writer 57
January 5th James Wallace Black American professional photographer 70
January 5th Anton Philipp Reclam German publisher and bookseller 88
January 5th Heinrich Waldmann German theologian and member of the Frankfurt National Assembly 84
January 7th Rudolf Schweinitz German sculptor 56
January 8th Colin Blackburn, Baron Blackburn British lawyer 82
January 8th Vincent Fischer Swiss lawyer and politician 79
January 8th Giuseppe Maria Granniello Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 61
January 8th William Rainey Marshall American politician 70
January 8th Paul Verlaine French lyric poet 51
January 9th Oskar Korsch Prussian Member of Parliament and President of the Marienwerder Higher Regional Court 64
January 9th Guillaume Vogels Belgian painter 59
10. January Heinrich Bang Mayors of Wesel and Mülheim an der Ruhr 57
10. January August from Eye German poet, philosopher, writer, cultural and art historian and painter 70
11th January Francis Channing Barlow General of the United States Army in the Civil War 61
11th January Louis Arthur von Briesen Prussian lieutenant general 76
11th January João de Deus Portuguese poet and educator 65
11th January Carl Friedrich Tenge German landowners and industrialists 71
11th January George G. Wright American lawyer and politician 75
January 12th Louis Lot French flute maker 88
13th January Friedrich Friese III Organ builder 68
January 14th August Lamey German politician (NLP), MdR 79
15. January Dietrich Otto von Berlepsch German lawyer and church politician, member of the first chamber of the Saxon state parliament 72
15. January Mathew B. Brady American photographer and chronicler of the American Civil War 73
15. January Charles Jonas American politician 55
15. January Alexander Schadenberg German chemist, explorer and ethnographer 43
January 16 Richard von Meerheimb Saxon officer, finally colonel, and writer 71
January 16 Moritz Rühlmann German mechanic and mathematician 84
January 16 Karl Gustav Rümelin American politician 81
January 16 Philipp Rumpf German painter and etcher 74
January 16 Nathaniel B. Smithers American politician 77
January 17th Friedrich Kruger German lawyer and Hanseatic diplomat 76
January 17th Frank Lawler American politician 53
January 18th Lewis Bennett American long distance runner 68
January 18th Charles Thomas Floquet French politician and prime minister 67
January 18th Hans von Passow Prussian general 68
January 19th John B. Alley American politician 79
January 19th Václav František Červený Czech instrument maker and musician 76
January 19th Friedrich Andreas Ruhstrat German administrative lawyer and Prime Minister of the Duchy of Oldenburg 78
January 19th Ludwig von Spangenberg Prussian general of the infantry 69
January 20th Heinrich Moritz von Battenberg German nobleman 37
January 20th Hans Lassen German farmer and politician, MdR 64
21th January Karl Baumbach German lawyer and politician, MdR 51
21th January Karl Ludwig Wilhelm Daniel Draudt Judge and Member of Parliament for the Grand Duchy of Hesse 85
21th January Thomas Ewing, Jr. American politician 66
21th January Johann Gustav Stickel German Protestant theologian, orientalist and numismatist 90
22nd of January Emil Brunnenmeister Lawyer and professor for criminal and civil procedural law 41
22nd of January Adolf Gerstenberg German architect 70
22nd of January George Heubel German baseball player 47
22nd of January Oscar Turner American politician 70
22nd of January August Walter German violinist and composer 74
January 23 Christian d'Elvert Austro-Moravian politician 92
January 23 Fritz Krieger German lawyer and politician (NLP), MdR 54
January 23 Ferdinand Schichau German engineer and shipyard owner 81
January 23 Charles de Souancé French ornithologist 72
January 24th Désiré François Laugée French genre and history painter 72
January 24th John D. Lawson American politician 79
January 24th Karl Nördlinger German draftsman and engraver 84
January 24th Nikolai Nikolajewitsch Strachow Russian philosopher, publicist and literary critic 67
January 25th Luigia Abbadia Italian opera singer 75
January 25th Siegfried Wilhelm Albrecht German politician (NLP), MdR 69
January 25th Johann Daniel Eckhardt German miners and workers leaders 59
January 25th Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton English painter, illustrator and sculptor 65
January 25th Vicente Palmaroli Spanish painter and museum director 61
January 27th Simeon Bavier Swiss politician 70
January 27th Chéri Maurice German actor and theater director of French origin 90
January 27th Enrique de Ossó y Cervelló Spanish founder and saint of the Catholic Church 55
January 27th Rudolf Schirmer German human medicine, professor of ophthalmology in Greifswald 64
January 28th Giuseppe Fiorelli Italian classical archaeologist and numismatist 72
January 28th Wilhelm Hurm German doctor, art lover and politician, Member of the Bundestag 47
January 28th Johannes Müller Argoviensis Swiss botanist 67
January 28th Vladimir Ivanovich Stepanov Russian dancer in the "Imperial Ballet" in Saint Petersburg 29
January 28th August Wild German gemstone engraver 81
January 28th Emil von Wohlgemuth Austrian naval officer and polar explorer 51
January 29th Willem Gerard Brill Dutch Dutch scholar, Romanist, English scholar and historian 84
January 29th Hugh Childers British politician 68
January 30th Ernst Kapp German philosopher 87
January 30th Wilhelm Preger German Protestant theologian, teacher and royal senior consistorial councilor 68
31 January William Alexander Adams British engineer and entrepreneur 74
31 January George A. Anderson American politician 42
31 January Mikhail Ossipowitsch Mikeschin Russian sculptor and painter 60


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
February 1st Robert Trossin German engraver 75
February 2nd Elisabeth of Saxony-Altenburg Grand Duchess of Oldenburg 69
February 2nd Hyazinth Wäckerle German pedagogue and dialect poet 59
3 February Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov Russian landscape painter 71
3 February Jane Francesca Elgee Irish writer
February 4th Elisabeth von Grotthuss Austrian narrator and playwright 75
February 4th Harvey H. Johnson American politician 87
February 4th Carl Stölzel German chemist 69
February 6th William Michael Cocke American politician 80
February 6th John Gibbon General of the US Army 68
February 6th Paul of Oubril Russian diplomat 77
February 6th Wilhelm Remler German organ builder 71
February 7th William Hayden English American politician 73
February 7th Herbert Grove English tennis player 33
February 7th Charles Wachsmuth German-American paleontologist 66
February 10th William H. Crain American politician 47
February 10th William Scheuneman Kenyon American lawyer and politician 75
February 10th Guido Richard Wagener German anatomist and helminthologist as well as music collector 73
February 10th Wakamatsu Shizuko Japanese translator, teacher and writer 31
February 10th Eduard Winkelmann German historian and university professor 57
February 12th Gaspard André French architect 55
February 12th Louis-Auguste Boileau French architect 83
February 12th Emery D. Potter American lawyer and politician 91
February 12th Ambroise Thomas French composer 84
13th February Ludwig Gabillon Castle actor and director 70
13th February Carl Martin Reinthaler German composer, conductor and music director 73
14th of February Konstantin zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst Austrian chief steward and general 67
February 16 Carl Adler Bavarian lawyer and politician 72
February 16 Simon Blad German businessman 77
February 16 James Thomas Walker British geodesist 69
February 16 Ernst von Witzendorff Mecklenburg ministerial official 67
February 16 Eduard Zais German architect, Nassau construction clerk and church builder 91
February 17th Alois Berla Austrian writer and actor 69
February 17th Karl von Engel Court and administrative officer in the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 69
February 18 Charles Aitchison British colonial administrator, Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab (1882-1887) 63
February 18 Heinrich Trübenbach Pastor and local writer 72
20. February Heinrich Raeithel German mayor, manufacturer and politician (DFP), MdR 53
February 22 Julius Czwalina German math teacher and freemason 86
February 22 Michael D. Harter American politician 49
February 22 Abel Hovelacque French linguist and anthropologist 52
February 22 George D. Robinson American politician 62
February 23 George Davis American politician 75
February 24th Julius Bergenroth German high school teacher, member of the Prussian House of Representatives, honorary citizen of Thorn 78
February 24th Georg Roeder Member of the state parliament and judge for the Grand Duchy of Hesse 76
February 26th Dionys of Green Austrian geographer and university professor 77
February 26th Arsène Houssaye French author 80
February 26th Charles W. McClammy American politician 56
February 26th William Russell Smith American politician (Democratic Party) 80
February 26th Charles K. Tuckerman American writer and diplomat 84
27th of February Melchior to the streets German sculptor 63
February 28 Edward Carrington Cabell American politician 80
February 28 Edward R. Hays American politician 48
February 28 Ante Starčević Croatian politician, publicist and author 72
February 28 Paul Tétar van Elven Dutch painter 72
February 29th Ludwig Bruel German lawyer and politician (German-Hanoverian Party), MdR 77
February 29th Albrecht von Stosch German Minister of State (1872–1883) and first head of the German Admiralty 77
February Heinrich Kleffel German judge and administrative lawyer; Lord Mayor and Honorary Citizen of Tilsit 84


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
1st March John B. Hoge American politician 71
1st March William W. Rice American politician 69
3 March Ferdinand Kirschner Austrian architect 74
3 March Henry Starnes Canadian politician and entrepreneur 79
4th of March Peter Richard Kenrick American clergyman, Archbishop of St. Louis 89
4th of March August Penzig German politician (NLP), MdR, MdL (Kingdom of Saxony) 69
5. March Franz Armand Buhl German politician (NLP), MdR and winemaker 58
5. March Frederic T. Greenhalge American politician 53
6th March Isaak Elchanan Spector Russian rabbi and Talmudist
7th March Walter A. Burleigh American politician 75
9th March Otto Fridolin Fritzsche German theologian 83
9th March Adolf Mutzenbecher German administrative lawyer, District President for the Principality of Lübeck in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg 61
9th March Carl Siegel German lawyer and secret councilor 63
9th March Leopold Sunday Baden administrative lawyer 65
March 10th Ludwig Wilhelm Gerhard Becker German businessman 73
March 10th Karl Vogel German lawyer and politician, MdR 74
March 11 Edmond Fleischhauer German patrons and politicians 83
March 12th Melville J. Salter American politician 61
March 13th Benjamin Flanders American politician 80
March 13th Clarke Lewis American politician 55
March 13th Egidio Mauri Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 67
March 13th William Benning Webb American politician 70
March, 15 John Ireland American lawyer and politician 69
17. March Bernhard Bohm German landowner and politician, MdR 54
17. March Juan Gundlach German-Cuban zoologist 85
March 18th Ludwig von Georgii German theologian 85
March 18th Otto Roquette German writer 71
March, 20th Émile Boeswillwald French architect and monument conservator 81
March, 20th Carl Geissler German lawyer and parliamentarian
March, 20th Christian Nikolaus Schnittger German painter, draftsman and photographer 63
March 21st Isabel Burton British travel writer 65
March 21st William Quan Judge Irish-American lawyer and theosophist 44
March 22 Carl von Carro Austrian theater actor, reciter and playwright 50
March 22 Thomas Hughes English writer, lawyer and politician, member of the House of Commons 73
March 22 Ludwig Laistner German writer and literary historian 50
March 22 Mathias Skeibrok Norwegian sculptor 44
March 22 Julius von Wickede German officer and writer 76
March 23 Wilhelm Albrecht German landowner and politician, MdR 74
March 24th Franz Bethke German theater actor 55
March 24th Ludwig Hartmann German manufacturer, landowner and politician, MdR 59
March 24th Florvil Hyppolite Haitian politician and President of Haiti 67
March 24th Franz cake book German lawyer and painter 83
March 24th Johann Obersteiner Austrian composer and organist 71
26th of March Antónia Ferreira Portuguese entrepreneur 84
27th of March Otto von Lilienfeld German-Baltic manor owner, lawyer and president of the Estonian Evangelical-Lutheran consistory 90
27th of March Joseph Rank Austrian narrator and journalist 79
28th March Albert Gallatin Egbert American politician 67
March 29 Alois Edenhofer German seminar teacher, church musician and composer
March 29 Leó Frankel socialist politician 52
March 29 Robert Murphy Mayo American politician 59
March 29 Joseph Späth Austrian gynecologist 73
March 30 Orestes Cleveland American politician 67
March 30 Adolf Merkel German legal philosopher 60
March 30 Ludvig Munthe Norwegian painter 55
March 30 Thomas Seay American politician 49
March 30 Charilaos Trikoupis Greek politician and prime minister 63


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
April 1st Burt Van Horn American politician 72
2nd of April Georg Pflüger German businessman and politician (DtVP), MdR 60
2nd of April Theodore Robinson American painter 43
3rd of April Adolf Kröber German brewer, entrepreneur and politician (DtVP), MdR 61
3rd of April Cesare Mattei Italian nobleman, man of letters, politician, homeopath and faith healer 87
4. April John C. Bagby American politician 77
4. April Hedwig von Rittberg German nurse 56
April 5th John Rogers Thomas American composer 66
April 6th Bernhard Anemüller German historian, archivist and librarian 75
April 6th Ferdinand Gumbert German composer, singing teacher and music critic 77
April 6th Sebastian Steiner Austrian sculptor 59
7th of April Edward Killingworth Johnson English painter 70
7th of April Magnus Anton Reindl German clergyman and politician (center), MdR 63
9th April Gustav Körner German-American lawyer, judge, diplomat, statesman 86
9th April Emil Schneider German theater actor 63
10th of April John Edward Jones American politician 55
10th of April Ludwig Ofterdinger German mathematician and university professor 85
10th of April Stephen Michael Vincent Ryan Canadian chaplain, Bishop of Buffalo 70
10th of April Olof Sager-Nelson Swedish painter 27
11 April William Henry DeWitt American politician 68
11 April Thomas Michael Holt American politician, governor of North Carolina 64
11 April Karl von Schrader German manor owner and court official 47
12. April Carl Humann German engineer, architect and archaeologist 57
12. April António Lopes dos Santos Valente Portuguese author, Lusitanist and lexicographer 56
12. April Alexander Knight German violinist, conductor and composer 62
April 13th John Christian Schultz Canadian politician 56
April 14th John Doby Kennedy American politician 56
April 14th Pierre Meinadier French politician 84
April 14th Sophus Tromholt Danish teacher, northern lights researcher and amateur photographer 44
April 15th August Alexander Järnefelt Finnish general, topographer and governor 63
April 15th Charles H. Voorhis American politician 63
April 16 Viktor Tilgner Austrian sculptor 51
April 19th Austin Abbott American lawyer and writer 64
April 19th Arthur I. Boreman American politician 72
April 19th Matthäus Hörfarter Austrian Catholic clergyman and theologian 78
April 19th Willard Ives American politician 89
20th of April Charles de Pitteurs-Hiegaerts Belgian diplomat 65
20th of April John Thynne, 4th Marquess of Bath British nobleman, politician and diplomat 65
April 21 Karl Albert Max Balling Austrian chemist and Hüttenmann 60
April 21 Maurice de Hirsch German-Jewish entrepreneur and philanthropist 64
April 21 Adalbert Kruger German astronomer 63
April 22 Richard von Loewe Prussian lieutenant general 63
April 22 William Williams American politician 74
April 22 Mårten Eskil Winge Swedish symbolism painter and professor at the Royal Art School in Stockholm 70
April 23 David Jerome Michigan governor 66
April 23 Johann Wilhelm Lindlar German landscape painter 79
April 23 George Munro Canadian publisher, philanthropist 70
April 23 Anselm Schott German Benedictine, Catholic theologian 52
April 24th Carl Eduard Güthling German classical philologist, historian and grammar school director 72
April 24th Charles N. Lamison American politician
April 25 Hermann Arnold German painter 49
April 25 Luka Jeran Slovenian writer and pastor 77
26th of April August Berthelt German teacher and educational writer 82
26th of April John W. Houston American politician 81
26th of April Pelle Molin Swedish writer and painter 31
26th of April Vincenz mushroom Austrian sculptor 79
April 27 Albert Fischer Protestant pastor and hymnologist 67
April 27 Danko from Funcke German district administrator and politician, MdR 66
April 27 Henry Parkes Australian politician, poet and journalist 80
April 28 Hermann Seidel German gardener and plant breeder 62
April 28 Heinrich von Treitschke German historian, political journalist and politician (NLP), MdR 61
April 29 Jean-Barthélemy Hauréau French historian and publicist 83
April 29 William Lockhart English missionary, doctor and human rights activist 84
April 29 William Fiero Russell American politician 84
April, 30th Antonio Cagnoni Italian opera composer 68
April, 30th Paschal's burr German organ builder, church planner and master builder 76


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
1st of May Friedrich Heinrich Geffcken German lawyer 65
1st of May Ferdinand von Gmelin German Imperial Judge 71
1st of May Naser ad-Din Shah Persian Shah (1848-1896) 64
2.May Heinrich Anton Delius German textile industrialist and landowner 89
2.May Julius Sturm German poet of the late Romantic period 79
May 3rd Alfred William Hunt English landscape painter 65
May 4th Wilhelm Post Factory owner in Hagen 43
5th of May Silas Adams American politician 57
5th of May Auguste Sallé French entomologist, ornithologist, malacologist and explorer 75
May 6th Hermann Engler German lawyer, district administrator and member of the Prussian House of Representatives 74
May 6th John Mansfield American politician 73
May 7th Luigi Galimberti Catholic theologian and cardinal 60
May 7th HH Holmes American serial killer 35
8th of May Carl Baer German lawyer and politician, MdR 62
8th of May Georg Liebscher German crop scientist 43
10th of May Luigi Cossa Italian economist 64
May 11th Carl Maria Finkelnburg German physician and hygienist 63
May 11th Heinrich Gieschen German lawyer and politician (DFP), MdHB, MdR 52
May 11th James Augustus Johnson American politician 66
12th of May Enrico Cernuschi Italian economist, politician, banker and art collector 75
12th of May Ludolf Fromme German administrative lawyer, MdR 82
12th of May Juan Morel Campos Puerto Rican composer 38
May 13th Eduard Ireland English landscape painter 66
May 13th Gustav Marek German crop scientist 55
May 15 Henri Chaumont French Catholic priest, founder of the order 57
May 15 Friedrich Dittes German pedagogue, reformer of the Austrian school system 66
May 16 Julius step German publisher and politician 68
May 16 Peter of Szembek Polish-German manor owner and politician, MdR 51
17th of May Wilhelm von Henke German anatomist in Prague and Tübingen 61
17th of May Magnus Will German lawyer and mayor of Aschaffenburg 29
May 18 Wilhelm Jakob Behaghel Legal scholar, university professor and member of the Baden state parliament 72
May 18 Otto von Camphausen Prussian Finance Minister 83
May 18 Wilhelm Kandler bohemian painter 80
May 18 Elias Landolt Swiss forest scientist 74
May 18 Daniel pollen Prime Minister of New Zealand 82
May 18 Gustav Siehr German court opera and chamber singer 58
May 19th Karl Ludwig of Austria Austrian Archduke and heir to the throne 62
May 20th Julie Salis-Schwabe German philanthropist of Jewish descent 77
May 20th Clara Schumann German composer and pianist 76
May 21 Alfred de Martonne French medievalist, Romanist and writer 75
May 21 Julius Roeting German painter 73
May 22 William A. Wallace American politician 68
23. May Lucius Fairchild American politician 64
23. May Gustav Adolf Pfleiderer German entrepreneur 51
23. May Heinrich Christoph Gottlieb Bull German historian, philologist and educator 70
May 24th Edward Armitage English history painter 79
May 24th Michael Birkeland Norwegian archivist, historian and politician, member of the Storting 65
May 24th John Echols Confederate politician and general in the American Civil War 73
May 24th Federico Luigi Menabrea Italian scientist, general and politician 86
May 24th Hermann Rost German bookseller and publisher 74
25. May Anton August von Below Prussian cavalry officer and major general 87
25. May Otto von Knapp German lawyer and politician, MdR 64
25. May Franz Kuhn von Kuhnenfeld Austrian Reich Minister of War 78
25. May Arthur C. Mellette American politician 53
May 26 Felix of Loë Prussian administrative lawyer, MdR 71
May 27th Robert von Doetinchem de Rande Prussian major general 66
May 27th Heinrich Horneck von Weinheim German landowners and politicians (center), MdR 53
May 27th Walter L. Sessions American politician 75
May 27th Alexander Grigoryevich Stoletov Russian physicist 56
28th of May Octavian Joseph Count Kinsky bohemian nobleman 83
28th of May Heinrich von Stein German philologist, philosopher and university rector 62
May 29th Gabriel Auguste Daubrée French geologist 81
May 29th Friedrich Göler of Ravensburg German art historian and Rubens researcher 42
May 29th Francis Edwin Shober American politician 65
30th May Adolf Goldfeder Polish banker
31. May Kikisoblu eldest daughter of the Suquamish chief on Bainbridge Island
31. May Homer VM Miller American politician 82
31. May Heinrich Sieber Soap manufacturer, mayor of Wiesloch, member of the Baden state parliament 59


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
June 1st Wolfgang Bernhardi German author and magazine editor 56
June 1st Whitman G. Ferrin American lawyer and politician who was a State Auditor from Vermont (1870–1876) 77
June 1st Johann Stahmer German politician, Hamburg senator and businessman 76
2th of June Ludwig Heinrich Bernhard Bornemann German District Court Councilor; Honorary citizen in Harburg 79
2th of June Gerhard Rohlfs German traveler to Africa and writer 65
2th of June Ozora Pierson Stearns American politician 65
3rd of June Hasso von Flemming German manor owners and parliamentarians 57
3rd of June Heino Goepel German medic 62
3rd of June Wilhelm Heinzerling German judges, university professors, parliamentarians and church politicians 67
3rd of June Heinrich Hudtwalcker German businessman 66
June 4th Franziska von Reitzenstein German writer 61
June 4th Ernesto Rossi Italian actor 69
June 4th Gustavus Woodson Smith American officer, Confederate War Secretary in the Civil War 74
June 5th Josiah Begole American politician 81
June 5th Adolf Meier German teacher and draftsman 88
6th of June Josef Badger Austrian pianist, musicologist, music teacher 70
6th of June Wilhelm Dornewaß German dancer and theater actor 77
6th of June Julius Anton von Poseck Protestant theologian 79
June 7th Pavlos Carrer Greek composer 67
June 7th Wyatt Eaton Canadian painter 47
June 7th Ferdinand Gottfried von Herder German botanist 68
8th June Jakob Berthieu Jesuit, missionary and blessed of the Roman Catholic Church 57
8th June John Gregory Bourke American soldier and ethnologist 52
8th June Georg Dengler German cathedral vicar and art consultant for the diocese of Regensburg 56
8th June Jules Simon French politician 81
8th June Johann Jakob Weilenmann Swiss alpinist 77
June 9th Adolphe Danhauser French composer and music teacher 61
June 9th Louis Dorus French flautist 84
June 10th Donald Alexander Macdonald Canadian politician and entrepreneur, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario 79
June 10th Frederick Askew Skuse British-Australian entomologist
June 10th Maximilian von Vrints zu Falkenstein Austrian landowner and diplomat 94
June 11th Alexander S. Divas American officer and politician 87
June 11th Heinrich Adolf Valentin Hoffmann German landscape painter 81
June 11th Kahimemua Nguvauva Namibian guide
June 12 Nicodemus Kavikunua Leader of the Herero in the former German South West Africa (1880–1896)
June 13th Alpheus Felch American lawyer and politician 91
June 13th Fritz Sonderland German painter and graphic artist 59
14th June Ludmilla Dietz Austrian theater actress and singer (soprano) 59
14th June Friedrich von Oer Chief Chamberlain of Prince Ysenburg 53
14th June Friedrich Wisser German landowner and politician, MdR 61
15th June Frederik Barfod Danish writer and politician, member of the Folketing 85
15th June Hermann von Buchka German lawyer and civil servant 74
June 16 Franz Hubertus von Dalwigk zu Lichtenfels German manor owner and politician, MdR 66
17th of June Georg Morlok Württemberg railway engineer 81
17th of June Thomas Powys, 4th Baron Lilford British aristocrat and ornithologist 63
18th of June Ephraim H. Hyde American politician 84
June 19th Louis Alexandre Brière de l'Isle French general 69
June 19th John Beverley Robinson Canadian politician 75
June 19th Byron G. Stout American politician 67
20th June Karl Becker German statistician 72
20th June Alcibiade Béique Canadian organist and music teacher 39
20th June Jacob Herman Bing Danish publisher and entrepreneur 84
20th June Jakob Laurenz Sonderegger Swiss doctor 70
June 21st Ibrahim Dervish Pasha Ottoman general
June 22 Benjamin H. Bristow American Politician, Solicitor General, and Secretary of the Treasury 64
June 22 Thomas R. Hudd American politician 60
June 22 August Jernberg Swedish painter 69
June 22 Ansel T. Walling American politician 72
23rd June Hubert Ferdinand Kufferath German composer 78
23rd June Franz Xaver Pendl Tyrolean sculptor 79
23rd June Joseph Prestwich English geologist and entrepreneur 84
June 24th Lothar Abel Austrian architect and university professor 55
June 24th Eberhard Cronemeyer German Protestant clergyman 53
25th June Alfred Siegfried German landowners and politicians (NLP), MdR 75
25th June Samuel Leonard Tilley Canadian politician, Prime Minister and Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick 78
25th June Lyman Trumbull American politician (Republican Party) 82
June 26th Louis d'Orléans, duc de Nemours Duke of Nemours and French lieutenant general and brigadier general 81
June 28th Heinrich Berling German customs administrator, postmaster and politician, MdR 78
June 28th Ferdinand Wilhelm Schmid Württemberg politician 67
June 29th Wilhelm Heinrich Meyer German businessman and author 62
June 29th Jean Balthasar Schnetzler Swiss natural scientist 72
June 29th Marmaduke Wyvill English aristocrat, politician, member of the House of Commons and chess master
June 30th John Weinland Killinger American politician 71


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
July 1 Joseph C. McKibbin American politician 72
July 1 Harriet Beecher Stowe American writer, declared opponent of slavery 85
2nd July Isaac Hollister Hall American orientalist, biblical scholar, and epigraphist 58
2nd July Rudolf Kögel German Protestant theologian, pulpit speaker and hymn poet 67
2nd July Roberto Sacasa Sarria Nicaraguan politician, President of Nicaragua (1889-1891 and 1891-1893) 56
July 4th Alphonse de la Fontaine Luxembourg forest engineer and zoologist 70
July 4th John Charles Haines American politician 78
July 4th Hugo Helfritz Mayor of Greifswald, Prussian politician 68
July 4th Marcelo H. del Pilar Filipino journalist, satirist and propagandist 45
5th July Johann Georg Bornemann German geologist, paleontologist and entrepreneur 65
July 6th Josep Maria Quadrado Mallorcan historian, writer and publicist 77
July 6th Pierce Manning Butler Young American Congressman and Major General in the Civil War 59
7th of July Erdmann Encke German sculptor 53
July 9 Heinrich Ernst Beyrich German geologist and paleontologist 80
July 9 Ludwig von Kalbermatten Swiss politicians (Catholic Conservatives) 40
July 9 Eugen Klimsch German graphic artist, illustrator and painter 56
10th of July Joseph-Christian-Ernest Bourret French cardinal and bishop 68
10th of July Frank H. Hurd American politician 55
10th of July Ludwig Meinardus German composer and music writer 68
July 11th Ernst Curtius German archaeologist and historian 81
July 11th Roddy Owen British jockey and officer
July 12 Giulio Ascoli Italian mathematician 53
July 12 Edmund Marriner Gill English landscape painter 75
July 12 Christian Friedrich Göttisheim Swiss politician 59
July 12 Hermann Wiesike German landowners and politicians (NLP), MdR 70
July 13th Emanuel Gurlitt German author 70
July 13th August Kekulé German chemist and natural scientist 66
July 13th Gideon Reynolds American politician 82
July 14th Julius Disselhoff Lutheran pastor, director of the Kaiserswerther Diakonissenanstalt and author 68
July 14th Luther Whiting Mason American music educator 78
July 14th Raffaele Monaco La Valletta Roman Catholic cardinal 69
16th of July Selmar Bagge German composer 73
16th of July Edmond de Goncourt French author 74
16th of July William Russell American politician 39
17th July Rainilaiarivony Malagasy politician, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Madagascar (1864–1895) 68
17th July Viktor Rokitansky Austrian opera singer and singing teacher 60
July 18th Adolfo Bartoli Italian physicist 45
July 18th Christian Carl Magnussen German painter 74
July 19 Ernst Viktor Schellenberg German teacher, professor and Privy Councilor 68
July 19 Hermann von Wedel Prussian major general 81
July 19 Joseph H. Williams American politician, governor of Maine 82
20th of July Adolf Ebeling German writer 68
20th of July Friedrich Simony Austrian geographer and alpine researcher 82
21 July Johann Christian Wraske German portrait and history painter 79
22nd of July George W. Jones American politician 92
July 23 Arthur Linton British cyclist 27
24th July Hermann Cuno German architect and Prussian building officer 65
July 26th Lothar von Faber German entrepreneur 79
July 26th Josef von Haas Consul General of Austria-Hungary in Shanghai
July 26th August Ferdinand Hopfgarten German painter 89
July 26th Théodore Salomé French organist and composer 62
July 27th William Henry Smith American newspaper editor and politician 62
July 28th Robert Washington Fyan American politician 61
July 28th Harrison H. Wheeler American politician 57
29th of July Louis Böhmer German-American horticultural scientist and entrepreneur 53
29th of July Raleigh Edward Colston General of the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War 70
July 31 Christian Wiener German mathematician 69


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
August 1st William Grove British lawyer and scientist 85
August 2nd Eduard Krah German high school teacher and classical philologist 75
August 2nd James FitzGerald Colonialist, newspaper founder, journalist and politician in New Zealand 78
3rd August Friedrich Staub Swiss linguist 70
5th of August George T. Anthony American politician 72
5th of August Julius Hofmann Austrian architect 55
August 7th Louis Fleischner American businessman and politician (Democratic Party) 68
August 7th Sigismund Gschwandner Austrian Benedictine and schoolboy 72
August 7th Elise Krinitz German author 71
August 7th Robert Nobel Swedish industrialist, oil magnate and brother of Alfred Nobel 66
August 7th Samuel Shellabarger American politician 78
8th August Calvin C. Chaffee American politician 84
8th August Friedrich Helbig German lawyer and writer 63
8th August Theodor Ferdinand Ulrich German metallurgical man and politician (center), MdR 70
August 9 Alonzo J. Edgerton American lawyer and politician 69
August 10 Ernst Götzinger Swiss Germanist and historian 58
August 10 Otto Lilienthal German pioneer of gliding and muscle power flight 48
August 11th Alexis Lepère the Younger French pomologist, nursery owner and fruit grower
12. August Julius Dickert German politician (DFP), MdR 80
12. August Hubert Anson Newton American astronomer and mathematician 66
13 August Adam Bürkle German emigrants, pastors and city founders 71
13 August William England English photographer and inventor
13 August John Everett Millais British painter 67
13 August Philipp Ludwig von Seidel German mathematician, optician and astronomer 74
August 14th Josef Rapp Senior building master and member of the state parliament 64
15th of August Rudolph Schachner German pianist and composer 79
15th of August Josiah D. Whitney American geologist 76
August 16 David Lewis Macpherson Canadian politician 77
17th August Peter Beising German Catholic theologian and honorary citizen of the city of Essen 90
17th August Élie-Abel Carrière French gardener, botanist and writer 78
17th August Bridget Driscoll first person to die in a traffic accident involving an automobile
18th of August Richard Avenarius German philosopher and advocate of empirical criticism 52
18th of August Curt von Zedtwitz German envoy
August 19th Ransomware W. Dunham American politician 58
August 19th Alexander Henry Green British geologist 63
August 19th Julius Henrik Lange Danish art historian and aesthetician 58
August 19th Gustav Olsen-Berg Norwegian politician and typographer 34
August 21 Mathilde Arnemann German patroness 87
August 21 Johann Maria Carl Farina German perfume manufacturer and donor 56
August 22nd Franz von Matzinger Austrian civil servant 79
August 22nd Karl Voss German sculptor 70
August 24th Johann Jakob Egli Swiss geographer 71
August 25 Sigmund Eggert German genre painter 57
August 25 Hamad ibn Thuwaini ibn Said Sultan of Zanzibar
August 25 Teodora Matejko Wife of the Polish painter Jan Matejko
August 25 Nikolaus Rudinger German anatomist 64
August 25 Wilhelm Wiesberg Austrian writer and folk singer 45
26th of August Arthur MacArthur Sr. American politician 81
26th of August Heinrich Noë German writer 61
August 27 Lewis steward American politician 71
August 28th Carl Rudolf Huber Austrian painter and graphic artist 57
29th August Albert Güldenpenning German classical philologist and high school teacher 42
29th August Joseph Wengert German clergyman, editor and politician (center), MdR 61
August 30th Balthasar Schlimbach Würzburg organ builder 89
August 31 Robert von Schalburg Mecklenburg manor owner and agricultural functionary 65
August Uwini Makalaka chief priest in Zimbabwe


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
September 1 Joseph Ignaz of Ah Swiss Catholic priest and writer 61
September 1 Theodor Colshorn German writer 75
September 1 Claude Casimir Gillet French botanist 90
September 1 Johann Evangelist Habert Austrian composer and church musician 62
September 1 Christian Lutteroth German lawyer, landowner and politician 73
September 3 Raoul von Dombrowski Austrian forest scientist 63
September 3 Heinrich Isaacson of Newfort Austrian officer 83
September 3 Georg Konrad Rothbart German architect and builder 78
September 4th Martin Härtinger German singer with a tenor voice as well as a medic 81
September 4th Johann Kautsky Czech stage and landscape painter 68
5th September Carl Albert Dauthendey German photographer 76
5th September August Dühr German classical philologist and high school professor 90
5th September Ludwig Heinrich Spiess Polish entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry 76
5th September Heinrich Weule German machine manufacturer 80
September 6th Joseph Archer Crowe English art writer 70
September 6th George Brown Goode American ichthyologist 45
7th of September August Neven DuMont German publisher 64
7th of September Joseph Weingärtner German lawyer, author and numismatist 91
September 8th Richard Caswell Gatlin American Army officer and Confederate general in the American Civil War 87
the 9th of September Luigi Palmieri Italian seismologist and volcanologist 89
the 9th of September Henry B. Payne American politician 85
the 9th of September Ludewig Johann von Slicher Royal Hanover Major General 87
the 9th of September Joseph M. Warren American politician 83
September 11 Alexander von Attems-Heiligenkreuz Privy Councilor and Lieutenant Field Marshal 82
September 11 Francis James Child Philologist and folklorist 71
September 11 Robert Hildebrand German lawyer and politician, MdR 66
13.september Maximilian von Liebherr German lawyer and President of the Mecklenburg Higher Regional Court 82
September 14th Karl von Horn Bavarian general of the infantry 77
September 14th Georg Lienbacher Austrian lawyer and politician, member of the state parliament 74
September 14th Francisco Melitón Vargas y Gutiérrez Mexican clergyman, Bishop of Tlaxcala 74
September 15th Joseph Robert Davis Confederate General in the American Civil War 71
16th September James Mitchell Ashley American politician 71
16th September Carl August Brentano-Mezzegra German entrepreneur 79
16th September Antonio Carlos Gomes Brazilian composer 60
16th September Ludwig Mendelssohn German classical philologist 44
17th of September Moritz von Beckerath German history painter 58
September 18 Hippolyte Fizeau French physicist 76
September 19th William P. Wolf American politician 62
September 20th Johan Gottfried Conradi Norwegian composer 76
September 20th Charles M. Harris American politician 75
21st September Gotthelf August Eichler German deaf-mute teacher 75
September 22 Katharina Klafsky Opera singer (soprano) 41
September 23rd Ivar Aasen Norwegian poet and linguist 83
September 23rd Gilbert Duprez French opera tenor and composer 89
September 24th Emmanuel Benner French painter 60
September 24th Louis De Geer Swedish lawyer, MP, writer and Prime Minister 78
September 24th Julius von Maltzan Mecklenburg squire, politician and publicist 84
25th of September Max Cohnheim German revolutionary, German-American writer and publicist as well as activist 69
September 26th Karl Brunnemann German pedagogue, philologist and historian 72
September 26th Ezra Clark American politician 83
September 26th Jakob Grünenwald German history and genre painter 74
September 29th Gustav Koehler Prussian lieutenant general 78
30. September Nikolai Dellingshausen German-Baltic naturalist 68
30. September Moritz Wilhelm Drobisch German mathematician and philosopher 94


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
October 1 August consecration German doctor and homeopath 55
October 2nd José Pedro de Oliveira Galvao Brazilian military and politician 56
October 3 William Morris British writer, artisan 62
4th of October Alexander Franconia German legal scholar 48
4th of October Heinrich Geyer German prophet of the Catholic Apostolic Congregations 78
4th of October Julius Grégr Bohemian-Czech politician and journalist 64
4th of October Philipp Hirschfeld German chess master 56
October 6th James Abbott British military in colonial India 89
October 6th Moritz Schiff German physiologist 73
October 7th Emma Darwin Wife of Charles Darwin 88
October 7th John Langdon Down British doctor specializing in neurology; Name giver for Down syndrome 67
October 7th George A. Sheridan American politician 56
October 7th Louis Jules Trochu French general 81
8th October Christian Ehninger German politician (DP), Member of the State Parliament (Württemberg) 77
8th October George du Maurier British author 62
8th October Albert Wiesinger Austrian pastor and journalist 66
9th October Wenzel Güntner Bohemian-Austrian surgeon 75
9th October Johann Stanislaus Kubary Polish ethnographer and biologist 49
9th October Silas Woodson American politician 77
October 10th Levi K. Fuller American politician and governor of the state of Vermont (1892-1894) 55
October 10th Ferdinand von Mueller German-Australian botanist and geographer 71
October 11th Edward White Benson Archbishop of Canterbury 67
October 11th Anton Bruckner Austrian composer 72
October 11th Boguslaw Chotek by Chotkow Austro-Hungarian diplomat 67
October 12th Christian Emil Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs Danish statesman 78
October 13th Karl Claussen German philologist and parliamentarian 85
October 13th Thomas W. Ferry American politician 69
October 13th Eugene Sell German food chemist 54
October 14th Italo Campanini Italian opera tenor 51
October 14th Constantin Roessler German historian, publicist and philosopher 75
15th October Edmund Dejanicz von Gliszczynski Prussian major general, landowner, member of the Prussian House of Representatives 71
15th October Otto von Gehren German administrative lawyer, MdR 78
15th October Rudolf level German history and costume painter 70
October 17th Rudolf Riggenbach Swiss politician 73
October 18 Johann Feser German veterinarian and microbiologist 55
October 18 Meyer Levy German legal scholar and lawyer 63
October 18 Eduard Moll Lord Mayor of Mannheim 82
October 18 Engelbert Peiffer German sculptor and medalist 66
October 18 Johann Ludwig Schneller German teacher and missionary 76
October 19th Karl Friedrich Good Swiss lawyer and politician 55
October 19th Josef Pischna bohemian pianist and composer 70
October 19th William Adams Richardson American lawyer and politician 74
the 20th of October Adolf Bühler senior Swiss entrepreneur 74
the 20th of October Friedrich Paul David Bürkli Zurich printer and newspaper publisher 78
the 20th of October Ewald Ovir German-Baltic missionary and evangelical martyr 23
the 20th of October Karl Segebrock German-Baltic missionary and evangelical martyr 24
the 20th of October Félix Tisserand French mathematician and astronomer 51
October 21 Alexander Christoph von Brevern Russian major general 73
October 21 James Henry Greathead Civil engineer who invented the tunnel boring machine 52
October 21 Winfried Hörmann from Hörbach German politician (LRP), Bavarian Minister of State, District President, MdR 75
October 22nd Samuel Heinrich Hall German lawyer and politician (NLP), MdR 77
October 22nd Christian Roos Roman Catholic Bishop of Limburg and Freiburg 70
October 22nd Edwin Willits American politician 66
23rd October Charles Frederick Crisp American politician 51
23rd October Columbus Delano American politician 87
October 24th Eugène Goupil Franco-Mexican philanthropist and art collector 64
October 24th Albert Abdullah David Sassoon British-Indian merchant and philanthropist 78
October 25 Morton C. Hunter American officer and politician 71
October 25 Claudius Saunier French watchmaker and specialist teacher 80
October 26th Paul Challemel-Lacour French politician and author 69
October 26th Charles A. Eldredge American politician 76
October 26th Gustav Quentell German painter 80
October 26th Agostino Ricci Italian general 64
October 27 H. Newell Martin British physiologist 48
28th of October Victor Charles Hanot French internist
October 29th Arthur Bayley Gold prospectors in Western Australia 31
October 29th Thomas William Sadler American lawyer and politician 65
October 29th John Dodson Stiles American politician 74
30th of October Gustav Adolf zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst German cardinal bishop 73
October 31 Anton Battig Austrian bridge construction technician
October 31 Alexander Markus Beschorner Austrian entrepreneur 73
October 31 Jost Karl Pfannstiel Member of Parliament for the Grand Duchy of Hesse 80


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
November 1st Alajos Degré Hungarian writer 77
November 3rd Eugen Baumann German chemist 49
November 4th Edward Young British explorer of Africa 65
November 5th Karl Sebastian Cornelius German physicist 76
November 5th Johann Jakob Honegger Swiss cultural historian 71
November 5th Karl Verner Danish linguist 50
November 6th Karl Christoph Heinebuch German music director, church musician and organist 56
November 6th Karl Ernst Seydel German conservative politician, Member of the State Parliament (Kingdom of Saxony) 71
November 6th Wilhelm of Württemberg Austrian and Württemberg general 68
November 7th Franz von Bagnato German politician 53
November 8th Dietrich Langko German painter 77
November 8th Hermann Roskoschny German writer and publisher 50
November 9th Emil Frommel German theologian and folk writer 68
November 9th Hugo Gylden Swedish astronomer 55
November 9th Napoleon Sarony Photographer, draftsman and lithographer
November 10th Henry Sherwood American politician 83
November 11th Robert Baerwald German sculptor 37
November 12th Joseph James Cheeseman eleventh president of Liberia
November 12th Louis Bernhard Rüling German Evangelical Lutheran theologian and pastor 74
November 12th Friedrich Westhoff German biologist, local researcher and writer 39
15th of November Alexander Brückner Baltic German historian 62
15th of November Georg Ferdinand Dümmler German classical philologist and archaeologist 37
November 16 Franziska Puricelli German donor 66
November 16 Joseph of Sokcsevits Austro-Hungarian Feldzeugmeister and Ban of Croatia 85
November 17th Franz August von Gordon Prussian landowner and politician, MdR 59
November 17th Isaac Charles Parker American judge in the Wild West 58
November 18 John Van McDuffie American lawyer, judge, and politician 55
November 18 Eli Houston Murray American politician 53
November 18 Robert Roesler German-Swedish photographer 59
November 18 Otto Wesendonck German merchant and patron 81
November 19th Peter Joseph Ruppen Swiss chronicler and canon 81
November 19th Otto zu Stolberg-Wernigerode German politician, Vice Chancellor under Otto von Bismarck, MdR 59
20th November Frederick Miles American politician 80
20th November Carl von Schultes German politician 72
22nd of November Theodor Ackermann German pathologist and university professor 71
22nd of November George Washington Gale Ferris Inventor of the ferris wheel 37
November 23 Higuchi Ichiyō Japanese writer of the Meiji period 24
November 23 Lafayette Lane American politician 54
25. November Spyridon Xyndas Greek classical music composer 84
November 26th Mathilde Blind English speaking writer 55
November 26th Ladislaus Boguslawski Austrian architect 49
November 26th Frederick Broome British governor 54
November 26th Antonio Cecchi Italian explorer, naval officer and Africa explorer 47
November 26th Benjamin Apthorp Gould American astronomer 72
November 26th Clementine helmet German author of children's books 71
November 26th Coventry Patmore British poet and literary critic 73
November 26th Emil von Wolff German agricultural chemist 78
November 27th William Francis Ainsworth British orientalist 89
November 27th Karl Egon IV of Fürstenberg German nobleman and politician, MdR 44
November 27th Grímur Thomsen Icelandic poet 76
November 28th Albert Ilg Austrian art historian 49
November 28th Theodor Opitz German publicist 76
November 28th Paul Emanuel Spieker German architect and construction officer 70
November 29th John Scott American politician 72
30th of November Ludwik Ruczka Polish politician and priest 82
30th of November William Steinway American piano maker, businessman and philanthropist of German origin 61


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
December 1 Stefan Szolc-Rogoziński Polish explorer of Africa 35
2. December Karl von Waldow German insurance manager 68
3rd of December Paul André Swiss politician 59
3rd of December Wilhelm Boppel German photographer 55
3rd of December Carl Busse German architect and Prussian building officer 62
December 4th Adolph Hach German administrative lawyer and historian 64
December 4th Andreas Rutzky from Brennau Austro-Hungarian general and military writer 67
December 5th August Druckermüller German engineer and steel construction manufacturer in Berlin 56
December 5th August Herzmansky Austrian businessman and founder of the Herzmansky department store 62
6th of December Joseph Charlier Belgian lawyer, writer, accountant and businessman 80
6th of December William Cullom American politician 86
6th of December Jan Moerman Dutch painter
6th of December Louis Seydler German conservative politician, Member of the State Parliament (Kingdom of Saxony) 57
December 7th Luis Ricardo Falero Spanish painter 45
December 7th John R. Fellows American officer, lawyer and politician 64
December 7th Antonio Maceo Cuban general 51
December 7th Robert Weber Swiss Germanist, journalist and publicist 72
December 7th Maria Wodzińska Polish fiancee Frédéric Chopin 77
December 8th Ernst Engel German statistician 75
December 8th Johann Girard de Soucanton Estonian industrialist 70
December 8th Johann Neve German anarchist 52
10th of December Alfred Nobel Swedish chemist and inventor 63
12th of December Jakob Malsch Lord Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe 87
13th December Carl Hornemann German chemist, entrepreneur (considered the founder of Pelikan AG) and senator 85
13th December Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski German violinist, conductor and musicologist 74
December 14th Richard S. Ayer American politician 67
15th December Petro Lebedynzew Ukrainian historian, archaeologist, journalist, teacher and religious leader 76
15th December Friedrich Leithe Austrian librarian 68
15th December Georg Heinrich Röpe German evangelical clergyman and theologian 60
December 16 Sayles Jenks Bowen American politician 83
December 16 Jean-Pierre Boyer French Catholic bishop and cardinal 69
December 16 Johann Jakob Spörri Swiss doctors and politicians 74
December 17th Paul Carl Beiersdorf German pharmacist and company founder 60
December 17th Joseph von Gerlach anatomist 76
December 17th Alexander Herrmann American magician 52
December 17th Albert Naudé German historian 38
December 17th Henry L. Pierce American politician 71
December 17th Richard Pohl German composer and music writer 70
December 17th Charles Edwin Wilbour American journalist, businessman and Egyptologist 63
December 17th Franz Valentin Zillner Austrian doctor, historian and ethnographer 80
December 18th Eduard Pape German Imperial Judge 60
December 18th Auguste Paris French politician of the Third Republic as well as lawyer and author of several historical works 70
19. December Johann Anton Wilhelm von Carstenn German businessman, entrepreneur and urban developer 74
19. December Roswell G. Horr American politician 66
19. December Caspar Hubert Gustav Schulze Pellengahr German Center Party politician 71
21st December Derk Doyer Dutch medic 69
21st December Friedrich Heyer von Rosenfeld Austrian captain and heraldist 68
December 22 Georg von Bunsen German politician (NLP, DFP), MdR 72
December 22 Georg Daniel Eduard Weyer German mathematician 78
23rd of December Eduard Dallmann German explorer and polar explorer 66
23rd of December Effie Gray British painter 68
23rd of December William H. Hatch American politician 63
24th of December Andreas Ascharin Baltic-Russian translator and chess player 53
24th of December Wilhelm Volkmann German bookseller and publisher 59
December 26th Emil Heinrich Du Bois-Reymond German physiologist and theoretical physician 78
December 26th Ernst Georg Gladbach German-Swiss architect, university professor and founder of Swiss farmhouse research 84
December 26th Anton Leopold Herrmann Romanian-German composer and church musician
December 26th Jean-Alexandre Talazac French tenor 45
December 27th José Manuel Hidalgo y Esnaurrízar Mexican ambassador
December 28th Heinrich Fürnkranz Austrian iron dealer 68
December 28th Horatio Hale American-Canadian lawyer, ethnologist, and linguist 79
December 28th Gustav von Wilmowski German legal scholar and lawyer 78
December 29th Wilhelm von Woyna Prussian general of the infantry, governor of Mainz 77
30th of December Theodor von Renz German spa doctor 62
30th of December José Rizal Filipino writer, doctor and national hero 35
December 31 Samuel Lehmann Swiss politician and senior medical officer in the army 88
December 31 Leopold Schoeller large German entrepreneur 66
December Bianka flower German opera singer (soprano) 53

Date unknown

Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
Deodato Arellano Filipino revolutionary
Henri Barbet de Jouy French art writer
Fanny Berlin Russian lawyer
Paul Oscar Blocq French pathologist
Hermann von Borries German administrative officer
Francesco Saverio Cavallari Italian architect, painter and archaeologist in Sicily
Otto Dahmen Baden farmer and politician
Julius Dielitz German heraldist
Benno von Dreßler German manor owners and parliamentarians
Joseph Félon French painter, sculptor, lithographer and glass painter
Friedrich Fink German organist and composer
Léopold de Folin French naval officer, oceanographer, zoologist and especially malacologist
Jules Grison French composer
Herrmann Haensch German mechanic and optician
Balthasar Helfmann German entrepreneur
Henry Ingalls American lawyer and railroad entrepreneur
Pavlos Kalligas Greek politician, lawyer and writer
Charles Lucièn Lambert American composer
Ponciano Leiva President of Honduras
Eduard Liesegang German entrepreneur founder of Ed. Liesegang oHG
Canteen Bonsu Kumaa Asantehene (ruler) of the Kingdom of Ashanti
Jules Moinaux French librettist
Nagai Naoyuki Head of Naval Training Center Nagasaki
Cristoforo Negri Italian politician, diplomat and geographer
Karl Nücker German judges and parliamentarians
Auguste Pottier Furniture designer and interior decorator
Alexander Prandtl German agricultural scientist, professor of dairy farming
Witold Pruszkowski Polish painter
John Russell Reynolds British neurologist
James Wyllie Rodger Scottish scientist
Hermann Roelcke German entrepreneur, speculator
Heinrich Remigius Sauerländer German publisher
Adolf Schimmelpfennig Architect of German descent, active in Poland
Alejandro Sinibaldi President of Guatemala (1885)
Friedrich Spohr Saxon military musician
Christian Steinicken German painter, engraver and engraver
George Stiebel Jamaican trader and entrepreneur
Karl Wilhelm Streckfuß German history, portrait, genre and landscape painter
Mikhail Tushmalov Russian composer and conductor
Georgios Vizyinos Greek writer, poet and scholar
Albert Wild German publicist in Bavaria, MdR
ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz al-Amawī Shafiite scholar of the Qādirīya order