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This is a list of famous people who died in 1993 . The entries are made alphabetically within the individual data. Animals can be found in the necrology for animals .


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
January 1st Ross Bass American politician 74 [1]
January 1st Tony Echavarría Dominican singer and cabaret artist 66 [2]
January 1st Rudolf Tichý Czech prehistoric archaeologist 68 [3]
January 1st Anna Wimschneider German farmer and writer 73 [4]
January 2nd Sean Devereux English Salesian volunteer, missionary and development worker
January 2nd Elisa Fernandes Brazilian actress 42 [5]
January 2nd Heinz Kohlhaas German boxer 80
January 2nd Vladimir Makogonov Azerbaijani chess player 88
January 2nd Rudi Supek Yugoslav sociologist 79
January 2nd Klaus Warncke German ornithologist and entomologist specializing in bees 55
January 2nd Gerald T. Whelan American politician 67 [6]
January 3rd Otto Eckl Austrian table tennis player 70
January 3rd Franziska Liebing German actress 93 [7]
January 3rd Josef Naas German mathematician 86
January 3rd Will walls American football player 80 [8th]
January 3rd Reginald Pepys Winnington-Ingram British classical philologist 88
January 4th Danie Craven South African rugby player 82
January 4th Ernest Leo Unterkoefler American Roman Catholic clergyman, Bishop of Charleston 75
January 4th Roland room German music teacher, university teacher in Weimar 59
January 5th Juan Benet Spanish writer 65
January 5th Helmut Bischoff German SS-Obersturmbannführer and senior government councilor, head of various state police stations in the Third Reich 84
January 5th Westley Allan Dodd American serial killer 31
January 5th Nijasbei Alexandrovich Dzjapschipa soviet soccer player 65
January 5th Nicholas Mayall American astronomer 86
January 5th Wolfgang Paul German writer and journalist 74
January 5th Klaas Wiersma Dutch politician (VVD) and legal scholar 75
January 5th Manfred Wimmer German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 55
6th January Werner Albrecht German SED functionary, head of the general department of the Central Committee 71
6th January Tad Danielewski American film director of Polish descent 71
6th January Dizzy Gillespie American jazz trumpeter, composer, singer, arranger and band leader 75
6th January Elke Kast German TV announcer
6th January Richard Mortensen Danish painter 82
6th January Rudolf Chametowitsch Nurejew Russian-Austrian ballet dancer 54
6th January Josef Stallhofer German painter 84
January 7th Christophe Bader Swiss man who was killed while attempting an explosive attack on Bern's town hall
January 7th Karl Hellwig German politician (SPD), MdL 68
January 7th Otto Klenert German mayor and politician (CDU) 77
January 7th Günther Sante German politician (CDU), MdL 72
January 7th Hennes Schmitz German soccer player 85
January 7th Bill Vint English table tennis official
January 8th Hans Bertram German aviation pioneer, aerial photo publisher, film director, screenwriter and production manager 86
January 8th Alfred Courmes French surrealism and realism painter 94
January 8th George Rudé British Marxist modern and social historian 82
January 8th Herbert Trantow German composer 89
January 8th Hakija Turajlić Bosnian politician and businessman
January 9th Mario Genta Italian soccer player and soccer coach 80
January 9th Paul Hasluck Australian politician, governor general and foreign minister 87
January 9th Viveca Serlachius Swedish actress 69
10. January Günther Abendroth German politician (SPD), MdA 72
10. January Werner Best German politician (SPD), MdL 65
10. January Thomas B. Curtis American politician 81
10. January Georges Mounin French linguist, Romanist, Italianist and translation scholar 82
11th January Elsa Piaggio Argentine pianist and music teacher 86
January 12th Józef Czapski Polish author and painter in the footsteps of Fauvism and Paul Cézanne 96
January 12th Otto F. Card German politician (CDU), MdL 85
January 12th Rudolf Warnholtz German hockey player 86
13th January Edivaldo Martins da Fonseca Brazilian soccer player 30th
13th January Mozart Camargo Guarnieri Brazilian composer 85
13th January Hans Jungwirth Austrian tax officer and politician (SPÖ), member of the state parliament, member of the national council 70
13th January Helene J. Cantor American archaeologist from the Middle East 73
13th January Ludwig Metzger German politician (SPD), MdL, MdB, MdEP 90
13th January René Pleven French politician 91
January 14th Victor Abens Luxembourg resistance fighter and politician, member of the Chambre, MEP 80
January 14th Geoff Brown British volcanologist and geologist 47
January 14th Gregor Determann German politician (center), Member of the Bundestag 81
January 14th Néstor García Colombian volcanologist and geochemist
January 14th Alexander Georgievich Medakin Russian soccer player 55
January 14th Manfred Salmon Polish diplomat and lawyer 78
January 14th Igor Alexandrovich Menyailov Russian volcanologist and geologist 55
January 14th Joseph Washer German artist and sculptor 73
15. January Sammy Cahn American songwriter and musician 79
15. January J. Allen Frear American politician 89
15. January Annemarie von Gabain German Turkologist and Sinologist 91
15. January William G. Hardwick American politician 82
15. January Henry Iba American basketball coach 88
15. January Volker Meier German painter and graphic artist 60
January 16 Glenn Corbett US-American actor 59
January 16 Hans-Joachim glasses German actor 51
January 16 Luciano Liggio Sicilian mafioso 68
January 16 Wilhelm Muller German lawyer 90
January 16 Dionysios Zakythinos Greek Byzantinist
January 17th Israel Brandmann Ukrainian-Israeli composer, conductor and violinist 91
January 17th Barbara Buczek Polish composer, pianist and music teacher 53
January 17th Albert Hourani English Middle East scholar 77
January 17th Werner Schulze German agricultural scientist 102
January 17th Walter Stein German astronomer and university professor 88
January 17th William Zombory Romanian soccer player 87
January 18th Karl Bosl German historian 84
January 18th Alfredo Bovet Italian cyclist 83
January 18th Eleanor Hibbert British writer 86
January 18th Hans Mikosch German officer, most recently lieutenant general in World War II 95
January 18th Wilhelm Rühle German organ builder 86
January 18th Václav Šprungl Czech painter and printmaker 66
January 18th Constantine A. Trypanis Greek Byzantinist, Neo-Greekist and poet 83
January 18th James Venable American lawyer and Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan 92
January 19th Hermann Kügler German chemist, economist and youth leader 92
January 19th Jan Lauts German art historian and museum director 84
January 19th Eberhard Freiherr von Medem German administrative lawyer 79
January 20th Joseph Anthony American actor, director and dancer 80
January 20th Albrecht Beckel German lawyer and politician (CDU), MdL 67
January 20th Audrey Hepburn British actress 63
January 20th Christos Kapralos Greek sculptor 83
21th January Felice Borel Italian soccer player and soccer coach 78
21th January Charlie Gehringer American baseball player 89
21th January Lotte Laserstein German painter 94
21th January Leo Loewenthal German sociologist 92
21th January Daniel Mróz Polish draftsman, cartoonist, illustrator and set designer 75
22nd of January Abe Kōbō Japanese writer 68
22nd of January Héctor De Bourgoing Argentine-French soccer player 58
22nd of January Guillermo Graetzer Argentine composer 78
22nd of January Jim Pollard American basketball player 70
22nd of January Brett Weston American photographer 81
January 23 Helmut Braselmann German field handball player 81
January 23 Thomas A. Dorsey American blues and gospel singer and pianist 93
January 23 Walter Erasmy German journalist 68
January 23 Charles Greenlee American jazz musician and composer 65
January 23 Keith Laumer American science fiction writer 67
January 23 Heinrich Pilgrim German painter 93
January 23 Wayne Raney American old-time and country musician
January 23 Hermann Viellieber German politician (CDU), MdL 76
January 24th Henry Abel Smith British officer and Governor of Queensland 92
January 24th Don J. Bassman American sound engineer 65
January 24th Friedhelm Dräger German diplomat 92
January 24th Gustav Ernesaks Soviet-Estonian composer 84
January 24th Detlef Gerstenberg German athlete 35
January 24th Josef Guilder German Catholic clergyman and publicist 85
January 24th Ernst-Georg Hüper German politician (SPD), MdL 66
January 24th John A. Lafore American politician 87
January 24th Karl Larenz German civil lawyer and legal philosopher 89
January 24th Thurgood Marshall American lawyer and civil rights activist, US Supreme Court Justice 84
January 24th Ugur Mumcu Turkish journalist and writer 50
January 25th Martin Lohmann German business economist 91
January 25th Leah Neuberger American table tennis player 77
January 25th Hédi Nouira Tunisian politician 81
January 25th Kurt Schmidt-Clausen German Lutheran theologian 72
January 26th Axel von dem Bussche German army officer during the Second World War 73
January 26th Jan Gies Dutch resistance fighter against National Socialism 87
January 26th Robert Jacobsen Danish sculptor, painter and graphic artist 80
January 26th Lizzi Natzler Austrian actress and singer 83
January 26th Jeanne Sauvé Canadian journalist and politician, first Governor General of Canada 70
January 27th André the Giant French wrestler and actor 46
January 27th Harold Henry Beverage American electrical engineer 99
January 27th Eddie Calhoun American jazz musician 71
January 27th Walter Heinzinger Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the National Council, member of the Federal Council 56
January 28th Helen Hogg Canadian astronomer 87
January 28th Josep Maria Llompart Catalan-language Spanish poet, Romanist and Catalanist 67
January 28th Anatoly Ivanovich Parfenov Russian wrestler 68
January 28th Kay Swift American composer 95
January 28th Wilhelm Vaillant German engineer, entrepreneur, medic and philanthropist 83
January 28th Hannah Wilke American artist 52
January 29th Gustav Hasford American writer 45
January 29th Walter Kolbenhoff German writer, journalist and radio editor 84
January 29th Lars Larsson Swedish athlete 81
January 29th Kay Lorentz German cabaret artist, founder of the Düsseldorf cabaret Kom (m) ödchen 72
January 30th Alexandra of Greece Greek noblewoman, princess of Greece, queen of Yugoslavia 71
January 30th James LuValle American sprinter and chemist 80
January 30th Otto Roelen German chemist 95
January 30th Hans Somborn German actor, film production manager and film producer 88
January 30th Vincenzo Tomassi Italian film editor 55
January 30th Anton Wieser Austrian ski jumper 72
31 January Fritz Henle German photographer 83
31 January Friedrich Wilhelm Oediger German archivist and historian 85
31 January Desiderius Papp Austro-Hungarian-Argentine journalist and science historian 97
January Hellmut Meidt German soccer coach 82


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
February 1st Roberta Gropper German politician (KPD, SED), MdR, MdV, chairwoman of the DFD 95
February 1st Mehrab Shahrokhi Iranian soccer player 48
February 1st Sven Thofelt Swedish fencer and modern pentathlete 88
February 2nd Gino Bechi Italian singer (baritone) and actor 79
February 2nd Clemente Fracassi Italian film producer and director 75
February 2nd Michael Klein Romanian soccer player 33
February 2nd Harry Nilsson Swedish soccer player 77
February 2nd Alexander Schneider American violinist 84
February 2nd Helmut Schoeck German sociologist 70
February 2nd Adolf Voegeli Swiss homeopath 94
3 February Gianni Colombo Italian kinetic artist 56
3 February Paul Emery British racing driver 76
3 February Karel Goeyvaerts Belgian composer 69
February 4th Semyon Michailowitsch Alexejew Soviet aircraft designer
February 4th Rudolf Zeiser German soccer player 56
February 5th Sidney Bernstein, Baron Bernstein British media entrepreneur 94
February 5th Seán Flanagan Irish politician (Fianna Fáil), MEP 71
February 5th Rainer Gruenter German philologist and historian, founding rector of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal 74
February 5th Hans Jonas German-American philosopher 89
February 5th Joseph L. Mankiewicz American film director 83
February 5th Josef Molzer Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the state parliament 78
February 6th Arthur Ashe American tennis player 49
February 6th Dan Constantinescu Romanian composer 61
February 6th Georg Neemann German trade unionists and politicians (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 75
February 6th Egon Wilhelm Ramms German politician (FDP), Member of the Bundestag, Member of the Bundestag 83
February 7th Nicolas Broca Belgian comic artist 60
February 7th Koenraad van der Gaast Dutch architect 69
February 7th Julius Kunert German entrepreneur 92
February 7th Sammy Lowe American jazz and R&B musician, arranger and orchestra leader 74
February 7th Fritz Strassner German actor 73
February 8 Filip Semyonovich Bondarenko Ukrainian chess composer 87
February 8 Oto Grigalka Latvian shot putter and discus thrower 67
February 8 William Ewing Hester American tennis official, President of the USTA 80
February 8 Anthony Kramreither Austrian-born film producer and actor in Canada 66
February 8 Roland Mousnier French historian 85
February 8 Franz Schnyder Swiss film director 82
February 9 Dmytro Bilokolos Soviet Ambassador, Foreign Minister of the Ukrainian SSR (1966–1970) 81
February 9 Bruno Carr American jazz drummer 64
February 9 Bill Grundy British television presenter 69
February 9 Will Höhne German pop singer and cabaret artist 83
February 9 Werner Lindemann German writer 66
February 9 Rupert Wolfgruber senior Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the state parliament and state councilor 79
February 10th Maurice Bourgès-Maunoury French politician and prime minister 78
February 10th Bengt Edlén Swedish astrophysicist 86
February 10th Jan Grossman Czech theater director, literary and theater critic 67
February 10th Hedwig Kenner Austrian classical archaeologist 82
February 11th Robert W. Holley American biochemist 71
February 11th Newton Steers American politician 76
February 12th James Patrick Bulger British murder victim 2
February 12th Wilhelm Grünhagen German classical archaeologist 77
February 12th Felix Sonnenfeld Brazilian chess composer 82
13th February Thomas Gibson Scottish surgeon and immunologist 77
13th February Willoughby Gray English stage actor 76
14th of February Elek Bacsik Hungarian jazz violinist and jazz guitarist 66
14th of February Heinrich Bauer German classical archaeologist
14th of February Pedro Cortina Mauri Spanish politician and Foreign Minister of Spain
14th of February Eleazar Lipsky American lawyer, screenwriter, and writer 81
14th of February Veljko Milanković Serbian war criminal and the leader of the paramilitary unit Vukovi sa Vučjaka 38
14th of February Terry Reardon Canadian ice hockey player and coach 73
14th of February Pierre Ruelle Belgian Romanist, Medievalist and dialectologist 81
February 15th Louis Hafliger Swiss bank employee, delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross 89
February 15th Paul Spani Swiss tenor and music teacher 63
February 15th George Wallington American jazz musician 68
February 15th Ernst Werner German historian 72
February 16 Willem den Boer Dutch ancient historian 78
February 16 Howard Brubeck American composer 76
February 16 Franz Slawik Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the state parliament, regional councilor in Lower Austria 57
February 16 Hans Wieseneder Austrian geologist and petrograph 86
February 17th Hans Baur German pilot, SS group leader and lieutenant general of the Waffen SS and the police, Adolf Hitler's chief pilot and leader of the "Reichsregierung" flight squadron 95
February 17th Pouel core Danish actor 84
February 17th Wilhelm Loth German sculptor 72
February 17th Josef Wicki Swiss Jesuit and mission historian 88
February 18 Marshall S. Carter American military officer, officer in the United States Army and director of the NSA 83
February 18 Ted Haworth American production designer 75
February 18 Allen Montgomery Lewis lucian politician, governor general of St. Lucia 83
February 18 Willi Marxsen German Protestant theologian, New Testament scholar 73
February 18 Erwin Thiesies German rugby player 84
19th of February Alexander Sergeevich Davydov Ukrainian physicist 80
19th of February Česlovas Kudaba Lithuanian politician, member of the Seimas and geographer 58
19th of February Ernst Leuninger German politician (SPD), MdL 78
19th of February Yaman okay Turkish theater, film and television actor 41
19th of February Dieter Zoller German prehistorian 71
20. February Yvon Baarspul Dutch conductor 74
20. February Ferruccio Lamborghini Italian car maker and father of the Lamborghini car brand 76
20. February Richard Luchsinger Swiss ENT doctor and university professor 92
20. February Stefan Maletic Priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church and victim of National Socialism 75
20. February Bernhard Stein German theologian and Bishop of Trier 88
21st of February Alison Fairlie British Romance studies and literary scholar 75
21st of February Horst Jannott German insurance manager 65
21st of February Harvey Kurtzman American comic artist 68
21st of February Jean Lecanuet French politician (MRP, CDS, UDF), member of the National Assembly, MEP 72
21st of February Inge Lehmann Danish geodesist and seismologist 104
21st of February Herbert Wahrendorf German educator, handball player and official 73
February 22 Feng Zhi Chinese poet, translator and literary scholar 87
February 22 Franz Lanik Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the Vorarlberg state parliament 77
February 22 Hein van de Poel Dutch politician 77
February 22 Hugo Schrader German actor and voice actor 90
February 22 Sirio Vernati Swiss football player 85
February 23 Michael Diller German painter and graphic artist 43
February 23 Ludwig Eisenlohr junior German architect 98
February 23 Raphael Nussbaum German film director, film producer and screenwriter 61
February 23 Mario Pani Darqui Mexican architect and urban planner 81
February 23 Pedro dos Santos Brazilian percussionist and composer 73
February 23 Phillip Terry US-American actor 83
February 23 Robert Triffin Belgian-American economist 81
February 23 Walburga Wegner German singer 84
February 24th Lynn Hope American R&B musician 66
February 24th Karl Löbe German lawyer and politician (FDP), Member of the Bundestag 81
February 24th Bobby Moore English soccer player 51
February 24th Chaim L. Pekeris Israeli physicist 84
February 24th Denis Vaucher Swiss officer and skier 95
February 25 Eddie Constantine American film actor and chansonnier 75
February 25 Hermann Eidenbenz Swiss graphic artist and stamp artist 90
February 25 Abram B. Enns Black Sea German writer, art critic and educator 105
February 25 Roger Rochard French long distance runner 79
February 26th Catherine de Bruyn Bavarian folk actress 52
February 26th Kurt Griese German criminal police officer and SS leader 83
February 26th Fletcher gag American writer and journalist 81
February 26th Beaumont Newhall American author, art and photo historian, photographer, and curator 84
February 26th Giulio Oggioni Italian clergyman, Bishop of Bergamo 76
February 26th Arthur Maria Rabenalt German film director 87
February 26th Ludwig Roeder German poet, writer and astrologer 75
February 26th Hermann Schmidt German mathematician and university professor 90
27th of February Pina Carmirelli Italian violinist 79
27th of February Gerhard Daub German politician (FDP), MdL 64
27th of February Wilhelm Dreier Catholic economist and social ethicist 65
27th of February Lillian Gish US-american actress 99
27th of February Manfred Kossok German historian 62
27th of February Alois Strohmayr German politician (SPD), MdL, MdB 84
27th of February Marģeris Zariņš Latvian composer and writer 82
February 28 Franco Brusati Italian playwright, screenwriter and film director 70
February 28 Ishirō Honda Japanese film director 81
February 28 Ruby Keeler US-american actress 83
February 28 Ilkka Koski Finnish boxer 64
February 28 Karl Richard Tschon German writer 69
February Hans Rinn German bank manager and industrialist 93


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
1st March Arnold Dannenmann German Protestant theologian and founder of the Christian Youth Village Association in Germany (CJD) 86
1st March Rudolph Glossop British geotechnician 91
1st March Julian of Károlyi Hungarian pianist 79
1st March Jorge Martínez Zárate Argentine guitarist and composer 69
1st March Oleg Alexandrovich Saizew Russian ice hockey player 53
2nd March Erwin Folger German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 83
2nd March Hans Hilfiker Swiss electrical engineer and the designer of the Swiss station clock 91
2nd March Ryszard Kwiatkowski Polish composer 61
2nd March Carlos Marcello Italian-American mafioso 83
2nd March Annemarie Schradiek German actress 85
3 March Robert Carricart French-American actor 76
3 March Charlotte Flemming German costume designer 72
3 March Carlos Montoya spanish flamenco guitarist 89
3 March Albert Sabin American doctor, virologist, developer of the oral polio vaccine 86
3 March Gerhard Schenck German pharmacist, rector of the Free University of Berlin 88
3 March Heinz Strobl German municipal official 73
4th of March Jerome Ambro American politician 64
4th of March Anšlavs Eglītis Latvian writer 86
4th of March Art Hodes American jazz musician and journalist 88
4th of March Tomislav Ivčić Croatian singer, composer and politician
4th of March Théo Kerg Luxembourg painter, graphic artist and sculptor 83
4th of March Izaak Kolthoff Dutch-American chemist 99
4th of March Emil Lohkamp German actor and radio play speaker 90
4th of March John McMichael British cardiologist 88
4th of March Nicholas Ridley British politician 64
5. March Hans Christian Blech German actor 78
5. March Cyril Collard French director 35
5. March Herschel Daugherty American film director 82
5. March Wallace Givens American mathematician and pioneer in computer science 82
5. March Egil Borgen Johansen Norwegian archer 58
5. March Heinz Korn German pop composer and songwriter 69
5. March Elisabeth Rechnitzer Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the state parliament in Burgenland 55
6th March Eberhard Frey German painter and graphic artist 77
6th March Walther Geiser Swiss composer and music teacher 95
6th March Walther Siegmund-Schultze German musicologist and university professor 76
6th March Bedri Yagan Turkish leadership of the Dev-Sol
7th March Duane Carter American racing driver 80
7th March John Merrill Knapp American musicologist 78
7th March Anneliese Krenzlin German human geographer 89
7th March Martti Larni Finnish writer and journalist 83
7th March Josef Steindl Austrian economist 80
8th of March Don Barksdale American basketball player 69
8th of March Wilhelm Georg Berger Romanian composer and musicologist 63
8th of March Johan Bodegraven Dutch reporter and radio announcer 78
8th of March Billy Eckstine American jazz singer and band leader 78
8th of March Erwin Henning German painter 91
8th of March Anna Oppermann German visual artist 53
8th of March Singleton Palmer American jazz musician 79
8th of March Franz Petri German historian 90
8th of March Theodore Ryder American patient, long-term diabetes survivor who was among the first to be treated with insulin 76
8th of March Berent Schwineköper German archivist and historian 80
9th March Robert Billerbeck German film salesman 72
9th March Bob Crosby American singer and actor 79
9th March Mustafa Demiral Turkish victim of right-wing extremist violence
9th March Ottomar Hansen German officer, most recently major general in the Bundeswehr 88
9th March Eduard Kneifel German Lutheran clergyman and church historian 96
9th March Cyril Northcote Parkinson British historian, sociologist and publicist 83
9th March Pavel Pavlovich Pavlenko Russian actor 90
9th March Edwin Vásquez Peruvian marksman 70
9th March Max August Zorn American mathematician and university professor 86
March 10th Garé Barks American painter 75
March 10th Erich Kalteis Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the state parliament 66
March 10th Paul Renz German soccer coach 72
March 10th Vladimir Grigoryevich Suteev Russian children's author 89
March 10th Guido Wieland Austrian chamber and film actor, director and operetta buffo 86
March 11 Dino Bravo Canadian wrestler 44
March 11 Manuel da Fonseca Portuguese writer 81
March 11 Rui Nogar Mozambican writer 58
March 11 Dan Simonescu Romanian Romance scholar, Romanist and book scholar 90
March 12th Iuliu Bodola Romanian and Hungarian football players 81
March 12th Brother Robert French doctor and one of the first seven brothers in the Taizé Community
March 12th Michael Kanin American screenwriter 83
March 12th Friedrich Kurtz German first lieutenant in the Wehrmacht 78
March 12th Annamalai Ramanathan Indian mathematician 46
March 12th Mac Speedie American football player and coach 73
March 12th Henry Underhill, Baron Underhill British politician 78
March 12th Wang Zhen Chinese politician and military person 84
March 12th Christian Zinsser German diplomat 85
March 13th Gene Hartley American racing driver 67
March 13th Alexander Menne German manager and politician (FDP), Member of the Bundestag 88
March 13th Karl Möller German politician (CDU), MdL 73
March 13th José Muñoz Cota Mexican writer and ambassador 86
March 13th Ann Way British actress 77
the 14th of March Gaetano Kanizsa Italian psychologist 79
the 14th of March Heinz Tobien German paleontologist 81
March, 15 Ricardo Manuel Arias Espinoza 29. President of Panama 80
March, 15 Erhard Lucas German historian
March, 15 Karl May German soccer player 64
March, 15 Thomas Schleusing German illustrator and caricaturist 55
March 16 Lisa-Marie Blum German writer, painter and illustrator 81
March 16 Natália Correia Portuguese author 69
March 16 Johnny Cymbal American songwriter, singer and record producer 48
March 16 Muhammad Khan Junejo Pakistani politician, Prime Minister (1985–1988) 60
March 16 Ryu Chishu Japanese actor 88
March 16 Erich Valentin German musicologist 86
March 16 Odiel Van Den Meersschaut Belgian cyclist 73
17. March Wilhelm Albrecht German medical officer 87
17. March Alfred Fernholz German psychiatrist and organizer of the National Socialist murders in Saxony 88
17. March Helen Hayes US-american actress 92
17. March Francis Michaelappa Indian clergyman, Bishop of Mysore 67
17. March John Joyce Russell American clergyman, Bishop of Richmond 95
17. March Antonio José Saraiva Portuguese Romanist and Lusitanist 75
17. March Heinz von Schumann German organist and choir conductor 82
17. March Klemens Tietmeyer German table tennis player 55
17. March Thorstein Treholt Norwegian politician (Arbeiderpartiet), Minister and Fylkesmann 81
March 18th William K. Boardman American politician 78
March 18th Kenneth Ewart Boulding American economist 83
March 18th George Hamilton Cady American chemist 87
March 18th Elemér Gyetvai Hungarian table tennis player and trainer 65
March 18th Otto Mohrmann German editor and politician (SPD), MdL Bavaria 91
19th March Alexei Ivanovich Ajubei Soviet journalist, publicist and politician 69
19th March Karen Dalton American folk singer, guitar and banjo player 55
19th March Georges Garvarentz French composer and arranger
19th March Gerhard Mertins German military, member of the Waffen SS and arms exporter 73
19th March Roger Michelot French boxer 80
March, 20th Robert Burnham, Jr. American astronomer 61
March, 20th Børge Jessen Danish mathematician 85
March, 20th Polycarp Kush American physicist 82
March, 20th Gerard Sekoto South African painter 79
March, 20th Toni Spiss Austrian ski racer 62
March, 20th Elfriede Walesca Tielsch German philosopher 83
March 21st Sebastiano Baggio Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 79
March 21st Jozef Bogusz Polish surgeon, ethicist and medical historian 88
March 21st Phyllis Holtby Canadian pianist, harpsichordist and music teacher 86
March 21st Michael Clark Hutchison British politician 79
March 21st Albert Ramon Belgian cyclist 72
March 21st Buddy Swan American child actor 63
March 21st Walther Wüst German Indo-Europeanist 91
March 22 Samiha Ayverdi Turkish author and mystic 87
March 22 Enzo Fiermonte Italian boxer and actor 84
March 22 Georgette Legée French science historian 78
March 22 Ernst-Günther von Luckner German monastery provost of Uetersen 73
March 22 Gret Palucca German dancer and dance teacher 91
March 22 Edith Potter American doctor and scientist 91
March 23 Kurt Burkhardt German politician (DBD), MdV 77
March 23 Denis Parsons Burkitt Northern Irish surgeon 82
March 23 Shlomo Na'aman Israeli social historian 80
March 23 Evdokija Andreevna Nikulina Soviet bomber pilot 75
March 23 Hans Werner Richter German writer 84
March 23 Serizawa Kōjirō Japanese lyric poet, storyteller, and essayist 96
March 24th Julián de Ajuriaguerra Hispanic French neuropsychiatrist and psychoanalyst 82
March 24th Alice Bacon, Baroness Bacon British Labor Party politician, Member of the House of Commons 83
March 24th Karen Gershon German-British writer 69
March 24th John Hersey American writer and journalist 78
March 24th Martha Kunig-Rinach German actress and singer in the mezzo-soprano voice range 93
March 24th Fritz Lamerdin German forest officer 81
March 24th Pierre Naville French surrealist, leader of the French Trotskyists, politician and sociologist 89
March 24th Herbert Tenzer American lawyer and politician 87
25th March Klaus Fischer German Indologist 73
25th March Henry Huff American jazz musician
25th March Erich Klausnitzer German teacher, founder-researcher, writer and painter 90
25th March Jake Porter American jazz musician and record producer 76
25th March Wolfgang Ritter German businessman and entrepreneur 87
25th March Frieda Stoppenbrink-Buchholz German auxiliary school teacher 95
26th of March Cale Boggs American politician 83
26th of March Jean David Israeli graphic artist and painter 84
26th of March Volker Eckstein German actor 46
26th of March Reuben Fine American chess master and psychoanalyst 78
26th of March Anatoly Antonovich Jatskow soviet diplomat and spy 79
26th of March Hans Leibundgut Swiss forest scientist 83
26th of March Roy Riegel american football player 84
26th of March Willi Schäferdiek German writer 90
27th of March Kamal Hasan Ali Egyptian politician 71
27th of March Charles Anderson American eventing rider 78
27th of March Elizabeth Holloway Marston American psychologist 100
27th of March Clifford Jordan American jazz saxophonist 61
27th of March Paul László Hungarian-American architect and interior designer 93
27th of March Kate Reid Canadian actress 62
27th of March Ulrich Sonnemann German writer and philosopher 81
27th of March Ernst Strictly German racing cyclist 51
28th March Scott Cunningham American author of books on alternative religious topics 36
28th March Leone Lane US-american actress 84
28th March Hans Weitpert German publisher and football official 87
March 29 Juan Luis Martínez Chilean poet and artist 50
March 30 Arsène Auguste Haitian soccer player 42
March 30 Andrée Brunet French figure skater 91
March 30 Richard Diebenkorn American painter 70
March 30 Fritz Hintze German Egyptologist and Sudanese archaeologist 77
March 30 Oskar Huemer Austrian civil servant and politician (VdU, SPÖ), member of the National Council 76
March 30 Krystyna Marek Polish lawyer and international lawyer 78
March 30 Rubén Rojo Hispanic-Mexican actor 70
March 30 Ludwig Wedel German politician (SPD), MdL 83
March 31 Hans-Dieter Belitz German food chemist 62
March 31 Max Berk German entrepreneur and soccer player 85
March 31 Brandon Lee US-American actor; Son of Bruce Lee 28
March 31 Antoine Mayala ma Mpangu Congolese clergyman, Bishop of Kisantu 67
March 31 Mitchell Parish American composer and lyricist 92
March 31 Ernst toboggan Swiss journalist and politician (SP) 91
March 31 Huseyin Saygun Turkish soccer player and coach 73
March 31 Werner Stein German politician (SPD), MdA 79
March Tofiq Bəhramov Soviet football referee and Azerbaijani football official
March Anton Morosani Swiss ice hockey player 85
March Georg Waitz Austrian soccer player 84


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
April 1st Juan de Borbon y Battenberg Spanish nobleman, son of the Spanish king Alfonso XIII. 79
April 1st Howard Scott Gentry American botanist 89
April 1st Paul Glawion German actor 70
April 1st Alan Kulwicki American NASCAR racing driver and champion 38
April 1st José María Lemus López Salvadoran politician, President of El Salvador 81
April 1st Heinz-Wolfram Mascher German lawyer, functionary of the Free German Youth and member of the Volkskammer of the GDR 65
April 1st Fred Schwengel American politician 86
April 1st Solly Zuckerman British government advisor, anatomist, zoologist and science advisor 88
2nd of April Ernst von Bodelschwingh German politician (CDU), Member of the Bundestag 86
2nd of April Viktor Matejka Austrian cultural politician and writer 91
2nd of April Oskar Neumann German chemical engineer, publicist and communist 75
2nd of April Sarban Afghan musician and composer
2nd of April Michael John Woods British philosopher and historian of philosophy 58
3rd of April Lydia oyster Estonian composer 80
3rd of April Eugene Church American rhythm and blues singer 55
3rd of April Peter J. De Muth American politician 101
3rd of April Helmuth Hörstmann German SS doctor and Lord Mayor in Celle 83
3rd of April Alexandre Mnouchkine Russian-French film producer 85
3rd of April Leopoldo Nachbin Brazilian mathematician 71
3rd of April Götz Dieter Plage German nature filmmaker 56
4. April Alfred Mosher Butts American architect and game designer, inventor of Scrabble 93
4. April Edera Cordiale Italian discus thrower 73
4. April Charles Elworthy, Baron Elworthy British officer in the RAF 82
4. April Terje Rollem Norwegian Colonel 77
4. April Fritz Trautwein German architect 82
April 5th Divya Bharti Indian actress 19th
April 5th Gustav Faber German journalist, travel writer and non-fiction author 80
April 5th Philippe Habert French political scientist 34
April 5th Fritz Ledermann Austrian politician (FPÖ) 74
April 5th Fritz Rudolf Wüst German ancient historian 80
April 6th John Charles Burkill British mathematician 93
April 6th Heinrich Junker German politician (CSU), MdL 81
April 6th Franz Probst Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the state parliament in Burgenland 73
April 6th Theodor Schaller German Protestant theologian 92
April 6th Frans Slaats Dutch track cyclist 80
April 6th Werner Stamm German police bandmaster and composer 81
April 6th Inge von Wangenheim German actress and writer 80
April 6th Otto Zinn German lawyer, politician (NSDAP), Lord Mayor of Gera (1936–1945) 86
7th of April Edward Adamczyk Polish athlete 71
7th of April Tonny Ahm Danish badminton player 78
7th of April Walther Gabler Austrian school teacher and painter 77
7th of April Heinz Hoppe German opera, lied and operetta singer 69
7th of April Gladys Lehman American screenwriter 101
7th of April Paul Margrave German police chief of Greater Berlin or Berlin (East) 82
7th of April Willi Meinck German writer 79
7th of April Otto Neuloh German sociologist and ergonomist 90
April 8th Marian Anderson American opera singer 96
April 8th Stojan Aranđelović Yugoslav actor 62
April 8th Sidney Boyden American recruiter and entrepreneur
April 8th Fritz During German sculptor and artisan 83
April 8th Hans Gerhard Evers German art historian and university professor 93
April 8th Enno von Loewenstern Conservative German journalist of German Baltic origin 64
April 8th Joseph Stephan Moser Austrian newspaper publisher 75
9th April Roy Bailey English football goalkeeper 60
9th April Willie Jones American jazz musician 63
9th April Joseph Ber Soloveitchik Orthodox rabbi, Talmud scholar and modern Jewish philosopher 90
9th April Adolf Vogl Austrian soccer player and coach 82
10th of April Rudolf Bäumer German theologian
10th of April Donald Broadbent British psychologist 66
10th of April Chris Hani South African politician 50
10th of April Carl Martius German biochemist 87
10th of April Leo Metzenbauer Austrian film architect, draftsman and illustrator 83
10th of April Tarzan Toma Turkish athlete and actor of Greek origin 76
11 April George Albert Hammes American clergyman, Bishop of Superior 81
11 April Rolf Junghanns German pianist and musicologist 47
11 April Rahmon Nabiev Tajik politician, President of Tajikistan 62
11 April Heinrich Strathmann German politician (SPD), MdL 83
12. April Erich guest German lawyer, judge at the Federal Patent Court
12. April Zenon Comender Polish politician, member of the Sejm, Deputy Prime Minister (1982–1985) 69
12. April Klaus Piltz German manager 57
April 13th Francisc Munteanu Romanian writer, film director and screenwriter 69
April 13th Henning Schwarz German politician (CDU), Member of the State Parliament, State Minister and Acting Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein 64
April 13th Wallace Stegner American historian, writer, and environmental activist 84
April 13th Rudolf Wetzer Romanian soccer player and coach 92
April 14th Robert Baker US-American actor 52
April 14th Reuben Hecht Israeli entrepreneur and political advisor 83
April 14th Ted Kornowicz German cameraman 77
April 14th Wolfgang Pax German linguist and Catholic theologian 80
April 15th William Bakewell US-American actor 84
April 15th Uwe Beyer German athlete 48
April 15th Leslie Charteris American crime novelist 85
April 15th Lucette Descaves French pianist 87
April 15th Eduard Rhein German inventor, publicist and writer, violin virtuoso and journalist 92
April 15th Robert Westall British writer 63
April 15th John Tuzo Wilson Canadian geologist, geophysicist and glacier researcher, pioneer of plate tectonics 84
April 16 Fujieda Shizuo Japanese writer 85
April 16 Josef Greindl German opera singer (bass) 80
April 16 Heinrich Hamann German policeman and SS-Hauptsturmführer 84
April 16 Leopold Holusek German table tennis player 68
April 16 Fernand Van Steenberghen Belgian Catholic historian of philosophy 89
17th April Grazia Di Marzà Italian actress 71
17th April Turgut Özal Turkish politician, state and prime minister 65
17th April Karl Rowold German resistance fighter and diplomat 81
April 18 Hermann Blaschko German biochemist and pharmacologist 93
April 18 Reynold Higgins British classical archaeologist 76
April 18 Kimura Masahiko Japanese judoka 75
April 18 Pierre Letort French soccer player 70
April 18 Walter Lohmann German racing cyclist 81
April 18 Johannes Oesterreicher Austrian Catholic clergyman 89
April 18 Werner Pochath Austrian actor 53
April 19th Steve Douglas American session saxophonist 54
April 19th Blow Galindo Mexican composer 83
April 19th Heinz Heitzer German historian 64
April 19th David Koresh American cult leader 33
April 19th George S. Mickelson American politician 52
April 19th Karl Mündnich German ENT doctor and university professor 85
April 19th Clifford Scott American rhythm & blues and jazz tenor saxophonist and flautist 64
20th of April Galeazzo Benti Italian actor 69
20th of April Walter Bussmann German historian 79
20th of April Cantinflas Mexican actor, singer, comedian and producer 81
20th of April Evelyne Hall American athlete 83
20th of April Friedrich sacrificial cow Austrian master stonemason 69
20th of April Michael Stone Austro-British journalist 70
20th of April Frank Stubbs American ice hockey player 83
20th of April Alois Thomas German Roman Catholic clergyman, theologian and archivist 97
20th of April Elisabeth Zorell German pedagogue, educational scientist and school director 97
April 21 Karl-Heinz Berndt German journalist and writer 70
April 21 Frank Brommer German classical archaeologist 81
April 21 Jan Chrzan Polish landscape painter and art activist 87
April 21 Werner Lierse German neuroanatomist and university professor 64
April 21 Welisar Welkow Bulgarian archaeologist and historian 64
April 22 Bertus Aafjes Dutch writer 78
April 22 Stephen Lawrence British student and murder victim 18th
April 22 Walter Rempe German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 59
April 22 Eberhard Techtmeier German politician (CDU), MdL 79
April 22 Andries Treu not South African politician and author 72
April 22 Ernst Walsken German painter and resistance fighter 83
April 23 Guido Carli Italian economist and politician 79
April 23 César Chavez American founder of the United Farm Workers union 66
April 23 Daniel Jones Welsh composer and conductor 80
April 23 Séra Martin French athlete 86
April 23 Günther Storck German Catholic priest and sedevacantist bishop 54
April 24th Gustl Bayrhammer German actor 71
April 24th Elisabeth Peterburs Lower Saxony politician (KPD) 87
April 24th Walther Schmidt German architect and construction officer 93
April 24th Rolf Stödter German lawyer and shipowner 84
April 24th Oliver Tambo South African civil rights activist and politician (ANC), chairman of the African National Congress 75
April 24th Walter Varndal Austrian theater and film actor 91
April 25 Josef Lenzi Austrian civil servant and politician (SPÖ), member of the National Council 68
April 25 Cesare Luporini Italian philosopher, literary critic and politician 83
April 25 Henri René American jazz and entertainment musician and music producer 86
26th of April Erich B. Cahn German numismatist and coin dealer 80
26th of April Paul Joachimi German administrative lawyer and ministerial official 83
26th of April Jakob Muth German educator and university professor 65
26th of April Hans Pels-Leusden German painter, gallery owner and art dealer 84
26th of April Alfred Cary Schlesinger American historian 93
April 27 Jörgen Andersen German politician (SSW), MdL 88
April 27 Godfrey Chitalu Zambian soccer player and coach 45
April 27 Ignatius Philip Trigueros Glennie Mexican religious, Bishop of Trincomalee 86
April 27 Herbert Ludat German historian 83
April 27 Derby Makinka Zambian soccer player 27
April 27 Josef Metten German politician (CDU) 83
April 27 Hans Sahl German writer and critic 90
April 28 Cheon Sang-byeong South Korean lyric poet 63
April 28 Diva Diniz Corrêa Brazilian marine biologist 74
April 28 Valentina Stepanovna Grisodubova Soviet pilot 83
April 28 Werner Koch German appraiser and valuation expert for woody plants 66
April 28 Gerold Kürten German music teacher, composer and orchestra leader 65
April 28 Johannes Schäfer German politician (NSDAP), MdR, police officer and SS leader 89
April 28 Jim Valvano American basketball coach 47
April 29 Michael Gordon American director and actor in film and theater 83
April 29 Wilhelm Hanle German physicist 92
April 29 Werner Kamenik German actor 83
April 29 Felix Knemöller German presenter and news anchor on the radio 77
April 29 Erich Mittelsten Scheid German entrepreneur 85
April 29 Mick Ronson British guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer 46
April, 30th Alfred Engleder Austrian murderer
April, 30th Marino Evaristo Argentinian soccer player 84
April, 30th Kurt Kuhlmey German military, Stuka pilot and knight's cross bearer in World War II, major general in the Bundeswehr 79
April, 30th Kurt Kürten German homeland poet and draftsman
April Richard Davoud Donchian American economist, pioneer in systematic futures trading 87
April Anton Krenn Austrian soccer player
April Gösta from Uexküll Swedish-German publicist 83


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
1st of May Pierre Bérégovoy French politician, member of the National Assembly 67
1st of May Erwan Bergot French officer and writer 63
1st of May Henri Ellenberger Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and medical historian 87
1st of May Warren P. Knowles American politician 84
1st of May Ranasinghe Premadasa Sri Lankan politician 68
1st of May Sara Jane Rhoads American chemist 72
1st of May István Wampetits Hungarian football player and coach 89
2.May Julio Gallo American entrepreneur 83
2.May Heiner Gross Swiss writer for young people 69
2.May Juana Lecaro's Izquierdo Chilean painter and graphic artist 72
2.May Karl-Friedrich Merten German naval officer, submarine commander and technician 87
2.May André Moynet French aviator, politician, member of the National Assembly and racing car driver 71
May 3rd Antônio Barbosa Brazilian religious and Roman Catholic archbishop 81
May 3rd Alfred de Chapeaurouge German politician (CDU), MdHB 85
May 3rd Robert De Niro, Sr. American painter 71
May 3rd Ottilie Graszl Austrian table tennis player 76
May 3rd Jupp Lückeroth German painter 73 [9]
May 3rd Gottfried Mueller German composer and organist 78 [10]
May 3rd Peter Stoll German gynecologist and obstetrician and university professor
May 3rd Hermína Týrlová Czech director and animation producer 92
May 3rd Ferdinand Wallbrecht German politician (CDU), MdL 77
May 4th Willem Polak Dutch member of the Waffen SS 77 [11]
May 4th Otto Heinrich Senn Swiss architect 90
May 4th France Štiglic Yugoslav film director 73
May 4th Inge Stolten German actress, writer, journalist and politician 72
May 4th Hugo of Wallis German lawyer 83
5th of May George William Ahr American clergyman, Bishop of Trenton 88
5th of May Vitaly Michailowitsch Bujanowski Russian horn player, music professor and composer 64
5th of May Heinz wing German publicist, writer and radio play author 86
5th of May Jean Földeák German wrestler 89
5th of May Wennemar Haarmann German administrative lawyer and district administrator in the Stormarn district 79
5th of May Irving Howe American literary scholar 72
5th of May Kurt Lauterbach German tenor buffo, comedian, entertainer and actor 73
5th of May Werner Theisen German lawyer and newspaper publisher 65
5th of May Paul Wegener German NSDAP Gauleiter, MdBB, MdR 84
May 6th Robert Becker American director 47
May 6th Ivy Benson British band leader 79 [12]
May 6th Henri Conchy French soccer player 84
May 6th Per-Erik Ekblom Finnish correspondence chess player and chess official 65
May 6th Rommel Fernández Panamanian soccer player 27
May 6th Ann Todd British actress 84 [13]
May 7th Liselotte Eder German translator, actress 70
May 7th Anton Geyer German prelate 74
May 7th Ulrich Klug German lawyer, university professor and politician (FDP) 79
May 7th Ernst Kramer German architect and art historian 83
May 7th Wilhelm Nordin German Vice Admiral in the People's Navy of the GDR 69
May 7th Mary Philbin American silent film actress 89
May 7th Hap Sharp American racing car driver 65
May 7th Luis Tróccoli Uruguayan politician 71
8th of May Dele Charley Sierra Leonean author 45
8th of May Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya Bengali Marxist philosopher 74
8th of May Avram Davidson American science fiction, fantasy and mystery writer, member of the Tenrikyō religion 70 [14]
8th of May Alwin Nikolais American dancer and choreographer 82
May 9 Mary Duncan US-american actress 97
May 9 Penelope Gilliatt British novel and short story writer, film critic and screenwriter 61
May 9 Josef Hendel German artist 95
May 9 Iván Patachich Hungarian composer and conductor 70 [15]
May 9 Freya Madeline Stark British traveler to the Orient and research, travel writer 100
May 9 Hermann Stetter German chemist 75
May 9 Albert Sukop German soccer player 80
10th of May Lester del Rey American writer 77
10th of May Egon Vogel German actor and singer (tenor) 84 [16]
May 11th Torsten Ullman Swedish marksman 84 [17]
12th of May Zeno Colò Italian ski racer 72
12th of May Hans Demeter German businessman and politician (SPD), MdL Bavaria 87
12th of May Evert Dolman Dutch cyclist, Olympic champion and world champion 47
12th of May Ulf Palme Swedish actor 72
12th of May Edda Seippel German actress 73
May 13th Eduard Bachinger German farmer and member of the Bavarian Senate 81
May 13th Friedrich Dörr German theologian and hymn poet 85
May 13th Shmuel Gogol Polish-Israeli Holocaust survivor, harmonica player and music teacher
May 13th Bede Griffiths British Benedictine monk 86
May 13th Wolfgang Lotz German-Israeli secret agent 72
May 13th Curt Riess German journalist and writer 90
May 14th Albert Gau French politician, member of the National Assembly 82
May 14th Franz Xaver Hafner German banker and politician (CSU) 81
May 14th Evan C. Horning American chemist 76
May 14th Théo Meurisse French film architect 59
May 14th Edouard Pignon French painter 88
May 14th Hugo Wiener Austrian composer and pianist 89
May 15 Herbert Grötzsch German mathematician 90
May 15 Maria Jeibmann German athlete 65
May 15 Andrzej Kuśniewicz Polish diplomat and writer 88
May 15 Heinz-Bernhard Zorn German officer and fighter pilot 81
May 16 Madan Kumar Bhandari Nepalese politician 40
May 16 Marv Johnson American rhythm and blues and soul singer 54
17th of May Toe Blake Canadian ice hockey player 80
17th of May Earl Chudoff American politician 85
17th of May Holger Eckert German actor of Polish descent 89
17th of May André Resampa Malagasy politician 68
17th of May Wolfgang Weimar German politician (CDU), MdL 70
May 18 Heinrich Albertz German politician (SPD), MdL, MdA 78
May 18 Ruth Bühren-Gamb German politician (SPD), MdL 70
May 18 Jörg Hoffmann German sculptor and painter 56
May 18 Heinz Knoke German politician (SRP), MdL 72
May 18 Lester O. Krampitz American microbiologist 83
May 18 Charles Lichtenthaeler Swiss doctor and medical historian 77
May 18 Gerhard Rachold German actor 64
May 19th Friedrich Ehrlicher German teacher 84
May 19th Richard Murphy American screenwriter and director 81
May 19th Peter Pompetzki German murderer 23
May 19th Florian Pröll Austrian religious, abbot 79
May 20th Franz Forster Austrian sculptor 96
May 20th Antje Garden German TV announcer and presenter 42
May 20th Dragoljub Janosevic Yugoslav chess player 69
May 20th Pius Kerketta Indian religious chaplain, Archbishop of Ranchi 83
May 21 John Frost British Major General and Air Force Officer 80
May 21 Omar Pchakadze Soviet track cyclist 48
May 21 Christiane Rajewsky German political scientist, peace researcher and peace educator
May 21 Adolph Rastén Danish journalist, foreign correspondent and publicist 79
May 22 Herbert B. Callen American theoretical physicist 73
May 22 Philipp Held German lawyer and politician (CSU), MdL 81
May 22 Mieczysław Horszowski Polish pianist 100
May 22 Otto Knöpfer German painter 82
May 22 Max Neumeyer German local politician (CSU) 72
May 24th Erni Finselberger German politician (GB / BHE), MdL, MdB 90
May 24th Francesco Izzarelli Italian cameraman 90
May 24th Ludwig Popp German bacteriologist 81
May 24th Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo Mexican clergyman, Archbishop of Guadalajara and Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 66
May 24th Otto von Simson German art historian 80
May 24th Hermann Vetters Austrian archaeologist 77
25. May Buddhadasa buddhist monk 86
25. May Rudolf Eckstein German rower 78
25. May Serei Eri Papua New Guinea politician and author 56
25. May Enzo Melandri Italian philosopher 67
25. May Herbert Nonnsen German politician (SPD), MdL 78
25. May Dan Seymour American film actor 78
25. May Horia Sima Romanian leader of the Iron Guard 86
25. May Theo Vondano German politician (CDU), MdL 66
May 26 Hellmut Diwald German historian and publicist 68
May 26 Ernst Kühnle German politician (CDU), MdL 77
May 26 Fernando López Filipino politician 89
May 26 Hansjörg Schmitthenner German dramaturge and head of the radio play department of the BR 84
May 26 Ulvi Yenal Turkish soccer goalkeeper 85
May 26 Andy Yttri American concept artist 34
May 26 Pavle Zablatnik Austrian clergy and ethnology 80
May 27th Joseph Gormley, Baron Gormley British miner and trade unionist, Life Peer 75
May 27th Roger MacDougall Scottish screenwriter and playwright 82
May 27th Werner Stocker German actor 38
28th of May Willi Kraus German soccer player 66
28th of May Ugo Locatelli Italian soccer player 77
28th of May Phil McLean American disc jockey 70
28th of May Doctor Ross American blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player 67
28th of May Lisa Volmer German politician (SPD), MdL 76
May 29th Billy Conn American boxer 75
May 29th Ernst Schönhals German soil scientist and quaternary researcher 84
30th May Lien Gisolf Dutch high jumper 82
30th May Melvin Spencer Newman American chemist 84
30th May Jens Petersen Danish track cyclist 74
30th May Mel Rees welsh football player 26th
30th May Sun Ra American jazz composer and jazz musician 79
30th May Asō Takeharu Japanese cross-country skier, mountaineer, and athlete 93
31. May Thursday Tatum American manager 80
May Reinhold Duschka Austrian Righteous Among the Nations 92
May Ernst Reitermaier Austrian soccer player 74
May Isaac Nicolau Salum Brazilian Romance Studies and Linguist 80


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
June 1st Walker O. Cain American architect
June 1st Norton Winfred Simon American industrialist and art collector 86
June 1st John Terpak American weightlifter 80
June 1st Karl Thalheim German economist 93
2th of June Mario Comensoli Swiss painter of realism 71
2th of June Tahar Djaout Algerian journalist, poet and prose writer 39
2th of June Johnny Mize American baseball player 80
2th of June Fritz Oberhettinger German-American mathematician 82
2th of June Hans-Ulrich Schmückle German set designer 76
3rd of June Werner Bochmann German composer 93
3rd of June Anne-Marie Fabian German journalist and writer 72
3rd of June Ferenc Havasi Hungarian communist politician 64
3rd of June Bai Modi Joof Gambian lawyer 59
3rd of June Abdoulaye Mamani Nigerien writer and politician
3rd of June Richard Anthony Parker American Egyptologist, university professor 87
3rd of June Sakai Seiichirō Japanese writer 87
June 4th Georgi Franzewitsch Milljar Soviet theater and film actor 89
June 4th Leo pepper American lawyer and university professor 82
June 4th Fausto Prieto Mexican athlete 84
June 4th Adelaide Ross English writer 97
June 4th Eric Lansdown dreary British social psychologist 83
June 5th Wolf von Baudissin German lieutenant general and peace researcher 86
June 5th Dupree Bolton American jazz trumpeter 64
June 5th Nello Carrara Italian physicist 93
June 5th George Strauss, Baron Strauss British politician (Labor), Member of the House of Commons 91
June 5th Conway Twitty American singer 59
6th of June James Bridges American director and producer 57
6th of June Kotani Masao Japanese theoretical physicist 87
6th of June Mort Mills American film actor 74
June 7th Heinz A. Lowenstam American paleontologist 80
June 7th Arnold Mill German political functionary, SA leader 86
June 7th Drazen Petrovic Croatian basketball player 28
June 7th Kurt Weitzmann German art historian 89
8th June René Bousquet French perpetrator of the Holocaust 84
8th June Hermann Gilhaus German priest and author 59
8th June Elisabeth Schliebe-Lippert German psychologist, child and youth literature researcher and ministerial advisor 94
8th June Raphael Rainer von Thurn and Taxis German councilor and church clerk and descendant of the von Thurn und Taxis family 87
June 9th Arthur Alexander American soul singer, songwriter and pioneer of country soul 53
June 9th Thomas Ammann Swiss art dealer and collector
June 9th Goler Teal Butcher American lawyer specializing in international law 67
June 9th Fabrizio Clerici Italian architect and fantastic-surrealistic draftsman, graphic artist, painter and set designer 80
June 9th Peter Coe US-American actor 74
June 9th Juan Downey Chilean-American video artist and illustrator 53
June 9th Alexis Smith American-Canadian film actress 72
June 9th John Voight American sprinter 66
June 10th Arleen Augér American soprano 53
June 10th Francis Ebejer Maltese writer 67
June 10th Otto Kornei Austrian engineer 90
June 10th Gui Mombaerts Belgian pianist and music teacher 90
June 10th Hertha Nathorff German pediatrician 98
June 10th Alice Reinheart US-american actress 83
June 10th Richard Webb American actor and non-fiction writer 77
June 10th Joseph Wild German master baker, craft functionary and senator (Bavaria) 91
June 11th Muriel Clara Bradbrook British literary scholar 84 [18]
June 11th Bernard Bresslaw British actor 59
June 11th Mstyslaw Ukrainian church leader 95
June 11th Ray Sharkey US-American actor 40
June 11th Milward L. Simpson American politician 95
June 11th Friedrich Thielen German politician (CDU, DP, GDP, NPD), Member of the Bundestag 76
June 11th Friedrich Viehbacher German local politician (CSU) 59
June 12 Wilhelm Gliese German astronomer 77
June 12 Klaus-Wolfgang Klein German medic and officer of the Ministry for State Security 59
June 12 Moses Polakoff American criminal defense attorney 97
June 12 Binay Ranjan Sen. Indian diplomat 95
June 12 Karl Waltzinger German administrative lawyer 84
June 12 Ingeborg Weber-Kellermann German folklorist 74
June 12 Augustine Francis Wildermuth American religious, Bishop of Patna 89
June 13th John Campbell American blues guitarist and singer 41
June 13th Gérard Côté Canadian athlete 79
June 13th Ewald Dytko Polish soccer player 78
June 13th Heinrich Kemner Lutheran revival theologian and preacher 89
June 13th Gajo Petrovic Yugoslav philosopher and university professor 66
June 13th Hermínia Silva Portuguese singer and actress 85
June 13th Deke Slayton American astronaut 69
14th June Elisabeth everyday hero German doctor 88
14th June Vincent T. Hamlin American comic artist and cartoonist 93
14th June Werner Hartke German classical philologist 86
14th June Louis Jacquinot French politician, member of the National Assembly 94
14th June Gerhard Kettner German lithographer and graphic artist 64
14th June Fred Kraus Austrian cabaret artist, actor and show producer
14th June McClure Morris American jazz musician (trumpet, vocals, vibraphone, etc.) 81
15th June Marjorie Clark South African athlete 83
15th June John Connally American politician, Secretary of the Navy, Texas Governor, Secretary of the Treasury 76
15th June James Hunt British racing car driver 45
15th June Theodor Krey German geophysicist 82
15th June Béla Sárosi Hungarian soccer player 74
15th June Petey Scalzo American featherweight boxer 75
15th June Karl-Heinz Thun German regatta sailor 56
June 16 Aldo Bini Italian cyclist 77
June 16 J. Herbert Burke American politician 80
June 16 Richard Fikentscher German gynecologist, obstetrician and university professor 90
June 16 Wolfgang Strobl German university professor 73
17th of June Heinz Borchers German metallurgist 89
17th of June Alfred Edel German actor 61
17th of June Adolfo Winternitz Austrian-Peruvian artist 86
18th of June R. Leonard Brooks British mathematician 77
18th of June Wolfram Esser German sports journalist and moderator 59
18th of June Alexandra Hasluck Australian writer 84
18th of June Ivan Honchar Ukrainian sculptor and painter, founder of the Kiev Ethnological Museum 82
18th of June Ernst Kahler German actor and director 78
18th of June Wilhelm Kewenig German politician (CDU), MdA 58
18th of June Gerhard Knape German actor, speaker and director 78
18th of June Hans Lehfeldt German-American medic 93
18th of June Claude Pascal French comic artist 62
18th of June Luther Tucker American blues musician 57
June 19th Helmut Fath German motorcycle racer and designer 64
June 19th William Golding British writer 81
June 19th Franco Scaglione Italian automobile designer 76
June 19th August Schröder German state archivist 85
20th June Heinz Alisch German composer 76
20th June Frederick William Johnson Canadian Judge, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan 76
20th June Hans Sachs German lawyer, senior public prosecutor, member of a television council team 81
20th June György Sárosi Hungarian soccer player 80
20th June Kurt custom Czech-German physicist, concentration camp prisoner and spy 82
June 21st Al Fairweather British jazz musician 66
June 21st André Frénaud French author 85
June 21st Dieter B. Kabus German evangelical clergyman and author of books for young people 51
June 21st Gotthold Müller German publisher 89
June 22 Walter arrester German hotelier and politician from Baden-Württemberg (FDP), Member of the State Parliament 71
June 22 Theo Bechteler German sculptor and painter 90
June 22 Minna salmon Austrian Germanist, educator and writer 85
June 22 Pat Nixon American first lady 81
June 22 Robert R. Shrock American paleontologist and geologist 88
23rd June Heinz Erven German farmer; Pioneer in the field of natural growing of fruits and vegetables 93
23rd June Zdeněk Kopal Czech astronomer 79
23rd June Gustave Lussi Swiss figure skating coach
June 24th Hans Beirer Austrian hero tenor 82
June 24th Carl Coutelle German doctor and pathologist 84
June 24th Lina Galli Italian writer
June 24th Walter KB wood German archivist 85
June 24th Robert Lehmann German politician (KPD, SED), MdV, MdL, chairman of the pioneer organization Ernst Thälmann (1957–1964) 82
June 24th Bruno Thiebes German Roman Catholic clergyman, dean of the cathedral in Speyer 87
June 24th Massimo Urbani Italian jazz saxophonist 36
June 24th Gottlieb Wanzenried Swiss cyclist 86
June 24th Archie Williams American sprinter and Olympic champion 78
25th June Mona Baptiste Trinidadian pop singer and actress 65
25th June Anton Dawidowicz Austrian music teacher, conductor and composer 82
25th June Hans Hopf German hero tenor 76
25th June Miguel Marmol Salvadoran union activist 87
25th June Rich Matteson American jazz musician 64
25th June Reinhard Pozorny German author, National Socialist propaganda functionary, activist in the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft 85
25th June Louise Rösler German visual artist 85
25th June Wolfgang Weichelt German political scientist and politician (SED), MdV 64
June 26th Fritz Christian Gerhard German music teacher and composer 81
June 26th Herbert Gruhl German politician (CDU, GAZ / GRÜNE, ÖDP), Member of the Bundestag, environmentalist (BUND) and writer 71
June 26th Ernst Cool German politician (CDU), MdL 86
June 26th Ruth von Mayenburg Austrian journalist, writer and translator 85
June 26th Alfredo Noriega Arce Peruvian religious, auxiliary bishop in Lima 70
June 26th William Harrison Riker American political scientist 72
June 27th Wolfgang Grams German terrorist, member of the Red Army faction 40
June 27th Anneliese jacket German athlete 84
June 27th Kurt Mahr German writer 59
June 27th Edouard Morot-Sir French philosopher, Romance scholar and literary scholar
June 27th James Trifunov Canadian wrestler 89
June 28th GG Allin American rock and punk musician 36
June 28th Frans Hendrik Breukelman Dutch Reformed theologian, pastor and theology professor in Amsterdam 76
June 28th Boris Christow Bulgarian opera singer (bass) 79
June 28th Henry Hogan British Air Force officer in the United Kingdom 83
June 28th Olga Costa Mexican artist 79
June 28th Karl Hauptmannl German teacher and member of the Bavarian Senate 75
June 28th Karl Kahane Austrian entrepreneur 73
June 28th Wilen Mitrofanowitsch Strutinski Russian physicist 63
June 29th Erich Deuser German physiotherapist for the German national soccer team 82
June 29th Erwin Glock German marksman 68
June 29th Hector Lavoe Puerto Rican composer and singer 46
June 29th Patrick Lindsay Irish politician (Fine Gael) 79
June 29th Herbert Ziegenhahn German politician (SED), MdV 71
June 30th Benno Hattesen German actor, director and theater manager 86
June 30th George McFarland US-American actor 64
June 30th Bernd Minnich German artist
June 30th Max Wartemann Schleswig-Holstein politician 88
June Denise François-Geiger French linguist and romance scholar
June David Levine American pianist
June Severo Sarduy Cuban writer and painter 56


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
July 1 Gert Hofmann German writer 62
July 1 Toshihiko Izutsu Japanese scholar of Islam and linguist 79
July 1 Ernst Kolb German Art Brut artist 65
July 1 Fritz Voigt German transport scientist and economist 83
2nd July Metin Altıok Turkish poet 52
2nd July Behçet Aysan Turkish poet
2nd July Asım Bezirci Alevi-Turkish poet and writer
2nd July Nesimi Çimen Alevi folk singer
2nd July Joe Daniels British jazz musician 85
2nd July Hasret Gültekin Kurdish Saz player 22nd
2nd July Fred Gwynne American actor and children's author 66
2nd July Asaf Koçak Alevi caricaturist
2nd July Edibe Sulari Turkish-Alevi folk singer
2nd July Clarence Melvin Zener American physicist 87
3rd of July Joe DeRita American comedian and actor 83
3rd of July Don Drysdale American baseball player 56
3rd of July Gustav Kaniak Austrian lawyer and highest judge 85
3rd of July Katō Shūson Japanese haiku poet, literary scholar 88
3rd of July Walter Markov German historian and resistance fighter 83
3rd of July Joseph Wishy American film producer 59
3rd of July Friedrich von Zahn German ministerial official 90
July 4th Yvette Amice French mathematician 57
July 4th Monika von Boch German artist 78
July 4th Lola Gaos Spanish actress 71
July 4th Alston Scott Householder American mathematician 89
July 4th Roman Abelevich Kachanov Russian animator, screenwriter and director 72
July 4th Heinrich Koerner German sculptor and medalist 85
July 4th Hellmut Lantschner Austrian and German skier 83
July 4th Maria Teresa de Noronha Portuguese singer of fado 74
July 4th Anne Shirley US-american actress 75
July 4th Friedrich Verhaben German politician (SPD), MdL 91
5th July Helmut Greulich German trade unionists and politicians (SPD), MdL 70
July 6th Olive Ann Beech American businesswoman 89
July 6th John Gatenby Bolton British-Australian astronomer 71
July 6th Vladimír Skalický Czech botanist 64
7th of July Elemér Berkessy Hungarian soccer player and soccer coach 88
7th of July Albin Fringeli Swiss poet and author 94
7th of July Rifat Ilgaz Turkish journalist and author 82
7th of July Günther Tietjen German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 49
7th of July Lode Van Dessel Belgian-American composer and organist 84
8th of July Charles Adkins American boxer 61
8th of July Helmut A. Crous German journalist and art collector 79
8th of July Irmgard Heilmann German publisher and writer 74
8th of July Paul Peter Austrian politician, member of the Vorarlberg state parliament (SPÖ) 70
8th of July John Riseley-Prichard British racing driver 69
8th of July Paul Sharits American artist and filmmaker 50
8th of July José de Jesús Tirado Pedraza Mexican clergyman, Archbishop of Monterrey 85
July 9 Ern Baxter Canadian Pentecostal minister
July 9 Henry Hazlitt American journalist 98
July 9 Clemens von Jagow German lawyer, President of the Lübeck Regional Court 90
July 9 Josef Richard Kaelin Swiss inventor, film producer and artist 74
July 9 Will Rogers Jr. American politician 81
10th of July Wilhelm Eidam German painter and art teacher 85
10th of July Friedrich Hutter German teacher 87
10th of July Ibuse Masuji Japanese writer 95
10th of July Ruth Krauss American children's author 91
10th of July Sam Rolfe American screenwriter and film producer 69
July 11th Mario Bauzá Cuban Latin Jazz musician 82
July 11th Joseph Gould American trade unionist and journalist 78
July 11th Alexei Konstantinowitsch Lebedew Russian tuba player and composer 68
July 11th Fritz Münch Swiss union official 90
July 11th Sophroni Sakharov Orthodox archimandrite and founder of a monastery 96
July 12 Ferdinando Giuseppe Antonelli Italian clergyman, cardinal to the curia 96
July 12 Gusti Huber Austrian theater and film actress 78
July 12 John Jenkins American alto saxophonist 62
July 12 Werner Nagel German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 59
July 12 Wilfried Wester-Ebbinghaus German university professor 46
July 12 Hans Zanotelli German conductor 65
July 13th Jürgen Frohriep German actor 65
July 13th Manon Hahn German costume designer 85
July 13th Zhao Songtao Chinese landscape painter 76
July 14th Léo Ferré French musician and anarchist 76
July 14th Hannes Kästner German organist and harpsichordist 63
July 14th Maurice Matloff American military historian
July 14th Rudolf Wildenmann German political scientist 72
15th of July Viktoras Butkus Lithuanian theologian and university professor 70
15th of July Young Corbett III American boxer 88
15th of July Bert Greeves British engineer 87
15th of July Raymund Havenith German pianist and university professor 45
15th of July Ingobert Heieck German Roman Catholic friar, gardener and author of several specialist books 57
15th of July Tautvydas Lideikis Lithuanian physicist and politician, member of the Seimas 45
16th of July Gretel Adorno German chemist and entrepreneur; Wife of Theodor W. Adorno
16th of July Michel Hollard French engineer, officer and resistance fighter 95
16th of July Hugo Imfeld Swiss sculptor, graphic artist and draftsman 77
16th of July Hans Georg von Studnitz German journalist and publicist 85
17th July Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin soviet engineer 84
17th July Jan Groth Polish actor 72
17th July Adolf Pawlowitsch Yuschkewitsch Russian mathematician 87
17th July Eschel Rhoodie South African journalist, author and politician during the apartheid period 60
July 18th Walther Hoß German architect and construction officer 93
July 18th Jean Negulesco American film director 93
July 18th Josef Raulf German politician (CDU) 59
July 18th Edith Russ German donor 74
July 18th Wilhelm Winkler German politician (CSU), MdL and district administrator 85
July 18th Michael Winstanley, Baron Winstanley British doctor, moderator and politician (Liberal Party), member of the House of Commons 74
July 19 Newby O. Brantly American helicopter manufacturer 88
July 19 Erhardt Gißke German architect 69
July 19 Szymon Goldberg American conductor and violinist 84
July 19 Gordon Gray Scottish Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and Archbishop of Edinburgh 82
July 19 Ernst A. Heiniger Swiss photographer and filmmaker 83
July 19 Elmar Klos Czech screenwriter and film director 83
July 19 Fred Liewehr Austrian chamber actor 84
July 19 Mary Meerson Bulgarian dancer and model 90
July 19 Luzius Rüedi Swiss ice hockey player 93
July 19 Demos Shakarian American founder of the FGBMFI 79
20th of July Jakob Bächtold Swiss engineer, politician and environmentalist 88
20th of July Jacqueline Lamba French painter 82
20th of July Adi Macek Austrian soccer player 53
20th of July Horace Winchell American mineralogist 78
21 July Robert J. Glass American sound engineer
21 July René-Jean Jacquet French soccer player 60
21 July Paul Müller-Zurich Swiss composer 95
21 July Edwin James George Pitman Australian mathematician 95
21 July Albert Prinzing German manager 82
21 July Richard tea American pianist, organist and arranger 49
22nd of July Tadao Beppu American politician 74
22nd of July Torben Bille Danish filmmaker and actor 47
22nd of July Piero Heliczer Italian-American writer, screenwriter, poet, actor, publisher and underground filmmaker 56
22nd of July Art Porter senior American musician 59
22nd of July Roscoe Robinson Jr. American general 64
22nd of July Fritz Winkelmann German politician (DP), MdL 84
July 23 Raul Gardini Italian entrepreneur 60
July 23 Dagmar Liechti-von Brasch Swiss doctor and nutrition reformer 81
July 23 Smokey Smothers American blues singer and guitarist 64
July 23 Megan Taylor British figure skater 72
July 23 Lera Millard Thomas American politician 92
July 23 Leslie Thorne British racing car driver 77
July 23 Johannes Zielinski German pedagogue and university professor for pedagogy at the TH Aachen 79
24th July Francis Bouygues French entrepreneur, founder of the Bouygues construction company 70
24th July Anna Maurizio Swiss bee researcher 92
24th July Joe Osmanski American football player 75
24th July Viktor Alexandrovich Pankrashkin soviet basketball player 35
24th July Birger Rostrup Wilcke Danish lawyer 69
July 25th Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll British society lady 80
July 25th Hedwig Jochmus German politician, Member of the Bundestag and Member of the Bundestag 94
July 25th Vincent Joseph Schaefer American chemist and meteorologist 87
July 26th Herbert Fox German mining engineer and business leader 89
July 26th Daniel Fuchs American novelist and screenwriter 84
July 26th Marcellite Garner American voice actress 83
July 26th Rudolf Marwan locksmith Austrian building materials dealer and politician (ÖVP), member of the state parliament, member of the national council 79
July 26th Matthew B. Ridgway American general 98
July 26th Ester Ringnér-Lundgren Swedish writer 85
July 26th Othmar Schauberger Austrian cave explorer 91
July 26th Kurt Volk Swiss painter and glass painter 73
July 26th Ludwig Walter German soccer player 70
July 27th Otto Buhbe German farmer, synodal and local politician 90
July 27th Reggie Lewis American basketball player 27
July 28th Jack Browne, Baron Craigton British politician (Unionist Party), member of the House of Commons 88
July 28th Jacques Laudy Belgian comic artist 86
July 28th Enrique Montoya Spanish flamenco artist 64
July 28th Stanley Woods Irish motorcycle racer 89
29th of July Max Burckhardt Swiss historian 82
29th of July Caroline K. Simon American lawyer and politician 92
30th July Frank L. Howley American Brigadier General in the United States Army and later Vice Chancellor of New York University 90
30th July William G. Netherlands German-American psychoanalyst 88
30th July Edward Raczyński Polish diplomat and politician 101
30th July William Roach American Romanist and Medievalist 86
July 31 Lola Álvarez Bravo Mexican photographer 86
July 31 Baudouin Belgian nobleman; King of Belgium (1951–1993) 62
July 31 Paul B. Henry American politician 51
July 31 Elisabeth Peveling German botanist 61
July Muhlis Akarsu Kurdish-Alevi Bağlama player and singer
July Bert Hadley British test and car racing driver


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
August 1st Bob Carter American jazz bassist 71
August 1st Heinz Coubier German director and writer 88
August 1st Claire Du Brey US-american actress 100
August 1st Elmira Gafarova Azerbaijani politician 59
August 1st Abraham Guillén Spanish journalist, economist and political scientist 80
August 1st Max Jones British jazz writer and journalist 76
August 1st Ewing M. Kauffman American entrepreneur and philanthropist 76
August 1st Günter Lanczkowski German religious scholar and American scholar 76
August 1st Alfred Manessier French painter 81
August 1st Wilhelm Neumann German chemist (organic chemistry) 66
August 1st Klaus Oswatitsch Austrian physicist 83
August 1st Wolfgang Trilling Roman Catholic priest, theologian and New Testament scholar 68
August 1st Krystyna Żywulska Polish writer 78
August 2nd Guido del Mestri Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 82
August 2nd Janusz Sidło Polish javelin thrower 60
August 2nd Hermann Stehr German sculptor and painter 55
3rd August Ernst Buchholz German tennis player 73
3rd August Chinmayananda Indian teacher of modern Hinduism, founder of the Chinmaya Mission 77
3rd August James Donald British actor 76
3rd August Alwyn Gentry American botanist 48
3rd August Jay Oliver American jazz bassist
3rd August Theodore Albert Parker III American ornithologist 40
3rd August Hans Winklhofer German politician (BP, CSU) 82
4th of August Nesmith Ankeny American mathematician
4th of August Kenny Drew Sr. American jazz pianist 64
4th of August Reginald Hamlin New Zealand gynecologist and co-founder of Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital 85
4th of August Hans Loewy Austrian table tennis player and company founder 86
4th of August Wilhelm Maas German politician (FDP, CDU), MdL 71
4th of August Arnold Meier Swiss long-distance runner 79
4th of August Alf Schreyer German archivist, local researcher and publicist 78
4th of August George M. Wallhauser American politician 93
5th of August Duke Burrell American jazz musician 73
5th of August Bob Cooper American jazz musician and arranger 67
5th of August Eugen Suchoň Slovak composer 84
6th of August Bob Pebbles American sprinter 81
6th of August Henri Pharaon Lebanese politician and businessman
6th of August John Stave German satirist and writer 64
6th of August Milton O. Thompson American astronaut and test pilot 67
6th of August Bill Thomson Canadian ice hockey player 79
August 7th Roy Budd British film music composer and jazz pianist 46
August 7th Fukuda Tokuyasu Japanese diplomat and politician 86
August 7th Ashby Peter Solomzi Mda South African teacher and politician 77
August 7th Gerhard Neuser German soccer player 54
August 7th Ursula shoe German painter and set designer 85
August 7th Luise Vogel German Germanist, German teacher, poet and essayist 96
8th August Jiří Adamíra Czech actor 67
8th August Christian Holsten German writer and lecturer in Low German 70
August 9 Iris Faircloth Blitch American politician 81
August 9 Hans Bürkle Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the Federal Council 73
August 9 Ludwig Gebhard German church musician, composer and music teacher 86
August 9 Reinhard Kamitz Austrian politician and finance minister 86
August 9 Ernst Alfred Philippson German-American German and English mediaevalist and university lecturer 93
August 10 Øystein Aarseth Norwegian black metal guitarist 25th
August 10 Chad Oliver American science fiction and western writer 65
August 10 Eva Olmerová Czechoslovak pop and jazz singer 59
August 10 Irene Sharaff American costume designer 83
August 11th Werner Assmann German handball player 69
August 11th Franz Eichhorn German resistance fighter 87
12. August Harry Kalenberg Austrian actor and voice actor 72
12. August Wilhelm Malter German poet and author 93
13 August Jackson Edward Betts American politician 89
13 August Helene Jacobs German resistance fighter against National Socialism 87
13 August Emil F. Karsten German painter, graphic artist and calligrapher 82
13 August Kurt Pommer German mechanical engineer 89
August 14th FW Friederich German painter and graphic artist 81
August 14th Gerd Nienstedt German-Austrian opera singer (bass, bass-baritone) 61
August 14th Christian Riechers German political scientist, Marxist theorist and university professor 57
August 14th Hellmuth Schipani Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the Federal Council 66 [19]
August 14th Heinz-Horst Schrey German theologian and professor for Protestant theology and philosophy at the Heidelberg University of Education 81
August 14th Alison Smithson British architect 65
August 14th Oskar Jan Tauschinski Austrian writer and translator 79
August 14th Günther van Well German diplomat and State Secretary in the Foreign Office 70
August 14th Fritz Zimmermann Austrian lawyer and historian 87
15th of August Jack Austin British author and Buddhist 76
15th of August Robert Kempner German-Jewish lawyer and attorney 93
15th of August Patricia St. John English missionary in Morocco and author of Christian literature for children and young people 74
August 16 René Dreyfus French racing driver 88
August 16 Ellsworth Fredericks American cameraman 89
August 16 Tom Fuccello US-American actor 56
August 16 Stewart Granger English actor 80
August 16 Ethelwynn Trewavas British ichthyologist 92
August 16 Hector Zeoli Argentine organist and composer 73
17th August Hermann Gerstner German writer 90
17th August Gunther von Lepel German film producer 90
17th August Charles Roviglione French soccer player 80
18th of August Alexander Eschenbach German politician (GB / BHE), MdL 89
18th of August Waldeen Falkenstein American dancer and choreographer 80
18th of August Heinrich Hess German canoeists 65
August 19th Lucinda Ballard American costume designer 87
August 19th Salah Jadid Syrian politician
August 19th Gérard Hérold French actor 53
August 19th Donald William Kerst American physicist 81
August 19th Fritz Pirkl German psychologist and politician (CSU), MdL, Bavarian Minister of State, MEP 68
20th of August Tony Barton English soccer player and coach 56
20th of August Jurica Dijaković Yugoslav actor 73
20th of August Kurt Karl Doberer German engineer, journalist, writer and philatelist 88
20th of August Hans Lebert Austrian writer and opera singer 74
20th of August Friedrich Meyer German composer, arranger and band leader 78
20th of August William J. Murphy American politician 81
20th of August Reiner Schürmann German philosopher 52
August 21 Alfred Bonfert Romanian-German President of the German People's Party of Romania (DVR) and veterinarian 89
August 21 Henk Bosch van Drakestein Dutch jazz musician
August 21 Kurt Geiger German military medic and major general (NVA) 72
August 21 Tatiana Troyanos American opera singer (mezzo-soprano) 54
August 22nd Ludovica Hainisch-Marchet Austrian educator and women's rights activist 92
August 22nd Dinmukhamed Kunayev soviet politician 81
August 22nd Kasdi Merbah Algerian politician 55
August 22nd Halsey Royden American mathematician and university professor 64
August 23 Charles Scorsese American actor 80
August 23 Nikolai Pavlovich Selepukin Russian chess composer 75
August 24th Hans Kutscher German lawyer, judge of the Federal Constitutional Court and President of the European Court of Justice 81
August 24th Boris Jakowlewitsch Levin Ukrainian mathematician 86
August 24th Georges Mercure Canadian organist, choir director, Gregorian chant expert, composer and Benedictine monk 88
August 24th Paul Roscher German politician (SED), MdV 79
August 24th Villum Can Rasmussen Danish company and foundation founder 84
August 24th Leonard Waters only Aboriginal fighter pilot in World War II 69
August 25 Ruth Shonle Cavan American sociologist and criminologist 96
August 25 Lawrence Kadoorie, Baron Kadoorie Chinese entrepreneur, hotelier and philanthropist (Hong Kong) 94
August 25 Boris Moishezon Soviet-American mathematician 55
August 25 Willi Neuenhahn German actor 65
August 25 Wilhelm Schlombs German architect and church builder 73
26th of August Karl Bewerunge German farmer and politician (CDU), Member of the Bundestag 80
26th of August Ludwig Koebler German politician (SPD), MdL 73
26th of August Reima Pietila Finnish architect 70
26th of August Roy Raymond American businessman 46
26th of August Squidward Schwabl Austrian ski racer 76
26th of August Rudolf Sizmann German physicist 64
August 27 Wolfgang Helck German Egyptologist 78
August 27 Josef Hopf German mechanic 98
August 28th Peter Dreßen German politician (FDP), mayor and MdL 79
August 28th Carl-Theodor Kromer German engineer 92
August 28th Erich Kruzycki German long-distance runner 82
August 28th Paul Rowe American ice hockey player 79
August 28th William Stafford American poet and pacifist 79
August 28th Edward P. Thompson British historian, socialist and peace activist 69
29th August Andreas Buschbacher German politician 62
August 30th Dwight Marion Beck American Methodist Church minister, educator, and biblical scholar 100
August 30th Richard Jordan US-American actor 56
August 30th Rudolph Schmitt German clarinetist 93
August 31 Theo Hupfauer last Reich Labor Minister during the Nazi era 87
August 31 Siegfried Schürenberg German actor and voice actor 93
August 31 Hans-Joachim Wegener German politician (CDU), MdL 82


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
September 1 Fritz Cremer German sculptor 86
September 1 Alexei Ivanovich Wachonin soviet weightlifter 58
September 2nd Joana Maria Gorvin Romanian stage actress 70
September 2nd Friedhelm nipples German entomologist 49
September 2nd Erich Wenderoth German lawyer 96
September 3 Otto Liebenberg German animal breeder and university professor 80
September 3 Leon Liebgold Polish actor 83
September 4th Günter Goebel German officer in the Wehrmacht 75
September 4th Baltasar Lobo Spanish sculptor 83
September 4th Hervé Villechaize French actor 50
5th September Hans Dietz German doctor and SS-Sturmbannführer 85
5th September René Klijn Dutch pop singer and model 30th
5th September Virgilio Mortari Italian composer and music teacher 90
5th September Claude Renoir French cameraman 78
5th September Erwin Schüle German public prosecutor 80
5th September Julian Semjonowitsch Semjonow Soviet writer and screenwriter 61
5th September Erich Sundermann German politician (NSDAP), MdR 85
5th September John Truscott Australian costume and production designer and actor 57
5th September Anastasia Ivanovna Tsvetaeva Russian writer 98
September 6th Paul Arthur Schilpp American philosopher 96
7th of September Hermann Barnefske German politician (SPD), MdL 85
7th of September Dénes Bartha Hungarian musicologist 84
7th of September Hall Bartlett American film producer, screenwriter, director 70
7th of September Lefty Dizz American Chicago blues guitarist and singer 56
7th of September Adele Girard American jazz harpist 80
7th of September Heinrich Kipp German legal scholar 83
7th of September Christian Metz French film theorist and semiotic 61
September 8th William Alexander, Baron Alexander of Potterhill British educator and educational reformer 87
September 8th Vincent Dethier American physiologist and entomologist 78
September 8th Peter Higgins British sprinter 64
September 8th Skjønsberg Gate Norwegian politician, minister and entrepreneur 90
September 8th Melitta Sundström German singer and travesty artist 29
the 9th of September Jimmy Deuchar Scottish jazz trumpeter and arranger 63
the 9th of September Helen O'Connell American singer and actress 73
the 9th of September Heinz Rühl German lawyer, judge at the Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf and local researcher 75
the 9th of September Maurice Yaméogo Burkinabe politician, President of Burkina Faso 71
September 10 José de Azeredo Perdigão Portuguese lawyer 96
September 10 Julien friend French sociologist 72
September 10 Theodor Maunz German university lecturer for administrative law and politicians (CSU) 92
September 10 Meinrad Miltenberger German canoeist and canoe trainer 68
September 10 Josef Odložil Czechoslovak athlete (middle distance runner) 54
September 10 Helmut Thoma German painter 84
September 11 Erling Andersen American skier 88
September 11 Luis Antonio Escobar Colombian composer and musicologist 68
September 11 Antoine Izmery Haitian businessman and activist
September 11 Erich Leinsdorf Austrian-American conductor 81
September 11 Mary Jane Reoch American cyclist 48
September 11 Wolfgang Wasow American mathematician 84
12th September Raymond Burr Canadian theater, television and film actor 76
12th September Walter Jean Ganshof van der Meersch Belgian lawyer, bobsledder and politician 93
12th September Richard Germer German singer and composer, Hamburg folk singer 92
12th September Charles Lamont American director 98
12th September Willie Mosconi American pool player 80
12th September Werner Niefer German manager 65
13.september Roland Béguelin Swiss politicians and separatist leaders 71
13.september Friedrich Wilhelm Deichmann German Christian archaeologist and Byzantine art historian 83
13.september Christoph Delz Swiss composer and pianist 43
13.september Steve Jordan American jazz guitarist 74
September 14th Henry Amdahl Norwegian ski jumper 72
September 14th Egon Braun Austrian historian of philosophy and classical archaeologist 87
September 14th Miroslav Peris Croatian pilot in the Croatian war
September 14th Albert Pfluger Swiss mathematician 85
September 15th Manfred Eggstein German medic 66
September 15th Fernando Centeno Güell Costa Rican writer and special education teacher 85
September 15th Herman Meyer Dutch literary scholar 82
September 15th Giuseppe Puglisi Sicilian priest and anti-Mafia activist 56
September 15th Wilhelm Wöste Catholic theologian, auxiliary bishop in Munster 81
16th September Henri LaBorde American athlete 84
16th September Oodgeroo Noonuccal Australian writer, Aboriginal political activist 72
16th September Rok Petrovič Yugoslav ski racer 27
16th September Paul Schmitz German politician (CDU), MdL 73
17th of September Robert Broughton Canadian classical scholar 93
17th of September Karl Deuscher German politician (SED) 76
17th of September Hans Franzen German opera singer 58
17th of September Baligh Hamdi Egyptian composer 60
17th of September Christian Nyby American film editor and director 80
September 18 Gerhard Creutz German ornithologist 82
September 18 Willy Häntzschel German climber 87
September 18 Friedrich Herneck German science historian 84
September 18 Aris Konstantinidis Greek architect 80
September 18 Henrietta Leaver American Beauty Queen, 1935 Miss America 77
September 18 Hans Schwarzenbach Swiss entrepreneur and equestrian 80
September 19th Helen Adam American author and artist 83
September 19th Ernest F. Hauser American manager 73
September 19th András Mihály Hungarian composer 75
September 20th Howard Comfort American classical archaeologist 89
September 20th Erich Hartmann German air force officer and fighter pilot 71
September 20th Zita Johann US-american actress 89
September 20th Hans E. Suess Austrian physical chemist and nuclear physicist 83
21st September Gerhart B. Ladner Austrian-American medievalist and art historian 87
21st September Fernand Ledoux French actor of Belgian origin 96
21st September Thomas Wagner Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the state parliament in Burgenland and federal councilor 88
September 22 Maurice Abravanel American conductor 90
September 22 Helmut Haenel German veterinarian, microbiologist and nutritionist 74
September 22 Hans Helm Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the state parliament 90
September 22 Niklaus Meienberg Swiss journalist and writer 53
September 22 Mihai dancers Romanian and Hungarian football players 88
September 22 Klaus Martin Ziegler German church musician and choir director 64
September 23rd Bruce Ferden American conductor
September 23rd Myer Galpern, Baron Galpern British politician, member of the House of Commons 90
September 24th Ian Stuart Donaldson British musician, singer and “head” of the punk / right-wing rock band Skrewdriver 36
September 24th Anton Herre German theologian 82
September 24th Erwin Köstler Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the Federal Council 65
September 24th Wilhelm Kuebart German officer of the Wehrmacht, involved in the preparation of the assassination attempt of July 20, 1944 80
September 24th Fritz Logemann German politician (DP, FDP), Member of the Bundestag, Member of the Bundestag 86
September 24th Bruno Pontecorvo Italian-Russian physicist and university professor 80
September 24th Wilhelm Schlueter German politician (SPD), MdL 81
September 24th Tamara Talbot Rice British art historian 89
25th of September Wilhelm Fitz German soccer player 75
25th of September John Moores British entrepreneur 97
25th of September Walter Nissen German archivist and local historian 85
25th of September Charlotte Prince German painter 89
25th of September Manlio Scopigno Italian soccer player and coach 67
September 26th Alois Becker Saarland politician (CDU) 82
September 26th Nina Nikolaevna Berberova Russian author, emigrant 92
September 26th Semyon Ivanov Soviet-Russian Army General and Hero of the Soviet Union 86
September 26th Friedrich Kaiser German religious, Bishop of the Territorial Prelature Caravelí in Peru and the founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Teaching and Atonement Savior 90
September 26th JR Monterose American jazz musician 66
September 26th John Pennel American athlete 53
September 27th James Harold Doolittle American general 96
September 27th Raul Eschba Abkhazian politician and minister of economy
September 27th Friedrich Gorissen German historian 81
September 27th Fraser MacPherson Canadian jazz musician 65
September 27th Schiuli Sharpava Georgian politician 49
September 28th Edward Kisiel Polish clergyman, Archbishop of Białystok 75
September 28th Maria Ovsiankina Russian psychologist and assistant to Kurt Lewin at the University of Berlin 95
September 28th Dumitru Pavlovici Romanian football goalkeeper 81
September 28th Robert Rehfeldt German artist 62
September 28th Frida Salzberg-Heins German senior teacher 100
September 29th Matej Bor Slovenian poet, journalist and partisan 80
September 29th Ian Burn Australian concept artist 53
September 29th Gordon Douglas American film director 85
September 29th Louis Eyraud French politician (Parti socialiste), member of the National Assembly, MEP 71
September 29th Tatiana Gsovsky Russian-German dancer, choreographer and ballet master 92
September 29th Günter Jacob German Protestant theologian and bishop administrator 87
September 29th Leopold Weismann Austrian lawyer and politician (ÖVP), member of the National Council 87
30. September Jenny Aloni German-Israeli writer 76
30. September Alfred Baum Swiss composer, pianist and organist 89
30. September Floyd Campbell American jazz musician (drums, vocals) and band leader 92
30. September Anna Dammann German actress 81
30. September Hans Jonsson German film, television and radio play composer and conductor 79
September Hein Riess German actor and Hamburg folk singer


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
October 1 Fran Bošnjaković Croatian physicist 91
October 1 Janine Darcey french actress 76
October 1 Sigurð Joensen Faroese politician 82
October 1 Hermann Otto Sleumer German-Dutch botanist 87
October 1 Giuseppe Vari Italian film editor, screenwriter and director 77
October 2nd Ahmed Abdul-Malik American jazz musician 66
October 2nd William Berger Austrian actor 65
October 2nd Roderich Plate German agricultural economist and advisor to the federal government 86
October 3 Gary Ivan Gordon American soldier 33
October 3 Holger Hattesen German-Danish artist 56
October 3 Mihály Korom Hungarian communist politician, member of parliament 65
October 3 Wolfgang Oehms German organist 60
October 3 Josef Schatz German lawyer and politician (BVP, CSU), Member of the Bundestag 88
October 3 Randall Shughart American soldier 35
October 3 Hans-Dieter Wacker German soccer player 34
4th of October Jerzy Broszkiewicz Polish author, writer and journalist 71
4th of October Varetta Dillard American rhythm and blues singer 60
4th of October Jim Holton scottish soccer player 42
4th of October Enrico Paribeni Italian classical archaeologist 82
5th October Francesco Carpino Italian clergyman, Archbishop of Palermo and a cardinal 88
5th October Karl Gordon Henize American astronaut 66
5th October Karl August Ohrt German painter, sculptor, printmaker 91
5th October Dumitru Stăniloae Romanian Orthodox theologian 89
October 6th Andrew Augustine Caffrey American lawyer 73
October 6th Stillman Drake Canadian historian of science and Galileo Galilei researcher 82
October 6th Nejat Eczacıbaşı Turkish businessman and chairman of the board of the family company 80
October 6th Adriana Facchetti Italian actress 72
October 6th Arthur Jacobson American assistant director and film director 91
October 6th Gerhard Lustig German mathematician 64
October 6th Vincent Oberhammer Austrian art historian 91
October 6th Victor Razafimahatratra Malagasy clergyman, Archbishop of Antananarivo and Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 72
October 6th Robert Rompe German physicist, MdV 88
October 6th Joaquín Torrents Lladó Spanish painter 47
October 6th Larry Walters American balloonist 44
October 7th Ivor Bulmer-Thomas British journalist, mathematician and politician 87
October 7th Cyril Cusack Irish actor 82
October 7th Michael de Ferdinandy Hungarian historian 81
October 7th Carl-Justus Heckmann German process engineer 91
October 7th Hans Liebherr German inventor and entrepreneur 78
October 7th Walter Macher Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the state parliament, member of the Federal Council 77
October 7th Agnes de Mille American dancer and choreographer 88
October 7th Alexis Scamoni German forest scientist and university professor 82
October 7th Helga Stöver German educator 67
October 7th Jaro Zeman Austrian mechanical engineer and university professor 94 [20]
8th October Bruno Balscheit Swiss Protestant clergyman and university professor 82
8th October Gu Cheng Chinese poet, essayist and novelist 37
8th October Alfred Toepfer German entrepreneur and founder of the largest private foundation in Germany 99
8th October Piotr Zaremba Polish architect and urban planner 83
9th October Bernard James Ganter American clergyman, Bishop of Beaumont 65
9th October Hans Klakow German sculptor
October 10th Absalon Israeli artist 28
October 10th Hans Bodo Gorgass German killing doctor for the T4 campaign 84
October 10th Hans Hagemeyer German politician (NSDAP), MdR, close colleague of Alfred Rosenberg 94
October 10th Hans Walter Hennicke German ceramist 66
October 10th Thim van der Laan Dutch university founder 69
October 10th Keith Murray, Baron Murray of Newhaven British agronomist and university president 90
October 10th Gisela Peschke German painter and set designer 51
October 10th Margot Pfannstiel German journalist and author 67
October 10th Trowel Riedl Austrian theater actor and director 66
October 10th Fritz Verdenhalven German librarian, local historian and genealogist 82
October 11th Joe Barzda American racing car driver 78
October 11th Yvar Mikhashoff American pianist 52
October 11th Nathan Rotenstreich Israeli philosopher 79
October 11th Jess Thomas American hero tenor 66
October 12th Leon Ames US-American actor 91
October 12th Mircea David Romanian soccer player and coach 78
October 12th Lawrence Hafstad American physicist 89
October 12th Hans Heinsheimer American music publisher, author, and journalist 93
October 12th Hans Kummerer Austrian brass music composer 79
October 14th Joseph S. Ammerman American politician 69
October 14th D. Bailey Merrill American politician 80
October 14th Walter Newman American screenwriter 77
October 14th Jerzy Rayski Polish physicist 76
15th October Paolo Bortoluzzi Italian dancer 55
15th October Marianne Dirks German music teacher and women's rights activist 80
15th October Edda Egger Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the state parliament, member of the Federal Council 83
15th October Hans Heger Austrian politician (ÖVP), Chairman of the Federal Council 77
15th October Volker Press German historian 54
15th October Dan Turèll Danish writer and journalist 47
October, 16th Sylvère Caffot French composer 89
October, 16th Rudolf Engel German communist politician (KPD / SED) 90
October 17th Tamara Dembo American Gestalt psychologist 91
October 17th Helmut Gollwitzer Protestant theologian and writer 84
October 17th Criss Oliva American musician 30th
October 17th William Paton British pharmacologist 76
October 18 Bernd Baselt German musicologist 59
October 18 Paul Buschenhagen German track cyclist 89
October 18 Peter Haasen German physicist 66
October 18 Salvador P. Lopez Filipino politician, journalist and university president 82
October 19th Theopont Diez German politician (CDU), MdL 85
October 19th Pola Illéry Romanian-French film actress 83
October 19th Carsta Löck German actress 90
October 19th Lucien J. Maciora American politician 91
October 19th Bert Schoofs Dutch table tennis player 48
the 20th of October Aage Dons Danish writer 90
the 20th of October Gottfried Eduard Hofer Swiss entrepreneur 102
October 21 Jan Maciejko Polish ice hockey goalkeeper and coach 80
October 21 Melchior Ndadaye Burundian politician 40
October 21 Jacques de Thier Belgian diplomat 93
October 21 Horst Weisse German wood carver, sculptor and poet 73
October 22nd Friedrich Dickel German politician (SED), MdV, Minister of the Interior of the GDR 79
October 22nd Otto Fischer Swiss politician (FDP) 78
October 22nd Adolf-Henning Frucht German doctor and physiologist 80
October 22nd Jiří Hájek Czechoslovak politician and leading figure of the so-called Prague Spring (1968) 80
October 22nd Georg Hermanowski German writer and translator 74
October 22nd Hans Walter Wolff German theologian 81
23rd October Ulf Björlin Swedish composer, arranger and conductor 60
23rd October Wilhelm Siegmund Feldberg German pharmacologist and physiologist 92
23rd October Innes Ireland British racing car driver 63
23rd October John E. Rexine American classical philologist, Byzantine and Neo-Grecist 64
23rd October Hans-Rudolf Schwyzer Swiss classical philologist and historian of philosophy 85
23rd October İhsan Türemen Turkish soccer player
October 24th Werner Ballhaus German federal judge 73
October 24th Joseph Grimond British politician 80
October 24th Přemysl Hainý Czech ice hockey player and coach 67
October 24th Fritz Jüptner-Jonstorff Austrian film architect 85
October 24th Heinz Kubsch German soccer goalkeeper 63
October 24th Hans Mottek German economist 83
October 25 Walter Gerhäuser German engineer, marble manufacturer 93
October 25 Marija capnist Soviet-Ukrainian film actress 79
October 25 Vincent Price American actor and writer 82
October 25 Reinhard Röpke German entrepreneur
October 26th Ángel José Battistessa Argentine Romance studies, Hispanic, French, Italian, German, English and translator 91
October 26th Eldon Dyer American mathematician
October 26th František Filipovský Czechoslovak actor 86
October 26th Henriette Hardenberg expressionist poet 99
October 26th Albert Hyzler Maltese President 76
October 26th Harold Rome American musical composer 85
October 26th Albert Zugsmith American film producer and director 83
October 27 Jean Leclercq French Benedictine, historian and Medievalist 82
October 27 Peter Quennell British writer 88
28th of October Émile Chambon Swiss painter 88
28th of October Doris Duke American art collector, patron, and entrepreneur 80
28th of October Peeter Lilje soviet conductor 43
28th of October Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman Russian literary scholar 71
October 29th Lipman Bers American mathematician 79
October 29th John William Brown American politician 79
October 29th Robert Dilworth American mathematician 78
October 29th Herbert Lütkebohmert German soccer player 45
October 29th Stanislaw Marusarz Polish skier 80
October 29th Hans Georg Schachtschabel German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag, MEP 79
October 29th Karl Schlueter German architect and construction officer 85
October 29th Elliot Scott British film architect 78
October 29th František Tokár Slovak table tennis player 68
October 29th Roger Turner American figure skater 92
30th of October Bob Atcher American country singer 79
30th of October Jacques Géron Belgian comic artist 43
30th of October Paul Grégoire Canadian Cardinal and Archbishop of Montréal 82
30th of October Emil Greul German officer, most recently admiralty staff doctor and last chief medical officer in the Navy 97
30th of October Louis B. Heller American lawyer and politician 88
30th of October Pauli Jørgensen Danish soccer player 87
30th of October Maria Matray German actress 86
October 31 Federico Fellini Italian filmmaker and director 73
October 31 River Phoenix American actor and musician 23
October 31 Edwin Anderson Walker American major general 83
October Howard Davies South African hurdler and sprinter 86
October Leopold Facco Austrian soccer player 85
October Konrad Stangl German Air Force officer 80


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
November 1st Georges Dancigers Russian-French film producer 85
November 1st Walther F. Goebel American immunologist 93
November 1st Emory A. Hebard American politician and Treasurer of Vermont 76
November 1st Harold Percival Himsworth British internist and diabetologist 88
November 1st Herbert Hinnendahl Lord Mayor of Bielefeld 79
November 1st Karl May German local politician (CDU) 84
November 1st Georges Navel French author 89
November 1st Severo Ochoa Hispanic-American biochemist 88
November 1st Cliff Owen British film and television director 74
November 1st TO Sherwin-White English historian 82
November 1st Marianne Timm German Protestant theologian and religious educator 80
November 2 Hermann Aldinger German officer, Major General of the Air Force 86
November 2 Oswald Junkes German weightlifter 72
November 2 Đuro Kurepa Yugoslav mathematician 86
November 2 Johannes Pötzl Austrian physicist 63
November 2 Horst Sackmann German physical chemist 72
November 2 Hans Troßmann German politician (CSU); Director at the German Bundestag 87
November 3rd Richard Bayha German politician (CDU), MdL MdB 65
November 3rd Erich von Neindorff German politician (NSDAP), MdR, MdL 99
November 3rd Leon Theremin Soviet physicist and musician 97
November 3rd Henri Thomas French author 80
November 3rd Batista Vinatzer Italian climber 81
November 4th Johann Bangert German administrative lawyer 84
November 4th Jackie Callura Canadian boxer, NBA world champion 76
November 5th Mario Cecchi Gori Italian film producer 73
November 5th Jürgen Diesel German ambassador 67
November 5th Walter Hesselbach German bank manager 78
November 5th Ely A. Landau American film producer and distributor 73
November 5th Tadeusz Pankiewicz Polish pharmacist and Righteous Among the Nations 84
November 5th Arthur Rowe English soccer player and coach 87
November 5th Tönne Vormann German painter, etcher and singer 90
November 6th Torsten Fenslau German disc jockey and music producer 29
November 6th Georges Reeb French mathematician 72
November 6th Joseph Serchuk Jewish resistance fighter in World War II
November 7th Charles Aidman US-American actor 68
November 7th Clemente Gaddi Italian clergyman, Roman Catholic archbishop 91
November 7th Adelaide Hall American jazz singer 92
November 7th Luís Gonzaga Peluso Brazilian religious, Archbishop of Vitória 86
November 7th Jack Martin Smith American film architect 82
November 7th Andrei Nikolajewitsch Tichonow Russian mathematician 87
November 7th Ihor Turchyn Ukrainian-Soviet handball coach 56
November 8th Albert Blankenfeld German lathe operator, administrative inspector and resistance fighter against National Socialism 92
November 8th Dick Cathcart American jazz musician 69
November 8th Ludwig Hoffmeister German lawyer, State Commissioner of Hanover 87
November 8th John Verhoogen Belgian-American geologist 81
November 8th Francisco Zuluaga Colombian soccer player 64
November 9th Ross Andru American comic book artist and publishing editor 66
November 9th Georg Droege German historian 64
November 9th Leonard Farbstein American lawyer and politician 91
November 9th Godfrey Lienhardt British anthropologist and religious scholar 72
November 9th Angus Maude British Conservative Party politician, Member of the House of Commons 81
November 9th Stanley Myers British composer 60
November 9th Lucie Plow German cultural functionary (GDR) 77
November 9th Gerald Thomas English film director 72
November 9th Vishnudevananda Indian hatha and raja yoga master 65
November 9th Bernd Ziskofen German entrepreneur, rallycross official 51
November 10th Marie Berhaut French art historian
November 10th Alberto Breccia argentinian comic artist 74
November 10th Friedrich Hemmer Catholic priest 90
November 10th Paul Oßwald German soccer player and coach 88
November 10th Harry L. Wolf American cameraman 85
November 11th Carl Andrießen German screenwriter, satirist and critic 67
November 11th Hildegard Marion Boehme German painter 86
November 11th Dragomir Bojanić Yugoslav or Serbian actor 60
November 11th Mildred Fizzell Canadian athlete 78
November 11th Andrew Gregory Grutka American clergyman, Bishop of Gary 84
November 11th Erskine Hawkins American jazz trumpeter and band leader 79
November 11th Joachim Lell German Evangelical Lutheran theologian 77
November 11th Wilhelm Maucher German peace fighter and blackberry wine producer 90
November 11th Olavi Pesons Finnish composer 84
November 11th Gerhard Zinserling German classical archaeologist 67
November 12th Bill Dickey American baseball player 86
November 12th Harry Robbins Haldeman White House Chief of Staff under President Nixon 67
November 12th Alfred Edward Ringwood Australian experimental geophysicist and geochemist 63
November 12th August Schlingmann German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag, Lord Mayor of Lüdenscheid 92
November 13th Hans Ritschl German economist 95
14th November Fritz Baer German lawyer 92
14th November Rolf Kluth German library director 79
14th November Nosaka Sanzo Japanese politician, co-founder of the Communist Party of Japan 101
14th November Wilhelm Reissmüller German publisher, painter, sculptor and draftsman 81
14th November Ja'akov Shimshon Shapira Israeli politician 91
14th November Karl Schmid German Medievalist 70
15th of November Hans Breker German sculptor and painter 87
15th of November Willi Hönekopp German master painter and local politician 86
15th of November Jaan Koha Estonian composer 63
15th of November Peter Kracke German soccer player 50
15th of November Wilfried Muller German major general (MfS) 62
15th of November Cornel Onescu Romanian politician (PCR) 73
15th of November Jakow Petrovich Terlezki Soviet theoretical physicist 81
November 16 Barcourgné Courmo Nigerien politician
November 16 Geneviève Delattre American Romance philologist of French origin 73
November 16 Frank Mockler American politician 84
November 16 Lucia Popp Slovak opera and lieder singer (soprano) 54
November 16 Achille Zavatta French clown and founder of a circus 78
November 17th Inge Diersen German literary scholar and university professor in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) 65
November 17th Mário Dionísio de Assis Monteiro Portuguese writer and painter 77
November 17th Otto Knoch German Catholic theologian, priest and exegete 67
November 17th Walter C. Ploeser American politician 86
November 17th Teddy Powell American jazz musician and big band leader 88
November 18 Fritz Feld German-American actor 93
November 18 Telemachus Kanthos Cypriot painter 83
November 18 Rudolph Matt Austrian Nordic and Alpine skier 84
November 19th Kenneth Burke American writer, literary and communication theorist 96
November 19th Leonid Iowitsch Gaidai Russian and Soviet director 70
November 19th Paul Grimm German prehistorian 86
November 19th Hans Peter Richter German author 68
November 19th Norman Tindale Australian anthropologist, entomologist and ethnologist 93
20th November Emile Ardolino American film director, film producer and stage actor 50
20th November Pierre Etique Swiss politician (FDP) 48
20th November Salvador Quezada Limón Mexican clergyman, Bishop of Aguascalientes 84
20th November Willi Rutz German soccer player 86
21st November Bill Bixby American actor and director 59
21st November Wolfgang Max Faust German art theorist, editor-in-chief of the art magazine Wolkenkratzer 49
21st November Masaru Furukawa Japanese swimmer 57
21st November Stéphane Proulx Canadian racing car driver 27
21st November Bruno Rossi Italian astrophysicist 88
21st November Peter Paul Seeberger German architect and construction officer 87
21st November Friedrich Taubrich German veterinarians and politicians (CDU) 73
21st November Auguste Viatte French Romance studies of Swiss origin, who worked as a university lecturer in Canada, France and Switzerland 92
22nd of November Hans Max von Aufseß German writer 87
22nd of November PA Backer Indian film director of the Malayalam film
22nd of November William Brinkley American writer and journalist 76
22nd of November Anthony Burgess British writer and composer 76
22nd of November Raimund von Doblhoff Austrian-German architect 79
22nd of November Josef Heukeshoven German politician (NSDAP), MdR 92
22nd of November Ernst von Klipstein German actor and voice actor 85
22nd of November Tatiana Petrovna Nikolaeva Soviet pianist 69
22nd of November Noguchi Fujio Japanese writer 82
22nd of November Karl Scheit Austrian guitarist, lutenist and music teacher 84
22nd of November Elizabeth Threatt American model 67
22nd of November Joseph Yodoyman Chadian politician, Prime Minister of Chad
November 23 Rolf Engel German space pioneer 81
November 24th Bernard V. Bothmer German-American Egyptologist 81
November 24th Albert Collins American blues guitarist and singer 61
November 24th Emma McCune British development worker 29
November 24th William Henry foreman American historian and philosopher 92
25. November Günther Graßmann German painter and graphic artist 93
25. November Georg Liljeberg German politician (SPD) 88
25. November Carl Lorenz German racing cyclist 79
25. November Hans-Egon Richert German mathematician and university professor 69
25. November Albert Schultz Austrian politician (SPÖ), member of the state parliament and district chairman 53
25. November Baldwin black German philosopher 91
25. November Alfred Seidl German lawyer and politician (CSU), MdL 82
25. November Louis Leo Snyder American historian and university professor 86
25. November Helmuth Sommer German composer and music teacher 82
November 26th Wilfried Dotzel German director and screenwriter 46
November 26th Kurt Essen German Evangelical Lutheran theologian 89
November 26th Annemarie Ewertsen German painter and graphic artist 84
November 26th Erwin Gillmeister German athlete 86
November 26th César Guerra-Peixe Brazilian composer 79
November 26th Dirk Albert Hooijer Dutch paleontologist 74
November 26th Bernardo Segall American pianist and film composer 82
November 27th Adolf Dietzel German chemist and director of the Max Planck Institute for Silicate Research in Würzburg 91
November 27th Hans Haferkamp German politician (FDP, SPD), MdL 85
November 27th Einar Landvik Norwegian skier 95
November 27th Thaddeus husband Austro-Hungarian biochemist 84
November 27th Guido Masetti Italian football goalkeeper 86
November 27th Everett C. Olson American vertebrate paleontologist 83
November 27th Fritz Thelen German music director, music teacher, composer and professor 87
November 28th Monroe Abbey Canadian attorney and President of the Canadian Jewish Congress
November 28th Eilif Armand Norwegian actor and poet 72
November 28th Pery Broad German SS-Unterscharführer and concentration camp overseer 72
November 28th Kenneth Connor British actor 77
November 28th Gerd Gombert German painter 58
November 28th Rudolf Keller German chess player 76
November 28th Joe Kelly Irish racing car driver 80
November 28th Alan Mais, Baron Mais British politician 82
November 28th Hans-Hellmuth torments German politician (FDP, later independent), State Minister in Schleswig-Holstein 86
November 28th Camillo Togni Italian composer, pianist and music teacher 71
November 28th Bruce Turner British jazz musician 71
November 28th Walter Wüst German ornithologist 87
November 29th Alfons Kirchgässner German Catholic priest and writer 84
November 29th Jenny Lattermann Austrian actress 63
November 29th Hans Linde German sociologist 80
November 29th George Bernard Summers Canadian diplomat 87
November 29th Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata indian businessman 89
November 29th Hans Wagner German politician (CDU), MdL 59
30th of November David Houston American country singer 54
30th of November Agnes Kirsopp Lake Michels American classical philologist and religious scholar 84
30th of November Gerd Lausen German politician (CDU), Member of the State Parliament, State Minister in Schleswig-Holstein 65
30th of November Wogan Philipps, 2nd Baron Milford British nobleman and politician (CPGB) 91
November Kind of hurst Canadian ice hockey player 60
November Horace Miner American anthropologist 81
November Viktor Vasilyevich Torzin Soviet marksman 45
November Ulrich Wesselmann German theater and film actor
November Franz Wichelhaus German soccer player 68


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
December 1 Karl Berger Swiss electrical engineer 95
December 1 Ray Gillen American hard rock singer 34
December 1 Alexei Matveyevich Rumyantsev Soviet economist and sociologist 88
2. December Hans Josef Becher German actor, dramaturge and acting teacher 66
2. December Paal Brekke Norwegian author, translator and critic 70
2. December Evelyn Dearman English tennis player 85
2. December Harry Julius Emeléus British chemist (inorganic chemistry) 90
2. December Pablo Escobar Colombian politician and drug dealer 44
2. December Franz Hermann German theologian, economist and politician (CDU), MdL 89
2. December Ernst Krawehl German publisher 84
2. December Jost Wiedmann German paleontologist 62
3rd of December Fritz Mey German circus director 89
3rd of December Steve Paproski Canadian politician and Canadian football player 65
3rd of December Helmut Salzinger German pop critic 57
3rd of December Lewis Thomas American medic and essayist 80
December 4th Jürgen Baldiga German artist and photographer 34
December 4th Margaret Landon American writer 90
December 4th Wolfgang Steffen German composer of serious music 70
December 4th Josef Stoll Austrian politician (SPÖ), regional councilor in Lower Austria 75
December 4th Frank Sturgis American burglar in the "Watergate Affair" 68
December 4th Roy Vernon welsh football player 56
December 4th Frank Zappa American composer, musician and cult figure of underground music 52
December 5th Jean-Paul Van Bellinghen Belgian diplomat 68
December 5th Günther Erkel German lawyer and State Secretary 68
December 5th Gerhard Neubert German SS sergeant and medical officer in Auschwitz-Monowitz 84
December 5th Ude Nissen German conductor
December 5th Robert Ochsenfeld German physicist 92
December 5th John Simon, 2nd Viscount Simon British peer and politician 91
December 5th Alexandre Trauner Hungarian production designer 87
6th of December Don Ameche US-American actor 85
6th of December Desmond Hirshfield, Baron Hirshfield British economic manager 80
6th of December Henk Ooms Dutch track cyclist 77
6th of December Helmut Weikart German politician (SPD), MdL 76
December 7th Pierre Basilewsky Belgian entomologist 80
December 7th Félix Houphouët-Boigny first President of Ivory Coast 88
December 7th Blaže Koneski Macedonian writer and philologist 71
December 7th Harold Lichtenberger American physicist 73
December 7th Wolfgang Paul German physicist and Nobel laureate for physics 80
December 7th Robert Taft junior American politician (Republican Party) 76
December 7th Emil Weiten German politician (CVP / SVP), MdL 86
December 8th Carl Damm German educator and politician (CDU), MdHB, MdB 66
December 8th Not so Franzén Swedish naval technician and amateur naval archaeologist 75
December 8th Klaus Heger German Romance studies and linguist 66
December 8th Paul Mebus German soccer player 73
December 8th Michael Schmaus German Catholic theologian, dogmatist 96
9th of December Danny Blanchflower Northern Irish soccer player, coach and journalist 67
9th of December Artur Egon Bratu German educationalist, politician and head of the State Center for Political Education in Hesse 83
9th of December Hans-Jürgen Bretschneider German medic 71
9th of December Mathieu Ceccaldi French Romanist 100
9th of December Carter Jefferson American jazz saxophonist 48
9th of December Alexander Koblenz Latvian chess player, trainer and journalist 77
9th of December Alen Müller-Hellwig German art weaver 92
9th of December Pekka Niemi Finnish cross-country skier 84
9th of December John Wisdom British natural language philosopher 89
10th of December Karl Franzius German architect 87
10th of December Walter trolley German physicist 84
10th of December Alice Tully American patroness and opera singer 91
11th December Raymond D. Gary American politician 85
11th December Franz Valentin pitcher German pastors, resistance fighters, poets and artists 88
11th December Karl-Theodor Molinari German general 78
11th December Erich Mollwo German physicist 84
11th December Pierre Sarr N'Jie Gambian politician 84
11th December Klaus Nonnenmann German writer 71
11th December Elvira Popescu Romanian actress 99
11th December Heorhiy Tkachenko Ukrainian musician 95
11th December Dorothea Zeemann Austrian writer 84
12th of December József Antall Hungarian high school teacher, librarian, museologist and politician 61
12th of December Fritz Bock Austrian politician (ÖVP), member of the National Council 82
12th of December Alexandru Drăghici Romanian activist and politician 80
12th of December Georg Feller German trade unionists, resistance fighters and local politicians 87
12th of December Anna Sten Russian-American actress 85
12th of December Eitelfriedrich Thom German conductor 60
12th of December Ben Witter German journalist and writer 73
13th December Ken Anderson American screenwriter and animator 84
13th December Vanessa Duriès French author
13th December Jean-Pierre Imbrohoris French journalist, radio producer and author 50
13th December Rüdiger Möbusz German politician (SPD), MdL 53
13th December Nathalie Perreau French writer
13th December Gasisa Akhmetovna Schubanova Kazakh composer 66
13th December Sam Small English soccer player 81
December 14th Günter Boas German jazz musician 73
December 14th Hans-Georg Burghardt German musicologist and composer 84
December 14th Ewald Drathen German wine wholesalers, winery owners and politicians (center, CDU) 92
December 14th Wolfried Lier German actor 76
December 14th Myrna Loy US-american actress 88
December 14th Silvina Ocampo Argentine writer 90
December 14th Rolf Overberg German ceramic artist 60
December 14th Ernst Vasovec Austrian writer 76
15th December Johann Dickhut German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 81
15th December Heinz Fiedler German intelligence officer, head of Department VI of the Ministry for State Security 64
15th December Penaia Ganilau Fijian politician, President of Fiji (1987-1993) 75
15th December Norman Grubb British missionary and founder of the Evangelical Inter-Varsity Fellowship 98
15th December Peter Kniest German chess composer 79
15th December Wilhelm Pook German architect
15th December Hans Thurn German Byzantinist and librarian 59
15th December Marcel Vandernotte French rower 84
December 16 Hellmut Becker German lawyer and educational researcher 80
December 16 Moses Gunn US-American actor 64
December 16 Ernst Hammerschmidt Theologian, orientalist and ethiopist 65
December 16 Jed Johnson junior American politician 53
December 16 Charles Willard Moore American architect 68
December 16 Arvo Oksala Finnish ophthalmologist 73
December 16 Tanaka Kakuei 64th and 65th Prime Ministers of Japan 75
December 17th Willi Dücker German soccer player 50
December 17th Hilding Hagberg Swedish politician, member of the Riksdag 94
December 17th Janet Margolin American film actress 50
December 17th Kurt Möbius German chemist 85
December 17th Use Reichel-Koß German politician (SPD), MdA 68
December 17th Michel Salamin Swiss historian 64
December 17th Bernice Weldon Sargent Canadian nuclear physicist 87
December 18th Joseph H. Ball American politician 88
December 18th Georges Bégué French agent of the Special Operations Executive 82
December 18th Sophie Then German kindergarten teacher, baby sister, founder of a mothers' school and employee of Anna Freud 93
December 18th Glöckler helmet German racing driver 84
December 18th Steve James US-American actor 41
December 18th Buster Larsen Danish actor 73
December 18th Jacques Pohl Belgian Romance studies and linguist 84
December 18th Bernhard Salzer German politician (CDU), MdL, MdEP 53
December 18th Natalija Ilyinichna Saz Russian director for children and music theater 90
December 18th Sam Wanamaker American actor and director 74
19. December Wallace F. Bennett American politician 95
19. December Michael Clarke American drummer 47
19. December Hugo Collet German politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag 72
19. December Yvonne Desportes French composer 86
19. December Kurt Frey German politician 80
19. December Hatoyama Iichirō Japanese politician 75
19. December Hans Rohrbach German mathematician 90
19. December Ernst Weichel German farmer and inventor 71
20th of December Hermann Aldinger German geologist and paleontologist 91
20th of December William Edwards Deming American physicist, statistician and economic pioneer in the field of quality management 93
20th of December Wylie Draper US-American actor 24
20th of December Hans Marti Swiss spatial planner 80
20th of December Werner Troegner German actor, cabaret artist and director 68
20th of December Matthias Zender German folklorist 86
21st December Dirtsman Jamaican dancehall musician
21st December Georg Ebersbach German economist and association official 80
21st December Moje Forbach German opera singer and actress 95
21st December Otto Heinrich Count von Hagenburg German aerobatic pilot, car and submarine manufacturer, company owner 92
21st December Ivan Semjonowitsch Koslowski Russian opera singer (tenor) 93
21st December Margarita Nikolaevna Nikolaeva soviet gymnast 58
21st December Carlos Posada Amador Colombian composer and university professor 85
21st December Erica Wallach German-American teacher, editor and translator 71
December 22 Oto Bihalji Merin Yugoslav painter and art historian 89
December 22 Josef Dahinden Swiss ski instructor, writer and filmmaker 95
December 22 Don DeFore American film and stage actor 80
December 22 Hermann Hoepke German anatomist and university professor 104
December 22 Stefan Kiszko British victim of miscarriage of justice 41
December 22 Rahel Liebeschütz-Plaut German physiologist 99
December 22 Alexander Mackendrick American director 81
December 22 Ernst Schmidt German engine and motorcycle designer 88
23rd of December Lauchlin Bernard Currie Canadian-US-Colombian economist 91
23rd of December Gertrude Duby-Blom Swiss socialist, photographer, anthropologist, environmentalist and journalist 92
23rd of December Michael Faber German national soccer player in the GDR 54
23rd of December August Kirsch German athlete, sports scientist and sports official 68
23rd of December Hans von Ploetz Hessian politician (FDP), Member of the Bundestag and General of the Bundeswehr 89
23rd of December Hans-Georg Rauch German draftsman and graphic artist 54
23rd of December Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson Icelandic priest of Neopaganism and writer 69
24th of December Pierre Auger French physicist 94
24th of December Anita Dorris German actress 90
24th of December Ivano Fontana Italian boxer 67
24th of December Jupp Jost German painter, sculptor, designer 73
24th of December Wilhelm Neudecker German building contractor and football official 80
24th of December Norman Vincent Peale American pastor and author 95
24th of December Wolfgang Roeder German singer, humorist and entertainer 67
24th of December Georges Straka Czech-French Romanist 83
24th of December Yen Chia-kan national Chinese politician 88
25 December Blandine Ebinger German actress and chansonniere 94
25 December Boris Kogan Soviet-American chess player and coach 53
25 December Otto Mueller Swiss sculptor 88
25 December Horst Dietrich Preuss German Lutheran theologian and university professor 66
25 December Ann Ronell American composer and lyricist
25 December Fernando Sylvan East Timorese poet and author 76
25 December Nikolai Efimowitsch Timkov Russian painter 81
December 26th Dave Beck American union leader 99
December 26th Ray Bray American football player 76
December 26th Max-Paul Engelmeier German psychiatrist and university professor 72
December 26th Jeff Morrow US-American actor 86
December 26th Carlos Muñoz Ecuadorian soccer player 26th
December 26th Max Thürkauf Swiss scientist, philosopher and university lecturer 68
December 27th Meliton Kantaria soviet soldier 73
December 27th Evald Mikson Estonian soccer player 82
December 27th André Pilette Belgian racing driver 75
December 27th Guy Raynaud de Lage French Romanist and Medievalist 88
December 27th Cedric Masey White British physicist 95
December 28th William Austin American film editor 90
December 28th Alfonso Balcázar Spanish film director 67
December 28th Hans Rudolf Balmer Swiss teacher and dialect writer 94
December 28th Howard Caine US-American actor 67
December 28th Carl Friedrich Eisenberger German business lawyer 92
December 28th Horst Hoffmann German soccer player 71
December 28th Jennifer Lash British artist and writer 55
December 28th Otto Michel German theologian 90
December 28th Horst Schumann German politician (SED), MdV 69
December 28th William L. Shirer American journalist, historian, and author 89
December 28th Eberhard von und zu Steinfurth German politician (NSDAP) 84
December 29th Hannskarl Bandel German-American civil engineer 68
December 29th Axel Corti Austrian director 60
December 29th Lohengrin Filipello Swiss television presenter
December 29th Mher Mkrtchjan Soviet and Armenian theater and film actor 63
December 29th Hans Steinitz German-American journalist and book author 81
December 29th Grete Thiele German politician (KPD, DKP), MdL, MdB 80
30th of December Werner Baecker German journalist 76
30th of December İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil Turkish politician
30th of December Sonny Costanzo American jazz musician 61
30th of December Mack David American songwriter and songwriter 81
30th of December Giuseppe Occhialini Italian physicist 86
30th of December Heimo Rau German Indologist 81
30th of December Arthur Rollini American jazz and entertainment musician 81
30th of December Reinhold Schulze German engineer, politician (NSDAP, FDP), MdR, publicist 88
December 31 Bernhard Braun German doctor and chemist 87
December 31 Bill Cowley Canadian ice hockey player 81
December 31 Arthur Dreifuss German film director and producer as well as screenwriter 85
December 31 Swiad Gamsachurdia Georgian writer, dissident and politician 54
December 31 Christian Geelhaar Swiss art historian and museum director
December 31 Bob Johnson American voice actor 73
December 31 Fred Kronström Norwegian-German actor and singer 94
December 31 Betty McDowall Australian film and television actress 69
December 31 Samuel M. Steward American writer 84
December 31 Brandon Teena American murder victim due to his transgender identity 21st
December 31 Thomas J. Watson, Jr. American manager, head of IBM (1952–1971) 79
December René Fonjallaz Swiss journalist, fascist and bobsledder
December Annemarie Sörensen German actress

Date unknown

Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
NR Acharya Indian film director and producer
Daur Achwlediani Abkhaz football player
Abdullah Afeef Didi Maldivian politician and President of the Suvadiva Republic
Andrei Mikhailovich Alexandrov Soviet diplomat, adviser to four Kremlin chiefs
Arthur Apelt German conductor and general music director
Erkki Aro Finnish orienteer
Tömöriin Artag Mongolian wrestler
Carl Auböck Austrian industrial designer and architect
Georg Augustin German lawyer
Wilhelm von Aulock German ministerial official
Bernard Ayandho Central African politician, Prime Minister of the Central African Republic
Manfred Bahrs German football referee
Hans Baier Austrian artist, sculptor, graphic artist and art teacher
Benedict Bilgeri Austrian historian
Michael Birkenbihl German economist
Karl Heinz Bolay German writer and poet
Gerhard Bolte German racing cyclist
Kurt Boettger German diplomat, ambassador of the GDR
Hans Bräuer German badminton player
Maeve Brennan Irish-American journalist and writer
Roberto Caamaño Argentinian composer, pianist and music teacher
Víctor Cáceres Lara Honduran writer, diplomat and politician
Jillert Cammenga Dutch composer and conductor
Robert Campbell Junior Australian artist, Aboriginal
Marcel Capelle French soccer player
René Carcan Belgian artist
Michele Cimarosa Italian actor
Simion Cuțov Romanian boxer
Philmore Davidson Trinidadian pioneer of the steel pan
Emidio De Felice Italian linguist, romance scholar and name researcher
Hans Dessauer German-American engineer
Auguste Dick Austrian mathematician
Otto Ducháček Czech Romance studies and linguist
Aurel Duma Romanian politician (PCR)
Olle Enderlein Swedish sail designer
Carl Hanns Erkelenz German publishing director and writer
Otto Ernst German lawyer
Sándor Ferenczy Radio play director and author
Nelson Festa Argentinian soccer player
Fred Freyler Austrian architect and urban planner
Karl Hermann Friedrich German Air Force officer
Werner Gailis German sculptor and university professor
William Gillock American musician
Mohammad Reza Golpayegani Shiite Grand Ayatollah
Karl Graf Swiss ski racer
Carla Gronchi Italian Prima Signora, wife of Giovanni Gronchi
Joaquim Guerra Portuguese sinologist, Jesuit and missionary
Patsy Guzzo Canadian ice hockey player
Han Moo-sook South Korean writer
Margarete Hanusch Austrian sculptor and art teacher
Gustav Hedlund American mathematician
Karl Heidelbach German painter
Guy Hirsch Belgian mathematician
Harry Irving British chemist
Dmitri Ivanovich Ivanov soviet weightlifter
Joachim Jahn German historian and head of the cultural office of the city of Memmingen
Stanisław Janusz Janowski Polish painter and printmaker
Julius Kaesdorf German painter
Lothar Kampmann German painter and sculptor
Albert Maori Kiki Papuan New Guinean pathologist and politician
Miroslav Klega Czech composer
Karl Klein German murderer and mayor of Bexbach
Mathilde Auguste Hedwig Kömmerling German historian
Nikolai Grigoryevich Kostylev soviet weightlifter
Pyotr Petrovich Kovalenko Soviet ski jumper
Leon Koźmiński Polish university professor
Franz Krieger Austrian photographer
Heinrich Art German folk actor
Wilfried Lange German chess master and chess organizer
Norbert Lebert German journalist and author
Ernő Lendvai Hungarian musicologist
Trude Lieske German singer (soubrette) and actress
Lu Jingqing Chinese poet, essayist and foreign correspondent
Lu Yanshao Chinese painter
Bertil Lundman Swedish anthropologist
Ralph Lutz German civil engineer, port construction and senate construction director
Peter Johannes Maan Dutch Old Catholic clergyman, theologian and church politician
Madame Grès french fashion designer
Clorinda Málaga de Prado Peruvian first lady, second wife of President Manuel Prado
Jean-Pierre Martinet French writer and critic
Olaf Dante Marx German journalist
Nelly Mele Lara Venezuelan composer
Jerzy Michałowski Polish ambassador, translator and writer
Hans Micheiloff German table tennis player
Cvijetin Mijatović Yugoslav politician
Reid Miles American designer / graphic artist
Yevgeny Gavrilowitsch Minajew soviet weightlifter
Ahmad Moftizadeh Kurdish politician
Emilio Mondelli Argentine business manager and politician
Kind Mooney American singer and big band leader
Elfriede Moser-Rath Austrian folklorist and narrative researcher
Ernst Müller German teacher and art collector
Christopher Ngcukana South African jazz musician
Alexander Petrovich North Russian mathematician
Victor Oelschläger American Romanist, Hispanic and Medievalist
Fritz Joachim Otto German cameraman and entrepreneur
Ladislaus Martin Pákozdy Hungarian Reformed theologian
Peter K. Palangyo Tanzanian writer and diplomat
Guy Palmade French historian
Vladimir Nikolaevich Pavlov Ukrainian-Soviet diplomat and translator
Neville G. Pemchekov Warwick modern interpreter of Buddhism
Heinz Peter German lithographer, etcher, draftsman and painter
Roman Erich Petsche Austrian teacher, school supervisor and painter
Karl Pfauter German Head of Culture
Otto Plachta German road champion
Walter Pöppel German-Swedish photo journalist
Alfons Pützer German aircraft designer and entrepreneur
Benoît Quersin Belgian jazz musician and ethnomusicologist
Hans-Georg Rausch German pastor, unofficial employee of the MfS
Leonte Răutu Romanian politician (PCR)
Helmut Christian Reiche German lawyer and writer
Erich Retzlaff German photographer
Arthur Richter German pastor, founder of the Marburger Kreis
Ewald Riebschläger German diver
Ella Riemersma Dutch graphic designer and illustrator
Alessandro Santini Italian film director and film producer
Lotte von Schaukal Austrian translator and editor
Erna Schillig Swiss painter
Nikolai Michailowitsch Schmakow soviet wrestler
Hans Schmandt German painter, graphic artist and sculptor
Josef Schnetzer Austrian painter
Vladimir Alexeyevich Shcherbakov Russian soccer player
Wolfgang Schulz German educator, university professor and politician (SPD), Member of the Bundestag
Friedrich Schumacher German architect and master builder from Bremen
Osman Sebrî Kurdish politician, poet and author
Joseph Seidnitzer Austrian chaplain
Mikhail Grigoryevich Sergeyev soviet ambassador
Alexei Kapitonowitsch Serow Soviet party and chess functionary
Richard Simon German painter
Clarence Slifer American camera assistant, film technician, and special effects artist
Cornell Smelser American jazz musician
Max Ernst Graf zu Solms-Rödelheim German sociologist
Clemente Soto Velez Puerto Rican poet, journalist and political activist
Gerhard Stoye German social pedagogue and painter
Hubert Strauf German entrepreneur and copywriter
Hjalmar Sundén Swedish theologian and university professor, university professor of religious psychology
Heinrich Tötter German journalist
William Towns British car designer
Folco Trabalza Italian diplomat
Arno Türklitz German furniture dealer and patron
Petras Valiukas Lithuanian politician and policeman
Kurt Hubert Vieth German architect
Helmuth Vretska Austrian classical philologist
Wolf-Helmut Wagner German medic
Hans Wernery German ministerial official
Heinrich Weyer German lawyer, Berlin Senate director and data protection officer
Georg Wippern German SS-Sturmbannführer involved in the management of the property of Jewish victims in Aktion Reinhardt
Karl Wolf German painter
Yano Kentaro Japanese mathematician
Josef Zurkirchen Austrian homeland researcher